Ohio Events in History

2011 Event - The 112th United States Congress convened; Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio assumes his new position as Speaker of the House

2008 Death - Stephanie Tubbs Jones, dies in Ohio, of a brain aneurysm, at 58

2003 Event - After an Ohio FirstEnergy power plants shut down unexpectedly, a power outtage occurs for over ten hours all over northeastern North America

1997 Event - NHL announces it will add Nashville in 1998, Atlanta in 1999 and Minneapolis-St. Paul and Columbus, Ohio in 2000

1997 Event - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Columbus, Ohio on WBZX 99.7 FM

1997 Event - Rose Bowl, Ohio State Buckeyes beat Arizona State Sun Devils 20 - 17

1996 Event - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Toledo, Ohio on WBUZ 106.5 FM

1995 Event - 61st Heisman Trophy Award: Eddie George, Ohio State (RB)

1995 Event - Ohio's Governor Voinovich proclaims "Cleveland Indians Day"

1995 Event - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland, Ohio

1994 Event - -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C) (5:32 AM) coldest day ever recorded in Cleveland Ohio

1994 Event - United Express commuter plane crashes in Ohio, killing 5

1992 Event - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Cleveland, Ohio on WNCX 98.5 FM

1992 Event - Ohio Glory wins 1st WLAF game (after 6 loses), beat Frankfurt 20-17

1989 Event - Smith Dairy at Orrville Ohio, makes largest milk shake (1,575.2 gal)

1987 Event - 27th Ryder Cup: Europe beats U.S., 15-13 at Muirfield Village Golf Club, Ohio

1987 Event - Ohio nurse Donald Harvey sentence to triple life (poisoned 24)

1987 Death - [Wayne] Woody Hayes, football coach (Ohio State), dies at 74

1986 Death - Howard Da Silva, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor (Ben Franklin-1776), dies at 76

1985 Event - WJW-AM/TV in Cleveland Ohio change call letters to WRMR

1985 Event - Tornados in Penn, Ohio, New York and Canada kill 88 and injured more than 1,000

1984 Birthday - LeBron James, born in Akron, Ohio, professional basketball player, nicknamed, 'King James', number one pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, won gold at 2008 Olympics

1983 Event - Heavyweight Gerrie Coetzee KOs Michael Dokes in Ohio

1982 Birthday - Mark Mizzark, Marlis Pugh, born in Akron, Ohio, rapper, Another Bad Creation

1981 Event - Kim Seelbrede, (Ohio), crowned 30th Miss USA

1979 Birthday - Christina Todd, Miss Ohio Teen USA, Miss Congeniality-1997

1979 Event - Pro Football Researchers Association forms, Canton, Ohio

1979 Death - Julius Sommer, dies of heart failure, buried in Dayton Ohio

1978 Event - Ohio State dismisses Woody Hayes as its football coach

1978 Birthday - Katie Holmes, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, breakout role, Joey Potter on television show, 'Dawson's Creek', appeared in film, 'Batman Begins', married to Tom Cruise

1978 Birthday - Chris Sellers, born in Cleveland, Ohio, rapper, Another Bad Creation

1978 Birthday - Jenny Keim, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, diver, Olympics-9th-96

1977 Event - Susan Perkins (Ohio), crowned 50th Miss America 1978

1977 Birthday - Amanda Borden, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, gymnast, Silver Medal 1994 World, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics

1977 Birthday - Angie Trostel, Oxford Ohio, diver 1996 Olympics

1976 Birthday - Heather Kozar, born in Akron, Ohio, playmate, Jan, 1998

1976 Event - 8 Ohio National Guardsmen indicted for shooting 4 Kent State students

1976 Event - John Pezzin bowls 33 consecutive strikes at Toledo, Ohio

1976 Event - "Love Rollercoaster" by Ohio Players hits #1

1975 Event - 41st Heisman Trophy Award: Archie Griffin, Ohio State (RB)

1975 Birthday - Sean McClain, born in Dayton, Ohio, fencer-foil 1996 Olympics

1975 Birthday - Robyn Hancock, Grand Rapids Ohio, Miss America-Ohio 1997

1975 Birthday - Mark Johnson, Dayton Ohio, baseball pitcher 1996 Olympics bronze

1974 Event - 40th Heisman Trophy Award: Archie Griffin, Ohio State (RB)

1974 Birthday - Blaine Wilson, born in Columbus, Ohio, gymnast, Olympics-5th-96

1974 Death - Pat Brady, Toledo Ohio, actor (Roy Rodgers Show), dies at 59

1973 Event - Akron Ohio's Chamber of Commerce terminates itself from Soap Box Derby

1973 Event - Ohio State's Archie Griffith begins record 31 cons 100 yd rushing

1973 Event - Funky Worm by Ohio Players hits #15

1973 Birthday - Todd Hollandsworth, born in Dayton, Ohio, outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers

1973 Birthday - Kathy Carboy, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, diver 1996 Olympics

1972 Birthday - David Bell, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, infielder for the St. Louis Cardinals

1972 Birthday - Ian Moran, born in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. hockey defenseman, Olympics-1994, Pitts

1972 Birthday - Damon Sharpe, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor/musician, Guys Next Door

1972 Birthday - Ellen Coleen Pasturzak, born in Portsmouth, Ohio, Miss America-Ohio 1996

1972 Birthday - Carmen Electra, born in Sharonville, Ohio, born Tara Leigh Patrick, model, actress, sex symbol, appeared in Playboy magazine, television show 'Baywatch'

1972 Event - 7' Ohio State center Luke Witte is stomped in face during a brawl in a game with Minnesota

1971 Birthday - Bryan Smolinski, born in Toledo, Ohio, NHL forward, Team USA, Pitts Penguins

1971 Birthday - Laura Moss, Kings Mountain, Ohio, actress, Amanda Cory-Another World

1971 Birthday - Nicole Green, Springfield Ohio, 400m runner

1971 Event - Laurel Lea Schaefer (Ohio), 22, crowned 44th Miss America 1972

1971 Birthday - Trey Ames, born in Canton, Ohio, actor, David-A Year in the Life

1971 Birthday - Christopher R Nelloms, Dayton Ohio, sprinter

1971 Event - Ohio becomes 38th state to approve of lower voting age to 18, thus ratifying 26th amendment

1971 Birthday - Joey Gullion, Gallopolis, Ohio, Nike golfer, NIKE South Carolina Classic-18th

1971 Birthday - Jeff Stavroff, Columbus, Ohio, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Space Coast-4

1971 Birthday - Heidi Mark, Columbus, Ohio, playmate, Jul, 1995

1971 Birthday - Saalman Raelyn, Fostoria Ohio, actress, Attack of 60' Centerfold

1970 Birthday - Tonja Yevette Buford-Bailey, born in Dayton, Ohio, 400m hurdler, won 1996 Olympic bronze

1970 Birthday - Lorissa McComas, Columbus Ohio, actress, Lap Dancing, Vamp

1970 Birthday - Dawn Marple, born in Salem, Ohio, team handball wing/back 1996 Olympics

1970 Birthday - Marc Wilkins, Mansfield, Ohio, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates

1970 Birthday - Ann Grossman, Grove City Ohio, tennis star, 1994 LA finalist

1970 Birthday - Mike Matheny, Columbus, Ohio, catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers

1970 Birthday - Paul Shuey, born in Lima, Ohio, pitcher, Cleveland Indians

1970 Birthday - Macy Gray, born in Canton, Ohio, singer, songwriter, actress, Grammy-Award winner, films, 'Idlewild', 'Training Day', hit song, 'I Try', famous album, 'On How Life Is'

