Actress Events in History

2015 Event - At the 67th Annual Emmy Awards, Viola Davis is the first black woman to win outstanding lead drama actress; Jon Hamm wins outstanding lead drama actor, Peter Dinklage wins best supporting actor, and 'Game of Thrones' wins for outstanding drama

2015 Event - Helen Mirren wins best leading actress for her role in 'The Audience,' and Alex Sharp wins best leading actor for 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' at the 69th annual Tony Awards

2015 Event - At the 87th Academy Awards, 'Birdman' is awarded Best Picture, Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor for his role as Stephen Hawking in 'A Theory of Everything,' and Julianne Moore wins Best Actress for her role in 'Still Alice'

2014 Event - Lupita Nyong'o, Oscar winner for best supporting actress in '12 Years a Slave', will join Lancome as its newest brand ambassador

2014 Event - '12 Years a Slave' and 'Gravity' dominate wins at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards ceremony; Chiwetel Ejiofor ('12 Years') and Cate Blanchett ('Blue Jasmine') receive leading actor and actress awards, respectively

2014 Event - At the 71st Golden Globe Awards, Best Motion Picture is awarded to '12 Years a Slave'; 'American Hustle is receives the Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy award, with actress Amy Adams honored as Best Actress

2014 Event - Award nominations are announced ahead of the 67th British Academy Film Awards; heading the list is Sandra Bullock for best actress in 'Gravity' by director Alfonso Cuaron

2013 Event - Joan Fontaine, a British and American actress and sister of Olivia de Havilland, dies at the age of 96; Fontaine is famous for roles in Alfred Hitchcock thrillers Suspicion and Rebecca

2013 Event - American actress Angelina Jolie announces she underwent elective double mastectomy surgery because she carried the BRCA1 gene and had a family history of breast cancer

2013 Event - American actress, Reese Witherspoon is arrested for disorderly conduct in Atlanta, Georgia

2013 Event - In Los Angeles, California, the 85th Academy Awards is held; 'Argo' wins best picture, Ang Lee wins for best director, Daniel Day-Lewis wins for best actor, and Jennifer Lawrence wins for best actress

2013 Event - London hosts the 66th British Academy Film Awards, with 'Argo' winning best film, Emmanuelle Riva winning best actress and Daniel Day-Lewis winning best actor

2012 Death - British film actress, Dinah Sheridan, dies at the age of 92

2012 Event - American singer and actress Whitney Houston dies suddenly at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in California at age 48

2011 Event - An investigation into the death of American actress Natalie Wood is reopened by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after fresh information surfaces; Wood drowned in 1981

2011 Event - For appearing in a film critical of the Iran's harsh policies on the arts, actress Marzieh Vafamehr is sentenced to 90 lashes of the cane and a year in jail

2011 Event - American actress Zsa Zsa Gabor undergoes a life-saving operation and has her leg amputated

2009 Birthday - Brittany Murphy, actress, appeared in films, 'Sin City', 'Happy Feet', 'Clueless', 'Riding in Cars with Boys', 'Abandoned', dies in Los Angeles, California at age 32

2004 Death - Janet Leigh, actress, Psycho, dies at 76

2004 Death - Caitlin Clarke, actress/teacher, Dragonslayer, dies at 52

2004 Death - Fay Wray, actress, the original King Kong, dies at 96

2004 Death - Isabel Sanford, actress, The Jeffersons, dies at 86

2004 Death - Anna Lee, actress, General Hospital, dies at 90

2004 Death - Virginia Capers, actress, Raisin, dies at 78

2004 Death - Soundarya, Actress

2004 Death - Carrie Snodgress, actress, Diary of a Mad Housewife, dies at 57

2004 Death - Jan Sterling, actress, The High and the Mighty, dies at 82

2004 Death - Frances Dee, actress, Little Women, dies at 96

2004 Death - Cecily Adams, casting director/actress, Deep Space Nine, dies at 46

2004 Death - Mercedes McCambridge, actress, The Exorcist, dies at 85

2004 Death - Jan Miner, pitchwoman/stage actress, You're soaking in it, dies at 86

2004 Death - Uta Hagen, actress/teacher, starred in original Broadway cast of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, dies at 84

2004 Death - Lynn Cartwright, actress, A League of Their Own, dies at 76

2003 Death - Anita Mui, singer/actress, dies at 40

2003 Death - Hope Lange, actress, movie version of Peyton Place, dies at 70

2003 Death - Madlyn Rhue, actress, Star Trek, dies at 69

2003 Death - Jeanne Crain, actress, An Apartment for Peggy, dies at 78

2003 Death - Dorothy Loudon, actress, Original Broadway production of Annie, dies at 70

2003 Death - Kellie Waymire, actress, Six Feet Under, dies at 35

2003 Death - Penny Singleton, actress/labor activist, Blondie, dies at 95

2003 Death - Florence Stanley, actress, Barney Miller, dies at 79

2003 Death - Gisele MacKenzie, "singer, actress", Your Hit Parade, dies at 76

2003 Death - Marie Trintignant, French Actress

2003 Death - Celia Cruz, singer/actress, dies at 77

2003 Death - Katharine Hepburn, actress, 'A Lion in Winter', dies at 96

2003 Death - Martha Scott, actress, Our Town, dies at 86

2003 Death - Rachel Kempson, actress, Jewel in the Crown, dies at 92

2003 Death - June Carter Cash, singer/actress, The Apostle, dies at 73

2003 Death - Wendy Hiller, actress, Pygmalion, dies at 90

2003 Death - Lynne Thigpen, Joliet, Illinois, actress, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Nancy-Love Sidney

2003 Death - Lynne Thigpen, actress, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, dies at 54

2003 Death - Karen Morley, American Actress

2003 Death - Lana Clarkson, actress, Amazon Women on the Moon, dies at 40

2003 Death - Nell Carter, actress, Gimme a Break, dies at 54

2003 Death - Nedra Volz, actress, Diff'rent Strokes, dies at 94

2002 Death - Peg Phillips, actress/theater company founder, Northern Exposure, dies at 84

2002 Death - Teresa Graves, actress, Laugh-in, dies at 51

2002 Death - Whitney Blake, actress, Hazel, dies at 77

2002 Death - LaWanda Page, actress, Sanford and Son, dies at 81

2002 Death - Kim Hunter, actress, movie version of A Streetcar Named Desire,

2002 Death - Katrin Cartlidge, actress, Naked, dies at 41

2002 Death - Katy Jurado, actress, High Noon, dies at 78

2002 Death - Rosemary Clooney, singer/actress, White Christmas, dies at 74

2002 Death - Signe Hasso, actress, original movie version of Heaven Can Wait, dies at 91

2002 Death - Maria Felix, Mexican Actress

2002 Death - Rosetta LeNoire, actress, Family Matters, dies at 90

2002 Death - Irene Worth, actress, Lost in Yonkers, dies at 85

2002 Death - Hildegard Knef, "actress, singer", Snows of Kilamanjaro, dies at 76

2002 Death - Carrie Hamilton, actress/writer, Hollywood Arms, dies at 38

2001 Death - Eileen Heckart, actress, Butterflies Are Free, dies at 82

2001 Death - Rachel Gurney, actress, ", Upstairs, Downstairs, ", dies at 81

2001 Death - Charlotte Coleman, actress, Four Weddings and a Funeral, dies at 33

2001 Death - Lani O'Grady, actress, Eight Is Enough, dies at 46

2001 Death - Dorothy McGuire, actress, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, dies at 83

2001 Death - Berry Berenson, photographer/actress, dies at 53 - a 9/11 terrorist murder

2001 Death - Thuy Trang, actress, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, dies at 27

2001 Death - Aaliyah, actress, model, singer, appeared in film, 'Romeo Must Die', successful album, 'One in a Million', dies in Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas, at age 22, in a plane crash

2001 Death - Kathleen Freeman, actress, Blues Brothers, dies at 82

2001 Death - Arlene Francis, actress, What's My Line?, dies at 93

2001 Death - Anne Haney, character actress, Mrs. Doubtfire, dies at 67

2001 Death - Deborah Walley, actress, the second movie Gidget, dies at 57

2001 Death - Beatrice Straight, actress, Network, dies at 82

2001 Death - Ann Sothern, actress, ", My Mother, the Car, ", dies at 92

2001 Death - Kim Walker, actress, Say Anything, dies at 32

2001 Death - Rosemary De Camp, actress, dies at 90

2001 Death - Dale Evans, actress, dies at 88

2001 Death - Nancy Parsons, actress, Porky's, dies at 58

2000 Death - Marie Windsor, actress, dies at 80

2000 Death - Gail Fisher, actress, Mannix, dies at 65

2000 Death - Gwen Verdon, actress/dancer, Damn Yankees, dies at 75

2000 Death - Julie London, singer/actress, Emergency!, dies at 74

2000 Death - Jean Peters, actress, dies at 73

2000 Death - Beah Richards, actress, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, dies at 74

2000 Death - Jean Speegle Howard, actress, Cocoon, dies at 73

2000 Death - Loretta Young, actress, The Bishop's Wife, dies at 87

2000 Death - Joan Marsh, actress, Road to Zanzibar, dies at 86

2000 Death - Meredith MacRae, actress, Petticoat Junction, dies at 56

2000 Death - Nancy Marchand, actress, The Sopranos, dies at 71

2000 Death - Claire Trevor, actress, Stagecoach, dies at 91

2000 Death - Helen Martin, actress, Bulworth, dies at 90

2000 Death - Hedy Lamarr, actress/inventor, Samson and Deliah, dies at 86

2000 Death - Fran Ryan, actress, Green Acres, dies at 83

2000 Death - Marguerite Churchill, actress, in Broadway's Dinner at Eight, dies at 90

1999 Death - Shirley Hemphill, actress, What's Happening!, dies at 52

1999 Death - Madeline Kahn, actress, Young Frankenstein, dies at 57

1999 Death - Bethel Leslie, actress/writer, Long Day's Journey into Night, dies at 70

1999 Death - Mabel King, actress, What's Happening!, dies at 66

1999 Death - Ruth Roman, actress, dies at 75

1999 Death - Mary Jane Croft, actress, The Lucy Show, dies at 83

1999 Death - Sandra Gould, actress, Bewitched, dies at 73

1999 Death - Sylvia Sidney, actress, ", Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, ", dies at 88

1999 Death - Ellen Corby, actress, The Waltons, dies at 87

1999 Death - Peggy Cass, actress, Auntie Mame, dies at 74

1999 Death - Susan Strasberg, actress/writer, original Anne in Broadway's The Diary of Anne Frank, dies at 60

1998 Death - Esther Rolle, actress, Good Times, dies at 78

1998 Death - Mary Millar, actress, Keeping Up Appearances, dies at 62

1998 Death - Joan Hickson, actress, Miss Marple for the BBC, dies at 92

1998 Death - Mary Frann, actress, Newhart, dies at 55

1998 Death - Persis Khambatta, actress, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, dies at 47

1998 Death - Maureen O'Sullivan, actress, Tarzan, dies at 87

1998 Death - Theresa Merritt, actress, That's My Mama, dies at 75

1998 Death - Jeanette Nolan, actress, The Horse Whisperer, dies at 86

1998 Death - Alice Faye, actress/singer, Alexander's Ragtime Band, dies at 83

1998 Death - Mae Questel, actress, voice of Betty Boop, dies at 89

1997 Death - Lillian Billie Dove Bohney, actress, dies at 96

1997 Death - Joanna Moore, actress (Bronx, Hindenburg), dies at 63

1997 Death - Joanna Moore, actress, dies at 63

1997 Death - Audra Lindley, actress (Helen Roper-3's Company, Ropers), dies at 79

1997 Death - Shirley Clarke, actress (Cool World), dies at 78

1997 Death - Linda Stirling, B movie actress, dies at 75

1997 Event - Actor Harry Hamlin weds actress Lisa Rinna

1997 Death - Ellen Clara Pollock, actress (Wicked Lady, Fake), dies at 94

1997 Death - Gail Davis, actress, TV's Annie Oakley

1997 Death - Isabelle Harriet Lucas, actress and singer (Outland, Comics), dies at 69

1997 Death - Eve Lister, actress and singer (No Limit, Hyde Park), dies at 84

1997 Death - Jill Summers, actress (Agatha Coronation Street), dies at 86

1997 Death - Carole Carr, singer and actress, Down Among the Z Men, dies at 68

1997 Death - Joan Rice, actress, Payroll, Steel Key, Curtain Up, dies at 66

1996 Death - Maria Casares, actress (Orpheus, Rebel Nun), dies at 73

1996 Death - Virginia Downing, actress (Gig, Butterfield 8), dies at 92

1996 Death - Virginia Cherrill, actress (Lake Extra, Brat, City Lights), dies at 88

1996 Death - Laura La Plante, screen actress (Show Boat, Scandal), dies at 91

1996 Death - Beryl Reid, actress (Yellowbeard, Psychomania), dies at 76

1996 Death - Dorothy Lamour, actress (Road to Bali, Road to Rio), dies at 81

1996 Death - Joan Perry Cohn Harvey, actress (Hands of a Stranger), dies at 85

1996 Death - Juliet Prowse, actress/dancer (Mona McCluskey), dies at 59

1996 Death - Jane Baxter, actress (We Live Again, Blossom Time), dies at 87

1996 Death - JoAnne Dru, actress (Sylvia, Drango), dies of lymphedema at 73

1996 Death - Christine Pascal, actress/director (Smile, Elsa), dies at 43

1996 Death - Camilla Horn, actress (Rebus, Vertigine, Matinee Idol), dies at 93

1996 Death - Anne Kristen, actress (Truth or Dare, Rachel-Dr. Finlay), dies at 59

1996 Death - Claudette Colbert, actress (Happened One Night), dies of stroke at 93

1996 Death - Magda Schneider, actress (Going Gay, Be Mine Tonight), dies at 87

1996 Death - Virginia Christine, actress (Mrs Olson), dies at 76

1996 Death - Aliki Vougiouklaki, actress (Madalena), dies at 63

1996 Death - Dana Hill, actress (Vacation), dies at 32

1996 Death - Joyce Buck, actress/interior designer, dies at 71

1996 Death - Margaux Hemmingway, actress (Lipstick), dies at 41

1996 Death - Margaux Hemingway, model/actress (Lipstick), commits suicide at 41

1996 Death - Pamela Mason, actress (Wild in the Streets), dies at 78

1996 Death - Ilona Ference, actress (Quatermass II, Star of My Night), dies at 78

1996 Death - Brigitte Helm, actress 'Gloria', dies at 90

1996 Death - Jo Van Fleet, actress (Seize the Day, Cinderella), dies at 75

1996 Death - Dorothy Hyson, actress (Spare a Copper, Sing as We Go), dies at 81

1996 Death - Margaret Rawlings, actress (Roman Holiday), dies at 89

1996 Death - Joan Sterndale Bennett, actress (Elizabeth-Dark Shadows), dies at 86

1996 Death - Lucille Bremer, dancer/actress (Ziegfeld Follies), dies at 73

1996 Death - Greer Garson, actress (Goodbye Mr. Chips), dies at 92

1996 Event - Actress Halle Berry files for divorce from David Justice

1996 Death - Brenda Bruce, actress (December Bride, Nightmare), dies at 77

1996 Death - Evelyn Laye, actress and singer 'Sun Child', dies at 95

1996 Death - Margaret Courtenay, actress (Royal Flash, Duet for One), dies at 72

1996 Death - Audrey Meadows, actress (Alice-Honeymooners), dies at 69

1996 Death - Denise Grey, Edouardine Verthuy, actress 'Julietta', dies at 99

1996 Death - Fearless Mary Nadia Wadia, actress, dies at 88

1995 Death - Louise Chaplin, actress, dies at 87

1995 Death - Butterfly McQueen, actress 'Gone With the Wind', dies in a fire at 84

1995 Death - Madge Sinclair, actress (Star Trek IV, Conrack, Convoy), dies at 55

1995 Death - Vivian Blaine, actress (Guys and Dolls), dies of heart failure at 74

1995 Death - Kathleen Harrison, actress (Fast Lady, Big Money), dies at 103

1995 Death - Roxie Roker, actress (Claudine)/mother of Lenny Kravitz, dies at 66

1995 Death - Roxie Roker, actress (Helen Willis-Jeffersons), dies at 66

1995 Death - Francis Joan Frances Will, actress, dies at 75

1995 Death - Rosalind Cash, actress (General Hospital), dies of cancer at 56

1995 Death - Rosalind Cash, actress (Emma-Go Tell It on the Mountain), dies at 56

1995 Death - Viveca Lindfors, actress (Stargate, Luba, Misplaced), dies at 74

1995 Death - Mary Wickes, actress (Sister Act), dies at 79

1995 Death - Molly Harris, actress/writer (Immortal), dies at 82

1995 Death - Susan Maureen Fleetwood, actress (Krays, Clash of Titans), dies at 51

1995 Death - Dorothy Dickson, actress/dancer (Paying the Piper), dies at 102

1995 Death - Ida Lupino, actress/director (Hard Way, High Sierra), dies at 77

1995 Death - Loudi Nijhoff, Dutch actress (Alicia, Van Geluk Gesproken), dies

1995 Death - Genevieve Tobin Keighley, actress (Zaza, Great Gambini), dies at 83

1995 Death - Dorothy McHugh, actress (I Fallen and I Can't Get Up), dies at 87

1995 Death - Patsy Ruth Miller, actress (Wide Open, Sap, Twin Beds), dies at 91

1995 Death - Eva Gabor, actress (Green Acres), dies at 74

1995 Death - Phyllis Hyman, Phyllis Linda Hyman, soul singer, songwriter, actress, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, disco genres, first solo Top Ten Hit, 'Can't We Fall In Love Again', received Tony-nomination for Broadway musical, Sophisticated Ladies, dies from suicide at 45

1995 Death - Lana Turner, actress (Madame X), dies of cancer at 75

1995 Death - Estelle Brody, actress (Safari, Kitty, Plaything), dies at 94

1995 Death - Daniela Rocca, actress (Battle of Austerlitz), dies at 57

1995 Death - Dany Robin, actress (Follow the Boys, Topaz, Julietta), dies at 68

1995 Death - Elizabeth Montgomery, actress (Bewitched), dies of cancer at 62

1995 Death - Lola Flores, singer and actress (Kuma Ching, Faraona), dies at 70

1995 Death - Ginger Rogers, actress/dancer (Top Hat, Stage Door), dies at 83

1995 Death - Priscilla Lane, actress (Saboteur, Bodyguard), dies at 77

1995 Death - Dorothy Granger, U.S. actress (Hog Wild, Dentist), dies at about 80

1995 Death - Nancy Kelly, U.S. actress (Bad Seed, Submarine Patrol), dies at 73

1994 Death - Sylvia Brandts Buys, actress (Hague's Post), dies at 85

1994 Death - Sylvia Koscina, Croatian/Italian actress (Hercules), dies at 61

1994 Death - Julie Haydon, Donella Donaldson, U.S. actress (Scoundrel), dies at 84

1994 Death - Louise H "Lous" Hensen, actress (Uncle Wanja, Charlotte), dies at 74

1994 Death - Nora Dunfree, U.S. actress (Grass Harp), dies at 78

1994 Death - Lilia Skala, Austrian/US actress (Ship of Fools, Caprice), dies at 98

1994 Death - Elga Andersen, German/French model/actress (Global Affair), dies at 58

1994 Death - Norma Donaldson, U.S. singer and actress (Staying Alive), dies at 68

1994 Death - Doris Speed, actress (Annie-Coronation Street), dies at 95

1994 Death - Priscilla Morrill, actress (Edie Grant-Mary Tyler Moore), dies at 67

1994 Death - Jole Silvani, Niobe Quaiatti, Italian actress (La citta' Delle), dies

1994 Death - Tutta Rolf, actress (Whalers), dies at 87

1994 Death - Mildred Natwick, U.S. actress (Barefoot in Park), dies at 89

1994 Death - Martha Raye, actress (Pin Up Girl), dies after illness at 78

1994 Death - Maja Bulgakova, Ukranian actress (Krylja), dies in auto-accident at 62

1994 Death - Diana Churchill, actress (Spider, Sally Bishop), dies at 81

1994 Death - Harriet Nelson, actress (Ozzie and Harriet), dies at 80

1994 Death - Virginia Dale, U.S. actress/dancer (Holiday Inn), dies at about 77

1994 Death - Harriet Nelson, actress (Ozzie and Harriet), dies of heart failure at 80

1994 Death - Lina Basquette, actress (Night for Crime, Hard Hombre), dies at 87

1994 Death - Kitty Masters, actress, dies at 92

1994 Death - Madeleine Renaud, French actress (Longest Day)/director, dies at 94

1994 Death - Dolly Hare, German/British actress (Broken Blossom), dies at 84

1994 Death - Helena Manson, Venezuela/French actress (Nude in a White Car), dies at 94

1994 Death - Jessica Tandy, actress (Driving Miss Daisy), dies of cancer at 85

1994 Death - Phillip Gilmore, actress (Malcolm X), dies at 38

1994 Birthday - Sara Grayson, daughter of actress Katey Sagal

1994 Event - Actress Diane Lane files for divorce from Christopher Lambert

1994 Death - Anita Garvin, U.S. actress (Sailors Beware), dies at 80

1994 Death - Liesbeth Struppert, actress (Pipo the Clown, Anne Frank), dies at 55

1994 Death - Fredericka Carolyn Washington, actress (Black and Tan), dies at 90

1994 Death - Eileen Way, actress (Les Miserables, Rainbow, Vikings), dies at 82

1994 Death - Nadia Gray, actress (La Dolce Vita, Naked Summer), dies at 70

1994 Death - Nadia Gray, actress (Naked Runner, Maniac, Candide), dies at 71

1994 Death - Sophie Winter, actress (She's a Good Fighter), dies at 33

1994 Death - Frances Heflin, actress (Mona Tyler-All My Children), dies at 70

1994 Death - Ruth Gillette, actress (Wild Gold), dies of cancer at 88

1994 Death - Helen Lee Mai, Hong Kong actress, dies at 63

1994 Death - Lynne Frederick Unger, actress (Trail of Pink Panther), dies at 39

1994 Event - Mad About You actress Leila Kenzel (33) weds Neil Monaco (34)

1994 Event - Actress Kelly Preston (26) weds actor Lou Diamond Phillips (32)

1994 Death - Virginia "Ginny" Simms, actress and singer (Kay Kyser Band), dies at 77

1994 Death - Betty Furness, actress/news consumer reporter (WNBC), dies at 78

1994 Death - Mai Zetterling, actress (Night is My Future), dies of cancer at 68

1994 Death - Mae Zetterling, Swedish actress (Night Games), dies at 68

1994 Death - Melina Mercouri, Greek actress (Never on a Sunday), dies at about 68

1994 Death - Anita Morris, actress (Nine), dies of cancer at 50

1994 Birthday - Dakota Fanning, born in Conyers, Georgia, American Actress

1994 Event - Actress Lorraine Bracco (39) weds actor Edward James Olmos (46)

1994 Death - Sherry Mathis, actress (Search for Tomorrow), dies of cancer at 44

1994 Death - Esther Ralston, U.S. actress (Tin Pan Alley, San Francisco Docks), dies at 91

1993 Event - Loveboat actress Jill Whelan (27) weds Brad St. John (33)

1993 Event - Actress Teri Garr weds John O'Neil

1993 Death - Blandine Ebinger, Loeser, actress (Madchen in Uniform), dies at 94

1993 Death - Gertrude "Trudi" Duby Blom, actress, shot to death at about 92

1993 Death - Janet Margolin, U.S. actress (Annie Hall), dies at 50 of ovarian cancer

1993 Death - Myrna Loy, Williams, U.S. actress (Jazz Singer), dies at 88

1993 Death - Myrna Loy, actress (Thin Man, Vanity Fair), dies at 88

1993 Death - Eliva "Elvire" Popesco, Romanian/French actress (Le roi), dies at 99

1993 Death - Janet Margolin, actress (David and Lisa), dies of ovarian cancer at 50

1993 Death - Rita Macedo, actress (Divinas Palabras), dies of heart attack at 65

1993 Death - Claudia McNeil, actress (Raisin in the Sun), dies of diabetes at 77

1993 Death - Dorothy Revier, actress (Sally on the Subway), dies at 89

1993 Death - Anna Stein, actress (Wedding Night), dies of heart attack at 88

1993 Event - Actress Allison Angrim (32) weds Robert Schoonover (44)

1993 Death - Lois Kibbee, actress (Edge of Night), dies of brain tumor at 71

1993 Death - Lois Kibbee, actress (Edge of Night), dies of brain tumor at 71

1993 Death - Gwen Wells, actress (Nashville), dies of cancer at 42

1993 Death - Jane Nigh, actress (Big Town, Blue Blood, Rawhide), dies at about 67

1993 Death - Janine Darcey, French actress (Priez pour nous), dies at 75

1993 Death - Reizl Bozyk, Polish/U.S. actress (Crossing Delancey), dies at 79

1993 Death - Zita Johann, Hungarian/U.S. actress (Mummy), dies at 89

1993 Event - Actress Michele Phillips (Knots Landing) is robbed at gunpoint

1993 Event - Actress Loretta Young, 80, weds costume designer Jean Louis, 85

1993 Death - Janice Carroll, actress (End, April Fools), dies of cancer at 61

1993 Death - Rita Karin, Polish-Latvia/US actress (Sophie's Choice), dies at 73

1993 Event - Robocop Richard Eden (36) weds actress Shannon Hile (30)

1993 Event - Actress Elke Sommer (52) weds Wolf Walther (46)

1993 Event - Actress Marlee Matlin (28) weds Kevin Grandalski (28)

1993 Death - Rene Ray, English countess/actress (Farewell again), dies at 80

1993 Death - Edwina Lewis, actress (Boy Who Cried Bitch), dies of heart attack 42

1993 Event - Actress Kim Basinger weds actor Alec Baldwin

1993 Death - Jean King, actress (Night Hasa a Thousand Eyes), dies at 76

1993 Event - California state senator Tom Hayden (54) weds actress Barbara Williams (40)

1993 Death - Nan Grey, actress (Invisible Man Returns), dies on 75th birthday

1993 Death - Lily van Lugt Melsert, actress (Tomorrow will be better), dies at 91

1993 Death - Anne Shirley, actress (Stella Dallas), dies of lung cancer at 75

1993 Event - Actress Julia Roberts and country singer Lyle Lovett wed

1993 Death - Alexis Smith, actress (Constant Nymph), dies of cancer at 72

1993 Death - Alexis Smith, dancer/actress (Follies), dies of cancer at 72

1993 Death - June Smaney, actress (Sainted Sister), dies of apparent suicide at 71

1993 Death - Jan Wiley, actress (Underdog, Brute Man, She Wolf of London), dies

1993 Death - Mary Philbin, actress (Phantom of the Opera), dies at 89

1993 Death - Ann Todd, actress (Things to Come, Danny Boy), dies of stroke at 84

1993 Death - Minnie Gentry, actress (Def by Temptation), dies in New York at 77

1993 Death - Rosita Moreno, actress (Walls of Gold), dies of heart attack at 85

1993 Death - Divya Bharati, "Baby Doll" Indies actress (Diwana), dies in car at 19

1993 Death - Eugenie Leontovitch, actress (4 Sons, Homicidal), dies at 93

1993 Death - Kate Reid, British actress (Lil-Dallas), dies of cancer at 62

1993 Death - Helen Hayes, actress (Airport), dies of congestive heart failure at 92

1993 Death - Joyce Carey, Lawrence, English actress (Number 27), dies at 94

1993 Death - Ruby Keeler, actress (42nd Street, Dames), dies of cancer at 82

1993 Death - Lillian Gish, U.S. actress (Birth of a Nation), dies at 96

1993 Death - Ruby Keeler, actress (42nd Street), dies of cancer at 83

1993 Death - Constance Ford, U.S. actress (Another World, Burden Hunt), dies at 64

1993 Death - Joy Garrett, actress (Days of Our Lives), dies of liver failure

1993 Death - Joy Garrett, actress (Days of Our Live), dies of liver failure at 47

1993 Death - Kate Wilkinson, actress (Clara-Another World), dies of cancer at 76

1993 Death - Frances Hunt, actress (You're a Sweetheart), dies of stroke at 77

1993 Death - Audrey Hepburn, actress (Roman Holiday), dies of colon cancer at 63

1993 Death - Florence Desmond, Dawson, actress (Sally in Our Alley), dies at 87

1993 Death - June Clayworth, actress (Bodyguard, Criminal Court), dies of lymphoma

1993 Death - Phyllis Hill, actress (Singing in the Dark), dies of lung cancer at 72

1992 Death - Vivienne Segal, U.S. actress (Broadway, Pal Joey), dies at 95

1992 Death - Constance Carpenter, actress (2 Worlds), dies of stroke at 87

1992 Death - Stella Adler, U.S. actress (Love on Toast), dies at 90

1992 Death - Vilma Banky, silent film actress (Eagle, Rebel), dies at about 90

1992 Death - Mary Smithuysen, Dutch dancer/actress (Bridge Too Far), dies

1992 Death - Rita Corday, actress (Dick Tracy vs Cueball), dies at 68

1992 Birthday - Miley Ray Cyrus, pop-rock singer, actress, 100 Most Influential People in the World list, Time magazine, 2008, star of Disney's 'Hannah Montana', debut album, 'Meet Miley Cyrus' had first top ten single, 'See You Again'

1992 Death - Diane Varsi, actress (Allison-Peyton Place, Bloody Mama), dies at 54

1992 Event - Actress Peg Phillips (Northern Exposure), falls and breaks 3 fingers

1992 Death - Regina Carrol, actress (Jessi's Girl), dies of cancer at 49

1992 Death - Shirley Booth, actress (Hazel), dies at 94

1992 Death - Shirley Booth, actress (Hazel), dies of natural causes at 85

1992 Event - Actress Ally Sheedy weds actor David Lansbury

1992 Event - Actress Heather Thomas weds entertainment lawyer Skip Brittenham

1992 Death - Ruth Nelson, actress (Awakenings, 3 Women), dies at 87

1992 Death - Lucille Brown, actress (Farina-Our Gang), dies after illness at 74

1992 Event - Actress Susan Anton marries actor Jeff Lester

1992 Event - Actress Barbara Hershey weds artist Stephen Douglas

1992 Death - Brenda Marshall, actress (Highway West, Smiling Ghost), dies at 76

1992 Death - Jenny Karezi, Greek actress (Red Lanterns), dies of cancer at 56

1992 Death - Hope Miller, actress (Bwana Devil), dies of breast cancer at 63

1992 Death - Arletty, French actress (Hotel, Longest Day), dies at 94

1992 Death - Maxine Audley, British actress (Vikings, Our Man in Havana), dies at 69

1992 Event - Actress Nell Carter undergoes brain surgery

1992 Death - Georgia Brown, British singer and actress (Love at Stake), dies at 58

1992 Event - U.S. actress Bobbie Eakes marries author David Stone

1992 Event - Actress Cecil Hoffman (Zoe-LA Law) marries Paul Slye

1992 Event - Actress Marina Sirtis, Star Trek NG, marries rocker Michael Lamper

1992 Event - Actor Jameson Parker weds actress Darleen Carr

1992 Death - Gerda Nicolson, actress (Next of Kin, Clinic), dies

1992 Death - Georgia Brown, British actress (Lock up your daughters), dies at 58

1992 Death - Pippa Steele, actress (Vampire Lovers), dies of cancer at 44

1992 Death - Nancy Walker, actress (Ida Morgenstein-Rhoda), dies of cancer at 71

1992 Death - Joan Sanderson, actress (Young Wives' Tale, Fawlty Towers), dies at 79

1992 Death - Marisa Mell, actress (Hostages), dies of cancer at 53

1992 Death - Marlene Dietrich, Maria Losch, actress (Angel), dies in Paris at 90

1992 Death - Mae Clarke, actress (Public Enemy, Frankenstein), dies at 84

1992 Death - Alberta Vaughn, actress (Wild Horse, Silver Devil), dies at 87

1992 Death - Youcca Troubatzkoy, actress (Flower of the Night), dies

1992 Death - Pat Thompson, actress (Strictly Ballroom), dies at 51

1992 Event - Actress Lisa Bonet files for divorce from singer Lenny Kravitz

1992 Death - Adele Dixon, singer and actress (Uneasy Virtue), dies of pneumonia at 83

1992 Death - Molly Picon, Yiddish actress (Milk and Honey), dies of Alzheimers at 94

1992 Event - John Tesh (Entertainment Tonight) marries actress Connie Selleca

1992 Death - Margaret Barker, actress (Fathers and Son), dies of lung cancer at 83

1992 Death - Paula Kelly, singer and actress (Sweet Charity), dies at 72

1992 Death - Anita Colby, U.S. model/actress/author (Pepsi Coke), dies at 77

1992 Death - Nancy Walker, actress (Ida Morgenstern-Rhoda), dies of cancer at 69

1992 Death - Avonne Taylor, actress (My Best Girl, Honor Among Lovers), dies at 93

1992 Death - Vanessa Lee, actress (Split), dies at 71

1992 Death - Barbara Morrison, actress (Proj Moonbase), dies of heart failure at 84

1992 Death - Elvia Allman, actress (Night at Earl Carroll's), dies of pneumonia

1992 Death - Sandy Dennis, actress (Up the Down Staircase), dies of cancer at 54

1992 Death - Maria Dea, French actress (Pieges), dies at 73

1992 Death - Angelique Pettyjohn, actress (Body Talk, Star Trek), dies at 49

1992 Death - Jacquelyn Hyde, actress (Dark, House of Terror), dies at 61

1992 Death - Eva A Jessye, U.S. singer and actress (Eva Jessye Choir), dies at 97

1992 Death - Joan Dixon, actress (Hot Lead, Bunco Squad, Gunplay), dies at 66

1992 Death - Angelique Pettyjohn, actress (Biohazard), dies of cancer at 48

1992 Death - Dorothy Tree, actress (Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Nazi Agent), dies

1992 Death - Laura Liddell, actress (Shakespeare Wallah), dies at 83

1992 Death - Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, British actress (Eliza Dolittle), dies at 101

1992 Event - Actress Joan Chen (Twin Peaks) marries Dr. Peter Hui

1992 Death - Dorothy Alison, actress (Maggie, 3rd Key, Long Arm), dies

1992 Death - Roselle Novelle, silent film actress, dies at 95

1992 Death - Yvonne Bryceland, actress (Road to Mecca), dies of cancer at 66

1992 Death - Barbara Couper, British actress (Last Days of Dolwyn), dies at 89

1992 Death - Elaine McKenna, Australian actress (Peg Martin-Cell Block H), dies

1992 Death - Judith Anderson, actress (Star Trek 3), dies of pneumonia at 93

1992 Death - Virginia Field, actress (Dream Girl), dies of cancer at 74

1992 Death - Ginette Leclerc, actress (Baker's Wife), dies at 79

1991 Death - Cassandra Harris, actress (For Your Eyes Only), dies of cancer at 39

1991 Death - Orane Demazis, French actress (Marius, Fanny et Cesar), dies at 87

1991 Event - U.S. actress Jane Fonda marries CNN-director Ted Turner

1991 Death - Helene Heigh, actress (Undercover Woman, Teen Age Thunder), dies at 86

1991 Death - June Storey, actress (South of the Border), dies of cancer at 73

1991 Death - Ann Sorg Coston, actress (Anna-Aldrich Family), dies at 62

1991 Death - Gina Petrushka, actress (Exorcist, Sybil), dies

1991 Death - Diane Brewster, actress (Courage of Black Beauty), dies at 60

1991 Death - Frances Faye, singer and actress (Pretty Baby), dies after strokes

1991 Death - Gene Tierney, U.S. actress (Laura/Heaven can wait), dies at 70

1991 Death - Gene Tierney, actress (Laura, Whirlpool), dies of emphysema at 70

1991 Event - Singer Clint Black (34) weds actress Lisa Hartman (29)

1991 Death - Maria Monica, silent film actress, dies

1991 Event - Actress Lisa Hartman weds country singer Clint Black

1991 Death - Tonny Huurdeman, singer and actress (Frills), dies

1991 Event - Actress Katey Segal suffers a miscarriage

1991 Death - Aline MacMahon, U.S. actress (Backdoor to Heaven), dies at 92

1991 Death - Sheila Florance, Australian actress (Cactus), dies of cancer at 75

1991 Death - Mary Lawrence, actress (Best Man), dies of respiratory failure at 73

1991 Death - Ernestine McClendon, director/actress (Homer and Eddie), dies

1991 Death - Carol White, actress (Prehistoric Women, Dulcima), dies at 47

1991 Death - Julie Bovasso, actress (Saturday Night Fever), dies at 61 of cancer

1991 Death - Elise Hoomans, actress/director (Medea/Virginia Woolf?, dies)

1991 Death - Eleanor Berry, actress (Death Valley Days), dies

1991 Death - Colleen Dewhurst, actress (Murphy Brown), dies of cancer at 67

1991 Death - Betty Bowden, British dancer/actress (Vote for Nigel), dies at 86

1991 Death - Irene Campbell, British actress/dancer (Wicker Man, St. Justice), dies

1991 Event - Actress Hedy Lamarr, 77, arrested for shoplifting in Florida

1991 Death - Carol Gillies, actress (Back Home, Baby Boom), dies at 50

1991 Death - Toni Gerry, actress (Bullet for Joey, Lust for Life), dies at 61

1991 Death - Rita Marechal, actress (Good During Only During), dies

1991 Death - Lotte Palfi Andor, actress (Lovesick, All the Jazz), dies

1991 Death - Lee Remick, actress (Days of Wine and Roses), dies of cancer at 55

1991 Death - Jean Arthur [Gladys Greene], U.S. actress (Shane), dies

1991 Death - Joan Caulfield, actress (My Favorite Husband), dies of cancer at 69

1991 Death - Peggy Ashcroft, British actress (A passage to India), dies at 83

1991 Death - Bertice Reading, Dutch actress (Moon in the Gutter), dies

1991 Death - Heidi Bruhl, German actress (Madels vom Immenhof), dies at 49

1991 Death - Eva La Gailliene, British/U.S. actress/director (Resurrection), dies at 92

1991 Death - Rini Otte, Dutch actress (Ergens in Nederland), dies at 74

1991 Death - Edwina Booth, actress (Trader Horn), dies of heart failure at 86

1991 Death - Prudence Nesbitt, British actress/TV producer, dies

1991 Event - Italian actress Laura Antonelli found guilty of cocaine possession

1991 Event - Actress Sharon Gless and producer Barney Rosenzeig wed

1991 Death - Margaret Tallichet, actress (Stranger on the 3rd Floor), dies

1991 Death - Emily McLaughlin, U.S. actress (Jessie-General Hospital), dies at 61

1991 Death - Natalie Schafer, actress (Gilligan's Island), dies at 90 from cancer

1991 Death - Leueen McGrath, actress (Edward My Son, Saint's Vacation), dies at 77

1991 Death - Mona Maris, actress (Camila, Berlin Correspondent), dies at 88

1991 Death - Gloria Holden, actress (Dracula's Daughter, Test Pilot), dies at 73

1991 Death - Vilma Banky, actress (Eagle, Son of Sheik, Rebel), dies at 93

1991 Death - Eileen Sedgwick, silent film actress (Hot Heels), dies at 93

1991 Death - Katharine Blake, actress (To Have and To Hold), dies at 62

1991 Death - Jean Rogers, actress (Flash Gordon, Hot Cargo), dies at 74

1991 Death - Peggy Mondo, actress (Who's Minding the Store), dies at 50

1991 Death - Nancy Kulp, actress (Jane Hathaway-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 69

1991 Death - Carol Dempster, actress (Sally of Sawdust, America), dies at 89

1991 Death - Lillian Bond, actress (Air Mail, Pick-up, Blond Cheat), dies at 83

1991 Death - Marie Madeline Sullivan, actress (Elvira Mistress of Dark), dies at 80

1990 Death - Helene Stanley, actress (Carnival Story, Roar of the Crowd), dies

1990 Death - Anne Revere, actress (National Velvet), dies of pneumonia at 87

1990 Death - Mieke Verstraete, Belgian/Netherlands actress (Pleasant Settled), dies at 79

1990 Death - Betty Warren actress (Passport to Pimlico), dies

1990 Death - Jean Paige, actress (Captain Blood, Black Beauty), dies

1990 Death - Hope Sansberry, actress (Rats are Coming), dies at 94

1990 Death - Joan Bennett, U.S. actress (House Across the Bay), dies at 80

1990 Death - Tamara De Treaux, actress (ET), dies at 31

1990 Death - Eve Arden, actress (Our Miss Brooks), dies at 82

1990 Death - Josephine Wilson, actress (We Dive at Dawn), dies at 86

1990 Death - Mary Martin, actress (Peter Pan), dies of cancer at 76

1990 Death - Valerie French, actress (Jubal), dies of leukemia

1990 Death - Jill Bennett, actress (Skull, Hawks), dies of undisclosed causes at 58

1990 Death - Christine Forrest, actress (Martin), dies

1990 Death - Athene Seyler, actress (Make Mine Mink), dies at 101

1990 Death - Irene Dunne, actress (5 oscars), dies of heart failure at 91

1990 Death - Pearl Bailey, actress (Landlord)/singer, dies of heart attack at 72

1990 Death - Nina Bara, actress (Missile to the Moon), dies of cancer at 66

1990 Death - Dorothy Mackaill, actress (Love Affair), dies of kidney failure at 87

1990 Death - Dorothy Appleby, actress (Small Town Boy, Paradise Express), dies

1990 Death - Eva Sully Block, actress (Kid Millions), dies of heart failure at 88

1990 Birthday - Landry Allbright, actress, Bridget Forrester-Bold and Beautiful

1990 Death - Jill Esmond, actress (13 Women, My Pal Wolfe, FP 1), dies at 82

1990 Death - Elizabeth Allan, actress (Tale of 2 Cities, Camille, Java Head), dies

1990 Death - Sara Heyblom, Dutch actress (Obsessions, Pygmalion), dies

1990 Death - Alison Leggatt, actress (Day of Triffids, Cows), dies at 86

1990 Death - Margaret Mary Lockwood, actress (Man in Grey, Wicked Lady), dies at 73

1990 Death - Anna Palk, actress (Play it Cool, Frozen Dead), dies of cancer at 48

1990 Death - Mary Ward, Myra Syrier, actress (Playing for Keeps), dies

1990 Death - Ina Balin, actress (Patsy), dies at 52, of pulmonary hypertension

1990 Death - Barbara Baxley, actress (Norma Rae), dies at 63 of a heart attack

1990 Death - Jill Ireland, actress (Carry on Nurse, Family), dies of cancer at 54

1990 Death - Susan Oliver, actress (Disorderly Orderly), dies of cancer at 61

1990 Death - Jessica James, actress (Spring Break), dies of breast cancer at 60

1990 Death - Paulette Goddard, actress (Hazard), dies in Switzerland at 78

1990 Death - Greta Garbo, actress (Anna Karenina, Camille), dies at 84

1990 Birthday - Emma Watson, born in Paris, France, British actress, model, known for role as Hermione in 'Harry Potter' film series, earning her more than $10 million pounds

1990 Death - Katharine Balfour, actress (Love Story), dies of ALS at 69

1990 Death - Helene Fortescu Reynolds, actress (Bermuda Mystery), dies at 65

1990 Death - Alice Sapritch, actress (European Vacation), dies

1990 Death - Capucine, actress (Lion, Red Sun, Fellini Satyricon), dies at 55

1990 Death - Germaine Capucine, actress (Rendez-Vous de Juillet), dies at 57

1990 Death - Fabia Drake, actress (Nice Girl Like Me), dies at 86

1990 Death - Deborra Hampton, actress (Crossroads, 2 of a Kind), dies at 30

1990 Death - Jean Wallace, Walasek, actress (Big Combo), dies of hemorrhage at 66

1990 Death - Jane Novak, silent screen actress (Ghost Town), dies of stroke at 94

1990 Death - Helen Jerome Eddy, actress (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), dies at 92

1990 Death - Ava Gardner, actress (Barefoot Contessa), dies of pneumonia at 67

1990 Death - Madge Bellamy, actress (White Zombie), dies at 87

1990 Death - Barbara Stanwyck, Ruby Stevens, actress (Big Valley), dies at 82

1990 Death - Mary Jane Carr, actress (Forbidden Trail, Second Wife), dies

1990 Death - Juliet Berto, screenwriter/actress (Bastienne Bastien), dies at 42

1990 Death - Yvonne Peattie Marquard, actress (Donovan's Reef), dies

1989 Event - Actress Annabella Sciorra (Jungle Fever) weds Joe Petruzzi

1989 Death - Madoline Thomas, actress (Girl in the Canal), dies

1989 Death - Peggy Thorpe-Bates, actress (Alcatraz Island), dies

1989 Death - Audrey Christie, actress (Splendor in the Grass), dies at 77

1989 Death - Aileen Pringle, actress (Age of Consent, Convicted, Night Parade), dies

1989 Death - Silvana Mangano, Italian actress (Death in Venice), dies at 59

1989 Death - Frances Beauvier, actress (Aunt Bee, Mayberry), dies at 86

1989 Death - Lynn Bari, actress (Shock, Nocturne, 6 Gun Law), dies at 71

1989 Death - Bette [Ruth E] Davis, actress (All About Eve, White Mama), dies at 81

1989 Death - Bette Davis, American Actress

1989 Event - Roman Polanski marries actress Emmanuelle Seigner

1989 Birthday - Hayden Panettiere, actress, One Life to Live

1989 Death - Amanda Blake, actress (Gunsmoke), dies at 58

1989 Death - Mary Treen, actress (Career, Rock-a-bye Baby), dies at 71

1989 Death - Rebecca Schaeffer, actress (My Sister Sam), is shot by a fan at 21

1989 Event - 14 year old actress Drew Barrymore, attempts suicide

1989 Death - Fran Allison, actress (Kukla, Fran and Ollie), dies at 81

1989 Death - Marion Mack, actress (General), dies

1989 Death - May Allison, actress (Youth for Salem Men of Steel), dies

1989 Birthday - Caitlin Wachs, actress, Chloe Waters-Profiler

1989 Event - Actress Phoebe Cates marries actor Kevin Kline

1989 Death - Josephine van Gasteren, Dutch actress/dir (Bluejackets), dies at 72

1989 Death - Joan Woodbury, actress (Super Sleuth, Northwest Trail), dies

1989 Event - Whitesnake's rocker David Coverdale weds actress Tawny Kitaen

1989 Event - Boxer Mike Tyson divorces actress Robin Givens

1989 Death - Beatrice Lillie, actress (Thoroughly Modern Millie), dies at 94

1989 Death - Norma Varden, actress (Loose in London), dies

1989 Death - Ken McMillan, actress 'Malone', 'Concrete Beat', dies of heart attack at 56

1989 Event - Actress Kelly McGillis gets married

1988 Birthday - Vanessa Hudgens, born in Salinas, California, actress, singer, debut album, titled, 'V', certified Gold, screen debut, drama film, 'Thirteen', 2003, known for playing role of Gabriella Montez in High School Musical series

