People Events in History

2015 Event - G.M. will pay $900 million and will undergo compliance monitoring to settle charges that it knew about faulty ignition switches in certain autos for years but neither reported nor fixed the problem; over 120 people died in crashes as a result

2015 Event - A memorial to the 40 people aboard Flight 93 opens in Shawshank, Pennsylvania, U.S.; terrorists hijacked the flight on September 11, 2001, but passengers rushed the cockpit, crashing the flight and averting the intended attack on the U.S. Capitol

2015 Event - France and the U.K. agree to share responsibility for taking in immigrants fleeing Syria and other conflict-ridden nations; France agrees to accept 24,000 people over the next two years, and the U.K. will accept 20,000

2015 Event - The U.S. Supreme Court upholds key provisions of Obamacare, including premium subsidies for about 6.4 million people enrolled in the federal health insurance exchange

2015 Event - The Japanese parliament votes to lower the nation's voting age to 18 from 20; the change will make about 2.4 million people eligible to vote

2015 Event - An outbreak of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) continues to spread in South Korea, where 11 people have died, 126 have been diagnosed, and over 3,000 people have been quarantined in an attempt to stop the epidemic

2015 Event - Flooding from recent heavy rains in Texas has resulted in over 200 rescues and at least 27 deaths to date; several people have also been reported missing

2015 Event - The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has banned 11 people after an ethics investigation; the banned officials have recently or previously been indicted for corruption by the U.S. Justice Department

2015 Event - A second major earthquake, magnitude 7.3, hits Nepal less than three weeks after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook the nation and caused thousands of deaths and injuries; at least 48 people are known to have perished in this second event

2015 Event - The World Health Organization declares Liberia free of the Ebola virus after a period of 42 days with no new cases, which is twice the normal quarantine duration; over 4,700 people perished in the nation during the epidemic

2015 Event - Italian authorities arrested the captain and a crewman of a vessel that shipwrecked in the Mediterranean, drowning at least 800 people; the passengers were migrating from North Africa to Europe

2015 Event - Sea incidents involving migrants continue at a steady pace in the Mediterranean, as Italian ships rescue 1,500 people from 5 separate vessels in less than 24 hours

2015 Event - France has outlawed the hiring of models who do not meet new Body Mass Index (BMI) minimums for a certain period of time before and during a modeling job; the law aims to prevent promotion of anorexia among models and people who emulate them

2015 Event - The U.S. Internal Revenue Service warns of an increase in taxpayer phone scams threatening victims unless they pay a given amount with a debit or prepaid credit card; over 366,000 people have been swindled of over $15 million since 2013

2015 Event - Over 6 million people attend a Mass in Manila, Philippines given by Pope Francis, who encouraged followers to protect the young and promote peace

2015 Event - Over 3.5 million people in Paris and across France stage unity rallies to protest the recent Islamist terrorist attack on the offices of French satire magazine 'Charlie Hebdo'; the rallies carry the theme 'Je Suis Charlie' (I am Charlie)

2015 Event - Police have killed two of the three men who attacked the offices of French satire magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' yesterday to avenge the Prophet Muhammad; the third attacker turned himself in after the incident, which killed 12 and wounded 11 people

2014 Event - Indonesia's search team finds plane wreckage and the remains of three people who were aboard AirAsia Flight 8501, which disappeared on December 28th; the findings confirm that the flight crashed in the waters between Indonesia and Singapore

2014 Event - Rescuers continue searching for missing AirAsia Flight 8501, which disappeared en route to Singapore from Indonesia on December 28th; the plane carried 162 people

2014 Event - Flooding in Malaysia has caused evacuations of over 100,000 people and has resulted in at least 10 deaths

2014 Event - Pakistani officials have arrested suspects in the Taliban's military school attack that killed 148 people; the government has lifted a death penalty moratorium and has bombed militant strongholds along the Afghan border to address terrorist violence

2014 Event - Sierra Leone has expanded the regions of the country subject to quarantine as the Ebola virus continues to spread; over 7,000 people in the nation have been infected and over 1,500 have died to date

2014 Event - Swiss voters decide against a proposal to limit annual immigration to 0.2% of the population, or to approximately 16,000 people; the current immigration rate is about 80,000 people per year

2014 Event - Police arrest over 140 people and continue clearing away camps formed by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong; the protesters seek autonomy in selection of Hong Kong candidates rather than selection of election choices by the Chinese government

2014 Event - An earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale hits Nagano, Japan; no deaths were reported, but dozens of people were injured or trapped in their homes, and over 80 people evacuated to a shelter

2014 Event - A series of hidden online markets are taken down after raids by U.S. and European authorities and the arrest of 17 people; the markets were used to secretly trade illegal goods

2014 Event - Pahoa, a town of about 1,000 people on Hawaii's Big Island, must evacuate due to a stream of lava flowing at 20 yards per hour from the Kilauea volcano; Red Cross Hawaii is assisting residents with temporary shelter

2014 Event - A total of 111 people have been identified as having had contact with an Ebola-infected 2-year-old girl before her death in Mali, raising concerns of a potential new epidemic; the girl was the first confirmed Ebola case in the nation

2014 Event - A recent study of over 11,000 people suggests that exercising three times per week can reduce depression risk by 19%, with an added risk reduction of 6% for every additional round of exercise

2014 Event - Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient hospitalized for Ebola in the U.S., slips from serious to critical condition in a Dallas hospital; 10 people who had been in close contact with the patient have been placed in isolation

2014 Event - Six people are arrested in Taiwan for selling contaminated lard products to restaurants, manufacturers and food suppliers; the 'lard' included discarded kitchen oil and leather manufacturing grease

2014 Event - Continued rain in the Hiroshima province of Japan poses a risk of additional landslides, which have caused the death of at least 42 people to date

2014 Event - China's Yunnan Province is hit by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake; 367 people perished, and over 1,880 were injured

2014 Event - The U.S. states that evidence suggests a Russian-made missile was fired at Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17; the missile strike killed all 298 people aboard

2014 Event - Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 is hit by a missile while flying over eastern Ukraine, the location of heavy fighting by pro-Russian separatists; the origin of the missile is not yet known; all 298 people aboard the plane were killed in the attack

2014 Event - Mohammed Zakari, a leader of Islamist militant group Boko Haram, has been arrested by Nigerian police; Boko Haram is implicated in hundreds of deaths and kidnappings, and Zakari is wanted for the recent killings of seven people

2014 Event - The U.K. recognizes people of Cornish heritage as minorities in accordance with the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities; people of Scottish, Welsh and Irish heritage already have minority standing

2014 Event - 174 people have been rescued from a South Korean ferry that capsized off the coast; the ferry was carrying 476 people, mainly students; rescue efforts are ongoing

2014 Event - The U.S. announces that it is on track to enroll 7 million people in government-mandated health insurance programs by the deadline at midnight

2014 Event - The People's Bank of China widens its trading band for the yuan against the U.S. dollar to within 2% of the determined daily midpoint, moving the currency toward market-based valuation

2014 Event - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrests more anti-government protestors and now holds 19 people suspected of attempting to undermine him

2014 Event - Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupts on Sumatra Island, shooting toxic clouds of ash into the air; 15 people die, and the search continues for more victims and survivors

2014 Event - In West Virginia, 10 people were hospitalized and 300,000 people have been unable to use tap water for four days since 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, an industrial chemical, leaked into the Elk river

2014 Event - Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupts again, with pyroclastic flows streaming down the volcanic slope; the activity has caused the evacuation of 22,000 people from the danger zone around Sinabung

2014 Event - According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the net worth of the 300 richest people in the world collectively increased by $524 billion; the group has an aggregate net worth of $3.7 trillion

