December 22 Events in History - December 22 Birthdays - December 22 Deaths
2014 Tension increases for New York City police after a man kills two officers to avenge the killing of two unarmed black men by police in recent weeks; police have been ordered to work in pairs and to consider their own safety first while on patrol
2014 Pakistani officials have arrested suspects in the Taliban's military school attack that killed 148 people; the government has lifted a death penalty moratorium and has bombed militant strongholds along the Afghan border to address terrorist violence
2013 A security news site reports that the credit and debit card account stolen from 40 million Target Corporation customers are up for sale on the black market; cards are being sold from around $20 to more than $100 each
2013 President Barack Obama and the First Family begin their 17-day Hawaiian vacation; this is the sixth year in a row the Obama's have visited family and friends on the island of Oahu for Christmas and New Year's
2012 Christmas food parcels are distributed in the Republic of Ireland; hundreds of people line up to receive them
2012 Following the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Monti, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano dissolves the Parliament
2011 Protestors demonstrating against the construction of a power plant in Haimen, southern China, are fired upon with teargas and arrested
2011 Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti's proposed austerity measures are debated by the Italian senate
2010 The World Bank officially ends financing Cote d'Ivoire
2010 An important peer-reviewed study of the spatial memory of bumblebees published the Biology Letters journal of the Royal Society is written by two eight year-olds
1997 Hunter Tylo awarded $4 million in Melrose Place breach of contract
1997 Merck baldness pill for men approved by FDA
1997 Nancy Kerring and Tonya Harding pre-record a show to air on FOX on Feb 5
1996 Steelers' Kordell Stewart runs quarterback record 80 yards for TD
1996 Wendy's Three Tour Golf Challenge
1996 Zimbabwe and England draw Bulawayo Test Cricket with England need 1 to win
1995 David Cone signs $19.5 million 3 year contract with New York Yankees
1994 "Christmas Carol" opens at Richard Rodgers Theater New York City for 18 performances
1994 Italian government of Berlusconi resigns
1992 Libyan MIG-23UB attacks Boeing 727 at Souk al-Sabt, 158 die
1990 Iraq announces it will never give up Kuwait
1990 Israeli ferry capsizes killing 21 U.S. servicemen
1990 Lech Walesa sworn in as Poland's 1st popularly elected president
1989 After 23 years of dictatorial rule, Romania ousts Nicolea Ceausescu
1989 Chad adopts its Constitution
1989 Cold wave: -4 degrees F in Oklahoma City, -6 degrees F in Tulsa, -12 degrees F in Pitts,
1989 -18 degrees F in Denver, -23 degrees F in Kansas City, Missouri, -42 degrees F in Scottsbluff Nebraska -47 degrees F in Hardin Mont and -60 degrees F in Black Hills South Dakota
1988 2 robbers wearing police uniforms rob armored truck of $3 Million in New Jersey
1988 South Africa signs accord granting independence to South West Africa
1988 Tug hits oil barge, spreads 231,000 gal on 300 mi of WA and BC coast
1986 India score 7-676 vs. Sri Lanka at Kanpur in Cricket
1985 "Wind in the Willows" closes at Nederlander Theater New York City after 4 performances
1985 74th Davis Cup: Sweden beats Germany in Munich (3-2)
1985 STS-51-L vehicle moves to Launch Pad 39B
1984 Bernhard Goetz shoots 4 black muggers on New York City subway train
1984 Madonna's "Like a Virgin," single goes #1 for 6 weeks
1984 Test Cricket debut of Craig McDermott, vs. WI at the MCG
1983 Egyptian president Mubarak meets with PLO leader Yasser Arafat
1983 Islanders score 3 shorthanded goals against Caps
1982 William Mastrosimones "Extremities," premieres in New York City
1981 Argentine general Leopoldo Galtieri sworn in as president
1981 Belgium's 5th government of Martens forms
1980 Cardinals release outfielder Bobby Bonds
1980 President-elect Reagan appoints J Kirkpatrick (UN) and James Watt (Interior)
1978 Kenny Jones becomes The Who's new drummer
1978 Thailand adopts constitution
1977 36 die as grain elevator at Continental Grain Company plant explodes
1976 "Your Arm's Too Short..." opens at Lyceum New York City for 429 performances
1976 35 Unification church couples wed in New York City
1976 East Germany banishes singer Nina Hagen
1974 2nd cease-fire between IRA and British; lasts until approx April 1975
1974 Phil Esposito, Boston, became 6th NHLer to score 500 goals
1974 Referenda in Comoros-3 islands for independence, 1 stays French
1972 6.25 earthquake strikes Managua Nicaragua, 12,000+ killed
1971 KUAC TV channel 9 in Fairbanks/College, AK (PBS) begins broadcasting
1971 U.N. General Assembly ratifies Kurt Waldheim as Secretary-General
1971 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
1970 Treblinka SS commander Franz Stangl sentenced to life imprisonment
1969 Pete Marovich sets NCAA record of hitting 30 of 31 foul shots
1968 Julie Nixon weds Dwight David Eisenhower
1966 WCVW TV channel 57 in Richmond, Virginia (PBS) begins broadcasting
1965 Belgian government shuts 6 coal mine
1965 Director David Lean's "Dr. Zhivago," premieres
1965 Great Britain sets maximum speed at 70 MPH