1988 Death - Anne Seymour, actress (Misty, Chevy Mystery Show), dies at 79

1988 Death - Angela Aames, actress (Lost Empire, Basic Training), dies

1988 Event - LA Law's Corbin Bernsen marries actress Amanda Pays

1988 Death - Mona Washbourne, actress (Blue Bird, Games), dies at 84

1988 Event - Actor Jeff Goldblum and actress Gena Davis wed in Las Vegas

1988 Death - Sugar Geise, actress (Rhythm Parade), dies after brief illness at 71

1988 Death - Mary Morris, actress (Agitator, Double Door), dies

1988 Death - Ethel Grandin, silent screen actress (Deserter), dies at 94

1988 Death - Marjorie Bonner Lowry, actress (Reno, Poor Girls), dies at 83

1988 Death - Christine Norden, actress (Little Shop of Horroers, Night Beat), dies

1988 Death - Hazel Dawn, U.S. singer and actress (Under Clover, Margie), dies at 98

1988 Birthday - Alexa Vega, born in Miami, Florida, actress, singer, pianist, appeared in 'Repo! the Genetic Opera', 'Spy Kids' trilogy films

1988 Death - Victoria Shaw, actress (Alvarez Kelly, Westworld), dies

1988 Death - Anne Ramsey, actress (Throw Mama From Train), dies of cancer at 59

1988 Death - Florence Eldridge, Broadway actress (The Swan), dies at 86

1988 Death - Judith Barsi, child actress, shot dead with mother by her father at 11

1988 Birthday - Mae Whitman, American Actress

1988 Death - Ella Raines, actress (Brute Force), dies of throat cancer at 66

1988 Death - Ella Raines, actress (Uncle Harry, Runaround, Impact), dies at 66

1988 Death - Florida Friebus, actress (Bob Newhart Show), dies of a stroke at 79

1988 Death - Greta Nissen, actress (Ambassador Bill), dies

1988 Birthday - Michael Tylo, son of U.S. actor/actress Michael Tylo/Deborah Hunter

1988 Death - Irene Rich, U.S. actress (Beau Brumell, Champ), dies at 96

1988 Death - Eva Novak, actress (Medicine Man), dies of pneumonia at 90

1988 Birthday - Kerri Ann Darling, actress, Alli Fowler-Another World

1988 Death - Dorothy Adams Foulger, actress (Laura, Devil Commands), dies at 88

1988 Death - Olive Carey, actress (Affairs With a Stranger), dies at 92

1988 Death - Lois Wilson, actress (Crash, Deluge, Bright Eyes), dies

1988 Death - Amapola Del Vando, actress (Cowboy), dies at 78

1988 Event - Actor Dudley Moore marries actress Brogan Lane

1988 Event - Heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson marries actress Robin Givens

1988 Death - Colleen Moore, actress (These Girls Won't Talk), dies at 87

1987 Death - Priscilla Dean, actress (Outside the Law), dies of injuries at 91

1987 Death - Alice Terry, Taaffe, actress (4 Horsemen of Apocalypse), dies

1987 Death - Irene Handl, actress (Riding High, Morgan), dies at 85

1987 Event - Actress Demi Moore marries actor Bruce Willis

1987 Death - Irene Wicker, singer and actress (Singing Lady), dies at 81

1987 Event - Actress Lisa Bonet marries singer Lenny Kravitz

1987 Death - Madeleine Carroll, actress (39 Steps, Secret Agent), dies at 81

1987 Birthday - Hilary Duff, born in Houston, Texas, actress, appeared in 'A Cinderella Story', singer, sold over 13 million albums, which include, 'Metamorphosis', 'Hilary Duff', 'Dignity'

1987 Death - Mary Astor, actress (Cynthia, Meet Me in St. Louis, Fiesta), dies at 81

1987 Death - Ruth Attaway, actress (Porgy and Bess, Conrack, Being There), dies

1987 Birthday - Madeline Zima, born in New Haven, Connecticut, actress, Grace Sheffield-Nanny

1987 Birthday - Evan Rachel Wood, American Actress

1987 Birthday - Blake Lively, born in Tarzana, California, actress, first role, Bridget, 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants', cast in CW television network series 'Gossip Girl', has appeared on covers of magazines Seventeen, Vogue

1987 Death - Clara Peller, actress (Where's the Beef), dies at 86

1987 Death - Raquel Torres, actress (Duck Soup, Sea Bat), dies

1987 Death - Benson Fong, actress (Charlie Chan, Purple Heart), dies at 70

1987 Death - Pola Negri, actress (Forbidden Paradise), dies at 92

1987 Death - Mary Spinell, actress (Last Horror Film), dies

1987 Birthday - Mara Wilson, actress, Mrs Doubtfire

1987 Death - Viola Dana, actress (Willow Tree, 40 Winks, Silent Lover), dies at 90

1987 Death - Geraldine Page, actress (Blue and Gray), dies at 62

1987 Death - Elizabeth Hartman, actress (Fixer, Patch of Blue), dies at 45

1987 Death - Madge Kennedy, actress (Marrying Kind, 3 Bad Sisters), dies

1987 Death - Dorothy Patrick, actress (Torch Song, New Orleans, High Wall), dies

1987 Death - Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold, actress (Gigi, Music Man), dies at 89

1987 Death - Rita Hayworth, actress (Gilda), dies of Alzheimer's disease at 68

1987 Event - Actor Tom Cruise (27) and actress Mimi Rogers (33), marry

1987 Death - Cathryn Damon, actress (Mary Campbell-Soap), dies at 56

1987 Birthday - Joss Stone, born in Dover, England, singer, actress, multi-platinum album, 'The Soul Sessions', top ten hit song, 'You Had Me', sold over 10 million albums worldwide

1987 Death - Maxine Sullivan, Williams, U.S. actress (Going Places), dies at 75

1987 Death - Joan Shawlee, actress (Abbott and Costello Show), dies at 58

1987 Death - Anny Ondra, actress (Blackmail), dies at 83

1987 Death - Joan Greenwood, English actress (Gentle Sex, Bad Sister), dies at 65

1987 Death - Verree Teasdale, actress (Skyscraper Souls), dies

1987 Death - Harriet MacGibbon, actress (Mrs Drysdale-Beverly Hillbillies), dies

1987 Birthday - Naya Rivera, actress, Cindy-Fresh Prince of Bel Air

1986 Death - Elsa Lanchester, actress (Bride of Frankenstein), dies at 84

1986 Death - Heather Angel, actress (Lifeboat, Daniel Boone), dies at 77

1986 Death - Susan Cabot-Roman, actress (Sorority Girl, Carnival Rock), dies

1986 Death - Siobhan McKenna, actress (Dr. Zhivago, Hungry Hill), dies at 63

1986 Death - Beatrice Kay, singer and actress (Sister Sue-Calvin and the Col), dies at 78

1986 Birthday - Camilla Belle, American Actress

1986 Death - Betty Kean, actress (Amy Tucker-Leave it to Larry), dies at 69

1986 Death - Patricia Phoenix, English actress (Coronation Street), dies at 62

1986 Death - Virginia Gregg, actress (Little Women), dies at 69

1986 Birthday - Emmy Rossum, American Actress

1986 Death - Blanche Sweet, U.S. actress (DW Griffith movies), dies at 90

1986 Death - Hermione Baddeley, actress (Camp Runamuck, Maude), dies at 79

1986 Death - Helen Mack, actress (Son of Kong, Milky Way), dies

1986 Event - Tennis ace John McEnroe marries actress Tatum O'Neal

1986 Death - Virginia Hewitt, actress (Carol-Space Patrol), dies at 60

1986 Death - Helen Craig, actress (Rich Man Poor Man), dies at 74

1986 Death - Florence Halop, actress (Florence-Night Court), dies at 63

1986 Event - U.S. actress Deborah Hunter marries actor Michael Tylo

1986 Birthday - Lindsay Lohan, actress, Alli Fowler-Another World

1986 Death - Edna Mae Cooper, actress (Folly of Vanity, Grounds for Divorce), dies

1986 Birthday - Kaitlin Cullum, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Libby Kelly-Grace Under Fire

1986 Birthday - Ashley Olsen, twin actress, Michelle-Full House

1986 Birthday - Mary Kate Olsen, twin actress, Michelle-Full House

1986 Birthday - Brighton Hertford, actress, BJ Jones-General Hospital

1986 Death - Anna Neagle, actress (Courtney Affair)/dancer, dies at 81

1986 Death - Patricia Wheel, actress (Christine-Woman to Remember), dies at 42

1986 Death - Lurene Tuttle, actress (Father of Bride, Julia), dies at 79

1986 Birthday - Megan Fox, born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, actress, sex symbol, debut film, 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen', breakout role, Mikaela Barnes in movie, 'Transformers', voted 'Sexiest Woman in the World' by FHM

1986 Death - Bessie Love, actress (Broadway Melody, Isadora), dies at 87

1986 Death - Virginia Gilmore, actress (Jennie, Western Union), dies

1986 Death - Sarah Cunningham, actress (Nurse Andrews-Trapper John MD), dies at 67

1986 Death - Edith Atwater, actress (Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop), dies at 74

1986 Birthday - Brittany Snow, American Actress

1986 Birthday - Charlotte Church, born in Cardiff, Wales, singer, songwriter, actress, classical crossover singer, host of 'The Charlotte Church Show', worth $20 million pounds

1986 Death - Lilli Palmer, German actress (Boys from Brazil, Kinder), dies at 71

1986 Birthday - Mischa Barton, American Actress

1986 Death - Claire James, actress (Jack Armstrong), dies

1986 Death - Donna Reed, actress (Donna Reed Show, Dallas), dies of cancer at 64

1986 Death - Una Merkel, U.S. actress (Abraham Lincoln), dies at 82

1985 Death - Anne Baxter, actress (Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel), dies at 62

1985 Death - Mary MacLaren, actress (Black Swan), dies at 85 of respiratory probs

1985 Birthday - Michelle Trachtenberg, American Actress

1985 Death - Simone Signoret, German/French actress (Room at Top, Gina), dies at 64

1985 Death - Alexa Kenin, actress (Mousie-Coed Fever), dies at 23

1985 Death - Jane Frazee, singer and actress (Alice-Beulah), dies at 67 of pneumonia

1985 Death - Isabel Jeans, actress (Suspicion, Easy Virtue, Tovarich), dies at 93

1985 Death - Evelyn Ankers, actress (Black Beauty, Jungle Woman), dies at 67

1985 Death - Ruth Gordon, actress (Big Bus), dies of a stroke in her sleep at 88

1985 Death - Samantha Smith, actress (Elizabeth-Lime Street), dies in plane at 13

1985 Death - Gale Sondergaard, actress (Letter), dies of cerebral thrombosis at 86

1985 Death - Marion Martin, actress (Dakota Lil, Queen of Burlesque), dies at 67

1985 Death - Louise Brooks, actress (Pandora's Box), dies of a heart attack at 78

1985 Death - Vicki Vola, actress (Miss Miller-Mr District Attorney)

1985 Death - Margo, actress (Rumba, Viva Zapata), dies at 68 of a brain tumor

1985 Death - Patti McCarty, actress (Gangster of the Frontier), dies at 64

1985 Death - Marion Byron, actress (Steamboat Bill Jr), dies at 73

1985 Death - Madge West, actress (Grandma-McLean Stevenson Show), dies at 93

1985 Death - Kay Campbell, actress (All My Children), dies at 80

1985 Death - Margaret Hamilton, actress, played the Wicked Witch in the 'Wizard of Oz', dies at 82

1985 Death - Dawn Addams, actress (Alan Young Show, Star Maidens), dies at 54

1985 Birthday - Lauri Hendler, born in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, actress, Julie-Gimme a Break

1985 Birthday - Keira Knightley, born in Teddington, England, actress, films include, 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Atonement', Pirates of the Caribbean' triology, made $32 million in 2007

1985 Death - Charita Bauer, actress (Mary-Aldrich Family), dies at 62 in New York City

1985 Death - Ina Claire, actress/comedienne (3 Bdwy Girls), dies of stroke at 89

1985 Death - Wanda Perry, actress (Roberta, Death of a Salesman), dies at 67

1985 Birthday - Tina Majorino, actress, Waterworld, When a Man Loves a Woman

1985 Death - Dandy Nichols, actress (Confessions of a Window Cleaner), dies at 78

1985 Death - Jetta Goudal, French actress (White Gold), dies at 86

1985 Event - Actress Judith Licht (Who's the Boss) marries Robert Desiderio (One Life to Live)

1984 Death - Jeanne Cagney, actress (Quicksand, Kentucky Rifle), dies at 65

1984 Death - Ruth Cummings, actress (Daybreak, Dream of Love), dies at 90

1984 Birthday - Scarlett Johansson, American Actress

1984 Birthday - Jena Malone, American Actress

1984 Death - Dorothy Arnold, actress (House of Fear, Phantom Creeps), dies at 66

1984 Death - Sudie Bond, actress (Tomorrow), dies at 56 of a respiratory ailment

1984 Birthday - Delta Goodrem, Australian Actress

1984 Death - Merie Earle, actress (Maude-Waltons), dies of uremic poisoning at 95

1984 Death - June Duprez, actress (Calcutta, Tiger Fang), dies at 66

1984 Birthday - Kelly Osbourne, English Actress

1984 Death - Sue Randall, actress (Miss Landers-Leave it to Beaver), dies at 49

1984 Death - Pascale Ogier, actress (Ghost Dance), dies of heart attack at 24

1984 Death - Edith Massey, actress (Polyester, Pink Flamingos), dies at 66

1984 Death - Peggy Ann Garner, actress (Ford Theater), dies at 53 of cancer

1984 Birthday - Chiaki Kuriyama, Japanese Actress

1984 Birthday - Ashlee Simpson, born in Waco, Texas, singer, songwriter, actress, appeared on 'The Ashlee Simpson Show' reality series, successful album titled, 'Autobiography'

1984 Death - June Preisser, dancer/actress (Babes in Arms), dies in car crash at 61

1984 Death - Janet Gaynor, actress (Sunrise), dies at 77 from a traffic accident

1984 Death - Julie Stevens, actress (Lorelei-Big Town), dies at 67

1984 Death - Mary Miles Minter, actress (Drums of Fate), die at 82 of heart failure

1984 Death - Bess Flowers, actress (View from Pompey's Head), dies at 85

1984 Death - Carol Eberts Veazie, actress (Maude Endles-Norby), dies at 89

1984 Death - Christine McIntyre, actress (3 Stooges), dies at 73

1984 Death - Flora Robson, actress (Great Day, Frieda), dies in her sleep at 82

1984 Death - Estelle Winwood, actress (Miracle on 34th Street), dies at 99

1984 Death - Sunny Johnson, actress (Animal House), dies cerebral hemorrhage at 30

1984 Event - Actress Jill Ireland has a radical mastectomy

1984 Death - Andrea Leeds, actress (Stage Door, Earthbound), dies of cancer at 70

1984 Death - Ann Little, actress (Roaring Road), dies

1984 Death - Doris May, actress (Peck's Bad Boy), dies at 81 of heart failure

1984 Death - Diana Dors, actress (Berserk!), dies at 52 of cancer

1984 Birthday - Ryan O'Donohue, born in Pomona, California, actress, Byrds of Paradise, Boys are Back

1984 Death - May McAvoy, actress (Ben Hur), dies at 82 after a heart attack

1984 Birthday - Ashley Peldon, born in Staten Island, New York, actress, Marsha-Guilding Light, Deceived

1984 Birthday - America Ferrera, American Actress

1984 Death - Ruth Taylor, actress (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), dies at 76

1984 Birthday - Mandy Moore, born in Orlando, Florida, singer, songwriter, actress, films include 'A Walk to Remember', teen pop albums include 'So Real, I Wanna Be with You'

1984 Birthday - Emily Ann Lloyd, actress, Sarah Kramer-Something So Right

1984 Birthday - Christy Romano, American Actress

1984 Death - June Marlowe, actress (Pardon U.S.), dies at 81

1984 Birthday - Olivia Wilde, American Actress

1984 Death - Lucille Benson, actress (Lilly-Bosom Buddies), dies at 69

1984 Death - Ethel Merman, singer and actress (Kid Million), dies in her sleep at 76

1984 Event - Actress Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) marries Robert Altman

1983 Death - Leora Dana, actress (Amityville II, Change of Habit), dies at 60

1983 Death - Leora Dana, actress (Sylvie Kosloff-Another World), dies

1983 Death - Dorothy Cummings, actress (Dancing Mothers), dies at 84

1983 Death - Estelle Omens, actress (Effect of Gamma Rays), dies at 55

1983 Death - Tamara Shayne (Jolson Story), actress, dies at 80 of a heart attack

1983 Death - Joan Hackett, actress (Group, Flicks, Rivals), dies of cancer at 49

1983 Death - William Goyen, writer, storyteller, married actress Doris Roberts, dies at 68

1983 Death - Jan Clayton, actress (Ellen Miller-Lassie), dies at 66

1983 Birthday - Mila Kunis, American Actress

1983 Birthday - Ashley Johnson, actress, Chrissy-Growing Pains

1983 Death - Carolyn Jones, actress (Morticia-Addams Family), dies at 54 of cancer

1983 Death - Lynn Fontanne, Broadway's premier actress (Emmy 1965), dies at 95

1983 Death - Norma Shearer, actress (Escape, Romeo and Juliet), dies at 82

1983 Death - Miroslav "Standa" Bares, actress (Te Gkek Om Los te Lopen), dies at 60

1983 Birthday - Jennifer Ellison, English Actress

1983 Birthday - Amber Tamblyn, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Emily Bowen-General Hospital

1983 Death - Selena Royale, actress (Robot Monster), dies at 78

1983 Death - Lorene Scott, actress (Faraway Hill), dies at 74

1983 Death - Dolores Del Rio, actress (Cheyenne Autumn), dies at 78

1983 Death - Gloria Swanson, actress (Airport 1975), dies of a heart ailment at 84

1983 Death - Ank [Anna M] van der Moer, actress (Verkade, Dutch Comedy), dies at 71

1983 Death - Martha Sleeper, actress (Spitfire), dies of a heart attack at 72

1983 Death - Faye Emerson, actress (I've Got a Secret), dies of cancer at 65

1983 Death - Thelma Pelish, actress (Pajama Game), dies at 55

1983 Death - Alice White, actress (Employees' Entrance), dies at 78 of a stroke

1983 Death - Marian Nixon, actress (Dr. Bull, Sweepstakes), dies of cancer at 78

1983 Death - Joan Valerie, actress (Pier 13), dies of pneumonia

1983 Birthday - Samantha Mumba, born in Dublin, Ireland, singer, actress, song, 'Gotta Tell You' reached number one in the Irish charts, appeared in movie, 'The Time Machine'

1983 Death - Gale Page, actress (4 Daughters, Knute Rockney), dies of cancer at 72

1983 Death - Lois Wilson, actress (Alice-Aldrich Family), dies at 88

1982 Birthday - Kristin Kreuk, Canadian Actress

1982 Birthday - Elisha Cuthbert, Canadian Actress

1982 Death - Enny, Engelina, de Leeuwe, actress (Anatevka), dies at 84

1982 Death - Lee Patrick, actress (Henrietta-Topper, Maltese Falcon), dies at 75

1982 Death - Chesney Allen, actress (Okay for Sound, Frozen Limits), dies at 88

1982 Birthday - Heather Matarazzo, American Actress

1982 Death - Dominique Dunne, actress (Poltergeist), murdered by boyfriend at 23

1982 Death - Elsie Randolph, actress (That'll Make You Whistle), dies

1982 Death - Vivien Merchant, actress (Accident, Offense), dies at 53

1982 Birthday - Lacey Chabert, actress, Party of Five

1982 Death - Mabel Albertson, actress (Gazebo, Bewitched), dies of Alzheimer at 81

1982 Death - Sarah Churchill, actress (Royal Wedding, Spring Meeting), dies at 67

1982 Birthday - Billie Piper, born in Swindon, England, singer, actress, pop singer, appeared as Rose Tyler in television series, 'Doctor Who'

1982 Death - Ingrid Bergman, actress (Anastasia, Gaslight), dies on 67th birthday

1982 Death - Ulla Jacobsson, Swedish actress (Zulu), dies of bone cancer at 53

1982 Birthday - Erika Christensen, American Actress

1982 Death - Beverly Bayne, actress (Romeo and Juliet, Passionate Youth), dies at 87

1982 Death - Wanda Rotha, actress (Mrs Fitzherbert), dies at 72

1982 Death - Cathleen Nesbitt, English actress (Separate Tables), dies at 93

1982 Death - Betty Walker, actress (Steve Lawrence Show), dies at 54

1982 Birthday - Anna Paquin, oscar winning actress, Piano

1982 Death - Isa Miranda, model/actress (Summertime), dies of infected bone at 77

1982 Birthday - Sophia Bush, American Actress

1982 Death - Vera [A Veronica] Bondam, actress, dies at 86

1982 Birthday - Lizzy Caplan, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, appeared in films, 'Mean Girls', 'Cloverfield' and television show 'True Blood' and 'Party Down'

1982 Death - Marjorie Bennett, actress (Blossom-Dobie Gillis), dies at 87 of cancer

1982 Birthday - Leelee Sobieski, born in New York City, New York, actress, films include, 'Deep Impact', Emmy-Award nominee for television movie, 'Joan of Arc'

1982 Death - Romy Schneider, actress (Cardinal), dies of cardiac arrest at 43

1982 Death - Leigh Snowden, actress (Hot Rod Rumble), dies at 51 of cancer

1982 Birthday - Kirsten Dunst, actress, Interview with the Vampire

1982 Death - Celia Johnson, British actress (Jean Brodie), dies of stroke at 73

1982 Death - Celia Johnson, actress (Brief Encounter, Happy Breed), dies at 73

1982 Death - Mimi Boesnach, actress (Wedding of Kloris and Roses), dies at 82

1982 Death - Brenda Benet, actress (Track of Thunder), commits suicide by gun at 36

1982 Event - Actress Theresa Saladana, stabbed repeatedly by obsessed fan

1982 Birthday - Kate Maberly, actress, Secret Garden

1982 Birthday - Thora Birch, American Actress

1982 Birthday - Jessica Biel, born in Ely, Minnesota, actress, appeared in television series, '7th Heaven', films include, 'The Illusionist', 'Valentine's Day', 'Summer Catch'

1982 Death - Virginia Bruce, actress (Born to Dance, Great Ziegfield), dies at 71

1982 Death - Tina Carver, actress (Inside Detroit, Uranium Boom), dies at 58

1982 Death - Dolores Moran, actress (Yankee Doodle Dandy), dies at 56

1982 Death - Sue Carol, actress (She's My Weakness), dies at 73 of a heart attack

1982 Death - Iris Korn, actress (Widder-Palmerstown USA), dies at 60

1982 Death - Hope Hampton, actress (Star Dust, Lawful Larcency), dies at 83

1982 Birthday - Jodie Sweetin, actress, Stephanie Tanner-Full House

1982 Birthday - Gaby Hoffman, actress, Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck, Now and Then

1982 Death - Reta Shaw, actress (Ghost and Mrs. Muir), dies of emphysema at 69

1981 Birthday - Sienna Miller, American Actress

1981 Death - Natalie Wood, actress (West Side Story), dies at age 43 from 'accidental drowning'

1981 Death - Lotte Lenya, singer and actress (From Russia With Love), dies in New York at 83

1981 Death - Andreina Pagnani, actress (Il Commandante), dies at 74

1981 Death - Enid Markey, actress (Aunt Violet-Bringing Up Buddy), dies at 85

1981 Death - Enid Markey, actress (Foolish Mothers, Civilization), dies at 85

1981 Death - Deborah Baltzell, actress (Karen-I'm a Big Girl Now), dies at 25

1981 Death - Patsy Kelly, actress (Brigid Murphy-Cop and the Kid), dies at 71

1981 Birthday - Nicole Richie, actress, socialite, known for television series, 'The Simple Life' with Paris Hilton, author of 'The Truth About Diamonds'

1981 Birthday - Alexis Bledel, born in Houston, Texas, actress, fashion model, appeared on television show, 'Gilmore Girls', films include, 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants'

1981 Death - Sara Haden, actress (A Family Affair), dies at 83

1981 Death - Maria Palmer, actress (Days of Glory, Web), dies

1981 Birthday - Elize Du Toit, British Actress

1981 Birthday - Beyonce Knowles, born in Houston, Texas, singer, actress, dancer, song, 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)', earned six Grammy Awards, worth over $87 million dollars

1981 Death - Ann Harding, actress (When Ladies Meet, Devotion), dies

1981 Death - Vera-Ellen, actress (Big Leaguer, On the Town), dies of cancer at 55

1981 Birthday - Rachel Bilson, American Actress

1981 Death - Jessie Matthews, actress (Gangway, First a Girl), dies at 74

1981 Death - Zarah Leander, Swedish/German singer and actress (Gabriela), dies at 79

1981 Death - Lola Lane, actress (Zanzibar, Mystery Ship, Big Fight), dies

1981 Birthday - Natalie Portman, actress, Professional, Everyone Says I Love You

1981 Birthday - Larisa Oleynik, born in Santa Clara County, California, actress, starred in 'The Secret World of Alex Mack' television series and film, '10 Things I Hate About You'

1981 Death - Margaret Lindsay, actress (G Men, Lady Killer, Jezebel), dies

1981 Birthday - Danielle Christine Fishel, Mesa, Arizona, actress, Topanga-Boy Meets World

1981 Birthday - Jessica Alba, born in Pomona, California, actress, appeared in television series, 'Dark Angel', films include, 'Sin City', 'Into the Blue', 'Good Luck Chuck'

1981 Event - Beatle Ringo Starr marries actress Barbara Bach [Goldbach]

1981 Birthday - Julia Stiles, born in New York City, New York, actress, films include, '10 Things I Hate About You', 'Mona Lisa Smile', 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'The Bourne Ultimatum'

1981 Birthday - Ellen Muth, American Actress

1981 Death - Brenda De Banzie, actress (39 Steps, Hobson's Choice), dies at 64

1981 Death - Janear Hines, actress (Roberta-Julia), dies at 30

1981 Birthday - Bryce Dallas Howard, American Actress

1981 Birthday - Paris Hilton, born in New York City, New York, model, actress, socialite, heiress, fashion designer, appeared in 'The Simple Life' television series

1981 Death - Jean Dixon, actress (Joy of Livng, You Only Live Once), dies

1981 Birthday - Kelly Rowland, born in Atlanta, Georgia, singer, actress, founding member of group, Destiny's Child, sold more than 50 million albums, collaborated with Nelly on 'Dilemma' single

1981 Death - Louise Lorraine, actress (Adventures of Tarzan), dies

1981 Death - Wanda Hendrix, actress (Sierra, Ride the Pink Horse), dies

1981 Death - [Adele] Marie Astaire, actress (Last Man on Earth, Millie), dies at 82

1981 Birthday - Alicia Keys, born in New York City, New York, born Alicia Augello Cook, singer, recording artist, actress, debut album, 'Songs in A Minor', won five Grammy Awards

1981 Birthday - Beverley Mitchell, American Actress

1981 Death - Beulah Bondi, actress (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 89

1981 Death - Isobel Elsom, actress (Unseen, Jane Eyre, Illegal), dies at 87

1981 Death - Beulah Bondi, actress (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 88

1980 Birthday - Eliza Dushku, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, This Boy's Life, True Lies, Journey

1980 Birthday - Anna Chlumsky, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, My Girl

1980 Birthday - Jessica Bowman, Walnut Creek California, actress, Colleen Cooper-Dr. Quinn

1980 Death - Rachael Roberts, actress (This Sporting Life), dies at age 53

1980 Death - Mae West, actress (She Done Him Wrong), dies in Hollywood at 87

1980 Death - Carmel Myers, actress (Carmel Myers Show), dies at 79

1980 Death - Mary Michael, actress (Biridie-Wonderful John Acton), dies at 77

1980 Death - Hattie Jacques, actress (Make Mine Mink), dies at 56

1980 Death - Lillian Randolph, actress (Roots, Amos n Andy), dies at 65

1980 Death - Barbara Loden, actress (Ernie Kovacs Show), dies at 48

1980 Death - Barbara O'Neil, actress (Tower of London, Stella Dallas)

1980 Death - Miliza Korjus, actress (Great Waltz), dies at 71

1980 Birthday - Dominique Swain, born in Malibu, California, actress, appeared in film, 'Lolita', 'Happy Campers', 'Devour'

1980 Death - Peggy Knudson, actress (April-So This is Hollywood), dies at 57

1980 Birthday - Jessica Simpson, born in Abilene, Texas, singer, actress, television personality, starred in reality show, 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica'

1980 Death - Gail Patrick, actress (My Man Godfrey), dies of leukemia at 69

1980 Birthday - Eva Green, French Actress

1980 Death - Virginia Brown Faire, actress (Lonesome Trail, Temptress), dies

1980 Death - Helen Gahagan, American Actress

1980 Death - Odile Versois, actress (Nude in a White Car, Young Lovers), dies

1980 Death - Ida Kaminska, actress (Shop on Main Street), dies

1980 Death - Lillian Roth, actress (Animal Crackers, Alice Sweet Alice), dies

1980 Death - Kay Hammond, actress (Blithe SPirit, 5 Golden Hours), dies

1980 Death - Mary McCarty, actress (French Line), dies

1980 Death - Dee Carroll, Betty Jean Marsh, actress (Mad Bomber, Split), dies

1980 Birthday - Jordana Brewster, born in Panama, actress, Nikki Graves-As the World Turns

1980 Birthday - Marne Patterson, born in Sherman Oaks, California, actress, Nicole-Something So Right

1980 Death - Cicely Courtneidge, actress (Double Exposure), dies at 87

1980 Death - Ethel Wilson, actress (Aunt Harriet-Aldrich Family), dies at 88

1980 Death - Kay Medford, actress (Dean Martin Show, To Rome With Love), dies at 65

1980 Death - Luella Gear, actress (Joe and Mabel), dies at 82

1980 Death - Olga Chekova, actress (Moulin Rouge, Pawns of Possession), dies at 82

1980 Birthday - Laura Prepon, American Actress

1980 Event - Actress Susan Dey (LA Law) weds producer Bernard Sofronski

1980 Death - Gale Robbins, actress (Fuller Brush Girl, Mr. Hex), dies at 58

1980 Birthday - Christina Ricci, actress, Wednesday-Addams Family, Mermaids, Casper

1980 Birthday - Sarah Lancaster, born in Kansas City, Kansas, actress, Rachel-Saved By Bell: New Class

1980 Birthday - Natasha Bobo, Watsonville California, actress, Sally-Together We Stand

1980 Death - Katherine Emery, actress (Maze, Isle of the Dead), dies at 73

1980 Death - Lil Dagover, actress (Destiny, Spiders), dies at 82

1980 Death - Iris Meredith, actress (Lawless Land, Gambling Terror), dies at 64

1980 Death - Barbara Britton, actress (Pamela-Mr and Mrs. North), dies at 59

1980 Birthday - Zooey Deschanel, born in Los Angeles, California, American Actress

1980 Death - Sarah Selby, actress (Tower of London), dies at 74

1979 Death - Joan Blondell, actress (Real McCoys), dies at 70

1979 Birthday - Summer Altice, born in Fountain Valley, California, fashion model, actress, 'Playboy' magazine Playmate, appeared in films, 'The Scorpion King', 'Grind'

1979 Death - Claire Carleton, New York City, actress (Alice-Cimarron City), dies at 66

1979 Death - Ann Dvorak, actress (G Men, Life of Her Own, Scarface), dies at 67

1979 Death - Joyce Grenfell (Adventure for Two), actress, dies at 69

1979 Death - Merle Oberon, actress (Assignment Foreign Legion), dies at 68

1979 Birthday - Kelly Brook, born in Rochester, England, model, actress, appeared in 'Strictly Come Dancing' celebrity dance competition, appeared in film, 'Sorted'

1979 Death - Celia Lovsky, actress (Airport, Harlow, T'Pau-Star Trek), dies at 82

1979 Death - June Nash, actress (Strange Cargo, Dynamite), dies at 68

1979 Birthday - Kristanna Loken, American Actress

1979 Birthday - Rachael Leigh Cook, American Actress

1979 Birthday - Anndi Lynn McAfee, actress, Ice Cream Man, Conagher

1979 Death - Gracie Fields, actress (Queen of Hearts), dies at 81

1979 Death - Catherine Lacey, actress (October Man, Carnival), dies at 75

1979 Birthday - Ariana Richards, Healdsburg California, actress, Spaced Invaders, Prancer

1979 Death - Jean Seberg, actress (Breathless, Airport), commits suicide at 40

1979 Death - Doris Kenyon, silent screen actress (Alexander Hamilton), dies at 81

1979 Death - Mary Marquet, actress (Landru, Paris Canaille), dies at 84

1979 Death - Vivian Vance, actress (Ethel Mertz-I Love Lucy), diesof cancer at 67

1979 Death - Beatrix Lehmann, actress (Psyche '59, Rat, Staircase), dies at 76

1979 Death - Beppie Nooij, Jr., Dutch actress (Rooie Sien), dies at 67

1979 Death - Shirley Mason, actress (Let it Rain, Dark Skies), dies at 79

1979 Death - Hope Summers, actress (Clara-Andy Griffith Show), dies at 78

1979 Death - Darla Hood, actress (Our Gang 1935-45), dies at 47

1979 Death - Mary Pickford, actress (Coquette, Suds, Secrets), dies at 86

1979 Birthday - Monica Keena, American Actress

1979 Death - Nelly Aenders, actress (In Pyama), dies at 65

1979 Birthday - Rosario Dawson, American Actress

1979 Death - Shirley O'Hara, actress (Wild Party), dies at 68

1979 Death - Erin O'Brien-Moore, actress (Nurse Choate-Peyton Place), dies at 76

1979 Birthday - Jaime King, American Actress

1979 Birthday - Kate Hudson, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Academy-Award nominee for movie, 'Almost Famous', other films include 'Raising Helen', 'Nine'

1979 Birthday - Tram-Anh Tran, actress, Ghostwriters'

1979 Birthday - Claire Danes, New York City, actress, Angela-My So Called Life, Romeo and Juliet

1979 Death - Henriette P "Hetty" Beck, actress (Dodendans), dies at 91

1979 Birthday - Keshia Knight Pulliam, born in Newark, New Jersey, actress, Rudy-Crosby

1979 Birthday - Natasha Lyonne, American Actress

1979 Birthday - Heidi Zeigler, actress, Sherry-Just the 10 of Us

1979 Death - Barbara Mullen, actress (Talk of a Million), dies at 64

1979 Death - Edith Craig, actress (Harmony Lane, Smashing Rackets), dies at 71

1979 Death - Dolores Costello, actress (Noah's Ark, Expensive Women), dies at 73

1979 Death - Jane Hylton, English actress (Adv of Sir Lancelot), dies at 52

1979 Birthday - Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress, Sarah Reeves-Party of Five

1979 Death - Louise Allbritton, actress (Celia-Stage Door), dies at 58

1979 Birthday - Mena Suvari, born in Newport, Rhode Island, actress, fashion designer, movies include: 'American Beauty', 'American Pie', 'Day of the Dead'

1979 Birthday - Zhang Ziyi, born in Beijing, China, actress, internationally successful film star, appeared in 'Hero', 'Purple Butterfly', 'House of Flying Daggars', 'The Horsemen', 'Memoirs of a Geisha'

1979 Death - Jody Gilbert, actress (Willard, Shaggy, Blonde Dynamite), dies

1979 Birthday - Tatyana M Ali, New York City, actress, Sesame St, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

1979 Death - Mabel Taliaferro, actress (My Love Come Back), dies at 91

1979 Birthday - Aaliyah, born Aaliyah Dana Haughton, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, model, singer, appeared in film, 'Romeo Must Die', successful album, 'One in a Million'

1979 Birthday - Sarah Polley, actress, Sweet Hereafter

1978 Birthday - Estella Warren, born in Peterborough, Canada, actress, fashion model, Maxim Magazine's Hottest Woman 2000, Victoria's Secret model

1978 Birthday - Katie Holmes, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, breakout role, Joey Potter on television show, 'Dawson's Creek', appeared in film, 'Batman Begins', married to Tom Cruise

1978 Death - Fay Compton, actress (Othello), dies at 74

1978 Birthday - Shiri Appleby, American Actress

1978 Birthday - Katherine Heigl, actress, born in Washington, D.C., actress, breakthrough role as Dr. Isobel Stevens on television show, 'Grey's Anatomy', movie's include, 'Knocked Up'

1978 Birthday - Rachel McAdams, Canadian Actress

1978 Death - Linda Scott, actress (Escape from Hell Island), dies at 28

1978 Birthday - Nicole Dubuc, actress, Robin-Major Dad

1978 Death - Flora Campbell, actress (Faraway Hill, Date With Judy), dies at 67

1978 Birthday - Jodi Lynn O'Keefe, Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey, actress, Cassidy-Nash Bridges

1978 Birthday - Marzena Godecki, actress, Ocean Girl

1978 Death - Claire Adams, actress (Legally Dead, End of the Road), dies at 80

1978 Death - Lina Carstens, actress (Homeland, Broken Jug), dies at 85

1978 Birthday - Natalia Cigliuti, born in New York, actress, Lindsay-Saved By Bell: New Class

1978 Birthday - Audrey Tautou, born in Beaumont, France, actress, films include, 'Amelie', 'The Da Vinci Code', 'Coco Before Chanel', 'Priceless'

1978 Death - Queenie Smith, actress/dancer (Funny Side), dies at 79

1978 Birthday - Tracie Spencer, born in Waterloo, Iowa, singer, songwriter, actress, model, performed pop, rhythm and blues, dance pop, quiet music genres, 'This House' reached Billboard Hot 100, guest on ABC sitcom Family Matters, sang background vocals for Eve, Kanye West, 50 Cent

1978 Birthday - Michelle Rodriguez, American Actress

1978 Birthday - Tamera Mowry, twin actress, Sisters

1978 Birthday - Tia Mowry, born in Gelhausen, West Germany, also known as Tia Mowry Hardrict, actress, winner of NAACP Image Award, breakout role in sitcom, Sister, Sister

1978 Birthday - Mia Maestro, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, actress, known for playing Nadia Santos in 'Alias' television series

1978 Birthday - Nikki Cox, actress, Unhappily Ever After

1978 Birthday - Silvia Colloca, Italian Actress

1978 Birthday - Caroline Dhavernas, Canadian Actress

1978 Birthday - Laetitia Casta, born in Pont-Audemer, France, model, actress, appeared in L'Oreal, Dior, Chanel campaigns, featured on 100 magazine covers, films include, 'Visage'

1978 Birthday - Josie Maran, born in Menlo Park, California, model, actress, appeared in 'Van Helsing', 'The Aviator', appeared in 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' issues fro 2000 - 2002

1978 Death - Astrid Allwyn, actress (Love Affair, Girl for Calgary), dies at 68

1978 Birthday - Nicholle Tom, born in Hinsdale, Illinois, actress, Beethoven, Maggie-Nanny, BH 90210

1978 Death - Peggy Wood, actress (One Life to Live, Mama), dies at 86

1978 Birthday - Brooke Burns, born in Dallas, Texas, model, actress, appeared on 'Baywatch', 'Baywatch Hawaii' television shows, hosted 'Hole in the Wall' television game show

1978 Birthday - Kimberly McCullough, born in California, actress, Robin-General Hospital

1978 Death - Ilka Chase, actress (Masquerade Party, Trials of O'Brien), dies at 74

1978 Death - Charlotte Greenwood, actress (Oklahoma, Moon over Miami), dies at 84

1978 Death - Maggie McNamara, actress (3 Coins in a Fountain, Cardinal), dies at 49

1978 Death - Ilka Chase, actress (Masquerade Party), dies at 72

1978 Birthday - Christine Lakin, actress, Alicia Lambert-Step by Step

1978 Death - Blossom Rock, actress (Grandmamma-Addams Family), dies at 81

1978 Birthday - January Jones, American Actress

1977 Death - Nora Marlowe, actress, dies at 62

1977 Birthday - Tisha Dabber, Shelbyville Indiana, actress, New Mickey Mouse Club

1977 Death - Leila Hyams, actress (Red Headed Woman, Freaks), dies at 72

1977 Birthday - Devyn Puett, actress, Kids Incorporated

1977 Birthday - Maggie Gyllenhaal, American Actress

1977 Birthday - Brittany Murphy, born in Atlanta, Georgia, actress, appeared in films, 'Sin City', 'Happy Feet', 'Clueless', 'Riding in Cars with Boys', 'Abandoned'

1977 Death - Gertrude Astor, actress (Ship of Wanted Men), dies on 90th birthday

1977 Death - Florence Vidor, actress (Jack Knife Man), dies at 82

1977 Death - Joan Tetzel, actress (Hell Below Zero), dies at 56

1977 Death - Doris Davenport, actress (Behind the News, Westerner), dies at 81

1977 Birthday - Maia Brewton, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Margaret-Lime Street

1977 Death - Ethel Waters, actress (Beulah)/singer (Stormy Weather), dies at 76

1977 Death - Jean Hagen, actress (Dead Ringer, Shaggy Dog, Arena), dies at 54

1977 Birthday - Sarah Chalke, Ottawa, actress, Becky-Roseanne, Ernest Goes to School

1977 Birthday - Sarah Biasini, daughter of actress Romy Schneider

1977 Birthday - Ashley Scott, American Actress

1977 Birthday - Brandy Gold, born in Northridge, California, actress, Annie-Baby Makes 5

1977 Birthday - Liv Tyler, born in New York City, daughter of Steven Tyler, actress, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

1977 Death - Sophie Stewart, actress (As You Like It), dies at 69

1977 Birthday - Angela Goethals, actress, VI Warshawski, Heartbreak Hotel

1977 Birthday - Samantha Morton, English Actress

1977 Death - Joan Crawford, actress (Mildred Pierce), dies at 69

1977 Birthday - Jenna Von Oy, actress, Seven-Blossom

1977 Birthday - Marguerite Moreau, actress, Connie-Mighty Ducks, D2, D3

1977 Death - Marjorie Gateson, actress (One Man's Family), dies at 86

1977 Birthday - Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, Kendall-All My Children, Buffy

1977 Death - Diana Hyland, actress (Peyton Place, 8 is Enough), dies at 41

1977 Death - Eve Meyer, actress and pin-up model, dies in a plane crash at 46

1977 Birthday - Olivia Burnette, born in San Clemente, California, actress, Torkelsons

1977 Death - Allison Hayes, actress (Attack of 50 Foot Woman), dies at 47

1977 Death - Edith Barrett, actress (Molly and Me, Ghost Ship), dies at 64

1977 Birthday - Maitland Ward, born in Torrance, California, actress, Jessica-Bold and Beautiful

1977 Death - Pauline Starke, actress (Dante's Inferno, Viking, Sun Up), dies at 76

1977 Death - Margaret Hayes, actress (Robert Montgomery Presents), dies at 61

1977 Birthday - Michelle Hunziker, Swiss Actress

1977 Death - Geraldine Brooks, actress (Faraday and Co, Dumplings), dies at 51

1977 Death - Yvonne Printemps, actress (Paris Waltz, Voyage to America), dies at 81

1976 Birthday - Lindsay Price, Arcadia California, actress, Bold and Beautiful, All My Children

1976 Death - Mary Nash, actress (Philadelphia Story, Till the Clouds Roll By), dies at 91

1976 Death - Judith Lowry, actress (Effect of Gamma Rays ...), dies at 86

1976 Birthday - Anna Faris, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, singer. appeared in 'Lost in Translation', 'Scary Movie', 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', 'The House Bunny' movies

1976 Death - Rosalind Russell, actress (Mame), dies of cancer at 68

1976 Death - Linda Watkins, actress (From Hell it Came, Harpy), dies at 68

1976 Birthday - Piper Perabo, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, films include, 'George and the Dragon', 'The Cave', 'The Prestige'

1976 Death - Edith Evans, actress (Tom Jones, Scrooge, Chalk Garden), dies at 88

1976 Death - Connie Boswell, actress (Artists and Models), dies at 68

1976 Death - Barbara Nichols, actress (Pajama Game, Loved One), dies at 46

1976 Birthday - Alicia Silverstone, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Clueless, Batman Forever

1976 Birthday - Adita Linares, born in Miami, Florida, spanish actress, Clueless, Cookie

1976 Death - Dorothy Devore, actress (Newscast, Senor Daredevil), dies at 77

1976 Birthday - Shannon Elizabeth, American Actress

1976 Birthday - Shar Jackson, American Actress

1976 Death - Anissa Jones, actress (Buffy-Family Affair), ODs at 18

1976 Birthday - Alicia Witt, born in Worcester, Massachusetts, born Alicia Roanne Witt, film, stage and television actress, singer, played role of Cybill Shepherd's character in sitcom Cybill, 1995 - 1998

1976 Death - Phyllis Konstam, actress (Murder, Skin Game), dies at 69

1976 Death - Beppie Nooij, Jr., Dutch actress (Rooie Sien), dies at 83

1976 Birthday - Rhona Mitra, British Actress

1976 Birthday - Soleil Moon Frye, born in Glendora, California, actress, Punky Brewster

1976 Birthday - Melissa George, Australian Actress

1976 Death - Lucie Mannheim, actress (39 Steps), dies at 77

1976 Birthday - Anna Friel, English Actress

1976 Birthday - Andrea Barber, actress, Kimmy Gibbler-Full House

1976 Death - Frances Howard, actress (Swan, Shock Punch), dies at 73

1976 Death - Sybil Thorndike, actress (Melba, Major Barbara), dies at 93

1976 Birthday - Cassidy Rae, Clarmont, Florida, actress, Sarah-Models Inc, Clarissa

1976 Death - Ruth McDevitt, actress (Jo-All in the Family), dies at 80

1976 Death - Margaret Bannerman, actress (Great Defender), dies at 79

1976 Birthday - Melissa Joan Hart, born in Sayville, New York, actress, Clarissa, Sabrina

1976 Death - Maude Prickett, actress (Rosie-Hazel), dies at 60

1976 Birthday - Candace Cameron, American Actress

1976 Birthday - Alicia Silverstone, actress, Clueless

1976 Death - Jacqueline Royaards-Sandberg, actress (Hostage Rights), dies at 99

1976 Birthday - Amy Smart, born in Topanga, California, actress, appeared in films, 'Road Trip', 'Just Friends'

1976 Birthday - Keri Russell, actress, Mickey Mouse Club, Lottery, Daddy Girls

1976 Birthday - Kellie Shanygne Williams, born in Washington D.C., actress, Laura-Family Matters

1976 Birthday - Reese Witherspoon, American Actress

1976 Birthday - Rachel Blanchard, born in Toronto, actress, Cher Horowitz-Clueless

1976 Birthday - Brittany Daniel, American Actress

1976 Death - Alberta Franklin, silent screen actress, dies at 79

1976 Birthday - Ali Larter, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, actress, fashion model, appeared in 'Heroes', 'Dawson's Creek' television series, appeared in film, 'Legally Blonde'

1976 Death - Angela Baddeley, actress (Speckled Band), dies at 71

1976 Death - Frieda Inescort, Scottish actress (Meet Corliss Archer), dies at 74

1976 Death - Alice Allen, actress (Call of the Hills), dies

1976 Birthday - Isla Fisher, Australian Actress

1976 Death - Margaret Leighton, actress (Best Man, Go-Between), dies at 53

1976 Death - Margaret Leighton, British actress (Much ado about nothing), dies at 53

1976 Birthday - Jenny Lewis, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, actress, Becky-Life With Lucy

1976 Birthday - Paz Vega, Spanish Actress

1975 Birthday - Tannis Vallely, New York City, actress, Janice Lazorotto-Head of the Class

1975 Birthday - Heather O'Rourke, born in San Diego, California, actress, Happy Days, Poltergeist

1975 Birthday - Milla Jovovich, born in Kiev, Ukraine, actress, Return to Blue Lagoon, Chaplin

1975 Birthday - Mayim Winkelman Bialik, South Dakota, actress, Blossom, Beaches

1975 Death - Hardie Albright, actress (Silver Streak, Scarlet Letter), dies at 71

1975 Birthday - Lauren E Roman, Wilmington, North Carolina, actress, Laura Kirk-All My Children

1975 Death - Moyna MacGill, actress (Strange Affair of Uncle Harry), dies

1975 Birthday - Cherie Johnson, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actress, Cherie-Punky Brewster

1975 Death - Kay Johnson, actress (Real Glory, Of Human Bondage), dies at 70

1975 Birthday - Angela Watson, actress, Karen Foster-Step by Step

1975 Birthday - Tara Reid, born in Wyckoff, New Jersey, actress, appeared in films, 'American Pie', 'Urban Legend', 'The Big Lebowski', 'Josie and the Pussycats'

1975 Birthday - Heather Tom, Hinsdale, Illinois, actress, Victoria Howard-Young and Restless

1975 Death - Sheila Ryan, actress(Song of Texas, Great Guns), dies at 54

1975 Death - Doro Merande, actress (That Was The Week That Was), dies at 77

1975 Birthday - Kellie Martin, actress, Becca Thatcher-Life Goes On

1975 Birthday - Kellie Martin, Riverside California, actress, Life Goes On, Cristy

1975 Birthday - Kate Winslet, born in Reading, England, actress, Titanic, Jude, Hamlet, Get Back

1975 Birthday - Karan Ashley Jackson, Odessa, Texas, actress, Aisha-Mighty Power Rangers

1975 Death - Patricia Doyle, actress (Wuthering Heights), dies at 60

1975 Birthday - Asia Argento, born in Rome, Italy, actress, director, films include, 'La Chiesa', 'Trauma', 'The Phantom of the Opera', 'Scarlet Diva', 'Red Siren'

1975 Death - Pamela Brown, actress (Cleopatra, Beckett, Night Digger), dies at 58

1975 Death - Ethel Griffies, actress (Billy Liar, Birds), dies at 97

1975 Death - Minta Durfee, actress (Keystone Comedies, Mickey), dies at 85

1975 Birthday - Charlize Theron, South African Actress

1975 Birthday - Ami Foster, actress, Margaux-Punky Brewster

1975 Death - Ruth Lee, actress (Middleton Family at 1939 World's Fair), dies at 79

1975 Birthday - Mandy Leigh, Greensburg Penn, actress, Bloodscent

1975 Death - Fie Carelsen, actress (Malle Gevallen), dies at 85

1975 Birthday - Elena Anaya, born in Palencia, Spain, Spanish actress

1975 Birthday - Keri Houlihan, actress, Molly-Our House

1975 Birthday - Linda Cardellini, born in Redwood City, California, actress, known for television comedy series, 'Freaksand Geeks', also for 'ER' television show, and 'Scooby-Doo' films

1975 Birthday - Amisha Patel, born in Mumbai, India, actress, cited as one of Bollywood's sexiest actresses, appeared in films, 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa', 'Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.'

