Near Events in History

2015 Event - Scientists using geophysical methods to map underground archaeological sites have discovered a set of stone monoliths buried 3 feet deep near Stonehenge; the stones are estimated to be 4,500 years old

2015 Event - Construction workers discover an unexploded bomb from World War II near Wembley Stadium in London; after evacuations near the site, explosives specialists safely defused and removed the threat

2014 Event - A mentally ill man is apprehended after jumping the White House fence and injuring the two police dogs that stopped him; the man had been previously arrested near the White House on a misdemeanor

2014 Event - Category 3-strength Hurricane Odile makes landfall near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, destroying property and leaving many residents without electricity or potable water; the storm is expected to weaken to a tropical storm overnight as it continues north

2014 Event - Apple announced the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus; the phones will be larger than previous models and have an improved camera; all three devices use Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow instant payments in stores without credit cards

2014 Event - A magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near the California Bay Area city of Napa; 87 have been injured, but no fatalities have been reported

2014 Event - Southern California is hit by an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale; the quake originated about 22 miles southeast of Los Angeles near La Habra

2013 Event - The U.S. State of California is experiencing the driest year on record, and rain is not expected in the near future; San Francisco is having the driest year ever since the Gold Rush began in 1849

2013 Event - The brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, is found in tap water near New Orleans, the first time ever detected in the U.S. water supply

2013 Event - A 1,400 year old treasure, called 'the Ophel Treasure' is discovered near the foot of Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem

2013 Event - Libya's ruins of Cyrene, a World Heritage Site near Shahhat, is damaged by real estate developers

2013 Event - A wildfire near Yosemite National Park burns over 25 square miles, forcing residents of the Pine Lake community to evacuate

2013 Event - Nik Wallenda completes a high wire walk across a Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon

2013 Event - Russia's parliament passes bills banning homosexual 'propaganda'; police near the Duma take gays into custody after they anti-gay extremists hit them with eggs

2013 Event - The ambassador from the People's Republic of China is summoned by Japan's government after a flotilla of Chinese ships sail near the disputed Senkaku Islands

2013 Event - No casualties are reported after a U.S. military Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter crashes near the South Korean border with North Korea

2013 Event - Muslim terrorists set off two explosions near the finish line at the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, killing 3, injuring 183 people, and at least 15 requiring amputations

2013 Event - A 6.0-magnitude earthquake named Nantou, strikes near Taipei, Taiwan; one person is killed and 19 injured

2013 Event - A 6.2 earthquake occurs near the Philippine island of Mindanao, with no immediate reports of damage or injuries

2013 Event - Scientist in China discover an ancient human fossil in a cave near Beijing; the 40,000 year-old leg bone shows it was related to the ancestors of present-day Asians and Native Americans

2013 Event - In efforts to turn its back on nuclear power, Japan announces plans to build the world's largest offshore wind farm in the Fukushima Prefecture, near the site of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

2012 Event - Volcanic activity alerts are issued in Chile and Argentina, in areas near the Copahue volcano, after it started to spew ash

2012 Event - Scientists studying the Sutter's Mill meteorite, found near where the Sutter's Mill California Gold Rush site, determine it contains the oldest material in the Solar System

2012 Event - A dense fog near Beaumont, Texas, causes a a 100-vehicle pileup , leaving 120 people injured and 2 killed; the incident forced the Interstate 10 in Southeast Texas to close in both directions

2012 Event - Egypt's minister of transport, Mohamed Rashad Al Matini, resigns after a school bus carrying 60 schoolchildren is hit by a train near Manfalut, 230 miles south of Cairo

2012 Event - A naval base located on the Strait of Hormuz, near Bandar Langeh, is established by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps

2012 Event - The Japanese Coast Guard reports six Chinese Marine Surveillance ships are sighted near the disputed Senkaku Islands; China claims the 'two surveillance ship fleets' are in waters around the islands for purposes of 'patrols and law enforcement'

