Spain Events in History

2014 Event - Google Inc. announces that it will be closing down its Google News site in Spain next week, ahead of rules taking effect in January that will force news aggregators to pay each publisher for using its content

2014 Event - 29-year-old Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali wins the Tour de France, becoming the first winner from Italy in 16 years; the victory makes Nibali one of only six cyclists to have won the Grand Tours of Italy, Spain and France

2014 Event - Prince Felipe of Spain is coronated as King Felipe VI, following his father's abdication over two weeks ago; the simple ceremony sought to avoid displays of extravagance in a nation suffering high unemployment and growing disinterest in the monarchy

2014 Event - Last year's World Cup victor Spain is defeated by Chile in the tournament today, eliminating the champion team's chances for a second title

2014 Event - After nearly 40 years on the throne, King Juan Carlos of Spain is abdicating and installing his son Felipe; unfavorable opinion, health issues and investigation of daughter Cristina in a public funds theft scandal have taken their toll on the king

2014 Event - Spain will increase spending in an $8.2 billion program aimed to stimulate economic growth; the country has been working to overcome an unemployment rate of 25%, but recent reports have shown an encouraging decline in jobless claims

2013 Event - A joint report on Spain's banking system is released by the European Central Bank and the European Commission; the report indicates their system is solvent, with no further program disbursements are needed

2013 Event - The sixth straight quarter of recession is announced by the Eurozone; Germany reports weak growth and negative growth is recorded in Spain, Italy and France

2013 Event - Scientists in Spain publish a study in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' that claims a Mediterranean diets, high in olive oil, nuts, fish and fresh fruits, reduce the risk of heart disease

2013 Event - Nestle removes its beef pasta meals from supermarkets in France, Spain and Italy after tests confirm the food giant has products contaminated with horsemeat

2013 Event - A rare television interview appearance is made by Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain; the interview coincides with celebrations of his 75th birthday

2012 Event - Several European countries protest against unemployment and austerity measures; Spain and Portugal hold the largest protests, with Greece, Italy and Belgium holding smaller ones

2012 Event - Riot police are sent out to greet thousands of protesters in Madrid, Spain, who demand that the government quit

2012 Event - Spain announces it expects its debt levels to increase in 2013

2012 Event - Spain confirms its receipt of over 100 billion euros in loans to help manage the needs of its struggling banks

2012 Event - Jose Garc’a-Margallo y Marfil, Spain's foreign minister, attacks Argentina's decision to nationalize the Argentine oil company YPF

2012 Event - Treasure from Spain's Navy frigate Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes is returned to Spain after it was recovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2007

2012 Event - In Seville, Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy is reelected head of the Popular Party

2012 Event - The credit ratings of European Union members including Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain are downgraded by Moody's Investors Service

2012 Event - For the first time in nearly 17 years, Spain's unemployment number passes five million

2012 Event - Unemployment in Spain is reportedly at a record high

2011 Event - In Spain, voters go to the polls for the general election; the center-right Popular Party wins a parliamentary majority

2011 Event - After Standard & Poor's and Fitch downgraded Spain's credit rating, Moody's downgrades them further to a rating of A1

2011 Event - Spain's credit receives a negative outlook from Standard &: Poor's, with their ranking reduced to AA-

2011 Event - Venezuelans celebrate 200 years of independence from Spain with a military parade and parties in the streets

2011 Event - Spain enacts strict new anti-smoking laws

2010 Event - Spain protests against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI

2010 Event - In one of Spain's biggest corruption trials, 95 people, including two former mayors and a planning chief, appear in court in Malaga

2010 Event - Mexico celebrates its 200-year anniversary marking its independence from Spain

2009 Event - Dozens are killed and injured when wildfires spread across France, Spain, Sardinia and Greece

2009 Event - The 5th Summit of the Americas takes place in Port of Spain, Trinidad, thirty-four heads of government attend