1975 Birthday - Staci Keanan, Anastasia Love Sagorsky, actress, Nicole-My 2 Dads

1975 Death - Evelyn Brent, actress (Nitwits, Last Command, Spy Train), dies at 75

1975 Birthday - Angelina Jolie, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Academy-Award winning movie, 'Girl, Interrupted', works with refugees as a Goodwill Ambassador

1975 Birthday - Denise Van Outen, British Actress

1975 Birthday - Lauryn Hill, born in South Orange, New Jersey, singer, actress, won five Grammy's for 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' album, which sold over 18 million copies worldwide

1975 Death - Mary Philips, actress (Farewell to Arms), dies at 75

1975 Death - Marjorie Main, actress (Ma and Pa Kettle), dies at 85

1975 Death - Sophia JW "Sophie" Hermse, actress (But a Dream), dies at 86

1975 Death - Mary Ure, actress (Sons and Lovers, Where Eagles Dare), dies at 42

1975 Death - Gertrude Niesen, actress (Start Cheering), dies at 63

1975 Death - Cass Daley, actress (Red Garters), dies at 59

1975 Birthday - Eva Longoria, American Actress

1975 Death - Susan Hayward, actress (Young and Willing), dies at 56

1975 Death - Shirley Ross, actress (Night Vision, Mindkiller), dies at 62

1975 Death - Francine Larrimore, actress (John Meade's Woman), dies at 76

1975 Birthday - Jolene Blalock, born in San Diego, California, actress, best known for playing role of Vulcan T'Pol in 'Star Trek: Enterprise', film 'Slow Burn'

1975 Birthday - Christina Nigra, actress, Out of This World

1975 Birthday - Drew Barrymore, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, ET, Firestarter, Poison Ivy

1975 Death - Lillian Fontaine, actress (Suddenly it's Spring), dies at 88

1975 Death - Dagmar Godowsky, actress (Common Law, Red Lights), dies at 78

1975 Birthday - Kelly Packard, born in Glendale California, actress, Tiffani Smith-California Dreams

1975 Birthday - Sara Gilbert, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Melissa-Roseanne

1975 Death - Lubov Orlova, actress (Moscow Laughs, Man of Music, Tanya), dies at 72

1975 Death - Marie Lohr, actress (Pygmalion, Small Hotel, Escapade), dies at 84

1975 Death - Gertrude Olmsted, actress (Cobra, Torrent), dies at 70

1975 Birthday - Danica McKellar, born in LaJolla, California, actress, author, mathematician, appeared on 'The Wonder Years' television show, wrote, 'Math Doesn't Suck' and 'Kiss My Math'

1974 Birthday - Tiffany Brissette, actress, Vicki-Small Wonder

1974 Death - Tilly Losch, actress (Duel in the Sun, Good Earth), dies at 70

1974 Birthday - Heather Donahue, American Actress

1974 Death - Rosemary Lane, actress (Chatterbox, 4 Wives), dies at 61

1974 Birthday - Marissa Ryan, actress, Elizabeth MacGillis-Major Dad

1974 Birthday - Chloe Sevigny, American Actress

1974 Birthday - Dah-ve Chodan, actress, Tia-Uncle Buck

1974 Birthday - Kaleena Kiff, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Patti-Love Sidney

1974 Birthday - Danielle DuClos, actress, Midnight Run, Zits

1974 Birthday - Brigette Wilson, actress, Mortal Kombat, Billy Madison, Save by Bell

1974 Death - Eve March, actress (Adam's Rib, Danny Boy), dies at 63

1974 Death - Edna Best, actress (Key, Calendar, Escape), dies at 74

1974 Death - Barbara Jo Allen, actress (Girl Rush, Melody Ranch), dies at 66

1974 Death - Vera Vague, Barbara Jo Allen, actress 'Follow the Leader', dies at 70

1974 Birthday - Jennie Kwan, born in Glendale California, actress, Samantha Woo-California Dreams

1974 Death - Olga Baclanova, actress (Freaks, Docks of New York), dies at 75

1974 Death - Ilona Massey, actress (Love HAppy, Holiday in Mexico), dies at 62

1974 Birthday - Natasha Henstridge, Canadian Actress

1974 Death - Ilona Massey, actress and singer (Ilona Massey Show), dies at 64

1974 Event - Actress Faye Dunaway weds Peter Wolf of J Geils Band

1974 Birthday - Jenny Beck, actress, Claire Carroll-Guns and Paradise

1974 Death - Almira Sessions, actress (Oklahoma Annie), dies at 85

1974 Birthday - Hilary Swank, born in Bellingham, Washington, actress, Karate Kid 4

1974 Death - Charlotte MT "Lotte" Bartschart, actress (Dolle Lola), dies at 82

1974 Death - Mary Forbes, actress (Nun-Les Miserables, Ivy), dies at 90

1974 Death - Edna Lewis Thomas, U.S. actress (Streetcar Named Desire), dies at 88

1974 Death - Lili Darvas, Hungarian actress (Szerelem, Cimmaron), dies at 68

1974 Birthday - Franka Potente, born in Munster, Germany, actress, films include, 'The Bourne Identity', 'All I Want', 'The Bourne Supremacy'

1974 Birthday - Michele Krasnoo, born in Culver City, California, actress, Kickboxer IV

1974 Death - Pamela Britton, actress (Blondie, My Favorite Martian), dies at 50

1974 Death - Blanche Yurka, actress (Tale of 2 Cities, Cry of Werewolf), dies at 86

1974 Birthday - Chassity Lazzari, Cerritos Cal, actress

1974 Birthday - Jewel, born in Payson, Utah, Jewel Kilcher, singer, guitarist, actress, musician, sold over 27 million albums worldwide, hit debut album 'Pieces of You'

1974 Death - Agnes Moorehead, actress (Endorra-Bewitched), dies at 67

1974 Birthday - Penelope Cruz, born in Alcobendas, Spain, actress, films include, 'Vanilla Sky', 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona', 'Sahara', 'Volver', 'Sex and the City 2'

1974 Death - Agnes Moorehead, actress (Endora-Bewitched), dies at 67

1974 Death - Betty Compson, actress (Barker, Weary River, Drag Net), dies at 77

1974 Birthday - Carol Ann Plante, actress, Sara Henderson-Harry and the Hendersons

1974 Death - Andrea Checci, actress (2 Women, Assassin, Black Sunday), dies at 57

1974 Death - Francoise Rosay, actress (Interlude, Women in Prison), dies at 82

1974 Birthday - Alyson Hannigan, born in Washington, D.C., actress, known for television series, 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', appeared in 'American Pie' films

1974 Death - Carroll Nye, actress (Lawless Woman), dies at 72

1974 Death - June Harrison, actress (Land of the Lawless), dies at 48

1974 Birthday - Eva Mendes, born in Miami, Florida, actress, known for movie, 'Training Day', and films, 'Hitch', 'The Spirit', 'We Own the Night'

1974 Death - Barbara Ruick, actress (Carousel, Fearless Fagan), dies at 43

1974 Death - Barbara Ruick, actress and singer (Jerry Colonna Show), dies at 41

1974 Death - Florence Rice, actress (Girl in 1313, Carnival), dies at 63

1974 Death - Anna Q Nilsson, actress (Toll Gate, Sorrell and Son), dies at 85

1974 Death - Arline Judge, actress (Age of Consent), dies at 61

1974 Birthday - Jennifer Lien, actress, Hannah Moore-Another World

1974 Birthday - Tiffani-Amber Theissen, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Saved by Bell, 90210

1974 Birthday - Tiffani Thiessen, born in Long Beach, California, actress, appeared in 'Saved By the Bell' and 'Beverly Hills, 90210' television series

1973 Birthday - Christie Clark, Louisiana, actress, Carrie Brady-Days of Our Life

1973 Birthday - Tyra Banks, model/actress, Higher Learning, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

1973 Birthday - Holly Marie Combs, American Actress

1973 Death - Claire Dodd, actress (Ex-Lady, In the Navy), dies after illness at 64

1973 Death - Lila Lee, actress (Blood and Sand), dies of stroke at 68

1973 Birthday - Melanie Gaffin, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Cheryl-Whiz Kids

1973 Birthday - Radha Mitchell, Australian Actress

1973 Birthday - Aishwarya Rai, born in Mangalore, India, actress, model, former Miss World 1994, appeared in movie, 'Dhoom 2', 'Guru', 'Jodhaa Akbar'

1973 Birthday - Neve Campbell, actress, Party of 5, Scream

1973 Death - Norma Crane, actress, 'Fiddler on the Roof', dies of cancer at 44

1973 Death - Anna Magnani, Italians actress (Roma, Citt Aperta), dies at 64

1973 Birthday - Bridgette Wilson, American Actress

1973 Death - Diana Sands, actress (Landlord, Raisin in the Sun), dies at 39

1973 Death - Nora Nicholson, actress (Blue Lagoon, Crow Hollow), dies at 80

1973 Death - Betty Field, actress (Kings Row), dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 60

1973 Birthday - Rose McGowan, American Actress

1973 Birthday - Alexandra Kerry, American Actress

1973 Death - Stringer Davis, actress (Mouse on the Moon, Miranda), dies at about 77

1973 Death - Louise Huff, actress (Sea Waif, Caprice, Disraeli), dies at 77

1973 Death - Veda Ann Borg, actress (Kid Galahad), dies at 54

1973 Birthday - Romane Bohringer, Pont-Sainte-Maxene France, actress, Savage Nights

1973 Death - Peggy Castle, actress (Lily Merrill-Lawman), dies of cirrhosis at 46

1973 Death - Ariantje "Jeanne" Leg, actress (It Vijgeblaadje/It Hippie), dies at 84

1973 Birthday - Kia Goodwin, Livingston, New Jersey, actress, Tiffany Holloway-227

1973 Birthday - Tempestt Bledsoe, Chicago, actress, Vanessa Huxtable-Cosby Show

1973 Death - Eileen Percy, silent film actress (Wicked, Backstage), dies at 72

1973 Birthday - Kate Beckinsale, born in London, England, actress, films include, 'Pearl Harbor', 'Nothing But the Truth', 'Underworld', 'Serendipity'

1973 Death - Mary Frasca, singer/actress, dies in New York City

1973 Birthday - Deborah Cox, born in Toronto, Canada, actress, singer, hit song, 'Nobody's Supposed to Be Here' was 'Billboard's' longest-running number one R&B and hip-hop single

1973 Death - Isabel Randolph, actress (Mrs Nester-Our Miss Brooks), dies at 83

1973 Birthday - Kathleen Robertson, actress, Beverly Hills 90210

1973 Death - Veronica Lake, Constance Ockleman, actress (Ramrod), dies at 58

1973 Death - Betty Grable, U.S. actress (How to Marry a Millionaire), dies at 56

1973 Death - Mary Carr, actress (Forbidden Trail, 2nd Wife), dies at 99

1973 Death - Fay Holden, actress (Mother-Andy Hardy films), dies at 77

1973 Birthday - Lacy Goranson, born in Evanston, Indiana, actress, Becky-Roseanne

1973 Birthday - Juliette Lewis, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Natural Born Killers, Cape Fear

1973 Birthday - Lexa Doig, Canadian Actress

1973 Death - Mary Kornman, actress (Desert Trail, Swing it Professor), dies at 57

1973 Birthday - Molly Sims, born in Murray, Kentucky, actress, model, appeared in 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' issues, appeared in 'Las Vegas' television drama

1973 Death - Athena Lorde, actress (Fuzz, Skin Game, Firecreek), dies at 57

1973 Birthday - Tori Spelling, American Actress

1973 Birthday - Vic"Tori"a Davey Spelling, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Donna-Beverly Hills 90210

1973 Birthday - Tina Yothers, born in Whittier, California, actress, singer, played role of Jennifer Keaton on television series, 'Family Ties'

1973 Death - Josie Sedgwick, actress (White Moth), dies of stroke at 75

1973 Birthday - Elisabeth Rohm, American Actress

1973 Death - Irene Ryan, actress (Granny-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 69

1973 Death - Ursula Jeans, actress (Cavalcade, Over the Moon), dies at 66

1973 Death - Magda Janssens, Flemish actress (Nederlands in 7 Lessons), dies at 88

1973 Birthday - Jennifer Esposito, American Actress

1973 Birthday - Emma Caulfield, born in San Diego, California, actress, appeared in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', 'Beverly Hills 90210'

1973 Birthday - Jane March, born in Edgeware, England, actress, Lover

1973 Birthday - Amelia Weatherly, actress, Stephanie Brewster-Loving/The City

1973 Death - Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress (2 Orphans), dies at 81

1973 Death - Hope Landin, actress (I Remember Mama, Sugarfoot), dies at 79

1973 Death - Mary Finney, actress (Honestly Celeste), dies at 68

1973 Birthday - Kimberly Davies, born in Melbourne, Australia, actress, Baywatch

1973 Death - Katina Paxinou, actress (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Zita), dies at 72

1973 Death - Isabel Randolph, actress (Missing Corpse), dies at 83

1973 Birthday - Saffron Burrows, English Actress

1972 Birthday - Maureen Flannigan, actress, Evie-Out of This World

1972 Birthday - Fantasia, Tonya Manley, born in Detroit, Michigan, dancer/actress, Pump it Up

1972 Birthday - Vanessa Paradis, France, model, Channel, actress, White Wedding

1972 Birthday - Alyssa Milano, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, singer, appeared in Broadway production, 'Annie', appeared in 'Who's the Boss' television sitcom

1972 Birthday - Missy Francis, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Little House on the Prairie

1972 Death - Janet Munro, actress (Crawling Eye, Swiss Family Robinson), dies at 38

1972 Death - Marie Wilson, actress (My Friend Irma), dies at 56

1972 Birthday - Sandrine Holt, born in London, England, actress, model, appeared in '24' as Evelyn Martin and 'The L Word' television series

1972 Birthday - Rebecca Romijn, born in Berkeley, California, model, actress, appeared in 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue' and played role of Mystique in film, 'X-Men'

1972 Birthday - Thandie Newton, born in London, England, actress, appeared in films, 'The Pursuit of Happyness', 'Mission Impossible II', 'The Chronicles of Riddick'

1972 Birthday - Gabrielle Union, American Actress

1972 Birthday - Claudia Black, Australian Actress

1972 Death - Miriam Hopkins, actress (Carrie, Barbary Coast), dies at 69

1972 Birthday - Gwyneth Paltrow, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Pallbearer, Emma, Hard Eight

1972 Birthday - Amy Locane, born in New Jersey, actress, Sandy Harling-Melrose Place

1972 Birthday - Cari Shayne, Penn, actress, Karen Cates-General Hospital

1972 Birthday - Cameron Diaz, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Mask, My Best Friend's Wedding

1972 Birthday - Rebecca Gayheart, actress, Hannah Mayberry-Loving

1972 Birthday - Elizabeth Vassey, born in Raleigh, North Carolina, actress, Emily Martin-All My Children

1972 Death - Joi Lansing, actress (Bob Cummings Show), dies at 44 of cancer

1972 Birthday - Tami Stronach, born in Teheran, Iran, actress, Neverending Story

1972 Birthday - Elizabeth Berkley, born in Michigan, actress, Jessie-Saved by the Bell, Showgirl

1972 Birthday - Maya Rudolph, American Actress

1972 Birthday - Molly Parker, Canadian Actress

1972 Birthday - Claire Forlani, born in Twickenham, London, actress, appeared in 'Meet Joe Black', 'Boys and Girls', 'The Pentagon Papers'

1972 Birthday - Samantha Smith, born in Houlton, Missouri, actress, Elizabeth-Lime Street

1972 Birthday - Selma Blair, American Actress

1972 Birthday - Robin Tunney, American Actress

1972 Death - Asta Nielsen, actress (Joyless Street), dies at 88

1972 Birthday - Alison Eastwood, daughter of actor Clint/actress, Tightrope

1972 Death - Margaret Rutherford, English actress (Murder Ahoy, VIP's), dies at 80

1972 Birthday - Emma Ridley, Hanpstead, England, actress, Return to Oz

1972 Birthday - Brigitta Boccoli, Milan, Italy, actress, Manhattan Baby

1972 Birthday - Julie Benz, American Actress

1972 Death - Gia Scala, actress (Garment Jungle, I Aim at the Stars), dies at 38

1972 Birthday - Anna Falchi, born in Tampera, Finland, actress, La Dolce Vita '90

1972 Birthday - Carmen Electra, born in Sharonville, Ohio, born Tara Leigh Patrick, model, actress, sex symbol, appeared in Playboy magazine, television show 'Baywatch'

1972 Birthday - Jennifer Garner, American Actress

1972 Birthday - Jennie Garth, born in Champaign, Illinois, actress, Kelly Taylor-Beverly Hills 90210

1972 Death - Marilyn Maxwell, actress (Grace-Bus Stop), dies at 50

1972 Death - Jessie Royce Landis, actress (North by Northwest), dies at 67

1972 Birthday - Drea De Matteo, born in Queens, New York, actress, appeared on 'The Sopranos', 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Joey' television shows

1972 Death - Rochelle Hudson, actress (That's My Boy), dies at 55

1972 Birthday - Nicole Eggert, born in Glendale California, actress, Charles in Charge, Baywatch

1972 Birthday - Amanda Peet, American Actress

1972 Death - Jane Morgan, actress (Mrs Margaret Davis-Our Miss Brooks), dies at 91

1972 Birthday - Catherine McCormack, English Actress

1971 Death - Dorothy Comingore, actress (Citizen Kane), dies after illness at 58

1971 Birthday - Amy Locane, Trenton, New Jersey, actress, Andrea-Spencer, Sandy-Melrose Place

1971 Death - Diana Lynn, actress (Annapolis Story, Easy Come Easy Go), dies at 45

1971 Death - Hugh Wakefield, actress (Blithe Spirit), dies

1971 Birthday - Emily Mortimer, British Actress

1971 Birthday - Gena Lee Nolin, actress/model, Baywatch

1971 Birthday - Christina Applegate, Hollywood, actress, Kelly-Married With Children

1971 Birthday - Angelica Bridges, American Actress

1971 Death - Gladys Cooper, actress (Margaret-The Rogues), dies at 83

1971 Birthday - Joan Kenmore, actress, Wizard of Oz

1971 Death - Martha Vickers, actress (Alimony), dies after long illness at 46

1971 Birthday - Laura Moss, Kings Mountain, Ohio, actress, Amanda Cory-Another World

1971 Birthday - Toni Collette, Australian Actress

1971 Birthday - Winona Ryder, born in Minnesota, actress, Heathers, Edward Scissorhand

1971 Birthday - Caprice Bourret, born in Whittier, California, lingerie model, actress, businesswoman, appeared on television's 'The Surreal Life', Wonderbra model

1971 Death - Betty Bronson, actress (Naked Kiss), dies after brief illness at 64

1971 Birthday - Natalie Jay, Hendon England, actress, Baywatch

1971 Birthday - Jenna Elfman, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Townies, Dharma and Greg

1971 Death - Muriel Kirkland, actress (Nana, Fast Workers), dies of emphysema at 68

1971 Birthday - Shane Conrad, actress, Cody-High Mountain Rangers

1971 Birthday - Sanaa Lathan, American Actress

1971 Birthday - Jada Pinkett, actress, Jason's Lyric, Menace II Society

1971 Birthday - Jada Pinkett Smith, American Actress

1971 Birthday - Amy Poehler, born in Newton, Massachusetts, actress, comedienne, appeared in 'Saturday Night Live' 2001 - 2008, appeared in films, 'Bay Mama', 'Mean Girls'

1971 Birthday - Kimberly Williams, actress, Father of the Bride

1971 Death - Nelly A "Nell" Knoop, Dutch actress (Silent Waters), dies at 72

1971 Death - Bella Darvi, actress (Racers), commits suicide at 42

1971 Death - Pier Angeli, actress (Octaman), dies of barbiturate overdose at 39

1971 Death - Spring Byington, actress (Lily Ruskin-December Bride), dies at 84

1971 Death - Veronica Turleigh, actress (Promoter), dies at 68

1971 Birthday - Shauna Sand, born in San Diego, California, actress, Renegade

1971 Birthday - Jada Pinkett, actress, Set it Off, Nutty Professor, Menace II Society

1971 Death - Elsie Baker, actress (Ghosts of Hanley House), dies at 78

1971 Birthday - Sydney Penny, actress, Danni-New Gidget, Thorn Birds, All My Children

1971 Birthday - Charlotte Gainsbourg, born in London, England, actress, Little Thief

1971 Birthday - Soundarya, born in Gangigunte, India, film actress, played heroine in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films

1971 Birthday - Wendy Benson, born in New York City, actress, Meredith-As the World Turns

1971 Birthday - Kari Kupcinet, born in Chicago, actress, Julie Sanderson-Young and Restless

1971 Birthday - Missy Elliot, born in Portsmouth, Virginia, actress, producer, recording artist, double platinum album 'Under Construction', produced music for Mya, Beyonce, Lil' Kim

1971 Birthday - Christine Taylor, born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, actress, appeared in 'My Name is Earl' television show, 'The Brady Bunch' movie, married to Ben Stiller

1971 Birthday - Monica Potter, American Actress

1971 Birthday - Aileen Quinn, born in Yardley, Pennsylvania, actress, graduate of Drew University, noted for playing title role in 1982 film, Annie

1971 Birthday - Mary Lynn Rajskub, American Actress

1971 Birthday - Mara Hobel, born in New York City, actress, Mommie Dearest

1971 Birthday - Monika Schnarre, U.S. actress, Bold and Beautiful

1971 Birthday - Sofia Coppola, born in New York City, New York, writer, actress, producer, appeared in 'The Godfather', produced, 'Lost In Translation', 'The Virgin Suicides'

1971 Birthday - Jamie Luner, Palo Alto California, actress, Cindy-Just the 10 of Us

1971 Death - Helene Weigel, Austrian/German actress (Metropolis), dies at 70

1971 Death - Alice Tissot, actress (Italian Straw Hat), dies of cancer at 81

1971 Death - Edith Day, actress (Romance of Air), dies at 75

1971 Death - Glenda Farrell, actress (Grand Slam, Exposed), dies at 66

1971 Birthday - Simbi Khali, actress, Nina-Third Rock From the Sun

1971 Birthday - Hayley Carr, born in Salzburg, Austria, actress, Courtney-As the World Turns

1971 Birthday - Shannen Doherty, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Little House, Bev Hills 90210

1971 Birthday - Jessica Collins, Capogna, actress, Dinah Lee Mayberry-Loving

1971 Death - Liselotte Liselot Beekmeyer, Dutch actress (Child Crying), dies at 31

1971 Death - Bebe Daniels, actress (Silver Dollar, My Past), dies at 70

1971 Birthday - Tracy Wells, actress, Heather-Mr Belvedere

1971 Death - Winnie Lightner, actress (Gold Dust Gertie, Sit Tight), dies at 71

1971 Birthday - Amber Smith, born in Tampa, Florida, actress in Faithful, Funeral, Mirror Has 2 Faces

1971 Birthday - Lea Salonga, Philippines, singer and actress, Miss Siagon

1971 Birthday - Denise Richards, born in Downers Grove, Illinois, actress, fashion model, appeared in 'The World is Not Enough', reality show, 'Denise Richards: It's Complicated'

1971 Birthday - Amanda Holden, born in Bishop's Waltham, England, actress, judge on television show, 'Britain's Got Talent'

1971 Birthday - Renee O'Connor, actress, Xena Warrior Princess

1971 Birthday - Sharon Case, Det, Michigan, actress, Sharon Collins-Young and Restless

1971 Birthday - Minnie Driver, actress, Good Will Hunting

1971 Birthday - Patricia Velasquez, Actress

1971 Birthday - Saalman Raelyn, Fostoria Ohio, actress, Attack of 60' Centerfold

1971 Birthday - Tonya Crowe, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Olivia-Knots Landing

1971 Death - Catherine Calvert, actress (Fires of Faith), dies of stroke at 80

1971 Birthday - Regina King, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Brenda Jenkins-227

1971 Death - Madame Spivy [LeVoe], actress (All Fall Down), dies at 64

1971 Birthday - Joey Lauren Adams, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Martha Byrne, actress, Lily Grimaldi-As the World Turns

1970 Birthday - Victoria Pratt, Canadian Actress

1970 Birthday - Jennifer Connelly, born in Brooklyn Heights, New York, actress, Labyrinth, Rocketeer

1970 Birthday - Madchen Amick, Reno NV, actress, Shelly Johnson-Twin Peaks

1970 Birthday - Jennifer Rothschild, Rubin, actress, Judas Project

1970 Birthday - Lorissa McComas, Columbus Ohio, actress, Lap Dancing, Vamp

1970 Birthday - Dahlia Salem, actress, Sofia Carlino-Another World, approx 1970]

1970 Birthday - Sabrina Lloyd, born in Fairfax, Virginia, actress, television and films, played role of Wade Welles in TV series, 'Sliders'

1970 Birthday - Peta Wilson, born in Sydney, Australia, model, actress, appeared in films, 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' and 'Superman Returns'

1970 Birthday - Martha Plimpton, New York City, actress, Goonies, Mosquito Coast

1970 Birthday - Alla Korot, Odessa U.S.S.R., actress, Jenna Norris-Another World

1970 Birthday - Nia Long, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Guiding Light, Made in America, Soul Food

1970 Birthday - Shauna O'Brien, Pasco Wash, actress, Showgirls

1970 Birthday - Amy Jo Johnson, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Josie Bissett, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Jane Mancini-Melrose Place

1970 Birthday - Kelly Ripa, actress, Hayley Vaughan-All My Children

1970 Birthday - Emily Lloyd, born in London, England, actress, Wish You Were Here, In Country

1970 Birthday - Natasha Gregson Wagner, actress, Dark Horse, SFW, Robert's daughter

1970 Birthday - Mira Sorvino, born in Tenafly, New Jersey, actress, Quiz Show, Norma Jean and Marilyn

1970 Birthday - Rachel Jacobs, Ririe Idaho, actress, It's Not Easy

1970 Birthday - Aisha Tyler, born in San Francisco, California, actress, writer, author, appeared on 'Ghost Whisperer', 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation', 'Friends' television shows

1970 Birthday - Macy Gray, born in Canton, Ohio, singer, songwriter, actress, Grammy-Award winner, films, 'Idlewild', 'Training Day', hit song, 'I Try', famous album, 'On How Life Is'

1970 Birthday - Ione Skye, born in [Leitch], Hertfordshire, England, actress, Say Anything

1970 Death - Frances Farmer, actress (Toast of NY, Come and Get It), dies at 55

1970 Birthday - Charisma Carpenter, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Missy Gold, born in Great Falls, Montana, actress, Katie-Benson

1970 Death - Marjorie Rambeau, actress (Primrose Path, Torch Song), dies at 80

1970 Birthday - Amy Weber, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Yancy Butler, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Leah Remini, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Izabella Scorupco, born in Bialystok, Poland, actress, Golden Eye

1970 Birthday - Lindsay Greenbush, Louisiana, twin actress, Carrie-Little House on Prairie

1970 Birthday - Sidney Greenbush, Louisiana, twin actress, Carrie-Little House on Prairie

1970 Death - Nydia Westman, actress (Going My Way, Young Mr. Bobbins), dies at 68

1970 Birthday - Naomi Campbell, born in London, England, model/actress, Cool as Ice, Unzipped

1970 Birthday - Tina Fey, born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, actress, writer, producer, Emmy Award winner, appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', '30 Rock' television shows

1970 Birthday - Natasha Ryan, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Amy-Ladies' Man

1970 Birthday - Samantha Mathis, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Gina Philips, American Actress

1970 Death - Inger Stevens, actress (Katy-Farmer's Daughter), commits suicide at 35

1970 Birthday - Uma Thurman, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Baron Munchausen, Pulp Fiction

1970 Death - Gypsy Rose Lee, stripper/actress (Pruitts of S Hampton), dies at 56

1970 Death - Anita Louise, actress (Gorilla, Anthony Adverse), dies at about 55

1970 Birthday - Fran Robinson, born in California, actress, Lauren-Charlie and Company

1970 Birthday - Lara Flynn Boyle, born in Davenport, Iowa, actress, Donna Hayward-Twin Peaks

1970 Birthday - Queen Latifah, rap singer and actress, Khadijah James-Living Single

1970 Birthday - Meredith Salenger, actress, Dream a Little Dream, The Kiss

1970 Birthday - Rachel Weisz, born in London, England, actress, model, appeared in films, 'About a Boy', 'The Constant Gardener', 'Constantine', 'Runaway Jury'

1970 Birthday - Amy Pietz, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, actress, Annie-Caroline In the City

1970 Birthday - Julie Bowen, American Actress

1970 Birthday - Katie O'Neill, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Together We Stand

1970 Birthday - Gabrielle Anwar, Laleham England, actress, Body Snatchers

1970 Birthday - Heather Graham, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, actress, Drugstore Cowboy, Diggstown

1970 Death - Marie Benavente, actress (Paradise), dies at 84

1970 Birthday - Ghetty Chasun, Erie Penn, actress, Red Lips

1969 Birthday - Martha Byrne, actress, Lily-As the World Turns

1969 Death - Ilse Steppat, actress (Invisible Terror), dies at 52

1969 Birthday - Julie Delpy, actress, Before Sunrise

1969 Birthday - Kristy Swanson, actress, Knots Landing, Buffy Vampire Slayer

1969 Birthday - Allison Smith, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Jennie-Cagney and Lacey, Kate and Allie

1969 Death - Ruth White, actress (Fugitive), dies of cancer at 55

1969 Birthday - Jacqueline Hennessy, Edmonton, actress, Dead Ringers

1969 Birthday - Jillian Hennessy, Edmonton, twin actress, Claire-Law and Order, Paper

1969 Birthday - Dahlia Salem, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Sofia Carlino-Another World

1969 Death - Roy D'Arcy, actor (Lovers, Actress), dies at 75

1969 Birthday - Jennifer Guthrie, Willimantic Conn, actress, Dawn-General Hospital

1969 Death - Constance Dowling, actress (Blind Spot), dies of cardiac arrest at 49

1969 Birthday - Brooke Theiss, California, actress, Wendy-Just the 10 of Us, Good and Evil

1969 Birthday - Paige Davis, American Actress

1969 Birthday - Cady McClain, born in Burbank, California, actress, Dixie Martin-All My Children

1969 Birthday - Erika Eleniak, born in Glendale California, playmate, Jul, 1989, actress, Baywatch

1969 Death - Violet Farebrother, actress (Downhill, Easy Virtue), dies at 81

1969 Birthday - Catherine Zeta Jones, Swansea Wales, actress, Christopher Columbus

1969 Birthday - Catherine Zeta-Jones, Welsh Actress

1969 Birthday - Megan Ward, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kimberly Sayers-Dark Skies

1969 Birthday - Laura Sisk, Maryland, actress, Allison Rescott-Loving

1969 Death - Katherine Singleton, actress/Miss Universe (1926), dies at 65

1969 Birthday - Rachel Hunter, born in Glenfield, New Zealand, model, actress, reality television host, appeared nude in 'Playboy' magazine, appeared in film, 'La Cucina', 'The Benchwarmers'

1969 Birthday - Angie Everhart, born in Akron, Ohio, model/actress, Jade, Last Action Hero

1969 Death - Claire Whitney, silent film actress (Blind Fools), dies at 79

1969 Death - Mildred Davis, actress (Haunted Spooks), dies of coronary at 68

1969 Birthday - Kitty G, Katia Geiger, Leningrad Russia, cable tv actress

1969 Death - Sharon Tate, actress (Valley of Dolls), killed by Manson's gang at 26

1969 Birthday - Jennifer Lopez, born in The Bronx, New York, nickname, J. Lo, musician, rhythm and blues genre, actress, fashion designer, television producer

1969 Death - Barbara Pepper, actress (Doris Ziffel-Green Acres), dies at 57

1969 Birthday - Rain Pryor, actress, Head of the Class, daughter of Richard

1969 Birthday - Lisa Nicole Carson, American Actress

1969 Birthday - Lori Hallier, Victoria BC Canada, actress, Shannon-Santa Barbara

1969 Death - Gladys Swarthout, opera singer and actress (Ambush), dies at 64

1969 Birthday - Amy Carlson, born in Elmhurst, Illinois, actress, Josie-Another World, 1969-Approx]

1969 Birthday - Cree Summer, actress, Freddie-Different World

1969 Birthday - Danielle Brisebois, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Archie's Place, Big Bad Mama 2

1969 Birthday - Tichina Arnold, born in Queens, actress, Ryan's Hope, Sharla-All My Children

1969 Death - Judy Garland, actress (Wizard of Oz, Easter Parade), dies at 47

1969 Birthday - Anne Heche, Ohio, actress, Donnie Brasco, Juror, Volcano

1969 Death - Mitzi Green, actress (Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer), dies at 48

1969 Birthday - Paige Turco, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Melanie-Guiding Light

1969 Birthday - Tracey Gold, New York City, actress, Carol-Growing Pains, Incredible Sunday

1969 Birthday - Tricia Cast, actress, Nina-Young and Restless

1969 Death - Enid Bennett, silent film actress (Skippy, Hairpins), dies at 75

1969 Birthday - Cate Blanchett, born in Ivanhoe, Australia, actress, Academy-Award winning performance in 'The Aviator', other films include, 'Elizabeth', 'The Lord of the Rings'

1969 Birthday - Kim Fields Freeman, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Tootie-Facts of Life

1969 Birthday - Kim Fields, American Actress

1969 Death - Ella Logan, actress (52nd Street, Woman Chases Man), dies at 56

1969 Birthday - Mica Paris, born in South London, England, born Michelle Wallen, rocker, singer, actress, radio and television presenter, known for 1988 debut platinum-selling album 'So Good'

1969 Death - Margarita Xirgu, actress (Bloody Wedding), dies at 80

1969 Birthday - Renee Zellweger, born in Katy, Texas, actress, producer, Academy-Award winning film, 'Cold Mountain, other films include 'Jerry Maguire', 'Bridget Jones' Diary'

1969 Birthday - Ari Meyers, born in San Juan PR, actress, Emma McArdle-Kate and Allie

1969 Birthday - Traci Lin-Tavi, born in New York City, actress, Ryan's Hope, F/X, Fright Night 2

1969 Death - Barbara Bates, actress (Kathy-It's a Great Life), dies at 43

1969 Birthday - Laura Leighton, actress, Sydney-Melrose Place, Other Woman

1969 Birthday - Andrea Parker, actress, Miss Parker-The Pretender

1969 Birthday - Andrea Elson, born in New York City, actress, Lynn-Alf, Alice-Whiz Kids

1969 Birthday - Chastity Bono, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter/actress, Sonny and Cher Show

1969 Death - Johanna EFG Tourniaire, actress (Potasch and Perlemoer), dies at 80

1969 Birthday - Jennifer Aniston, born in Sherman Oaks, California, actress, Rachel-Friends

1969 Birthday - Mary McCormack, actress, Murder One, Private Parts

1969 Birthday - April Lerman, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Lila-Charles in Charge

1969 Death - Thelma Ritter, actress (Miracle on 34th Street), dies at 63

1969 Death - Thelma Ritter, actress (All About Eve, Pillow Talk), dies at 63

1969 Event - Actress Thelma Ritter suffers a heart attack and she dies Feb 5th

1969 Birthday - Stephanie Romanov, actress, Teri Spencer-Models Inc, model, Elite

1969 Death - Judy Garland, singer and actress (Wizard of Oz), dies at 48 of an overdose

1969 Birthday - Demetra Hampton, actress, Valentina

1968 Birthday - Helena Christensen, Copenhagen Denmark, model/actress, Inferno

1968 Birthday - Lauralee "Bug" Bell, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Cricket-Young and Restless

1968 Birthday - Khrystyne Haje, Santa Clara, Cal, actress, Simone-Head of the Class

1968 Death - Tallulah Bankhead, actress (All Star Revue), dies of pneumonia at 65

1968 Death - Patsy Moran, actress (Children of the Wild), dies at 65

1968 Birthday - Lisa Marie [Sliwa], born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, actress, Mars Attack

1968 Birthday - Margaret Cho, actress/comedienne, Face/Off

1968 Birthday - Rena Sofer, actress, Rocky-Loving, Lois Cerullo-General Hospital

1968 Birthday - Lucy Liu, born in Queens, New York, actress, known for television show, 'Ally McBeal', and film roles, 'Kill Bill', 'Kung Fu Panda', Charlie's Angels

1968 Birthday - Jill Hennessy, Canadian Actress

1968 Birthday - Ming Na-Wen, actress, ER, One Night Stand, Lien-As the World Turns

1968 Death - Cathy Lewis, actress (Deidre-Hazel), dies of cancer at 50

1968 Death - Helen Gardner, silent film actress (Sandra), dies

1968 Birthday - Parker Posey, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Tess Shelby-As the World Turns

1968 Birthday - Kelly Rutherford, Elizabethtown Kentucky, actress, Generations

1968 Death - Estelle Hemsley, actress (Leech Woman, Take aGiant Step), dies at 81

1968 Birthday - Debbie Rochon, Vancouver BC, actress, Tromeo and Juliet

1968 Death - Pert Kelton, actress (Cavalcade of Stars), dies at 61

1968 Birthday - Lisa Trusel, Cal, actress, Lizette-Father Murphy, Days of our Lives

1968 Birthday - Sinitta, born in Seattle, Washington, born Sinitta Renet Malone, singer, actress, known for hit records, 'So Macho', 'Toy Boy', in the 1980's

1968 Death - Bea Benaderet, New York City, actress (Kate-Petticoat Junction), dies at 62

1968 Birthday - Vanessa Marcil, born in Indio, California, actress, appeared in television series, 'Beverly Hills, 90210' and 'General Hospital' soap opera

1968 Birthday - Tisha Campbell, Newark, New Jersey, actress, Gina-Martin, House Party

1968 Death - Bea Benaderet, actress (Petticoat Junction), dies of lung cancer at 62

1968 Birthday - Amy Louise Taylor, Kallested, actress, Silent Night Deadly Night 5

1968 Death - Wilhelmina J "Willy" Haak, Dutch actress (Abandoned Child), dies at 71

1968 Birthday - Emily Procter, American Actress

1968 Birthday - Carre Otis, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Wild Orchid

1968 Birthday - Vanessa Vadim, Paris, daughter of Jane Fonda/actress, Last Party

1968 Death - Corry Lievens, Flemish actress/playwright/dir (Blue Bird), dies at 64

1968 Birthday - Naomi Watts, born in Shoreham, England, British-Australian actress, films include 'Mulholland Drive', 'King Kong'

1968 Death - Virginia Valli, actress (Flames, Guilty?, Storm), dies of stroke at 70

1968 Birthday - Ricki Lake, born in New York City, New York actress, 'Hairspray', talk show host, Ricki

1968 Birthday - Suzy Cote, born in Santa Barbara, California, actress, Samantha-Guiding Light

1968 Birthday - Julia Sawalha, actress, Saffron-Abfab, Chrissy-Buddy's Song

1968 Death - Kay Francis, actress (Charley's Aunt, Play Girl), dies of cancer at 65

1968 Death - Sara Jane Roberts, child actress (Our Gang), dies after surgery at 44

1968 Birthday - Greta Lind, Goshen, New York, actress, Katie Kennicott-All My Children

1968 Birthday - Griffin Drew, Hazelhurst Georgia, actress, Dinosaur Island

1968 Birthday - Debra Messing, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, appeared on 'Will & Grace', 'The Starter Wife', television shows

1968 Birthday - Halle Berry, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Miss World USA, 1986, actress, Boomerang

1968 Birthday - Catherine Bell, born in London, England, actress, known for role as Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on 'JAG' television show, 1997 - 2004

1968 Birthday - Gillian Anderson, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, X-Files

1968 Birthday - Patricia Arquette, born in New York City actress, Ed Wood, Pretty Smart

1968 Death - Gertrude Short, actress (Stella Dallas, Blonde Venus), dies at 66

1968 Birthday - Maria Grazia Cucinotta, born in Messina, Sicily, actress, Postman

1968 Death - Lillian Harvey, actress (Invitation to the Waltz), dies at 61

1968 Birthday - Laura Leighton, born in Iowa City, Iowa, actress, Sydney-Melrose Place

1968 Death - Lilian Harvey, British actress (Congress Dances), dies

1968 Birthday - Kristin Chenoweth, American Actress

1968 Birthday - Stephanie Seymour, SD California, actress/model, Sunny Side Up

1968 Birthday - Beth Ehlers, born in Queens, New York, actress, Harley Cooper-Guiding Light, Hunger

1968 Death - Virginia Weidler, actress (All This and Heaven Too), dies at 42

1968 Death - Kitty Kelly, actress (Ladies of Jury, Behind Office Doors), dies at 66

1968 Birthday - Paula Irvine, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Lily Blake-Santa Barbara

1968 Birthday - Yasmine Bleeth, born in New York City, actress, Ryan's Hope, 1 Life to Live, Baywatch

1968 Birthday - Susan Haskell, actress, Marty-One Life to Live, Strictly Business

1968 Death - Dorothy Gish, de Guiche, actress (Home Sweet Home), dies at 70

1968 Birthday - Rachel Griffiths, American Actress

1968 Death - Doris Lloyd, actress (Oliver Twist), dies of heart strain at 71

1968 Death - Marion Lorne, actress (Aunt Clara-Bewitched), dies at 81

1968 Birthday - Traci Lords, born in Steubenville, Ohio, actress, producer, appeared in porn films at age 15, appeared in 'Penthouse' magazine, B-movies 'Will and Grace' television show