2012 Event - Residents near Columbia's Nevado del Ruiz volcano are evacuated due to a possible eruption

2012 Event - Northern Italy, near Bologna, experiences a 5.8-magnitude earthquake; at least 24 people are killed

2012 Event - A 7.4-magnitude earthquake strikes near the border of Mexico's states Guerrero and Oaxaca

2012 Event - Following an engine room fire, the cruise ship costa Allegra is left adrift in the Indian Ocean near the Seychelles

2012 Event - Eleven people are killed when their hot air balloon collides with a power line and crashes near Carterton, New Zealand

2011 Event - President Barack Obama asks Iran to return the RQ-170 Sentinel that was captured near Kashmar December 4, 2011

2011 Event - The last nine-megaton B53 warheads, in service since 1962, are disassembled near Amarillo, Texas

2011 Event - A vaccination program immunizing over 170 million children every year has resulted in the near eradication of polio in India

2011 Event - Japan asks South Korea to refute a plan to build a Korean World War II 'comfort women' monument near Seoul's Japanese embassy

2011 Event - Hurricane Irene lands in North Carolina, near Cape Lookout

2011 Event - A 5.8 magnitude earthquake, the most powerful since 1897, strikes near Mineral, Virginia, causing a shut down of a nearby nuclear reactor

2011 Event - First Air fails in an attempt to land a Boeing 737 in poor conditions; 12 of 15 people die after the plane crashes near Canada's Resolute Bay

2011 Event - The Hendra virus is detected in a dog in Queensland, Australia near the Beaudesert; the virus has never before been detected in anything other than flying foxes, horses or humans

2011 Event - In the Volga River near Bolgar, Russia, cruise ship Bulgaria sinks; 110 people drown and 80 are rescued alive

2011 Event - Tropical Storm Arlene, the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season's first tropical storm, lands near Cabo Rojo and brings heavy rain to Mexico and southern Texas

2011 Event - Two suspected Al-Quaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb members are arrested in Tunisia for carrying bombs and explosives near the city of Ramada

2011 Event - A near riot breaks out at the Beijing Apple Store as the Apple iPad2 goes on sale in the People's Republic of China

2011 Event - The U.S. Coast Guard responds to heavy flooding by closing a section of the Mississippi River near Caruthersville, Missouri

2011 Event - Sendai, a major 9.0 earthquake strikes offshore of Japan's Miyagi Prefecture; 10-meter high tsunami's are produced near its epicenter, reaching land through the Pacific ocean

2010 Event - In China, a 2,400 ear-old pot of soup is discovered near the country's ancient capital of Xi'an

2010 Event - Authorities searching two homes near Escondido, California, find the largest cache of homemade explosives ever discovered in the U.S.

2010 Event - Eastern Japan braces itself as Typhoon Chaba heads its way, carrying winds of up to 162 kilometers per hour near its center

2010 Event - Scientists working near Kokoda, Papua New Guinea uncover world's oldest known high altitude human settlement, estimated to be 49,000 years old

2010 Event - Pastor Terry Jones threatens to organize an international Burn a Koran Day in retaliation for plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero

2010 Event - Major floods in Southern Sudan, near Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal leave 57,000 people homeless

2010 Event - Mexico's lead investigator of the 72 corpses found near the U.S. Texas border at Tamaulipas, has been missing for two days

2010 Event - Mexican Naval Infantry discover 72 corpses near the U.S. Texas border, believed to be migrants from Central America and South America murdered by a drug cartel

2010 Event - Flash floods on the Little Missouri River kill at least 20 people near a campground in the Ouachita Mountains, west of Little Rock, Arkansas

2010 Event - Air India Express Flight 812 crashes near Mangalore International Airport; eight passengers survive and 158 perish

2010 Event - A series of bomb explosions in Baghdad, near Shia mosques, kill dozens of people and wound 100 others

2010 Event - Rescuers search for over 200 people believed to be buried in their homes by a landslide in Murro do Bumba near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2010 Event - Somali troops demolish 500 homes near the airport in Mogdishu