1970 Event - National Guard mobilizes to quell disturbances at Ohio State U

1970 Event - National Guard kills 4 at Kent State in Ohio

1970 Death - 4 students, at Kent State University killed by Ohio National Guard

1970 Birthday - Nicole Wood, born in Canton, Ohio, playmate, Apr, 1993

1969 Birthday - Todd Black, Kenton Ohio, 800m runner

1969 Birthday - Mark Lewis, Hamilton, Ohio, infielder for the Detroit Tigers

1969 Birthday - Angie Everhart, born in Akron, Ohio, model/actress, Jade, Last Action Hero

1969 Birthday - Mark Brettschneider, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Jason-One Life to Live

1969 Event - 51st PGA Championship: Ray Floyd shoots a 276 at NCR Golf Club Dayton, Ohio

1969 Birthday - Halle Cioffi, born in Cleveland, Ohio, tennis star

1969 Birthday - Frank Lickliter, born in Middletown, Ohio, Nike golfer, 1993 White Rose-24th

1969 Birthday - Mark Telerico, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 S Florida

1969 Birthday - Kurt Abbott, Zanesville, Ohio, infielder for the Florida Marlins

1969 Birthday - Anne Heche, Ohio, actress, Donnie Brasco, Juror, Volcano

1969 Birthday - Jennifer Lyn Jackson, born in Cleveland, Ohio, playmate, April, 1989

1969 Birthday - Jayhawk Owens, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, catcher for the Colorado Rockies

1968 Birthday - Mark Dailey, Parma Ohio, 1.5k runner

1968 Birthday - Halle Berry, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Miss World USA, 1986, actress, Boomerang

1968 Birthday - Mike Mohler, born in Dayton, Ohio, pitcher for the Oakland A's

1968 Event - Ohio Express' "Yummy Yummy Yummy" goes gold

1968 Event - Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express hits #4

1968 Birthday - Dave Mlicki, born in Cleveland, Ohio, pitcher for the New York Mets

1968 Birthday - John Connelly, born in Toledo, Ohio, Nike golfer, 1991 New Hampshire Open

1968 Birthday - Traci Lords, born in Steubenville, Ohio, actress, producer, appeared in porn films at age 15, appeared in 'Penthouse' magazine, B-movies 'Will and Grace' television show

1968 Event - Students seize administration building at Ohio State

1968 Birthday - George Quigley, Jr., born in Cincinnati, Ohio, skeet 1996 Olympics

1968 Birthday - Kent Mercker, Dublin, Ohio, pitcher, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles

1968 Birthday - Chad Lowe, Dayton Ohio, actor, Spencer, Apprentice to Murder

1968 Birthday - Mark Duane Croghan, born in Akron, Ohio, 3k steeplechase, Olympics-5th-96

1967 Birthday - Kevin Toth, born in Cleveland, Ohio, shot putter

1967 Birthday - Kristi Cooke, Marion Ohio, Miss Ohio-America 1991

1967 Event - Carl B. Stokes elected 1st black mayor of a major city-Cleveland, Ohio

1967 Birthday - Sean O'Neill, born in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. Olympic table tennis player 1992 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Jon Normile, born in Cleveland, Ohio, fencer 1996 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Tina Bockrath, born in Dayton, Ohio, playmate May, 1990 and actress

1967 Event - Race riot in Cincinnati Ohio, 300 arrested

1967 Birthday - Melina Kanakaredes, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Eleni Andros-Guiding Light

1967 Birthday - Joseph Tilford Leigh Greene, born in Dayton, Ohio, long jumper, 1992, 1996 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Tim Naehring, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, infielder for the Boston Red Sox

1967 Birthday - Larry Donald, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. boxer 1992 Olympics

1966 Birthday - Douglas Allan Martin, Bluffton, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1995 Buick-2nd

1966 Birthday - Gina Pillitiere, born in Akron, Ohio, WPVA volleyballer, National-25th-1994

1966 Birthday - Kristine Middeler, Felicity, Ohio, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-13th-1994

1966 Birthday - Luke Perry, born in Mansfield, Ohio, actor, Dillon-Beverly Hill 90210

1966 Birthday - Joan Guetschow, born in Akron, Ohio, biathelete 1994 Olympics

1966 Event - 10.51" (26.70 cm) of rainfall, Sandusky Ohio (state record)

1966 Birthday - Hector Burba, born in Dayton, Ohio, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds

1966 Birthday - Jeff Shaw, Washington Ohio, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds

1966 Birthday - Camille Benjamin, born in Cleveland, Ohio, tennis star

1966 Birthday - Susie Redman, born in Salem, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1995 Nabisco Dinah Shore-2nd

1965 Birthday - Mike Gebhardt, Columbus Ohio, mistral yachter, Olympics-6th-1996

1965 Birthday - Mike Benjamin, Euclid Ohio, infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies

1965 Birthday - Steven Sweet, Wadsworth Ohio, heavy metal artist, Warrant-Cherry Pie

1965 Birthday - Lisa Bonder, Columbus Ohio, tennis star

1965 Birthday - John Keller, Jr., Toledo Ohio, team handball back court 1996 Olympics

1965 Event - KYW-AM in Cleveland Ohio returns call letters to Philadelphia

1965 Birthday - Jon Warren, born in Akron, Ohio, 1.5k runner

1965 Birthday - Jim Terrell, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, sprint canoe 1996 Olympics

1965 Birthday - Michele Redman, born in Zanesville, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1995 Star Bank-3rd

1965 Birthday - Sarah Jessica Parker, born in Nelsonville, Ohio, actress, Square Pegs, LA Story

1965 Birthday - Chris Hoiles, Bowling Green, Ohio, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles

1965 Birthday - Marianne Morris, born in Middletown, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1995 McDonald's LPGA-3rd

1965 Birthday - A. J. Sager, born in Columbus Ohio, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers

1965 Event - WVIZ TV channel 25 in Cleveland, Ohio (PBS) begins broadcasting

1965 Birthday - Kristal Parker-Gregory, Columbus, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1995 Hawaiian-20th

1965 Birthday - Steven Adler, born in Cleveland, Ohio, drummer, Guns and Roses-Sweet Child

1964 Birthday - Thomas Howard, born in Middletown, Ohio, outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds

1964 Birthday - Stephen Geoffreys, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Faternity Vacation

1964 Event - 46th PGA Championship: Bobby Nichols shoots a 271 at Columbus CC Ohio

1964 Birthday - Butch [Harry Lee] Reynolds, Jr., born in Akron, Ohio, 4X400m runner

1964 Birthday - Beth Herr, Middletown Ohio, tennis star

1964 Birthday - Jeff Reboulet, born in Dayton, Ohio, infielder for the Minnesota Twins

1964 Birthday - Barry Larkin, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, infielder for the Cincinnati Reds

1964 Event - Astronaut John Glenn withdraws from Ohio senate race

1964 Birthday - Tom Lampkin, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, catcher for the San Francisco Giants

1964 Birthday - Lisa Elaine Comshaw, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Scanner Cop, Lukas' Child

1963 Birthday - Jim Leyritz, Lakewood, Ohio, catcher, New York Yankees

1963 Birthday - Shelly Miller, Youngstown, Ohio, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-25th-1994

1963 Event - Pro Football Hall of Fame dedicated in Canton, Ohio

1963 Birthday - James Wilder, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Scorchers, Zombie High, Murder 1

1963 Birthday - Lance Johnson, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, outfielder for the New York Mets

1963 Birthday - Pat Borders, Columbus, Ohio, catcher for the California Angels

1962 Event - Ohio ends suit against Reds when they agree to stay in Cincinnati for 10 yrs

1962 Birthday - Mary Ellen Weber, born in Cleveland, Ohio, PhD/astronaut, STS-70

1962 Birthday - Suzee Pai, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, Big Trouble in Little China

1962 Birthday - Roger Clemens, born in Dayton, Ohio, pitcher for the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Cy Young, MVP