2014 Event - A measles outbreak is declared in Metro Manila; the Philippine Department of Health reports 1,724 cases as of December 14, and 71 people in one hospital alone died in 2013

2013 Event - Twenty people die on the island of Madagascar from bubonic plague, which is transmitted to humans via rat fleas; chronic overcrowding and unhygienic prison conditions are identified as the root cause of the outbreak

2013 Event - After the People's Republic of China expands its air zone, South Korea responds by expand its air defense zone, causing rising tensions in the region

2013 Event - The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines, is confirmed to be over 5,700 people; the number is expected to increase

2013 Event - Iran experiences a 5.6-magnitude earthquake 35 miles from the Bushehr nuclear plant, raising concerns over the risk of radioactive leaks in the event of a major earthquake; seven people die and 30 are injured

2013 Event - For reasons of 'strategic national interest', Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announces the nation will cut its diplomatic ties with Taiwan but would remain a friend of Taiwan's people

2013 Event - During the first month of its release in October, the U.S. government reports that 106,185 people signed up for health insurance; only 26,794 signed up using the failed website,

2013 Event - In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Australian pledges $10 million to help with major clean-up and relief efforts in Vietnam, where over people in a single province are feared dead

2013 Event - The Philippines' central province of Leyte suffers a loss of potentially 10,000 people when Typhoon Haiyan devastated portions of Southeast Asia on November 8, 2013; it is the deadliest typhoon ever recorded

2013 Event - The war-torn city of Deir Ezzor, Syria experiences the first outbreak of polio in 14 years, with 22 people suspected of having the viral disease

2013 Event - Two million people lose power and five people are killed when Typhoon Nari strikes the Philippines

2013 Event - Nearly 500,000 people been evacuated from India's Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in preparation for Cyclone Phailin

2013 Event - After completing rescue missions for survivors of the 2013 Lampedusa migrant shipwreck, it is determined 360 people perished

2013 Event - Italian government ministers belonging to Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom party resign

2013 Event - At least 328 people are killed in a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that hit Balochistan, Pakistan on the 24th of September

2013 Event - Typhoon Usagi passes through southern China, killing at least 25 people in Hong Kong

2013 Event - Indonesia's Mount Sinabung explodes, causing nearly 6,000 people in the country's North Sumatra province to flee

2013 Event - In Colorado, thousands are evacuated due to heavy floods in Boulder County; four people are reported dead and 80 missing

2013 Event - In southwestern China, at least four people are killed by a 5.9-magnitude earthquake

2013 Event - A boat carrying asylum seekers capsizes north of Christmas Island; Australian authorities rescue 88 people and 9 are feared dead

2013 Event - In Camp Nou, located in Barcelona, Catalonia, over 90,000 people attend the 'Concert per la llibertat' (Concert for freedom) for the independence of Catalonia

2013 Event - In a poll, only 30 percent of people in Brazil considered President Dilma Rousseff's administration 'great' or 'good'

2013 Event - A Hepatitis A outbreak is linked to a fruit juice product sold by Townsend Farms; 79 people in the U.S. were effected

2013 Event - London's Metropolitan police remove belongings and sleeping bags of homeless people as part of 'a policy of reducing the impact of rough sleepers on the community'

2013 Event - The Arctic Council, an international forum that addresses issues faced by Arctic governments and the Arctic's indigenous people, gives China, India and four other nations observer status

2013 Event - Savar, Bangladesh celebrates a woman found alive in the rubble 17 days after after a garment factory building collapsed and killed over 1,042 people

2013 Event - Three months after $50 million in diamonds is stolen at the Brussels Airport, more than 24 people in France, Switzerland and Belgium were detained, and a significant stash of the diamonds and stash recovered

2013 Event - Unemployment in France reaches a record level of 3.22 million people

2013 Event - The ambassador from the People's Republic of China is summoned by Japan's government after a flotilla of Chinese ships sail near the disputed Senkaku Islands

2013 Event - Muslim terrorists set off two explosions near the finish line at the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, killing 3, injuring 183 people, and at least 15 requiring amputations

2013 Event - The People's Republic of China and the U.S. agree to work towards eliminating nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula

2013 Event - In China, two people die from H7N9 avian influenza infection. xH7N9 avian influenza is a sub-type that previously had not been transmitted to humans

2013 Event - In Paris, hundreds of thousands of people protest the legalization of same-sex marriage in France; the protest turns violent after access to the Champs-Elysees is denied

2013 Event - Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard formally apologizes to people affected by forced adoptions during the 1950s through 1970s

2013 Event - China's CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping is named as the new President of the People's Republic of China, with Li Yuanchao named as Vice President

2013 Event - In China, Premier Wen Jiabao addresses the National People's Congress announcing the country's 2013 goal of a 7.5% growth rate in GDP

2013 Event - With a personal fortune of $73 billion dollars, Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, tops the list of the 'Forbes' list of wealthiest people

2013 Event - The famous painting, 'Liberty Leading the People' by Eugene Delacroix, commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 is vandalized while on loan to the Louvre-Lenz museum in Lens, France

2013 Event - In preparation for the Scottish independence referendum, the Scottish Government agrees to alter the wording in its referendum because members expressed concerns that it might lead people to vote for it

2013 Event - Thousands of people on Australia's east coast are threatened by over 130 wildfires burning, and are forced to leave their homes

2012 Event - Christmas food parcels are distributed in the Republic of Ireland; hundreds of people line up to receive them

2012 Event - In the U.S. state of Connecticut, a shooter kills 29 people, including 20 children, himself and his mother at Sandy Hook Elementary School

2012 Event - Typhoon Bopha, striking New Bataan and parts of the southern Philippines, leads to the deaths of 283 people with 339 injured, over 300 missing, and over 87,000 evacuated from the area

2012 Event - In Egypt, one hundred thousand people gather around the Presidential palace to protest proposed constitutional changes by Mohamed Morsi, the President of Egypt

2012 Event - Heavy rain and high winds across England and Wales kill two people and flood 800 homes

2012 Event - A dense fog near Beaumont, Texas, causes a a 100-vehicle pileup , leaving 120 people injured and 2 killed; the incident forced the Interstate 10 in Southeast Texas to close in both directions

2012 Event - A Union Pacific train strikes a parade float in Midland, Teas, killing four people and injuring 17 others

2012 Event - In the U.S., over 60 people die in the Mid-Atlantic states as the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy leaves millions without electricity and cripples its mass transportation system

2012 Event - In the U.S., five people have died from fungal meningitis, and 47 are infected; all contracted fungal meningitis from contaminated medicine

2012 Event - After a strike over working conditions, the world's biggest platinum producer, Anglo Platinum Limited, fires 12,000 people in South Africa

2012 Event - Unseasonal flooding in Morocco causes three people to drown

2012 Event - Demonstrations by thousands of Libyan people cause Ansar al-Sharia Islamists evacuate their headquarters

2012 Event - In crowded Ginowan, Okinawa, tens of thousands of Japanese people protest, demanding closure of the Futenma airbase (MCAS) and halting the deployment of twelve MV-22 Osprey aircraft

2012 Event - Scientists create a 'magic carpet' using optical fibers to help prevent elderly people from falling by detecting when unusual footsteps are taken

2012 Event - At least 20 people due from the Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2012 Event - Dallas, Texas Mayor Mike Rawlings declares a state of emergency after an outbreak of West Nile Virus kills at least 17 people; the city plans to combat the mosquitoes with aerial spraying of pyrethroid insecticides

2012 Event - Mexico's drug war continues in Monterey, when alleged members of the Gulf Cartel storm a bar in Monterey, killing 10 people

2012 Event - Mexico's state, Veracruz, experiences a natural disaster when Hurricane Ernesto makes landfall, killing at least three people