1965 Radio Mil (Domincan Republic) transmitter blown up
1964 Lockheed SR-71 spy aircraft reaches 3,530 kph (record for a jet)
1963 Oakland Raider Tom Flores passes for 6 touchdowns vs Houston (52-49)
1963 Official 30-day mourning period for President John F. Kennedy ends
1962 1,000,000th NBA point scored
1962 Harris County voters approve all-weather stadium for Houston Colt .45s
1962 Kinderman Place in the Bronx named
1962 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1961 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1959 Continental League awards its last franchise to Dallas-Ft. Worth
1959 NY Ranger goalie Marcel Paille wears a customized mask
1958 "Chipmunk Song" reaches #1
1958 "Whoop-Up" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 56 performances
1958 2nd Dutch Beel government forms
1957 KWRB (now KFNE) TV channel 10 in Lander-Riverton, WY (ABC) begins
1956 "New Faces of 1956" closes at Barrymore Theater New York City after 221 performances
1956 Last British/French troops leave Egypt
1953 Jack Dunn III, owner of Baltimore Orioles in International League, turns name over to newly relocated St. Louis Browns
1952 French government of Pinay, resigns
1952 WSBA (now WPMT) TV channel 43 in York, Pennsylvania (IND) begins broadcasting
1951 Australia cricket all out 82 vs. West Indies at Adelaide
1950 2 self-propelled trains of Long Island RR collide, killing 77
1948 KPIX TV channel 5 in San Francisco, California (CBS) begins broadcasting
1947 Italian constituent assembly adopts new constitution
1946 "Bal Negre" closes at Belasco Theater New York City after 54 performances
1946 Cleveland Browns beat New York Yankees 14-9 in AAFC championship game
1945 Utrecht: Catholic People's party (KVP) established
1944 Germans demand surrender of American troops at Bastogne, Belgium
1944 Sub Swordfish departs Pearl Harbor for Japan
1943 Manufacturers get permission to use synthetic rubber for baseball core
1943 WEB Du Bois elected 1st black member, National Inst of Arts and Letters
1941 Japans invasion leader lands on Luzon, Philippines
1941 Tito establishes 1st Proletarian Brigade in Yugoslavia
1941 Winston Churchill arrives in Washington for a wartime conference
1939 125 die in train wreck at Magdeburg Germany
1939 Bradman scores 138 in South Australia's 7-821 vs. Queensland
1939 Finnish counter offensive at Petsamo
1939 99 die in 2nd wreck at Friedrichshafen Germany
1937 Lincoln Tunnel, in New York City, opens to traffic
1936 1st common carrier license issued by ICC, Scranton, Pa
1935 Yaeko Iwasaki, student of D S Harada Roshi, 1st awakening in Kamakura
1934 1st flight from Netherland to Curacao (Christmas flight 1934)
1934 Miss Theo Trowbridge sets female bowling record 702 pins in games
1930 6 West europe lands signs Convention of Oslo
1924 Babe Dye of NHL's Toronto St. Patricks scores 5 goals beat Bruins 10-2
1924 Philip Barry's "Youngest," premieres in New York City
1923 Bill Ponsford and Edgar Mayne make 456 opening stand for Vict
1922 Belgian parliament rejects Dutch university in Ghent
1919 Government of Ireland Act of Power (Home Rule for Ireland)
1919 U.S. deports 250 alien radicals, including anarchist Emma Goldman
1917 Flanders declares it's independence, under Pieter Tack
1915 Federal Baseball League disolved
1915 Organized baseball and Federal League sign a peace treaty at Cincinnati
1910 U.S. postal savings stamps 1st issued
1907 Saint-Saens/Fokines ballet "Le Cygne," premieres in St. Petersburg
1894 Dutch coast hit by hurricane
1894 Debussy's "Prelude l'apres-midi d'un faune," premieres
1894 United States Golf Association forms (New York City)
1894 French officer Alfred Dreyfus court-martialed for treason, triggers worldwide charges of anti-Semitism (Dreyfus later vindicated)
1888 Heavyweight boxing champ John L Sullivan challenges Jake Kilrain
1886 1st national accountants' society in U.S. formed (New York City)
1885 Pope Leo XIII proclaims extraordinary jubilee
1883 August Strindberg's "Lycko-Pers Reja," premieres
1882 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison
1877 "American Bicycling Journal" begins publishing (Boston, Massachusetts)
1870 Jules Janssen, flys in a balloon in order to study a solar eclipse
1832 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reaches Barnevelts Islands
1815 Spaniards execute Mexican revolutionary priest Jose Maria Morelos
1810 British frigate Minotaur sinks killing 480
1807 Congress passes Embargo Act, to force peace between Britain and France
1790 Russian troops occupy Ismail on Turks
1775 Continental Navy organized with 7 ships
1772 Moravian missionary constructs 1st schoolhouse west of Allegheny
1731 Dutch people revolt against meat tax
1715 English pretender to the throne James III lands at Peterhead
1689 Heavy earthquake strikes Innsbruck
1688 Pro-James II, Earl of Danby occupies York
1642 Pope Urbanus VIII publishes degree In eminente
1596 Ferryboat Meuniers crashes in Paris, 150 die
1536 English scholar Reginald Pole appointed cardinal
1465 Peace of St. Truiden: Louis van Bourbon becomes bishop of Luik
1216 Pope Honorius III delegates degree "Religiosam vitam eligentibus"
1135 Norman nobles recognize Stefanus van Blois as English king
795 Leo III succeeds pope Adrianus I
401 St. Innocent I begins his reign as Catholic Pope