1962 Birthday - Rachel Sweet, born in Akron, Ohio, singer, songwriter, actress, writer, recorded theme song for Nickelodeon series, Clarissa Explains It All, appeared as George Costanza's cousin, in Seinfeld, television episode, 'The Contest', released Fool Around: The Best of Rachel Sweet, 1992

1962 Birthday - Andy Hampsten, born in Columbus, Ohio, cyclist 1996 Olympics

1962 Event - 24th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Cincinnati beats Ohio State 71-59

1962 Birthday - Jeff Montgomery, Wellston, Ohio, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals

1961 Birthday - Bonnie Marino, born in Cleveland, Ohio, playmate, Jun, 1990

1961 Birthday - Barb Mucha, Parma, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1992 Oldsmobile Classic

1961 Birthday - Tim Belcher, Sparta Ohio, baseball pitcher, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals

1961 Birthday - Jeff Russell, Cincinnatti, Ohio, pitcher for the Texas Rangers

1961 Birthday - John Lugbill, Wauseon Ohio, U.S. canoist/kayaker 1992 Olympics

1961 Birthday - Drew Carey, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor/comedian, Drew-Drew Carey Show

1961 Birthday - Dana Williams, Dayton Ohio, singer, Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle

1961 Event - NFL officially recognizes Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

1961 Event - 23rd NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Cincinnati beats Ohio State 70-65 (OT)

1960 Birthday - Marty Roe, Lebanon Ohio, singer, Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle

1960 Birthday - Roger McDowell, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, pitcher, New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles

1960 Birthday - Robert Harold Lohr, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1988 Walt Disney

1960 Birthday - Kelli McMullen-Temple, Columbus, Ohio, Canadian equestrian 1996 Olympics

1960 Birthday - Alan Ruck, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Stuart-Spin City

1960 Event - 22nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Ohio State beats California 75-55

1960 Birthday - Richard Biggs, born in Columbus Ohio, actor, Marcus-Days of Our Lives

1960 Birthday - Lionel Cartwright, Ohio, country vocalist, I Watched it on the Radio

1960 Birthday - Lee Chill, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Canadian Tour golfer, 1977 Ohio Jr

1959 Birthday - Tammie Green, Somerset, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1989 du Maurier Ltd Classic

1959 Birthday - Allison Janney, born in Dayton, Ohio, actress, films include, 'American Beauty', 'Nurse Betty', known for television show 'The West Wing'

1959 Birthday - Maya Lin, born in Athens, Ohio, artist, architect of Chinese descent, known for Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., sculpture, landscape art

1959 Birthday - Jermaine Stewart, born in Columbus, Ohio, singer, soul, pop, funk-rock genres, known for Billboard hit 'The Word is Out'

1959 Birthday - Brian Fogt, born in Dayton, Ohio, Nike golfer, in 1992 Ft. Wayne Open-7th

1959 Birthday - Eric Fingerhut, born in University Heights, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 1995

1958 Birthday - Mark Miller, Dayton Ohio, actor, Search for Grace, Love Field

1958 Birthday - Scott Scovell Hamilton, born in Toledo, Ohio, ice skater 1984 Olympics gold

1958 Birthday - Scott Hamilton, born in Toledo, Ohio, figure skater, Gold Medal 1984 Olympics

1958 Birthday - Shelly West, born in Cleveland, Ohio, country singer, Red Hot, West by West

1958 Birthday - Patricia Heaton, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, played Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond

1958 Birthday - Anita Baker, born in Toledo, Ohio, singer, Giving You the Best That I Got

1957 Event - 1st titanium mill opened, Toronto, Ohio

1957 Birthday - John Neuman Cook, born in Toledo, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1981 Bing Crosby

1957 Event - 39th PGA Championship: Lionel Hebert at Miami Valley Golf Club Dayton Ohio

1957 Birthday - Teresa Ganzel, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, Teachers Only, Duck Factory

1957 Birthday - Frank Dicopoulos, born in Akron, Ohio, actor, Frank Cooper-Guiding Light

1956 Birthday - Phillip Gregory Hubbard, born in Canton, Ohio, basketball 1976 Olympics gold

1956 Birthday - Darrell Pace, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, archer, Gold and Silver Medals, 1976, 1984, 1988 Olympics

1956 Birthday - Terry Kennedy, born in Euclid, Ohio, professional baseball player, catcher, played for the Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants

1956 Birthday - Michael L Gernhardt, Mansfield, Ohio, astronaut, STS-69, 83, 94, sk 100

1956 Birthday - Marty Dickerson, born in Middletown, Ohio, golfer, 1994 ShopRite Classic-22nd

1956 Birthday - Gregory J Harbaugh, born in Cleveland, Ohio, astronaut, STS-39, 54, 71, 82

1956 Birthday - Ray Combs, born in Hamilton, Ohio, comedian, host of 'Family Feud' television game show

1956 Birthday - Judith Butler, born in Cleveland, Ohio, philosopher, professor, U of C, Berkeley, specialty, post-structuralism, Ph. D. Yale University, areas of study include feminist theory, Jewish philosophy, ethics, sexuality, developed idea of sex and gender as social construction

1956 Birthday - Woody Brown, Dayton Ohio, actor, Cliff-Facts of Life

1956 Birthday - George David Low, born in Cleveland, Ohio, astronaut, STS-32, STS-43

1955 Event - 21st Heisman Trophy Award: Howard Cassady, Ohio State (HB)

1955 Birthday - Howard Hewett, born in Akron, Ohio, rock vocalist, Shalamar

1955 Birthday - Carl Erwin Walz, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Major USAF/Astronaut, STS-51, 65, 79

1955 Birthday - Lisa Banes, born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, actress, Cocktail, Look Back in Anger

1955 Birthday - Julie Hagerty, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Airplane, Princesses

1955 Birthday - Debra Winger, Columbus, Ohio, actress, Officer and Gentleman

1955 Birthday - Donald A Thomas, born in Cleveland, Ohio, PhD/Astronaut, STS-65, 70, 83, 94

1955 Birthday - Bob Abrams, Ohio, rocker, Buckinghams

1954 Birthday - Beverly D'Angelo, Columbus Ohio, actress, Vacation, European Vacation

1954 Birthday - Calvin Levels, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Knightwatch

1954 Birthday - Archie Griffin, NFL runningback, won 2 Heisman Trophies, Ohio State

1954 Birthday - Steve Morse, born in Hamilton, Ohio, rocker, guitarist, founder of the Dixie Dregs, guitar player in Deep Purple

1954 Birthday - Catherine Bach, born in Warren, Ohio, actress played Daisey Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard

1953 Birthday - Alex Grey, born in Columbus, Ohio, sacred, visionary, psychedelic artist, co-founder, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, author of 'Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics'

1953 Birthday - Muffin Spencer-Devlin, Piqua, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1985 MasterCard Pro-Am

1953 Birthday - Martha Smith, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Animal House, playmate, July 1973

1953 Birthday - Gates McFadden, Columbus Ohio, actress, Star Trek Next Generation

1953 Event - Tornadoes kill 110 in Michigan and Ohio

1953 Event - 21 die in a train crash in Conneaut Ohio

1953 Birthday - Kathleen Ann Shower, born in Brookville, Ohio, Playmate of the Year, May, 1985

1952 Birthday - Ronald Michael Sega, born in Cleveland, Ohio, PhD/Astronaut, STS-60, 76

1952 Birthday - Sherrod Brown, born in Mansfield, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 2007, Senator-D-Ohio 2007 -

