January 13 Events in History - January 13 Birthdays - January 13 Deaths
2015 Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt, may be freed after the nation's high court overturned the sole remaining verdict against him for embezzling public funds; Mubarak has been serving his three-year prison term in a hospital due to poor health
2014 The coast of Puerto Rico is hit by a 6.5-magnitude earthquake
2014 In West Virginia, 10 people were hospitalized and 300,000 people have been unable to use tap water for four days since 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, an industrial chemical, leaked into the Elk river
2013 The European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, reveals that the EU is planning regulatory action to facilitate consolidation of the telecommunications market across national borders
2013 At the 70th Golden Globe Awards, the Time Warner Inc. film 'Argo' wins for best drama and best director
2012 With over 42% of the vote, the island nation of Kiribati re-elects President Anote Tong to a third and final term
2011 In South Korea, 1.4 million domestic pigs are buried alive to combat an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease
2011 North Korea plans to host its first ever golf tournament on a course frequented by leader Kim Jong-il
2010 The People's Republic of China 2009 Mercedes-Benz sales rose 77%
2009 After two years of trying to maintain order, Ethiopian military forces start pulling out of Somalia
2001 Earthquake and landslides kill 850 in El Salvador
1998 "Patti LaBelle On Broadway," opens at St. James Theater New York City
1998 CBS pays $4 billion to televise AFC games for 8-years
1995 26 HNL teams unanimously ratify agreement to end NHL strike
1995 America3 becomes 1st all-female crew to win an America's Cup race
1994 Italian government of Ciampi resigns
1994 Tonya Harding's bodyguard, Shawn Eric Eckardt and Derrick Brian Smith arrested and charged with conspiracy in attack of skater Nancy Kerrigan
1993 STS-54 (Endeavour) launches into orbit
1993 Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena - Cowboys beat Bills
1992 Excavation of new ballpark at Gateway (Jacobs Field) begins
1992 U.S. serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer pleads guilty but insane
1991 12th ACE Cable Awards: HBO wins 25 awards
1991 42 killed in exhibition soccer match in Johannesburg South Africa
1991 Phil Mickelson wins PGA Northern Telecom Golf Open
1991 President Mario Soares of Portugal re-elected
1991 Soccer stadium riot in Orkney South Africa, at least 40 die
1991 U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar meets with Saddam
1990 1st elected U.S. black governor inaugurated (Douglas Wilder-Virginia)
1989 "Friday the 13th" virus strikes hundreds of IBM computers in Britain
1989 "Ryan's Hope" ends 13 year run on ABC-TV
1989 Computers across Britain hit by "Friday the 13th" virus
1989 Jerry Parks, Oklahoma defensive back, charged with shooting a teammate
1989 Ruins of Mashkan-shapir (occupied 2050-1720 BC) found in Iraq
1989 Subway gunman Bernhard Goetz begins 1-year jail sentence
1988 LA Dodger/SD Padre Steve Garvey retires
1988 Supreme Court rules (5-3) public school officials have broad powers to censor school newspapers, plays and other expressive activities
1987 7 top New York Mafia bosses sentenced to 100 years in prison each
1987 West German police arrest Mohammed Ali Hamadi, suspect in 1985 hijacking
1986 NCCA institutes eligibility requirements based on college exams
1986 South Yemen President Ali Nasser Mohammed's bodyguard shoots opponents
1985 23rd Tennis Fed Cup: Czechoslovakia beats USA in Nagoya Japan (2-1)
1985 99-yr-old Otto Bucher scores a hole-in-one at Spanish golf course
1985 Blackhawk Doug Wilson failed on 12th penalty shot against Islanders
1985 Cerberal Palsy telethon raises $17,1000,000
1985 Express train derails in Ethiopia, kills at least 428
1984 TV anchor Christine Craft wins $325,000 in her case against KMBC-TV
1983 AMA urges ban on boxing, sites Muhammad Ali's deteriorating condition
1983 Quebec Nordiques play 251st NHL game without being shut out
1982 Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson elected to Hall of Fame
1982 Air Florida 737 took off in a snowstorm, crashes into 14th St. Bridge in Washington, D.C., and falls into Potomac River, killing 78
1981 Barbara Sonntag, Colorado, crochets record 147 stitches/minute for 1/2 hour
1981 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to May Swenson and Howard Nemerov
1981 Islander's Mike Bossy's 15th career hat trick-4 goals
1980 "King of Schnorrers" closes at Playhouse Theater New York City after 63 performances
1980 Head of narcotic brigade arrested for drug smuggling in Belgium
1980 Togo's constitution becomes effective
1979 Charlie Daniels hosts Volunteer Jam
1979 YMCA files libel suit against Village People's YMCA song
1976 Sarah Caldwell is 1st woman to conduct at New York's Metropolitan Opera House as she led orchestra in a performance of "La Traviata"
1974 Superbowl VIII: Miami Dolphins beat Minnesota Vikings, 24-7 in Houston Superbowl MVP: Larry Csonka, Miami, RB
1973 "Tricks" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 8 performances
1973 Efskind skates world record 1000m (1:17.6)
1972 Former umpire, now housewife Bernice Gera wins her suit against baseball, initiated on March 15, 1971 to be allowed to umpire
1971 "Soon" closes at Ritz Theater New York City after 3 performances
1969 Beatles release "Yellow Submarine" album
1968 "Hallelujah, Baby!" closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City after 293 performances