2012 Event - Typhoon Haikui, expected to make landfall in Zhejiang early tonight or early tomorrow, prompts the People's Republic of China to evacuate 200,000 people form Shanghai

2012 Event - In India, an earlier blackout that left over 600 million people without power ends when power is restored

2012 Event - Over 300 million people are left without power in Delhi, India, due to a power grid failure

2012 Event - Tropical Storm Khanun left 16,000 people homeless in South Korea

2012 Event - King Jong-un, son of King Jong-il, is announced the official Supreme Leader of North Korea; he also now holds the rank of Marshal in the Korean People's Army

2012 Event - The People's Republic of China economic growth rate experiences to its lowest level in three years, 7.6 per cent

2012 Event - An estimated 90 - 115 people die when an oil tanker in Okobge, Rivers State Nigeria crashes and explodes

2012 Event - In an attempt to encourage people to buy from their local bookstores, novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo boycotts e-books

2012 Event - As part of a build-up to the London 2012 Summer Olympics, 100,000 people attend a two-day music concert at Hackney Marshes

2012 Event - Northern Italy, near Bologna, experiences a 5.8-magnitude earthquake; at least 24 people are killed

2012 Event - Following some controversial remarks, Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, is accused of 'insulting the Greek people'

2012 Event - People in East Asia, the North Pacific and the Western United States have the opportunity today to view a rare annular solar eclipse

2012 Event - Robert Spitzer, a retired American psychiatrist, claims his 2001 study was 'fatally flawed'; the study falsely supported the myth that gay people could be 'cured'

2012 Event - Scientists at Stanford University invent a working bionic eye the is powered only by focused light; the eye could eventually restore the sight of millions of people suffering from macular degeneration and retinal pigmentosa

2012 Event - In China, violent rainfalls and flooding in the Hunan Province destroy a bridge and 3,500 homes, causing Pinhjiang County to evacuate 28,000 people

2012 Event - A Beijing court announces it will hear artist and dissident Ai Weiwei, held and gagged on tax evasion charges by the People's Republic of China

2012 Event - Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Tahrir Square against continuing military rule in Egypt

2012 Event - Data from the 1940 U.S. census is released including information on 132 million people

2012 Event - In Montreal, Canada, over 200,000 people march to protest against post-secondary education tuition hikes

2012 Event - Britain has 2.67 million people unemployed, its highest unemployment rate since 1995

2012 Event - The U.S. Census Bureau reports the world now has 7 billion people

2012 Event - In 2012, the People's Republic of China will increase its defense spending by 11.2 per cent

2012 Event - The midwestern United States is hit by tornadoes, killing 12 people

2012 Event - In New Zealand's city of Christchurch, thousands of people commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake where 185 people died last year

2012 Event - In Rio de Janeiro, a record 2.2 million people attend the Bola Preta street party during Rio's carnival

2012 Event - Hundreds of thousands of people protest against austerity measures in Portugal's capital of Lisbon

2012 Event - Protests run by Occupy Oakland in Oakland City, California turn violent; approximately 300 people are arrested

2012 Event - Eleven people are killed when their hot air balloon collides with a power line and crashes near Carterton, New Zealand

2011 Event - During the 40th anniversary of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, a bomb kills one person and clashes break out between security and opposition protesters

2011 Event - In the Philippines, flash floods from Tropical Storm Washi killed at least 400 people, with more missing

2011 Event - According to the U.S. Census, 1 in 2 people are considered low-income or poor

2011 Event - Unemployment in the United Kingdom rises to 2.64 million people

2011 Event - In Bogota, Columbia, 200,000 people protest government cuts in education

2011 Event - Dozens of people are arrested as riot police shut down Occupy Portland and Occupy Oakland Rallies, offshoots of the Occupy Wall Street movement

2011 Event - In the People's Republic of China, 45 trapped coal miners are pulled to the surface in Sanmenxia; 8 miners died

2011 Event - Four states and 1.5 million people in the Eastern U.S. still have no power after a 2011 Halloween nor-easter hit the area with unusually early snowfall

2011 Event - According to the U.N. Population Division, the world population has reached seven billion people

2011 Event - A World War II-era bomb is discovered in the German city of Halle; 12,000 people are evacuated

2011 Event - In the U.S., 133 people in 26 states are suffering from the 2011 U.S. listeriosis outbreak, which killed 28 people to date

2011 Event - The city of Van in eastern Turkey experiences a 7.2-magnitude earthquake; 100 people are killed

2011 Event - In Poland, the Polish People's Party coalition becomes the first government to be reelected since Poland transitioned to democracy in 1989

2011 Event - Over 110 people are arrested in Queens, New York as part of the largest identity theft and retail crime ring in U.S. history

2011 Event - In the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Public Security arrests over 2,000 people in an effort to crackdown on gang-related crime

2011 Event - In Pakistan, over 5,000 people reportedly are infected with Dengue fever

2011 Event - Japan's National Police Agency discloses that 90% of cyberattacks on its web site came from IP addresses in the People's Republic of China

2011 Event - First Air fails in an attempt to land a Boeing 737 in poor conditions; 12 of 15 people die after the plane crashes near Canada's Resolute Bay

2011 Event - In the Papuan capital of Jayapura, about 10,000 Papuan people demonstrate in support of independence from India

2011 Event - U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte sets a new world record for the 200-meter individual medley, winning gold at the 2011 World Aquatics Championships in Shanghai, People's Republic of China

2011 Event - An extremist explodes a car bomb in Oslo, Norway, killing at least seven people; he then opens fire at a Labour Party youth camp in Utoya, Norway, killing 84

2011 Event - In Guinea, up to 80 people, including soldiers, are arrested for a failed assassination attempt on President Alpha Conde, which occurred July 19

2011 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet the Dalai Lama in Washington, D.C. despite a warning from the People's Republic of China

2011 Event - In the Volga River near Bolgar, Russia, cruise ship Bulgaria sinks; 110 people drown and 80 are rescued alive

2011 Event - In China, a fire in a coal mine in Shandong Province leaves at least 36 people trapped underground

2011 Event - A tourist boat travelling off the coast of Baja California in Mexico sinks; 23 people are reported missing

2011 Event - The U.N. reports 10 million people are effected by the worst drought in 60 years, forcing Somalians to flee to Kenya and Ethiopia to avoid starvation

2011 Event - The E.coli strain that caused 46 deaths in Germany reportedly resurfaced in france, with eight people hospitalized in Bordeaux

2011 Event - People's Republic of China officials warn that the the 2011 China floods will likely raise the price of food

2011 Event - Over 270,000 people in Illinois experience a power failure due to thunderstorms and funnel clouds

2011 Event - The first condemnation of discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgender people is issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council

2011 Event - In Rome, Italy, over 500,000 people demonstrate, demanding same-sex rights

2011 Event - Li Na becomes the first Asian tennis player to win a major title winning the 2011 French Open; Li Na is from the People's Republic of China

2011 Event - In Germany, at least 10 people die from cucumbers infected with the deadly bacteria E. coli

2011 Event - About 193,000 people are without power after severs storms struck the U.S. city of Atlanta, Georgia

2011 Event - Tornado warnings are issued for Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri; the Joplin, Missouri death toll rises to 126 people with 1,150 injured by the May 22 tornado

2011 Event - April exports for the People's Republic of China reach an all-time monthly hight of $155.69 billion

2011 Event - A near riot breaks out at the Beijing Apple Store as the Apple iPad2 goes on sale in the People's Republic of China

2011 Event - Thousands march in Mexico City to protest the 38,000 people who have died since the Mexican Drug War began in 2006