2006 Event - ETA terrorist group declares ceasefire against Spain

2005 Event - Spain becomes the 3rd country to permit same-sex marriage

1997 Event - 32nd Ryder Cup: at Sotogrande Spain

1997 Event - 32nd Ryder Cup: at Sotogrande Spain

1996 Event - 34th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats Spain in Atlantic City USA (5-0)

1996 Event - U.S. wins Federation Cup over Spain

1995 Death - Manuel Gutierrez Mellado, Prime Minister of Defense of Spain 1977 - 1981, dies at 83

1995 Event - 33rd Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Valencia Spain (3-2)

1994 Event - 109.8 degrees F (43.2 degrees C) in Cordoba, Spain

1994 Event - 32nd Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Frankfurt Germany (3-0)

1994 Event - Pope John Paul II visits Spain

1993 Event - Train crash in tunnel at Vega de Anzo Spain, 12 killed

1993 Event - 31st Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats Australia in Frankfurt Germany (3-0)

1992 Death - Lucrecia Perez, Dominicans in Spain (Racist Murder), dies at 33

1992 Event - Expo '92 closes in Seville Spain

1992 Event - 25th Olympic Summer games closes in Barcelona, Spain

1992 Death - Francisco Fernandez Ordonez, British foreign Minister to Spain (1985-92), dies

1992 Event - 25th Olympic Summer games opens in Barcelona, Spain

1992 Event - 30th Tennis Fed Cup: Germany beats Spain in Frankfurt Germany (2-1)

1992 Event - Expo '92 opens in Seville Spain

1991 Event - 95 share in Madrid Spain $1.3 billion lottery (#47996)

1991 Event - Mid East peace conference ends in Madrid Spain

1991 Event - Mid East peace conference begins in Madrid Spain

1991 Event - 29th Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Nottingham England (2-1)

1991 Event - Miguel Indurain of Spain wins Tour de France bicycle race

1989 Event - 27th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats Spain in Tokyo Japan (3-0)

1989 Death - Salvador Dali, Surrealist painter, dies in Spain at 84

1988 Event - Boston Celtics play Spain in Madrid

1986 Event - Spain's premier Gonzalez' Socialist Party wins elections

1986 Event - Spain recognizes Israel

1986 Event - Spain and Portugal are 11th and 12th to join European Economic Community

1985 Event - 150 killed when a Spanish jetliner crashed approaching Bilbao, Spain

1982 Event - Spain reopens border with Gibraltar

1982 Event - Pope John Paul II becomes 1st pontiff to visit Spain

1982 Event - Spain's socialists win/communists lose elections

1982 Event - 50 die in Spantax Airlines DC-10 on takeoff from Malaga, Spain

1982 Event - Spain becomes 16th member of NATO

1981 Event - Spain becomes a member of the NATO alliance

1981 Event - "Guernica" of Pablo Picasso returns to Spain

1981 Event - Hostage situation ends at Central Bank in Barcelona Spain

1981 Event - L Calvo Sotelo elected premier of Spain

1978 Event - Spain constitution goes into effect

1978 Event - King Juan Carlos ratifies Spain's 1st democratic constitution

1978 Event - Spain adopts constitution

1978 Event - Auto with liquid gas crashes and explodes in Spain, 160 killed

1977 Event - Spain's 1st free elections since 1936 (41 years)

1977 Event - Communist party in Spain allowed legally after 40 years

1976 Event - Spain's parliament establishes democracy after 37 years of dictatorship

1976 Birthday - Carlos Moya, born in Geneva, Spain, professional tennis player, ranked 1st in the World for singles, won over 500 ATP-level matches, won French Open singles, 1998

1976 Event - Adolfo Suarez becomes premier of Spain

1976 Event - Spain withdraws from Western Sahara

1975 Event - Juan Carlos proclaimed king of Spain

1975 Event - Spain, Morocco and Mauretania sign accord about Spanish Sahara

1975 Event - Juan Carlos assumes power in Spain

1975 Birthday - Ines Sainz, Miss Spain Universe 1997

1975 Event - Government De Uyl recalls Dutch ambassador from Spain

1975 Birthday - Elena Anaya, born in Palencia, Spain, Spanish actress

1975 Birthday - Alberto Costa, born in Lerida, Spain, tennis pro

1975 Event - Spain's Manuel Orantes wins U.S. Open, beating Jimmy Connors in 3 sets

1974 Birthday - Penelope Cruz, born in Alcobendas, Spain, actress, films include, 'Vanilla Sky', 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona', 'Sahara', 'Volver', 'Sex and the City 2'

1974 Birthday - Alex Corretja, born in Barcelona, Spain, tennis star, 1990 Orange Bowl boys 16

1974 Event - Arias Navarro succeeds Carrero Blanco as premier of Spain

1973 Death - Luis Carrero Blanco, Prime Minister of Spain 1973, assassinated by ETA

1973 Death - Wystan H Auden, British/U.S. writer (Spain/Platonic Blow), dies at 66

1973 Birthday - Virginia Ruano-Pascual, born in Madrid, Spain, tennis star

1973 Birthday - Alberto Berastegui, born in Spain, tennis star

1973 Event - Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco appointed premier of Spain

1973 Birthday - Estefania Knuth, born in Barcelona, Spain, LPGA golfer, 1992 French International

1972 Birthday - Jordi Burillo, born in Barcelona, Spain, professional tennis player, won ATP Tour singles title and doubles title, coached Julian Alonso

1972 Birthday - Silvia Ramon-Cortes, born in Barcelona, Spain, tennis star, 1994 Futures-Vigo

1972 Event - 2 passenger trains collide head-on killing 76, Seville, Spain

1972 Birthday - Conchita Martinez, born in Monzon, Spain, tennis star, 1996 final Indian Wells

1971 Birthday - Pete Vordenberg, Rota Spain, U.S. cross country skier 1994 Olympics

1971 Birthday - Chabeli Iglesias, born in Madrid, Spain, daughter of Julio Iglesias

1971 Birthday - Neus Avila, born in Lerida, Spain, tennis star, Futures-Valencia-ESP 1995

1971 Event - Franco points prince Juan Carlos as deputy in Spain

1971 Birthday - Finidi George, born in Part Harcourt, Nigeria, soccer player, played as a midfielder for Ajax, played Football World Cups in 1994 and 1998, played in England and Spain

1971 Birthday - Sergi Bruguera, born in Barcelona, Spain, professional tennis player, played for Spain, won consecutive men's singles titles at the 1993 and 1994 French Open

1971 Birthday - Sergei Bruguera, Spain, tennis star

1970 Event - Chartered Dan-Air Comet crashes into mountains north of Barcelona, Spain killing 112 vacationing Britons

1970 Birthday - Mark Consuelos, born in Zaragosa, Spain, actor, Mateo Santos-All My Children

1969 Event - Spain cedes Ifni to Morocco

1969 Event - General Franco closes Spain's frontier with Gibraltar

1969 Event - 22-year-old man sneaks into wheel pod of a jet parked in Havana and survives 9-hour flight to Spain despite thin oxygen levels at 29,000 ft