1968 Birthday - Deborah Caprioglio, Miestre, Italy, actress, Big Game Hunter

1968 Birthday - Babette Van Veen, Netherlands, actress, Linda-GTST, Blueberry Hill

1968 Death - Marion Weeks, singer/actress, dies of stroke at 81

1968 Birthday - Ashley Judd, born in Granada Hills, California, actress, films include, 'Kiss the Girls', 'High Crimes', 'Double Jeopardy'

1968 Death - Fay Bainter, actress (Jezebel, Our Town, State Fair), dies at 76

1968 Birthday - Alicia Coppola, actress, Lorna Devon-Another World

1968 Birthday - Patricia Arquette, born in New York City, actress, Ed Wood, Nightmare on Elm Street 3

1968 Birthday - Tasia Valenza, born in New York City, actress, All My Children

1968 Birthday - Lucy Lawless, New Zealander Actress

1968 Death - June Collyer, actress (June-Stu Erwin Show), dies at 60

1968 Birthday - Megan Follows, actress, Chase, Anne of Green Gables

1968 Birthday - Lisa Loeb, born in Bethesda, Maryland, singer, songwriter, actress, hit song, 'Stay (I Missed You)', appeared in 'Firecracker' film, 'Dweezil and Lisa' television series

1968 Death - Helen Walker, actress (Brewster's Million), dies of cancer at 47

1968 Birthday - Connie Britton, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Nikki-Spin City

1968 Birthday - Moira Kelly, born in Queens, New York, actress, director, played Mandy Hampton in the television series, The West Wing, and Karen Roe on the show, One Tree Hill

1968 Birthday - Patsy Kensit, London, actress in Lethal Weapon 2, Hanover St.

1968 Death - Doretta Morrow, actress (Because You're Mine), dies at 41

1968 Death - Juanita Hall, actress (Captain Billy), dies at 66

1968 Birthday - Jeri Ryan, actress, 7 of 9-Star Trek Voyager

1968 Birthday - Molly Ringwald, born in Roseville, California, actress, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink

1968 Death - Mae Marsh, actress (Birth of a Nation, Intolerance), dies at 72

1968 Death - Barbara Everest, actress (Inquest, Madeleine), dies at 77

1968 Birthday - Kristen Marie, actress, Cheryl McKinnon-Another World

1968 Death - Virginia Maskell, actress (Only Two Can Play), dies at 31

1968 Birthday - Charlotte Ross, Chicago, actress, Eve-Days of Our Lives

1968 Birthday - Traci Bingham, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, actress, model, appeared on television series, 'Baywatch'

1968 Birthday - Sharon Brown, born in New York City, actress, Chantal-Generations

1968 Birthday - Ami Dolenz, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, General Hospital, Can't Buy Me Love

1968 Birthday - Shannon Sturges, born in Hollywood, California, actress, daytime soap opera veteran, appeared in television shows Passions, Charmed, Savannah, Days of Our Lives

1967 Death - Karen Verne, actress (Ships of Fools, Underground), dies at 49

1967 Birthday - Miranda Otto, Australian Actress

1967 Birthday - Noelle Beck, Baltimore, actress, Trisha-Loving, Fletch Lives

1967 Birthday - Anna Nicole Smith, born in Texas, model, actress, spokeswoman, sex symbol

1967 Birthday - Salli Richardson, born in Chicago, Illinois, television, film, actress, 'Posse', 'A Low Down Dirty Shame', and 'Antwone Fisher', appeared in 2007 film, 'I Am Legend'

1967 Death - Florence Reed, actress (Black Panther Club), dies after illness at 84

1967 Birthday - Sheila Lussier, La Mesa California, actress, Reform School, My Chauffeur

1967 Birthday - Lisa Bonet, SF, actress, Cosby Show, Different World, Angel Heart

1967 Death - Alice Lake, silent screen actress (Frisco Kid, Wicked), dies at 72

1967 Birthday - Letitia Dean, actress, Sharon Watts-EastEnders

1967 Birthday - Randi Ingerman, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actress, Trade Winds

1967 Birthday - Courtney Thorne-Smith, actress, Day by Day, Lucas, Summer School

1967 Birthday - Courtney Thorne Smith, American Actress

1967 Birthday - Rebecca Schaeffer, Eugene Oregon, actress, Patti-My Sister Sam

1967 Death - June Thorburn, actress (Tom Thumb), dies in plane crash at 36

1967 Death - Benita Hume, actress (Vicky-Thew Halls of Ivy), dies at 61

1967 Birthday - Joely Fisher, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Paige-Ellen

1967 Birthday - Julia Roberts, born in Smyrna, Georgia, actress, Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman

1967 Birthday - Jacqueline McKenzie, Australian Actress

1967 Birthday - Susan Tulley, British actress, Michelle-EastEnders

1967 Birthday - Carling Bassett-Seguso, Canada, tennis player/actress, Spring Fever

1967 Birthday - Martha Nix, Orange County California, actress, Serena-Waltons

1967 Birthday - Kristen Johnston, actress, Sally Solomon-Third Rock From the Sun

1967 Birthday - Tara Fitzgerald, Sussex England, actress, Siren

1967 Death - Eva McKenzie, sister of Ida Mae/actress (Virtuous Husband), dies at 78

1967 Birthday - Laurence Tremolet, Rodez France, actress, Cyclo, Metisse,

1967 Death - Helen Flint, actress (Sea Devils), dies after being hit by a car at 69

1967 Death - Amanda Randolph, actress (Danny Thomas, Amos n Andy), dies at 65

1967 Birthday - Carrie-Anne Moss, born in Burnaby, Canada, actress, appeared in films, 'Memento', 'Chocolat', 'The Matrix' trilogy

1967 Birthday - Quinn Cummings, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Annie-Family, Goodbye Girl

1967 Death - Jane Darwell, actress (Girls in Prison), dies of heart attack at 87

1967 Birthday - Charlotte Lewis, born in Kensington, London, actress, Golden Child, Pirates

1967 Birthday - Kembra Pfahler, born in Hermosa Beach, California, actress, Gotham Gold

1967 Birthday - Elizabeth Wurtzel, New York City, actress, Prozac Nation

1967 Birthday - Lori Loughlin, born in Queens, actress, Edge of Night, New Kids, Full House

1967 Death - Gertrude McCoy, silent screen actress (Blue Bird), dies at 77

1967 Death - Vivian Leigh, actress, Scarlet 'Gone with the Wind', dies at 53

1967 Birthday - Amy Van Horne, actress, Carla Solieto-The City

1967 Birthday - Pamela Anderson, born in Ladysmith, Canada, actress, model, producer, former showgirl, famous role, C.J. Parker on 'Baywatch' television show

1967 Birthday - Tina Bockrath, born in Dayton, Ohio, playmate May, 1990 and actress

1967 Birthday - Melora Hardin, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Family Tree, Best Times

1967 Death - Jayne Mansfield, actress (Female Jungle), dies in a car crash at 34

1967 Death - Francoise Dorleac, actress (That Man From Rio), dies at 35

1967 Birthday - Sherry Strinfield, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, actress, known for role as Dr. Susan Lewis on medical television drama, ER

1967 Birthday - Crystal Carson, born in Spaulding NE, actress, Cartel, Julia-General Hospital

1967 Birthday - Sherry Stringfield, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, actress, Laura-NYPD Blue, ER

1967 Birthday - Nicole Kidman, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Dead Calm, Far and Away

1967 Birthday - Mia Sara, American Actress

1967 Birthday - Clare Carey, actress, Kelly Fox Rosebrock-Coach

1967 Birthday - Sarah Malin, born in Greenwich, Connecticut, actress, Stephane Prescott-Another World

1967 Death - Pauline Brooks, actress (Make a Million), dies of cancer at 54

1967 Death - Zamah Cunningham, actress (Menosha the Magnificent), dies at 74

1967 Birthday - Sandrine Bonnaire, Clermont France, actress, Vagabond, Police

1967 Birthday - Kari Wuhrer, Brookfield, Connecticut, MTV/actress, Beverly Hills 90210

1967 Birthday - Debbie Dutch, Titusville, New Jersey, actress, Hell's Paradox

1967 Death - Barbara Payton, actress (Dallas, Trapped, Bad Blonde), dies at 39

1967 Birthday - Ana Gasteyer, born in Washington, D.C., actress, comedienne, appeared in 'Saturday Night Live' television show, appeared in 'Mean Girls' film and 'Wicked' musical

1967 Birthday - Melina Kanakaredes, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Eleni Andros-Guiding Light

1967 Birthday - Sheryl Lee, born in Boulder, Colorado, actress, Twin Peaks, Love Lies and Murder

1967 Birthday - Lara Jill Miller, born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, actress, Samantha-Gimme a Break

1967 Birthday - Maria Bello, American Actress

1967 Birthday - Leslie Bega, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Maria Tomlinson-Head of the Class

1967 Event - Actress Lynn Redgrave marries John Clark

1967 Birthday - Talisa Soto, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, License to Kill

1967 Birthday - Sandra Reinhardt, born in Pittsburgh, actress, Another World, Illegal in Blue

1967 Birthday - Lauren Graham, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, producer, appeared on 'Gilmore Girls' television series, films include, 'Bad Santa', 'Evan Almighty'

1967 Birthday - Melissa Brennan Reeves, born in Eatontown, New Jersey, actress, Jen-Days of our Lives

1967 Death - Geraldine Farrar, soprano/actress (Such Sweet Compulsion), dies at 85

1967 Birthday - Elizabeth Cheshire, born in Burbank California, actress, Jill-Sunshine

1967 Birthday - Lili Taylor, actress, Ransom, Short Cuts

1967 Birthday - Michelle Forbes, born in Austin, Texas, actress, Ensign Ro-Star Trek Next Gen

1967 Birthday - Laura Dern, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, film director, producer, Academy-Award nominated for film, 'Rambling Rose'

1967 Death - Martine Carol, French actress (Nana), dies of heart attack at 46

1967 Death - Winifred Kingston, silent screen actress (David Garrick), dies at 72

1967 Birthday - Carrington Garland, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kelly Capwell-Santa Barbara

1967 Birthday - Olivia d'Abo, born in London, England, actress, Wonder Years, Single Guy

1967 Death - Jobyna Ralston, actress (Wings, Girl Shy, Freshman), dies at 66

1967 Death - Ann Sheridan, actress (Pistols 'n' Petticoats), dies of cancer at 51

1967 Birthday - Stacey Dash, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Dionne-Clueless

1967 Birthday - Christine Tucci, actress, Amanda Cory-Another World

1967 Death - Grace Cunard, actress (Untamed, Ressurection), dies at 73

1967 Death - Evelyn Nesbit, actress (Redemption), dies at 82

1967 Birthday - Emily Watson, actress, Breaking the Waves, Boxer

1967 Birthday - Farrah Forke, Texas, actress, Dweebs, Mr. Rhodes, Disclosure, Heat

1966 Birthday - Paula Barbieri, model/girlfriend of OJ Simpson/actress, Dangerous

1966 Birthday - Gianluca Pagliuca, Italian actress, Ugly Dirty and Bad

1966 Death - Emma Dunn, actress (You Can't Fool Your Wife), dies at 91

1966 Death - Verna Felton, actress (Hilda-December Bride), dies at 76

1966 Birthday - Lindsay Price, actress, All My Children

1966 Birthday - Sophie Marceau, Paris, France, actress, Braveheart, L'Amour Braque

1966 Birthday - Tammy Lauren, SD California, actress, Angie, Out of the Blue

1966 Birthday - Tricia Cast, Medford, New York, actress, Amanda-Bad News Bear, Young and Restless

1966 Birthday - Rachel True, American Actress

1966 Birthday - Vanessa Angel, born in London, England, actress, Another Chance

1966 Birthday - Lisa Fuller, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Dawn-General Hospital

1966 Death - Claire McDowell, actress (Big Parade), dies after long illness at 88

1966 Birthday - Valeria Golino, Naples Italy, actress, Rain Man, Little Flames

1966 Death - Gertrude Hoffman, actress (Mrs Odetts-My Little Margie), dies at 95

1966 Birthday - Amy Linker, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Lewis and Clark, Lauren-Square Pegs

1966 Birthday - Bai Ling, born in Chengdu, China, American actress, appeared in films, 'The Crow', 'The Beautiful Country', 'Shanghai Baby'

1966 Birthday - Jill Whelan, Oakland Cal, actress, Vicki-Love Boat, Young and Restless

1966 Death - Helen Kane, actress (Heads Up, Pointed Heels), dies of cancer at 62

1966 Death - Gertrude Berg, actress (Molly Goldberg-Goldbergs), dies at 66

1966 Birthday - Salma Hayek, born in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, actress, Mexican national, most prominent Mexican figure in Hollywood, fights discrimination against immigrants

1966 Birthday - Katja Bienert, born in Berlin, Germany, actress, Praxis Bulowbogen

1966 Birthday - Michael Michele, Evansville, Indiana, actress, Nikki-Central Park West

1966 Birthday - Shirley Manson, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, actress, musician, keyboardist, lead singer, Garbage rock band, also performed with Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie

1966 Birthday - Courtney Gibbs, Miss USA, 1988, actress, Baywatch

1966 Death - Seena Owen, actress/writer (Queen Kelly), dies at 71

1966 Birthday - Irene Jacob, born in Suresnes, France, actress, famous for lead role in film 'The Double Life of Veronique', 'Three Colores: Red', considered one of the preeminent French actresses of her generation

1966 Birthday - Debbe Dunning, born in Burbank, California, actress, Tool Time Girl-Home Improvement

1966 Birthday - Mary Stuart Masterson, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Some Kind of Wonderful

1966 Birthday - Nan Woods, actress, 1 More Saturday Night

1966 Birthday - Traylor Howard, born in Orlando, Florida, actress, Joy Byrnes-Boston Common

1966 Death - Ethel Clayton, actress (Warning Shadows), dies at 82

1966 Birthday - Julianna Margulies, born in Spring Valley, New York, actress, Carol Hathaway-ER

1966 Death - Alice Calhoun, actress (Flowing Gold, Between Friends), dies at 65

1966 Birthday - Helena Bonham Carter, British Actress

1966 Birthday - Helena Bonham Carter, London, actress, Ft. Worth, Howards End

1966 Death - Ruth Gates, Denton TX, actress (Aunt Jenny-Mama), dies at 79

1966 Birthday - Manon Kelley, Quebec City Canada, actress, Red Lips 2

1966 Birthday - Mindy Cohn, Louisiana, actress, Facts of Life

1966 Birthday - Sophia Crawford, born in London, England, actress, Power Rangers

1966 Birthday - Isabelle Pasco, born in France, actress, Ave Maria, model, Elle, Vogue

1966 Birthday - Lela Rochon, actress, Waiting to Exhale

1966 Birthday - Cynthia Nixon, born in New York City, actress, Addams Family Values, Pelican Brief

1966 Birthday - Robin Wright Penn, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Santa Barbara, Princess Bride

1966 Birthday - Teri Ann Linn, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Kristen-Bold and Beautiful

1966 Death - Julia Faye, actress (10 Commandments. Samson and Delilah), dies at 73

1966 Birthday - Nancy McKeon, born in Westbury, New York, actress, Jo Polniazek-Facts of Life

1966 Birthday - Shelley Michelle, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Golden Eye

1966 Birthday - Tatjana Patitz, born in Hamburg, West Germany, model/actress, Rising Sun

1966 Death - Minerva Urecal, actress (Apache Rose, Ghost Crazy), dies at 81

1966 Birthday - Jennifer Grant, actress, Celeste-Beverly Hills 90210

1966 Death - Minerva Urecal, actress (Peter Gunn, Adv of Tugboat Annie), dies at 71

1966 Birthday - Stacey Cortez, actress, Sheila Cantillan-General Hospital

1966 Birthday - Tea Leoni, New York City, actress, Flying Blind, Naked Truth

1966 Birthday - Bronwen Booth, London, actress, Andy-One Life to Live, Eternal Evil

1966 Birthday - Justine Bateman, Rye, New York, actress, Mallory-Family Ties, Satisfaction

1966 Death - Gail Kane, actress (White Sister, Arizona), dies at 81

1966 Birthday - Tally Chanel, Tel Aviv Israel, actress, Warrior Queen

1966 Death - Sophie Tucker, Russian/US singer and actress (My Yiddish Mama), dies at 79

1966 Death - June Walker, actress (War Nurses), dies at 65

1966 Death - Elizabeth Patterson, actress (Tall Story), dies at 90

1966 Birthday - Daphne Ashbrook, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Liz-Our Family Honor

1966 Birthday - Tamlyn Tomita, Okinawa, actress, Karate Kid 2, Ming Li-Santa Barbara

1966 Birthday - Loretta Lee, Lee Lai Chan, China, actress, Happy Ghost

1966 Birthday - Tia Carrere, Althea Janairo, Honolulu, actress, Wayne's World

1965 Birthday - Gong Li, born in Shenyang, China, actress, appeared in director Zhang Yimou's film, Ju Dhou, Red Sorghum, received Golden Rooster award

1965 Birthday - Colleen Dion, actress, Brett Gardner-Another World

1965 Birthday - Jessica Steen, Toronto, actress, Earth II, Homefront, Trial and Error

1965 Birthday - Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Turin Italy, actress, Normal People

1965 Birthday - Famke Janssen, born in Amstelveen, Holland, actress, fashion model, appeared in 'X-Men' movies, 'GoldenEye', and 'Nip/Tuck' television show

1965 Death - Rita Johnson, actress (All Mine to Give), dies at 53

1965 Birthday - Charnele Brown, East Hampton, New York, actress, Kim-A Different World

1965 Birthday - Jami Gertz, Chicago, actress, Less the Zero, Crossroads, Solarbabies

1965 Death - Marie McDonald, singer and actress (Promises Promises), dies of OD at 42

1965 Birthday - Connie Ann Hearn, Anchorage Alaska, actress, New Kind of Family

1965 Birthday - Francesca Dellera, Cervellera, Rome, Italy, actress, Capriccio

1965 Birthday - Jill Powell, born in Jacksonville, Florida, actress, Marcy-As The World Turns

1965 Birthday - Brigitte Rouan, Toulon France, director/actress, Outremer

1965 Death - Clara Bow, U.S. actress, (Down to the Sea in Ships, Wings), dies at 60

1965 Birthday - Katy Kurtzman, born in Washington D.C., actress, Lindsay-Dynasty

1965 Birthday - Allison Daughtry, actress, Guilding Light

1965 Birthday - Brenda Epperson, actress, Ashley Abbott-Young and Restless

1965 Death - Dorothy Danridge, actress (Island in the Sun), dies at 41 in Hollywood

1965 Death - Catherine Dale Owen, actress (Behind Office Doors), dies at 62

1965 Birthday - Marlee Matlin, Illinois, deaf actress, Children of Lesser God-Academy Award

1965 Death - Henriette de Vreker-Verschuur, actress (Revolt in Mental Home), dies

1965 Birthday - Kyra Sedgwick, actress, Phenomenon, Singles, Julia-Another World

1965 Birthday - Emmanuelle Beart, born in St. Tropez, France, actress, Manon of the Spring

1965 Birthday - Emmanuelle Seigner, born in Paris, France, actress, The Smile

1965 Birthday - Claudia Christian, American Actress

1965 Death - Nancy Carroll, actress (Alice-Aldrich Family), dies at 60

1965 Birthday - Crystal Chappell, born in Silver Spring, Maryland, actress, Carly "Days of our Lives"

1965 Birthday - Jennifer Ashe, actress, As the World Turns

1965 Birthday - Illeana Douglas, born in Massachusetts, actress, Picture Perfect, To Die For, Hacks

1965 Death - Constance Bennett, actress (Madame X, Topper), dies at 59

1965 Death - Irene Browne, actress (Peg O' My Heart), dies of cancer at 69

1965 Birthday - Lisa Rinna, born in Newport Beach, California, actress, Billie-Days of Our Life

1965 Birthday - Connie Nielsen, Danish Actress

1965 Death - Theodora E "Betsy" Ranucci-Beckmann, actress (Klatergoud), dies at 88

1965 Death - Bessie Barriscale, actress (Plain Jane, Show Folks), dies

1965 Death - [Theodora E] Betsy Ranucci-Beckman, actress (Dood Water), dies at 88

1965 Birthday - Danielle Spencer, born in Bronx, actress, Dee Thomas-What's Happening

1965 Death - Mary Boland, actress (Boy Trouble, New Moon), dies at 83

1965 Birthday - Sadie Frost, English Actress

1965 Birthday - Kami Cotler, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Elizabeth-Waltons

1965 Birthday - Carrie Mitchum, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Donna-Bold and Beautiful

1965 Birthday - Cathy Tyson, born in Liverpool, England, actress, Serpant and Rainbow

1965 Birthday - Elizabeth Hurley, born in Basingstroke, England, actress, Christabel

1965 Birthday - Linda Evangelista, born in Canada, super model/actress, Catwalk, Unzipped

1965 Birthday - Gloria Reuben, actress, Jeanie Boulet-ER

1965 Birthday - Karen Sillas, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Prime Suspect

1965 Birthday - Brooke Shields, New York City, model/actress, Blue Lagoon, Suddenly Susan

1965 Birthday - Tammy Parks, Rockville Centre, New York, actress, Attack of 60' Centerfold

1965 Birthday - Christa Miller, New York City, actress, Kate-Drew Carey Show

1965 Birthday - Fia Porter, Mexia, Texas, actress, Audrey Ames-One Life to Live

1965 Death - Helen Chandler, actress (Dracula, Salute, Last Flight), dies at 56

1965 Death - Louise Dresser, actress (State Fair, Ship Comes In, Mammy), dies at 86

1965 Death - Josephina J "Fien" de la Mar, Dutch actress (Pygmalion), dies at 67

1965 Death - Linda Darnell, U.S. actress (Dakota Incident), dies at 43

1965 Birthday - Sarah Jessica Parker, born in Nelsonville, Ohio, actress, Square Pegs, LA Story

1965 Death - Mae Murray, actress (Bachelor Apartment), dies of heart ailment at 75

1965 Death - Esther Howard, actress (Detour), dies of heart attack at 72

1965 Death - Margaret Dumont [Daisy Baker], actress (Animal Crackers), dies at 75

1965 Birthday - Stacy Edwards, Glasgow, Montana, actress, Santa Barbara

1965 Birthday - Alison Armitage, born in London, England, actress, Acapulco HEAT

1965 Birthday - Veronica Webb, supermodel/actress, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X

1965 Birthday - Kristin Davis, actress, Melrose Place

1965 Birthday - Marjolein Macrander, Dutch actress, Drowned

1965 Birthday - Mathilda May, Paris, France, actress, Lifeforce

1965 Birthday - Kathleen Kimont, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Fraternity Vacation, Renegade

1965 Birthday - Maura Tierney, Boston, actress, Lisa-Newsradio

1965 Birthday - Sherilyn Fenn, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, 2 Moon Junction, Twin Peaks

1965 Birthday - Julie McCullough, Honolulu Hi, playmate, Feb 86, actress, Growing Pains

1965 Birthday - Allison Hossack, Manitoba, actress, Olivia-Another World

1965 Birthday - Desiree Nosbusch, Luxembourg, actress, The Fan

1965 Birthday - Jemma Redgrave, born in London, England, actress, Buddha of Suburbia

1965 Birthday - Loredana Romito, Benevento Italy, model/actress, Fatal Temptation

1965 Birthday - Olivia Barash, born in Miami, Florida, actress, Laura-Out of the Blue

1965 Birthday - Joely Richardson, born in London, England, actress, known for film, '101 Dalmatians', appeared in 'Nip/Tuck' television drama

1965 Birthday - Maria Pitillo, Matwah, New Jersey, actress, Ryan's Hope

1965 Birthday - Michelle Forbes, actress, Julianna Cox-Homicide

1965 Birthday - Julia Ormond, born in London, England, actress, Sabrina, Legends of the Fall

1965 Birthday - Diane Lane, New York City, actress, Streets of Fire, Lady Beware, Lonesome Dove

1965 Death - Gertrude Michael, actress (Caged, Cleopatra), dies at 53

1964 Birthday - Kimberly Russell, actress, Sarah-Head of the Class

1964 Birthday - Colleen Dion, Newburgh, New York, actress, Search for Tomorrow

1964 Death - Cheerio Meredith, actress (One Happy Family), dies at 74

1964 Birthday - Beatrice Dalle, Breast France, actress, Betty Blue, Sabbath

1964 Birthday - Gail Harris, Dewsbury England, actress, Virtual Desire

1964 Birthday - Chelsea Noble, actress, Kate-Growing Pains

1964 Birthday - Teri Hatcher, born in Sunnyvale, California, actress, Lois Lane-Lois and Clark

1964 Birthday - Marisa Tomei, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, My Cousin Vinny

1964 Birthday - Calista Flockhart, American Actress

1964 Birthday - Dana Plato, born in Maywood, California, actress, Kimberly-Diff'rent Strokes

1964 Birthday - Amanda Sandrelli, Rome, Italy, actress, The Key

1964 Birthday - Melinda McGraw, Nicosa Cyprus, actress, Macenzie-Pursuit Of Happiness

1964 Death - Belle Montrose, actress (Mrs Harrison-Hathaways), dies at 78

1964 Birthday - Jo Ann Willette, actress, Constance-Just 10 of Us, Real Genius

1964 Birthday - Susan Walters, Georgia, actress, Lorna-Loving, Mary Beth-Dear John

1964 Death - Ida Moore, actress (Mr Music, Johnny Belinda), dies at 82

1964 Birthday - Kim Richards, LI, New York, actress, Nanny and Professor, James at 15

1964 Birthday - Holly Robinson, Philadelphia, actress, 21 Jump Street

1964 Birthday - Molly Shannon, American Actress

1964 Birthday - Faith Ford, born in Louisiana, actress, Another World, Corky-Murphy Brown

1964 Birthday - Roxanne Biggs-Dawson, actress, B'Elanna Torres-Star Trek Voyager

1964 Birthday - Rosie Perez, born in Brooklyn, actress, Do the Right Thing, White Men Can't Jump

1964 Birthday - Kristian Alfonso, born in Brockton, Massachusetts, actress, Days of Lives, Falcon Crest

1964 Death - Gracie Allen, actress (Burns and Allen), dies at 62

1964 Birthday - Debi Mazar, born in Queens, New York, actress, Civil Wars, Little Man Tate, LA Law

1964 Birthday - Lisa Boyle, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Showgirls

1964 Event - Actress Anne Bancroft and comedian Mel Brooks wed

1964 Birthday - Mary-Louise Parker, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, actress, Fried Green Tomatoes

1964 Birthday - Vivica Fox, American Actress

1964 Birthday - Lisa Peluso, born in Philadelphia, actress, Search for Tomorrow, Ava-Loving

1964 Birthday - Sandra Bullock, born in Washington D.C., actress, Speed, Net, Love and War

1964 Birthday - Bonnie Langford, English actress, Wombling Free

1964 Birthday - Susan Swift, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Chisholms

1964 Death - Carol Veazie, actress (Maude-Norby), dies at 69

1964 Birthday - Susan Marie Snyder, actress, Julie-As the World Turns

1964 Birthday - Heather Langenkamp, actress, Marie-Just the 10 of Us

1964 Birthday - Judi Evans Luciano, born in Montebello, actress, Paulina Cory-Another World

1964 Birthday - Courtney Love, SF, vocalist, Hole, actress, People vs Larry Flynt

1964 Birthday - Yeardley Smith, born in Paris, France, actress, writer, painter, known for role as Lisa Simpson on 'The Simpsons' animated television series, appeared on 'Dharma & Greg' sitcom

1964 Birthday - Theresa Lynn, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actress, Orgasm Girl-Private Parts

1964 Birthday - Wendy Kilbourne, actress, Devon-Midnight Caller, 1964 Approx]

1964 Birthday - Amy Brenneman, born in New London, Connecticut, actress, Janice-NYPD Blue

1964 Birthday - Kari Kennell, born in Colorado, playmate, Feb, 1988, actress, Eric's Revenge

1964 Birthday - Sammi Davis-Voss, born in Kidderminster, England, actress, Hope and Glory

1964 Birthday - Diane Murphy, actress, Tabitha Stevens-Bewitched

1964 Birthday - Erin Murphy, actress, Tabitha Stevens-Bewitched

1964 Birthday - Courtney Cox, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actress, Family Ties, Monica-Friends

1964 Birthday - Courteney Cox, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actress, known for playing Monica on 'Friends' television sitcom, appeared in 'Cougar Town' television series, films include 'Scream'

1964 Birthday - Paula Marshall, born in Rockville, Maryland, actress, Lindsay Sutton-Chicago Sons

1964 Birthday - Gloria Reuben, born in Toronto, actress, Jeanie Boulet-ER

1964 Birthday - Staci Greason, Denver, actress, Isabella Toscando-Days of Our Lives

1964 Birthday - Annabel Schofield, Llanelli, Wales, actress, Laurel Ellis-Dallas

1964 Birthday - Nancy Sorel, actress, Generations, Black Foix

1964 Birthday - Cheryl Richardson, Palo Alto, California, actress, Jennie-General Hospital

1964 Birthday - Melissa Gilbert Brinkman, Louisiana, actress, Little House on the Prairie

1964 Birthday - Melissa Gilbert, American Actress

1964 Birthday - Dana Hill [Goetz], Van Nuys California, actress, 2 of Us, Shoot the Moon

1964 Birthday - Lydie Denier, born in St. Nazaire, France, actress, General Hospital

1964 Birthday - Page Hannah, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Kate Riley-Fame

1964 Birthday - Elle MacPherson, born in Sydney, Austrailia, model, SI, actress, Sirens

1964 Birthday - Annabella Sciorra, American Actress

1964 Death - Johanna W "Mina" Bakker, Dutch actress (Boefje), dies at 87

1964 Birthday - Juliette Binoche, born in Paris, France, actress, Unbearable Lightness

1964 Birthday - Lisa Ann Poggi, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, actress, Jolie-Loving

1964 Birthday - Lisa Elaine Comshaw, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Scanner Cop, Lukas' Child

1964 Birthday - Francesca Neri, Trento Italy, actress, Ages of Lulu

1964 Birthday - Laura Linney, born in New York City, New York, actress, film, theater, appeared in 'The Truman Show', 'Mystic River', 'The Nanny Diaries', 'Love Actually'

1964 Birthday - Kaitlin Hopkins, New York City, actress, Kelsey-Another World

1964 Birthday - Sharon Bruneau, born in Toronto, Ontario, actress, Sensuous Muscle

1964 Birthday - Bridget Fonda, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Scandal, Single White Female

1964 Birthday - Cathy Podewell, California, actress, Dallas

1964 Birthday - Pepper Foster, actress, Chip and Pepper's Surf's Up Saturday

1964 Birthday - Mariska Hargitay, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Jesse Smith-Downtown, ER

1964 Birthday - Maria Ellingsen, Reykjavik Iceland, actress, Katrina-Santa Barbara

1964 Birthday - Victoria Sellers, born in London, England, actress, Crime Zone, Warlords

1964 Birthday - Penelope Ann Miller, American Actress

1964 Birthday - Krista Tesreau, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Tina-OLTL, Silk Stalkings

1964 Birthday - Dedee Pfeiffer, born in Midway City, California, actress, appeared on Cybill Shepherd's television series, Cybill, featured in Playboy magazine, February 2002

1964 Death - Rika Hopper, Dutch actress (Comedia, Anastasia), dies at about 86

1963 Birthday - Alessandra Mussolini, Naples Italy, actress, Ferragosto OK

1963 Birthday - Karen Moncrieff, Sacramento California, actress, Xtro 3, Days of Our Lives

1963 Birthday - Jennifer Beals, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Flashdance, Bride

1963 Birthday - Helen Slater, New York City, actress, Supergirl, Billie Jean, Ruthless People

1963 Birthday - Cindy Gibb, Bennington Vt, actress, Search for Tomorrow, Youngblood

1963 Birthday - Teresa Blake, Tuscaloosa Ala, actress, Gloria Marsh-All My Children

1963 Birthday - Carrie Hamilton, Carol Burnett's daughter/actress, Fame

1963 Death - Karyn Kupcinet, actress (Carol-Gertrude Berg Show), murdered at 23

1963 Birthday - Allyson Rice-Taylor, Huntington, West Virginia, actress, As the World Turns

1963 Birthday - Lisa Howard, actress, Days of Our Life, Rolling Vengeance

1963 Birthday - Nicollette Sheridan, Worthing England, actress, Paige-Knots Landing

1963 Birthday - Nicolette Sheridan, English Actress

1963 Birthday - Terry Farrell, Cedar Rapids, actress, Paper Dolls, Jadzia Dax-STDS9

1963 Birthday - Andrea McArdle, Philadelphia, actress, Annie

1963 Birthday - Kristina Malandro Wagner, actress, Felicia Jones-General Hospital

1963 Birthday - Lauren Holly, born in Bristol, Pennsylvania, actress 'Picket Fences' and 'NCIS'

1963 Birthday - Deborah Moore, born in London, England, actress, Danielle-Day of Our Lives

1963 Birthday - Marla Maples, Trump, Dalton, Georgia, actress, Will Rogers Follies

1963 Birthday - Tracy Nelson, California, actress, Glitter, Square Pegs, Father Dowling

1963 Death - Beverly Wills, actress (Beverly-I Married Joan), dies at 29

1963 Death - Grace Darmond, silent screen actress (Below the Surface), dies at 69

1963 Birthday - Sophie Favier, Lyon France, actress, Sans Interdits

1963 Birthday - Beth Chamberlin, Danville Vt, actress, Beth Spaulding-Guiding Light

1963 Birthday - Cristina Marsillach, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Barocco

1963 Birthday - Lysette Anthony, London, actress, Angelique-Dark Shadows, Switch

1963 Birthday - Amy Yasbeck, born in Cincinnati, actress, Casey Davenport-Wings, Mask

1963 Death - Margarita Sierra, actress (Surfside 6), dies after heart surgery at 26

1963 Birthday - Cynthia Stevenson, born in Oakland California, actress, Player, Bob, Hope and Gloria

1963 Birthday - Lisa Kudrow, born in Encino, California, actress, Phoebe-Friends, Romy and Michele

1963 Birthday - Alexandra Paul, born in New York City, actress, Christine, American Flyers, Dragnet

1963 Birthday - Joanna Going, actress, Lisa Grady-Another World

1963 Birthday - Denise Miller, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Billie-Archie Bunker's Place

1963 Birthday - Phoebe Cates, born in Manhattan, New York, actress, Fast Times at Ridgemount High

1963 Birthday - Shari Headley, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Mimi Reed-All My Children

1963 Birthday - Edie Falco, American Actress

1963 Birthday - Gina Goldberg, born in Turku, Finland, born Tina Verienius, model, actress, singer, Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month, May, 1981

1963 Birthday - Tracey E Bregman, Munich Germany, actress, Lauren-Bold and Beautiful

1963 Birthday - Devin Renee De Vasquez, born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, playmate, June, 1985, actress

1963 Birthday - Helen Hunt, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Jamie-Mad About You, Twister

1963 Birthday - Elisabeth Shue, actress, Cocktail, Adv in Babysitting

1963 Death - Anita King, actress (Tender Loving Care), dies of heart attack at 74

1963 Death - Zasu Pitts, actress (Wedding March, Life With Father), dies at 65

1963 Birthday - Lisa Whelchel, Fort Worth Texas, actress, Blair-Facts of Life

1963 Birthday - Tracey E. Bregman Recht, Munich Germany, actress, Days of Our Life

1963 Death - Sharon Lynn, actress (Way Out West, Big Broadcast), dies at 53

1963 Birthday - Natasha Richardson, born in London, England, actress, Gothic, Handmaid's Tale

1963 Birthday - Schae Harrison, born in Orange, California, actress, Darla-Bold and Beautiful

1963 Birthday - Xuxa, Maria da Graca Meneghel, Brazil, actress, Xuxa Park

1963 Birthday - Rebeca Arthur, actress, Mary Anne-Perf Strangers, Opposites Attract

1963 Birthday - Julia Campbell, born in Huntsville, Alabama, actress, Opportunity Knocks

1963 Birthday - Jasmine Guy, born in Boston Massachusetts, actress, Whitley-Different World

1963 Birthday - Kathy Ireland, model and actress, Alien From, Louisiana, Side Out

1963 Birthday - Jessica Tuck, New York City, actress, Megan-1 Life to Live

1963 Birthday - Gail O'Grady, Detroit, actress, Hitman, Nobody's Perfect, New YorkPD Blue

1963 Birthday - Jane Horrocks, Lancashire England, actress, Absolutely Fabulous

1962 Birthday - Barbara Crampton, Levittown, New York, actress, Body Double, Young and Restless

1962 Birthday - Giulla Boschi, Italian actress, Act of Contrition, Bonus Malus

1962 Birthday - Maruschka Detmers, Schoonebeek Holland, actress, Devil in the Flesh

1962 Birthday - Melanie Smith, Scranton, Pennsylvania, actress, Emily-As the World Turns

1962 Birthday - Karen Witter, California, actress, Tina-One Life to Live, playmate, Mar, 1982

1962 Birthday - Holly Gagnier, Louisiana, actress, One Life to Live

1962 Birthday - Janine Turner, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, actress, Maggie-Northern Exposure

1962 Birthday - Connie Needham Newton, Anaheim California, actress, Elizabeth-8 is Enough

1962 Death - Gloria Gordon, actress (My Friend Irma), dies at 81

1962 Birthday - Jodie Foster, Bronx New York City, actress, Taxi Driver, Accused

1962 Birthday - Eric Olson, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Apple's Way

1962 Birthday - Laura San Giacoma, Danville, New Jersey, actress, Pretty Woman, Vital Signs

1962 Birthday - Laura San Giacomo, American Actress

1962 Birthday - Demi Moore, Guynes, Roswell, New Mexico, actress, Ghost, Striptease, GI Jane

1962 Birthday - Lori Singer, Corpus Christi Texas, actress, Fame, V, Footloose

1962 Death - Dewi Angrenie, Martha AP Giese, Flemish/Dutch actress, dies at 85

1962 Birthday - Daphne Zuniga, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Jo Reynolds-Melrose Place, Spaceballs

1962 Death - Hattie McDaniel actress, 'Gone With the Wind', dies at 67

1962 Death - Louise Beavers, actress (Beulah-Beulah), dies at 64

1962 Birthday - Beatie Edney, born in London, England, actress, Diary of a Mad Old Man

1962 Birthday - Kelly Preston, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Mischief, Twins, A Tigers Tale

1962 Birthday - Joan Cusack, born in Evanston, Illinois, actress, SNL, Addams Family Values

1962 Birthday - Leslie Landon, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Etta Plum-Little House on Prairie

1962 Birthday - Melissa Sue Anderson, Cal, actress, Little House on the Prairie

1962 Birthday - Aida Turturro, American Actress

1962 Birthday - Nia Vardalos, born in Winnipeg, Canada, actress, screenwriter, producer, appeared in film 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' television show

1962 Birthday - Tonja Walker, Huntington, West Virginia, actress, Alex-One Life to Live

1962 Birthday - Wendie Jo Sperber, born in Glendale California, actress, Amy-Bossom Buddies

1962 Birthday - Elizabeth Daily, actress, Street Music

1962 Birthday - Kristy McNichol, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Buddy-Family, Barbara-Empty Nest

1962 Birthday - Valerie Kaprisky, born in Paris, France, actress, Breathless, Public Woman

1962 Death - Cleo Ridgely, silent screen actress (I Remember Mama), dies at 68

1962 Birthday - Suzee Pai, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, Big Trouble in Little China

1962 Birthday - Michelle Yeoh, born in Ipoh, Malaysia, actress, films include, 'Tomorrow Never Dies', 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', considered greatest action heroine ever

1962 Birthday - Monique Gabrielle, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Flashdance, Night Shift

1962 Birthday - Rachel Sweet, born in Akron, Ohio, singer, songwriter, actress, writer, recorded theme song for Nickelodeon series, Clarissa Explains It All, appeared as George Costanza's cousin, in Seinfeld, television episode, 'The Contest', released Fool Around: The Best of Rachel Sweet, 1992

1962 Birthday - Jensen Buchanan, born in Montgomery, Alabama, actress, Vicky/Marley-Another World

1962 Birthday - Brigitte Nielsen, born in Eisinore, Denmark, actress, Red Sonja, Rocky IV

1962 Birthday - Grecia Colmenares, born in Venezuela, actress, Esmeralda, Los Crinimales

1962 Birthday - Hunter Tylo, model, Pantene, actress, Bold and Beautiful

1962 Birthday - Amanda Donohoe, born in London, actress, CJ Lamb-LA Law

1962 Birthday - Sharon Lawrence, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, actress, Civil Wars, New YorkPD Blue, Fired Up

1962 Death - Lucile Watson, actress (Great Lie, Model Wife, Florian), dies at 83

1962 Birthday - Ally Sheedy, born in New York City, actress, Wargames, Breakfast Club

1962 Birthday - Gina Gershon, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, film roles include, 'Cocktail', 'Bound', 'Showgirls', author of children's book, 'Camp Creepy Time'