2011 Event - A landslide in Indonesia's East Java province kills 100 people

2011 Event - In Morocco, thousands rally to demand and end to corruption and more civil rights for the Moroccan people

2011 Event - Over 200,000 people are evacuated from Japan as fear of nuclear contamination from the power plants grows

2011 Event - In his book 'Jesus of Nazareth Part II', Pope Benedict XVI exonerates the Jewish people for the responsibility of the death of Jesus

2011 Event - In China, Jia Qinglin, senior leader of the People's Republic of China, calls for controls over Tibetan Buddhism and a renewed struggle against the Dalai Lama

2011 Event - More than 1,000 people are estimated to have been killed during the unrest in Libya

2011 Event - As more people are detained, the online call for a 'Jasmine Revolution' continues

2011 Event - In the People's Republic of China, the call for a 'Jasmine Revolution' spreads online as authorities hunt down political activists

2011 Event - Human Rights Watch reports 24 people were killed in Libya's 'Day of Rage' anti-regime protest

2011 Event - Inflation in the People's Republic of China reaches 4.9%

2011 Event - Protesters stage the largest demonstration ever against the Mubarak regime; two million people gather in Tahir Square, vowing to stay until Mubarak leaves his post

2011 Event - Egypt's people vow to continue demonstrating until President Mubarak's regime falls

2011 Event - Over half a million people participate in the world's largest wildlife survey after extreme cold drives exotic birds into Britain's back gardens

2011 Event - Top airport security officials are fired after a suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport kills 35 people, injures 130

2011 Event - In Egypt, tens of thousands of people participate in a 'day of revolt' to protest against the government

2011 Event - U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords is shot, Judge John Roll killed, in a Tucson, Arizona shooting rampage that killed 6 people and injured 14

2011 Event - Chinese prosecutors claim over 600 people were killed in Yunnan over a seven year period from official misconduct

2011 Event - River levels in Queensland, Australia continue to rise, 200,000 people are affected and one fatality are reported

2010 Event - Sri Lanka's floods maroon over 76,000 people

2010 Event - Britain's Labor Party leader Ed Miliband launches a review of the British Labor Party, calling upon activists to help make it the 'People's Party' once again

2010 Event - A stampede occurs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, during the Khmer Water Festival celebrations, killing at least 339 people

2010 Event - David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, embarks on an official visit aimed at building closer economic ties to the People's Republic of China

2010 Event - The oldest type of stone axe in the world is dated at 35,500 years old; it was found in Australia's Northern Territory in the lands of the Jawoyn people

2010 Event - The People's Republic of China announces it is taking its first census in ten years

2010 Event - The U.S. launches a search for the people behind an attempt to mail bombs to synagogues and places of worship in Chicago, Illinois

2010 Event - Over 250 people die as a result of the cholera outbreak in the 2010 Haitian cholera outbreak; cholera is detected for the first time in Port-au-Prince

2010 Event - In Uganda, 20 people die and 20,000 people are sickened by an outbreak of jiggers

2010 Event - Shanghai's Expo 2010 attracts over 64 million people, a record-breaking number of visitors in the history of World's Fairs

2010 Event - In one of Spain's biggest corruption trials, 95 people, including two former mayors and a planning chief, appear in court in Malaga

2010 Event - Nigeria's government opens two swollen dams, displacing two million people in Jigawa State

2010 Event - In Parana, Brazil, a stadium collapses during a car race, injuring 110 people

2010 Event - At least 47 people die in northern India from heavy monsoon rains and landslides in Uttrakhand state, Pitthoragarh, Chapawat and Uttarkashi regions

2010 Event - In New Zealand, 100,000 people are left without water after a large storm; the storm took the roof off of Stadium Southland in Invercargill

2010 Event - Poverty rates in the United States hit a 15-year high of 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million people

2010 Event - Rival political parties clash in Guinea ahead of a presidential run-off election; at least 24 people are injured

2010 Event - In San Bruno, California, a fire begins with a massive explosion in a natural gas line, kills 4 people, destroys many homes, and continues burning

2010 Event - At least 54 homes are destroyed and 8 people are missing after wildfires hit Boulder County, Colorado

2010 Event - Wildfire concerns cause over 3,500 people to evacuate Boulder County, Colorado

2010 Event - In Guatemala, heavy rains and landslides kill at least 18 people and a state of emergency is declared

2010 Event - At least 40 people are killed by a bomb blast at a solidarity rally with the Palestinian people in Quetta, Pakistan

2010 Event - Major floods in Southern Sudan, near Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal leave 57,000 people homeless

2010 Event - In Sudan, the People's Liberation Army announces it will demobilize its child soldiers by the end of 2010

2010 Event - Sumatra's Sinaburg volcano continues to erupt, two people are killed and 21,000 are evacuated from the vicinity

2010 Event - Sumatra's Sinabung volcano erupts for the first time in 400 years, killing one and causing Indonesia to evacuate thousands of people

2010 Event - In Hong Kong, 80,000 people rally in response to last week's fatal tourist coast hijacking hostage crisis in the Philippines

2010 Event - A crowd of 500,000 people attend a 'Restoring Honor' rally hosted by Glenn Beck at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

2010 Event - After a weeklong battle with 43 people killed, Somalia's al-Shabaab rebel group called for reinforcements to take over the capital Mogadishu

2010 Event - Threatened by floods, Pakistan directs nearly half a million people to evacuate their homes

2010 Event - The U.S. experiences a salmonella scare, with hundreds of people ill from bad eggs; eggs are recalled from stores throughout the nation

2010 Event - In Zhouqu, China, new landslides leave 29 people dead and 10,500 trapped

2010 Event - Northern Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army is accused of abduction and forced recruitment of 697 people in the past year and a half

2010 Event - More than 5,000 people lose their homes and crops when the Niger River bursts its banks

2010 Event - The death toll from the Gansu province flooding and landslide disaster rises to 702 with 1,100 people missing

2010 Event - Ongoing flooding and landslides in Gansu Province, China, kill 127 people and result in 2,000 missing

2010 Event - Officials determine that over 28,000 people have died from Mexican drug violence since December 2006

2010 Event - Floods in Pakistan kill over 900 people, and the death toll is expected to rise further

2010 Event - Monsoon rains delay salvage of the wreckage of Airblue Flight 202 which crashed in the Margalla Hills outside Islamabad, Pakistan, killing all 152 people onboard

2010 Event - Entire villages are burned to the ground and 40,000 people flee their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2010 Event - At least 70 people are killed and 300 wounded in a series of bombings over the three-day Shia pilgrimage to the Musa Kadhim mausoleum in Iraq

2010 Event - A heat wave in the U.S. and Canada kills 9 people

2010 Event - A fuel tanker overturns and explodes in South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing over 230 people and injuring

2010 Event - Brazilian storms in Alagoas and Pernambuco states kill 46 people

2010 Event - At last count, 76 people are dead while hundreds have disappeared after a train crash in the Republic of Congo caused the train to fall into a ravine

2010 Event - Kurdish rebels claim responsibility for a bus bomb in Istanbul, Turkey; five people were killed and twelve people injured

2010 Event - Dhaka's University of Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh is shut down after a student rampage injures four people because of 2010 FIFA World Cup fever

2010 Event - Rival clashes between nomadic groups in the Darfur region of Sudan kills at least 48 people

2010 Event - Roza Otunbayeva, interim leader of Kyrgyzstan, estimates the death toll from the country's worst ethnic battle in decades could be as many as 2,000 people

2010 Event - Ethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan's city of Osh and Jalal-Abad left more than 100 people dead and over 1,400 injured after three days of four days of fighting

2010 Event - Flash floods on the Little Missouri River kill at least 20 people near a campground in the Ouachita Mountains, west of Little Rock, Arkansas