1969 Birthday - Fermin Cacho, Barcelona Spain, 1500m, Olympics-2 gold-92, 96

1968 Birthday - Francisco Claver, Spain, tennis star

1968 Event - Equatorial Guinea (Spanish Guinea) declares independence from Spain

1968 Birthday - Tomas Carbonell, born in Barcelona, Spain, tennis star

1968 Event - Spain closes border to Gibraltar except to Spaniards

1968 Birthday - Carlos Costa, born in Spain, tennis star

1968 Event - Greece, Portugal and Spain's embassies bombed in the Hague

1968 Birthday - Javier Sanchez, born in Pamplona, Spain, professional tennis player, won four top-level singles titles, 26 doubles titles in his career

1966 Event - 6 French fighters crash above Spain

1966 Birthday - Jose Maria Olazabal, born in Fuenterrabia, Gipuzkoa, Basque country, Spain, professional golfer, 6 PGA Tour wins, 23 European Tour wins, 2 Japan Golf Tour wins

1966 Event - 1st Jewish child born in Spain since 1492 expulsion

1965 Birthday - Emilio Sanchez, born in Madrid, Spain, Tennis player, 1988 Olympic bronze

1965 Birthday - Tania Abitbol, born in Madrid, Spain, LPGA golfer, 1994 U.S. Women's Open-4th

1965 Event - Generalissimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimizing Jewish communities in Spain

1964 Birthday - Jordi Arrese, born in Barcelona, Spain, professional tennis player, won silver Olympic medal at the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona

1963 Birthday - Cristina Marsillach, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Barocco

1963 Birthday - Antonia Real, Spain, 400m freestyle, Olympic-1976

1963 Birthday - Pedro Duque, born in Madrid, Spain, engineer and astronaut, STS-78 alt, sk:95

1962 Event - Princess Sophia of Greece weds Don Juan Carlos of Spain

1962 Birthday - Juan Aguilera, born in Spain, tennis star

1961 Event - Spain accept equal rights for men and women

1960 Event - Fire in movie theater kills 152 children (Amude Spain)

1960 Birthday - Antonio Banderas, born in Malaga, Spain, actor, Philadelphia, Evita, Mambo Kings

1960 Birthday - Marta Chavarri Figueroa, born in Madrid, Spain, The Marquesa de Cubas

1960 Birthday - Lola Forner, Alicante SW Spain, Miss Spain, 1979

1959 Birthday - Victoria Abril, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Libertarias

1958 Birthday - Michael E Lopez-Alegria, born in Madrid, Spain, Lieutenant Commander/astronaut, STS-73, sk 92

1958 Birthday - Fernando Luna, born in Cuidad Real, Spain, tennis player, highest singles ATP-ranking was 33rd in 1984

1957 Birthday - Marta Figueras-Dotti, born in Madrid, Spain, LPGA golfer, 1994 Hawaiian Open

1957 Birthday - Seve Ballesteros, born in Spain, golfer, British Open 1979, 1984, 1988

1957 Birthday - Bienvenida Buck, Velencia Spain, lover of British Peter Harding

1956 Event - Holland and Spain withdraw from Olympics, protest Soviets in Hungary

1956 Birthday - Isabel Pantoja, Spain, spanish singer, Genio y Figura

1956 Event - Spain relinquishes her protectorate in Morocco

1955 Birthday - Angela Molina, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Streets of Gold, Half of Heaven

1954 Birthday - Lina Romay, born in Barcelona, Spain, actress, Conan the Barbarian

1954 Birthday - Amparo Munoz, Malgra Spain, Miss Universe, 1974

1953 Event - U.S. and Spain sign defense treaty (4 U.S. bases in Spain)

1952 Event - Spain joins UNESCO

1951 Birthday - Pedro Almodovar, Spain, director/screenwriter, Kika, Matador

1951 Birthday - Charo, Murcia Spain, actress and singer, Chico and the Man, Love Boat

1949 Event - "Cabatgata (A Night in Spain)" closes at Broadway New York City after 76 performances

1949 Event - "Cabatgata (A Night in Spain)" opens at Broadway New York City for 76 performances

1949 Death - Niceto A Zamora y Torres, premier of Spain (1931-36), dies at 71

1947 Event - Naval torpedo and mine factory explodes at Cadiz, Spain killing 300

1947 Event - Spain votes for Franco monarchy

1946 Event - Spain suspended from UN

1946 Birthday - Jose Carreras, Barcelona Spain opera tenor, I Lombardi, Three Tenors

1946 Event - U.S. government asks United Nations to order dictator Franco out of Spain

1945 Birthday - Raphael, Spain, spanish singer, When the Sun Sets, Lo Meyur de Ano

1944 Event - Train crashes in tunnel of Aguadilla Spain; about 500 die

1943 Birthday - Julio Iglesias, Spain, singer, Of All the Girls I Loved Before

1943 Birthday - Carmen von Thyssen, born in Barcelona, Spain, Baroness

1941 Birthday - Placido Domingo, born in Madrid, Spain, opera tenor, Pinkerton-Mme Butterfly

1940 Death - Alfonso XIII de Borbon, corrupt king of Spain (1902-31), dies

1940 Birthday - Jesus Lopez-Cobos, Toro Spain, conductor, International Conductor Competition

1939 Event - U.S. recognizes Franco government in Spain at end of Spanish civil war Pope Pius XII congratulates Generalissimo Franco's victory in Spain

