Political Events in History

2015 Event - Pope Francis becomes the first pope in history to speak to the U.S. Congress; the pontiff exhorted the lawmakers to work together to address climate change, immigration reform and other issues that have stalled due to strong political division

2014 Event - The cabinet of Israel approves a bill stating that the nation is both a democratic state and the Jewish homeland; the bill is meant to address political pressure from groups that deny or ignore IsraelŐs Jewish identity

2014 Event - Hong Kong pro-democracy protest sites are being cleared on a court order; demonstrations have been held since September in an effort to attain greater political freedom for Hong Kong

2014 Event - The U.S. House Judiciary Committee finds that there are no grounds for impeachment of President Barack Obama, despite calls for such action from political opponents

2014 Event - As part of a political transition, Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and representatives from the country's main political parties agree to transform Yemen into a six-region federation

2013 Event - The 150th Anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's 'Gettysburg Address' considered one of the greatest political speeches, is commemorated in the U.S. on the battlefield and by the Library of Congress

2013 Event - Russia grants NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden one year of temporary political asylum; Snowden leaves Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport

2013 Event - U.S. Republicans unveil a series of bills designed to prevent government abuse, including the 'STOP IRS Act,' which would allow IRS employees to be fired when they take actions for political purposes

2013 Event - The Liberal Political Party of Canada choses Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau, as its new leader

2013 Event - In preparation for plans to step down in 2015, the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir gives an order to release all political prisoners

2012 Event - In his first political speech, marking the five-year anniversary of his mother's death, ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, vows to maintain democracy and fight militancy

2012 Event - As part of ongoing political reforms in Myanmar, the country announces it will end media censorship

2012 Event - While Greece struggles to overcome its economic crisis, Antonis Samaras, leader of Greece's New Democratic party, negotiates with political rivals to form a coalition government

2012 Event - Imprisoned Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko is moved to a hospital after a political compromise, ending her hunger strike

2012 Event - Following political reforms in Myanmar, Australia relaxes sanctions on the country, including by-elections earlier this month where opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi's party won more than a dozen seats

2012 Event - Romania's Prime Minister Emil Boc and his entire cabinet resign due to major social and political unrest in the country

2011 Event - Cuba announces plans to release 2,900 prisoners, including political prisoners

2011 Event - Libya's National Transitional Council raises concerns about the mass killing of political prisoners by Muammar Gaddafi's government

2011 Event - The funeral for the final heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Otto von Habsburg, occurs in Vienna, attended by monarchs and members of the political elite

2011 Event - In efforts to avoid food shortages and political oppression, South Korea begins work on a new facility to house North Korean refugees

2011 Event - In the People's Republic of China, the call for a 'Jasmine Revolution' spreads online as authorities hunt down political activists

2011 Event - All remaining political prisoners in Tunisia are freed

2011 Event - Tunisia's youth protest for several days over political grievances and social problems including the job market and purchase power

2010 Event - Political pressure and cyber-attacks directed against WikiLeaks are condemned by Reporters Without Borders

2010 Event - U.S. television pundit, Keith Olbermann, is indefinitely suspended from MSNBC for making three political donations to Democratic Party candidates

2010 Event - Rival political parties clash in Guinea ahead of a presidential run-off election; at least 24 people are injured

2009 Event - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi is knocked to the ground and hit in the face after a political rally in Milan, Italy

2004 Death - Pierre Salinger, journalist/political press officer, dies at 79

2001 Death - Herblock, political cartoonist, The Washington Post, dies at 91

2001 Death - Barbara Olson, "political commentator, writer", Politically Incorrect, dies at 45 - a 9/11 terrorist murder

1997 Death - James Friell, political cartoonist, dies at 84

1996 Death - John Qace Hardbattle, political activist, dies at 51

1996 Death - Brian Keith-Lucas, political scientist, dies at 84

1996 Death - Claude Ake, political scientist, dies at 57

1996 Death - William James Millar Mackenzie, political scientist, dies at 87

1996 Death - Rio Reiser, born Ralph Christian Mobius, musician, singer, political activist, member of ton Steine Scherben, a famous rock group, wrote Rachhaussong supporting the squatter scene, dies at 46