1952 Birthday - Rita Dove, born in Akron, Ohio, author, poet, won Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry, Library of Congress 1993

1952 Birthday - Phil Kramer, born in Youngtown, Ohio, rocker, Iron Butterfly

1952 Birthday - Terence Tom Henricks, born in Bryan, Ohio, USAF/astronaut, STS-44, 55, 70, 78

1952 Birthday - Carol Kane, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Dog Day Afternoon, Simka-Taxi

1952 Birthday - Martin Hoke, born in Lakewood, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1993 - 1997

1952 Birthday - John Kasich, born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, politician, Republican party, former U.S. Representative from Ohio's 12th district, 'Heartland with John Kasich' host

1951 Birthday - Patricia Wettig, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Nancy Weston-30 Something

1951 Birthday - Ronald Bell, Youngstown, Ohio, rock sax, Kool and The Gang

1951 Birthday - Ron Klink, born in Canton, Ohio, Representative-D-Pennsylvania 1993 - 2001

1951 Birthday - Chrissie Hynde, born in Akron, Ohio, rocker, Pretenders-Mystery Achievement

1951 Birthday - Lee Wilkof, born in Canton, Ohio, actor, WEB, Delta House, Elliot-Newhart

1951 Birthday - Ronald A. Parise, Warren, Ohio, PhD/astronaut, STS-35, STS-67

1951 Birthday - Dick Mast, born in Bluffton, Ohio, Nike golfer, 1990 Mississippi Gulf Coast

1951 Birthday - Stephen Nichols, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Witchboard, Days of our Lives

1951 Birthday - Kathleen Bradley, Youngstown, Ohio, model, Price is Right

1950 Event - 16th Heisman Trophy Award: Vic Janowicz, Ohio State (HB)

1950 Birthday - Robert "Kool" Bell, Youngstown, Ohio, rocker, Kool and the Gang

1950 Event - 33 die in a train crash in Coshocton, Ohio

1950 Birthday - Dorian Harewood, born in Dayton, Ohio, actor, Earl-Glitter, Trauma Center

1950 Birthday - Jenny Holzer, born in Gallipolis, Ohio, conceptual artist, abstract artist, known for use of words and ideas in public spaces

1950 Birthday - Donna Jean Willmott, born in Akron, Ohio, FALN member, FBI most wanted

1950 Event - 32nd PGA Championship: Chandler Harper at Scioto CC Columbus Ohio

1950 Birthday - David Graff, Lancaster Ohio, actor, Police Academy 2, 3, 4, 6

1950 Birthday - Dennis E. Eckart, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1981 - 1983 and 1983 - 1993

1950 Event - Jazz pianist, Erroll Garner's solo concert (Cleveland, Ohio)

1950 Birthday - Judy Dickinson, born in Akron, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1985 Boston Five Classic

1950 Birthday - Bob McEwen, born in Hillsboro, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1981 - 1993

1949 Birthday - Kenneth D Cameron, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel USMC/astronaut, STS-37, 56, 74

1949 Birthday - John Boehner, born in Reading, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1991 -

1949 Birthday - Tony Hoty, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Ransom, Paper

1949 Birthday - Mike Schmidt, born in Dayton, Ohio, 3rd baseman and home run hitter, Phillies

1949 Birthday - Stephanie Tubbs Jones, born in Ohio, Member, U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio

1949 Birthday - Eric Carmen, born in Cleveland, Ohio, rocker, All by Myself

1949 Birthday - Maureen McGovern, born in Youngstown, Ohio, singer, Got To Be a Morning After

1949 Birthday - Philip Michael Thomas, Columbus Ohio, actor, Miami Vice

1949 Birthday - Judith Arlene Resnik, born in Akron, Ohio, ast, STS-41D, 51L-Chal disaster

1948 Event - 1st use of synthetic rubber in asphaltic concrete, Akron, Ohio

1948 Birthday - Ronald W. Harris, born in Canton, Ohio, lightweight boxer, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics

1948 Birthday - Nate Archibald, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, NBA guard

1948 Birthday - Kathleen Battle, born in Portsmouth, Ohio, soprano, Shephard-Tannhauser

1948 Birthday - Perry King, Alliance, Ohio, actor, Andy Warhol's "Bad"

1948 Birthday - Michael Stanley, born in Cleveland, Ohio, rocker, Michael Stanley Band

1947 Birthday - Edward F. Feighan, born in Lakewood, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1983 - 1993

1947 Birthday - Steve Stone, born in Cleveland, Ohio, sportscaster, Monday Night Baseball

1947 Event - BF Goodrich announced the development of tubeless tire in Akron, Ohio

1947 Birthday - Rick Zehringer, Ohio, rocker, McCoys

1947 Birthday - Tommy James, born in Dayton, Ohio, born Thomas Gregory Jackson, musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, led rock band Tommy James and the Shondells

1947 Birthday - Bill Fontana, born in Cleveland, Ohio, composer, sound art pioneer, created sounds sculptures in 1976, using urban surroundings as a source of musical information, to evoke visual imagery

1947 Birthday - Mike DeWine, born in Springfield, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1983 - 1991, Senator-R-Ohio 1995 - 2007

1946 Birthday - Robert Urich, Toronto Ohio, actor, SWAT, Spenser for Hire, Vega$

1946 Birthday - Teri Garr, born in Lakewood, Ohio, actress, Mr Mom, Young Frankenstein

1946 Birthday - Alaina Reed, Springfield Ohio, actress, Rose Lee Holloway-227

1946 Birthday - Beverly Todd, born in Ohio, actress, Roots, Having Babies, Redd Foxx Show

1946 Birthday - Marcy Kaptur, born in Toledo, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1983 -

1946 Birthday - Sydne Rome, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, What?, Candy

1945 Birthday - Gary Sandy, Dayton Ohio, actor, Andy-WKRP in Cincinnati

1945 Birthday - Elaine Joyce, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, City of Angels, Mr. Merlin

1945 Birthday - Kay Baxter, Woodsfield Ohio, Best Bodybuilder in World, 1983-85

1945 Birthday - Thomas C. Sawyer, born in Akron, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1987 - 2003

1945 Event - 27th PGA Championship: Byron Nelson at Morraine CC Dayton, Ohio

1945 Birthday - Sam Abell, born in Toledo, Ohio, photographer, published in National Geographic, artistic photographic style, noted for transcendent qualities, graduate, University of Kentucky, photographic books include 'The Photographic Life', 'The Life of a Photograph'

1944 Event - 10th Heisman Trophy Award: Les Horvath, Ohio State (quarterback)

1944 Birthday - Richard Furay, Ohio, rock vocalist, Buffalo Springfield, Poco

1944 Birthday - Mike Oxley, born in Findlay, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1981 - 2007

1943 Birthday - Jerry McGee, born in New Lexingon, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1975 Pensacola Open

1943 Birthday - Brenda Scott, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Midge-Road West

1943 Birthday - David Skaggs, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Representative-D-Colorado 1987 - 1999

1942 Birthday - Robert Quine, born in Akron, Ohio, guitarist, guitar soloist, worked with Matthew Sweet, Marianne Faithfull, style combines jazz, rock, blues