2010 Event - Denisova hominin - a previously unknown type of ancient human, is identified by scientists through DNA analysis from a finger discovered in a cave near Siberia, Russia

2010 Event - A tsunami warning went into effect for Chile and Peru after an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Conception, Chile

2010 Event - United States Navy troops land near the Haitian presidential palace, bringing food, water, and equipment to aid victims of the earthquake

2010 Event - The theory that Egypt's pyramids were built by free workers, not slaves, is reinforced by the discovery of new tombs near the great pyramids

2009 Event - Caspian Airlines Flight 7908 crashes near Qazvin, Iran, all 168 on board are killed

2009 Event - Nearly 300 people are killed and 1,500 injured near L'Aquila, Italy, after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes

2004 Event - Earthquake, greatest in over 40 years, strikes the Pacific Ocean near Sumatra, triggering a massive Indian Ocean tsunami, killing as many as 266,000 in coastal regions of Asia and Africa

2004 Event - Flash Airlines flight 604 crashes near Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, killing 148

2003 Event - Sudan Airways flight 139 crashes near Port Sudan, killing 116

2002 Event - China Airlines flight 611 crashes near Taiwan, killing 225, crash probably due to structural failure

2002 Event - China Northern Airlines flight 6163 crashes in the ocean near Dalian, China after a fire is reported onboard, killing 112

2002 Event - Air China flight 129 crashes into a mountain near Pusan, South Korea killing 128

2001 Event - SAS flight 686 crashes near Milano-Linate, killing 114, crash caused by flight crew and tower confusion

2001 Event - Vladivostokavia flight 352 crashes near Burdakovka, killing 145

2001 Event - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft becomes first vehicle to land on an asteroid (433 Eros)

2000 Event - Gulf Air flight 72 crashes near Bahrain, killing 143

2000 Event - Air Philippines flight 541 crashes into a hill near Davao, killing 131

2000 Event - Kenya Airways flight 431 crashes near Cote d'Ivoire, killing 170, likely cause was a mechnical problem

1995 Event - DC-9 crashes near Maria La Baya, Colombia: 51 die, 9 yr old girl lives

1994 Event - Dwingeloo 1, near milky way system, discovered

1994 Event - Maronite church near Beirut bombed, 10 killed

1994 Event - Peruvian Yak-40 crashes into mountain near Tingo Maria, kills 31

1994 Event - Ship disaster near Ranong Thailand, kills 200

1994 Event - Large meteorite falls near Kusaie, Pacific Ocean

1993 Death - Maurice Dolbier, U.S. actor and writer (Nowhere near Everest), dies at 81

1993 Death - James Jordan, NBA Michael Jordan's father, found dead near McColl, South Carolina

1993 Event - The Branch Davidian Compound near Waco, Texas, is destroyed in a fire after 51-day stand-off; 76 people die, including 24 British nationals and 20 children

1992 Event - Great British postage stamp 350 year battle near Edgehill

1992 Event - Euro-Disney opens near Paris

1991 Event - 93 cars and 11 truck accident near San Francisco during a dust storm, 17 die

1991 Event - 14 die in a Continental Express commuter plane crash near Houston

1991 Event - President Bush declares recession is near an end

1991 Event - Nigerian DC-8 crashes near Saudi-Arabia, 261 die

1991 Event - United Airlines crashes near Colorado Springs, kills 25

1990 Event - U.S. warships in Persian Gulf placed on alert after Iraq masses nearly 30,000 troops near its border with Kuwait