1939 Event - Great Britain recognizes Franco-regime in Spain

1939 Event - France recognizes Franco's regime in Spain

1939 Event - Netherlands recognizes Franco-regime in Spain

1938 Event - Revolutionary offensive of Ebro Spain (Hollander Piet)

1938 Event - Britain and France recognize Franco government in Spain

1938 Birthday - Juan Carlos I, king of Spain, 1975-

1937 Event - Battle of Gijon in Spain begins

1937 Event - Republican offensive near Belchite Spain

1937 Event - Republican offensive by Brunete in Spain

1937 Event - German battleships bomb Almeria, Spain

1937 Event - Juan Negrin succeeds Largo Caballero as Spain's premier

1937 Event - German Luftwaffe destroys Basque town of Guernica in Spain

1937 Event - Franco-offensive at Guadalajara Spain

1936 Event - Generalissimo Francisco Franco establishes state of Spain

1936 Event - Franco troops conquer Irun and Talavera de la Reina Spain

1936 Event - Quiroga government takes office in Spain

1936 Event - Manuel Azana elected president of Spain

1934 Birthday - Ramon Sender, born in Madrid, Spain, composer, co-founder, San Francisco Tape Music Center, co-designed the first west coast synthesizer, the Buchla Box

1934 Birthday - Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Barcelona Spain, UNESCO director, 1987-

1933 Event - Spain's 2nd Government of Lerroux forms

1933 Event - Women allowed to vote in Spain (helps right wing)

1933 Birthday - Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez, premier of Spain, 1976-81

1933 Birthday - Rafael Frubeck de Burgos, Burgos, Spain, conductor, World of Song

1933 Event - Spain's 2nd government of Azana forms

1933 Event - Spain recognizes the U.S.S.R.

1933 Event - Pope Pius XI encyclical "On oppression of the Church in Spain"

1933 Birthday - Montserrat Caballe, born in Barcelona, Spain, soprano, Mimi-La Boheme

1933 Event - Uprising of Guardia Civil in Spain, 25 dies

1931 Event - Manuel Azana becomes premier/Niceto Zamora president of Spain

1931 Event - Spain becomes a republic

1931 Event - Spain becomes republic with overthrow of King Alfonso XIII

1931 Event - Juan Bautista Aznar becomes premier of Spain

1930 Birthday - Luis de Pablo, born in Bilbao, Spain, founder, Alea, Nueva Musica, teacher, composer, chamber music works include 'Ex voto for Violin and Viola' 1995

1928 Birthday - Eddie Fisher, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, singer, Oh My Papa, Lady of Spain

1927 Birthday - Narciso Yepes, Lorca Spain, guitarist, Orquesta Nacionale 1947

1927 Event - Spain routes 20,000 soldiers to Morocco (uprising Rifkabylen)

1926 Birthday - Luis Miguel Dominguin, Spain, matador

1926 Event - Spain leaves League of Nation due to Germany joining

1926 Event - Spain and Brazil prevent Germany joining League of Nations

1926 Event - Francisco Franco becomes General of Spain

1925 Event - Spain and France fight Morocco

1925 Birthday - Francisco Rabal, born in Aguilas, Spain, actor, Holy Innocents, Camorra

1925 Birthday - Lola Flores, Cadiz Spain, singer and actress, Kuma Ching, Faraona

1924 Birthday - Victoria de los Angeles, Spain, soprano, Mimi-La Boheme

1923 Event - Miguel Primo de Rivera becomes dictator of Spain

1923 Event - With Spain's king Alfonso XIII assist, army coup under de Rivera

1923 Event - 1st flight of autogiro by Juan de la Cierva, Madrid, Spain

1922 Birthday - Maria Casares, La Coruna Spain, French actress, Orpheus, Lectrice

1919 Birthday - Jinx Falkenburg, Barcelona Spain, actress, Masquerade Party

1917 Birthday - Fernando Rey, Arambillet, La Coruna Spain, actor, Matter of Time

1916 Birthday - Camilo Jose Cela, Spain, author, La Colmena-1951

1915 Birthday - Angier Biddle Duke, New York City, U.S. Ambassador, Spain

1915 Birthday - Pedro Saenz, born in Spain, composer, composed music for classical guitar

1915 Birthday - Carlos Surinach, born in Barcelona, Spain, composer, Monte Carlo

1915 Birthday - Carlos Surinach, born in Barcelona Spain, composer, Monte Carlo

1912 Death - Jose Canalejas bon Mendez, premier of Spain (1910-12), murdered at 58

1912 Death - Jose Canalejas Y Mendez, premier Spain, murdered

1912 Event - Spanish steamer "Principe de Asturias" sinks NE of Spain, 500 die

1911 Birthday - Enrique Jorda, born in San Sebastian, Spain, conductor, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra 1970