1942 Birthday - Thomas Daniel Weiskopf, Massillon, Ohio, PGA golfer, British Open 1973

1942 Birthday - Ann Elder, born in Cleveland, Ohio, comedienne, Smothers Brothers Show, Laugh-In

1942 Birthday - Al Jardine, born in Lima, Ohio, guitarist/singer, Beach Boys-Surfin, In My Room

1942 Birthday - Eddie Levert, born in Canton, Ohio, vocalist, O'Jays-For the Love of Money

1942 Birthday - Tony P. Hall, born in Dayton, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1979 - 2003

1942 Birthday - Don Novello, Father Guido Sarducci, Ashtabula, Ohio, comedian, SNL

1941 Birthday - Elizabeth Hartman, Youngstown Ohio, actress, Walking Tall, Beguilled

1941 Birthday - Earl Thomas Conley, Portsmouth, Ohio, country singer, Too Many Times

1941 Birthday - Ted Strickland, born in Lucasville, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 2007, Governor of Ohio 2007 -

1941 Birthday - Johnny Paycheck, born in Greenfield, Ohio, singer, Take This Job and Shove It

1941 Birthday - Ronald Isley, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, singer, Isley Brothers-Twist and Shout

1941 Birthday - Diane McBain, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Surfside Six, Spinout, Donner Pass

1941 Birthday - James Traficant, Jr., born in Youngstown, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1985 - 2002

1941 Event - LIU beats Ohio U 56-42 for NIT basketball championship

1941 Death - Sherwood Anderson, U.S. writer/publisher (Winesburg Ohio), dies at 64

1941 Birthday - Joel Crothers, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Edge of Night

1940 Event - 44th U.S. Golf Open: Lawson Little shoots a 287 at Canterbury Golf Club Ohio

1940 Birthday - Sadaharu, Ohio, of Yomiuri Giants, Japan, hit 868 career home run

1940 Birthday - John Havlicek, born in Martin's Ferry, Ohio, NBA hall-of-famer for the Boston Celtics

1940 Birthday - Jerry Lucas, born in Middletown, Ohio, NBA center, 1960 Olympics gold, New York Knicks

1940 Birthday - Austin Pendleton, born in Warren, Ohio, actor, Short Circuit, Simon, Hello Again

1940 Birthday - Mary Rose Oakar, born in Cleveland, Ohio, politician, first Democratic woman elected to U.S. Congress, member, U.S. House of Representatives

1940 Birthday - Jack Nicklaus, Columbus Ohio, golfer, Player of Yr 1967,72,73,75,76

1939 Birthday - David S. Mann, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1993 - 1995

1939 Birthday - Fred Willard, Ohio, comedian, Fernwood 2 Night, Real People

1939 Birthday - Wes Craven, born in Cleveland, Ohio, director, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream

1939 Birthday - Rudolph Isley, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, rocker, Isley Brothers-Shout

1939 Birthday - Charles Brown, Cin, Ohio, featherweight boxer 1964 Olympics bronze

1939 Birthday - Majel Barrett, born in Columbus, Ohio, actress, Christine Chapel-Star Trek

1939 Birthday - Paul Gillmor, born in Ohio, member, U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio

1939 Birthday - Mike Hill, born in Jackson, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1977 Ohio Kings Island Open

1938 Birthday - Hal Williams, Columbus Ohio, actor, Pvt Benjamin, 227, Sanford and Son

1938 Birthday - Jordan Christopher, Youngstown Ohio, actor, Secrets of Midland Heights

1938 Birthday - Michael Pataki, Youngstown Ohio, actor, Get Christie Love

1937 Birthday - O'Kelly Isley, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, singer, Isley Brothers-Twist and Shout

1937 Birthday - Mickey Edwards, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Representative-R-Oklahoma 1977 - 1993

1937 Birthday - Wayne Embry, holder of 7 basketball records, Miami of Ohio

1937 Birthday - Nancy Wilson, Chillicothe Ohio, jazz vocalist, Feel Like Making Love

1937 Birthday - Roger Penske, born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, owner, Penske Racing, auto racing team, the Penske Corporation, corporate director, General Electric

1937 Event - U.S. Army Air Corps physiological research laboratory completed, Ohio

1936 Birthday - Dave Hobson, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1991 - 2009

1936 Birthday - Robert F Overmyer, born in Lorain, Ohio, Col USMC/astronaut, STS-5, STS-51B

1936 Birthday - Keir Dullea, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, 2001, 2010, David and Lisa

1936 Birthday - Diana Hyland, Cleveland Hgts Ohio, actress, Peyton Place, 8 is Enough

1936 Event - 1st all-glass windowless structure in U.S. completed, Toledo, Ohio

1935 Birthday - Phil Donahue, born in Cleveland, Ohio, talk show host, Phil Donahue Show

1935 Birthday - Marian Mercer, born in Akron, Ohio, actress and singer, Dean Martin Show

1935 Birthday - Gloria Steinem, Toledo Ohio, femnist/author, Ms

1935 Birthday - Jim Dine, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, pop artist, St. John the Divine

1935 Birthday - Bobby Bare, born in Irontown, Ohio, country singer, Detroit City

1934 Birthday - Dick Rhyan, Columbus, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1994 GTE-5th

1934 Birthday - Charles Manson, No Name Maddox, Cin, Ohio, criminal, Tate-Labianco

1934 Death - Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, gangster, shot dead at 30 by FBI in Ohio

1934 Birthday - Greg Morris, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Mission Impossible, Vega$

1934 Event - 113 degrees F (45 degrees C), near Gallipolis, Ohio (state record)

1934 Birthday - Jamie Farr, born in Toledo, Ohio, actor, Klinger-M*A*S*H, AfterMASH

1934 Birthday - Ruby Nash Cutis, born in Akron, Ohio, rocker, Ruby and The Romantics

1934 Birthday - Gloria Steinem, born in Toledo, Ohio, feminist/publisher, Ms. Magazine

1934 Birthday - Lister Carney, born in Bellaire, Ohio, 200m runner, Olympics silver 1960

1933 Birthday - Jack Perkins, born in Cleveland, Ohio, newscaster, Prime Time Sunday, NBC Magazine

1933 Birthday - Tim Conway, born in Willoughby, Ohio, comic, McHale's Navy, Carol Burnett Show

1933 Birthday - George Chakiris, born in Norwood, Ohio, actor, West Side Story

1933 Birthday - Nathan Eugene Brooks, born in Cleveland, Ohio, flyweight boxer 1952 Olympics gold

1932 Birthday - Hari Rhodes, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Mike-Daktari, Roots

1932 Birthday - Gordon Jump, born in Dayton, Ohio, actor, Arthur Carlson-WKRP, Growing Pains

1932 Birthday - Gay Robert Brewer, born in Middletwon, Ohio, PGA golfer, 1972 Canadian

1932 Birthday - Peggy Ann Garner, Canton Ohio, actress, Little Women, Daisy Kenyon

1932 Event - Jacob Cocey Sr chosen as mayor of Massillon Ohio

1931 Birthday - Charles A. Bassett II, Dayton Ohio, Captain USAF/astronaut

1931 Birthday - Don Pease, born in Toledo, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1977 - 1993

1931 Birthday - Janice Rule, born in Norwood, Ohio, actress, Alvarez Kelly, Doctor's Wife

1931 Birthday - Bill Moor, born in Toledo, Ohio, actor, Hanky Panky

1931 Event - 35th U.S. Golf Open: Billy Burke shoots a 292 at Inverness Club Ohio

1931 Event - 3rd Ryder Cup: U.S., 9-3 at Scioto CC Ohio

1931 Birthday - Jim Frey, born in Cleveland, Ohio, manager, coach, Major League Baseball teams, Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs

1931 Birthday - Teresa Brewer, Toledo Ohio, singer, Put Another Nickel In

1931 Event - Leo Bentley bowls 3 consecutive perfect games in Lorain, Ohio

1931 Birthday - Toni Morrison, born in Ohio, novelist, Tar Baby, Beloved, Song of Solomon

1931 Birthday - Phyllis McGuire, born in Middletown, Ohio, vocalist, McGuire Sisters

1930 Birthday - Andy Ireland, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Representative-R-Florida 1981 - 1993

1930 Birthday - Neil Armstrong, born in Ohio, X-15 pilot, 1st Moonwalker, Gemini 8, Apollo 11

1930 Birthday - Donn Fulton Eisele, born in Columbus, Ohio, Col USAF/astronaut, Apollo 7

1930 Birthday - Dotty Mack, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Paul Dixon Show

1930 Event - Fire at Ohio State Penitentiary kills 322

1930 Birthday - Dotty McGuire, born in Middletown, Ohio, vocalist, McGuire Sisters

1929 Birthday - Christine McGuire, born in Middletown, Ohio, singer, McGuire Sisters-Sugartime

1929 Birthday - Peter George, born in Akron, Ohio, weightlifter, Olympic-gold/2 silver-48, 52

1929 Event - Fire in X-ray film stock kills 125 at Crile Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio)

1929 Event - WJW-AM in Cleveland Ohio begins radio transmissions

1928 Birthday - Evan G. Galbraith, born in Ohio, United States Ambassador to France under President Ronald Regan, investment banker

1928 Birthday - Douglas Applegate, born in Steubenville, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1977 - 1995

1928 Birthday - James A. Lovell, born in Cleveland, Ohio, USN/astr, Gemini 7, 12, Apollo 8, 13

1928 Birthday - Tom Aldredge, born in Dayton, Ohio, actor in What About Bob, Nurse, Mind Snatchers

1928 Birthday - Mitchell Ryan, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Chase, Executive Suite

1928 Birthday - Sander Vanocur, born in Cleveland, Ohio, news anchor, NBC Weekend News

1928 Birthday - Ernest R Tidyman, Ohio, novelist/screenwriter, French Connection

1927 Event - Interstate Commerce Commission transfers Ohio to Eastern time zone

1927 Birthday - Erma Bombeck, born in Dayton, Ohio, humorist, Grass is Always Greener...

1927 Birthday - Donald Erb, Youngstown, Ohio, composer

1926 Birthday - Kaye Ballard, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress/comedienne, Kaye-Mothers-in-Law

1926 Birthday - Karl Gordon Henize, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, astronaut, STS-51-F

1926 Birthday - Jean Peters, born in Canton, Ohio, actress, Viva Zapata!, Apache, Deep Waters

1926 Birthday - Joeseph P. Kolter, born in McDonald, Ohio, Representative-D-Pennsylvania 1983 - 1993

1926 Event - 30th U.S. Golf Open: Bobby Jones shoots a 293 at Scioto CC in Ohio

1926 Birthday - Paul Lynde, Mount Vernon, Ohio, comedian, Uncle Arthur-Bewitched

1926 Birthday - [Martin] Ross Hunter, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Ever Since Paris

1926 Birthday - Wanda Lewis, Struther Ohio, actress, This is Music, Paul Dixon Show

1925 Birthday - Jonathan Winters, born in Dayton, Ohio, comedian on the J Winters Show, Mork and Mindy

1925 Event - Dirigible "Shenandoah" crashed near Caldwell Ohio, 13 die

1925 Birthday - Tom Luken, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1977-1983 and 1983 - 1991

1925 Birthday - Louis Stokes, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1969 - 1999

1925 Birthday - Paul Newman, born in Ohio, actor, entrepreneur, humanitarian, donated over $250 million to charity

1924 Birthday - Joe Flynn, Youngstown Ohio, actor, McHale's Navy

1924 Birthday - Lola Albright, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Delta Country, Kid Galahad

1924 Event - Tornado strikes Sandusky Ohio and Lorain Ohio, killing 93

1924 Birthday - Doris Day, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, girl next door actress, Pillow Talk

1923 Birthday - Dorothy Dandridge, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress/singer/dancer, Porgy and Bess

1923 Birthday - Ruby Dee, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Raisin in the Sun, Cat People, Roots

1923 Event - Mary Katherine Campbell (Ohio), 16, crowned 2nd Miss America 1922-23

1923 Event - Harry Frazee, sells Red Sox to Ohio businessmen for $1M

1923 Birthday - Keefe Brasselle, Elyria Ohio, actor, Be Our Guest

1923 Event - Ethyl gasoline 1st marketed, Dayton, Ohio

1922 Birthday - Eleanor Parker, born in Ohio, actress, Caged, Detective Story, Hans Brinker

1922 Birthday - David McLean, born in Akron, Ohio, actor, Tate-Tate

1921 Birthday - Tom Poston, Columbus Ohio, actor, Steve Allen Show, Newhart

1921 Event - 1st aerial cropdusting (Troy Ohio to kill caterpillars)

1921 Birthday - John Glenn, born in Cambridge, Ohio, astronaut, Mercury 7, STS-95, Senator-D-Ohio

1921 Birthday - Ross Hunter, born in Cleveland, Ohio, producer, Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk

1921 Birthday - Hugh Downs, born in Akron, Ohio, TV journalist, 20/20, Concentration

1920 Birthday - Chalmers Wylie, born in Norwich, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1967 - 1993

1920 Birthday - LaWanda Page, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Aunt Esther-Sanford and Sons

1920 Event - National Football League organizes in Canton Ohio 12 teams pay $100 each to join American Professional Football Association

1920 Event - 24th U.S. Golf Open: Ted Ray shoots a 295 at Inverness Club in Ohio

1920 Birthday - Helen O'Connell, Lima Ohio, singer, Green Eyes, Anapola

1920 Birthday - Del Latta, born in Weston, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1959 - 1989

1920 Birthday - Lee Russell, born in Cleveland, Ohio, vocalist, Vincent Lopez

1919 Birthday - Anne Cox Chambers, Dayton Ohio, U.S. ambassador to Belgium, 1977-81

1919 Birthday - Pauline Betz Addie, born in Dayton, Ohio, tennis champ, Wimbledon 1946

1919 Birthday - Ralph Flanagan, born in Loraine, Ohio, orchestra leader, Let's Dance

1919 Birthday - Eileen Heckart, born in Columbus, Ohio, actress, Doll's House, Trauma Center

1919 Birthday - Bob Boucher, born in Kent, Ohio, orchestra leader, Music on Ice

1918 Birthday - Herb Shriner, Toledo Ohio, host/humorist, Herb Shriner Show

1918 Birthday - Jack McCoy, born in Akron, Ohio, TV host, Live Like a Millionaire

1918 Birthday - Paul Dixon, Earling Iowa, Ohio talk show host, Paul Dixon Show

1918 Birthday - Bobby Byrne, Columbus Ohio, orchestra leader, Club Seven

1918 Birthday - John F. Seiberling, born in Akron, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio, 1971 - 1986

1917 Birthday - Clarence E. Miller, born in Lancaster, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1967 - 1993

1917 Birthday - Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Ohio, historian, 1946 Pulitzer-Age of Jackson

1917 Birthday - Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., born in Ohio, American historian, author, democratic activist, Pulitzer prize recipient

1917 Birthday - Robert Eugene Ward, born in Cleveland, Ohio, composer, Pantaloon

1917 Birthday - Phyllis Diller, born in Lima, Ohio, comedienne, Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number