1990 Event - 10 Israeli tourists murdered near Cairo

1989 Event - French DC-10 crashes near Niger, 171 die

1989 Death - Jeff Richards, actor (Don't Go Near the Water), dies at 66

1989 Event - Suriname SLM-173 (DC-8) crashes near Paramaribo Airport killing 173

1989 Event - Gas explodes near 2 passenger trains in U.S.S.R., kills 100s

1989 Event - Israel attacks border strip Taba near Egypt

1988 Death - Charles Hawtrey, English actor (Carry On), dies near London at 73

1988 Event - Car bomb kills 7 Israelis, wounds 11 near Lebanon border

1988 Event - 31 reported dead as Ugandan jetliner crashes in fog near Rome

1988 Event - Mike Tyson crashes a silver BMW into a tree near Catskills, New York

1988 Event - Barge sinks near Anacortes, WA, spills 70,000 gallons of oil

1987 Event - In Arkansas R Gene Simmons kills 2, later bodies of 14 of his relatives are found at his home near Dover Ark

1987 Event - Pacific Southwest crashes near Los Angeles, kills 43

1987 Event - 10 die as Air Force jet crashed into a Ramada Inn near Indianapolis

1985 Event - ARCO Anchorage runs aground near Port Angeles, WA

1985 Event - DC-8 crashes near Gander, Newfoundland; 258 die

1985 Event - Fireworks factory near Hallett, OK explodes, 21 die

1985 Event - Bomb destroys Air India Boeing 747 in air near Ireland, 329 die

1985 Event - French agents blow up Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior near New Zealand

1982 Event - Record 11,763 start a 186 mile cross-country race near Stockholm

1982 Event - Car/bus collision near Beaune, France, 53 die

1982 Event - Argentina surrenders to Britain on S Georgia near Falkland Island

1982 Event - U.S. submarine Jacksonville collides with a Turkish freighter near Virginia

1981 Event - Irish Nationalist at Maze Prison near Belfast end 7-month hunger strike

1981 Event - 2 climbers fall 550 m down cliff near Angel Falls, Venezuela

1978 Event - 3 PFLP members kill a cop near El Al airlines in Orly Airport, Paris

1978 Event - Air India B747 explodes near Bombay killing 213

1977 Death - Robert Lowell, U.S. poet/pacifist (Near the Ocean), dies at 60)

1977 Event - Alain Prieur jumps his motorcycle 65 m over 16 buses, near Paris

1975 Event - Randy Farland finds a 14-leaf clover near Sioux Falls, SD

1975 Event - 2 passenger trains collided near Munich Germany killing 35

1974 Event - Charles de Gaulle Airport opens near Paris

1973 Event - Brazilian Boeing 707 crashes near Paris, 122 killed

1973 Event - Secret peace talks between U.S. and North Vietnam resumed near Paris

1972 Event - Eastern Tristar Jumbo Jet crashes near Everglades killing 101

1972 Event - Aeroflot Il-18 crashes near Black Sea resort of Sochi, kills 105

1972 Event - East German Aeroflot Illyushin 62 crashes near Moscow, killing 156

1971 Event - Apollo 14, 3rd U.S. manned Moon expedition, lands near Fra Mauro Alan Shepard and Edward Mitchell (Apollo 14) walk on Moon for 4 hours

1969 Event - Abebe Bikila's auto-accident, near Addis Ababa

1968 Event - Student riot in Nanterre near Paris

1968 Event - U.S. Surveyor 7 lands near lunar crater Tycho

1967 Event - Government bans submarines near South Africa

1967 Event - 25,000 U.S. and South Vietnamese troops launched Operation Junction City, offensive to smash Viet Cong stronghold near Cambodian border

1966 Event - USAF C144 military charter crashes near Binh Thai Vietnam kills 129

1966 Event - Bob Dylan hurt in motorcycle accident near Woodstock New York

1966 Event - U.S. bombs fuel storage facilities near North Vietnamese cities

1966 Event - B-52/KC-135 tankers crash near Spanish coast at Palomares, 7 die

1965 Event - Section of Allalin glacier wipes out construction site at Mattmark Dam near Saas-Fee, Switzerland

1965 Death - Bernard Verhoeven, poet/educator (Pleidooi near een non), dies

1964 Event - Train from Povoa de Varzin, Portugal derails near Oporto, 94 die

1963 Event - 3 fuel tanks explodes when jetliner is struck by lightning crashing near Elkton, Maryland-Only case of lightning caused crash, 81 die