1962 Birthday - Tonya Pinkins, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Livia Frye-All My Children

1962 Birthday - Mariangela D'Abbraccio, Naples Italy, TV actress, Passioni

1962 Birthday - Genie Francis, Englewood, New Jersey, actress, General Hospital, Bare Essence

1962 Birthday - Karen Duffy, Duff, New York City, MTV VJ/actress, Meet Wally Sparks

1962 Birthday - Sylvie Rauch, born in Munich, West Germany, nude model/actress

1962 Birthday - Lori Singer, born in Corpus Christi, Texas, actress, Jurasic Park

1962 Birthday - Elizabeth Berridge, Westchester, New York, actress, Amadeus, Funhouse

1962 Death - Vera Reynolds, actress (Dragnet Patrol, Lawless Woman), dies at 62

1962 Birthday - Ava Fabian, born in Brewster, New York, playmate, Aug, 1986, actress, Cafe Nostra

1962 Death - Aura Abranches, Port actress (Lisboa, O Primo Basilio), dies at 65

1962 Birthday - Rae Dawn Chong, born in Edmonton, Alberta, actress, Quest for Fire

1962 Birthday - Julie Strain, Concord California, actress, Witchcraft IV

1962 Birthday - Alexa Kenin, New York City, actress, Mousie-Coed Fever

1962 Birthday - [Babette] Renee Props, Oklahoma, actress, Elly Snyder-As the World Turns

1962 Birthday - Sam Phillips, singer and actress, Die Hard with a Vengeance

1962 Birthday - Marie Trintignant, French Actress

1962 Birthday - Alison Arngrim, actress, Nellie-Little House of the Prairie

1962 Birthday - Kim Coles, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Synclaire-Living Single

1962 Birthday - Hallie Todd, actress, Check is in the Mail

1962 Birthday - April Winchell, American Actress

1961 Birthday - Joanna Johnson, actress, Caroline-Bold and Beautiful

1961 Birthday - Tahnee Welch, La Tahn Renee Welch, born in San Diego, California, actress, Cocoon

1961 Birthday - Sarah Sutton, British Actress

1961 Birthday - Mary Beth Evans, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Katherine Ashton-General Hospital

1961 Birthday - Julianne Moore, actress, Lost World, 9 Months

1961 Death - Mary Charleson, actress (Upstairs and Downstairs), dies at 76

1961 Birthday - Kim Delaney, born in Philadelphia, actress, All My Children, Tour of Duty, New YorkPD Blue

1961 Birthday - Jane Sibbett, actress, Teddy Z, Heddy Newman-Herman's Head

1961 Birthday - Marcy Walker, Paducah, Kentucky, actress, Liza-All My Child, Santa Barbara

1961 Birthday - Amy Gibson, actress, General Hospital

1961 Death - Ruth Chatterton, actress (Female, Dodsworth), dies after illness at 67

1961 Birthday - Mariel Hemingway, Ketchum Id, actress, Personal Best, Civil Wars

1961 Birthday - Meg Ryan, Bethel, Connecticut, actress, When Harry Met Sally, As the World Turns

1961 Birthday - Merete Van Kemp, Denmark, actress, Grace-Dallas, Princess Daisy

1961 Death - Elsie Ferguson, actress (Lie, Footlights, Scarlet Pages), dies at 76

1961 Birthday - Kari Michaelsen, New York City, actress, Katie-Gimme a Break

1961 Birthday - Kim Krizan, California, writer/actress, Slacker, Dazed and Confused

1961 Death - Joan McCracken, actress (Claudie The Story of a Marriage), dies at 38

1961 Birthday - Erin Moran, born in Burbank, California, actress, Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi

1961 Birthday - Melanie Wilson, actress, Jennifer-Perfect Strangers

1961 Birthday - Jean Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kate-Double Trouble, Grease 2

1961 Birthday - Liz Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Allison-Double Trouble, Grease 2

1961 Birthday - Judy Landers, Philadelphia, actress, Vega$, BJ and the Bear, Madame's Place

1961 Birthday - Shell Kepler, actress, Amy Vining-General Hospital

1961 Birthday - Mary Ellen Stuart, actress, Frannie Crawford-As the World Turns

1961 Birthday - Crystal Bernard, Garland, Texas, actress, Amy-It's a Living, Helen-Wings

1961 Death - Eily Malyon, actress (Jane Eyre, I Married a Witch), dies at 81

1961 Death - Juanita Hansen, actress (Fast Company), dies of heart ailment at 67

1961 Birthday - Heather Locklear, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Stacy-T J Hooker, Sammy Jo-Dynasty

1961 Birthday - Elizabeth Pena, Havana Cuba, actress, La Bamba, Jacob's Ladder

1961 Birthday - Catherine Oxenberg, New York City, princess/actress, Dynasty, Overexposed

1961 Birthday - Bonnie Hunt, actress/comedian, Jumanji, Jerry Maguire

1961 Death - Marion Davies, actress (Not So Dumb, 5 and 10), dies of cancer at 64

1961 Birthday - Nancy Travis, New York City, actress, Kim-Almost Perfect, Chaplin, 8 Men Out

1961 Birthday - Jensen Buchanan, Montgomery, Alabama, actress, Vicky/Marley-Another World

1961 Birthday - Virginia Madsen, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Dune, Hot Spot, Class

1961 Birthday - Franny Michel, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Patricia-Apple's Way

1961 Birthday - Rebecca De Mornay, born in Santa Rose, California, actress, Hand that Rocks Cradle

1961 Death - Gail Russell, actress 'Calcutta', 'Moonrise', 'El Paso', dies at 36

1961 Birthday - Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, Manchester England, actress, Kill Me Again

1961 Birthday - Linda Mantz, New York City, actress, Frankie-Dorothy

1961 Birthday - Sarah Brightman, actress and singer, Phantom of the Opera

1961 Birthday - Susan Olson, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Cindy-Brady Bunch

1961 Birthday - Susan Olsen, American Actress

1961 Birthday - Dawnn Lewis, actress, Jaleesa-Different World

1961 Death - Adeline De Walt Reynolds, actress (Son of Dracula), dies at 78

1961 Birthday - Beatrice Alda, daughter of Alan Alda, actress, Lisa-Four Seasons

1961 Birthday - Tawny Kitaen, SD California, actress, Bachelor Party, Witchboard

1961 Death - Eva JC Beck, actress (Elckerlyc, Resurrection), dies at 63

1961 Birthday - Katherine Kelly Lang, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Brooke-Bold and Beautiful

1961 Death - Esther Dale, actress (Birdie-Ma and Pa Kettle), dies after surgery at 75

1961 Birthday - Elizabeth McGovern, Evanston, Illinois, actress, Once Upon a Time in Amer

1961 Birthday - Leila Kenzle, New York, actress, Fran Devanow-Mad About You

1961 Death - [Louise] Sophie M E de Vries, actress (English Professor), dies at 88

1961 Birthday - Lolita Davidovich, actress, Blaze, Jungle2Jungle

1961 Birthday - Kimberly Foster, actress, It Takes Two

1961 Birthday - Alba Parietti, born in Torino, Italy, actress, Galagoal, Abbronzatissima

1961 Death - Betty Elder, actress (Annie Get Your Gun), dies

1961 Birthday - Ursula Buchfellner, born in Munich, Germany, playmate, Oct, 1979, actress, Bloodline

1961 Birthday - Sydney Walsh, actress, Mo-Hooperman

1961 Birthday - Lea Thompson, actress, Back to the Future, Caroline In The City

1961 Birthday - Cathy Silvers, New York City, actress, Jenny-Happy Days, Foley Square

1961 Death - Joan Davis, comedic actress (I Married Joan), dies at 53

1961 Death - Joan Davis, actress (I Married Joan), dies of heart attack at 53

1961 Birthday - Nina Arvesen, born in White Plains, New York, actress, Cassandra-Young and Restless

1961 Birthday - Teri Copley, Arcadia, California, actress, Mickey-We've Got it Made

1961 Birthday - Roma Downey, Derry Ire, actress, 1 Life to Live, Touched by an Angel

1961 Birthday - Mary Elizabeth McDonough, born in Van Nuys, California, actress, Erin-Waltons

1961 Birthday - Joan Chen, born in Shanghai, China, actress, Heaven and Earth

1961 Birthday - Jane Leeves, born in London, actress, Murphy Brown, Daphne Moon-Fraiser

1961 Death - Philippine "Pine" Belder, Mary de Klerk, actress, dies at 93

1961 Birthday - Olivia Brown, born in Frankfurt GFR, actress, Det Trudy Joplin-Miami Vice

1961 Death - Irene Warfield, silent screen actress (Satan Sanderson), dies at 65

1961 Birthday - Jennifer Runyon, actress, Cindy-A Very Brady Christmas

1961 Birthday - Amy Sedaris, American Actress

1961 Birthday - Kassie Wesley, born in Kentucky, actress, Evil Dead 2, Blair-One Life to Live

1961 Death - Belinda Lee, actress (Joseph and his Brethren), dies in car crash at 25

1961 Birthday - Camryn Manheim, American Actress

1961 Birthday - Mary Beth Evans, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Katherine-General Hospital

1961 Birthday - Mary Page Keller, actress in Duet, Scared Stiff, Baby Talk

1961 Birthday - Sophie Winter, actress, She's a Good Fighter

1961 Birthday - Debbie Linden, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, Kenny Everett Show

1961 Birthday - Imogen Stubbs, Rothbury England, actress, Summer Story

1961 Death - Nita Naldi, actress (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), dies of heart attack at 63

1961 Death - Wallis Clark, actress (Easy Money), dies at 78

1961 Birthday - Carey Lowell, New York City, actress, Me and Him, Guardian, Dangerously Close

1961 Death - Anna May Wong, actress (Gallery of Mme Lui-Tsang), dies at 54

1961 Death - Anna May Wong, actress (Thief of Baghdad), dies at about 56

1961 Birthday - Gabrielle Carteris, actress, Beverly Hills 90210

1961 Birthday - Michele Tobin, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Fitzpatricks

1961 Birthday - Gabrielle Carteris, born in Phoenix, Arizona, actress, Andrea-Beverly Hills 90210

1961 Birthday - Sherry Ramsay, Stauton, Virginia, actress, Trish Mason-As the World Turns

1961 Birthday - Janet Jones, Bridgeton, Missouri, actress, American Anthem, Flamingo Kid

1961 Birthday - Marcia Cross, actress, Melrose Place

1960 Death - Germaine Loosveldt, Flemish actress (Trees die Upright), dies at 69

1960 Birthday - Terri Garber, born in Miami, Florida, actress, Leslie Carrington-Dynasty

1960 Birthday - Maryam D'Abo, London, actress, Living Daylights, Xtro, Until Sept

1960 Birthday - Daryl Hannah, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Splash

1960 Death - Anna Luther, silent screen actress (Sinners in Silk), dies at 63

1960 Birthday - Daryl Hannah, actress, Splash, Blade Runner

1960 Birthday - Carol Altman, born in Queens, New York, Mrs Ron Greshner, actress, Private Parts

1960 Birthday - Carol Alt, born in Flushing, New York, supermodel, actress, appeared on over 500 magazine covers, known as 'The Face', contestant on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

1960 Birthday - Cathy Moriarty, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Raging Bull, Bless This House

1960 Death - Phyllis Haver, actress (Don Juan), commits suicide at 61

1960 Birthday - Elizabeth Perkins, Queens, New York, actress, About Last Night, Big

1960 Birthday - Tilda Swinton, born in London, England, actress, Orlando

1960 Event - Sammy Davis, Jr. marries Swedish actress May Britt

1960 Birthday - Kim Thompson, Bath England, actress, Stealing Heaven

1960 Birthday - Monica Bellucci, Citta di Castello Italy, actress, Dracula

1960 Death - Clara Kimball Young, actress (Return of Chandu), dies of stroke at 70

1960 Death - Henny Porten, silent screen actress (Mother Love), dies at 70

1960 Death - Maude Eburne, actress (Ladies They Talk About, Guardsman), dies at 84

1960 Birthday - Jennifer Anglin, Adrian, Michigan, actress, Cheryl-General Hospital

1960 Birthday - Susan Keith, actress, Shana Vochek-Loving

1960 Birthday - Leslie Graves, Silver City, New Mexico, actress, Capitol

1960 Death - Kathlyn Williams, actress (Single Man), dies of heart attack at 72

1960 Birthday - Melissa Leo, American Actress

1960 Birthday - Miranda Wilson, Nebraska, actress, Sandra-Santa Barbara

1960 Birthday - Emma Samms, Samuels, London, actress, Colby's, General Hospital

1960 Birthday - Ola Ray, born in St. Louis, Missouri, playmate, Jun, 1980, actress, Thriller

1960 Birthday - Elizabeth Alda, daughter of Alan Alda, actress, Beth-Four Seasons

1960 Birthday - Apollonia, Patricia Kotero, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Purple Rain

1960 Birthday - Anne-Marie Johnson, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, In the Heat of the Night

1960 Birthday - Nancy Giles, born in New York City, actress, Connie-Delta, Off Beat, Big, Angie

1960 Birthday - Valerie Pettiford, New York City, actress, Sheila Price-One Life to Live

1960 Birthday - Barbara Edwards, born in Albuqueque, New Mexico, playmate of year, Sept, 1983, actress

1960 Birthday - Colleen Devine, born in San Gabriel, California, actress, Irreconcilable Differences

1960 Birthday - Tracy Pollan, born in New York City, actress 'Family Ties', aka Mrs. Michael J. Fox

1960 Birthday - Kristin Scott Thomas, English Actress

1960 Birthday - Fiona Hutchison, born in Miami, Florida, actress, One Life to Live, Guiding Light

1960 Birthday - Anne Parillaud, Paris, France, actress, Subway, Nikita, Innocent Blood

1960 Birthday - Victoria Rowell, Portland, Maine, actress, Drucilla-Young and Restless

1960 Birthday - Julianne Phillips, Lake Oswego, Oregon, actress, Frankie Reed-Sisters

1960 Death - Hope Emerson, actress (I Married Joan, Peter Gunn), dies at 62

1960 Birthday - Julie Fulton, born in Evanston, Illinois, actress, Lime Steel

1960 Birthday - Anne Howard, born in San Diego, California, actress, Nicole Love-Another World

1960 Birthday - Jennifer Grey, actress, Dirty Dancing

1960 Birthday - Catherine Keener, American Actress

1960 Birthday - Kelly LeBrock, born in New York City, actress, Weird Science, Woman in Red

1960 Birthday - Claudia Udy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, actress, Out of Control, Nightforce

1960 Birthday - Vicki Lewis, Cincinnati, actress, Beth-Newsradio

1960 Birthday - Linda Fiorentino, born in Philadelphia, actress, Jade, Last Seduction, Moderns

1960 Birthday - Greta Scacchi, Milan Italy, actress, Coca-Cola Kid, White Mischief

1960 Birthday - Meg Tilly, Margaret, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Big Chill, Impulse

1960 Birthday - Megan Gallagher, Reading, Pennsylvania, actress, Slap Maxwell, Millennium

1960 Birthday - Pamelyn Ferdin, actress, Happy Birthday Wanda June, Tool Box Murders

1960 Birthday - B J Jefferson, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Ronnie Laurance-Another World

1960 Event - Songwriter Adolph Green marries actress and singer Phyllis Newman in New York City

1960 Death - Diana Barrymore, actress (Ladies Courageous), dies at 38

1960 Birthday - Nastassja Kinski, born in Berlin, Germany, actress, Tess, Cat People

1960 Birthday - Misha Mck, East Orange, New Jersey, actress, Gerri-Me and Mrs. C

1960 Birthday - Andrea Thompson, American Actress

1960 Birthday - Joan Chen, Chen Chung, Shanghai China, actress, Last Emperor

1960 Death - Margaret Sullavan, actress (Back Street), overdose at 48

1959 Birthday - Bebe Neuwirth, Princeton, New Jersey, actress, Lilith-Cheers, Damn Yankees

1959 Birthday - Tracey Ullman, born in Slough, England, singer and actress, Tracey Ullman Show

1959 Birthday - Leslie Graves, Silver City, New Mexico, actress, Brenda-Capitol

1959 Birthday - Patricia Clarkson, American Actress

1959 Death - Gilda Gray, actress (Piccadilly), dies of heart attack at 60

1959 Birthday - Barrie Chase, actress, Mardi Gras, Cape Fear

1959 Birthday - Alison La Placa, New Jersey, actress, Duet, Catherine-John Larroquette Show

1959 Birthday - Heidi Bohay, Somerset, New Jersey, actress, Megan-Hotel

1959 Birthday - Tina Gayle, Frankfurt GFR, Cowboy cheerleader/actress, Kathy-Chips

1959 Birthday - Jamie Rose, New York City, actress, Susan Birch-St. Elsewhere, Falcon Crest

1959 Birthday - Sean Young, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actress, Dune, Young Doctor in Love

1959 Birthday - Allison Janney, born in Dayton, Ohio, actress, films include, 'American Beauty', 'Nurse Betty', known for television show 'The West Wing'

1959 Birthday - MacKenzie Phillips, Alexandria, Virginia, actress, Julie-1 Day at a Time

1959 Death - Lupino Lane, actress (Deputy Drummer), dies at 67

1959 Birthday - Finola Hughes, London, actress, Anna-General Hospital, Staying Alive

1959 Birthday - Tamar Baruch, actress, Small Truth, Q and Q

1959 Birthday - Marie Osmond, born in Ogden, Utah, singer and actress, Paper Roses, Goin' Coconuts

1959 Birthday - Leslie Graves, Silver City, New Mexico, actress, Brenda-Capitol, Death Wish 2

1959 Death - Helen Broderick, comedienne/actress (Swing Time, Top Hat), dies

1959 Death - Jane Winton, actress (Hell's Angel, Patsy, Don Juan), dies at 53

1959 Birthday - Mary Crosby, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kristin-Dallas, Ice Pirates

1959 Birthday - Jean Smart, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Charlene-Designing Women

1959 Death - Kay Kendall, British actress (Genevieve), dies of leukemia at 32

1959 Birthday - Rachel Dennison, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, actress, Doralee Rhodes-9 to 5

1959 Birthday - Marcia Gay Harden, American Actress

1959 Birthday - Rosanna Arquette, born in New York City, actress, Desperately Seeking Susan, After Hour

1959 Birthday - Victoria Jackson, born in Miami, Florida, actress, Casual Sex, SNL, UHF

1959 Birthday - Britt Helfer, Clearfield Utah, actress, Lily-Loving, Alley Cat

1959 Birthday - Terri Treas, born in Kansas City Kansas, actress, Hannah-7 Brides for 7 Brothers

1959 Birthday - Audrey Landers, born in Philadelphia, actress, Afton-Dallas, Chorus Line

1959 Birthday - Patricia Pease Jeffers, born in North Carolina, actress, Kimberly-Days of our Life

1959 Birthday - Victoria Abril, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Libertarias

1959 Death - Ethel Barrymore, Blythe, actress (None but the lonely), dies at 79

1959 Birthday - Eileen Davidson, born in Artesia, California, actress, Kristen-Days of our Life

1959 Birthday - Jenilee Harrison, born in Glendale, California, actress, Cindy-3's Company, Dallas

1959 Birthday - Amanda Pays, born in London, England, actress, Max Headroom, Off Limits

1959 Birthday - Tamayo Otsuki, actress, Mrs Yamagami-Davis Rules

1959 Birthday - Cathryn Harrison, born in London, England, actress, Old Woman in Black Moon

1959 Birthday - Mare Winningham, born in Phoenix, Arizona, actress, St. Elmo's Fire, Turner and Hooch

1959 Birthday - Kate Collins, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Natalie Hunter-All My Children

1959 Birthday - Elizabeth Lindsey, actress, China Beach

1959 Birthday - Teri Austin, born in Toronto, Canada, actress, Terminal Choice, Knots Landing

1959 Birthday - Emma Thompson, born in England, actress, Henry V, Howards End, Oscar-1992

1959 Birthday - Elissa Leeds, New York City, actress, Cissy-Dorothy

1959 Birthday - Marina Sirtis, born in London, actress, Troi-Star Trek: The Next Generation

1959 Birthday - Shelley Burch, born in Tucson, Arizona, actress, One Life to Live, Identity Crisis

1959 Birthday - Irene Cara, born in Bronx New York City, actress/singer, Fame, DC Cab, Certain Fury

1959 Birthday - Kelly Lynch, born in Golden Walley, Minnesota, actress, Warm Summer Rain, Cocktail

1959 Birthday - Beth Broderick, Falmouth, Kentucky, actress, Aunt Zelda-Sabrina

1959 Birthday - Susan Benjamin, actress, Tracy-Accidental Family

1959 Death - Helen Parrish, actress (Hour Glass), dies of cancer at 36

1959 Death - Kathryn Adams, actress (Meet the Chump, 5th Avenue Girl), dies

1959 Birthday - Sigrid Thornton, Australia, actress, Amelia Lawson-Guns of Paradise

1959 Death - Gwili Andre, actress (No Other Woman, Roar of the Dragon), dies

1959 Death - Una O'Connor, actress (Banjo, Invisible Man), dies at 78

1959 Death - Madame Sul-To-Wan, Conley, actress (Birth of a Nation), dies at 85

1959 Birthday - Kelly Lynch, actress, Drugstore Cowboy

1959 Birthday - Patti Cohoon, Whittier California, actress, Molly-Here Come the Brides

1959 Birthday - Linda Blair, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Exorcist, Chained Heat, Savage St

1959 Death - A J Else Mauhs, German/Dutch actress (Hamlet, Nora), dies at 73

1959 Birthday - Susanna Hoffs, actress/rocker, Bangles-Walk Like an Egyptian

1959 Birthday - Vanity, Denise Marquardt, Ontario Canada, actress, 52 Pick Up

1958 Birthday - Joan Severance, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Hear No Evil, See No Evil

1958 Birthday - Lynn-Holly Johnson, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Ice Castles

1958 Birthday - Sheree J Wilson, Rochester, Minnesota, actress, Our Family Honor, Dallas

1958 Birthday - Charlene Tilton, born in San Diego, California, actress, Lucy Ewing-Dallas

1958 Birthday - Pamela Prati, Rome, Italy, Million $ Cap, 1984, actress

1958 Birthday - Jamie Lee Curtis, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Anything But Love, Halloween

1958 Birthday - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, born in Oak Park, Illinois, actress, Color of Money

1958 Birthday - Marg Helgenberger, North Bend Nebraska, actress, China Beach

1958 Birthday - Megan Mullally, American Actress

1958 Birthday - Rachel Ticotin, New York City, actress, Grace-For Love and Honor, Total Recall

1958 Death - Esther Delterne, Flemish actress/revue-artists, dies at 81

1958 Birthday - Jayne Modean, Hartford, Connecticut, actress, Nurse Hooter-Trauma Center

1958 Birthday - Tanya Tucker, Seminole, Texas, country singer and actress, Follow that Car

1958 Birthday - Michelle Bauer, California, actress, One Million Heels BC

1958 Birthday - Jennifer Tilly, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Let it Ride, Off Beat, Psycho II

1958 Birthday - Ann Dusenberry, born in Tucson, Arizona, actress, Jaws 2, Lies, Basic Training

1958 Birthday - Madeleine Stowe, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Tropical Snow, Bad Girls

1958 Birthday - Angela Bassett, born in New York City, actress, What's Love Got to Do With It

1958 Birthday - Madonna, Ciccone, Bay City, Michigan, singer and actress, Like a Virgin

1958 Birthday - Amanda Bearse, actress, Marcy Rhodes-Married With Children

1958 Birthday - Lydia Cornell, born in El Paso, Texas, actress, Sara Rush-Too Close for Comfort

1958 Birthday - Fiona Shaw, Irish Actress

1958 Birthday - Jennifer Saunders, born in Sleaford, England, actress, Absolutely Fabulous

1958 Birthday - Patsy Pease, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, actress, Kimberly-Days of Our Lives

1958 Birthday - Julie Gholson, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actress, Where the Lilies Bloom

1958 Birthday - Annette Bening, born in Topeka, Kansas, actress, films include, 'American Beauty', 'Bugsy', 'The Grifters', married to actor, Warren Beatty

1958 Birthday - Linnea Quigley, Davenport Iowa, actress, Night of Demons, Virgin High

1958 Birthday - Lea DeLaria, born in Belleville, Illinois, actress, jazz musician, comedienne, prominent lesbian stand-up comic, known for her raunchy persona

1958 Birthday - Frances Barber, Wolverhampton England, actress, Castaway

1958 Birthday - Beth Maitland, actress, Traci-Young and Restless

1958 Birthday - Kim Greist, Stamford CT, actress, CHUD, Brazil, Payoff, Manhunter

1958 Birthday - Eve Plumb, born in Burbank, actress, Jan-Brady Bunch, I'm Gonna Get You Sucka

1958 Birthday - Michelle Pfeiffer, born in Midway City, California, actress, Married to the Mob

1958 Birthday - Nancy Lee Grahn, actress, Santa Barbara

1958 Birthday - Andie MacDowell, born in Gaffney, South Carolina, model, actress, producer, appeared in 'Green Card', 'Sex, Lies and Videotape', 'Just the Ticket', 'Beauty Shop'

1958 Birthday - Alexandra Neil, born in Boston, actress, Rose-Guiding Light

1958 Birthday - Serena Grandi, Fagioli, Bologna Itay, actress, Miranda

1958 Birthday - Holly Hunter, born in Atlanta Georgia, actress, Broadcast News, Roe vs Wade

1958 Birthday - Laura Carrington, actress, Louisa-Alphabet City

1958 Birthday - Sharon Stone, born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, actress, Basic Instinct, Sliver, Casino

1958 Death - Josephina OFF "Frieda" Herberich, actress (Salontiroler), dies at 85

1958 Birthday - Patricia Heaton, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, played Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond

1958 Birthday - Miranda Richardson, born in Southport England, actress in Damage, Crying Game

1958 Birthday - Susan Scannell, Lexington Massachusetts, actress, Nicole-Dynasty

1958 Birthday - Heidi Hagman, actress, Linda-Archie Bunker's Place

1958 Birthday - Lisa Loring, actress, As the World Turns, Wednesday-Addams Family

1958 Birthday - Sharon Stone, born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, actress, Basic Instinct, Total Recall

1958 Birthday - Jennifer Jason Leigh, Morrow, LA Cal, actress, Single White Female

1958 Birthday - Mary Ann Pascal, actress, Samantha-Brothers

1958 Birthday - Holly Hunter, born in Conyers, Georgia, actress, Broadcast News, Once Around

1958 Birthday - Judy Norton-Taylor, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Mary Ellen-Waltons

1958 Birthday - Dinah Manoff, New York City, actress, Elaine-Soap, Carol Weston-Empty Nest

1958 Death - Edna Purviance, actress (Charlie Chaplin, Sunnyside), dies at 61

1958 Birthday - Suzy Amis, Oklahoma City, actress, Blame it on Rio, Where the Heart is

1958 Birthday - Ren Woods, born in Portland, Oregon, actress, Fanta-Roots

1957 Birthday - Patricia Kalember, Schnectady, New York, actress, Georgie Whitsig-Sisters

1957 Birthday - Jillie Mack, Mrs. Tom Selleck/actress, Magnum PI

1957 Death - Norma Talmadge, U.S. actress (sign on bay), dies at 60

1957 Birthday - Lisa Gerritsen, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Bess-Mary Tyler Moore Show

1957 Birthday - Denise Crosby, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Tasha-Star Trek: Next Gen

1957 Death - Norma Talmadge, U.S. actress (Within the Law), dies

1957 Death - Cora Witherspoon, actress (Quality Street, Bank Dick), dies at 67

1957 Death - Maria "Mary" Beekman, actress (Modern Landhaaien), dies at 73

1957 Birthday - Nancy Cartwright, American Actress

1957 Birthday - Fran Drescher, Queens, New York, actress, Cadillac Man, Nanny

1957 Birthday - Gladys Portugues, New York City, Mrs. Jean-Claude Van Damme/actress, It's Alive 3

1957 Birthday - Lynn Herring, Enid Oklahoma, actress, Lucy Coe-General Hospital

1957 Event - 2 male attorneys "stand in" as actress Sophia Loren and producer Carlo Ponti wed by proxy in Juarez, Mexico

1957 Birthday - Rachel Ward, born in Cornwell Manor, England, actress, Thorn Birds

1957 Birthday - Kate Burton, born in Geneva, Switzerland, actress, Ice Storm, August

1957 Birthday - Heather Thomas, born in Greenwich, Connecticut, actress, Jody-Fall Guy, Coed Fever

1957 Death - Helen Haye, actress (Girl in the Taxi, Spy in Black), dies at 83

1957 Birthday - Carole Bouquest, Paris, actress, On Her Majesty's Secret Service

1957 Birthday - Laura Innes, American Actress

1957 Birthday - Jackee [Harry], Winston-Salem, North Carolina, actress, Sandra-227

1957 Birthday - Melanie Griffith, actress, Working Girl, Milk Money, Now and Then

1957 Birthday - Faith Prince, Augusta, Georgia, Broadway actress, Guys and Dolls, Carousel

1957 Birthday - Laura Johnson, born in Burbank, California, actress, Falcon Crest

1957 Birthday - Gezina E "Liesbeth" van Apeldoorn, Dutch actress, Composer

1957 Birthday - Nana Visitor, Tucker, actress, Deep Space 9

1957 Birthday - Donna Dixon, Virginia, Mrs. Dan Ackwoyd/actress, Couch Trip, Bossom Buddies

1957 Birthday - Kelly McGillis, born in Newport Beach, California, actress, Top Gun, Accused, Witness

1957 Death - Judy Tyler, actress (Princess-Howdy Doody), dies at 23 in car crash

1957 Birthday - Maria Conchita Alonso, born in Cuba, actress, Moscow on the Hudson

1957 Birthday - Frances McDormand, actress, Fargo, Academy Award

1957 Birthday - Andrea Evans, actress, Young and Restless, Tina-One Life to Live

1957 Birthday - Clio Goldsmith, born in Paris, France, actress, Gift, Heat of Desire

1957 Birthday - Margaret Colin, actress, Independence Day, Three Men and a Baby

1957 Birthday - Hillary Bailey Smith, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Nora-One Life to Live

1957 Birthday - Lisa Eilbacher, Dharan, Saudi Arabia, actress, Beverly Hills Cop

1957 Birthday - Jan Hooks, born in Decatur, Georgia, comedienne actress, SNL, Designing Women

1957 Birthday - Saundra Santiago, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Gina-Miami Vice

1957 Birthday - Mary Cadorette, born in East Hartford, Connecticut, actress, Vicky-3's a Crowd

1957 Birthday - Amanda Plummer, born in New York City, actress, Hotel New Hampshire, Dollmaker

1957 Birthday - Teresa Ganzel, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, Teachers Only, Duck Factory

1957 Birthday - Stephanie Mills, singer and actress, Wiz

1957 Birthday - Sabrina Le Beauf, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actress, Sondra-Crosby Show

1957 Birthday - Theresa Russell, Paup, San Diego, California, actress, Black Widow, Razor's Edge

1957 Birthday - Park Overall, born in Tennessee, actress, Laverne-Empty Nest, Mississippi Burning

1957 Death - Lena Ashwell, English actress/theatrical manager (Kingsway), dies at 84

1957 Death - Josephine Hull, actress (Harvey), dies at 71

1957 Birthday - Shannon Lee Tweed, St. Johns NF, playmate, Nov 1981, actress, Meatballs 3

1957 Birthday - Shannon Tweed, Canadian Actress

1957 Birthday - Cynthia Rothrock, born in Wilmington, Delaware, actress, Lady Dragon, Honor and Glory

1957 Birthday - Kathy Najimy, actress, Sister Act, Veronica's Closet

1957 Birthday - Michele Greene, Las Vegas Nevada, actress, Abby Perkins-LA Law

1957 Birthday - Harley Jane Kozak, actress, Arachnophobia, Necessary Roughness

1957 Birthday - Jenifer Lewis, actress, Girl 6, Meteor Man, Sister Act

1957 Birthday - Kristen Meadows, actress, Santa Barbara

1957 Birthday - Joanna Pacula, Tomszowaubelski Poland, actress, Gorky Park, Kiss

1956 Birthday - Patricia Kalember, actress, Sisters

1956 Birthday - Sheryl Lee Ralph, actress, Moesia, Designing Women

1956 Birthday - Stephanie Hodge, comedian/actress, I Madman, Happily Ever After

1956 Birthday - Blanche Baker, born in New York City, actress/Carroll Baker's Daughter, French Postcard

1956 Birthday - Alice Barrett, born in New York City, actress, Frankie Frame-Another World

1956 Birthday - Ana Alicia Ortiz, Mexico City, actress, Melissa-Falcon Crest

1956 Birthday - Lucy Gutteridge, actress, Top Secret, Trouble With Spies

1956 Birthday - Glynnis O'Connor, New York City, actress, California Dreaming, Ode to Billy Joe

1956 Birthday - Katey Sagal, singer and actress, Peggy Bundy-Married With Children

1956 Birthday - Randi Brooks, New York City, actress, Man With 2 Brains, Tightrope

1956 Birthday - Juliet Stevenson, Essex England, actress, Secret Rapture, Life Story

1956 Birthday - Rita Wilson, American Actress

1956 Birthday - Carrie Fisher, born in Beverly Hills, California, actress, Princess Lelia-Star Wars

1956 Birthday - Arleen Sorkin, actress, Days of Our Lives, America's Funniest Videos

1956 Birthday - Amanda Burton, born in Ballougry, Northern Ireland, actress, known for television role of Sam Ryan on 'Silent Witness', appeared in 'The Commander' and 'Peak Practice'

1956 Birthday - Stephanie Zimbalist, New York City, actress, Remington Steele, Centennial

1956 Birthday - Linda Hamilton, born in Salisbury, Maryland, actress, Catherine-Beauty and the Beast

1956 Birthday - Lili Carati, Varese Italy, Miss Italy, 1975, actress, Alcove

1956 Birthday - Maren Jensen, Arcadia California, actress, Athena-Battlestar Galactica

1956 Birthday - Sandra Guiboard, born in U.S. AFB West Germany, actress, Donna-One Life to Live

1956 Birthday - Kim Cattrall, born in Liverpool, England, actress, Mannequin, Star Trek VI

1956 Birthday - Joan Allen, Illinois, actress, Peggy Sue Got Married, Tucker, In Country

1956 Birthday - Stepfanie Kramer, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Claudia-We Got it Made, Hunter

1956 Birthday - Maureen McCormick, actress, Marcia-Brady Bunch

1956 Birthday - Delta Burke, born in Orlando, Florida, actress, Suzanne-Designing Women

1956 Birthday - Iman Abdulmajid, born in Mogadishu, Somalia, model/actress, Star Trek 6

1956 Birthday - Mel Harris, born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, actress, Hope-30 Something

1956 Birthday - Sela Ward, born in Meridian, Mississippi, actress, Hilary-Emerald Point NAS, Sisters

1956 Birthday - Julie Montgomery, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Samantha-1 Life to Live, Kindred

1956 Birthday - Lorna Patterson, Whittier California, actress, Airplane, Pvt Benjamin

1956 Birthday - Ava Cadell, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, Do or Die

1956 Birthday - Polly Draper, born in Palo Alto, California, actress, Ellyn-30 Something, Hooters

1956 Death - Margaret Wycherly, actress (Claudia), dies at 74

1956 Death - Jean Hersholt, actress (Emma, Grand Hotel, Greed), dies at 69

1956 Birthday - Lisa Hartman Black, Houston, singer and actress, Tabitha, Knots Landing

1956 Birthday - Robin Mattson, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Janet Green-All My Children

1956 Birthday - Yoshiko Sakakibara, Chiba Japan, actress, Sailor Moon, Vampire Hunter

1956 Birthday - Lisa Niemi, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Dirty Dancing, Will Rodgers Follies

1956 Birthday - Koo Stark, Kathleen Dee-Anne, photographer/actress, Emily

1956 Birthday - Catherine Mary Stewart, born in Edmonton, actress, Passion and Paradise

1956 Event - U.S. actress Grace Kelly marries Monaco's Prince Rainier III

1956 Birthday - Melody Thomas Scott, actress, Nikki-Young and Restless

1956 Birthday - Doris EHP Baaten, Dutch actress, Sesame Street, Fien

1956 Birthday - Lena Olin, born in Stockholm, Sweden, actress, Enemies A Love Story

1956 Birthday - Dana Delany, born in New York City, actress, Colleen McMurphy-China Beach, Exit to Eden

1956 Birthday - Kathleen Beller, Queens, New York, actress, Ft. Apache the Bronx, Touched

1956 Birthday - Linda Grovenor, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Die Laughing, Wheels of Fire

1956 Death - Jane Seymour, actress (Young Mr. Bobbin), dies at 56

1956 Birthday - Geena Davis, born in Wareham, Massachusetts, actress, film producer, appeared in 'The Accidental Tourist', 'Thelma and Louise', 'A League of Their Own'

1956 Birthday - Janet Hubert-Whitten, actress, Vivian Banks-Fresh Prince of Bel Air

1956 Birthday - Kimberly Beck Hilton, born in Glendale California, actress, Kim-Peyton Place

1956 Birthday - Imelda Staunton, English Actress

1956 Birthday - Ann Magnuson, Charleston, West Virginia, actress, Anything But Love, Hunger

1955 Death - Nana Bryant, actress (Mrs Nestor-Our Miss Brooks), dies at 67

1955 Death - Dorothy Bernard, actress (Margaret-Life With Father), dies at 65

1955 Birthday - Jane Kaczmarek, American Actress

1955 Birthday - Melanie Chartoff, West Haven, Connecticut, actress, Fridays, Parker Lewis

1955 Birthday - Priscilla Barnes, Ft. Dix, New Jersey, actress, License to Kill, 3s Company

1955 Birthday - Melody Anderson, Edmonton, actress, Natalie Dillon-All My Children

1955 Birthday - Bo Derek, Mary Collins, born in Long Beach, California, actress, 10, Tarzan the Ape Man

1955 Birthday - Thea Vidale, actress, Family Matters

1955 Birthday - Yolanda King, actress, Fluke, Ghosts of Mississippi

1955 Birthday - Shanna Reed, Kansas City Kansas, actress, Major Dad, Mirrors

1955 Birthday - Pat Klous, Hutchinson, Kansas, actress, Marcy-Flying High, Judy-Love Boat

1955 Death - John Hodiak, actress (Lifeboat, Battleground), dies at 41

1955 Birthday - Ellen Dolan, Monticello IO, actress, Guiding Light, Margo Hughes-ATWT

1955 Birthday - Tanya Roberts, Leigh, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Charlie's Angels, Sheena

1955 Death - Alice Joyce, actress (Song O' My Heart), dies at 65

1955 Birthday - Angela Molina, born in Madrid, Spain, actress, Streets of Gold, Half of Heaven

1955 Event - Actress Joyce Randolph marries publisher Richard Charles

1955 Birthday - Patti Weaver, West Virginia, actress, Days of our Life, Gina-Young and Restless

1955 Birthday - Rebecca Balding, Little Rock, Arkansas, actress, Carla-Lou Grant, Soap

1955 Birthday - Nina Blackwood, Massachusetts, actress/VJ, MTV, Solid Gold, Vice Squad

1955 Birthday - Linda Purl, born in Greenwich, Connecticut, actress, Gloria-Happy Days, Matlock

1955 Birthday - Diana Scarwid, Savannah Georgia, actress, Extermites, Psycho 3, Heat

1955 Death - Carmen Miranda, singer and actress (Down Argentine Way), dies at 42

1955 Birthday - Roberta Wallach, New York City, actress, Civil Wars

1955 Death - Betsy van Es, Flemish actress (Un soir de joie), dies at 55

1955 Birthday - Teresa Ann Savoy, born in London, England, actress, Caligula

1955 Birthday - Lisa Banes, born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, actress, Cocktail, Look Back in Anger

1955 Birthday - Isabelle Adjani, born in Paris, actress, Story of Adele H, Driver, Ishtar

1955 Birthday - Laurie Metcalf, Carbonville Illinois, actress, Jackie-Roseanne

1955 Birthday - Julie Hagerty, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Airplane, Princesses

1955 Birthday - Kim Lankford, born in Montebello, California, actress, Gingers-Knots Landing

1955 Birthday - Sandra Bernhard, born in Flint, Michigan, actress, King of Comedy, Nancy-Roseanne

1955 Birthday - Connie Selleca, Bronx, actress, Hotel, Captain America II

1955 Birthday - Debra Winger, Columbus, Ohio, actress, Officer and Gentleman

1955 Birthday - Hazel O'Connor, Coventry, England, singer and actress, Breaking Glass

1955 Birthday - Melinda Culea, Western Springs, Illinois, actress, A-Team, Brotherly Love

1955 Birthday - Kate Mulgrew, born in Dubuque, Iowa, actress, Captain Janeway-Star Trek Voyager

1955 Death - Constance Collier, actress (Perils of Pauline), dies at 77

1955 Birthday - Judy Davis, born in Perth, Australia, actress, Husbands and Wives

1955 Birthday - Ellen Barkin, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Big Easy, Sea of Love

1955 Birthday - Michele Scarabelli, actress, Jo Santini-Airwolf, Alienation, Dallas

1955 Birthday - Dianne Kay, born in Phoenix, Arizona, actress, Nancy-8 is Enough, Reggie, Glitter

1955 Birthday - Jean Marie Hon, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Jane-Man From Atlantis

1955 Birthday - Isabelle Huppert, born in Paris, France, actress, Cactus, Heaven's Gate

1955 Birthday - Marcia McCabe, born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, actress, Alicia Grande-1 Live to Live

1955 Birthday - Glenne Headly, born in New London, Connecticut, actress, Dick Tracy, Making Mr. Right

1955 Birthday - [Kater]Nina Hagen, born in East Berlin, East Germany, actress, Blue Angel

1955 Birthday - Ornella Muti, born in Rome, Italy, actress, Flash Gordon, Most Beautiful Wife

1955 Birthday - Marcia McCabe, actress, Alice-One Life to Live

1955 Birthday - Sally Spencer, actress, M J McKinnon-Another World

1955 Birthday - Leann Hunley, actress, Dane Carrington-Dynasty, Dawson's Creek

1955 Birthday - Margaux Hemingway, born in Portland, Oregon, actress, Lipstick, They Call Me Bruce

1955 Birthday - Mimi Rogers, born in Coral Gables, Florida, actress, Paper Dolls, The Rousters

1955 Birthday - Cynthia Sykes, Coffeyville, Kentucky, actress, Flamingo Road, St. Elsewhere

1954 Birthday - Eva Mattes, Tegernsee Germany, actress, Celeste, Man Like Eva

1954 Death - Gladys George, actress (Roaring Twenties), dies at 50

1954 Birthday - Julie Halston, actress, Juror, Drunks, Addams Family Values

1954 Birthday - Patricia McPherson, Oak Harbor Wash, actress, Bonnie-Knight Rider

1954 Birthday - Kathleen Quinlan, California, actress, Never Promised You a Rose Garden

1954 Birthday - Beverly D'Angelo, Columbus Ohio, actress, Vacation, European Vacation

1954 Death - Fay Baker, actress (Sorority Girl), dies at 60

1954 Birthday - Lauren Tewes, born in Braddock, Pennsylvania, actress, Julie McCoy on 'The Love Boat'

1954 Birthday - Lani O'Grady, Walnut Creek California, actress, Mary-8 is Enough

1954 Birthday - Lorraine Bracco, Brooklyn, actress, Someone to Watch Over Me, Dream Team

1954 Birthday - Cindy Morgan, Cichorski, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Tron

1954 Birthday - Shari Belafonte Harper, New York City, actress, Julie-Hotel

1954 Birthday - Brinke Stevens, Charlene Brinkman, California, actress, Slumber Party Massacre

1954 Birthday - Theresa Saldana, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Rachel Scali-Commish

1954 Birthday - Lina Polito, born in Naples, Italy, actress, Love and Anarchy

1954 Birthday - Caroline Aaron, born in Richmond, Virginia, actress, Crimes and Misdemeanors

1954 Birthday - Lisa Brown, KC, Missouri, actress, Guiding Light, Iva-As the World Turns

1954 Birthday - Lynn Frederick, Middlesex England, actress, Schizophrenia

1954 Birthday - Kathleen Turner, actress, Accidental Tourist, Jewel of Nile

1954 Birthday - Allyce Beasley, born in Brooklyn, actress, Agnes Dipesto-Moonlighting

1954 Birthday - Wendy Schaal, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, It's a Living, Julie-Fantasy Is

1954 Birthday - Alice Krige, born in South Africa, actress, Chariots of Fire, Ladykiller

1954 Birthday - Lina Romay, born in Barcelona, Spain, actress, Conan the Barbarian

1954 Birthday - Anne Kirkbridge, actress, Deidre-Coronation Street

1954 Birthday - Nancy Stafford, born in Wilton Manors, Florida, Miss Florida, 1977 (1976), actress, Michelle Thomas, Matlock; Joan-St. Elsewhere

1954 Birthday - Janet Maw, actress, Sparrow, King John, Mayor of Casterbridge

1954 Birthday - Kim Tyler, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Kyle-Please Don't Eat Daisies

1954 Birthday - Judi Bowker, born in Shawford, England, actress, Clash of the Titans

1954 Birthday - Julie Carmen, born in Mount Vernon, New York, actress, Gloria, Last Plane Out

1954 Birthday - Donna Pescow, born in Brooklyn, actress, Angie, Out of this World, Rainbow

1954 Birthday - Lesley-Anne Down, born in London, actress, A Little Night Music, Moonraker

1954 Birthday - Marsha Warfield, comedian/actress, Roz-Night Court

1954 Birthday - Catherine Bach, born in Warren, Ohio, actress played Daisey Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard

1954 Birthday - Rene Russo, born in Burbank, California, Renee Marie Russo, television, film actress, model, breakthrough role as Lorna Cole in 'Lethal Weapon 3' and 'Lethal Weapon 4', appeared in 'The Thomas Crown Affair' with Pierce Brosnan

1954 Birthday - Catherine Hickland, Ft. Lauderdale, actress, Capitol, Star Trek IV

1954 Death - Mabel Paige, actress (Lucky Jordan), dies at 73

1954 Birthday - Christie Brinkley, model/actress, SI, Vacation

1954 Death - Florence Bates, actress (Kismet, I Remember Mama), dies at 65

1954 Birthday - Oprah Winfrey, born in Mississippi, actress/TV host, Color Purple, Oprah

1954 Birthday - Anicee Alvina, Paris, France, actress, Friends

1954 Birthday - Katey Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Peg Bundy-Married with Children

1954 Event - New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio marries actress Marilyn Monroe

1954 Birthday - Saskia ten Batenburg, Dutch actress, Factory, Hunk

1954 Death - Emmy Arbous, Dutch actress/cabaret performer (Boefje), dies at 56

1953 Birthday - Jane Badler, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Fine Gold, Easy Kill, V

1953 Birthday - Bernnadette Stanis, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Thelma-Good Times

1953 Birthday - Bess Armstrong, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Julia-On Our Own, 4 Seasons, Jaws

1953 Birthday - Kim Basinger, Athens, Georgia, actress, 9 Weeks, Batman

1953 Birthday - Gina Hecht, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Melanie-Hizzoner, Mork and Mindy

1953 Birthday - Tracy Scoggins, Galveston, Texas, actress, Colbys, Gumshoe Kid

1953 Birthday - Frances Conroy, American Actress

1953 Birthday - Kathy Kinney, actress, Mimi-Drew Carey Show

1953 Birthday - Alfre Woodard, Tulsa Oklahoma, actress, St. Elsewhere, Extremities

1953 Birthday - Jackie Zeman, actress, Bobbie Spencer-General Hospital

1953 Birthday - Kathleen Cody, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Charley and the Angel

1953 Birthday - Eleonora Giorgi, Rome, Italy, actress, Nu de Femme, To Forget Venice

1953 Birthday - Martha Smith, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Animal House, playmate, July 1973

1953 Birthday - Christopher Norris, New York City, actress, Summer of '42, Eat My Dust

1953 Birthday - Taryn Power, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Tyrone Power/actress, Maria

1953 Birthday - Amy Irving, Palo Alto, California, actress, Yentl, Carrie, Crossing Delancy

1953 Birthday - Katherine Cannon, born in Hartford, Connecticut, actress, Father Murphy, Survivors

1953 Birthday - Gates McFadden, Columbus Ohio, actress, Star Trek Next Generation

1953 Birthday - Catlin O'Heaney, born in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, actress, Snow White-Charmings

1953 Death - Maude K Adams, U.S. actress (Little Minister), dies

1953 Birthday - Philece Sampler, San Angelo, Texas, actress, Donna Love-Another World

1953 Birthday - Roberta Leighton, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actress, Ginger-Days of Our Lives

1953 Birthday - Robyn Douglass, Sendai Japan, actress, Lonely Guy, Romantic Comedy

1953 Birthday - Rebecca Holden, born in Austin, Texas, actress, April-Knight Rider

1953 Birthday - Marilyn Jones, born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, actress, Carey-King's Crossing

1953 Birthday - Diana Canova, West Palm Beach, Florida, actress, Corrine-Soap

1953 Birthday - Nell Campbell, Laura, Sydney Australia, actress, Rocky Horror

1953 Birthday - Yoko Shimada, Kumamota Japan, author, Kir Royal, actress, Shogun

1953 Birthday - Lynn Whitfield, Baton Rouge, actress, Josephine Baker, Equal Justice

1953 Birthday - Debralee Scott, born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, actress, Cathy-Mary Hartman, Angie

1953 Birthday - Pamela Roylance, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Sarah-Little House on Prairie

1953 Birthday - Mary Gross, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress and comedian, SNL, Club Paradise, Feds

1953 Birthday - Deborah Raffin, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Ransom, Demon, 40 Carats

1953 Birthday - Caroline H "Carolien" van de Berg, actress, Havinck

1953 Birthday - Henriette J. Toll, actress, Soldier of Orange

1953 Birthday - Jackie Zeman, born in Englewood, New Jersey, actress, Bobbie-General Hospital

1953 Birthday - Kay Lenz, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Moving Violations, Rich Man Poor Man

1953 Birthday - Christine Ebersole, Park Forest, Illinois, actress, SNL, Valerie, Tootsie

1953 Birthday - Sharon Wyatt, Lebanon Tennessee, actress, Tiffany-General Hospital

1953 Birthday - Joanna Kerns, de Varona, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Maggie-Growing Pains

1953 Birthday - Mary Steenburgen, Newport, Arkansas, actress, Parenthood, Time After Time

1953 Birthday - Pamela Sue Martin, Westport, Connecticut, actress, Nancy Drew, Fallon-Dynasty

1952 Birthday - Jenny Agutter, born in Taunton, England, actress, Logan's Run, Equus, Amy

1952 Birthday - Sarah Douglas, England, actress, Conan, Superman II, Falcon Crest

1952 Birthday - Susan Hallock Dey, Illinois, actress, 1st Love, Partridge Family, LA Law

1952 Birthday - Susan Dey, American Actress

1952 Birthday - Christine Pascal, actress/director, Smile, Nothing But Lies, Elsa

1952 Birthday - S. Epatha Merkerson, Saginaw, Michigan, actress, Jacob's Ladder, Terminator 2

1952 Birthday - Deborah Shelton, Washington D.C., actress, Dallas, Ocean Kill, Body Double

1952 Birthday - Lorna Luft, Scarsdale, New York, singer and actress, Where the Boys Are-1980

1952 Birthday - Kate Capshaw, Ft. Worth, Texas, actress, Little Sex, Dreamscape

1952 Birthday - Roseanne Barr, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, comedian, actress, television producer, won Emmy award for television series, 'Roseanne'

