Palestine Events in History

2015 Event - The Vatican indicates its intention to enter a treaty with Palestine, officially recognizing it as an independent state

2014 Event - Palestine will be officially recognized as a sovereign state by the new government of Sweden; though the U.N. General Assembly supported such recognition two years ago, few nations have officially extended this recognition

2013 Event - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phoned Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, hoping the two sides could re-enter peace talks which have been on a three-year hiatus

2013 Event - The President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, declares that official documents must use the words 'State of Palestine'

2011 Event - Nabil al-Araby, Foreign Minister of Egypt, calls for the U.S. to support and independent Palestine

1992 Death - Khaled Mahmoud Saeed, asst to Palestine terrorist Abu Nidal, murdered

1988 Event - U.S. agrees to talk to Palestine Liberation Org (1st time in 13 yrs)

1988 Event - PLO proclaims State of Palestine, recognizes Israeli existence

1987 Event - Palestine uprising begin in Israeli-occupied West Bank

1982 Event - U.S. vetos United Nations Security Council resolution for a limited withdrawal from Beirut of Israeli and Palestine Liberation Organization forces

1976 Event - U.N. Security Council votes 11-1 to seat Palestine Liberation Org

1974 Event - U.N. General Assembly recognizes Palestine right to sovereignty

1974 Death - Mohammed SA al-Hoesseini, Mufti of Jerusalem/president Com Palestine, dies

1973 Event - Arab League summit in Algiers recognizes Palestine

1970 Event - Palestine guerillas conquer Irbid Jordania

1969 Event - Nayif Hawatimah forms Dem People's Front for Liberation of Palestine

1969 Event - The Palestine National Congress appointed Yasser Arafat head of PLO

1967 Event - People's front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) established

1966 Birthday - Yahya Ayyash, born in Palestine, nicknamed 'the Engineer,' chief bomb maker for Hamas, most wanted man in Israel, caused deaths of 90 Israelis

1964 Event - Palestine National Congress forms the PLO in Jerusalem

1957 Death - Leo Perutz, writer, wrote 11 novels, mathematician, emigrated to Palestine during Nazi Anschluss, 1938, dies in Bad Ischi, Austria

1956 Event - Jordan attacks United Nations Palestine force

1956 Event - Egyptian President Nasser pledges to reconquer Palestine

1948 Event - Jordan annexs Arabic Palestine

1948 Event - Arabic Congress names Abdullah of Trans Jordan, King of Palestine

1948 Event - Ralph J. Bunche confirmed as acting United Nations mediator in Palestine

1948 Death - Count Folke Bernadotte, United Nations mediator for Palestine, assassinated

1948 Event - Earl Bernadotte asks aid for fugitives to Palestine

1948 Event - 28 year old British Mandate over Palestine ends

1948 Event - Palestine Post building in Jerusalem bombed

1947 Event - Ship carrying Jewish immigrants driven away from Palestine

1947 Event - Arab terrorist campaign opens in Palestine

1947 Event - U.N. General Assembly partitions Palestine between Arabs and Jews

1947 Event - British seize "Exodus 1947" ship of Jewish immigrants to Palestine

1947 Event - Arabs and Jews reject British proposal to split Palestine

1946 Death - Fawzi Husseini, Arabic High Director for Palestine, murdered

1946 Event - President Truman questions Great Britain Jews about Palestine

1946 Event - Britain transfers illegal immigrants bound to Palestine, to Cyprus

1946 Event - Black Sabbath-Brits arrest 2700 Jews in Palestine as alleged terrorist

1946 Event - British mandatory government of Palestine arrests 100 leaders of Yishnuv

1945 Event - Jewish immigrants are permitted to leave Mauritius for Palestine

1945 Birthday - Charlemagne Palestine, composer

1944 Birthday - Kinky Friedman, Palestine, Texas, country rocker

1943 Birthday - Gene Watson, Palestine, Texas, country singer, Heartaches, Love and Stuff

1942 Event - David Ben-Gurion leaves Jewish state in Palestine

1941 Event - Earthquake hits Palestine

1939 Event - Chaim Weizmann informs England that Palestine Jews will fight in WW II

1939 Event - British parliament plans to make Palestine independent by 1949

1938 Event - British leaders and Arabians fight in Palestine

1937 Event - Pan Arab conference about Palestine opens

1936 Event - Jews repel an Arab attack in Petach Tikvah Palestine

1936 Event - Anti-Jewish riots break out in Palestine

1934 Event - 1st Jewish immigrant ship to break the English blockade in Palestine

1933 Event - Haifa Harbor in Palestine opens

1929 Event - Jewish Agency for Palestine forms

1929 Birthday - Yasser Arafat, leader, Palestine Liberation Organization

1927 Birthday - Tzvi Avni, born in Saarbrucken, Germany, composer, Israeli emigrated to Palestine, student of Paul Ben-Haim, founded electronic studio at the Jerusalem Academy of Music

1927 Event - Earthquake hits Palestine

1924 Event - Bene Berak Palestine founded

1924 Event - Bene Brak Palestine founded

1922 Event - President Warren G Harding signs a joint resolution of approval to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine

1922 Event - British mandate of Palestine begins

1921 Event - Turk and Christian of Palestine sign a friendship treaty against Jews

1920 Birthday - Nehemiah Persoff, Jerusalem Palestine, actor, Al Capone, Yentl

1920 Event - British Mandate over Palestine goes into effect, lasts 28 years

1920 Event - Balfour Declaration recognized, makes Palestine a British Mandate

1918 Event - Battle of Megiddo (Palestine) starts

1918 Event - Australians chase Turkish troop out of Jericho, Dutch Palestine

1917 Event - British capture Gaza Palestine from Turks

1917 Event - Balfour Declaration proclaims support for a Jewish state in Palestine

1915 Event - Vladmir Jabotinsky forms a Jewish military force to fight in Palestine

1913 Event - Arabs attack Jewish community of Rechovot Palestine

1912 Event - Cornerstone of Technion in Haifa Palestine laid

1910 Birthday - Josef Tal, born in Pinne, Poland, born Joseph Gruenthal, composer, pianist, played hard with Palestine Orchestra, developed notational system for computer-generated compositions at Hebrew University

1901 Event - Arabs attack Gedara, Palestine

1887 Birthday - Alan Gordon Cunningham, Irish/British general/director of Palestine, 1945-48

1886 Birthday - John SSPV Gort, viscount of Limerick/Field Marshal of Palestine

1882 Birthday - Leo Perutz, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, writer, wrote 11 novels, mathematician, emigrated to Palestine during Nazi Anschluss, 1938

1882 Event - 14 Russian Jews of Bilu, arrive in Jaffa Palestine

1835 Event - Ibrahim Pasha's army attacks Jewish settlers of Hebron Palestine

1834 Event - Rioters in Safed Palestine kills many Jews

1818 Event - Russia's Czar Alexander I petitions for a Jewish state in Palestine

1809 Event - 70 disciples of Gaon of Vilnus, arrive in Israel (Palestine)

1799 Event - Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine

1799 Event - Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine

1759 Event - Earthquake in Safed Palestine kills hundred

1415 Event - Jewish autonomy in Palestine ends, as Raban Gamliel leaves office

1291 Event - Egyptian Mamelukken occupies Akko, crusaders driven out of Palestine

1260 Event - Battle of Ain Djaloet, Palestine defeats Mongols army

1191 Event - Richard Coeur de Lion and Crusaders defeat Saracens in Palestine

1165 Event - Ramjbam and his family reach Acre Palestine

636 Event - Arabs gain control of most of Palestine from Byzantine Empire