2010 Event - Fighting over the past three days in Darfur, Sudan's western region, has killed 41 people

2010 Event - A series of bomb explosions in Baghdad, near Shia mosques, kill dozens of people and wound 100 others

2010 Event - Kyrgyzstan unrest continues as over 1,000 people in Jala-Abad gather in the towns main square denouncing Otunbayeva's interim government and chanting pro-Bakiev slogans

2010 Event - President of the People's Republic of China, Hu Jintao, meets with President Barack Obama to discuss Iran's nuclear program during the Nuclear Security Summit

2010 Event - Rescuers search for over 200 people believed to be buried in their homes by a landslide in Murro do Bumba near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2010 Event - Over 100 people die in the Krygyzstani riots; opposition leader Roza Otunbayeva says she will lead a temporary government for six months

2010 Event - The BBC finds evidence of a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo carried out by the Lord's Resistance Army last December, in which 321 people, including children, were killed

2010 Event - A suicide bomb attack in Geresh, Helmand Province, Afganistan kills ten people and injures 7

2010 Event - After five years of research by the Dresden Historians' Commission, a report stated a reduced figure of 25,000 people died in the 1945 Dresden bombing

2010 Event - Six people are killed by a remotely operated bomb while travelling in southern Afghanistan in Tirin Kot, the capital of Afghanistan's Uruzgan province

2010 Event - Taiwan is hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, twelve people are injured, communications and rail services are disrupted

2010 Event - At least 33 people are killed, more than 50 wounded, by multiple suicide bombers in Baquoba, Iraq

2010 Event - Suicide bombers carry out a number of attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing at least 17 people

2010 Event - Tengzhong's bid to purchase Hummer from General Motors is rejected by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

2010 Event - At least 32 people are dead and 68 injured from floods and mudslides on the island of Madeira, Portugal

2010 Event - Afghan officials remove 150 bodies of people killed by avalanches in the Salang Pass in the Hindu Kush mountains earlier in the week

2010 Event - The World Food Programme reports that 4.3 million people suffer from hunger in Sudan, the number has quadrupled since 2009

2010 Event - A suicide bomber kills 20 people at a market in Afghanistan's Oruzgan Province

2010 Event - The People's Republic of China 2009 Mercedes-Benz sales rose 77%

2010 Event - An employee at ABB Power building in St. Louis, Missouri, commits suicide after shooting eight people, 3 fatally

2010 Event - A suicide bomber kills 95 people, injures over 100, and destroys 20 houses at a volleyball game in Lakki Marwat, Pakistan

2009 Event - Nearly 100 people are killed by a runaway truck at a market in Kogi State, Nigeria

2009 Event - 30,000 Phillipine people remain in temporary shelter as scientists predict the Mount Mayon volcano will erupt in the coming weeks

2009 Event - 20 people are killed in a fire at a nightclub in the North Sumatra capital of Medan, Indonesia

2009 Event - An ethnic conflict over fishing rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo kills 100 people, displaces 50,000

2009 Event - Margarito Montes, a prominent union leader, is found among fifteen people killed on a ranch in northern Mexico

2009 Event - Six people sentenced to death over ethnic rioting in July that killed almost 200 in the region of Xinjiang

2009 Event - A train travelling through heavy rain in Hua Hin in southern Thailand, is derailed, killing serval people and injuring dozens

2009 Event - A gun battle between U.S. agents and suspected people smugglers shuts down San Ysidro U.S. Mexico border crossing

2009 Event - More than 2,000 people found in Poland's largest mass grave during World War II are reburied in a military cemetary

2009 Event - Typhoon Morakat approaches southeastern China, over one million people are evacuated

2009 Event - A crowd of 50,000 people participate in a memorial service at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

2009 Event - The engine on an airbus A320 plane catches fire at Paris-Orly airport, eight people are injured

2009 Event - Nearly 300 people are killed and 1,500 injured near L'Aquila, Italy, after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes

2009 Event - At least 99 people are killed after flash flooding and the failure of the Situ Gintung dam in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

2009 Event - Eight people are killed, several injured, after gunmen attack a bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketeers in Lahore, Pakistan

2008 Event - Mumbai terrorist attacks kill over 195 people over four days

2008 Event - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issues a formal apology to the Aboriginal people of Australia

2007 Event - 8.0 Earthquake in Peru kills over 500 people, injures over 1,500

2007 Event - Multiple suicide bombings kill over 550 people in Qahtaniya, Iraq

2006 Event - United States population reaches 300 million people

2006 Event - Egyptian ferry, Al Salam Boccaccio, sinks killing over 1200 people in the Red Sea

2005 Event - Earthquake in Kashmir kills approximately 80,000 people

2005 Event - The Supreme Court rules the death penalty unconstitutional for people who committed crimes before age 18

2003 Death - Sheb Wooley, singer/actor, ", One-eyed, One-horn Flying Purple People Eater, ", dies at 82

2002 Event - Stove mishap sets Egyption train on fire, kills over 360 people

1999 Death - Curtis Mayfield, composer/singer, People Get Ready, dies at 57

1998 Death - Richard Paul, actor, The People vs. Larry Flynt, dies at 58

1998 Event - President Clinton says "I want to say one thing to the American people I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"

1998 Event - 24th Annual People's Choice Awards - Seinfeld, Tim Allen win

1997 Event - 23rd People's Choice Awards: Bill Cosby wins

1996 Event - 230 people die when TWA 800 crashes outside of New York City

1996 Event - 22nd People's Choice Awards: Apollo 13, Tom Hanks wins

1996 Event - Record $65.2 million British lottery won by 3 people (2-3-4-13-42-44)

1995 Event - Thousands of people in Hiroshima tribute on 50th anniversary of bomb

1995 Event - Earthquake hits Russian town of Khabarovsk, killing 2,000 people

1995 Event - 1st time 13 people in space

1995 Event - 21st People's Choice Awards: Tim Allen wins

1995 Event - Colin Fergusson found guilty of killing 6 people on the LIRR in NY

1995 Event - Population of People's Republic of China hits 1.2 billion

1994 Event - U.S. changes refugee policy, by sending Haitian boat people back

1994 Event - Drunken officer shoots 7 people dead in Falun Sweden

1994 Event - President Clinton announces U.S. will no longer repatriate boat people

1994 Event - Supreme Court outlaws excluding people from juries because of gender

1994 Event - 20th People's Choice Awards

1993 Event - 25 people killed during Ghana-Ivory Coast soccer match

1993 Event - Danish people vote in favor of ratifying the Maastricht Treaty

1993 Event - The Branch Davidian Compound near Waco, Texas, is destroyed in a fire after 51-day stand-off; 76 people die, including 24 British nationals and 20 children

1993 Event - 19th People's Choice Awards

1993 Event - "Michael Jackson Talks To Oprah Winfrey" airs on ABC and drew an astounding 39.3 rating/56 share, 90 million people

1992 Birthday - Miley Ray Cyrus, pop-rock singer, actress, 100 Most Influential People in the World list, Time magazine, 2008, star of Disney's 'Hannah Montana', debut album, 'Meet Miley Cyrus' had first top ten single, 'See You Again'