1961 Event - Portuguese ship explode near Mozambique, kills 300

1960 Event - Old handwriting found in at Qumran, near the Dead Sea

1957 Birthday - Pete Jones, born near Watford, England, rocker, British bass guitarist, member of Public Image Ltd.

1957 Event - Dutch Super Constellation crashes near New Guinea, 56 die

1956 Event - French government routes troops to Cyprus near Suez crisis

1954 Event - 1st atomic power station opens (Obninsk, near Moscow, Russia)

1953 Event - Dutch DC-6 crashes near Ymuiden in North Sea, 21 die

1953 Event - USAF C124 Globemaster crashes near Tokyo killing 129 servicemen

1952 Event - Dutch DC-6 crashes near Frankfurt, killing 44

1950 Event - 2 Air France DC-4s crash near Bahrain, about 100 die

1949 Event - 200 killed in train derailment near Nowy Dwor Poland

1949 Event - Riot prevents Paul Robeson from singing near Peekskill, New York

1949 Event - Dutch KLM Constellation crashes near Bombay, 45 die

1949 Birthday - Holly Near, American Musician

1948 Event - Korczak Ziolkowski begins sculpture of Crazy Horse near Mount Rushmore

1947 Event - Dutch Dakota explodes near Coopenhagen, 16 die

1947 Event - KLM Dakota crashes near Copenhagen, 22 die

1947 Birthday - Alessandro Haber, actor, China is Near

1946 Event - 2 British ships sink near Albania

1946 Event - Train derailment kills 185 near Aracaju Brazil

1945 Event - Massive kamikaze-attack on U.S. battle fleet near Okinawa

1945 Event - U.S. Marines explore Tsugen Shima near Okinawa

1945 Event - Kamikazes attack U.S. battle fleet near Kerama Retto

1945 Event - British premier Churchill looks over at the Rhine (near Ginsberg)

1945 Event - U.S. 1st army breaks out bridgehead near Remagen

1945 Event - U.S. Task Force 58 attacks ships near Kobe/Kure

1945 Event - British troops land on Ramree, near coast of Burma

1944 Event - U.S. 15th Army corp reaches Mantes-Gassicourt near Paris

1944 Event - Danish resistance fails on assault on Taarbaek Fort near Copenhagen

1944 Event - 1st Japanese kamikaze attack, U.S. fleet near Iwo Jima

1944 Event - Allies land near Hollandia, New-Guinea

1943 Event - Last German Q/pirate ship sinks near Easter Island

1943 Event - "Congressional Limited" train derails near Frankfort Pa, kills 79

1943 Event - U.S. forces landed at Nassau Bay, near Salamaua, New Guinea

1943 Event - Nazi's discover mass grave of Polish officers near Katyn

1943 Event - Soviet forces reconquer Gumrak airport near Stalingrad

1943 Event - Russian offensive against German 6th/4th Armies near Stalingrad

1942 Event - Australian/Dutch guerrilla troops evacuated to Timor near Australia

1942 Event - 8 die as coal waste heap slides in river valley near Oakwood, Virginia

1942 Event - Elwood Ordnance Plant near Joliet Illinois kills 54

1942 Event - USS Yorktown sinks near Midway Island

1942 Event - Japanese parachutists land near oil center Palembang Sumatra

1942 Event - Japanese troops land near Makassar, South Celebes

1941 Event - German Q/pirate ship Kormoran sinks near Australia

1941 Event - 3,721 Jews are buried alive at Babi Yarravine (near Kiev) Ukraine

1940 Event - 4 teens, following their dog down a hole near Lascaux France discover 17,000-year-old drawings now known as Lascaux Cave Paintings