1917 Birthday - Glenn Reeves, Massillon, Ohio, actor, Defending Your Life

1917 Birthday - Dean Martin, born in Steubenville, Ohio, singer and actor, with Jerry Lewis

1917 Birthday - Howard Metzenbaum, born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States Senator from Ohio

1917 Birthday - Robert Taft, Jr., born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Senator-R-Ohio 1971 - 1976

1917 Birthday - Carl Karcher, born in Ohio, restauranteur, founder of Carl's Jr. hamburger chain, supported Conservative causes

1916 Birthday - Daws Butler, born in Toledo, Ohio, animation voice, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound

1916 Birthday - Jack Paar, Canton Ohio, TV host, Jack Paar Show

1915 Birthday - Mark Stevens, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Big Town, Martin Kane

1915 Event - 1st U.S. election by proportional representation, Ashtabula, Ohio

1915 Birthday - Dody Goodman, Columbus Ohio, comedienne, Mary Hartman!, Max Duggan

1914 Birthday - Pat Brady, Toledo Ohio, actor, Roy Rodgers Show

1914 Birthday - Lee Bowman, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Ellery Queen, Miami Undercover

1914 Birthday - Richard Basehart, Zanesville, Ohio, actor, Voyage to Bottom of Sea

1914 Birthday - Frederick Fennell, born in Cleveland, Ohio, conductor, Time and Winds

1913 Birthday - John Howard, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Dave-My Three Sons

1913 Event - Dayton, Ohio almost destroyed when Scioto, Miami, and Muskingum River reach flood stage simultaneously

1913 Event - Flood in Ohio, kills 400

1913 Birthday - Woody Hayes, Wayne, college football coach, Ohio, 1968 coach of yr

1911 Birthday - Roy Rogers, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, cowboy, Happy Trails, Roy Rogers Show

1911 Birthday - Vaughn Monroe, born in Akron, Ohio, singer/orchestral leader, Vaughn Monroe Show

1911 Birthday - Alvino Rey, born in Cleveland, Ohio, orchestra leader, King Family

1911 Birthday - Robert Middleman, Cin, Ohio, actor, Barney-Monroes

1911 Birthday - Wayne Hays, born in Bannock, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1949 - 1976

1911 Birthday - Florence Rice, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Double Wedding, Riding on Air

1910 Birthday - Cliff Battles, born in Akron, Ohio, NFL hall of famer, Braves, Redskins

1910 Birthday - Sammy Kaye, born in Rocky River Ohio, orchestra leader, Sammy Kaye Show

1909 Birthday - Howard Da Silva, Silverblatt, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Ben Franklin-1776

1909 Birthday - Ralph Byrd, born in Dayton, Ohio, actor, Dick Tracy TV Show

1909 Event - 1st forestry school is incorporated at Kent, Ohio

1908 Birthday - Robert F Simon, Mansfield, Ohio, actor, Man who shot Liberty Valance

1908 Birthday - Alan Baxter, East born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Big Town Girl, Rags to Riches

1908 Birthday - Burgess Meredith, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Mr Novak, Penguin-Batman, Rocky

1908 Birthday - Paul Brown, born in Norwalk, Ohio, NFL hall of famer, Browns, Bengals

1908 Event - Collingwood Ohio primary school catches fire; 180 die

1907 Birthday - Ray C Bliss, R, Ohio State Republican Chairman

1907 Birthday - Enoch Light, Canton Ohio, orchestra leader, Gulf Road Show with Bob Smith

1907 Birthday - Earl Wilson, Rockford, Ohio, columnist, Midnight Earl

1907 Birthday - Milton Caniff, Hillsboro Ohio, Dutch cartoonist, Terry and Pirates

1906 Birthday - Freddy Martin, born in Cleveland, Ohio, orchestra leader, started Merv Griffin

1906 Birthday - Curtis Lemay, born in Columbus, Ohio, nicknamed Old Iron Pants, General, United States Air Force, running mate for George Wallace, 1968, designed World War II strategic bombing campaign, led Berlin airlift, led firebombing of Tokyo, 22 medals and decorations

1906 Birthday - Philip Johnson, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Cortalyou architect

1906 Death - Paul Laurence Dunbar, black dialect poet, dies at 33 in Dayton, Ohio

1905 Birthday - Cliff Arquette, born in Toledo, Ohio, comedian, Charlie Weaver

1905 Birthday - Joseph C Harsch, Toledo Ohio, newscaster, Background

1905 Birthday - John Dierkes, Ohio, actor, Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, Hanging Tree

1904 Event - 1st monument honoring Spanish American War erected (Monroeville Ohio)

1904 Birthday - Bergen Evans, Ohio, English professor, $64,000 Question

1903 Birthday - William Dehart Hubbard, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, long jumper 1924 Olympics gold

1903 Birthday - Dean Jagger, Lima Ohio, actor, Albert Vane-Mr Novak, Elmer Gantry

1903 Birthday - Grayson Kirk, Jeffersonville Ohio, educator

1903 Event - Tigers play a home game in Toledo, Ohio, Yankees win 12-8

1903 Event - Cleveland Indians beat New York Highlanders 9-2 in Columbus Ohio

1902 Birthday - Margaret Hamilton, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Wicked Witch in the 'Wizard of Oz'

1902 Birthday - Gertrude Short, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Stella Dallas, Blonde Venus

1902 Event - American Automobile Association, AAA, founded in Cleveland, Ohio

1901 Birthday - Carroll Nye, born in Canton, Ohio, actress, Lawless Woman

1901 Birthday - Clark Gable, born in Cadiz, Ohio, actor, 'Gone With the Wind'

1900 Birthday - Alice Calhoun, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Silent film actress, Flowing Gold

1900 Birthday - Charles Richter, born in Ohio, Earthquakes seismologist, Richter scale

1900 Birthday - Asa Smith Bushnell, Jr., Springfield Ohio, Secretary of U.S. Olympics, 1945 - 1965

1900 Birthday - Ralph Graves, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Dirigible, Flight, Dream Street

1899 Event - -39 degrees F (-39 degrees C), Milligan, Ohio (state lowest record temperature)

1898 Birthday - Berenice Abbott, born in Springfield, Ohio, photographer, World of Atget

1898 Birthday - Norman Vincent Peale, Ohio, clergyman, Power of Positive Thinking

1898 Birthday - Dorothy Gish, born in Massillon, Ohio, film actress, Orphans of the Storm

1898 Birthday - Louise Beavers, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Beulah-Beulah, Made for each other

1897 Birthday - Jack Wagner, Ohio, actor, Jive Junction

1896 Birthday - Louis Bromfield, Mansfield Ohio, writer, Early Autumn, Pulitzer-1926

1896 Birthday - George H. Bender, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1939 - 1954, Senator-R-Ohio 1954 - 1957

1896 Birthday - Harry Reser, born Piqua, Ohio, orchestra leader, Sammy Kaye Show

1895 Event - Ohio Valley Improvement Association forms

1895 Birthday - William Boyd, born in Ohio, cowboy, Hopalong Cassidy

1895 Event - Michael Owens of Toledo, Ohio patents a glass-blowing machine

1894 Event - Ohio national guard kills 3 lynchers while rescuing a black man

1894 Event - 136,000 mine workers strike in Ohio for pay increase

1893 Birthday - Grace Cunard, born in Columbus, Ohio, silent screen actress, Resurrection

1893 Death - Rutherford B Hayes, 19th U.S. President (1877-81), dies in Fremont Ohio at 70

1892 Birthday - Joe E Brown, born in Holgate, Ohio, comedian, Buck Circus Hour

1892 Event - 1st concrete-paved street built, Bellefountaine, Ohio

1892 Birthday - Howard Barlow, Plain City Ohio, conductor, Voice of Firestone

1892 Birthday - Lowell Thomas, born in Woodington, Ohio, newscaster, High Adventure

1891 Birthday - Earle Foxe, Oxford, Ohio, actor, Dance Fools Dance

1891 Event - Future president Harding marries Florence K DeWolfe in Marion Ohio

1891 Birthday - Ted Lewis, Circleville, Ohio, bandleader/writer, Is Everybody Happy?

1889 Birthday - Robert Taft, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Senator-R-Ohio 1939 - 1953, Taft-Hartley Act