1992 Death - Skip Stephenson, TV host (Real People), dies

1992 Death - Skip Stephenson, comedian (Real People), dies of heart attack at 52

1992 Event - 18th People's Choice Awards: Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire

1992 Death - Charlie Ventura, jazz sax (Bop for the people), dies at 75 of cancer

1991 Event - Ukrainian people vote for independence

1991 Event - "Shiny Happy People" by REM peaks to #10

1991 Event - "People Are Still Having Sex," by LaTour hits #35

1991 Event - Last issue of Dutch Newspaper "Vroe Folk" (Free People)

1991 Event - 17th People's Choice Awards: Julia Roberts, Bill Cosby, Pretty Woman

1991 Event - UNPO, Unrepresented Nations and People Org forms in Hague

1990 Event - 1st time 12 people in space

1990 Event - Gunman holds 33 people (killing 1) hostage in Berkeley California

1990 Event - 16th People's Choice Awards

1989 Event - U.S. Air overshoots runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, 2 people die

1989 Death - Merritt Butrick, actor (Shy People, Wired to Kill), dies of AIDS at 29

1989 Event - 15th People's Choice Awards

1988 Event - 14th People's Choice Awards: Fatal Attraction, Bill Cosby. win

1987 Event - 13th People's Choice Awards: Bill Cosby

1986 Event - Hands Across America - 6 million people hold hands from California to New York

1986 Event - 12th People's Choice Awards

1985 Event - Booby trap bomb kills 86 people in India

1985 Event - 11th People's Choice Awards: Bill Cosby wins 4 awards

1984 Event - Fire at Wilberg Mine in central Utah killed 27 people

1984 Event - 1st time 11 people in space

1984 Event - 10th People's Choice Awards: Brooke Shields

1984 Event - 1st time 8 people in space

1983 Event - Attorney General Edwin Meese says people go to soup kitchens "because food is free and that's easier than paying for it"

1983 Event - Earthquake in Colombia kills some 5,000 people

1983 Event - 9th People's Choice Awards

1983 Event - Tornado tears through LA, injuring 33 people

1982 Event - China announces its population at 1 billion people plus

1982 Death - Dan Seymour, actor (We the People, Sing it Again), dies at 67

1982 Event - DEA announces seizure of 3,192 tons of marijuana, 495 people

1981 Event - Judge Wapner and People's Court premier on TV

1981 Event - Barcelona fascists take 200 people hostage

1981 Event - 53rd Academy Awards - "Ordinary People," R De Niro and Sissy Spacek win

1981 Event - People mag features drug ordeal of Mackenzie and Papa John Phillips

1981 Event - 38th Golden Globes: Ordinary People, Coal Miner's Daughter

1980 Event - South Korean police ends people's uprising; 2,000 killed

1979 Death - Ettore Manni, actor (Street People, Divine Nymph), dies at 52

1979 Event - "In The Navy" by Village People hits #3

1979 Event - "Real People" premieres on NBC TV

1979 Event - People's Republic of China joins IOC

1979 Event - 5th People's Choice Awards

1979 Event - "YMCA" by Village People peaks at #2 on pop singles chart

1979 Event - YMCA files libel suit against Village People's YMCA song

1978 Event - U.N. observes "international day of solidarity with Palestinian people," boycotted by U.S. and about 20 other countries

1978 Event - People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South) adopts constitution

1978 Birthday - Josh Hartnett, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, film producer, actor, movies include 'Black Hawk Down', 'Pearl Harbor', People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People 2002

1978 Event - 4th People's Choice Awards: Star Wars, Carol Burnett and Bob Hope

1977 Event - Supreme Court says people may refuse to display state motto on license

1977 Event - Ali Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party wins elections

1977 Event - Libyan Socialist Arabs People's Republic forms

1976 Event - "Let My People Come" closes at Morosco Theater New York City after 106 performances

1976 Event - "Let My People Come" opens at Morosco Theater New York City for 106 performances

1976 Event - East-Timor People's Assembly accepts annexation through Indonesia

1976 Birthday - Colin Farrell, born in Castleknock, Ireland, actor, films include, 'Minority Report', 'Alexander', 'In Bruges', listed as 'People' magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People, 2003

1976 Death - Lin Yutang, Chinese writer, 'My Country and My People'

1975 Event - Laos falls to communist forces; Lao People's Democratic Rep proclaimed

1975 Event - Lao People's Democratic Republic founded (National Day)

1975 Event - WEDway People Mover inaugurated

1975 Event - 3 people die in tornado that strikes Omaha, Nebraska

1974 Event - Rhino Store gives people 5 cents to take home Danny Bonaduce's Album

1974 Event - "People" magazine begins sales

1974 Event - E Wilson Jr's musical "Let My People Come," premieres in New York City

1973 Event - President Nixon tells AP "...people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook"

1973 Event - National People's party wins Dutch Antilles National elections

1973 Death - M Revis, Willem Fisherman, author 'People that Mutiny', dies at 68

1972 Event - Japan and People's Republic of China begin diplomatic relations

1972 Birthday - Peter Billingsley, born in New York City, actor, Real People

1971 Event - Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) form Jesse Jackson

1971 Event - People United To Save Humanity (PUSH) forms by Jesse Jackson in Chic

1971 Event - People's Republic of South Yemen renames itself People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

1971 Event - China People's Republic seated in United Nations Security Council

1971 Event - People's Republic Bangladesh forms, under sheik Mujib ur-Rahman

1971 Event - President Nixon ends blockade against People's Republic of China

1971 Birthday - Jose Solano, born in Inglewood, California, actor, played Manny Gutierrez on Baywatch, listed as '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' by YM Magazine, nominated for the ALMA Award

1971 Event - John and Yoko record "Power to the People"

1970 Event - Independent People's Republic of South Yemen becomes People Democratic Republic of Yemen

1969 Event - Congo-Brazzaville becomes People's republic, under major Ngouabi

1969 Event - 1st time 7 people in space

1969 Event - 1st time 5 people in space

1969 Event - People revolt in Willemstad, Curacao

1969 Event - Communist New People's Army found in Philippines

1969 Event - Nayif Hawatimah forms Dem People's Front for Liberation of Palestine

1968 Birthday - Hugh Jackman, born in Sydney, Australia, actor, producer, movies include 'Kate & Leopold', 'The Prestige', 'X-Men', named 'Sexiest Man Alive' by People magazine

1968 Death - William E B Dubois, U.S. founder NAACP (Souls of black people), dies

1968 Event - 50,000 participate in Solidarity Day March of Poor People's Campaign

1968 Event - Martin Luther King, Jr. announces plans for Poor People's Campaign

1968 Event - Clandestine Radio Voice of Iraqi People (Communist) final transmission

1967 Event - People's front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) established

1967 Event - Democratic People's republic of Yemen gains independence

1967 Event - People's Democratic Republic of Yemen declares independence from U.K.

1967 Event - People's Rep of South Yemen (Aden) gains independence from Britain

1967 Event - 4 people from Baltimore pour blood on selective service records

1967 Event - NLF leaves People's Republic of South-Yemen

1965 Birthday - Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Turin Italy, actress, Normal People

1965 Event - People's Republic China offers North Vietnam military aid

1964 Event - 1st time 4 people in space

1964 Event - Barbra Streisand's "People," album goes #1 for 5 weeks

1964 Event - 1st time 3 people in space

1964 Birthday - Courtney Love, SF, vocalist, Hole, actress, People vs Larry Flynt

1963 Birthday - Helen Slater, New York City, actress, Supergirl, Billie Jean, Ruthless People

1963 Birthday - Hu Na, born in Taipei, Republic of China, professional tennis player, defected from the People's Republic of the United State to the United States in 1982

1963 Event - 1st transmission of Clandestine Voice of Iraqi People (Communist)

1962 Event - Beatles 1st British TV appearance (People and Places)

1962 Event - 1st time 2 people in space

1961 Event - "Billy Barnes People" closes at Royale Theater New York City after 8 performances

1961 Event - "Billy Barnes People" opens at Royale Theater New York City for 8 performances

1961 Birthday - Byron Allen, born in Los Angeles, California, comedian, Real People, Byron Allen Show

1961 Death - Willem J M van Eysinga, people rights scholar, dies at 82

1960 Event - 60 people die when bus plunges off bridge into Turvo River, Brazil

1960 Birthday - Timothy Hutton, born in Malibu, California, actor, Turk 182, Ordinary People

1960 Birthday - Nastassja Kinski, born in Berlin, Germany, actress, Tess, Cat People

1959 Birthday - Belouis Some, rocker, Neville Keighley-Some People

1958 Event - 14 people named 1st life peers in U.K.

1958 Event - "Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley hits #1

1958 Birthday - Mitch Albom, born in Passaic, New Jersey, author, screenwriter, sold over 26 million books worldwide, works include, 'Tuesdays with Morrie', 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'