1996 Death - Richard Michael Fraser, political administrator, dies at 80

1996 Death - David Nicholls, priest/theologian/political theorist, dies at 60

1996 Death - David Michael Ifshin, British political campaign organiser, dies at 46

1996 Death - Ronald George Hayward, political manager, dies at 78

1996 Death - Marion Farouk Political scientist-Sluglett, dies at 59

1996 Death - Amelia Rosselli, daughter of political activist Carlo Rosselli, worked in Italy as a poet and literary translator, dies at 65

1996 Death - Olga Havlova, political activist, dies at 63

1995 Death - Hedda J Garza, writer/political activist, dies at 66

1994 Death - Jaharna Imam, Bangladeshi writer/political activist, dies at 65

1993 Event - Political campaigners James Carville (49) and Mary Matalin wed

1991 Death - Jan H Christianse, political chairman (CDA), dies

1991 Death - Lee Atwater, political strategists (R), dies of brain tumor at 40

1991 Event - Dutch PPR, Political Party Radicals, disbands

1990 Event - East and West Germany sign a treaty to join legal and political systems

1990 Event - Radical Democratic Party holds 1st political meetings in Moscow

1990 Event - King Birendra of Nepal lifts 30-year ban on political parties

1990 Event - Nelson Mandela, a political prisoner for 27 years, freed in South Africa

1990 Event - U.S.S.R. Communist party agrees to allow opposition political parties

1990 Event - South Africa's President FW de Klerk promises to free Nelson Mandela and legalizes ANC and 60 other political orgs

1989 Event - South Africa President FW de Klerk frees Sisulu and 4 other political prisoners

1989 Event - Supreme Court rules ok to burn U.S. flag as a political expression

1989 Event - Thousands of Chinese crowd into Beijing's Tiananmen Square cheering students demanding greater political freedom

1988 Event - Political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche convicted of tax, mail fraud

1986 Death - Sydney J. Harris, journalist, wrote, syndicated column, 'Strictly Personal', wrote for Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, political positions placed him on the list of Nixon political opponents, wrote, 'The Authentic Person: Dealing with Dilemma', dies in Chicago, Illinois

1983 Death - Raymond Aron, French sociologist/political scientist, dies at 78

1983 Event - Argentina military regime gives amnesty to military and political assassins

1983 Event - Dutch political party DS'70 disbands

1981 Death - Clarence A Bacote, historian/political scientist, dies at 75

1980 Event - FBI releases details of Abscam, a sting operation that targeted 31 elected and public officials for bribes for political favors

1979 Event - Iraqi president Saddam Hussein executes 22 political opponents

1979 Event - Sri Lanka forfeit ICC Trophy game vs Israel for political reasons

1978 Event - Swaziland's new constitution promulgated bans political parties

1976 Event - Argentine military junta bans leftist political parties

1975 Event - Tennis Star Martina Navratilova requests U.S. political asylum

1975 Event - Czechoslovakian tennis ace Martina Navratilova asks for political asylum in New York City

1975 Event - All political parties forbidden in Bangladesh

1974 Death - Stewart Alsop, columnist and political analyst, worked for Saturday Evening Post and Newsweek, dies

1972 Event - 1st black U.S. political convention opens in Gary, Indiana

1971 Event - Bolivia passes death penalty for political kidnapping

1970 Event - Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova gets political asylum

1968 Event - Congress of Political Party Radicals (PPR) forms in Netherlands

1968 Event - Political Party Radikalen (PPR) established in Netherlands

1967 Birthday - Serj Tankian, born in Beirut, Lebanon, singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, political activist, Grammy-Award winning band, System of a Down

1967 Event - 113 East Europeans attending World Amateur hockey championships in Vienna, ask for political asylum

1967 Event - Stalin's daughter Svetlana Allilujeva asks for political asylum in US

1966 Event - Dutch political party (D'66) forms

1963 Birthday - Garry Kasparov, born in Azerbaijan, Soviet Union, former World Chess Champion, writer, political activist