1889 Birthday - Warner Baxter, born in Columbus, Ohio, actor, In Old Arizona, Cisco Kid

1889 Birthday - Walter Baldwin, Ohio, actor, Gay Amigo

1888 Birthday - Nana Bryant, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Ladies of the Chorus

1888 Birthday - Porter Hall, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Half-Breed, Double Indenity

1887 Birthday - John Cromwell, born in Toledo, Ohio, actor and director, Spitfire, Of Human Bondage

1887 Birthday - Gertrude Astor, Lakewood, Ohio, actress, Carnival Lady

1887 Birthday - Addison Richards, Zanesville, Ohio, actor, Pentagon, Fighting Seabees

1887 Birthday - John Finley Williamson, Canton Ohio, conductor, Westminster Choir

1887 Birthday - Walter Connolly, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Good Earth, 5th Avenue Girl

1885 Birthday - Otto Kruger, born in Toledo, Ohio, actor, Lux Video Theater, High Noon

1885 Birthday - Theda Bara, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress 'Camille', 'Cleopatra', '2 Orphans', dies at 62

1884 Birthday - Norman Thomas, Marion Ohio, socialist, President Candidate 1928-48

1884 Birthday - Charles Meldrum Daniels, born in Dayton, Ohio, swimmer, Olympics gold 1904, 08

1881 Birthday - Branch Rickey, born in Portsmouth, Ohio, baseball executive, Dodgers

1881 Birthday - Charles Funk, born in Ohio, Encylopediest, Funk and Wagnalls

1880 Birthday - Eugene O'Brien, Boulder, Ohio, actor, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

1880 Event - 1st cash register patented by James and John Ritty of Dayton Ohio

1880 Birthday - Joe Carr, Ohio, NFL hall of famer/NFL president, 1921-39

1879 Event - James Ritty patents 1st cash register, to combat stealing by bartenders in his Dayton, Ohio saloon

1879 Birthday - Charles Follis, 1st black NFLer, Shelby, Ohio

1878 Event - Greenback Labor Party forms (Toledo Ohio)

1878 Birthday - Barney Oldfield, Ohio, daredevil

1876 Event - 11 passenger cars crash in a ravine near Ashtabula Ohio, 92 die

1876 Birthday - Sherwood Anderson, born in Winesburg, Ohio, author/publisher, Winesburg

1876 Birthday - Charles F Kettering, Ohio, inventor, auto self-starter

1874 Birthday - Grant Mitchell, Columbus, Ohio, actor, Man Who Came to Dinner

1874 Birthday - John David Rockefeller, Jr., born in Cleveland, Ohio, philanthropist

1873 Event - 19 students attend opening class at Ohio State University

1872 Birthday - Paul Laurence Dunbar, Dayton Ohio, poet and novelist, Oak and Ivory

1872 Event - 1st national convention of Prohibition Party (Columbus Ohio)

1871 Birthday - Orville Wright, born in Dayton, Ohio, aviator

1869 Event - William Finley Semple of Mount Vernon, Ohio, patents chewing gum

1869 Birthday - Charley Grapewin, Xenia, Ohio, actor, Wizard of Oz, Libeled Lady

1868 Event - 1st Memorial Day parade held in Ironton, Ohio

1867 Birthday - Hobart Bosworth, born in Marietta, Ohio, actor, Woman of Affairs, Big Parade

1867 Event - 1st barbed wire patented by Lucien B Smith of Ohio

1867 Birthday - Cy Young, born in Gilmore, Ohio, pitcher, 511 wins, 1890 - 1911

1865 Birthday - Warren Gamaliel Harding, Ohio, R, 29th President, 1921-23

1865 Event - 1st U.S. train robbery (North Bend Ohio)

1863 Event - 6th Ohio Cavalry ambush at Barbees Crossroads Virginia

1863 Event - Battle of Buffington's Island (St. George Creek), Ohio

1862 Event - Battle at Green River Kentucky (Morgan's Ohio Raid)

1860 Birthday - Annie Oakley, born in Drake, Ohio, frontierswoman, Buffalo Bill's Wild West

1860 Birthday - William C Mills, museum curator, excavated Ohio Indian mounds

1856 Event - Wilberforce University forms in Ohio

1856 Event - Tin-type camera patented by Hamilton Smith, Gambier, Ohio

1852 Event - Ohio makes it illegal for children under 18 and women to work more than 10 hours a day

1850 Event - Paddle-wheeler "G P Griffith" burns off Mentor Ohio, 206 die

1847 Birthday - Thomas A. Edison, born in Milan, Ohio, American Inventor

1843 Event - It snows in Buffalo and Rochester New York and Cleveland Ohio

1843 Birthday - William McKinley, Niles Ohio, R, 25th President, 1897-1901

1842 Event - Indians land in Ohio, a 12 mile area in Upper Sandusky

1837 Event - Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio goes co-ed (4 women, 30 men)

1837 Event - 1st Mormon missionaries to British Isles leave Kirtland, Ohio

1836 Event - 1st Mormon temple dedicated in Kirtland, Ohio

1833 Birthday - Benjamin Harrison, born in North Bend, Ohio, R, 23rd President, 1889-1893

1832 Event - Mormon Joseph Smith beaten, tarred and feathered in Ohio

1830 Event - Portsmouth (Ohio) blacks forcibly deported

1829 Event - Ohio authorizes high school night classes

1827 Event - 1st commercial railroad in U.S., Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) chartered

1823 Event - 9th Postmaster General: John McLean of Ohio takes office

1822 Birthday - Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Delaware Ohio, R, 19th President, 1877-81

1822 Birthday - Ulysses S. Grant, Ohio, R, 18th president, 1869-77

1814 Birthday - Edwin M[cMasters] Stanton, Ohio, U.S. Secretary of War, 1861 - 1865

1811 Event - 1st Ohio River steamboat leaves Pittsburgh for New Orleans

1808 Event - 1st U.S. land-grant university founded at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

1804 Event - Ohio passed law restricting movement of Blacks, 1804

1804 Event - 1st U.S. land-grant college, Ohio University, Athens Ohio, chartered

1804 Event - Ohio legislature passes 1st laws restricting free blacks movement

1803 Birthday - William Allen, born in Edenton, North Carolina, Ohio Governor 1974 - 1876

1803 Event - Ohio becomes 17th state

1803 Event - Congress accepts Ohio's constitution, statehood not ratified till 1953

1796 Event - Cleveland, Ohio, founded by General Moses Cleaveland

1794 Event - General Mad Anthony Wayne defeated the Indians at Fallen Timbers Ohio

1794 Event - Battle of Fort Recovery, Ohio

1790 Event - Territory South of River Ohio created by Congress

1788 Event - 1st settlement in Ohio, at Marietta

1782 Event - Gnadenhutten Massacre - Ohio militia kills 90 indians

1775 Birthday - Anna Symmes Harrison, Ohio, 9th 1st lady, 1841

1774 Event - Britain gives Quebec, Labrador and territory north of Ohio

1772 Event - 1st Protestant church west of Penn (in Ohio) holds communion

1749 Event - English Ohio Trade Company forms 1st trade post

1749 Event - George II grants charter to Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley

1669 Event - LaSalle leaves Montreal to explore Ohio River