1958 Birthday - Colin Ferguson, murderer, 6 people on the LIRR on Dec 7, 1993

1957 Event - 18,000 people at Madison Square Garden-Billy Graham launched a crusade

1957 Event - Mao's speech "On Correct Handling of Contradictions Among People"

1957 Birthday - Laurie Mann, geek, Dead People Server curator since 1997

1956 Event - Egypt recognizes People's Republic of China

1956 Birthday - Alexander Briley, vocalist, YMCA-Village People

1956 Event - M Bandaranaike's People's front wins election in Ceylon

1956 Event - East Germany forms own army (National People's Army)

1955 Birthday - Rita Rudner, comedienne, Funny People

1954 Event - 1st National People's Congress adopts Chinese constitution

1953 Death - Hendrik de Man, sociologist (Belgian Working people Party), dies at 67

1953 Birthday - Paul Allen, born in Seattle, Washington, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, worth $10 billion, 'Time' magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World

1952 Birthday - Hun Sen, born in Peam Koh Sna, Cambodia, politician, Cambodian People's Party, Prime minister of Cambodia, governed since the 1979 overthrow of the Khmer Rouge

1952 Birthday - Annette O'Toole, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Cat People, Superman III

1951 Event - United Nations condemns People's Republic of China as aggressor in Korea

1950 Event - U.N. reject membership of China's People Republic

1950 Event - New marriage laws enforced in People's Republic China

1950 Birthday - Itumeleng J Mosala, South Africa president, Azanian People's Org

1950 Death - Leon Blum, French premier (People's Front Government), dies at 77

1950 Event - Netherlands recognizes People's Republic of China

1949 Event - India recognizes People's Republic of China

1949 Event - Burma recognizes People's Republic of China

1949 Event - U.S.S.R. recognizes People's Republic of China

1949 Event - People's Rep of China proclaimed by Mao Tse-tung (National Day)

1949 Event - Chinese Communist leaders proclaims People's Republic of China

1949 Event - Hungary (Magyar People's Republic) accepts constitution

1948 Birthday - Sarah Purcell, Richmond, Indiana, actress/TV hostess, Real People

1948 Event - People's Democratic Republic of Korea proclaimed

1948 Event - Communist form North China People's Republic

1948 Event - North Korean proclaims itself People's Democratic Republic of Korea

1948 Birthday - Skip Stephenson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, comedian, Real People

1948 Birthday - Mercedes Ruehl, Queens, New York, actress, Lost in Yonkers, Crazy People

1948 Birthday - Barbara Hershey, Herzstein, Atlanta, Stuntman, Shy People

1947 Birthday - Lynn Lowry, E St. Louis, Illinois, actress, Cat People, Crazies

1947 Event - 252,288 people (record) pass through Grand Central Station, New York City

1947 Birthday - Ann Hui, director, Boat People

1947 Death - Veit Valentin, German/US historian (German People), dies at 61

1946 Birthday - Paul Schrader, director, American Gigolo, Cat People, Hardcore

1946 Birthday - Cynthia Robinson, rock trumpeteer, Sly and Family Stone-Everyday People

1946 Event - Enver Hoxha declares People's Rep of Albania with himself dictator

1945 Event - Utrecht: Catholic People's party (KVP) established

1945 Event - "Free People" premieres in Amsterdam

1945 Birthday - Rosemary Stone, vocalist/pianist, Sly and Family Stone-Everyday People

1945 Birthday - John Heard, actor, Cat People, Cutter's Way, CHUD

1944 Event - 48 people die in a train accident in Ogden, Utah

1944 Birthday - Michael Tilson Thomas, born in Los Angeles, California, conductor, New York Phil Young People

1944 Birthday - Danny DeVito, Neptune, New Jersey, actor, Taxi, Ruthless People, Twins

1944 Event - Nazis crush Warsaw Uprising killing 250,000 people

1944 Birthday - M N Aubrey Mokoape, South Africa's Vice President, Azanian People Org

1944 Event - Theresienstadt Family camp disbands, with 4,000 people gased

1944 Birthday - Bill Rafferty, comedian, Real People, Laugh-in '77

1944 Birthday - Bill Rafferty, born in Queens, New York, comedian, Laugh-In, Real People

1944 Birthday - Said Musa, born in San Ignacio, Belize, lawyer, politician, People's United Party, Fifth Prime Minister of Belize

1944 Birthday - Sly Stone, born in Dallas, rocker, Sly and the Family Stone-Everyday People

1943 Birthday - Randy Newman, New Orleans, vocalist, Short People, Love, Louisiana, Raindrops

1943 Birthday - Randy Newman, rock vocalitst, Short People

1943 Birthday - Jim Martini, rocker, Sly and Family Stone-Everyday People

1943 Birthday - Max Gail, born in Detroit, Barney Miller, Whiz Kids, DC Cab, Normal People

1943 Event - "Manifesto of Algerian People" calls for equality and self-determination

1942 Event - Hitler names Mussert "leader of Netherland people"

1942 Birthday - John Meulendijks, Dutch cryptogram maker, People's Daily

1942 Event - George VI awards George Cross to people of Malta

1942 Event - Suriname camp for NSB people opens to save Jews

1941 Death - Pedro Aguirre Cerda, president Chili (People's Front), dies

1940 Birthday - Giorgio Moroder, born in Ortisei, Italy, composer, Let it Ride, Cat People, Top Gun

1940 Birthday - Skip Stephenson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, comedian, Real People

1940 Birthday - Joe South, Atlanta, guitarist/songwriter/singer, Games People Play

1939 Birthday - Fred Willard, Ohio, comedian, Fernwood 2 Night, Real People

1939 Birthday - Ray Aranha, born in Miami, Florida, actor, Nick-Married People

1939 Birthday - William Hagerty, editor, People

1938 Birthday - Francine York, Aurora, Minnesota, actress, Slattery's People

1937 Birthday - Mary Tyler Moore, born in Brooklyn, actress, Mary Tyler Moore, Ordinary People

1937 Event - French People's front government-Blum falls

1937 Event - Leon Blum becomes premier of People's front government of France

1936 Event - 1 million demonstrate to support French People's Front government

1936 Event - French People's Front wins elections

1936 Event - Spanish Frente Popular (People's Front) wins elections

1936 Event - Catholic People's Party (KVP) of Curacao forms

1935 Event - Anti-fascist People front forms in Brussels

1935 Birthday - Judd Hirsch, born in Bronx, actor, Alex-Taxi, Dear John, Ordinary People

1934 Event - French socialist/communist party of People's Front forms

1934 Event - Nazi-Germany begins People's court

1934 Birthday - John Barbour, born in Toronto, TV host, Real People

1933 Event - Belgian Working people's party accept Henry de Mans Plan of Labor

1933 Event - 1st edition of People and Fatherland published in Netherlands

1932 Birthday - Mark Russell, Buffalo, New York, political satirist/pianist, Real People

1931 Event - Chinese People's Republic proclaimed by Mao Tse Tung

1930 Birthday - Jim Rohn, born in Idaho, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, joined direct sales organization of John Earl Shoaff, became millionaire by age 31, shared rags to riches story and personal development philosophy with over 4 million people worldwide, authored 17 books, audio, video programs