1962 Birthday - Jon Stewart, born in New York City, New York, entertainer, political satirist, fake news reporter, host of 'The Daily Show'

1962 Birthday - Michelle Shocked, born in Dallas, Texas, singer, songwriter, political activist, created label, Mighty Sound, song 'When I Grow Up' featured in an ad for Kaiser Permanente

1961 Event - Equal access rule, political parties get TV broadcasting time

1961 Birthday - Ann Coulter, born in New York City, New York, conservative political commentator, author, 'Godless: The Church of Liberalism', 'How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)'

1961 Birthday - Paul Begala, born in New Jersey, political commentator, consultant, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, co-host on 'Crossfire' television show on CNN

1961 Birthday - Rory Bremner, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, impressionist, political satirist, comedian, appeared on Channel 4 with 'Rory Bremner, Who Else?', host of award-winning show, 'Bremner, Bird and Fortune'

1959 Event - Dalai Lama fled China and was granted political asylum in India

1957 Death - Jacques Fesch, French political assassin/saint?, beheaded at about 26

1956 Event - Nelson Mandela and 156 others arrested for political activities in South Africa

1955 Birthday - Tony Snow, born in Kentucky, political commentator, columnist, radio, television news anchor, White House Press Secretary

1953 Birthday - Paul Krugman, born in New York, economist, liberal, political columnist, author, op-ed columnist for 'The New York Times', wrote, 'The Conscience of a Liberal'

1953 Event - Egyptian Premier General Naguib disbands all political parties

1951 Birthday - Jan Franssen, born in Hilversum, North Holland, politician, Dutch liberal political party, in 2006, named Queen's Commissioner in South Holland, previously served as city councilor, Nederhorst den Berg, President, House of Representatives 1982 - 1994, mayor of Zwolle, 1994 - 2000

1950 Birthday - Alan Colmes, born in New York City, New York, radio and television host, liberal political commentator, host of 'The Alan Colmes Show', runs 'Liberaland' blog

1950 Birthday - Rio Reiser, born in Berlin, Germany, born Ralph Christian Mobius, musician, singer, political activist, member of ton Steine Scherben, a famous rock group, wrote Rachhaussong supporting the squatter scene

1948 Event - 2nd political action of Java/Sumatra

1948 Event - Indonesia begins it's 2nd political election

1948 Birthday - Garry Trudeau, political cartoonist, Doonesbury

1947 Event - Netherlands ceases political action in Indonesia, due to United Nations pressure

1947 Event - Indonesia begins 1st political election

1947 Event - 1st political action of Netherlands Army on Java and Sumatra

1946 Birthday - Candy Lightner, political activist/founder, MADD

1945 Birthday - John Qace Hardbattle, political activist

1945 Event - Dutch political party ANJV forms

1945 Event - Sicherheitsdienst murders 10 political prisoners in Zutphen

1944 Birthday - Hamilton Jordan, political advisor, 'Crisis - Last Days of the Carter Presidency'

1944 Birthday - Molly Ivins, born in California, newspaper columnist, author, political commentator

1943 Death - Jan Dieters, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN), executed

1943 Death - Lou Jansen, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN), executed

1943 Event - Lou Jansen, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN) arrested

1941 Event - German occupiers disband political parties

1940 Death - Johan C Braakensiek, Dutch political cartoonist, dies at 81

1939 Event - Hatch Act prohibits political activity by federal workers

1939 Birthday - Claude Ake, political scientist

1938 Birthday - Patrick Buchanan, conservative political columnist

1936 Birthday - Wolf Biermann, born in Hamburg, Germany, singer, songwriter, former East German dissident, wrote folk music, political ballads, studied political economics at Humboldt University of Berlin

1936 Birthday - David Nicholls, priest/theologian/political theorist

1936 Birthday - Marion Farouk-Sluglett, political scientist

1935 Event - King Boris of Bulgaria forbids all political parties

1934 Death - Albert Funke Kuppes, political cartoonist, dies

1934 Birthday - Margaret Douglas, chief political adviser, BBC

1934 Event - Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss dissolves all political parties but his

1933 Birthday - Olga Havlova, political activist

1933 Birthday - Susan Sontag, born in New York City, Susan Rosenblatt, New York, writer, author, filmmaker, philosopher, political activist, 'Against Interpretation' established reputation as 'the Dark Lady of American Letters'