1910 Birthday - Miguel Hernadez Gilabert, Spain, poet, Viento del Pueblo

1907 Birthday - Nicanor Zabaleta, San Sebastian, Spain, harpist

1904 Event - France and Spain sign treaty for Morocco Independence

1904 Birthday - Salvador Dali, Figueras, Spain, surrealist artist, Crucifixion

1904 Birthday - Duncan Renaldo, Spain, actor, Cisco Kid

1904 Death - Isabella II, Queen of Spain (1833-68), dies at 73

1903 Birthday - Carlos Montoya, born in Madrid, Spain, guitarist, Suite Flamenco 1966

1902 Event - Cuba gains independence from Spain

1901 Birthday - Joaquin Rodrigo, Spain, composer

1901 Birthday - Joaquin Rodrigo, Sagunto Valencia Spain, composer, Juglares

1900 Birthday - Luis Brunel, Calanda Spain, director, Tristana, Phantom of Liberty

1900 Birthday - Xavier Cugat, born in Barcelona, Spain, bandleader, married Abbe Lane, Charo

1899 Event - Treaty of Paris ratifies ends war; Spain cedes Puerto Rico to US

1899 Event - Cuba liberated from Spain by U.S., known as National Day, U.S. occupies until 1902

1898 Event - Spain cedes Guam to U.S.

1898 Event - Philippine nationalists declares independence from Spain to U.S. control

1898 Birthday - Federico Garcia Lorca, born in Spain, poet/dramatist, Blood Wedding

1898 Birthday - Vicente Aleixandre, born in Spain, writer, Ambito, Bird of Paper, Nobel 1977

1898 Event - U.S. declares war on Spain over Cuba

1898 Event - Spain declares war on U.S. rejecting ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba

1897 Event - Spain grants Puerto Rico autonomy

1897 Death - Antonio Canovas del Castillo, Prime Minister of Spain, murdered at 69

1897 Death - Antonio Canovas del Castillo, premier of Spain, murdered at 69

1895 Birthday - Jose Iturbi, Valencia Spain, pianist, Pequena danza Espanola

1895 Event - King Alfonso plants pine sapling in Madrid, starts Spain's Arbor Day

1895 Birthday - Fortunio Bonanova, Palma de Mallorca Spain, opera singer

1894 Birthday - Andres Segovia, guitarist, Linares, Spain

1893 Birthday - Juan Miro, Spain, painter/sculptor, Dog Barking at the Moon

1893 Birthday - Andres Segovia, Linares Spain, classical guitarist

1893 Birthday - Jorge Guillen, Valladolid Spain, poet and critic, Cantico, Final

1890 Birthday - Norman Bethune, Canada, Doctor in Spain and China

1890 Death - Amadeus I FM, king of Spain (1870-73), dies at 44

1888 Birthday - Margarita Xirgu, born in Barcelona, Spain, actress, Bloody Wedding

1888 Event - Italy and Spain sign military covenant

1887 Birthday - Antonio Moreno, born in Madrid, Spain, actor and director, It, Careers

1887 Birthday - Juan Gris, born in Spain, cubist painter, Still Life Before an Open Window

1886 Birthday - Pedro Sanjuan, San Sebastian, Spain, composer, Castilla

1886 Event - Spain abolishes slavery in Cuba

1886 Birthday - Luis Alberni, Spain, actor, Topaze

1886 Birthday - Alfonso XIII, Borbon King of Spain, 1902-31

1885 Death - Alfonso XII, king of Spain (1874-85), dies at 27

1885 Death - Alfonso XII, king of Spain (1875-85), dies at 27

1882 Birthday - Joaquin Turina, Seville Spain, composer, Rima

1882 Birthday - Eugenio d' Ors y Rovira, Barcelona Spain, essayist/philosopher

1881 Birthday - Juan Ramon Jimenez, Spain, poet, Distant Gardens, Nobel 1956

1881 Birthday - Pablo Picasso, born in Malaga, Spain, artist, 3 Dancers, Guernica

1881 Event - 122 degrees F (50 degrees C), Seville, Spain (European record)

1877 Birthday - Niceto A Zamora y Torres, premier/president of Spain, 1931-36

1876 Birthday - Pablo Casals, born in El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain, cellist, conductor and composer