1930 Event - 22 people killed by hailstones in Siatista, Greece

1929 Event - Cloudburst causes stampede in Yankee Stadium crushes 2 people to death

1929 Event - Palace for People's industry in Amsterdam devastated by fire

1927 Birthday - Jan Blokker, Dutch writer/journalist, VPRO, People's Newspaper

1925 Event - General M Froense replaces Trotsky as People's Commissioner of Defense

1924 Birthday - Edward I Koch, New York City, Mayor-D-NYC, 1977 - 1989, judge, People's Court

1924 Event - Mongolian People's Republic proclaimed

1924 Event - Alexei Ryko elected as President of People's commission (succeeds Lenin)

1923 Birthday - Nadine Gordimer, South African author, July's people, Nobel 1991

1923 Birthday - Ruby Dee, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Raisin in the Sun, Cat People, Roots

1923 Birthday - Anita Bjorak, actress, Miss Julie, Loving Couples, Night People

1923 Event - Belgian Working people Party protest against occupied Ruhrgebied

1922 Event - Pope Pius XI calls on Belgian people to unite

1921 Birthday - Jackie Cooper, born in Los Angeles, California, actor and director, Hennesey, People's Choice

1921 Event - Race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 61 people killed

1921 Birthday - Sheb Wooley, born in Erick, Oklahoma, vocalist, Purple People Eater, Hee Haw

1920 Birthday - Lonny Chapman, Tulsa Oklahoma, actor, Investigator, For the People

1920 Event - Tornadoes killed 219 people in Alabama and Mississippi

1920 Birthday - Liesbeth Tonckens, Wilhelmina, actress/lecturer, Free People

1919 Birthday - Joseph Albert Wapner, Louisiana, judge, People's Court

1919 Event - 1st edition "Volkskrant" (People's newspaper) published in Netherlands

1919 Event - Mount Kelud (Indonesia) erupts, boiling crater lake which broke through crater wall killing 5,000 people in 104 small villages

1918 Event - Hungarian People's Republic declared

1918 Birthday - Hella [S Lelyveld-]Haasse, Dutch author, Cider for Poor People

1918 Birthday - Harry M Corbett, Bradford, puppeteer/entertainer, Sooty, Some People

1917 Event - People's Commissars gives authority to Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin

1917 Event - 60,000 people of Petrograd welcome Prince Kropotkin, banned 41 years

1915 Birthday - Eli Wallach, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Magnificent 7, Misfits, People Next Door

1915 Birthday - Margaret Walker Alexander, poet and novelist, For My People

1915 Birthday - Dan Seymour, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, We the People, Sing It Again

1914 Death - Louis de Raet, Belgian economist/Flemish People Party, dies

1914 Birthday - Magda Gabor, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, People vs Zsa Zsa Gabor

1913 Birthday - Jimmy Carroll, New York City, pianist, Most Important People

1912 Birthday - Art Linkletter, born in Saskatchewan, Canada, TV host, People are Funny

1912 Event - Over 1,500 people die when the British passenger ship, RMS Titanic, sinks in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg

1911 Birthday - Nikolai Afanasyevich Kryuchkov, actor, Telegram, Town People

1910 Event - Luisa Tetrazzini sings to 250,000 people at Lotta's Fountain

1910 Birthday - Eve March, California, actress, Curse of the Cat People

1909 Event - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) forms

1906 Death - Alexander L Kielland, Norwegian writer (Working People), dies at 57

1905 Event - Russian tsar allows Polish people to speak Polish

1905 Event - Cyclone hit Tahiti and adjacent islands, killing some 10,000 people

1904 Event - 1st day of New York City subway, 350,000 people ride 9.1 mile tracks

1904 Event - Herero people of South West Africa, now Namibia, begin uprising

1902 Birthday - Hugo Haas, Brno Czechoslovakia, actor and director, 2 Smart People

1900 Event - 1st edition of Dutch newspaper "The People"

1900 Birthday - Fred Emney, born in London, England, actor, Let the People Sing, Lilac Domino

1897 Birthday - Sacheverell Sitwell, English poet and author, People's Palace

1897 Birthday - John Mens, writer, People Without Money

1895 Birthday - Lin Yutang, born in China, writer, 'My Country and My People'

1895 Birthday - S Constantine Timoshenko, Russian marshal/people's commissioner

1894 Event - Indian chiefs from the Sioux and Onondaga tribes met to urge their people to renounce Christianity and return to their old Indian faith

1893 Birthday - M Kaganovitsj Kogan, people's commissioner for Stalin

1891 Event - 1st public bathhouse with showers opens in New York City (People's Bath)

1888 Birthday - Dale Carnegie, author, How to Win Friends and Influence People

1888 Birthday - Jack Holt, U.S., golddigger/actor, Cat People, San Francisco, Brimstone

1884 Event - Anti-Monopoly party and Greenback Party forms People's Party in US

1884 Event - Tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana kill 800 people

1878 Birthday - Carl Sandburg, U.S., poet/biographer of Lincoln, The People, Yes

1877 Birthday - Albert P Hahn, Dutch political cartoonist, People/Nutcracker

1872 Birthday - Leon Blum, French premier, People's front government

1870 Birthday - Louis de Raet, Belgian economist/founder, Flemish People's Party

1869 Death - Jan de Liefde II, Dutch vicar/author (People's Welfare), dies at 54

1867 Birthday - Philip Kleintjes, people's rights leader

1864 Event - Palace for People's industry official opens in Amsterdam

1861 Event - People of Tennessee vote to succeed from Union

1859 Birthday - Willem C Grunings, Curacaos publisher, People's Friend

1858 Event - Lincoln makes a speech about when you can fool people

1855 Birthday - Peter J Blok, Dutch historian, History of the Dutch People

1854 Event - Steamship "Arctic" sinks with 300 people on board

1849 Event - Lincoln says "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and of people some of time, but you can't fool all of the people all of time"

1848 Event - People's uprising in Palermo Sicily

1833 Event - Curaeao census: 2,602 whites, 6,531 free people and 5,894 slaves

1824 Birthday - Carlos Calvo, Argentina diplomat/people rights scholar, Calvo Clause

1815 Birthday - Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsican representative of the people

1814 Birthday - Jan de Liefde II, Dutch vicar/founder, Coop of Welfare of the People

1781 Event - Joan Derks scatters "On the People of Netherlands" pamphlets

1777 Event - People of New Connecticut, Vermont, declare independence from England

1775 Event - 4 people buried by avalanche for 37 days, 3 survive (Italy)

1765 Event - People of Frederick County Md refuse to pay England's Stamp tax

1752 Event - This day never happened nor next 10 as England adopts Gregorian Calendar. People riot thinking the government stole 11 days of their lives

1741 Event - Dutch people protest bad quality of bread

1731 Event - Dutch people revolt against meat tax

1726 Event - People's revolt due to increase in gin/brandy tax

1714 Event - People riot due to beer tax in Alkmaar, Netherlands

1699 Event - People of Rotterdam strike over high cost of butter

1693 Event - Haarlem people's revolution due to food shortages

1676 Event - Nathaniel Bacon publishes "Declaration of People of Virginia"

1648 Event - People's uprising against Anna of Austria and Cardinal Mazarin

1648 Event - Moscow's people uprise against regent Boris Morozov

1648 Event - Spanish troops/feudal barons strike down people's uprising in Naples

1647 Event - People's uprising against high prices and Spanish rule in Naples

1614 Event - Trades people under Vincent Fettmilch chase and plunder Jews out of ghetto in Frankfurt

1597 Event - Germany throws out English sales people

1498 Death - Tomas de Torquemada, inquisitor who burned 10,000 people, dies

1391 Event - Jew hating Monk in Seville Spain stirs up people to attack Jews

1349 Event - People of Krems Austria accuse Jews of poisoning wells

1347 Event - Rienzo calls Rome for people's tribunal

1302 Event - Trades people assault on French garrison (Brugse Metten)