1932 Birthday - Dick Gregory, comedian/political activist/dietician, Bahamian Diet

1932 Event - 1st political telecast (Democratic National Committee) at CBS, New York City

1932 Birthday - Mark Russell, Buffalo, New York, political satirist/pianist, Real People

1932 Birthday - Jan H Christiaanse, president Dutch political party, CDA

1930 Birthday - Amelia Rosselli, born in Paris, France, poet, of Italian origin, daughter of political activist Carlo Rosselli, worked in Italy as a poet and literary translator, wrote prose in English, French and Italian, major work, 'Spazi metrici'

1929 Birthday - William Safire, political columnist, New York Times, speech writer, Nixon

1929 Birthday - Hedda J Garza, writer/political activist

1929 Birthday - Jaharna Imam, Bangladeshi writer/political activist

1927 Birthday - Boris Porena, born in Rome, Italy, Italian composer, didactical expert, studied under Goffredo Petrassi, influenced by neoclassical poetics, wrote texts about music including Musica-Societa which includes social and political analysis

1927 Birthday - Mort Sahl, Montreal, comedian/political satirist/beatnik, Big Party

1926 Event - Frankfurter Zeitung publishes Lenins political testament

1926 Birthday - Alan Walters, political economist

1925 Birthday - Art Buchwald, born in New York City, wrote political satire and commentary, had column in The Washington Post

1925 Birthday - Gerard John Toorenaar, political commissar in Amsterdam, 1975-79

1925 Event - Hitler's resurrects NSDAP political party in Munich

1925 Birthday - Geoffrey Tucker, British political consultant

1924 Event - 1st political convention broadcast on radio - Republicans at Cleveland

1923 Birthday - Julia Montgomery Walsh, political consultant/writer

1923 Event - Lenin's "Political Testament" calls for removal of Stalin

1922 Event - Lenin dictates his "Political testament"

1922 Birthday - Grace Paley, born in New York, short story writer, political activist, pacifist, poet

1922 Event - Hendrikus Colijn becomes political editor-in-chief of The Standard

1922 Birthday - Wyndraeth Morris-Jones, British political scientist

1921 Birthday - Dobrica Cosic, born in Velika Drenova, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, now Serbia, writer, political, national theorist, first president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992 - 1993, called 'Father of the Nation'

1921 Birthday - William Henry Mauldin, New Mexico, political cartoonist, Pulitzer-1945, 59

1920 Birthday - Georges Marchais, political leader, French Communist Party

1920 Birthday - Maurice Cranston, political scientist

1920 Event - Perserikatan Communist of India (PKI) political party forms

1919 Event - Pope Benedictus XV states Roman Catholics political/business views

1918 Birthday - James MacGregor Burns, political writer, The Lion and the Fox

1918 Death - Albert P Hahn, Dutch political cartoonist (Het Volk), dies at 41

1918 Birthday - Wyndraeth Morris-Jones, British political scientist

1918 Birthday - Nelson Mandela, born in Qunu, South Africa, political prisoner, ANC, President, 1994-

1918 Death - Georgi Valentinovich Plechanow, pseudonym, Volgin, writer, author, organized Russia's first political demonstration, dies in Geneva, Switzerland, at age 60

1918 Birthday - Alessadro Natta, Italian political leader, Communist Party

1917 Birthday - Sydney J. Harris, born in London, England, journalist, wrote, syndicated column, 'Strictly Personal', wrote for Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, political positions placed him on the list of Nixon political opponents, wrote, 'The Authentic Person: Dealing with Dilemma'

1917 Birthday - Ronald George Hayward, political manager

1916 Birthday - Corinne Boggs, political administrator

1915 Birthday - Aziz Nesin, born in Heybeliada, Istanbul, writer, humorist, author of over 100 books, political activist, championed free speech and human rights in Turkey

