June 12 Events in History - June 12 Birthdays - June 12 Deaths
2015 An outbreak of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) continues to spread in South Korea, where 11 people have died, 126 have been diagnosed, and over 3,000 people have been quarantined in an attempt to stop the epidemic
2014 The World Cup opens in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Brazil matched against Croatia; Brazil wins the opening game 3 - 1
2014 Tesla Motors announces that it will make hundreds of patents for its Model S electric cars open source; the company's founder, Elon Musk, seeks to encourage development of the electric car market
2012 Ending an extensive study on the wooly mammoth, scientists conclude that they were wiped out by multiple things, including climate change, human hunters, and shifting habitats
2011 Voters in Turkey go to the polls for a general election
2011 In the 2011 NBA Finals, he Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA title, winning 4 - 2 over the Miami Heat
2010 Chinese Buddhist monks and archaeologists reveal part of a skull believed to be Buddhism's founder, Siddartha Gautama
2008 Irish voters reject the Treaty of Lisbon
2004 Former President George H. W. Bush celebrates his 80th birthday by skydiving
2002 NBA Finals, Los Angeles Lakers beat New Jersey Nets 4 games to 0
1997 1st ever baseball inter-league game San Francisco Giants beat Texas Rangers 4-3
1997 MTV Movie Awards
1996 3 Philadelphia Federal Court judges overturn U.S. indecency ban on internet
1994 Pope John Paul II visits Spain
1994 48th Tony Awards: Angels in America: Perestroika and Passion win
1994 Cab Calloway suffered massive stroke at his home in White Plaines NY
1994 Liselotte Neumann wins Minnesota LPGA Golf Classic
1993 "Three Little Pigs" by Green Jelly hits #17
1992 "Batman Returns" is released in USA
1991 45th NBA Championship: Chicago Bulls beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 1
1991 Boris Yelstin elected president of Russian Federation
1991 Mount Pinatubo volcano on Philippines erupts
1990 Egypt (500-1 longshot) ties favorite Netherlands 1-1 in World Cup game
1990 New York Yankee reliever Dave Righetti becomes 9th to record 200 saves
1990 Oakland A's Rickey Henderson becomes 2nd to steal 900 bases
1990 Orioles Cal Ripken plays in his 1,308th consecutive game to move past Everett Scott into 2nd place on the all-time list
1990 New York Mets beat Chicago Cubs 19-8 at Wrigley Field, Cubs outfielder Doug Dazcenzo pitched a scoreless 9th inning
1989 "Doctor Doctor," TV Comedy starring Matt Frewer, debuts on CBS-TV
1989 Ben Johnson, Canadian Olympian, admits using steroids
1988 6th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Billy Casper
1988 Andy Hampton is 1st American to win Round of Italy
1988 Mei-Chi Cheng wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
1987 Central Afr Rep ex-emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa sentenced to death
1986 P. W. Botha declares South African national emergency
1983 29th LPGA Championship won by Patty Sheehan
1983 Comet C/1983 (Sugano-Saigusa-Fujikawa) approaches 0.0628 AUs of Earth
1983 Winston Davis takes 7-51 in Cricket World Cup match vs. Australia
1982 750,000 anti-nuclear demonstrators, rally in Central Park New York City
1982 Battle of Mount Longdon, Falkland Islands
1982 Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel perform in Rotterdam
1981 "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" starring Harrison Ford premieres
1981 3rd baseball strike starts
1981 Baseball players begin a 50 day strike, their 3rd strike
1981 Larry Holmes TKOs Leon Spinks in 3 for WBC heavyweight boxing title
1981 Only candidate Hassan Gouled Aptidon wins Djibouti President election
1980 Reagan said he would submit to periodic medical tests
1979 Kevin St. Onge throws a playing card a record 185'
1979 Opening ceremony at Cambridge Buddhist Association meditation in Boston
1979 Sanista occupies parts of Managua
1979 Tigers fire manager Les Moss, hiring Sparky Anderson
1979 Bryan Allen flew man-powered Gossamer Albatross over English Channel in a human-powered aircraft; flight took 2 hours, 49 minutes
1978 David Berkowitz sentenced in New York Supreme Court to 25 years to life
1978 U.S. House of Representatives allows live radio coverage
1977 "Pippin" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 1944 performances
1977 23rd LPGA Championship won by Chako Higuchi
1977 Ground-breaking ceremonies for President Kennedy library
1975 Billy Williams's 400th career home run
1975 Hank Aaron's 1st home run in Milwaukee since 1965