1876 Birthday - Manuel de Falla, Cadiz Spain, composer, El Amor Brujo

1874 Birthday - Soledad Jiminez, Santander Spain, actor, Phantom ofthe Range

1872 Birthday - Pio Baroja Y Nessa, San Sebastion Spain, writer, Caminode Parfeccion

1871 Event - King Amadeus I of Spain inaugurated at 25

1870 Birthday - Miguel Primo de Rivera Orbaneja, dictator of Spain, 1923-30

1868 Event - Cuba revolts for independence against Spain

1868 Event - Spain's Queen Isabella is deposed, flees to France

1868 Event - Battle of Alcolea, causes Queen Isabella 2 of Spain to flee to France

1868 Event - Grito de Lares proclaims Puerto Rico's independence (crushed by Spain)

1867 Birthday - Enrique Granados, Spain, composer

1867 Birthday - Enrique Granados, born in Lerida, Spain, composer, Maria del Carmen

1867 Birthday - Vicente Blasco Ibanez, Spain, writer, 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse

1866 Event - Prim's Insurrection in Spain ends

1864 Birthday - Miguel de Unamuno Jugo, Bilbao Spain, philosopher, Ensayos, Teatro

1863 Birthday - George Santayana, born in Spain, philosopher/poet/humanist, Last Puritan

1863 Birthday - Andres Bonifacio, leader of 1896 Philippine revolt against Spain

1857 Birthday - Alfonso XII, king of Spain, 1874-85

1857 Birthday - Conrad Haebler, German historian, Early printers of Spain/Portugal

1854 Birthday - Jose Canalejas contributes Mendez, premier of Spain, 1910-12

1845 Birthday - Amadeus I FM, duke of Aosta/king of Spain, 1870-73

1844 Event - Spain grants Dominican Rep independence

1843 Birthday - Benito Perez Galdos, Spain, novelist, Fountain of Gold, Nazaarin

1843 Birthday - Adelina Patti, born in Madrid, Spain, opera soprano, Lucio

1837 Event - Spain gets new Constitution

1836 Event - Spain recognizes independence of Mexico

1833 Death - Ferdinand VII MF, king of Spain, dies

1833 Birthday - Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, born in Spain, writer, Three-Cornered Hat

1832 Birthday - Gaspar Nunez de Arce, Spain, poet "Spanish Tennyson"

1831 Event - Robert Jenkins loses an ear, starts war between Britain and Spain

1830 Birthday - Isabella II, Queen of Spain, 1833-68

1828 Birthday - Antonio Canovas del Castillo, premier of Spain

1824 Event - Battle of Ayacucho (Candorcangui), Peru defeats Spain

1822 Event - Battle of Pichincha, Bolivar secures independence of Quito from Spain

1821 Event - Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep) proclaims independence from Spain

1821 Event - Panama declares independence from Spain

1821 Event - Peru declares independence from Spain (National Day)

1821 Event - Spain cedes Florida to U.S.

1821 Event - Mexico gains independence from Spain

1821 Event - Spain sells eastern Florida to United States for $5 million

1820 Event - Spain sells part of Florida to U.S. for $5 million

1819 Event - Congress of Angostura establishes Colombia's independence from Spain

1819 Event - Spain renounces claims to Oregon Country, Florida (Adams-Onis Treaty)

1819 Death - Carlos IV, King of Spain (1788-1808), dies at 70

1818 Event - Chile gains independence from Spain

1817 Birthday - Jose Zorrilla y Moral, Vallodolid Spain, poet/dramatist, El rey Loco

1816 Event - Argentina declares independence from Spain

1813 Event - Chilpancingo congress declares Mexico independent of Spain

1812 Event - Duke of Wellington seizes Burgos Spain

1812 Event - Duke of Wellington defeats French at Battle of Salamanca, Spain

1811 Event - Cartagena Colombia declares independence from Spain

1811 Event - El Salvador's 1st battle against Spain for independence

1811 Event - Venezuela, 1st South American country to gain independence from Spain

1811 Event - Paraguay gains independence from Spain (National Day)

1810 Event - U.S. annexes West Florida from Spain

1810 Event - Chile declares independence from Spain (National Day)

1810 Event - Colombia declares independence from Spain

1810 Event - Argentina declares independence from Napoleonic Spain (National Day)

1810 Event - Seville, Spain surrenders to French

1809 Event - Ecuador declares independence from Spain (National Day)

1809 Event - French take Saragossa, Spain after a long siege

1808 Event - Holland Brigade battle at Durango, Spain

1808 Event - Napoleon asks King Louis for Holland brigade towards Spain

1808 Event - Jozef Napoleon becomes king of Spain

1808 Event - Napoleon's brother Joseph takes the throne of Spain

1803 Event - Spain cedes her claims to Louisiana Territory to France

1802 Event - France, Netherlands, Spain and England signs Peace of Amiens

1800 Event - Spain cedes Louisiana to France in a secret treaty

1798 Event - British Honduras beats Spain in battle of St. George

1796 Birthday - Manuel Breton de los Herreros, Quel Spain, poet/comic playwright

1796 Event - Spain declares war on England

1796 Event - Spain and France sign anti-English alliance

1795 Event - Pinckney's Treaty between Spain and U.S. is signed, establishing southern boundary of U.S. and giving Americans right to send goods down Mississippi