1940 Event - "Lake Shore Ltd" derails speed killing 34 near Little Falls NY

1939 Event - Russian air and ground attack against Finnish positions near Summa

1939 Event - German U-boat torpedoes tanker Sliedrecht near Ireland

1939 Event - Aquatic Park, near Fisherman's Wharf, SF, is dedicated

1938 Event - 500 ton meteorite lands near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

1937 Event - Republican offensive near Belchite Spain

1936 Event - 121 degrees F (49 degrees C), near Alton, Kansas (state record)

1934 Event - 113 degrees F (45 degrees C), near Gallipolis, Ohio (state record)

1934 Birthday - Gia Scala, born in Italy, actress in Angry Hills, Don't Go Near the Water

1933 Event - 112 foot ocean wave observed near Manila

1932 Birthday - Aharon Appelfeld, born near Czernowitz, Romania, now Ukraine, Israeli novelist, Holocaust survivor, Hebrew-language author with modernistic, metaphorical writing style

1929 Birthday - Chris Kenner, born in Kenner, near New Orleans, Louisiana, rhythm and blues singer, songwriter, recording artist, 1961 hit I Like It Like That was on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, song Land of a Thousand Dances was recorded by Patti Smith, and others

1928 Death - Thomas Hardy, novelist (Maddening Crowd), dies near Dorchester at 87

1925 Event - Dirigible "Shenandoah" crashed near Caldwell Ohio, 13 die

1925 Event - Swain's Island (near American Samoa) annexed by U.S.

1922 Birthday - Jeff Richards, born in Portland, Oregon, actor, Don't Go Near the Water

1921 Event - A sudden cloudburst kills 120 near Pikes Peak, Colorado

1920 Event - French passenger ship Afrique sinks near La Rochelle; 553 die

1919 Birthday - Richard Mason, born near Manchester, England, author, learned Japanese in World War II, interrogated prisoners of war, wrote 'The Wind Cannot Read', 'The Fever Tree', 'The World of Suzie Wong'

1917 Birthday - Robert Lowell, poet and pacifist, Lord Weary's Castle, Near the Ocean

1917 Event - Train near Chirurcha Romania catches fire and explodes; 100s die

1916 Event - 1st of 3 fatal shark attacks occurred near New Jersey shore (4 die)

1916 Event - German troops conquer Fort Douaumont near Verdun

1915 Event - German cruiser Dresden blows itself up near coast of Chile

1914 Event - Ewing Field, near Masonic Street, opens

1913 Event - Turkish-Greek sea battle near Troy

1912 Event - Captain Robert Scott, storm-bound in a tent near South Pole, makes last entry in his diary "the end cannot be far"

1911 Event - Haiti's dictator Simon flees on U.S. warship near Jamaica

1911 Event - 1st rescue of an air passenger by a ship, near Havana, Cuba

1908 Event - Natural Bridges National Monument forms near Lake Powell, Utah

1906 Birthday - Belle Stewart, born near Bloirgowrie, Scotland, Scottish traditional singer, led life of a Scottish Traveler, daughter Sheila Stewart wrote her biography 'Queen Amang the Heather; the Life of Belle Stewart'