1952 Birthday - Kate Linder, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Esther Valentine--Young and Restless

1952 Death - Maire O'Neill, actress (Juno and the Paycock, Glamorous Night), dies

1952 Birthday - Annie Potts, born in Nashville, Tennessee, actress, Mary Jo-Designing Women

1952 Death - Susan Peters, actress (Random Harvest), dies at 31

1952 Birthday - Patti Ann Davis-Reagan, singer/actress/writer, Ron and Nancy's daughter

1952 Birthday - Melanie Mayron, Philadelphia, actress, 30 Something, Car Wash, Missing

1952 Birthday - Veronica Judith Sainz Castro, Mexico, spanish singer and actress, Nana

1952 Birthday - Beverly Johnson, model/actress, Ashanti Land of No Mercy

1952 Birthday - Sylvia Kristel, Netherlands, actress, Emmanuelle, Priv School for Girls

1952 Death - Maria Matos, Portuguese actress (Menina da Radio), dies at 61

1952 Birthday - Marie Helvin, model/actress, Children

1952 Birthday - Ann Michelle, England, actress, Virigin Witch, Mistress Pamela

1952 Birthday - Monique van de Ven, Dutch actress, Turkish Fruit

1952 Birthday - Carol Kane, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Dog Day Afternoon, Simka-Taxi

1952 Birthday - Isabella Rossellini, born in Rome, Italy, actress, Big Night, Blue Velvet

1952 Birthday - Catherine Watkins, Hartford, Connecticut, actress, It's Not Easy, Mary

1952 Birthday - Deborah Adair, actress, Tracey-Dynasty, Kate-Day of Our Life

1952 Birthday - Beth Henley, Jackson, Mississippi, actress/playwright, Miss Firecracker

1952 Birthday - Christine Baranski, Buffalo, New York, actress, Maryann-Cybill, Birdcage

1952 Birthday - Deborah Van Valkenburgh, born in Schnectady, actress, Too Close for Comfort

1952 Birthday - Mary McDonnell, born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, actress, Sneakers, Independence Day

1952 Death - [Rosalie] Julia Cuypers, Flemish actress (Adelaarsjong), dies at 79

1952 Birthday - Judith McConnell, actress, Sophia Capwell-Santa Barbara

1952 Birthday - Marilu Henner, born in Chicago, actress, Taxi, Man Who Loved Women, Eve Shade

1952 Birthday - Annette O'Toole, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Cat People, Superman III

1952 Birthday - Maria Schneider, born in Paris, actress, Last Tango in Paris, Crime of Honor

1952 Birthday - Susan Richardson, born in Coatesville Pennsylvania, actress, Susan-8 is Enough

1952 Birthday - Laraine Newman, born in Los Angeles, California, comedienne and actress on Saturday Night Live

1952 Birthday - Cristina Raines, Tina Herazo, Manila Phil, actress, Sentinel

1952 Birthday - Jennie Lynn, born in San Diego, California, actress, Love and Marriage

1952 Birthday - Lisa Eichhorn, Reading, Pennsylvania, actress, Cutter's Way, Yankees

1952 Birthday - Sharon Gabet, Fort Wayne, Indiana, actress, Edge of Night, Another World

1952 Birthday - Lauri Walters, born in San Francisco, California, actress, 8 is Enough, Harrad Experiment

1952 Birthday - Armelia McQueen, North Carolina, Brooklyn Conservatory, actress

1952 Birthday - Wendy Phillips, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Executive Suite, Promised Land

1951 Birthday - Yvonne Elliman, U.S. actress and singer, I Don't Know How to Love Him

1951 Birthday - Candice Rialson, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Chatterbox

1951 Birthday - Caren Kaye, New York City, actress, My Tutor, Blansky's Beauties

1951 Birthday - Morgan Brittany, Suzanne Cupito, LA Cal, actress, Katherine-Dallas

1951 Birthday - Patricia Wettig, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Nancy Weston-30 Something

1951 Birthday - Jayne Kennedy, Washington D.C., sportscaster, CBS, actress, Body and Soul

1951 Birthday - Sandahl Bergman, Kansas City Missouri, actress, Conan, All that Jazz

1951 Birthday - Jayne Kennedy-Overton, Washington D.C., actress, Penitentary

1951 Birthday - Annie Golden, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Forever Lulu, Hair

1951 Birthday - Pam Dawber, Detroit, actress, Mindy-Mork and Mindy, My Sister Sam

1951 Birthday - Karen Allen, Illinois, actress, Cruising, Starman, Wanderers

1951 Birthday - Romina Power, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Tyrone Power/actress, Justine

1951 Birthday - Silvia Dionisio, Rome, Italy, actress, Riavanti Marsh!, Amici Miei

1951 Birthday - JoAnna Cameron, born in Colorado, actress, I Love My Wife, Isis

1951 Birthday - Cassandra Peterson, Elvira, Kansas, actress, Echo Park, Elvira

1951 Death - Maria Montez, actress (Arabian Nights), dies of heart seizure at 33

1951 Birthday - Julie Kavner, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Brenda-Rhoda, Marge-Simpsons

1951 Death - Maria Montez, actress, 'Arabian Nights', 'Sudan', dies at 31

1951 Birthday - Judith Ivey, born in El Paso, Texas, actress, Lady in Red, Hello Again

1951 Birthday - Dana, singer and actress, Flight of the Doves

1951 Birthday - Randi Oakes, Randalia Iowa, actress, Officer Bonnie Clark-CHiPs

1951 Birthday - Catherine Hicks, born in Scottsdale, Arizona, actress, Star Trek IV, Child's Play

1951 Birthday - Deborah Pryor, born in California, actress, The Godson, Representative-R-Ohio

1951 Birthday - Leslie Easterbrook, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Ryan's Hope, Police Acadamy 5

1951 Birthday - Janet Eilber, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Hard to Hold, Romantic Comedy

1951 Birthday - Lynda Carter, born in Phoenix, Arizona, Miss USA, 1973, actress, Wonder Woman

1951 Birthday - Edie McClurg, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Cinderella-1985, Hogan Family

1951 Birthday - Terry Davis, born in New York City, actress, Stacey Winthrop-Another World

1951 Birthday - Tisa Farrow, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Zombie, Fingers, Grim Reaper

1951 Birthday - Lucie Arnaz, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kim-Here's Lucy, Jazz Singer

1951 Birthday - Lorraine Chase, actress/model, Lame Ducks, Love and Bullets

1951 Birthday - Didi Conn, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Denise-Benson, Grease

1951 Birthday - Cheryl Ladd, born in Huron, South Dakota, actress, Charlie's Angels, Purple Hearts

1951 Birthday - Anjelica Huston, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Prizzi's Honor, Alien

1951 Birthday - Roz Ryan, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Amelia-Amen, Occupied

1951 Birthday - Pamela Bellwood, born in New York City, actress, Ellen-W.E.B., Claudia-Dynasty

1951 Birthday - Daria Nicolodi, Florence Italy, actress, Terror, Shock

1951 Birthday - Sonia Braga, born in Maringa, Brazil, actress, Dona Flor and Her 2 Husbands

1951 Birthday - Anne Twomey, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Secret, Deadly Friend, Imagemaker

1951 Birthday - Seasan Hubley, Susan, New York City, actress, Vice Squad, Hardcore

1951 Birthday - Alley Mills, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Norma Arnold-Wonder Years

1951 Birthday - Deborah Harmon, actress, Ted Knight Show, M*A*S*H, Just the 10 of Us

1951 Death - Margaret Lindsay, actress (Take a Guess), dies at 40

1951 Birthday - Louise Jameson, British Actress

1951 Birthday - Olivia Hussey, born in Buenos Aires, actress, Romeo and Juliet, Death on Nile

1951 Birthday - Gwen Welles, U.S. actress, Desert Hearts, Nashville

1951 Birthday - Tanya Boyd, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Celeste-Days of our Life

1951 Birthday - Kate Nelligan, born in London, Ontario, actress, Bethune, Eye of the Needle

1951 Birthday - Caren Kaye, born in New York City, actress, My Tutor, Bambi-Blansky's Beauties

1951 Birthday - Gwen Welles, born in New York City, actress, Desert Hearts, Sticky Fingers

1951 Birthday - Cassie Yates, born in Macon, Georgia, actress, Osterman Weekend, Dynasty

1951 Birthday - Helen Shaver, Ontario Canada, actress, WIOU, Praise of Older Women

1951 Birthday - Patricia Richardson, born in Bethesada, Maryland, actress, 'Double Trouble', 'Home Improvement'

1951 Birthday - Jane Seymour, Joyce Frankenberg, England, actress, Dr. Quinn

1951 Birthday - Penny Peyser, Irvington, New York, actress, Rich Man Poor Man, Knots Landing

1951 Birthday - Kim Zimmer, Michigan, actress, Guiding Light, Doctors, One Life to Live

1951 Birthday - Linda Hayden, Middlesex England, actress, Blood on Satan's Claw

1951 Birthday - Charo, Murcia Spain, actress and singer, Chico and the Man, Love Boat

1951 Birthday - Kirstie Alley, Wichita, Kansas, actress, Star Trek II, Cheers-Rebecca

1950 Birthday - Victoria Racimo, New York City, actress, Corene-Falcon Crest

1950 Birthday - Vicki Michelle, Essex England, actress, Virgin Witch, Allo Allo

1950 Birthday - Heather North, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Barefoot Executive

1950 Birthday - Wendie Malick, actress, Just Shoot Me

1950 Birthday - Pamela Stephenson, Auckland New Zealand, actress, Superman 3, Sat Night Live

1950 Birthday - Kathryn Witt, born in Miami, Florida, actress, Lenny, Pam-Flying High

1950 Birthday - Margaret Whitton, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Good and Evil, Major League

1950 Birthday - Markie Post, Marjorie, Palo Alto Cal, actress, Christine-Night Court

1950 Birthday - Fran Lebowitz, author/actress, Resident Alien

1950 Birthday - Merry Martin, Camden, Michigan, actress, Leslie-Peter Loves Mary

1950 Birthday - Sheila White, born in London, England, actress, I Claudius

1950 Birthday - Susan Anton, Oak Glen California, actress, Golden Girl, Spring Fever

1950 Birthday - Catlin Adams, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Ms Loomis-Square Pegs

1950 Birthday - Meg Bennett, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Young and Restless

1950 Birthday - Pamela Hensley, born in Glendale California, actress, Buck Rogers in 25th Century

1950 Birthday - Persis Khambatta, Bombay India, actress, Star Trek, Megaforce

1950 Birthday - Debi Morgan, Dunn, North Carolina, actress, Angie-All My Children, Cry Uncle

1950 Death - Sara Allgood, Irish actress (Jane Eyre, Spiral Staircase), dies at 56

1950 Birthday - Cynthia Meyers, playmate, Dec 1968, actress, Beyond Valley of Dolls

1950 Birthday - Amy Madigan, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Uncle Buck, Twice in a Lifetime

1950 Birthday - Kathy Cronkite, actress, Annie-Hizzonner

1950 Birthday - Candice Earley, Ft. Hood, Texas, actress, Donna Tyler-All My Children

1950 Birthday - Tess Harper, Mammoth Sp AR, actress, Amityville 3D, Tender Mercies

1950 Birthday - Holly Palance, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Thorn Birds, Ripley's Believe It

1950 Birthday - JoMari Payton Noble, born in Albany, Georgia, actress, Harriette-Family Matters

1950 Birthday - Kathryn Harrold, Tazewell, Virginia, actress, MacGruder and Loud

1950 Birthday - Susan George, born in London, England, actress, Straw Dogs, Mandingo

1950 Birthday - Belinda J Montgomery, born in Winnipeg, actress, Man From Atlantis

1950 Birthday - Camille Saviola, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Nightlife

1950 Birthday - Phyllis Hyman, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Phyllis Linda Hyman, soul singer, songwriter, actress, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, disco genres, first solo Top Ten Hit, 'Can't We Fall In Love Again', received Tony-nomination for Broadway musical, Sophisticated Ladies

1950 Birthday - Julia Duffy, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actress, Stephanie-Newhart, Baby Talk

1950 Birthday - Nancy Allen, born in New York City, actress, Carrie, 1941, Robocop, Dress to Kill

1950 Birthday - Sally Geeson, born in Sussex, England, actress, Bless This House

1950 Birthday - Constance Forslund, born in San Diego, California, actress, Shining Season

1950 Birthday - Kathy Whitton Baker, born in Midland, Texas, actress, Right Stuff, 16 Candles

1950 Birthday - Suzi Quatro, born in Detroit, singer, Stumblin', actress, Happy Days

1950 Birthday - Joanna Gleason, born in Toronto, Canada, actress, Morgan-Hello Larry

1950 Birthday - Toni Alessandrini, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Vice Academy Part 2

1950 Birthday - Gemma Craven, Dublin, actress, Wagner, Story of Slipper and Rose

1950 Birthday - Linda Thompson, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Hee Haw

1950 Birthday - Amy Wright, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Inside Moves, Accidental Tourist

1950 Birthday - Anna M "Ansje" Beentjes, actress, Blindgangers

1950 Birthday - Christine Lahti, born in Detroit, actress, Harvey Korman Show, Swing Shift

1950 Death - Georgine M "May" Basting, actress (Occupier), dies at 67

1950 Birthday - Corrine Clery, born in Paris, France, actress, Moonraker, Yor

1950 Birthday - Mary Tamm, British actress, Odessa File

1950 Death - Florence Arliss, actress (Disraeli), dies at 78

1950 Birthday - Ilene Graff, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Marsha-Mr Belvedere

1950 Birthday - Ellen Greene, born in Brooklyn, New York, vocalist/actress, Little Shoppe of Horrors

1950 Birthday - Julie Walters, England, actress, Educating Rita, Prick Up Your Ears

1950 Birthday - Miou-Miou, Paris, France, actress, Dog Day, My Other Husband

1950 Birthday - Sylvette Miou-Miou, Paris, France, actress, Bottom Line, Menage

1950 Birthday - Cybill Shepherd, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Moonlighting, Last Picture Show

1950 Birthday - Johanna E "Joke" Beerens, actress, Schipper Next to God

1950 Birthday - Pamela Franklin, Tokyo, Japan, actress, Satan's School for Girls

1950 Birthday - Morgan Fairchild, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Falcon Crest

1950 Birthday - Barbara Sukowa, Germany, actress, Zentropia, Sicilian, Voyager, Lola

1950 Birthday - Ann Jillian, Cambridge Massachusetts, actress, Mr Mom, Jennifer Slept Here

1950 Death - Betsy van den Arend, Dutch [Betje], actress (Miss Hobbs), dies at 78

1950 Birthday - Debbie Allen, born in Houston, Texas, dancer/actress, 3 Girls 3, Lydia-Fame

1950 Birthday - Erin Gray, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Silver Spoons, Buck Rogers

1949 Birthday - Joni Flynn, Assam India, actress, Octopussy

1949 Birthday - Dee Wallace Stone, Deanna Bowers, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Critters, 10, ET

1949 Birthday - Heather Menzies, born in Toronto, Canada, actress, Jessica-Logan's Run

1949 Death - Maria Ouspenskaya, actress (Spookies), dies at 62

1949 Birthday - Whoopi Goldberg, Caryn Johnson, New York City, actress, Color Purple, Burglar

1949 Birthday - Ann Reinking, Seattle, dancer/actress, All the Jazz, Micki and Maude

1949 Birthday - Jeannie Berlin, LA Cal, actress, Heartbreak Kid, Portnoy's Complaint

1949 Birthday - Jessica Harper, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Inserts, Stardust Memories

1949 Birthday - Sigourney [Susan Alexandra] Weaver, Louisiana, actress, Alien, Working Girl

1949 Birthday - Sigourney Weaver, American Actress

1949 Birthday - Lorraine Bracco, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, actress

1949 Birthday - Leonide F M "Leonie" Triesschijn, Dutch actress/mime

1949 Birthday - Mimi Kennedy, born in Rochester, New York, actress, Spencer, 3 girls 3, Under 1 Roof

1949 Birthday - Twiggy Lawson, Leslie Hornby, England, model/actress, Boyfriend, W

1949 Birthday - Susan Ruttan, born in Oregon City Ore, actress, Roxanne Melman-LA Law

1949 Birthday - Barbara Bach, Goldbach, Queens, New York, actress, Spy Who Loved Me

1949 Birthday - Shelley Long, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, actress, Diane-Cheers, Money Pit

1949 Birthday - Ann Ryerson, born in Wisconsin, actress, Pvt Carol Winter-Pvt Benjamin

1949 Birthday - Madeleine Smith, Sussex England, actress, Vampire Lovers

1949 Birthday - Shelley Duvall, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Popeye, Faery Tale Theater

1949 Birthday - Shelley Hack, born in Greenwich, Connecticut, actress, Tiffany Welles-Charlie's Angel

1949 Birthday - Jan Smithers, born in North Hollywood, California, actress, Bailey-WKRP

1949 Birthday - Susan Penhaligon, born in Manilla, Philippines, actress, Dracula, Nasty Habits

1949 Birthday - Brenda Sykes, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, actress, Ozzie's Girls, Getting Straight

1949 Birthday - Lindsay Wagner, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Bionic Woman, Paper Chase, Nighthawks

1949 Birthday - Meryl Streep, born in New Jersey, actress, French Lieutenant's Woman, Sophie's Choice

1949 Birthday - [Mary] Kathleen Turner, born in Springfield, Missouri, actress, Romancing The Stone

1949 Birthday - Rochelle Firestone, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Hellhole

1949 Birthday - Sue Holderness, actress, Marlene-Only Fools and Horses, Sandbaggers

1949 Birthday - Dayle Haddon, Montreal Quebec Canada, actress, Bedroom Eyes

1949 Birthday - Pam Grier, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, actress, Big Bird Cage, Tough Enough

1949 Birthday - Zoe Wanamaker, actress, Raggedy Rawney

1949 Birthday - Anna Bergman, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Agent 69

1949 Birthday - Sybil Danning, Danninger, Weis Austria, actress, Chained Heat

1949 Birthday - Anita Dobson, born in England, actress, Annie Watts-EastEnders

1949 Birthday - Blair Brown, born in Washington D.C., actress, Altered States, Molly Dodd

1949 Birthday - Joyce DeWitt, born in Wheeling, West Virginia, actress, Janet Wood-Three's Company

1949 Birthday - Patti LuPone, born in Northport, New York, actress and singer, Evita, Life Goes On

1949 Birthday - Jessica Lange, born in Cloquet, Minnesota, actress, King Kong, Tootsie

1949 Birthday - Paloma Picasso, born in Paris, France, actress, Immoral Tales

1949 Birthday - Jane Actman, born in New York City, actress, Barbara-Paul Lynde Show

1949 Birthday - Pamela Reed, born in Tacoma, Washington, actress, Grand, Kindergarten Cop, Home Court

1949 Birthday - Vicki Lawrence, born in Inglewood, California, actress, Carol Burnette, Mama's Family

1949 Birthday - Fanny Ardant, born in Monte Carlo, actress, Australia, Confidentially Yours

1949 Birthday - Sara Lane, born in New York City, actress, Elizabeth Grainger-The Virginian

1949 Death - Maria "Beppie" Bakker, Dutch actress/wife of Piet Vink Sr, dies at 95

1949 Birthday - Gates McFadden, actress, Beverly Crusher on Star Trek Next Generation

1949 Birthday - Leslie Charleson, Kansas City Missouri, actress, Monica-General Hospital

1949 Birthday - Ewa Aulin, Stockholm, actress, Candy

1949 Birthday - Jess Walton, Michigan, actress, Jill Foster Abbott-Young and Restless

1949 Birthday - Ewa Aulin, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Candy, Fiorina LeVacca

1949 Birthday - Brooke Adams, New York City, actress, Cynthia-OK Crackerby, Body Snatchers

1949 Birthday - Julia Barr, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, actress, Brooke-All My Children

1949 Birthday - Sherry Mathis, actress, Search for Tomorrow

1949 Birthday - Carol Hawkins, actress, Dialing for Dingbats

1949 Birthday - Debbie Watson, La Mirada California, actress, Karen, Tammy

1949 Birthday - Christine Belford, Amityville, New York, actress, Banacek, Empire, 90210

1949 Birthday - Teresa Graves, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Laugh-in, Get Christie Love

1948 Birthday - Tovah Feldshuh, New York City, actress, Idolmaker, Terror out of the Sky

1948 Birthday - Merry Clayton, born in Gert Town, New Orleans, singer, actress, sang gospel and soul music, famous for singing with The Rolling Stones' song 'Gimme Shelter' with Mick Jagger

1948 Birthday - Lynne Thigpen, Joliet, Illinois, actress, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Nancy-Love Sidney

1948 Birthday - Carol Potter, New York City, actress, Beverly Hills 90210, Today's FBI

1948 Birthday - Kathy Garver, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Cissy-Family Affair

1948 Birthday - Elizabeth Baur, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Fran-Ironside, Teresa-Lancer

1948 Birthday - JoBeth Williams, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Kramer vs Kramer, Poltergeist

1948 Birthday - Agnieszka Holland, Warsaw Poland, actress/director, Europa Europa

1948 Birthday - Andrea Marcovicci, New York City, actress, Gloria-Berrengers, Fran-Trapper John

1948 Birthday - Sheila Frazier, New York City, actress, Gloria-Lazarus Syndrome

1948 Birthday - Lulu, born in Glasgow, Scotland, singer and actress, To Sir With Love

1948 Birthday - Kate Jackson, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actress, Rookies, Charlie's Angels

1948 Birthday - Margot Kidder, Yellowknife, actress, Lois Lane, Amityville Horror

1948 Birthday - Sarah Purcell, Richmond, Indiana, actress/TV hostess, Real People

1948 Birthday - Barbara Dickson, born in Dunfermline, Scotland, singer, actress, won two, Olivier Awards, musical hits include song 'I Know Him So Well'

1948 Death - Lillian Brainthwaite, British actress (Man About the House), dies at 75

1948 Birthday - Nell Carter, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actress, Nell-Gimme a Break, Lobo

1948 Birthday - Judy Geeson, Arundei Sussex England, actress, To Sir With Love, Berserk

1948 Birthday - Susan Blakely, Frankfurt Germany, actress, Rich Man Poor Man

1948 Birthday - Patti Austin, soul singer and actress, Real Me

1948 Death - Maria "Marie" Hens, Flemish actress (Female Revue), dies at 70

1948 Birthday - Georgia Engel, born in Washington D.C., actress, Georgette-Mary Tyler Moore Show

1948 Birthday - Sally Struthers, American Actress

1948 Birthday - Beverly Archer, born in Oak Park, Illinois, actress, Iola-Mama's Family

1948 Birthday - Daphne Maxwell Reid, actress, Frank's Place

1948 Birthday - Kim Darby, N Hollywood, actress, True Grit, Enola Gay, Rich Man Poor Man

1948 Birthday - Nathalie Baye, born in Mainneville, France, actress, Beau Pere, Honeymoon

1948 Death - Carole Landis, U.S. actress (1 Million BC, Topper Returns), dies at 29

1948 Birthday - Kathy Bates, born in Memphis, Tennessee, academy award winning actress, Misery

1948 Birthday - Phylicia Rashad, American Actress

1948 Birthday - Rosemary Joyce, model/actress, Daphne Draper-Search For Tomorrow

1948 Birthday - Lynda Bellingham, actress, Sweeney, Scarlet Tunic

1948 Death - May Whitty, actress (Gaslight, Mrs. Miniver, Suspicion), dies at 82

1948 Birthday - Anna E "Annelies" Balhan, Dutch revue-artist/actress, Sweet Chairty

1948 Birthday - Carol Potter, actress, Beverly Hills 90210

1948 Birthday - Grace Jones, born in Spanishtown Jamacia, singer and actress, Vamp

1948 Birthday - Lindsay Ann Crouse, New York City, actress, Slapshot, Iceman, Places in Heart

1948 Birthday - Marcia Strassman, born in New York City, actress, Julle Kotter-Welcome Back Kotter

1948 Death - Rosita Marstini, actress (I Cover Waterfront, Big Parade), dies at 54

1948 Birthday - Tessa Wyatt, actress, Beast in the Cellar, Wedding Night

1948 Birthday - Carole Drinkwater, actress, Father, All Creatures Great and Small

1948 Birthday - Claire Denis, born in Paris, France, actress, Boom Boom, Chocolat

1948 Birthday - Amy Robinson, born in Trenton, New Jersey, writer/actress, Mean Streets

1948 Birthday - Rhea Perlman, born in Brooklyn, actress, Zena-Taxi, Carla-Cheers

1948 Birthday - Dianne Wiest, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Hannah and Her Sisters, Footloose

1948 Birthday - Kelly Garrett, actress/singer, Holdin

1948 Birthday - Jamie Lyn Bauer, born in Phoenix Arizona, actress, Young and Restless, Centerfold Girls

1948 Event - Actor Eli Wallach marries actress Anne Jackson

1948 Birthday - Bernadette Peters, Queens, New York, actress, Jerk

1948 Birthday - Mercedes Ruehl, Queens, New York, actress, Lost in Yonkers, Crazy People

1948 Birthday - Priscilla Lopez, born in Bronx, New York, actress, In the Beginning, Kay O'Brien

1948 Birthday - Sinead Cusack, Ireland, actress, Waterland, Revenge

1947 Birthday - Joyce Jillson, Cranston, Rhode Island, psychic/actress, Superchick

1947 Birthday - Susan Lucci, born in Scarsdale, New York, actress, All My Children, Mafia Princess

1947 Birthday - Marilyn Hassett, LA Ca, actress, Bell Jar, Other Side of Mt

1947 Birthday - Anna Stuart, actress, Donna Love-Another World

1947 Birthday - Jaclyn Smith, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Kelly-Charlie's Angel, Nightkill

1947 Birthday - Lee Meredith, Judith Lee Sauls, River Edge, New Jersey, actress, Producers

1947 Birthday - Lynn Lowry, E St. Louis, Illinois, actress, Cat People, Crazies

1947 Birthday - Rula Lenska, St. Neots England, actress, Friends from Europe are here

1947 Birthday - Liz Torres, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Mahalia Sanchez-John Larroquette Show

1947 Birthday - Mary Kay Place, Tulsa Oklahoma, actress/country singer, Mary Hartman!

1947 Birthday - Jane Curtin, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, actress, SNL, Allie Lowell-Kate and Allie

1947 Birthday - Peggy Lipton, Lawrence, New York, actress, Julie-Mod Squad, Twin Peaks

1947 Birthday - Alice Playton, New York City, actress, Who Killed Mary Whats 'er Name

1947 Birthday - Candy Moore, Maplewood, New Jersey, actress, Lunch Wagon, Tomboy and Champ

1947 Birthday - Anne Archer, LA Cal, actress, Fatal Attraction, Patriot Games

1947 Birthday - Cindy Williams, Van Nuys California, actress, Shirley- Laverne and Shirley

1947 Birthday - Gretchen Corbett, actress, Beth-Rockford Files

1947 Birthday - Sally Eaton, born in Illinois, Broadway actress, Jeanie-Hair

1947 Birthday - Margo Sappington, born in Baytown, Texas, actress, Oh Calcutta

1947 Birthday - Sally Struther, born in Portland, Oregon, actress, Gloria-All in the Family

1947 Birthday - Betty Thomas, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Lucy Baines-Hill Street Blues

1947 Birthday - Ayn Rumen, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Janet-McLean Stevenson Show

1947 Birthday - Betty Buckley, born in Big Springs, Texas, actress, Abby-8 is Enough, 1776, Cats

1947 Birthday - Francisca "Cisca" Beaudoux, actress, 2 Under a Cap

1947 Birthday - Marianne Delgorge, singer and actress, Ice Cream Soda

1947 Birthday - Meredith Baxter-Birney, California, actress, Family Ties, Bridget Loves Bernie

1947 Birthday - Meredith Baxter, American Actress

1947 Birthday - Candy Clark, born in Oklahoma, actress, Man Who Fell to Earth, Q, American Graffiti

1947 Birthday - Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rashad, Houston, actress, Clair-Bill Cosby

1947 Birthday - Linda Thorson, born in Toronto, actress, Tara-Avengers, Julia-1 Life to Live

1947 Birthday - Julie Driscoll, rocker/actress, 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee

1947 Birthday - Penelope Wilton, actress, Cry Freedom, Norman Conquests

1947 Death - Adrienne Ames, actress (Black Sheep, 24 Hours), dies at 39

1947 Birthday - Sondra Locke, Shelbyville Tennessee, actress, Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

1947 Birthday - Sherry Bain, California, actress, Pipe Dreams

1947 Birthday - Karen Valentine, Santa Rosa California, actress, Love American Style, Room 222

1947 Birthday - Candice Azzara, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Fatso

1947 Birthday - Tamara Dobson, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Amazons, Cleopatra Jones

1947 Birthday - Meg Foster, Conn, actress, Sunshine, Cagney and Lacey

1947 Birthday - Lori Martin, born in Glendale, California, actress, Velvet-National Velvet

1947 Birthday - Cindy Pickett, born in Norman, Oklahoma, actress, Guiding Light, St. Elsewhere

1947 Birthday - Camille Paglia, born in Endicott, New York, actress, Female Misbehavior, It's Pat

1947 Birthday - Barbara Rhodes, born in Poughkeepsie, New York, actress, Don't Just Stand There

1947 Birthday - Glenn Close, born in Greenwich, Connecticut, actress, The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction

1947 Birthday - Jill O'Hara, born in Warren, Pennsylvania, Broadway actress, Promises! Promises!

1947 Birthday - Dominique Sanda, born in Paris, France, actress, 1900, First Love

1947 Birthday - Donna Loren, born in Boston, Massachusetts, singer and actress, Beach Blanket Bingo

1947 Birthday - Judy Loe, born in Urmston Manchester, United Kingdom, actress, Singles, Meaning of Life

1947 Birthday - Marian G Klaren, Dutch mime/actress, Red Cabbage

1947 Birthday - Shakira Caine, Guyana, actress, Man Who be King, Miss Guyana, 1967

1947 Birthday - Jennifer O'Neill, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, actress, Summer of '42

1947 Birthday - Dodie Stevens, actress, Mary Hartman!

1947 Birthday - Marisa Berenson, New York City, actress, Barry Lyndon, Death in Vienna, SOB

1947 Birthday - Jeannie Wilson, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Simon and Simon, Stir Crazy

1947 Death - Grace Moore, U.S. soprano/actress (1 Night of Life), dies at 45

1947 Death - Grace Moore, soprano/actress (One Night of Love), dies at 45

1947 Birthday - Jane Elliot, New York City, actress, Baby Boom, General Hospital, Knots Landing

1947 Birthday - Juliet Berto, Grenoble France, actress, Le Sex Shop

1947 Birthday - Anna Calder-Marshall, Kensington England, actress, Zulu Dawn

1946 Birthday - Barbara Carrera, Managua Nicaragua, actress, Angelica-Dallas

1946 Birthday - Jane Birkin, born in London, England, actress, Mrs Don Juan, Dark Places, Dust

1946 Birthday - Patty Duke, Anna Marie, born in Elmhurst, New York, actress, Miracle Worker

1946 Birthday - Marlous Fluitsma, actress, De Prooi, Apart, Alle Dagen Feest

1946 Birthday - Teri Garr, born in Lakewood, Ohio, actress, Mr Mom, Young Frankenstein

1946 Birthday - Gloria Loring, New York City, actress and singer, Days of our Life

1946 Birthday - Diana Quick, born in London, England, actress, Brideshead, Big Sleep, Odd Job

1946 Birthday - Barbara Leigh, Ringgold, Georgia, actress, Vampirella

1946 Birthday - Alaina Reed, Springfield Ohio, actress, Rose Lee Holloway-227

1946 Birthday - Lynne Marta, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actress, Love American Style

1946 Birthday - Maureen Anderman, actress, Once Upon a Family, Rupture Fatale

1946 Birthday - Gerda Lenten-Havertong, Surinam, Dutch singer and actress, Sesame St

1946 Birthday - Vicki Hodge, born in London, England, actress, Confessions of a Sex Maniac

1946 Birthday - Suzanne Somers, San Bruno California, actress, 3's Company, Step by Step

1946 Birthday - Susan Sarandon, born in Jackson Hgts, New York, actress, Bull Durham

1946 Birthday - Patricia Hodge, actress, Heat of the Day, Shell Seekers, Sunset

1946 Birthday - Fiona Lewis, Westcliff England, actress, Stunts, Lisztomania

1946 Birthday - Mary Beth Hurt, Mary Supinger, Iowa, actress, Garp, Interiors

1946 Birthday - Felicity Kendal, Indies/British actress, Shakespeare Wallah

1946 Birthday - Jacqueline Courtney, New Jersey, actress, Another World, One Life to Live

1946 Birthday - Alison Steadman, Liverpool England, actress, Life is Sweet

1946 Birthday - Lesley Ann Warren, New York City, actress, Cinderella, Mission Impossible

1946 Birthday - Susan Saint James, Miller, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, McMillian and Wife

1946 Death - Susan St. James, Susan Jane Miller, Los Angeles California, actress (Kate and Allie)

1946 Birthday - Erika Slezak, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Viki-One Life to Live

1946 Birthday - Linda Kelsey, born in Minneapolis, actress, Billie-Lou Grant, Kate-Day by Day

1946 Birthday - Gwynne Gilford, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Linda Harris-Waverly Wonders

1946 Birthday - Linda Ronstadt, born in Tucson, Arizona, singer, Dif Drum, actress, Pirates of Penzance

1946 Birthday - Sian Barbara Allen, born in Reading, Pennsylvania, actress, Scream Pretty Peggy

1946 Birthday - Beverly Todd, born in Ohio, actress, Roots, Having Babies, Redd Foxx Show

1946 Birthday - Sue Lyon, born in Davenport, Iowa, actress, Lolita, Night of the Iguana

1946 Birthday - Gilda Radner, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, SNL, Haunted Honeymoon

1946 Death - Antoinette Perry, American Actress

1946 Birthday - Judy Pace, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Young Lawyers

1946 Birthday - Gillian Hills, born in Cairo, Egypt, actress, Blow-up, Clockwork Orange

1946 Birthday - Stefania Sandrelli, born in Viareggio, Italy, actress, Afredo, Key

1946 Birthday - Madeleine Le Roux, Wyoming, Broadway actress, Cry Uncle

1946 Birthday - Diedre Lenihan, born in Atlanta, Georgia, actress, Wendy-Needles and Pins

1946 Birthday - Maureen Lipman, actress, Educating Rita, Wonderworks

1946 Birthday - Candice Bergen, Beverly Hills, actress, Carnal Knowledge, Murphy Brown

1946 Birthday - Susan Brown, actress, Gail Baldwin-General Hospital

1946 Birthday - Sydne Rome, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, What?, Candy

1946 Birthday - Stefania Sandrelli, Viareggio Italy, actress, Lie, Conformist, 1900

1946 Birthday - Joanna Lumley, Kashmir India, actress, Abs Fab, OHM's Secret Service

1946 Birthday - Talia Shire, Coppola, Lake Success, New York, actress, Adrienne-Rocky

1946 Birthday - Hayley Mills, born in London, England, actress, Parent Trap, Pollyanna

1946 Birthday - Jane Asher, Paul McCartney's girlfriend and actress, Deep End

1946 Birthday - Bonnie Bedelia, Culkin, New York City, actress, Die Hard, Heart Like a Wheel

1946 Birthday - Liza Minnelli, born in Hollywood, California, singer and actress, Sterile Cuckoo, Cabaret

1946 Birthday - Brigitte Fossey, born in Tourcoing, France, actress, Man Who Died Twice

1946 Birthday - Tyne Daly, born in Madison, Wisconsin, actress, Cagney and Lacey, Angel Unchained

1946 Birthday - Brenda Blethyn, actress, Secrets and Lies

1946 Birthday - Sandy Duncan, Henderson, Texas, actress, Hogan Family

1946 Birthday - Zina Bethune, New York City, actress, Nurses, Who's That Knocking at My Door

1946 Birthday - Tina Aumont, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Master of Love, Casanova

1946 Birthday - Charlotte Rampling, born in England, actress, Zardoz, Night Porter, Verdict

1946 Birthday - Farrah Fawcett, born in Texas, actress, Charley's Angels, Burning Bed

1946 Birthday - Renne Jarrett, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Nancy

1946 Birthday - Katia Ricclarelli, actress, Falstaff, Otello, Turandot

1946 Death - Johanna HC Albregt, actress/wife of Henri Dons (Paradise), dies at 71

1946 Birthday - Kathleen Noone, actress, All My Children, Party of 5, Knots Landing

1946 Birthday - Diane Keaton, born in Louisiana, actress, Annie Hall, Little Drummer Girl

1945 Birthday - Marianne van Wijnkoop, Bosscher, Dutch actress, Les Miserables

1945 Birthday - Elaine Joyce, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, City of Angels, Mr. Merlin

1945 Birthday - Bette Midler, Patterson, New Jersey, singer and actress, Do You Want to Dance?

1945 Birthday - Barbara Anderson, Brooklyn, actress, Eve-Ironside, Mission Impossible

1945 Birthday - Tandy Cronyn, actress, Twisted, Guardian, Age Old Friends

1945 Birthday - Goldie Hawn, Takoma Park, Maryland, actress, Laugh-in, Private Benjamin

1945 Birthday - Valerie Leon, born in London, England, actress, Blood from Mummy's Tomb

1945 Birthday - Denise Alexander, New York City, actress, General Hospital, Another World

1945 Birthday - Melba Moore, Beatrice, New York City, singer and actress, Ellis Island

1945 Birthday - Carrie Snodgress, Park Ridge, Illinois, actress, Diary of Mad Housewife

1945 Birthday - Divine, Harris Glenn Milstead, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Pink Flamingo

1945 Birthday - Conny Van Dyke, Nassawadox, Virginia, actress, Framed, Hell's Angels '69

1945 Birthday - Catherine Burns, New York City, actress, Last Summer, One Life to Live, Catcher

1945 Birthday - Maria Aitken, actress, Fish Called Wanda

1945 Birthday - Patty McCormack, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Mama, Peck's Bad Girl, Ropers

1945 Birthday - Brenda Benet, Hollywood, actress, Lee-Days of Our Lives, Beach Ball

1945 Birthday - Michelle Angelo, born in Kingsville, Texas, actress, Funny Girl

1945 Birthday - Linda Harrison, born in Berlin, Maryland, actress, Bracken's World, Planet of Apes

1945 Birthday - Helen Mirren, born in England, actress, Cook Thief Wife

1945 Birthday - Leigh Lawson, born in Atherston, England, actress, Fire and Sword, Charlie Boy

1945 Birthday - Fenneken Fockema Andreae, Dutch actress, Sea Gull

1945 Birthday - Adrienne Barbeau, born in Sacramento, California, actress, Maude

1945 Birthday - Nicola Pagett, actress, Oliver's Story, Privates on Parade

1945 Birthday - Adrienne Barbeau, born in Sacramento, California, actress, Maude, Swamp Thing

1945 Birthday - Margaret Impert, Horseheads, New York, actress, Maggie, Spencer's Pilots

1945 Birthday - Meredith MacRae, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Petticoat Junction, My 3 Sons

1945 Birthday - Priscilla Presley, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Jenna-Dallas, Naked Gun

1945 Birthday - Lauren Chapin, actress, Kathy-Father Knows Best

1945 Birthday - Linda Carlson, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, actress, Bev-Newhart, Katie-Kaz

1945 Birthday - Robin Strasser, New York City, actress, Dorian-One Life to Live, Another World

1945 Birthday - Caroline McWilliams, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Sally-Soap, Marcy-Benson

1945 Birthday - Catherine Spaak, born in France, actress, Libertine, Hotel, Circle of Love

1945 Birthday - Linda Hunt, born in Morristown, New Jersey, actress, Bostonians, Eleni, Silverado

1945 Birthday - Heather Young, born in Bremerton, Washington, actress, Betty-Land of Giants

1945 Birthday - Julie Goodyear, British actress, Bet Lynch-Coronation Street

1945 Birthday - Tricia O'Neal, born in Shreveport Louisiana, actress, Piranha Part II

1945 Birthday - Katharine Houghton, born in Hartford, actress, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

1945 Birthday - Anna Maria Horsford, New York City, actress, Thelma Frye-Amen

1945 Birthday - Hattie Winston, born in Greenville, Mississippi, actress on Nurse, Electric Company

1945 Birthday - Joy Garrett, actress, Jo-Days of Our Lives

1945 Birthday - Mimsy Farmer, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Devil's Angel, Road to Salina

1945 Birthday - Marta Kristen, American Actress

1945 Birthday - Brenda Fricker, Dublin Ireland, actress, My Left Foot

1945 Birthday - Patricia Morrow, actress, Rita-Peyton Place

1945 Birthday - Maud Adams, Lulea Sweden, actress, Octopussy, Rollerball, Tattoo

1945 Birthday - Mia Farrow, American Actress

1945 Birthday - Willeke Alberti, Verbruggen, Dutch vocalist/actress, Small Truth

1945 Birthday - Leigh Taylor-Young, Washington D.C., actress, Peyton Place, Alice B Toklas

1945 Birthday - Christine Kaufmann, Austria, actress, Town Without Pity, Red Lips

1945 Birthday - Victoria Principal, Fukuoka Japan, actress, Earthquake, Pamela-Dallas

1944 Birthday - Tracy Nelson, Madison Wisconsin, singer and actress, Square Pegs

1944 Birthday - Jane Lapotaire, actress, Spirit of the Dead

1944 Death - Lupe Velez, actress (Joe Palooka), overdoses on seconal at 34

1944 Birthday - Lynda Day George, San Marcos, Texas, actress, Casey-Mission Impossible

1944 Birthday - Tisha Sterling, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Coogan's Bluff

1944 Birthday - Cathy Lee Crosby, Louisiana, actress, Coach, That's Incredible

1944 Birthday - Rita Mae Brown, actress, Long Hot Summer, Slumber Party Massacre

1944 Birthday - Joanna Pettit, London, actress, Knots Landing, Cry of the Innocent

1944 Birthday - Patrice Chereau, actress, Danton

1944 Birthday - Deidre Hall, Milwaukee, actress, Days of our Lives, Our House

1944 Birthday - Sally Kirkland, New York City, actress, Anna, Sting, Pvt Benjamin, Big Bad Mama

1944 Birthday - Carol Cole, West Medford Massachusetts, actress, Ellie-Grady

1944 Birthday - Udo Kier, Germany, actress, Warhol Dracula, Warhol Frankenstein

1944 Birthday - Fannie Flagg, Birmingham, Alabama, actress/comediene, Candid Camera

1944 Birthday - Susan Maureen Fleetwood, Scotland, actress, Krays, Sacrifice

1944 Birthday - Joey Heatherton, Rockville Center, New York, dancer/actress, Bluebeard

1944 Birthday - Jacqueline Bisset, England, actress, Class, Deep, Secrets

1944 Birthday - Linda Kaye Henning, Cal, actress, Betty Joe-Petticoat Junction

1944 Birthday - Swoosie Kurtz, born in Omaha, Nebraska, actress, Slap Shot, Garp, Sisters

1944 Birthday - Jennifer Salt, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Sisters, Soap, Wedding Party

1944 Birthday - Cornelia J "Corry" Arends, Dutch actress, Fool's Hat

1944 Birthday - Donna Michele, playmate, Dec, 1963, actress, Beach Blanket Bingo

1944 Birthday - Loni Anderson, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, actress, Jennifer-WKRP in Cincinnati

1944 Birthday - Joanna Cassidy, Caskey, Haddonfield, New Jersey, actress, 240 Robert

1944 Birthday - Geraldine Chaplin, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Dr. Zhivago, 3 Musketeers

1944 Birthday - Sherry Lansing, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, China Syndrome, Black Rain

1944 Birthday - Frances de la Tour, actress, Bejeweled, Wombling Free

1944 Birthday - Helga I "Mijanou" van Baarzel, Dutch actress, Klaverweide-Alicia

1944 Birthday - Jonelle Allen, born in New York City, actress, Bessie-Palmerstown USA, Berringers

1944 Birthday - Denise Nicholas, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Room 222, Baby I'm Back

1944 Birthday - Corinna Tsopel, born in Athens, actress, Man Called Horse, Miss Universe, 64

1944 Birthday - Linda Foster, Lancaster England, actress, Doris-Hank

1944 Birthday - Brigid Bazlen, born in Wisconsin, actress, Pam-Too Young to go Steady

1944 Birthday - Michelle Phillips, born in Long Beach, California, singer and actress, Mamas and Papas

1944 Death - Jessie Ralph, actress (Good Earth, San Francisco), dies at 79

1944 Birthday - Gunilla Hutton, Goteborg Sweden, actress, Petticoat Junction

1944 Birthday - Francesca Annis, born in London, England, actress, Madame Bovary, Dune

1944 Birthday - Marie-France Pisier, Daclat, Vietnam, actress, Scruples, Midnight

1944 Birthday - Sivi Aberg, actress, Batman TV show

1944 Birthday - Jill Clayburgh, born in New York City, actress, Unmarried Woman, Semi-Tough

1944 Birthday - Sandra Dee, American Actress

1944 Birthday - Willeke van Ammelrooy, born in Amsterdam, actress, Cidke de Rat, Antonia

1944 Birthday - Carol White, born in England, actress, Daddy's Gone a Hunting

1944 Birthday - Marie-Christine Barrault, born in Paris, France, actress, Stardust Memories

1944 Birthday - Katherine Crawford, actress, Captains and Kings, Gemini Man

1944 Birthday - Kelly Bishop, CO, actress, Unmarried Woman, Advice to Lovelorn

1944 Birthday - Karen Grassle, born in Berkeley, California, actress, Caroline-Little House on Prairie

1944 Birthday - Sheila Larkin, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Deborah-Storefront Lawyer

1944 Birthday - E J Peaker, Tulsa Oklahoma, actress, That's Life

1944 Birthday - Kitty Winn, Washington D.C., actress, Beacon Hill

1944 Birthday - Stockard Channing, born in New York City, actress, Grease, Big Bus, Without a Trace

1944 Birthday - Katherine Crawford, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Gemini Man, Captains and Kings

1944 Birthday - Barbara Moore, Wardell, Missouri, actress, Lisa Rogers-Man From UNCLE

1944 Birthday - Shelley Fabares, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, singer, television debut 'Letter to Loretta', played role of Mary Stone in sitcom 'The Donna Reed Show', Primetime Emmy Award nominee for ABC sitcom 'Coach'