1795 Event - Spain and France sign peace treaty

1788 Death - Carlos III, King of Naples/Spain (1759-88), dies at 72

1784 Birthday - Ferdinand VII MF, king of Spain

1783 Event - Spain recognizes U.S. independence

1779 Event - In support of the U.S., Spain declares war on England

1776 Event - France and Spain agreed to give weapons to American rebels

1771 Event - Spain cedes Falkland Islands to Britain

1766 Death - Isabelle Farnese, queen of Spain, dies

1766 Death - Elisabeth Farnese, princess of Parma/queen of Spain, dies at 73

1762 Event - England and Spain signs Treaty of Paris

1762 Event - Spain acquires Louisiana

1762 Event - England declares war on Spain and Naples

1759 Event - Carlos III becomes king of Spain

1759 Death - Ferdinand VI, the wise, king of Spain, dies at 46

1754 Event - Marquis of Ensenada becomes premier of Spain

1753 Event - Ferdinand VI of Spain and Pope Benedictus XIV sign concord

1748 Birthday - Carlos IV, King of Spain, 1788-1808

1748 Birthday - Carlos IV, king of Spain, 1788-1808

1746 Death - Philip V, French King of Spain (1700-24, 24-46), dies at 62

1746 Birthday - Francisco Jose de Goya, Fuendetodos Spain, painter/etcher, Naked Maja

1741 Event - Spain and Bavaria sign treaty

1739 Event - England declares war on Spain: War of Jenkin's Ear

1739 Event - England declares war on Spain

1739 Event - Spain and Naples-Austria sign peace accord

1739 Event - England and Spain signs 2nd Convention of Pardo

1738 Event - English parliament declares war on Spain (War of Jenkin's Ear)

1733 Event - France and Spain sign Escoriaal Treaty

1733 Event - France, Spain and Sardinia sign anti-German covenant

1731 Event - Spain signs Treaty of Vienna

1729 Birthday - Padre Antonio Francisco J Jose Soler, Olot Spain, composer, Fandango

1729 Event - Spain, France and England signs Treaty of Seville

1728 Event - Spain and England sign (1st) Convention of Pardo

1727 Event - Spain underwrites Preliminairy of Paris

1725 Event - Spain and Austria sign secret treaty

1725 Event - Spain and Austria sign trade treaty

1725 Event - Emperor Charles VI and King Philip IV of Spain sign Treaty of Vienna

1721 Event - France and Spain sign Treaty of Madrid

1718 Event - England declares war on Spain

1718 Event - France declares war on Spain

1716 Birthday - Carlos III, king of Naples/Spain, 1759-88, Pompei/Jesuits

1714 Event - Spain and Netherlands sign peace/trade agreement

1713 Event - Spain losses Menorca and Gibraltar

1712 Birthday - Ferdinand VI, the wise, King of Spain, 1746-59

1702 Event - England and Netherlands declares war on France and Spain

1700 Death - Carlos II, King of Spain (1665-1700), dies at 39

1699 Event - England, France and Netherlands agree on 2nd Extermination treaty of Spain

1692 Birthday - Elisabeth Farnese, princess of Parma/queen of Spain

1689 Event - French king Louis XIV declares war on Spain

1686 Event - Germany, Sweden and Spain signs anti-French League of Augsburg

1685 Birthday - Charles VI, German emperor/king of Spain, 1711-40

1684 Event - Spain and Germany sign cease fire with France

1683 Birthday - Philip V, Versailles France, King of Spain, 1700-24, 24-46

1683 Birthday - Philip V, France, King of Spain, 1700-24, 24-46

1679 Death - Don Juan, ruler of Spain, dies

1678 Event - France and Spain signs peace treaty

1676 Event - King Carlos II of Spain becomes of age (at 15)

1676 Event - Battle of Etna - Netherlands/Spain vs France, M de Ruyter fatally wounded

1674 Event - Spain, France and Netherlands form Triple Alliance

1673 Event - Leopold I, Spain, Netherlands and Lutherans form anti-French covenant

1668 Event - Treaty of Lisbon: Spain recognizes Portugal

1668 Event - King Louis XIV and Emperor Leopold I sign treaty dividing Spain

1665 Death - Philip IV, King of Spain (1621-55), dies

1665 Event - Battle at Viciosa: English and Portuguese army beat Spain

1665 Event - Battle at Monte Carlo: English and Portuguese army beat Spain

1661 Death - Don Luis Mendez de Haro, premier of Spain (1643-61), dies at about 63

1661 Birthday - Charles II, last Habsburg king of Spain, 1665-1700

1657 Event - France and England form alliance against Spain; England gets Dunkirk

1650 Event - French rebel Henri de la Tour Turenne signs treaty with Spain

1648 Event - Treaty of Munster: Spain and Netherlands ratified

1648 Event - Spain and Netherlands sign Peace of Munster, ending Tachtigjarige War

1646 Event - Spain and Netherlands signs temporary cease fire

1645 Death - Gaspar de Guzman, premier of Spain (1621-43), dies at 58

1641 Death - Ferdinand van Austrian, cardinal of Spain, dies

1641 Death - Ferdinand, of Austria, cardinal of Spain, dies at 32

1635 Event - France declares war on Spain

1634 Event - Battle at Nordlingen: King Ferdinand III and Spain beat Sweden and German protestants

1634 Event - Battle at Nordlingen Bavarian: emperor Ferdinand II and Spain beat Sweden and German protestants

1633 Death - Isabella of Austria, infante of Spain/governess in Holland, dies at 67

1630 Event - Spain and England sign peace treaty

1629 Event - French huguenot leader duke De Rohan signs accord with Spain

1627 Event - France and Spain signs accord for fighting protestantism

1624 Event - England declares war on Spain

1621 Event - Spain and Netherlands 12 Year Resistant Pact ends

1621 Death - Felipe III, King of Spain (1598-1621), dies at 42

1618 Birthday - Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Spain, Baroque artist [baptized]

1617 Event - Peace of Pavia (Spain and Savoye)

1609 Birthday - Ferdinand, Austria, cardinal of Spain/governor of Netherlands

1609 Event - Spain and Netherlands sign 12 Year Resistant Pact

1605 Birthday - Philip IV, King of Spain and Portugal, 1621 - 1665

1601 Event - France gains Bresse, Bugey, Valromey and Gex in treaty with Spain

1601 Birthday - Baltasar Gracian, born in Belmonte, Aragon, Spain, Spanish Baroque prose writer, wrote 'El heroe' or 'The Hero', 'El politico', or 'The Politician', 'El discreto', 'The Discreet One', exiled for 'Criticon', or 'Faultfinder'

1600 Birthday - Pedro Calderon de la Barca, born in Madrid, Spain, writer, dramatist, Spanish Golden Age, works include, 'La vida es sueno', or, 'Life is a Dream'