1968 "Illya Darling" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 320 performances
1968 Beginning of Tet-offensive in Vietnam
1968 Minn North Stars center Bill Masterton fatally injured (dies on 15th)
1967 Coup in Togo
1967 Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show
1966 1st black selected for President cabinet (Lyndon Baines Johnson selects Robert C Weaver-HUD)
1966 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1964 Karol Wojtyla becomes archbishop of Krakow
1963 AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 21-14
1963 NFL Pro Bowl: East beats West 30-20
1962 "Do Re Mi" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 400 performances
1962 Wilt Chamberlain of Warriors scores then NBA-record 73 pts vs Chicago
1959 De Gaulle grants amnesty to 130 to Algerian death row convicts
1959 King Boudouin promises Belgian Congo independence
1958 9,000 scientists of 43 nations petition United Nations for nuclear test ban
1958 U.S. newspaper "Daily Worker" ceases publication
1957 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Allen Tate
1957 Mickey Wright wins Sea Island Golf Open
1957 NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 19-10
1957 Wham-O Company produces the 1st Frisbee
1954 Miltary rule in Egypt; 318 Mohammedan Brotherhood arrested
1954 WEAR TV channel 3 in Pensacola-Mobile, Florida (ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 Gas explosion in Belgium coal mine kills 14
1953 KOLD TV channel 13 in Tucson, Arizona (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 Marshal Josip Tito chosen president of Yugoslavia
1951 German general F Christian freed early from Dutch prison
1949 "Along 5th Avenue" opens at Broadhurst Theater New York City for 180 performances
1948 1st country music TV show, Midwestern Hayride, premieres on WLW Cin
1945 Prokofchev's 5th Symphony premieres in Moscow
1943 British premier Winston Churchill arrives in Casablanca
1943 Hitler declares "Total War"
1943 Russian offensive at Don under general Golikov
1943 U.S. infantry captures Galloping Horse-ridge Guadalcanal
1942 Allied Conference for war trials
1942 German U-boats begin harassing shipping on U.S. east coast
1942 Henry Ford patents a method of constructing plastic auto bodies
1942 Interallied war trial conference publishes St. James Declaration
1939 Belgian premier signs Burgos-treaty for trade relations with Franco
1935 Plebiscite in Saar, indicates a desire (90.3%) to join Nazi Germany
1930 "Mickey Mouse" comic strip 1st appears
1929 Humanist Society established, Hollywood California
1927 U.S. and Mexico battle over oil interests
1924 Nationalist Wafd-party wins Egyptian parliament elections
1922 Buck Weaver, a Black Sox, applies unsuccessfully for reinstatement
1922 Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments ended
1922 WHA-AM in Madison WI begins radio transmissions
1920 New York Times editorial (falsely) reports rockets can never fly
1919 Dutch Soccer team OSV forms
1915 Earthquake in Avezzano Italy kills 29,800
1915 Winston Churchill presents plan for assault on Dardanelles
1914 IWW-leader/songwriter Joe Hill arrested "Girl from Utah" East-Prussia
1912 -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C), Oakland, Maryland (state record)
1911 Gerhart Hauptmann's "Die Ratten," premieres in Berlin
1911 Roald Amundsens anchors at Walvis Bay
1911 South Africa's 1st win over Australia, at Adelaide
1910 JM Synge's "Deirdre of the Sorrows," premieres in Dublin
1908 Rhodes Opera House burns in Boyertown Pa, killing 170
1908 French pilot Henry Farman is 1st European to fly roundtrip
1908 Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers sweep Ottawa Victorias in 2 games
1906 1st radio set advertised (Telimco for $7.50 in Scientific American) claimed to receive signals up to one mile
1902 Textile workers strike in Enschede Netherlands till June 1
1898 Emile Zola publishes his open letter (J'accuse) in defense of Dreyfus
1895 Oscar Wilde's "Ideal Husband," premieres in London
1894 Revolution in Sicily crushed by government troops
1893 British Independent Labor Party forms (Keir Hardie as its leader)
1888 National Geographic Society founded in Washington, D.C.
1883 Fire in circus Ferroni in Berditschoft Poland kills 430
1883 Henrik Ibsen's "En Folkefiende," premieres in Oslo
1882 Richard Wagner completes his opera "Parsifal"
1874 Battle between jobless and police in New York City, 100s injuried
1874 U.S. troops land in Honolulu to protect the king
1873 P B S Pinchback relinquishes office at Louisiana governor
1869 Colored National Labor Union, 1st Black labor convention
1869 National convention of black leaders meets in Washington D.C.
1863 Chenille manufacturing machine patented by William Canter, New York City
1863 Thomas Crapper pioneers one-piece pedestal flushing toilet
1854 Anthony Foss patents accordion
1849 Vancouver Island granted to Hudson's Bay Co
1830 Great fire in New Orleans thought to be set by rebel slaves
1794 Congress changes U.S. flag to 15 stars and 15 stripes
1785 John Walter publishes 1st issue of London Times
1770 De Beaumarchais' "Les Deux Amis," premieres in Paris
1733 James Oglethorpe and 130 English colonists arrive at Charleston, SC
1695 Jonathan Swift ordained an Anglican priest in Ireland
1673 Jean Racine's "Mithridate," premieres in Paris
1630 Patent to Plymouth Colony issued
1621 Jan Pieterszoon Coen's fleet sets sail to Moluccas (from Jacarta)
1610 Galileo Galilei discovers Callisto, 4th satellite of Jupiter
1559 Elizabeth I crowned queen of England in Westminster Abbey
1547 Earl Henry Howard of Surrey sentenced to death
1099 Crusaders set fire to Mara Syria
888 Duke Odo becomes king of West-France