1904 Birthday - Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenber----dorff, Sr, near Hamburg, Germany

1903 Birthday - Nicolas Nabokov, Near Lubcha Minsk Russia, composer, Holy Devil

1901 Event - SS Islander hits iceberg near Alaska and sinks killing 70

1901 Event - 55 die as Rock Island train derailed near Marshalltown Iowa

1899 Birthday - Harl McDonald, near Boulder Colorado, composer, Santa Fe Trail

1894 Event - U.S. warship Kearsarge wrecked on Roncador Reef, near Solomon Island

1886 Event - Great Britain annexes Kermadec-Island near New Zealand

1886 Birthday - Nicolai Sokoloff, near Kiev Ukraine, conductor, Seattle Symph

1885 Event - 13,000 meteors seen in 1 hour near Andromeda

1884 Event - 1st known photograph of a tornado is made near Howard, South Dakota

1884 Birthday - Louis Gruenberg, near Brest Litovsk Poland, composer, Daniel Jazz

1882 Event - 200 die as train derails near Tcherny, Russia

1881 Event - 200 drown as train runs off bridge near Cuautla Mexico

1881 Event - Canadian ferry Princess Victoria sinks near London Ontario, 200 die

1881 Event - World's 1st elec tram goes into service in Lichterfelder (near Berlin)

1879 Event - Meteor falls near Estherville, Iowa

1876 Event - 11 passenger cars crash in a ravine near Ashtabula Ohio, 92 die

1875 Event - German SS Schiller sinks near Scilly Islands, 312 killed

1870 Event - Ground broken for Northern Pacific Railway near Duluth, Minn

1865 Death - John Wilkes Booth, assassin, is shot dead near Bowling Green Virginia at 27

1865 Event - Affair near Lone Jack, Missouri

1865 Event - Civil War skirmish near Sturgeon, Missouri

1864 Event - Battle of Fair Oaks, Virginia near Richmont

1864 Event - Atlanta Campaign: Sever fighting near Dalton

1864 Event - Near Andersonville Georgia, rebels open a new POW camp "Camp Sumpter"

1864 Event - Heavy fighting takes place near Dandridge, Tennessee

1863 Event - Civil War Battle of Chickamauga, near Chattanooga Tennessee, ends

1863 Event - Battle of Chickamauga Georgia (near Chattanooga) begins; Union retreat

1863 Event - Cavalry action near Brandy Station-End of Gettysburg Campaign

1863 Event - Lee orders his forces to concentrate near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

1863 Event - Confederate raider "Nashville" sinks near Fort McAllister Georgia

1863 Event - Civil War skirmish near Newtown, Virginia

1863 Event - Naval engagement near Galveston between CSS Alabama and USS Hatteras

1863 Event - 1st homestead under the Homestead Act claimed, near Beatrice, Nebr

1862 Death - Turner Ashby, General, killed near Harrisonburg VA, dies at 33

1862 Event - Confederate cruiser The Alabama runs aground near London

1862 Event - General John Hunt Morgan begins 4 days of raids near Gallatin, Tennessee

1859 Event - 1st successful oil well drilled, near Titusville, Penn by Edwin Drake

1859 Event - Comstock silver load discovered near Virginia City, Nevada

1841 Event - James Clark Ross (UK) is 1st to enter pack ice near Ross Ice Shelf

1832 Event - Charles Darwin visits jungle near Bahia Brazil

1830 Event - Horse beats 1st U.S. made locomotive (near Baltimore)

1826 Event - Colonies under Jedediah Strong Smith move near Salt Lake Utah

1816 Birthday - Carl Herrmann, near Hanover Germany, stage magician

1814 Event - Battle of North Point fought near Baltimore during War of 1812

1804 Death - Alex Hamilton, killed by Vice President Aaron Burr in pistol duel near Weehawken

1789 Event - Spanish capture British schooner Northwest America near Vancouver I

1783 Event - Herschel reports seeing a red glow near lunar crater Aristarchus

1780 Event - British defeated by American militia near Kings Mountain, SC

1754 Event - George Washington defeats French and indians at Ft. Duquesne near Pittsburgh

1739 Event - J B C Bouvet de Lozier discovers Bouvet Island, near Antarctica

1607 Event - English colonists (John Smith) lands near James River in VA

1600 Event - Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler meet for 1st time near Prague

1542 Death - Hernando de Soto, dies while searching for gold, near Mississippi R

1524 Event - Pizarro's begins 1st great expedition, near Colombia

1498 Event - Christopher Columbus lands on "Isla Santa" near Venezuela

1496 Event - Moorish fortress Alhambra, near Grenada, surrenders to the Christi

1461 Event - Battle near Towton Field, 33,000 die (War of the Roses)

1382 Event - Battle on Beverhoutsfield near Brugge

1281 Event - Kublai Khans invading fleet disappears in typhoon near Japan

1176 Event - Murder attempt by "Assassins" on Saladin near Aleppo

1070 Event - Roquefort cheese created in a cave near Roquefort, France

891 Event - Northmen defeated near Louvaine, France