1944 Birthday - Bonnie Franklin, Santa Monica Cal, TV actress, Ann-1 Day at a Time

1943 Birthday - Hanna Schygulla, Katowice Silesia, actress, Love is Colder than Death

1943 Birthday - Christiane Schmidtmer, Heidelberg Germany, actress, Ship of Fools

1943 Birthday - Donna Mills, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Knots Landing, Incident

1943 Birthday - Mary Woronov, Brooklyn Hgts, New York, actress, Eating Raoul, Terror Vision

1943 Birthday - Patti Chandler, California, actress, Bikini Beach

1943 Birthday - Valerie Perrine, Galveston, Texas, actress, Slaughterhouse 5

1943 Birthday - Terrence Malick, actress, Gail-Baywatch

1943 Birthday - Veronica Hamel, Philadelphia, actress, Joyce-Hill St. Blues, 79 Park Ave

1943 Birthday - Susan Sullivan, New York City, actress, Dharma and Greg, Falcon Crest

1943 Birthday - Lauren Hutton, Mary, Charleston, South Carolina, model/actress, American Gigolo

1943 Event - Italian director Federico Fellini marries actress Giulietta Masina

1943 Birthday - Joanna Shimkus, Halifax NS, actress, Marriage of a Young Stockbroker

1943 Birthday - Catherine Deneuve, born in Paris, actress, Repulsion, Hunger

1943 Birthday - Paula Kelly, born in Jacksonville, Florida, dancer/actress, Liz-Night Court

1943 Birthday - Noreen Corcoran, Quincy Massachusetts, actress, Kelly-Bachelor Father

1943 Birthday - Inna Churikova, Russia, actress, Theme

1943 Birthday - Anna Ford, British broadcaster/actress, Secret Policeman's Ball

1943 Birthday - Susanne Jagd, Denmark, actress, Between the Sheets, Tinderbox

1943 Birthday - Lola Falana, born in Camden, New Jersey, actress, Golden Boy

1943 Birthday - Valerie Perrine, born in Galveston, Texas, actress, Steam Bath, Superman, Lenny

1943 Birthday - [Susan] Tuesday Weld, New York City, actress, Dobie Gillis, Wild in Country

1943 Birthday - Barbara Bouchet, born in Reichenberg, Czechoslovakia, actress, Casino Royale

1943 Birthday - Susan Jameson, actress, Secret World of Polly Flint

1943 Birthday - Tina Cole, Hollywood, singer, King Cousins, actress, Katie-My 3 Sons

1943 Birthday - Susan Flannery, New York City, actress, Leslie Stewart-Dallas

1943 Birthday - Roz Kelly, born in Mount Vernon, New York, actress, Owl and Pussycat, Happy Days

1943 Birthday - Janet Margolin, born in New York City, actress, Take the Money and Run, David and Lisa

1943 Birthday - Lynn Loring, born in New York City, actress, Patty-Fair Exchange, Barbara-FBI

1943 Birthday - Susan Seaforth Hayes, actress, Days of our Life, Young and Restless

1943 Birthday - Joan Van, born in Arkansas, New York City, actress, Valene-Dallas, Knots Landing

1943 Birthday - Sharon Gless, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Chris Cagney-Cagney and Lacey

1943 Birthday - Leslie Uggams, New York City, singer and actress, Leslie Uggams Show, Roots

1943 Birthday - Linda Dano, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Felicia Gallant-Another World

1943 Birthday - Joy Harmon, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Cool Hand Luke

1943 Birthday - Claudine Auger, Miss France, 1958, actress, Thunderball

1943 Birthday - Ruth Madoc, actress, Hi Di Hi

1943 Birthday - Roberta Shore, born in Monterrey Park, California, actress and singer, Virginian

1943 Birthday - Susan Tolsky, born in Houston, actress, Madame's Place, Here Comes the Brides

1943 Birthday - Conchata Ferrell, born in Charleston, West Virginia, actress, Deadly Hero, Susan-LA Law

1943 Birthday - Brenda Scott, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Midge-Road West

1943 Birthday - Angelique Pettyjohn, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Body Talk, Star Trek

1943 Birthday - Lynn Redgrave, born in London, actress, Georgie Girl, Weight-Watcher

1943 Birthday - Mary Frann, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Joanna-Newhart, Days of Our Live

1943 Birthday - Jada Rowland, New York City, actress, Penny-Hamptons, Amy-Secret Storm

1943 Birthday - "Mama" Cass Elliot, actress, Mamas and Papas-Monday Monday

1943 Birthday - Gayle Hunnicutt, Ft. Worth, Texas, actress, Legend of Hell House, Dallas

1943 Birthday - Cheryl Miller, born in Sherman Oaks, California, actress, Paula-Daktari, Born Free

1943 Birthday - Blythe Danner, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actress, Butterflies are Free

1943 Birthday - Tina Sloan, New York, actress, Lillian-Guiding Light, Search for Tomorrow

1943 Birthday - Susan Howard, Marshall, Texas, actress, Donna-Dallas, Petrocelli

1943 Birthday - Julie Bennett, Beverly Hills California, actress, Hey There It's Yogi Bear

1943 Birthday - Sharon Tate, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Valley of the Dolls

1943 Birthday - Holland Taylor, Philadelphia, actress, Bossom Buddies, Camilla-Naked Truth

1942 Birthday - Olivia Cole, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Roots, Szysznyk

1942 Birthday - Linda Evans, Hartford, actress, Dynasty, Big Valley, Beach Blanket Bingo

1942 Birthday - Annemarie Oster, Dutch actress, Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden

1942 Birthday - Donna McKechnie, Pontiac Michigan, actress/dancer, Company

1942 Birthday - Beth Brickell, Camden Arkansas, actress, Gentle Ben

1942 Birthday - Jean Shrimpton, British model/actress, Privilege

1942 Birthday - Elke Sommer, Elke Schletz, Berlin Germany, actress, Oscar

1942 Birthday - Stefanie Powers, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Girl From UNCLE, Hart to Hart

1942 Birthday - Marcia Wallace, Creston Iowa, actress, Carol-Bob Newhart Show

1942 Birthday - Annette Funicello, born in Utica, New York, actress, Mickey Mouse Club

1942 Death - May Robson, actress (Star is Born, Reckless), dies at 84

1942 Birthday - Penny Marshall, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Odd Couple, Laverne and Shirley

1942 Birthday - Pamela Tiffin, Pamela Wonso, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actress, Viva Max!

1942 Birthday - Daliah Lavi, Shavel Zion Israel, actress, Casino Royalle, Lord Jim

1942 Birthday - Amitabh Bachan, actress, Deewar

1942 Birthday - Britt Ekland, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Wicker Man, Asylum

1942 Birthday - Jenny Arean, Joanna Klarenbeek, Dutch actress, Paul Chevrolet

1942 Birthday - Donna Corcoran, Quincy Massachusetts, actress, Man Without a Star

1942 Birthday - Madeline Kahn, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety

1942 Birthday - Linda G Miller, born in New York City, actress, Night of the Juggler, Mississippi

1942 Birthday - Carole Wells, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, actress, Pistols 'n' Petticoats

1942 Birthday - Anjanette Comer, born in Dawson, Texas, actress, Baby, Lepke

1942 Birthday - Sharon Gans, actress, Slaughterhouse 5

1942 Birthday - Barbara Ferris, born in London, England, actress, Nice Girl Like Me

1942 Birthday - Patricia Elliot, born in Gunnison, Colorado, actress, Renee-Empire, One Life to Live

1942 Birthday - Edy Williams, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, actress, Dr. Minx

1942 Birthday - Genevieve Bujold, Montreal, actress, King of Hearts, Choose Me, Coma

1942 Birthday - Michele Lee, born in Los Angeles, California, actress and singer, Karen-Knots Landing, Love Bug

1942 Birthday - Joan Van Ark, American Actress

1942 Birthday - Anita Harris, singer and actress, Follow that Camel

1942 Birthday - Marie Cheatham, Oklahoma, actress, Search for Tomorrow, Guiding Light

1942 Birthday - Barbara Parkins, Vancouver BC, actress, Betty-Peyton Place, Asylum

1942 Birthday - Amy Hill, actress, Grandma-Seinfeld, Pauly Shore

1942 Birthday - Lynn Farleigh, Bristol England, actress, Lovers of Their Time

1942 Birthday - Claudine Auger, Paris, France, Miss France, 1958, actress, Thunderball

1942 Birthday - Barbra Streisand, born in Brooklyn, New York, singer and actress

1942 Birthday - Sandra Dee, Zuck, Bayonne, New Jersey, actress, Gidget, Imitation of Life

1942 Birthday - Edda Barends, actress, Arthur and Eva

1942 Birthday - Marsha Mason, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Blume in Love, Cinderella Liberty

1942 Birthday - Francoise Dorleac, born in Paris, France, actress, That Man From Rio

1942 Birthday - Margarethe Von Trotta, Berlin Germany, actress/director, Marianne

1942 Birthday - Carol Lynley, New York City, actress, Night Stalker, Fantasy Island, Immortal

1942 Birthday - Heidi Bruhl, German actress and singer, Madels vom Immenhof

1942 Birthday - Katharine Ross, Hollywood Cal, actress, Graduate, Francesca-Colbys

1942 Birthday - Robin Morgan, Lake Worth, Florida, actress, Dagmar-Mama

1942 Birthday - Shelly Fabares, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Donna Reed Show, Coach

1942 Death - Carole Lombard, actress, (Bolero), and mom killed in plane crash at 32

1942 Birthday - K Callan, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Joe's World, Martha-Lois and Clark

1942 Death - Pauline Beersmans, PLJM van Cuyck, Flemish actress, dies at 70

1941 Birthday - Sarah Miles, born in Essex, England, actress, Ryan's Hope, Big Sleep, Venom

1941 Birthday - Elizabeth Hartman, Youngstown Ohio, actress, Walking Tall, Beguilled

1941 Birthday - Anouska Hempel, Forbes New Zealand, actress, Tiffany Jones

1941 Birthday - Liesbeth List, Dutch actress/vocalist, Theodorakis

1941 Birthday - Fionnula Flanagan, Dublin Ireland, actress, Rich Man Poor Man

1941 Birthday - Laura Antonelli, Pola Yugoslavia, actress, Wifemistress, Divine Nymph

1941 Birthday - Juliet Mills, born in London, England, actress, Nanny and the Professor, QB VII

1941 Birthday - Patricia Harty, Washington D.C., actress, Occasional Wife, Blondie

1941 Birthday - Martine Beswicke, Jamacia, actress, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

1941 Birthday - Mariangela Melato, Milan Italy, actress, Flash Gordon, Summer Night

1941 Birthday - Deborah Walley, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, actress, Mothers-in-Law, Beach Blanket

1941 Birthday - Jennifer Warren, born in New York City, actress, Slap Shot, Fatal Beauty, Mutant

1941 Birthday - Darlene Love, singer and actress, Lethal Weapon

1941 Birthday - Jacques Perrin, Paris, France, actress, Cinema Paradiso, 317th Platoon

1941 Birthday - Lut[guard] Tomsin, actress/director, Knock on the Door

1941 Birthday - Micki Grant, born in Chicago, Illinois, composer, singer, soprano, actress, writer, composer, appeared on NBC's Another World, became first African-American cast member of a daytime soap opera

1941 Birthday - Pia J Barendrecht, Indonesian/Dutch actress, Pinokkio

1941 Birthday - Marlene Warfield, born in Queens, New York, actress, Victoria-Maude

1941 Birthday - Beth Howland, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Vera-Alice, Company

1941 Birthday - Lisa Davina Phillip, born in Britain, actress, singer, voice actor, played role of teenage prostitute Macy in film 'Laters'

1941 Birthday - Diane McBain, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Surfside Six, Spinout, Donner Pass

1941 Birthday - Miriam Margolyes, actress, Will Be

1941 Birthday - Lainie Kazan, Brooklyn, singer and actress, Lust in the Dust, Beaches

1941 Birthday - Senta Berger, Vienna Austria, actress, Cast a Giant Shadow

1941 Death - Ruth Stonehouse, film director, silent era film actress, directed films 'The Winning Pair', 'Tacky Sue's Romance', dies in Hollywood, California, at age 48

1941 Birthday - Ghena Dimitrova, actress, Nabucco

1941 Birthday - Barbara Barendrecht, BHM Wurfbain, actress, Dirty Picture

1941 Birthday - Ann Margret, born in Valsjobya Sweden, actress, Bye Bye Birdie, Tommy

1941 Birthday - Julie Christie, born in Assam, India, actress, Dr. Zhivago

1941 Birthday - Hannah Gordon, actress, Oh Alfie

1941 Birthday - Trish Van Devere, Patricia Dressel, born in Tenafly, New Jersey, actress, Changeling

1941 Birthday - Karyn Kupcinet, actress, Carol-Gertrude Berg Show

1941 Birthday - Susan Browning, Baldwin, New York, actress, Pat-Mary Hartman

1941 Birthday - Florinda Bolkan, Ceara Brazil, actress, Damned, Last Valley, Word

1941 Birthday - Sheila James Kuehl, politician/actress, Zelda-Dobie Gillis

1941 Birthday - Gigi Perreau, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Journey to Center of Time

1941 Birthday - Bridget Hanley, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actress, Here Come the Brides

1941 Birthday - Jessica Walter, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Play Misty For Me, Amy Prentiss

1941 Birthday - Iva Zanicchi, actress, Ragazza Tutta d'Oro

1941 Birthday - [Dorothy] Faye Dunaway, Bascom, Florida, actress, Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde

1941 Birthday - Faye Dunaway, American Actress

1941 Birthday - Susannah York, London, actress, A Man for All Seasons, Tom Jones

1941 Birthday - Shima Iwashita, actress, Red Lion, Hara-Kiri, Double Suicide

1940 Death - Agnes Ayres, actress (Johnny Belinda, Sheik), dies at 42

1940 Birthday - Edith Clever, Wuppertal Germany, actress, Parsifal, L'Adolescente

1940 Birthday - Jenny Linden, English actress, Hedda, Dr. Who and the Daleks

1940 Birthday - Julie Parrish, Middlesboro, Kentucky, actress, Good Morning World, Capitol

1940 Birthday - Pat Finley, Asheville, North Carolina, actress, Ellen Hartley-Bob Newhart Show

1940 Birthday - Ellen Travolta, Englewood, New Jersey, actress, Grease, Charles in Charge

1940 Birthday - Anna Karina, Copenhagen Denmark, actress, Alphaville

1940 Birthday - Linda Gray, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Sue Ellen Ewing-Dallas

1940 Birthday - Susan Sennett, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Big Bad Mama

1940 Birthday - Jackie Trent, born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England, singer, actress, songwriter, wrote famous theme tune for TV soap, 'Neighbours'

1940 Birthday - Pauline Collins, born in London, England, actress, Shirley Valentine

1940 Birthday - Beverly Sanders, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Lotsa Luck, CPO Sharkey

1940 Death - Johanna "Annie" Bakker, revue-artists/singer/actress, dies at 58

1940 Birthday - Jill St. John, Oppenheim, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Diamonds are Forever

1940 Birthday - Beverlee McKinsey, Oklahoma, actress, Iris-Another World, Guiding Light

1940 Birthday - Marlyn Mason, San Fernando Cal, actress, Making It, Peyton Place

1940 Birthday - Louise Sorel, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, BS I Love You, Crimes of Passion

1940 Birthday - Reva Rose, born in Chicago, Illinois, singer and actress, Temperature's Rising

1940 Birthday - Phyllis Davis, born in Port Arthur, Texas, actress, Love American Style, Vega$

1940 Birthday - Marcia Rodd, actress, Little Murders, T R Baskins

1940 Birthday - Mariette Hartley, born in New York City, actress, Poloroid spokesperson, Marooned

1940 Birthday - Patricia Bruder, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Ellen-As the World Turns

1940 Birthday - Gloria Hunniford, British broadcaster and actress, Old Curiosity Shop

1940 Death - Mrs Patrick Campbell, English actress (Outcast Lady, Riptide), dies

1940 Birthday - Aliza Kashi, born in Israel, actress and singer, Merv Griffin regular

1940 Birthday - Penelope Keith, British actress, Norman Conquests, Priest of Love

1940 Birthday - June Wilkinson, born in Eastbourne, England, actress, Absolutely Glamarous

1940 Birthday - Eleanor Fount, English actress, Women in Love, Bedazzled

1940 Birthday - Rita Tushingham, born in Liverpool, England, actress, Green Eyes, Dr. Zhivago

1940 Birthday - Susan Clark, born in Sarnia, Ontario, actress, Night Moves, Webster

1940 Birthday - Joanna Miles, born in Nice, France, actress, Cross Creek, Delta County USA

1940 Birthday - Carlin Glynn, U.S. actress, Continental Divide

1940 Birthday - Bibi Besch, Vienna Austria, actress, Star Trek 2, Beast Within

1940 Birthday - Dany Saval, born in Oakland California, actress, Boeing Boeing, Moon Pilot

1940 Birthday - Thelma Schoonmaker, actress/editor, Casino, Cape Fear, Good Fellas

1939 Birthday - Henrica M L "Wiesje" Backer, Dutch dancer/actress/playwright

1939 Birthday - Novella Nelson, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Nellie Cole-Chiefs

1939 Birthday - Marilyn Cooper, New York City, actress, Broadway Bound, Survivors

1939 Birthday - Rosanna Schiaffino, Genoa Italy, actress, Minotaur, Mazzabubu

1939 Birthday - Susan Anspach, New York City, actress, Grace-Yellow Rose, Blume in Love

1939 Birthday - Brenda Vaccaro, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Cactus Flower, Sara, Paper Dolls

1939 Birthday - Denise Alexander, actress, Mary McKinnon-Another World

1939 Birthday - Barbara Bosson, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, actress, Fay-Hill St. Blues, Hooperman

1939 Birthday - Jane Alexander, Quigley, Boston, actress, Betsy, Kramer vs Kramer

1939 Death - Alice Brady, actress (My Man Godfrey, Gay Divorcee), dies at 46

1939 Birthday - Melinda Dillon, Hope, Arkansas, actress, Close Encounters, Slap Shot

1939 Birthday - Lily Tomlin, born in Detroit, comedienne/actress, 9 to 5, Laugh-in, All of Me

1939 Birthday - Elizabeth Ashley, Cole, Ocala Florida, actress, Coma, Evening Shade

1939 Birthday - Liselot Beekmeyer, actress, Issue Blum

1939 Birthday - Molly Bee, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actress, Pinky Lee Show

1939 Birthday - Carol Shelley, London, actress, Gwendolyn Pidgeon-Odd Couple

1939 Birthday - Kate O'Mara, born in Leicaster, England, actress, Caress Morell-Dynasty, AbFab

1939 Birthday - Verna Bloom, born in Lynn, Massachusetts, actress, After Hours, Badge 373

1939 Birthday - France Nuyen, born in Marseilles, France, actress, St. Elsewhere, Diamond Head

1939 Birthday - Alexandra Stewart, born in Montreal, actress, In Praise of Older Women

1939 Birthday - Nanette Newman, writer/actress, Endless Game, Of Human Bondage

1939 Birthday - Dixie Carter, Tennessee, actress, Designing Women, Edge of Night

1939 Birthday - Nancy Kwan, Hong Kong, actress, Flower Drum Song, World of Suzie Wong

1939 Birthday - Samantha Eggar, born in London, England, actress, Collector

1939 Birthday - Ellen Weston, born in New York City, actress, Betty-SWAT

1939 Death - Theo Mann, actress (Pink Bernd, Hedda Gabler), dies at 88

1939 Birthday - Claudia Cardinale, born in Tunis, actress, Blindfold, 8, Pink Panther

1939 Birthday - Louise Lasser, New York City, actress, Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!

1939 Birthday - Michael Learned, born in Washington D.C., actress, Olivia-Waltons, Nurse

1939 Birthday - Ali MacGraw, born in Pound Ridge, New York, actress, Love Story, Goodbye Columbus

1939 Birthday - Nancy Kwan, born in Hong Kong, actress, Flower Drum Song, Night Creature

1939 Birthday - Kathleen Widdoes, born in Wilmington, Deleware, actress, Without a Trace

1939 Birthday - Barbara Feldon, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actress, Agent 99-Get Smart

1939 Birthday - Paula Prentiss, born in San Antonio, Texas, actress, Parallax View, He and She

1939 Birthday - Barbara Luna, born in New York City, actress, 5 Weeks in a Balloon, Gentle Savage

1939 Birthday - Marisa Mell, Graz Austria, actress, Masquerade, Casanova '70

1939 Birthday - Majel Barrett, born in Columbus, Ohio, actress, Christine Chapel-Star Trek

1939 Birthday - Gwen Taylor, British actress, Life of Brian, Sob Sisters, Screaming

1939 Birthday - Petronella CM "Carletta" Banning, actress, Potasch and Perlemoer

1939 Birthday - Mary Ann Mobley, Biloxi Ms, Miss America-1959/actress, Diff'rent Strokes

1939 Birthday - Janet Suzman, South Africa, actress, Dry White Season, Nuns on the Run

1939 Birthday - Yvette Mimieux, Hollywood Cal, actress, Time Machine, Where the Boys Are

1938 Birthday - Rosalind Cash, Atlantic City, New Jersey, actress, Omega Man, Wrong is Right

1938 Death - Florence Lawrence, silent screen actress (Confidence), dies at 48

1938 Birthday - Liv Ullman, Tokyo, Japan, actress, Cries and Whispers, 40 Carats

1938 Birthday - Janette Scott, actress, Day of the Triffids

1938 Birthday - Connie Francis, born in Newark, New Jersey, singer and actress, Where the Boys Are

1938 Birthday - Liesbeth Struppert, actress, Miep Gies-Anne Frank

1938 Birthday - Jean Seberg, Marshaltown Iowa, actress, Breathless, Paint Your Wagon

1938 Birthday - Pleuni Touw, Dutch actress, Black Rider

1938 Birthday - Pleuntje "Pleuni" Cordon, actress, Dear Guys

1938 Birthday - Bernadette Lafont, Nimes France, actress, Perils of Gwendoline

1938 Birthday - Dawn Wells, American Actress

1938 Birthday - Romy Schneider, Vienna Austria, actress, Bloodline, Death Watch

1938 Birthday - Francine York, Aurora, Minnesota, actress, Slattery's People

1938 Birthday - Diana Muldaur, New York City, actress, McCloud, Star Trek Next Gen, LA Law

1938 Birthday - Connie Stevens, born in Brooklyn, singer and actress, Hawaiian Eye, Back to Beach

1938 Birthday - Carry Tefsen, Dutch actress, Say A

1938 Birthday - Ja'net Dubois, born in Philadelphia, actress, Willona-Good Times, Beverly Hill 90210

1938 Death - Pearl White, U.S. actress/stunt woman (Perils of Pauline), dies at 49

1938 Birthday - Diana Rigg, born in Doncaster, England, actress, Emma Peel-Avengers, Hospital

1938 Birthday - Helen Ryan, actress, Hannah

1938 Birthday - Susan Strasberg, New York City, actress, In Praise of Older Women, Manitou

1938 Birthday - Millie Perkins, Passaic, New Jersey, actress, Jane-Knots Landings

1938 Birthday - Susan Hampshire, born in London, England, actress, Vanity Fair, Living Free

1938 Birthday - Madge Sinclair, Kingston Jamaica, actress, Bell-Roots, Trapper John

1938 Birthday - Lory Patrick, born in Beckley, West Virginia, actress, Trina-Tales of Welles Fargo

1938 Birthday - Yvonne Lime, born in Glendale, California, actress, Father Knows Best, Dobie Gillis

1938 Birthday - Millie Perkins, actress, Diary of Anne Frank, Table for 5, Shooting

1938 Birthday - Marina Vlady, born in Clichy, France, actress, Conjugal Bed, The Hunt

1938 Birthday - Diane Baker, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Diary of Anne Frank, Marnie

1938 Birthday - Diane Varsi, San Mateo California, actress, Peyton Place

1938 Death - Alida JM Tartaud-Little, actress (Rotterdam Stage), dies at 64

1938 Birthday - Marlies van Alcmaer, Smal, Dutch actress/director, Bridge too Far

1937 Birthday - Mary Tyler Moore, born in Brooklyn, actress, Mary Tyler Moore, Ordinary People

1937 Birthday - Jane Fonda, New York City, actress, Barbarella, Klute, physically fit

1937 Birthday - Joyce Bulifant, Newport News, Virginia, actress, Marie-Mary Tyler Moore Show

1937 Birthday - Karen Morrow, Chic, actress, Aunt Minerva-Tabitha, Jim Nabors Hour

1937 Birthday - Ina Balin, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Danger in Paradise

1937 Birthday - Loretta Swit, Passaic, New Jersey, actress, Hotlips Houlihan-M*A*S*H

1937 Birthday - Linda Lavin, Portland Maine, actress, Alice, Barney Miller

1937 Death - Clifford Heatherley, actress (For Love or Money, Cash), dies at 48

1937 Birthday - Daniela Rocca, born in Sicily, actress, Battle of Austerlitz, Empty Canvas

1937 Birthday - Virna Lisi, Italy, actress, Assault on a Queen, Bluebeard

1937 Death - Esther de Farmer-of Rich, actress (Kniertje-On hope of blessing), dies

1937 Birthday - Lorraine Gary, New York City, actress, Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 4

1937 Birthday - Allegra Kent, U.S. actress, Addams Family

1937 Birthday - Anna Massey, actress, De Sade, Doll's House

1937 Birthday - Barbara Windsor, actress, Study in Terror

1937 Birthday - Barbara Ann Loden, actress, Ernie Kovac's Show

1937 Birthday - Polly Holliday, born in Jasper, Alabama, actress, Flo-Alice, Flo-Flo

1937 Birthday - Varbara Ann Teer, U.S. actress/director, National Black Theatre Company

1937 Death - Jean Harlow, actress 'Bombshell', dies from gallbladder infection at 26

1937 Birthday - Yvonne Craig, Taylorville, Illinois, actress, Batgirl-Batman, Kissin Cousin

1937 Birthday - Zohra Lampert, New York City, actress, Doctor's Hospital

1937 Birthday - Sandy Dennis, born in Nebraska, actress, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

1937 Birthday - Bo Brundin, born in Stockholm, Sweden, actress, Rhinemann Exchange

1937 Birthday - Elinor Donahue, born in Tacoma, Washington, actress, Father Knows Best, Get a Life

1937 Birthday - Jay W. Macintosh, born in Gainesville, Georgia, actress, Sons and Daughters

1937 Birthday - Anne Kristen, actress, Truth or Dare, Rachel-Dr. Finlay, Sunset Song

1937 Birthday - Barbara Babcock, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Dr. Quinn, Dallas, Hill St. Blues

1937 Birthday - Susan Oliver, New York City, actress, Ann-Peyton Place, Star Trek-Cage

1937 Birthday - Suzanne Pleshette, New York City, actress, Birds, Emily-Bob Newhart Show

1937 Birthday - Vanessa Redgrave, born in London, actress, Blow-Up, Julia, Orient Express

1937 Birthday - Dorothy Provine, Deadwood, South Dakota, actress, Good Neighbor Sam, Darn Cat

1937 Birthday - Margaret O'Brien, San Diego, actress, Jane Eyre, Meet Me in St. Louis

1937 Birthday - Marie Dubois, Paris, France, actress, Wise Guys, Jules and Jim

1937 Birthday - Dyan Cannon, born in Tacoma, Washington, Mrs. Cary Grant, actress, 'Heaven Can Wait'

1936 Birthday - Nichelle Nichols, Robbins, Illinois, actress, Uhura-Star Trek

1936 Birthday - Susan Kohner, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Imitation of Life, Gene Krupa Story

1936 Birthday - Shelley Morrison, American Actress

1936 Birthday - Anna Quayle, actress, Mistress Pamela

1936 Birthday - Stella Stevens, born in Yazoo City, Mississippi, actress, Girls! Girls!, Manitou

1936 Birthday - Mylene Demongeot, Nice France, actress, 3 Murderesses

1936 Birthday - Juliet Prowse, Bombay India, actress/dancer, Who Killed Teddy Bear

1936 Birthday - Dany Carrel, Touraine Indo-china, actress, Passionate Summer

1936 Birthday - Yvette Vickers, KC, playmate, Jul 1959, actress, Attack of 50' Woman

1936 Birthday - Anita Gillette, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Quincy ME, Marathon, Moonstruck

1936 Birthday - Kathryn Hays, New York City, actress, Kim Hughes-As the World Turns

1936 Birthday - Shirley Knight, born in Goessei, Kansas, actress, Endless Love, Secrets

1936 Birthday - Nancy Dussault, born in Pensacola, Florida, actress, Muriel-Too Close for Comfort

1936 Birthday - Sally Kellerman, Long Beach Cal, actress, M*A*S*H, Back to School

1936 Birthday - Ruta Lee, actress, Operation Eichmann, Marjorie Morningstar

1936 Birthday - Arlene McQuade, New York City, actress, Rosalie-Goldbergs

1936 Birthday - Anna Maria Alberghetti, Italy, singer and actress, Cinderfella

1936 Birthday - Glenda Jackson, Cheshire, England, actress, Women in Love

1936 Birthday - Joanna Dunham, actress, Possession, House the Dripped Blood

1936 Birthday - Zohra Lampert, actress, Doctors' Hospital, Girl With Something Extra

1936 Birthday - Jill Ireland, born in London, actress, Breakout, Assassination, Chino

1936 Birthday - Estelle Harris, actress, Estelle Castanza-Seinfeld

1936 Birthday - May Britt, Sweden, actress, Young Lions, wife of Sammy Davis, Jr.

1936 Birthday - Ursula Andress, born in Berne Switzerland, actress, She, Sensuous Nurse

1936 Birthday - [Aino] Elina Salo, born in Sipoo, Finland, actress, Hamlet Goes Business

1936 Birthday - Sue Ane Langdon, born in Paterson, New Jersey, actress, Bachelor Father, Arnie

1936 Birthday - Jean Boht, actress, Arthur's Hallowed Ground

1936 Birthday - Virginia Maskell, actress, Suspect, Doctor in Love, Man Upstairs

1936 Birthday - Marj Dusay, Mahoney, Russell, Kansas, actress, Kate-Bret Maverick

1936 Birthday - Diana Hyland, Cleveland Hgts Ohio, actress, Peyton Place, 8 is Enough

1936 Birthday - Ursula Andress, born in Switzerland, actress, She

1936 Birthday - Linda Lawson, Ann Arbor, Michigan, actress, Don't Call Me Charlie

1936 Birthday - Betty Rollin, actress, Crossing Delancey, author, Last Wish

1935 Death - Thelma Todd, actress (Horse Feathers, Bohemian Girl), dies of 30

1935 Birthday - Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Bath England, actress, Search for the Nile

1935 Birthday - Lee Remick, born in Quincy, Massachusetts, actress, Days of Wine and Rose, Long Hot Summer

1935 Birthday - Femke Boersma, Dutch actress, Verjaring, Pastorale 1943

1935 Birthday - Marian Mercer, born in Akron, Ohio, actress and singer, Dean Martin Show

1935 Death - Maria H "Mina" Beersmans, Flemish actress (After 30 Years), dies at 72

1935 Birthday - Pippa Scott, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Virginian, Mr. Lucky

1935 Death - Mina Dilis-Beersmans, Flemish actress/wife of John Dilis, dies at 71

1935 Birthday - Philippine J Aeckerlin, Dutch actress, Oh Venus, Daddy Longlegs

1935 Birthday - Julie Andrews, England, actress and singer, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins

1935 Birthday - Heather Sears, born in London, England, actress, Room at the Top

1935 Birthday - Eileen Brennan, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Laugh-In, Pvt Benjamin

1935 Birthday - Gail Fisher, Orange, New Jersey, actress, Peggy-Mannix

1935 Birthday - Betsy von Furstenberg, Nelheim Ger, actress, Machine Calls it Murder

1935 Birthday - Julie Newmar, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Catwoman-Batman, Living Doll

1935 Birthday - Abby Dalton, born in Las Vegas Nevada, actress, Joey Bishop Show

1935 Birthday - Barbara Harris, Sandra Mankwitz, actress, Plaza Suite, Family Plot

1935 Birthday - Diahann Carroll, born in Bronx, actress, Julia, Claudine, Dominique-Dynasty

1935 Birthday - Belinda Lee, born in Devon, England, actress, Who Done It, Runaway Bus

1935 Birthday - Diana Van Der Vlis, actress, Lovespell, Girl in Black Stockings

1935 Birthday - Salome Jens, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, actress, From Here to Eternity

1935 Birthday - Joan Darling, born in Boston, actress, Frieda-Owen Marshall

1935 Birthday - Sharon Acker, born in Toronto, Canada, actress, Della Street - Perry Mason 1973

1935 Birthday - Susan Engel, born in Vienna, Austria, actress, Ascendancy

1935 Birthday - Phyllis Newman, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, actress, Coming of Age, TW3

1935 Birthday - Renee Taylor, born in New York City, actress, Jack Paar Show, Mary Hartman, Nanny

1935 Birthday - Christine CT "Christel" Adelaar, Dutch actress, Pipo the Clown

1935 Birthday - Ann Wedgeworth, Abilene, Texas, actress, Tiger's Tale, Men's Club, Bogie

1935 Birthday - Tippi Hedren, born in Minnesota, actress, The Birds, Marnie, Bold and Beautiful

1935 Event - Actress Mary Pickford marries actor Douglas Fairbanks

1934 Birthday - Maggie Smith, born in Ilford, England, actress, Death on Nile, Clash of Titans

1934 Birthday - Judi Dench, York England, actress, Henry V, Wetherby

1934 Birthday - Joanna Barnes, Boston, actress, Parent Trap, Spartacus, Goodbye Charlie

1934 Birthday - Ann Flood, Jamaica, New York, actress, Edge of Night

1934 Birthday - Bibi Andersson, Sweden, actress, Scenes From a Marriage

1934 Birthday - Inger Stevens, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Katy-Farmer's Daughter

1934 Birthday - Madlyn Rhue, Washington D.C., actress, Bracken's World, Executive Suite

1934 Birthday - Sophia Loren, born in Rome, actress, Desire Under the Elms, Black Orchid

1934 Death - Marie Shotwell, actress (Sally of the Sawdust), dies at 54

1934 Birthday - Carol Lawrence, Illinois, dancer/actress, West Side Story

1934 Birthday - Barbara Eden, Huffman, born in Tucson, Arizona, actress, Dream of Jeannie

1934 Birthday - Diana Sands, New York City, actress, Raisin in the Sun, Doctor's Wife

1934 Birthday - Ketty Lester, Revoyda Frierson, U.S. singer and actress, Love Letters

1934 Death - Marie Dressler, actress (Dinner at 8, Anna Christie), dies at 64

1934 Birthday - Louise Fletcher, Birmingham, Alabama, actress, One Flew over Cuckoo's Nest

1934 Birthday - Jean Marsh, born in London, England, actress, Dark Places, Eagle has Landed

1934 Birthday - Rosanna Podesta, born in Tripoli, actress, Helen of Troy

1934 Birthday - Wendy Craig, born in England, actress, Joseph Andrews

1934 Birthday - Gena Rowlands, born in Cambria, Wisconsin, actress, Gloria, Tempest, Brinks Job

1934 Birthday - Eileen Atkins, born in London, England, actress, Equus, Devil Within Her

1934 Birthday - Millicent Martin, Romford Eng, actress, Alfie, Nothing but the Best

1934 Birthday - Katherine Helmond, actress, Soap, Coach

1934 Birthday - Sylvia Syms, London, actress, Asylum, Moonraker, Shirley Valentine

1934 Death - Eugenie Besserer, actress (Anna Christie, Madame X), dies at 65

1934 Birthday - Shirley MacLaine, born in Richmond, Virginia, actress/mystic, Irma la Douce

1934 Birthday - Diane Cilento, Rabaul, actress, Hombre, Tom Jones, Wicker Man

1934 Birthday - Eleanor Bron, British Actress

1934 Birthday - Joyce Van Patten, born in Queens, New York, actress, Good Guys, Don Rickles Show

1934 Birthday - Barbara McNair, born in Racine, Wisconsin, singer and actress, Barbara McNair Show

1934 Birthday - Gia Scala, born in Italy, actress in Angry Hills, Don't Go Near the Water

1934 Birthday - Linda Cristal, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, actress, Victoria-High Chapparal

1934 Birthday - Rue McClanahan, Healdton Oklahoma, actress, Maude, Golden Girls

1934 Birthday - Florence Henderson, Dale, Indiana, actress and singer, Carol-Brady Bunch

1934 Birthday - Annette Crosbie, British actress

1934 Birthday - Tina Louise, New York City, actress, Ginger-Gilligan's Island, Julie-Dallas

1934 Birthday - Tammy Grimes, Lynn Massachusetts, actress, Can't Stop the Music

1934 Birthday - Elizabeth Allen, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, actress, Laura-Bracken's World

1933 Birthday - Cicely Tyson, born in Harlem, New York City, actress, Roots, Miss Jane Pittman

1933 Birthday - Kathryn Grant Crosby, Houston Texas, actress, Mr Cory, Big Circus

1933 Birthday - Barbara Carson, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Comedy Tonight, Carter Country

1933 Birthday - Adrienne Corri, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, River, Dr. Zhivago

1933 Birthday - Aneta Corsaut, Jutchinson, Kansas, actress, Helen Crump-Andy Griffith

1933 Birthday - Suzy Parker, born in San Antonio, Texas, model/actress, Chamber of Horrors

1933 Death - Lillian Hall-Davies actress (Farmer's Wife, Ring), dies at 36

1933 Birthday - Georgia Brown, Lillian Getel, actress, Study in Terror, Fixer

1933 Birthday - Dawn French, actress/comedienne, Supergrass

1933 Birthday - Daniel Massey, London, actress, Vault of Horror

1933 Birthday - Diane Cilento, born in Australia, actress, Agony and Ecstasy, Wicker Man

1933 Death - Renee Adoree, actress (Big Parade), dies at 35

1933 Birthday - Kathleen Nolan, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Real McCoys, Janie, Broadside

1933 Birthday - Clari Baruch, Clara C de Lieme, actress, Man With White Flower

1933 Birthday - Donna Douglas, born in Pride, Louisiana, actress, 'Beverly Hillbillies'

1933 Birthday - Patricia Crowley, Olyphant, Pennsylvania, actress, Please Don't Eat the Daisies

1933 Birthday - Zoe Caldwell, Australia, actress, Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

1933 Birthday - Eileen Fulton, Asheville, North Carolina, actress, Our Private World

1933 Birthday - Sylva Koscina, Zagreb Yugo, actress, Jessica, Hercules

1933 Birthday - Debra Paget, born in Denver, Colorado, actress 'Love Me Tender'

1933 Birthday - Lori Nelson, born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, actress, Greta-How to Marry a Millionaire

1933 Birthday - Madhur Jaffrey, cookbook writer/actress, Shakespeare Wallah

1933 Birthday - Joan Weldon, SF, actress, So This is Love, Them

1933 Birthday - Aliki Vouyouklaki, actress, Madalena

1933 Birthday - Patsy Byrne, born in Ashford, England, actress, Stealing Heaven

1933 Birthday - Brett Halsey, born in Santa Ana, California, actress, Paul-Follow the Sun

1933 Birthday - Thelma Barlow, English actress, Mavis-Coronation Street

1933 Birthday - Joan Henrietta Collins, London, actress, Alexis-Dynasty, Bitch

1933 Birthday - Joan Collins, American Actress

1933 Birthday - Constance Towers, actress, Capitol, Shock Corrider, Naked Kiss

1933 Birthday - Carol Burnett, born in San Antonio, Texas, comedian/actress, Annie, 4 Seasons

1933 Birthday - Joan Bakewell, British broadcaster/actress, Cold Comfort Farm

1933 Birthday - Elizabeth Montgomery, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Samantha/Serena-Bewitched

1933 Birthday - Shani Wallis, Ireland, singer and actress, Oliver

1933 Birthday - Shirley Jones, born in Smithton, Pennsylvania, actress, Partridge Family, Elmer Gantry

1933 Birthday - Monique van Vooren, born in Belgium, actress, Andy Warhol's Frankenstein

1933 Birthday - Joan Hackett, born in New York, actress, Will Penny, One Stone Pony

1933 Birthday - Mary Ure, England, model/actress, Reflection of Fear, Windom's Way

1933 Birthday - Caroline Blakiston, actress, At Bertram's Hotel

1933 Birthday - Kim Novak, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Vertigo, Of Human Bondage

1933 Birthday - Arlene Golonka, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Millie-Mayberry RFD

1933 Birthday - Chita Rivera, Washington D.C., actress, West Side Story, Sweet Charity

1933 Birthday - Dalida, Cairo, actress/singer, Miss Egypt, The 6th Day

1933 Birthday - Sheree North, Dawn Bethel, Louisiana, actress, Mary Tyler Moore Show

1933 Birthday - Capucine, Germaine Lefebvre, Toulon France, actress, Pink Panther

1932 Birthday - Inga Swenson, Omaha Nebraska, actress, Gretchen-Benson

1932 Birthday - Anne Heywood, Violet Pretty, Engl, Miss GB, 1949, actress, Brain

1932 Birthday - Ellen Burstyn, born in Detroit, actress, Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here

1932 Birthday - Diane Ladd, Meridian Mississippi, actress, Wild Angels, Wild at Heart

1932 Birthday - Stephane Audran, Versailles France, actress, Just Before Nightfall

1932 Death - Belle Bennett, actress (Iron Mask), dies at 41

1932 Birthday - Dimitra Arliss, actress, Rich Man Poor Man II

1932 Birthday - Felicia Farr, Westchester, New York, actress, Charley Varrick, Kotch

1932 Birthday - Anne Francis, Ossining, New York, actress, Honey West, Pancho Villa

1932 Birthday - Sylvia Miles, New York City, actress, Midnight Cowboy, Farewell My Lovely

1932 Birthday - Ann Harding, U.S., actress, East is West, Janie

1932 Birthday - Maria M L "Marijke" Bakker, Dutch actress, Mammaloe-Pipo the Clown

1932 Birthday - Anneli Sauli, Savolainen, actress, Milkmaid

1932 Birthday - Elsa Martinelli, Grosseto Italy, actress, Indian Fighter

1932 Birthday - Milly Vitale, born in Rome, actress, 7 Little Foys, War and Peace, Juggler

1932 Birthday - Nina Van Pallandt, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, actress, American Gigolo

1932 Birthday - Della Reese, Detroit, singer and actress, Della Reese Show, Royal Family

1932 Birthday - Marisa Pavan, born in Cagliari, Italy, actress, Solomon and Sheba, Rose Tattoo

1932 Birthday - Billie Whitelaw, born in Coventry, England, actress, Omen, Adding Machine

1932 Birthday - Francoise Fabian, Hussein Dey Algeria, actress, Happy New Year

1932 Birthday - Geraldine McEwan, actress, Henry V

1932 Birthday - Anouk Aimee, Paris, actress, 8, La Dolce Vita

1932 Birthday - Elaine May, born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, comedienne/writer/actress, New Leaf

1932 Birthday - Jayne Mansfield, Vera Jane Palmer, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, actress, Fat Spy

1932 Birthday - Delphine Seyrig, born in Beirut, Lebanon, actress, Freak Orlando, Reperages

1932 Birthday - Debbie Reynolds, born in El Paso, Texas, actress, Singin' in the Rain

1932 Birthday - Valerie French, born in London, England, actress, Jubal

1932 Birthday - Elizabeth Taylor, born in London, actress, Cleopatra, violet eyes

1932 Birthday - Gretchen Wyler, Bartlesville Oklahoma, actress, Silk Stockings

1932 Death - Minnie Maddern Fiske, actress (Henrik Ibsen's plays), dies at 66

1932 Birthday - Peggy Ann Garner, Canton Ohio, actress, Little Women, Daisy Kenyon

1932 Birthday - Piper Laurie, Rosetta Jacobs, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Twin Peaks

1932 Birthday - Harriet Andersson, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Cries and Whispers

1932 Birthday - Mara Corday, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Foxfire, Black Scorpion

1931 Birthday - Barbara Steele, England, actress, Castle of Blood, Dark Shadows

1931 Birthday - Jill Bennett, Penang Malay, actress, Lady Jane, Concrete Jungle

1931 Birthday - Jaye P Morgan, Mancos, Colorado, singer and actress, Gong Show, Night Patrol

1931 Birthday - Hope Lange, Redding Ridge, Connecticut, actress, Ghost and Mrs. Muir

1931 Birthday - Darla Hood, Leedey Oklahoma, singer and actress, Little Rascals

1931 Birthday - Monica Vitti, Ceciarelli, Rome, Italy, actress, Tigers in Lipstick

1931 Birthday - Annie Giradot, Paris, France, actress, Gypsy, Jacko and Lise

1931 Birthday - Diana Dors, Fluck, Swindon England, actress, Berserk!, Steaming

1931 Birthday - Angie Dickinson, Kulm ND, actress, Police Woman

1931 Birthday - Anita Ekberg, Malmo Sweden, actress, La Dolce Vita, Miss Sweden, 1950

1931 Birthday - Barbara Bain, Chic, actress, Cinnamon-Mission Impossible, Space 1999

1931 Birthday - Mitzi Gaynor, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress/vocalist, Les Girls, South Pacific