1973 Close finish at Trent Bridge, New Zealand Cricket need 479 to win, all out 440
1973 Yankees trade wife swapper Mike Kekich for Lowell Palmer
1971 Tricia Nixon and Edward F Cox marry at White House
1970 Pitts Pirate Doc Ellis no-hits San Diego Padres, 2-0
1968 "What Makes Sammy Run?" closes at 84th St. Theater New York City after 540 performances
1967 Race riot in Cincinnati Ohio, 300 arrested
1967 Supreme Court unanimously ends laws against interracial marriages
1967 U.S.S.R. launches Venera 4 for parachute landing on Venus
1967 Washington Senators beat Chicago White Sox, 6-5, in 22 innings
1966 Dave Clark 5 set record as they appear for 12th time on Ed Sullivan
1966 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Bluegrass Ladies Golf Invitational
1965 "Bajour" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 232 performances
1965 "I Had a BaIl" closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City after 199 performances
1965 "What Makes Sammy Run?" closes at 84th St. Theater New York City after 540 performances
1965 Beatles are awarded MBE
1965 Morio Shigematsu runs world record marathon (2:12:00)
1965 Rolling Stones release "Satisfaction"
1965 Sonny and Cher make their 1st TV appearance, "American Bandstand"
1965 South Vietnam General Nguyen Cao Kentucky succeeds Phan Huy Quat as premier
1965 Big Bang theory of creation of universe is supported by announcement of discovery of new celestial bodies know as blue galaxies
1964 Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison in South Africa
1963 "Cleopatra" premieres in New York City
1962 3 convicts used spoons to dig their way out of Alcatraz
1962 Laos prince Souvanna Phouma forms coalition government
1962 USAF Major Robert M White takes X-15 to 56,270 m
1961 An ailing Bill Veeck sells his interest in White Sox to Arthur Allyn
1961 Dutch Lockheed Electricity "Sirius" accident at Cairo, kills 20
1960 KORN (now KDLT) TV channel 5 in Mitchell-Sioux Falls, SD (ABC) begins
1960 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Triangle Round Robin Golf Tournament
1959 San Francisco Giants Mike McCormick no-hits Phillies, 3-0 in 5 inning game
1958 "Make Me Laugh," TV Game Show; last airs on ABC-TV, syndicated 1979
1957 Paul Anderson of U.S. back-lifts a record 2850 kg (6,270 lbs)
1957 Stan Musial plays in 823rd game (new NL consecutive-game streak)
1955 "Mr Peepers" (TV Comedy) starring Wally Cox airs for last time on NBC
1954 "Girl in Pink Tights" closes at Mark Hellinger New York City after 115 performances
1954 86th Belmont: Eric Guerin aboard High Gun wins in 2:30.8
1954 Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," is originally released
1954 Milwaukee Braves Jim Wilson no-hits Phillies, 2-0
1952 U.S.S.R. declares peace treaty with Japan invalid
1950 2 Air France DC-4s crash near Bahrain, about 100 die
1950 Connie Mack named Honorary Manager of the All-Star Game
1948 "Hold It!" closes at National Theater New York City after 46 performances
1948 "Sleepy Hallow" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 12 performances
1948 "William Tell Overture" by Spike Jones peaks at #6
1948 48th U.S. Golf Open: Ben Hogan shoots a 276 at Riviera CC in LA
1948 80th Belmont: Eddie Arcaro aboard Citation wins in 2:28.2
1948 Bradman scores 138 in 1st Test Cricket at Trent Bridge
1947 Babe Didrikson is 1st American to win British Women's Amateur Golf Champ
1945 U.S. 7th Marine regiment conquer summit of Kunishi Ridge, Okinawa
1944 1st V-1 rocket assault on London
1944 British 12th airborne batallion/13th and 18th Hussars conquer
1944 British 12th battalion conquers Breville
1944 Churchill/Marshall/Arnold visit Montgomery's HQ in Chateau de Creully
1944 U.S. troop march into Carentan/Caumont, Normandy
1943 Himmler orders extermination of all Polish ghettos
1942 Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present, Amsterdam
1942 Hitler orders enslavement of Slavic peoples
1942 Tornado kills 35 in Oklahoma City
1939 43rd U.S. Golf Open: Byron Nelson shoots a 284 at Philadelphia CC in Philadelphia
1939 Baseball Hall of Fame opens in Cooperstown, New York
1937 41st U.S. Golf Open: Ralph Guldahl shoots a 281 at Oakland Hills, Michigan
1937 U.S.S.R. executes 8 army leaders as Stalin's purge continues
1936 1st 50 KW U.S. radio station, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1935 Weapons pact ends 3 year war of Gran Chaco, Bolivia vs Paraguay
1935 Senator Huey Long of Louisiana spoke continually for 15 hours in Senate's longest speech on record (150,000 words)