1599 Birthday - Diego Velazquez, Spain, painter, Rokeby Venus, baptized

1599 Event - Valencia arch duke Albrecht of Austrian marries Isabella of Spain

1598 Birthday - Francisco de Zurbaran, Spain, Baroque painter, baptized

1598 Death - Philip II, King of Spain (1556-98), dies at 71

1598 Event - France and Spain signs Peace of Vervins

1596 Event - England, France and Netherlands signs Drievoudig Covenant against Spain

1595 Event - French king Henri IV declares war on Spain

1587 Event - Sir Frances Drake sails into Cadiz Spain and sinks Spanish fleet

1587 Event - Deventer and Zutphen surrender to Spain

1587 Birthday - Gaspar de Guzman, Count of Olivares, Premier of Spain, 1621-43

1585 Event - Spain confisquates English ships

1585 Event - Spain and Catholic France sign Saint League of Joinville

1582 Event - Last Julian calender day in Spain/Portugal/pontifical states

1580 Event - Battle of Alcantara, Spain defeats Portugal

1578 Birthday - Philip III, King of Spain and Portugal, 1598 - 1621

1571 Event - Battle at Lepanto: Saint League (Spain and Italy) destroys Turkish fleet

1571 Event - Venice, Spain and Pope Pius form anti-Turkish Saint League

1568 Death - Elisabeth van Valois, French queen of Spain, dies at 23

1566 Birthday - Isabella CE, infante of Spain/governess of the Netherlands

1562 Birthday - Lope Felix de Vega, born in Madrid, Spain, dramatist/poet, Angelica, Arcadia

1561 Event - King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida

1559 Event - Spain and France signs 2nd Treaty of Le Cateau-Cambresis

1558 Death - Charles V, King of Spain (Carlos I)/Holy Roman Emperor, dies at 58

1556 Event - Ex-emperor Karel departs Netherland for Spain

1556 Event - Vlissingen ex-emperor Charles V returns to Spain

1556 Event - Charles V and Maria of Hungary march into Spain

1556 Event - Karel V's son Philip II crowned king of Spain

1556 Event - Emperor Karel appoints his son Philip II, king of Spain

1555 Event - English parliament refuses to recognize Philip of Spain as king

1548 Birthday - Francisco Suarez, Granada Spain, philosopher/theologian

1545 Birthday - Elisabeth van Valois, French queen of Spain/daughter of Henri II

1543 Birthday - Juan de la Cueva, Spain, dramatist

1542 Event - Spain delegates "New Laws" against slavery in America

1542 Event - Conquistador Francisco de Orellana returns to Spain

1542 Event - Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claims California for Spain

1539 Event - Hernando De Soto claims Florida for Spain

1531 Event - Earthquake in Lisbon Spain, kills 20,000-30,000

1529 Event - Treaty of Saragosa: Spain and Portugal divide eastern hemisphere

1527 Birthday - Philip II, King of Spain, 1556 - 1598, and Portugal, 1580 - 1598

1526 Event - French king Francois I freed from Spain

1522 Event - Spanish navigator Juan de Elcano returns to Spain, completes 1st circumnavigation of globe, expedition begins under Ferdinand Magellan

1522 Event - Magellen with Vittoria returns to Spain, after 1st round world trip

1522 Event - Emperor Karel I returns to Spain

1521 Event - French king Francois I declares war on Spain

1519 Birthday - Catherine de' Medici, Queen of Spain/daughter of Henry II

1513 Event - Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain

1513 Event - Florida discovered, claimed for Spain by Ponce de Leon

1511 Event - England and Spain sign anti-French covenant

1511 Birthday - Michael Servetus, Spain, physician, Christianism Rostituta

1506 Death - Felipe I, the handsome, King of Castilie (Spain) (1504-06), dies

1506 Death - Christopher Columbus, explorer, dies in poverty, in Spain at 55

1504 Event - Queen Isabella I of Spain signs her testament

1504 Event - France and Spain signs ceasefire

1503 Event - Queen Isabella of Spain bans violence against indians

1503 Event - Casa Contratacion (Board of Trade) found (Spain) to deal with American affairs

1502 Event - Columbus left Spain on his 4th and final trip to New World

1501 Event - Philip de Blank and Juana "la Loca" depart to Spain

1500 Birthday - Carlos V, King of Spain, 1516-56, Holy Roman Emperor

1494 Event - Treaty of Tordesillas, Spain and Portugal divide America

1493 Event - Spanish Pope Alexander VI divides America between Spain and Portugal

1493 Event - Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after 1st new world voyage

1493 Event - France cedes Roussillon and Cerdagne to Spain by treaty of Barcelona

1493 Event - Columbus returns to Spain on his 1st trip

1492 Event - In Spain, 6 Jews and 5 Conversos are accused of using black magic

1492 Event - Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba and claims it for Spain

1492 Event - All Jews are expelled from Spain

1492 Event - Columbus sets sail from Palos, Spain for "Indies"

1492 Event - Jews are expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

1492 Event - Spain announces it will expels all Jews

1492 Event - Christopher Columbus signs contract with Spain to find Indies

1492 Event - King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella sign decree expelling Jews from Spain

1492 Event - Spain recaptures Granada from the Moors (Granada Day)

1491 Event - 6 Jews and 5 Conversos accused of killing Christians in La Guardia Spain

1483 Event - Tomas de Torquemada appointed inquisitor-general of Spain

1478 Birthday - Philip I, the Handsome, 1st Habsburg King of Spain, 1504-06

1461 Event - Alfonso ed Espina, bishop of Osma urges for an Inquistion in Spain

1460 Birthday - Ponce de Leon, Spain, searched for fountain of youth, found Florida

1455 Event - Jews flee Spain

1451 Birthday - Isabella I, of Castile, Queen of Spain, 1479-1504, patron of Columbus

1429 Event - Order of Golden Fleece established in Austria-Hungary and Spain

1398 Birthday - Inigo Lopez, Spain, marques de Santillana, poet, Comedieta de Ponza

1397 Birthday - Joao II, King of Aragon, Spain

1391 Event - Jews are massacred in Toledo and Barcelona Spain

1391 Event - Inhabitants of Seville Spain massacres 5,000 Jews

1391 Event - Mob led by Ferrand Martinez surounds and sets fire to Jewish quarter of Seville Spain, surviving Jews sold into slavery

1391 Event - Jew hating Monk in Seville Spain stirs up people to attack Jews

1367 Event - Battle at Najera Spain: Castilie and England beat Aragon and France

1355 Event - 1,200 Jews of Toledo Spain killed by Count Henry of Trastamara

1340 Event - Battle of Salado Spain: last Moor invasion driven back

1250 Event - Pope Innoncent III refuses Jews of Cordova Spain to build a synagogue

1212 Event - Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa; end of Moslem power in Spain

1135 Birthday - Maimonides, Moses Ben Maimon, Corodoba Spain, philosopher and physician

994 Birthday - Muhammad ibn Hazm, historian/jurist/author of Islamic Spain

756 Event - Abd-al-Rahman I becomes emir of Cordova Spain

711 Event - Berbers under Tarik-ibn Ziyad occupies North Spain

39 Birthday - Lucan, Cordova Spain, Latin poet, Bellum Civile