1915 Birthday - Richard Michael Fraser, political Administrator

1914 Event - 1st women elected political agent (Grantham, Linconshire UK)

1914 Birthday - Stewart Alsop, born in Avon, Connecticut, columnist and political analyst, worked for Saturday Evening Post and Newsweek

1912 Birthday - Jura Soyfer, born in Kharkov, Ukraine, writer, political journalist, imprisoned at Dachau concentration camp, wrote the Dachau song with composer Herbert Zipper

1912 Birthday - Brian Keith-Lucas, political scientist

1912 Birthday - John Toland, U.S., political writer, Rising Sun, Pulitzer 1971

1912 Birthday - James Friell, political cartoonist

1910 Birthday - Joseph Alsop, political newspaper columnist, Men Around the President

1910 Birthday - Angus Campbell, U.S., psychologist, Elections and Political Order

1909 Birthday - Herblock, Herbert L Block, Roosevelt, Utah, political cartoonist

1909 Birthday - William James Millar Mackenzie, political scientist

1908 Event - CHU (Christian Historic Union) Dutch political party forms

1905 Birthday - Raymond Aron, French sociologist and political scientist

1905 Event - Netherlands Workers van Vakverenigingen, (NVV) political party forms

1903 Event - American Political Science Association founded at New Orleans

1902 Death - Thomas Nast, political cartoonist, dies

1889 Event - American Academy of Political and Social Science organized, Philadelphia

1889 Birthday - Walter Lippmann, New York City, journalist/political writer, Men of Dystany

1888 Event - East Africa Company political and commercial rights

1879 Event - "Exodus of 1879" southern blacks flee political/economic exploitation

1879 Death - George Shepstone, British political affiliate, dies in battle

1877 Birthday - Albert P Hahn, Dutch political cartoonist, People/Nutcracker

1874 Birthday - Apirana Turupa Ngata, Kawaka New Zealand, Maori political/cultural leader

1871 Death - Louis Papineau, political reformer, dies

1858 Birthday - Emmeline Pankhurst, born in England, found, Women's Social and Political Union

1858 Birthday - Johan C Braakensiek, political cartoonist, Green Amsterdammer

1856 Birthday - Georgi Valentinovich Plechanow, born in Tambov, Russia, pseudonym, Volgin, writer, author, organized Russia's first political demonstration

1854 Event - Abraham Lincoln made his 1st political speech at Illinois State Fair

1852 Birthday - Alfredo Oriani, Italian writer, Political Struggle in Italy

1843 Event - 1st blacks participation in national political convention (Liberty Party)

1840 Birthday - William G Sumner, U.S. sociologist/political analyst

1840 Birthday - Thomas Nast, political cartoonist of late 1800s America

1829 Birthday - John Mercer Langston, 1st black to hold U.S. political office

1823 Birthday - Boss Tweed, corrupt Democratic political boss, Tammany Hall in New York City

1808 Event - Political rights of Jews suspended in Duchy of Warsaw

1806 Birthday - John Stuart Mill, UK, philosopher/political economist/Utilitarian

1794 Death - Marquis de Condorcet (Marie Jean Antoine Nicholas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet) , philosopher, mathematician, early political scientist and inventor of the Condorcet method, dies

1790 Birthday - Jan Ackersdijk, Dutch political economist

1789 Event - Society of St. Tammany is formed by Revolutionary War soldiers. It later becomes an infamous group of New York City political bosses

1780 Birthday - Elie Decazes, France, Bourbon Restoration political figure

1769 Birthday - Jean Baptiste Say, French economist, Political Economics

1756 Birthday - William Godwin, philosopher and political writer, Caleb Williams

1737 Birthday - Thomas Paine, political essayist, Common Sense, Age of Reason

1648 Birthday - Gregory King, English statistician, Natural and Political Observations

1611 Birthday - James Harrington, England, political author, Commonwealth of Oceans

1598 Event - Edict of Nantes grants political rights to French Huguenots

1577 Event - Peace of Bergerac: Political rights for Huguenots

1302 Event - Dante becomes a Florentine political exile