1934 Black-McKeller Bill passes causes Bill Boeing empire to break up into Boeing United Aircraft [Technologies] and United Air Lines
1933 Financial and Economy World conference opens, 66 countries
1931 Al Capone is indicted on 5,000 counts of prohibition and perjury
1930 34th U.S. Golf Open: Bobby Jones shoots a 287 at Interlachen CC Minnesota
1930 Heavyweight Max Schmeling KOs Jack Sharkey in New York City
1930 Max Schmeling beats Jack Sharkey on a foul in 4 for hw boxing title
1928 New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hits 2 triples and 2 home runs to be White Sox 15-7
1926 58th Belmont: Albert Johnson aboard Crusader wins in 2:32.2
1926 Brazil leaves League of Nations
1925 William DeHart Hubbard of U.S., sets long jump record at 25' 10 3/4"
1923 Harry Houdini frees himself from a straight jacket while suspended upside down, 40 feet (12 m) above ground in New York City
1922 German Reich president Friedrich Ebert visits Munich
1922 St. Louis Brown Hub Pruett strikes out Babe Ruth 3 straight times
1922 St. Louis gets record 10 hits in a row and beats Phillies 14-8
1920 52nd Belmont: Clarence Kummer aboard Man o' War wins in 2:14.2
1920 Farmer Labor Party organized, Chicago
1919 Dutch 2nd Chamber accord for equal Christian-public education
1918 1st airplane bombing raid by an American unit, France
1917 Secret Service extends protection of president to his family
1916 30th U.S. Womens Tennis: Molla B Mallory beats Louise Raymond (60 61)
1916 Tennis legend Bill Tilden's 1st appearance at U.S. tennis championship
1915 29th U.S. Womens Tennis: Molla B Mallory beats Hazel Wightman (46 62 60)
1913 "Dachshund" by Pathe Freres, early animated cartoon, released
1910 PEC soccer team forms in Zwolle
1909 "Shine On, Harvest Moon" by Ada Jones and Billy Murray hits #1
1908 Lusitania crosses Atlantic in record 4 days 15 hours, New York City
1907 Yankees commit 11 errors and lose 14-6 to Tigers
1903 Niagara Falls, Ontario incorporated as a city
1900 German Navy Law calls for massive increase in sea power
1898 Philippine nationalists declares independence from Spain to U.S. control
1897 Possibly most severe quake in history strikes Assam India, shock waves felt over an area size of Europe (negligible death toll)
1892 Netherlands Society for Currency and Coin collecting forms
1889 Single tornado kills 119, injures 146, New Richmond, Wisconsin
1885 Roof collapse kills 30 at murder trial in France
1880 1st baseball perfect game, John Richmond of Worcester beats Cleveland
1880 John Lee Richmond pitches 1st major league perfect game, Worcester 1, Cleveland's Forest City 0
1875 9th Belmont: Bobby Swim aboard Calvin wins in 2:42
1867 Austro-Hungarian Empire forms
1864 Lee sends Early into Shenandoah Valley
1864 Skirmish at Mcafee's Cross Road Georgia, about 57 dies in battle
1861 Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson calls for 50,000 volunteers to stop Federates from taking over his state
1859 Comstock Silver Lode in Nevada discovered
1849 Gas mask patented by Lewis Haslett, Louisville, Kentucky
1845 George Abernethy becomes 1st governor of Oregon Country
1840 Meteorite hits Uden, Netherlands
1839 1st baseball game played in America
1838 Hopkins Observatory, dedicated in Williamstown, Massachusetts
1838 Iowa Territory forms
1819 Dutch colonial troops driven out of Palembang Sumatra
1817 Karl Drais von Sauerbronn demonstrates bicycle course
1812 Napoleon invades Russia
1792 George Vancouver discovers site of Vancouver BC
1787 Law passes providing a senator must be at least 30 years old
1776 Virginia adopts Declaration of Rights
1775 1st naval battle of Revolution-Unity (U.S.) captures Margaretta (Br)
1714 Prussia and Russia sign secret treaty
1701 Act of Settlement gives English crown to Sophia, Princess of Hanover
1691 Pope Innocent XII succeeds Alexander VIII
1683 Rye House-plot against English king Charles II uncovered
1673 Charles II's brother duke James of York resigns as Lord High Admiral
1672 French army under General Turenne crosses Rhine at Lobith
1667 Michiel de Ruyter destroys English fleet
1665 English rename New Amsterdam, New York, after Dutch pull out
1653 Battle at North Foreland: English fleet beats Dutch
1575 William of Orange marries Charlotte de Bourbon
1553 King Edward VI accept archbishop Cranmers "42 Articles"
1552 Land guardians of Netherlands attacks Verdun
1534 Turkish Admiral Chaireddin "Barbarossa" allows Giulia Gonzaga to kidnap and plunder Naples
1523 Frisian rebel leader Jancko Douwama arrested
1442 King Alfonso V of Aragon occupies Naples
28 Gaius Carrinas' triumphant procession through Rome