1931 Birthday - Nancy Hadley, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Love That Jill, Joey Bishop Show

1931 Birthday - Janice Rule, born in Norwood, Ohio, actress, Alvarez Kelly, Doctor's Wife

1931 Birthday - Joan Vohs, St. Albans, New York, actress, Fort Ti, Vice Squad, Sabrina

1931 Birthday - Leslie Caron, born in Boulogne-Biliancourt, France, actress, Lili, Father Goose

1931 Birthday - June Thorburn, born in Kashmir, India, actress, Touch and Go, Children Galore

1931 Birthday - Olympia Dukakis, born in Lowell, Massachusetts, actress, Moonstruck, Cemetery Club

1931 Birthday - Marla Gibbs, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Florence-Jeffersons, Mary-227

1931 Birthday - Lucianna Paluzzi, born in Rome, Italy, actress, Five Fingers, Thunderball

1931 Birthday - Virginia McKenna, actress, Born Free, Chosen, Lions are Free, Simba

1931 Birthday - Francoise Arnoul, actress/composer, French Cancan, Jacko and Lise

1931 Birthday - Carroll Baker, Penn, actress, Andy Warhol's Bad, Babydoll, Harlow

1931 Birthday - Barbara Barrie, Chicago, actress, Breaking Away, Barney Miller

1931 Birthday - Eunice Gayson, born in London, England, actress, Dr. No, From Russia With Love

1931 Birthday - Taina Elg, born in Helsinki, Finland, actress, Hercules in, New York, Les Girls

1931 Birthday - Carmen Delavallade, U.S. dancer/singer/actress, Aida

1931 Birthday - [Patricia] Claire Bloom, London, actress, Charly, Look Back in Anger

1931 Birthday - Claire Bloom, British Actress

1931 Birthday - Mary Murphy, Washington D.C., actress, A Man Alone, Maggie-Investigators

1931 Birthday - Tippi Hedren, American Actress

1931 Birthday - May Wynn, Donna Lee Hickey, New York City, actress, Caine Mutiny, Noah's Ark

1930 Birthday - Ala Odetta, Odetta Holmes, Birmingham, folk singer/actress

1930 Birthday - Barbara Ruick, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Apache War Smoke, Tu Para Mi

1930 Birthday - Julia Meade, actress/TV hostess, Spotlight Playhouse

1930 Birthday - Genevieve Page, actress, Day and the Hour

1930 Birthday - Doris Roberts, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Angie, Maggie, Emmy 1983

1930 Birthday - Kate Reid, born in London, England, actress, Heaven Help U.S.

1930 Birthday - Lois Smith, Topeka, Kansas, actress, Reckless, Reuben Reuben

1930 Birthday - Marilyn Alex, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Molly-Young and Restless

1930 Birthday - Dawn Addams, Felixstown England, actress, Alan Young Show, Star Maidens

1930 Birthday - Rosemary Harris, Ashby Suffolk England, actress, Holocaust

1930 Birthday - Dorothy Loudon, Cambridge Massachusetts, actress and singer, Garry Moore Show

1930 Birthday - Cathryn Damon, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Mary-Soap, She's Having a Baby

1930 Birthday - Ariana CE Amsberg, Dutch publicist/actress, Aside, Sekstant

1930 Birthday - Page Johnson, West Virginia, actress, Passages from Finnegan's Wake

1930 Birthday - Vera Miles, Ralston, Boise City ID, actress, Psycho

1930 Birthday - Nita Talbot, born in New York City, New York, actress, Supertrain, Here We Go Again

1930 Birthday - Abbey Lincoln, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress and singer, Nothing But a Man

1930 Birthday - Julie Bovasso, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Willie and Phil, Just Me and You

1930 Birthday - Jacqueline Brookes, Montclair, New Jersey, actress, Jack and Mike, Another World

1930 Birthday - Marcia Henderson, born in Andover, Massachusetts, actress, Kathleen-Aldrich Family

1930 Birthday - Sally Ann Howes, born in London, England, actress, Dead of Night

1930 Birthday - Anne Francis, born in Ossining, New York, actress, Honey West, Forbidden Planet

1930 Birthday - Polly Bergen, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, actress, Rhoda-Winds of War, Baby Talk

1930 Birthday - Dana Wynter, London, actress, Airport, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

1930 Birthday - Morgana King, jazz singer and actress, Godfather

1930 Birthday - Joan Sims, actress, Carry on Behind, Carry on Cleo

1930 Birthday - Dotty Mack, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Paul Dixon Show

1930 Birthday - Silvana Mangano, born in Rome, Italy, actress, Death in Venice, Barabbas

1930 Death - Christine [Elizabeth C] Poolman, Dutch actress (Mother), dies at 79

1930 Birthday - Dorothy Tutin, born in London, actress, Importance of Being Ernest, Cromwell

1930 Birthday - Grace Lee Whitney, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, actress, Yeoman Rand-Star Trek

1930 Birthday - Joanne Woodward, born in Thomasville, Georgia, actress, 3 Faces of Eve, Rachel

1930 Birthday - Lieux Dressler, actress, Alice Grant-General Hospital

1930 Birthday - Barbara Lawrence, Carnegie, Oklahoma, actress, Joe Dakota

1930 Death - Mabel Normand, actress/director (Extra Girl), dies at 35

1930 Birthday - Allison Hayes, Washington, actress, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

1930 Birthday - Patricia Smith, New Haven, Connecticut, actress, Bob Newhart Show

1930 Birthday - Peggy King, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, vocalist/actress, George Gobel Show

1930 Birthday - Joan Rice, actress, Payroll, Steel Key, Curtain Up

1930 Birthday - Lynn Carlin, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Joan Hunter-James at 15

1930 Birthday - Frances Sternhagen, Washington D.C., actress, Outland, Starting Over

1929 Birthday - Barbara Nichols, Jamaica, New York, actress, Dear Heart, Disorderly Orderly

1929 Birthday - Irish McCalla, Pawnee City, Nebraska, actress, Sheena Queen of Jungle

1929 Birthday - Emily McLaughlin, born in White Plains, New York, actress, Jessie-General Hospital

1929 Birthday - Betta St. John, Hawthorne California, actress, Corridors of Blood

1929 Birthday - Rachel Ames, born in Portland, Oregon, actress, Line Up, Audrey-General Hospital

1929 Birthday - Betsy Palmer, born in East Chicago, Indiana, actress, Mr Roberts, Friday the 13th

1929 Birthday - Joan Plowright, Brigg England, actress, Brimstone and Treacle

1929 Death - Jeanne Eagels, actress (The Letter), dies at 35

1929 Birthday - Marilyn Clark, Spokane, Washington, actress, House of Party Beach

1929 Birthday - Sada Thompson, Des Moines, Iowa, actress, Family, Pursuit of Happiness

1929 Birthday - Anne Meara, Brooklyn, New York comedian/actress, Stiller and Meara, Archie's Place

1929 Death - Sara Amsel, Indon/Dutch actress/wife of Carel van Hoisted, dies at 58

1929 Birthday - Rokie Roker, born in Miami, Florida, actress, Helen-Jeffersons

1929 Birthday - Norma Connolly, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Ruby Anderson-General Hospital

1929 Birthday - Vivien Merchant, born in Manchester, England, actress, Under Milk Wood

1929 Birthday - Katherine Helmond, born in Galveston, Texas, actress, Soap, Mona-Who's the Boss

1929 Death - Gladys Brockwell, actress (Oliver Twist), dies at 34

1929 Birthday - Eva Bartok, Budapest Hungary, actress, Assassin, Crimson Pirate

1929 Birthday - Elaine Stewart, Montclair, New Jersey, actress, Take the High Ground

1929 Birthday - Ulla Jacobson, Swedish actress, One Summer of Happiness

1929 Birthday - Carolyn Jones, born in Amarillo, Texas, actress, Morticia-Addams Family

1929 Birthday - Elspet Gray, Lady Rix, actress, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Solo, Tenko

1929 Birthday - Miyoshi Umeki, born in Japan, actress, Mrs Livingston-Courtship of Eddie's Father

1929 Birthday - Shirley Stoler, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Frankenhooker, 7 Beauties

1929 Birthday - Joan Shawlee, born in Forest Hills, New York, actress, Prehistoric Women

1929 Birthday - Ingrid Thulin, born in Solleftea, Sweden, actress, Cries and Whispers, Damned

1929 Birthday - Terry Moore, Helen Luella Koford, LA Cal, actress, Little Sheba

1928 Birthday - Kathleen Hughes, born in Hollywood, California, actress, It Came From Outer Space

1928 Birthday - Grace Kelly, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actress, Rear Window, Princess, Monaco

1928 Birthday - Norma Crane, born in New York City, New York, actress, 'Tea and Sympathy', 'Fiddler on the Roof'

1928 Birthday - Cleo Moore, American Actress

1928 Birthday - Jeanne Cooper, Minneapolis, actress, Kay-Young and Restless

1928 Birthday - Marion Ross, Albert Lea, Minnesota, actress, Marion-Happy Days, Brooklyn Bridge

1928 Birthday - Bella Darvi, Bayla Wegier, Sosnowiec Poland, actress, Racers

1928 Birthday - Buff Cobb, Florence Italy, actress, Masquerade Party

1928 Birthday - Hendrika G "Tine" de Vries, actress, Seaman's Wife

1928 Birthday - Phyllis Kirk, Syracuse, New York, actress, Thin Man, Red Button's Show

1928 Birthday - Ann Blyth, Mount Kisko, New York, actress, Kismet, Mildred Pierce

1928 Birthday - Lina Wertmueller, Arcanguela von Elgg, Rome, actress, 7 Beauties

1928 Death - Ellen A Terry, Brits actress/dir (Imperial Theatre), dies at 81

1928 Death - Ellen Terry, English Actress

1928 Birthday - Nancy Olson, born in Milwaukee, actress, Absent-Minded Professor, Pollyanna

1928 Birthday - Norma Donaldson, singer and actress, Poetic Justice, 5 Heartbeats

1928 Birthday - Estelita Rodriguez, born in Cuba, actress, Cuban Fireball, Havana Rose

1928 Birthday - Constance Ford, U.S. actress, Cabinet of Calgary, Ada-Another World

1928 Birthday - Nancy Marchand, born in Buffalo, New York, actress, Beacon Hill, Margaret-Lou Grant

1928 Birthday - Maggie McNamara, born in New York City, actress, 3 Coins in a Fountain, Cardinal

1928 Birthday - Jeanne Bal, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Pat-Love and Marriage

1928 Birthday - Shirley Temple Black, California, actress, Heidi, ambassador, UN

1928 Birthday - Shirley Temple, American Actress

1928 Birthday - Joi Lansing, born in Salt Lake City Utah, actress, Bob Cummings Show

1928 Birthday - Maya Angelou, born in St. Louis, poet and actress, Nyo-Roots

1928 Birthday - Rita Gam, born in Pittsburgh, actress, Distortions, Hannibal, Sierra Baron

1928 Birthday - Jane Powell, born in Portland Oregon, singer and actress, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers

1928 Birthday - Carole Carr, singer and actress, Down Among the Z Men

1928 Birthday - Vanessa Brown, born in Vienna, Austria, actress, My Favorite Husband

1928 Birthday - Bettye Ackerman, Cottageville, South Carolina, actress, Maggie Graham-Ben Casey

1928 Death - Marie Verstraete, actress (Frou-Frou/Nora), dies at 74

1928 Birthday - Eartha Kitt, South Carolina, singer and actress, Catwoman-Batman

1928 Birthday - Jeanne Moreau, born in Paris, France, actress, Going Places, Jules and Jim

1928 Birthday - William Berger, Austria, actress, Adventure of Hercules

1927 Birthday - Isabelle Harriet Lucas, actress and singer, Outland, Comics

1927 Birthday - Estelle Parsons, Lynn Massachusetts, actress, Rachel Rachel, Bonnie and Clyde

1927 Birthday - Barbara Payton, Cloquet, Minnesota, actress, Dallas, Trapped, Bad Blonde

1927 Birthday - Lee Grant, Lyova Haskell Rosenthal, New York City, actress, Shampoo, Landlord

1927 Birthday - Cleo Laine, Middlesex England, actress and singer, Flesh to a Tiger

1927 Birthday - Barbara Cook, born in Atlanta, Georgia, stage singer and actress, Music Man

1927 Birthday - Antonia Rey, Havana Cuba, actress, True Colors, Wise Guys

1927 Birthday - Clarice Taylor, Virginia, actress, Nurse Bailey-Nurse

1927 Birthday - Rachel Roberts, born in Llanelly, Wales, actress, Foul Play, Doctor's Wife

1927 Birthday - Gianna Maria Canale, Reggio Calabria Italy, actress, Go For Broke

1927 Birthday - Gwen Watford, British actress, Body in the Library, Ghoul

1927 Birthday - Carmen Zapata, born in New York City, actress, Hagen, Viva Valdez, Man and the City

1927 Birthday - Janet Leigh, born in Merced, California, actress, Psycho

1927 Birthday - Susan Cabot, Boston, actress, Carnival Rock

1927 Birthday - Gina Lollobrigida, born in Subiaco, Italy, actress, Trapeze, Falcon Crest

1927 Death - Johanna C P Barbiers, actress (Voddenraper of Paris), dies at 79

1927 Birthday - Priscilla Morrill, born in Medford, Massachusetts, actress, Edie Grant-Mary Tyler Moore

1927 Birthday - Kay Kendall, born in Yorkshire, England, actress, Genevieve, Les Girls

1927 Birthday - Pat Carroll, Shrevport, Louisiana, comedienne/actress, Make Room for Daddy

1927 Birthday - Anne McLaren, biologist/zoologist/actress, Things to Come

1927 Birthday - Dany Robin, actress, Follow the Boys, Topaz, Jupiter, Julietta

1927 Birthday - Gloria Jean, born in Buffalo, New York, actress, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

1927 Birthday - Mari Blanchard, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Kathy-Klondike

1927 Birthday - Jane Withers, Georgia, actress, All Together Now, Josephine the plumber

1927 Birthday - Olga San Juan, born in New York City, actress, Variety Girl, 1 Touch of Venus

1927 Birthday - Claude Laydu, actress, Diary of a Country Priest

1927 Birthday - Jane Nigh, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Lorelei-Big Town

1927 Birthday - Lois Maxwell, Kitchener Ontario, actress, Miss Moneypenny

1927 Birthday - Anne Gillis, Little Rock, Arkansas, actress, Adv of Tom Sawyer, Little Men

1927 Birthday - Doretta Morrow, New York City, actress, Because You're Mine

1927 Birthday - Eartha Kitt, singer and actress, Catwoman-Batman

1927 Birthday - Gisele MacKenzie, Winnipeg Manitoba, singer and actress, Your Hit Parade

1927 Birthday - Barbara Rush, born in Denver, Colorado, actress, Marsha-Peyton Place, Flamingo Road

1927 Birthday - Barbara Baxley, Stockton California, actress, Norma Rae, Countdown

1926 Birthday - Peggy Castle, Appalachia, Virginia, actress, Lily Merrill-Lawman

1926 Birthday - Peggy Cummins, North Wales, actress, Curse of the Demon

1926 Birthday - Patrice Wymore, Miltonville, Kansas, actress, The Big Tree

1926 Birthday - Allyn Ann McLerie, Quebec, actress, Tony Randall Show, Thorn Birds

1926 Birthday - Dagmar, Huntington, West Virginia, actress, Broadway's Open House

1926 Birthday - Kaye Ballard, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress/comedienne, Kaye-Mothers-in-Law

1926 Birthday - Beverly Garland, Santa Cruz California, actress, My 3 Sons

1926 Birthday - Julie Adams, Waterloo Iowa, actress, Yancy Derringer, Code Red

1926 Birthday - Jean Peters, born in Canton, Ohio, actress, Viva Zapata!, Apache, Deep Waters

1926 Birthday - Daniele Delorme, Gabrielle Girard, Paris, actress, Pardon My Affair

1926 Event - Actress Theo Mann-Master resigns from stage

1926 Birthday - Diana Lynn, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Annapolis Story, Easy Come Easy Go

1926 Birthday - Jayne Meadows, Wu Chang China, Mrs. Steve Allen, actress, Dark Delusion

1926 Birthday - Julie London, born in Santa Rosa, California, actress, Nurse McCall-Emergency

1926 Death - Greta Lobo-Braakensiek, Dutch actress in railway accident

1926 Birthday - Anne Jackson, Penn, actress, Dirty Dingus Magee, Angel Levine

1926 Birthday - Irene Papas, actress, Zorba the Greek, Attila The Hun

1926 Birthday - Honor Blackman, London, actress, Pussy Galore in Goldfinger

1926 Birthday - Georgiann Johnson, Decorah Iowa, actress, Marge-Mr Peepers

1926 Birthday - Alice Ghostley, Eve Montana, actress, Bewitched, Designing Women

1926 Birthday - Barbara Jefford, actress, Saint, Reunion, Ulysses

1926 Birthday - Helen Gallagher, born in Brooklyn, actress, Ryan's Hope, Strangers When We Meet

1926 Birthday - Jane Hylton, born in London, England, actress, Adv of Sir Lancelot, Daybreak

1926 Birthday - Beah Richards, born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, actress/playwright, Big Shot, Generation

1926 Birthday - Mary Stuart, born in Miami, Florida, actress, Jo-Search for Tomorrow

1926 Birthday - June Haver, Rock Island, actress, Dolly Sisters, Girl Next Door

1926 Birthday - Mona Freeman, born in Baltimore, actress, Black Beauty, Dear Wife, Heiress

1926 Birthday - Nan Leslie, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kings Row, Californians

1926 Birthday - Colleen Dewhurst, born in Montreal, Canada, actress, Maggie-Blue and Grey

1926 Birthday - Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean Mortenson, Louisiana, actress, Some Like It Hot

1926 Birthday - Beatrice Arthur, Frankel, New York, actress, Maude, Dorothy-Golden Girls

1926 Birthday - Ann B. Davis, Schenectady, New York, actress, Bob Cummings Show, Brady Bunch

1926 Birthday - Cloris Leachman, born in Des Moines, Iowa, actress, Last Picture Show, Phyllis

1926 Birthday - Corinne Calvet, France, actress, Apache Uprising

1926 Birthday - Charlotte Rae, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, actress, Edna-Facts of Life

1926 Birthday - Ann B. Davis, actress, Alice-Brady Bunch

1926 Birthday - Cloris Leachman, born in Des Moines, Iowa, actress, Phyllis, High Anxiety

1926 Birthday - Elena Verdugo, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Consuelo-Marcus Welby MD

1926 Birthday - Virginia Weidler, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Babes on Broadway

1926 Birthday - Gudrun Ure, British actress, Lady MacBeth, BBC Sorcerer

1926 Birthday - Hildy Park, born in Washington D.C., actress, To Tell the Truth

1926 Birthday - Irene Papas, born in Corinth, Greece, actress, Moses The Lawgiver

1926 Birthday - Cynthia Stone, Peoria, Illinois, actress, That Wonderful Guy, Ad Libbers

1926 Birthday - Jean Alexander, English Actress

1926 Birthday - Vera-Ellen, Westmeyr Rohe, Cincinnati, actress/dancer, Wonder Man

1926 Birthday - Elaine Stritch, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, My Sister Eileen, Company

1926 Birthday - Nydia M E Ecury, Arubian poet/actress, Kantika pa Mama Tera

1926 Birthday - Wanda Lewis, Struther Ohio, actress, This is Music, Paul Dixon Show

1926 Birthday - Jean Simmons, born in London, England, actress, Thorn Birds, Guys and Dolls

1926 Birthday - Ruth Brown, born in Portsmouth, Virginia, actress, Leona-Hello Larry, Checking In

1926 Birthday - Patricia Neal, born in Packard, Kentucky, actress, Hud, Subject Was Roses

1926 Birthday - Maria Schell, Vienna Austria, actress, Space 1999

1926 Birthday - Elisabeth M J "Elly" Bakker, Dutch actress, The Miser

1925 Birthday - Hildegarde Neff, Ulm Germany, actress, Touch of Class, Mozambique

1925 Birthday - Hildegard Knef, German Actress

1925 Birthday - Dina Merrill, New York City, actress, Operation Petticoat, Butterfield 8

1925 Birthday - Julie Harris, Grosse Pt, Michigan, actress, Bell Jar, East of Eden

1925 Birthday - Virginia Hewitt, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, actress, Carol-Space Patrol

1925 Birthday - June Whitfield, English Actress

1925 Birthday - Geraldine Brooks, New York City, actress, Faraday and Co, Dumplings, Act of Murder

1925 Birthday - Jane Connell, born in Oakland California, actress, Jane-Stanley, Bridget-Dumpling

1925 Birthday - Mary Kay Steans, born in Glendale California, actress, Mary Kay and Johnny

1925 Birthday - Joyce Randolph, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Trixie-Honeymooners

1925 Birthday - Melina Mercouri, Athens Greece, actress/politician, Never on a Sunday

1925 Birthday - Angela Lansbury, born in London, England, actress, Jessica-Murder She Wrote

1925 Birthday - Nancy Guild, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Where Was I?

1925 Birthday - Gail Davis, Little Rock, Arkansas, actress, Annie Oakley

1925 Birthday - Silvana Pampanini, Rome, Italy, actress, Day in Court, Island Sinner

1925 Birthday - Virginia Capers, Sumter, South Carolina, actress, White Mama, Original Intent

1925 Birthday - Denise Darcel, Paris, France, actress, Dangerous When Wet

1925 Birthday - Rose Marie, actress/comedienne, Sally Rogers-Dick Van Dyke Show

1925 Birthday - Barbara Bates, born in Denver, Colorado, actress, Kathy-It's a Great Life

1925 Birthday - Donna Anderson, Akiak AK, actress, On the Beach

1925 Birthday - Gloria DeHaven, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Bog, Yellow Cab Man, Irene-Nakia

1925 Birthday - Dorothy Malone, actress, Peyton Place

1925 Birthday - Cara Williams, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Pete and Gladys, Cara Williams Show

1925 Birthday - June Lockhart, New York City, actress, Lassie, Lost in Space, Petticoat Junction

1925 Birthday - Maureen Stapleton, born in Troy, New York, actress, Airport, Coccoon, Plaza Suite

1925 Birthday - Faith Domergue, born in New Orleans, actress, House of 7 Corpses

1925 Birthday - Pieternella "Nel" van Arem, Dutch actress, Sea Gull

1925 Birthday - Martha Vickers, Ann Arbor, Michigan, actress, Alimony, Man I Love, Ruthless

1925 Birthday - Jeanne Crain, Barstow California, actress, Man Without a Star

1925 Birthday - Mai Zetterling, Sweden, actress, Witches, Offbeat, Jet Storm

1925 Birthday - Monica Lewis, actress, Box Office

1925 Birthday - Nina Bara, Buenos Aires Arg, actress, Tonga-Space Patrol

1925 Birthday - Corinne Calvet, born in Paris, France, actress, Phantom of Hollywood

1925 Birthday - Joyce Buck, actress/interior designer

1925 Birthday - Edie Adams, born in Kingston, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Ernie Kovacs, Murial Cigar, actress

1925 Birthday - Mai Zetterling, born in Vaeras, Sweden, actress, Hidden Agenda, Ringer

1925 Birthday - Cornell Borchers, born in Germany, actress, Big Lift, Floodtide, Istanbul

1925 Birthday - Kim Stanley, Patricia Reid, Tularosa, New Mexico, actress, Right Stuff

1925 Birthday - Dorothy Malone, Chic, actress, At Gunpoint, Night and Day, Peyton Place

1925 Birthday - Joan Leslie, Detroit, actress, High Sierra, Yankee Doodle Dandy

1925 Birthday - Lola Flores, Cadiz Spain, singer and actress, Kuma Ching, Faraona

1925 Birthday - Gwen Verdon, born in Louisiana, actress/singer/dancer, Cotton Club, Sweet Charity

1925 Birthday - Rosemary Murphy, Munich Germany, actress, Margaret-Lucas Tanner

1925 Birthday - Valentina Cortesa, Milan Italy, actress, Kidnap Syndicate

1924 Birthday - Geraldine Page, Kirksville, Missouri, actress, Interiors, Beguiled

1924 Birthday - Ingeborg E A "Inge" Beekman, actress, Horizon

1924 Birthday - Marie Windsor, Emily Marie Bertelson, Utah, actress, Double Deal

1924 Birthday - Phyllis Avery, New York City, actress, Alice-George Gobel Show, Ruth-Mr Novak

1924 Birthday - Joy Page, American Actress

1924 Birthday - Ludmilla Tcherina, French actress/ballet dancer, Sins of Rome

1924 Birthday - Sheila MacRae, born in London, England, actress, Jackie Gleason Show

1924 Birthday - Gail Russell, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Uninvited, Moonrise, Unseen

1924 Birthday - Lauren Bacall, born in New York City, actress, Dark Passage, Key Largo

1924 Birthday - Jane Greer, Washington D.C., actress, Prisoner of Zenda, Clown

1924 Birthday - Peggy Ryan, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Jenny-Hawaii Five-0

1924 Birthday - Arlene Dahl, Minneapolis Minnesota, actress/TV panelist, Ambush

1924 Birthday - Martha Hyer, Texas, actress, Day of the Wolves, Night of the Grizzly

1924 Birthday - Yvonne DeCarlo, actress, 10 Commandments, Lily-Munsters

1924 Birthday - Lola Albright, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Delta Country, Kid Galahad

1924 Birthday - Brett Somers, born in Canada, American actress, singer, comedienne, game show panelist

1924 Birthday - Mary Ford, Colleen Summer, vocalist/actress, Queen of Outer Space

1924 Birthday - Beverly Tyler, born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, actress, Fireball, Lorelei-Big Town

1924 Birthday - Eva Marie Saint, born in Newark, New Jersey, actress, On the Waterfront

1924 Birthday - Dolores Gray, born in Chicago, Illinois, singer and actress, Designing Woman, Kismet

1924 Birthday - Helen Wedemeyer, Hilo Hawaii, actress, Hawaii Five-O

1924 Birthday - Peggy Cass, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress/TV panelist, To Tell the Truth, Mame

1924 Birthday - Betty Driver, actress, Coronation St, Pardon the Expression

1924 Birthday - Ursula Thiess, Hamburg, actress, Monsoon, Bengal Brigade, Americano

1924 Birthday - Mary Carver, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Cecilia-Simon and Simon

1924 Death - Eleanora Duse, Italian actress (La Gioconda, La Locandiera), dies at 64

1924 Death - Eleonora Duse, Italian Actress

1924 Birthday - Nina Foch, born in Leiden, Netherlands, actress, American in Paris

1924 Birthday - Johanna M van de Berg, actress, What See I?

1924 Birthday - Eva Marie Saint, born in Newark, New Jersey, actress, Sandpiper, Loving, Exodus

1924 Birthday - Doris Day, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, girl next door actress, Pillow Talk

1924 Birthday - Lois Andrews, actress, Ganster, Rustlers, Desert Hawk

1924 Birthday - Audrey Meadows, Wu Chang China, actress, Alice-Honeymooners

1924 Birthday - Dora Bryan, Broadhurst, Southport England, actress, Taste of Honey

1924 Birthday - Hattie Jacques, Kent England, actress, Carry on Doctor

1924 Birthday - Tine Balder, Clementine AL Cobbaut, Flemish actress, Antigone

1924 Birthday - Katy Jurado, Mexico, actress, High Noon, Trapeze, Barabbas, AKA Pablo

1923 Birthday - Ruth Roman, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Sylvia-Knots Landing, Dallas

1923 Birthday - Betsy Blair, actress, Marty

1923 Birthday - Patricia Phoenix, County Galway Ireland, actress, L Shaped Room

1923 Birthday - Nadia Gray, actress, Naked Runner, Maniac, Candide

1923 Birthday - Margaret Courtenay, actress, Royal Flash, Duet for One

1923 Birthday - Linda Christian, Tampico, Mexico, actress, Athena, VIPs, Battle Zone

1923 Birthday - Dorothy Dandridge, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress/singer/dancer, Porgy and Bess

1923 Birthday - Ruby Dee, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Raisin in the Sun, Cat People, Roots

1923 Birthday - Reed van Delft, Hendrika M Schwartz, actress, Golden draagkoets

1923 Birthday - Glynis Johns, Pretoria South Africa, actress, Mary Poppins

1923 Birthday - Mary McCarty, Winfield, Kansas, actress and singer, Starch-Trapper John MD

1923 Birthday - Frances Heflin, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actress, Mona Tyler-All My Children

1923 Birthday - Betsy Drake, fitness expert/actress, Every Girl Should be Married

1923 Birthday - Serafina K "Sera" Anstadt, Polish/Dutch actress/author

1923 Birthday - Helena Carter, Helen Rickerts, U.S. model/actress, River Lady

1923 Birthday - Rose Marie, born in New York City, actress, Sally Rogers-Dick Van Dyke Show

1923 Birthday - Rhonda Fleming, Marilyn Louis, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Spellbound

1923 Birthday - Esther Williams, born in Inglewood, California, actress/swimmer, Dangerous when Wet

1923 Birthday - Estelle Getty, born in New York City, actress in film, theater, television, appeared in sitcom 'The Golden Girls'

1923 Birthday - Henny Alma, Hendrika den Broek, Dutch actress, Soldier of Orange

1923 Birthday - Susie Bond, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actress, Flo, Temperature Rising

1923 Birthday - Cathy O'Donnell, Siluria AL, actress, Miniver Story, Man from Laramie

1923 Birthday - Marie McDonald, Burgin, Kentucky, singer and actress, Promises Promises

1923 Birthday - Constance Ford, actress, Ada Hobson-Another World

1923 Birthday - Siobhan McKenna, Ireland, stage actress, Saint Joan

1923 Birthday - Edith Fellows, Boston, actress, Pennies From Heaven, City Streets

1923 Birthday - Bea Arthur, American Actress

1923 Birthday - Anne Baxter, Michigan City, Indiana, actress, Myra-Marcus Welby, Victoria-Hotel

1923 Birthday - Elizabeth Sellars, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, Chalk Garden

1923 Birthday - Maxine Audley, born in London, actress, Peeping Tom, Ricochet, House of Cards

1923 Birthday - Adele Mara, born in Dearborn, Michigan, actress and singer, Cool Million, Wheels

1923 Birthday - Aafje J R Bouber, Blom, actress, Traveller Without Baggage

1923 Birthday - Anita Bjorak, actress, Miss Julie, Loving Couples, Night People

1923 Birthday - Andrea Domburg, Dutch actress, Theo d'Or Prize, Keetje Tippel

1923 Birthday - Manon H E Alving, Dutch actress, Short American

1923 Birthday - Jan Sterling, born in New York City, actress, 1st Monday in October, HS Confidential

1923 Death - Sarah Bernhardt, Henriette, actress (Qn Elizabeth), dies at 77

1923 Birthday - Lucille Bremer, dancer/actress, Ruthless, Ziegfeld Follies

1923 Birthday - Kathryn Grayson, born in North Carolina, vocalist/actress, Anchors Aweigh, Kiss Me Kate

1923 Birthday - Joanne Dru, Logan, West Virginia, actress, Guestwood Ho, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

1923 Birthday - Anne Jeffreys, North Carolina, actress, Dick Tracy, Topper, General Hospital

1923 Birthday - Florence Halop, Queens, actress, Florence-Night Court, St. Elsewhere

1923 Birthday - Diana Douglas, Devonshire Bermuda, actress, The Cowboys

1923 Birthday - Jean Stapleton, New York City, actress, Damn Yankees, Klute, All in the Family

1922 Birthday - Joan McCracken, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actress, Claudie Story of a Marriage

1922 Birthday - Ava Gardner, born in Grabtown, North Carolina, actress, On the Beach, Night of the Iguana

1922 Birthday - Barbara Billingsley, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, June-Leave it to Beaver

1922 Birthday - Charita Bauer, Newark, New Jersey, actress, Guiding Light, Aldrich Family

1922 Birthday - Adele Jergens, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Dark Past, Fuller Brush Man

1922 Birthday - Maria Casares, La Coruna Spain, French actress, Orpheus, Lectrice

1922 Birthday - Madeleine Sherwood, Montreal, actress, Mother Superior-Flying Nun

1922 Birthday - Kim Hunter, Janet Cole, Det, Michigan, actress, Planet of the Apes, Lilith

1922 Birthday - Esther Rolle, Pompano Beach, Florida, actress, Florida-Good Times, Maude

1922 Birthday - Barbara Bel Geddes, New York City, actress, Vertigo, Miss Ellie-Dallas, Caught

1922 Birthday - Coleen Gray, Staplehurst Nebraska, actress, Apache Drums

1922 Birthday - Lizabeth Scott, Scranton, Pennsylvania, actress, Dark City, Desert Fury

1922 Birthday - Theresa Merritt, Newport News, Virginia, actress, Mama-That's My Mama

1922 Birthday - Ursula Howells, London, actress, Girly, Murder is Announced

1922 Birthday - Janis Paige, born in Tacoma, Washington, actress, Lanigan's Rabbi, Trapper John MD

1922 Birthday - Yvonne De Carlo, Vancouver BC, actress, 10 Commandments, Munsters

1922 Birthday - Micheline Presle, Paris, actress, Nea, Donkey Skin

1922 Birthday - Shelley Winters, Schrift, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Poseidon Adventure

1922 Birthday - Lillian Hayman, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Leslie Uggams Show

1922 Birthday - Marjorie Lord, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Kathy-Danny Thomas Show

1922 Birthday - Lois Kibbee, actress, Edge of Night

1922 Birthday - Eleanor Parker, born in Ohio, actress, Caged, Detective Story, Hans Brinker

1922 Birthday - Frances Rafferty, born in Sioux City, Iowa, actress, December Bride

1922 Birthday - Judy Holliday, born in New York City, comedienne/actress, Born Yesterday, Adam's Rib

1922 Birthday - Judy Garland, born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, actress and singer, Wizard of Oz

1922 Birthday - Joan Caulfield, East Orange, New Jersey, actress, Liz-My Favorite Husband

1922 Birthday - Joan Copeland, Miller, New York City, actress, Roseland, A Little Sex

1922 Birthday - Sheila Burrell, actress, Black Orchid, Paranoiac, Laughter in Dark

1922 Birthday - Daphne Anderson, born in London, actress, Beggar's Opera, Hobson's Choice

1922 Birthday - Avril Angers, actress, Brass Monkey

1922 Birthday - Gale Storm, born in Bloomington, Texas, actress, My Little Margie, Gale Storm Show

1922 Birthday - Helen Parrish, born in Columbus Georgia, actress, Hour Glass, Show Business

1922 Birthday - Vinnette Carroll, born in New York City, actress, Alice's Restaurant, Reivers

1922 Birthday - Pamela Mason, born in London, actress, Navy vs. Night Monsters

1922 Birthday - Margaret Leighton, Birmingham England, actress, Astonished Heart

1922 Birthday - Neva Patterson, Iowa, actress, Governor and JJ, Doc Elliot, Nichols

1922 Birthday - Constance Moore, Sioux City Iowa, actress, Window on Main Street

1922 Birthday - Betty White, Oak Park, actress, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls

1922 Birthday - Kathleen Byron, born in London, England, actress, Abdication, Profile, 4 Days

1921 Birthday - Deanna Durbin, Winnipeg Manitoba, actress/vocalist, 100 Men and a Girl

1921 Birthday - Vivian Blaine, Newark, New Jersey, actress, Guys and Dolls, Skirts Ahoy

1921 Birthday - Phyllis Thaxter, Portland Maine, actress, Nora, Ft. Worth

1921 Birthday - Maila Nurmi, Petsamo Finland, actress, Vampira

1921 Death - Katherine Griffith, actress (Pollyanna), dies at 45

1921 Birthday - Linda Darnell, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Unfaithfully Yours, 2nd Chance

1921 Birthday - Deborah Kerr, born in Helensburg, Scotland, television, stage, film actress, in 'The King and I', 'From Here to Eternity'

1921 Birthday - Nancy Kulp, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, actress, Miss Hathaway-Beverly Hillbillies

1921 Birthday - Maureen O'Hara, Fitzsimmons, Dublin, actress, Miracle on 34th St

1921 Birthday - Marjorie Reynolds, Goodspeed, Buhl Id, actress, Peggy-Life of Riley

1921 Birthday - Ella Raines, born in Sinoqualmie Falls, Washington, actress, Janice Dean RN

1921 Birthday - Marilyn Maxwell, actress, East of Sumatra

1921 Birthday - Elaine Dundy, born in New York, American novelist, biographer, journalist, actress, playwright

1921 Birthday - Mildred Davenport, Wyoming, actress, Tarzan and Leopard Woman

1921 Birthday - Susan Peters, Spokane, Washington, actress, Random Harvest, Young Ideas

1921 Birthday - Jane Russell, born in Bemidji, Minnesota, full-figured actress, Outlaw

1921 Birthday - Jean Kent, born in London, England, actress, Adv of Sir Francis Drake

1921 Birthday - Joan Tetzel, born in New York City, actress, Hell Below Zero, Joy in the Morning

1921 Birthday - Alexis Smith, Penticton BC Canada, actress, Jessica-Dallas, Follies

1921 Birthday - Sheila Ryan, born in Kansas, actress, Big Fix, Mule Train, Ringside, Caged Fury

1921 Birthday - Alida Valli, Pola Italy, actress, Miracle of the Bells, 3rd Man

1921 Birthday - Nancy Walker, Philadelphia, Bounty ads/actress, Rhoda, McMillan and Wife

1921 Birthday - Gale Robbins, Chic, actress, Fuller Brush Girl, Mr. Hex

1921 Birthday - Patsy Garrett, Atlantic City, New Jersey, actress, Nanny and the Professor

1921 Birthday - Janet Blair, born in Altoona, Pennsylvania, actress, Leave it to the Girls, Smith Family

1921 Birthday - Barbara Hale, born in Dekalb, Illinois, actress, Della Street - Perry Mason

1921 Birthday - Virginia O'Brien, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Francis in the Navy

1921 Birthday - Virginia O'Brien, born in Los Angeles, California, actress and singer, Gus, Ziegfeld Follies

1921 Birthday - Nancy Kelly, born in Lowell, Massachusetts, actress, Double Exposure, Jesse James

1921 Birthday - Cyd Charisse, Tula Finklea, Amarillo, Texas, dancer/actress, East Side

1921 Birthday - Joan Greenwood, born in London, actress and director, Amorous Mr. Prawn

1921 Birthday - Diana Barrymore, born in New York City, actress in Nightmare, Lady Courageous, Fired Wife

1921 Birthday - Betty Hutton, born in Michigan, American film actress, singer, 'Greatest Show on Earth'

1921 Birthday - Amanda Blake, Beverly, Buffalo, New York, actress, Kitty Russell-Gunsmoke

1921 Birthday - Eva Gabor, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, Lisa-Green Acres, Gigi

1921 Birthday - Carol Channing, Wash, actress, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Hello Dolly

1920 Birthday - Viveca Lindfors, Uppsala Sweden, actress, Way We Were, Welcome to LA

1920 Birthday - Virginia Mayo, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Out of the Blue, White Heat

1920 Birthday - Gene Tierney, Brooklyn, actress, Laura, Razor's Edge, Ghost and Mrs. Muir

1920 Event - Actress Edna Lewis Thomas debuts at Putnam Theatre Brooklyn

1920 Birthday - Nanette Fabray, born in San Diego, California, actress, Katherine-One Day at a Time

1920 Birthday - Louise H "Lous" Hensen, actress, Medea, Uncle Wanja

1920 Birthday - Mitzi Green, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Little Orphan Annie

1920 Birthday - LaWanda Page, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Aunt Esther-Sanford and Sons

1920 Birthday - Anita O'Day, vocalist/actress, Outfit, Zigzag, Jazz on a Summer Day

1920 Birthday - Alice Childress, U.S. playwright/actress, Wedding Band

1920 Birthday - Vivienne Della Chiesa, U.S., actress

1920 Birthday - Dinah Sheridan, actress, Genevieve, Railway Children

1920 Birthday - Carole Mathews, Montgomery, Illinois, actress, Wilma-Californians

1920 Birthday - Irene Dailey, New York City, actress, Liz-Another World, Grissom Gang

1920 Birthday - Maria Karnilova, born in Hartford, Connecticut, actress, Olga-Ivan the Terrible

1920 Birthday - Beatrice Pearson, born in Dennison, Texas, actress, Moving Finger

1920 Birthday - Helen Walker, Worcester, Massachusetts, actress, Brewster's Million

1920 Birthday - Louise Allbritton, born in Oklahoma City, actress, Celia-Stage Door, Got a Secret

1920 Birthday - Beryl Reid, actress, Joseph Andrews, Psychomania, Yellowbeard

1920 Birthday - Yolande Donlan, born in New Jersey, actress, Jigsaw, Expresso Bongo, Penny Princess

1920 Birthday - Betty Driver, actress, Penny Paradise

1920 Birthday - Martine Carol, Maryse Mopurer, Saint-Mande France, actress, Nana

1920 Birthday - Joan Frances Will, actress

1920 Event - Actor Douglas Fairbanks marries actress Mary Pickford

1920 Birthday - Eileen Herlie, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, Myrtle Fargate-All My Children

1920 Birthday - Eva Dahlbeck, born in Saltsjo-Duvnas, Sweden, actress, Dreams, Lesson in Love

1920 Birthday - Virginia Christine, actress, Mrs. Olson

1920 Birthday - Giulietta Masina, Italy, actress, La Strada, Swindle, White Sheik

1920 Birthday - Liesbeth Tonckens, Wilhelmina, actress/lecturer, Free People

1920 Birthday - Lana Turner, born in Wallace, Idaho, actress, Survivors, Falcon Crest

1920 Birthday - Bibi Osterwald, born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, actress, Bridget Loves Bernie

1920 Birthday - Elisabeth Andersen, Anna de Bruyn, Dutch actress, Yerma, Titania

1919 Birthday - Jo Van Fleet, Oakland, actress, Gunfight at OK Corral, East of Eden

1919 Birthday - Ellen Stewart, actress/founder, La Mama Theatre Group

1919 Birthday - Dulcie Gray, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, actress, Mine Own Executioner

1919 Birthday - Evelyn Keyes, Port Arthur, Texas, actress, Adventure of Martin Eden

1919 Birthday - Jocelyn Brando, San Francisco, actress, Ugly American

1919 Birthday - Carol Bruce, Shirley Levy, Great Neck, New York, actress, Lillian-WKRP

1919 Birthday - Veronica Lake, Constance Ockleman, actress, I Married a Witch

1919 Birthday - Rita Hayworth, born in New York, Marguerita C Casino, actress, Gilda, Pal Joey

1919 Birthday - Barbara Britton, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Young and Willing

1919 Birthday - Patricia Medina, born in Liverpool, England, actress, High-Low

1919 Birthday - Uta Hagen, born in Germany, actress, Boys From Brazil, teaches acting

1919 Birthday - Vera Hruba Ralston, born in Czechoslovakia, actress, Dakota, Accused of Murder

1919 Birthday - Betty Garrett, St. Joseph, Missouri, actress, Irene-All in the Family

1919 Birthday - Evita Peron, Peron-Duarte, Argentina, 1st lady/actress

1919 Birthday - Celeste Holm, born in New York City, actress, Gentleman's Agreement, All About Eve

1919 Death - Enny Vrede, Maria M Muller, Dutch actress, drowns at 35

1919 Birthday - Ramsay Ames, actress, G-Men Never Forget, Ali Baba and 40 Thieves

1919 Birthday - Eileen Heckart, born in Columbus, Ohio, actress, Doll's House, Trauma Center

1919 Birthday - Jeanne Cagney, actress, Lion is in the Streets, Quicksand

1919 Birthday - Lois Collier, born in South Carolina, actress, Mary-Boston Blackie, Slave Girl

1919 Birthday - Jennifer Jones, Phyllis Isley, born in Oklahoma, actress, Farewell to Arms

1919 Birthday - Beppie Nooij, actress/director, Bluejackets-Rooie Sien

1919 Birthday - Kathleen Freeman, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Beverly Hillbillies

1919 Birthday - Jinx Falkenburg, Barcelona Spain, actress, Masquerade Party

1919 Birthday - Veda Ann Borg, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Avalanche, Accomplice

1919 Birthday - Carole Landis, Fairchild WI, actress, One Million BC, Topper Returns

1918 Birthday - Audrey Totter, Joliet, Illinois, actress, Carpetbaggers, Set-Up

1918 Birthday - Anne Gwynne, Waco, Texas, actress, Ride 'em Cowboy, House of Frankenstein

1918 Birthday - Teresa Wright, New York City, actress, Eleanor Gehrig-Pride of the Yankees

1918 Birthday - Peggy Moran, actress, Double Date, Horror Island

1918 Birthday - Audra Lindley, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Helen Roper-3's Company, Ropers

1918 Birthday - Peg Phillips, actress, Ruth Ann-Northern Exposure

1918 Birthday - Helen Wagner, Lubbock, Texas, actress, Nancy-As The World Turns

1918 Birthday - Nan Grey, Eschal Miller, actress, 3 Grief Girl, Dracula's Daughters

1918 Birthday - Jane Frazee, born in Duluth, Minnesota, actress and singer, Alice-Beulah

1918 Birthday - Pamela Brown, born in England, actress, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula

1918 Birthday - Susan Hayward, born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, actress, I Want to Live, Tulsa

1918 Birthday - Dorothy McGuire, born in Omaha, Nebraska, actress, Old Yeller, Summer Magic

1918 Birthday - Maria Montez, Dominican Rep, actress, Arabian Nights

1918 Birthday - Isabel Dean, England, actress, 5 Days one Summer, Virgin Island, Ransom

1918 Birthday - Anne Shirley, born in UK, actress, Devil and Daniel Webster, Stella Dallas

1918 Birthday - Mary Healy, New Orleans, actress, 2nd Fiddle, He Married his Wife

1918 Birthday - Karen Verne, born in Berlin, Germany, actress, Madame X

1918 Birthday - Mercedes McCambridge, Joliet, Illinois, actress, All the King's Men

1918 Birthday - Marguerite Chapman, born in Chatham, New York, actress, Spy Smasher, Flight to Mars

1918 Birthday - Ida Lupino, actress screenwriter director/producer, Jennifer

1918 Birthday - Suzanne Flon, Paris, France, actress, One Deadly Summer, Moulin Rouge

1917 Birthday - Nancy Coleman, Everett, Washington, actress, Edge of Darkness

1917 Birthday - Elyse Knox, Hartford, Connecticut, actress, Hit the Ice, Black Gold

1917 Birthday - Ruth Hussey, born in Providence, Rhode Island, actress, Another Thin Man, Philadelphia Story

1917 Birthday - Joan Fontaine, Tokyo, Japan, actress, Gunga Din, Ivanhoe, Rebecca

1917 Birthday - Marsha Hunt, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Jennifer-Peck's Bad Girl, Jigsaw

1917 Death - Maria J "Marie" Bakker, actress/wife of Maarten Stranger, dies at 59

1917 Birthday - Jan Miner, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Crime Photographer

1917 Birthday - Laraine Day, Roosevelt Utah, actress, Dr. Kildaire, I've Got a Secret

1917 Birthday - Ilona Ference, actress, Quatermass II, Star of My Night

1917 Birthday - June Allyson, Bronx, actress, Till the Clouds Roll By, Vegas

1917 Birthday - June Foray, American Actress

1917 Birthday - Jack Buetel, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Outlaw, Half Breed

1917 Birthday - Isabel Sanford, New York City, actress, Louise-Jeffersons/All in the Family

1917 Birthday - Jan Clayton, Tularosa, New Mexico, actress, Ellen Miller-Lassie

1917 Birthday - Faye Emerson, born in Elizabeth, Louisiana, actress, I've Got a Secret

1917 Birthday - Pamela Brown, born in London, England, actress, Cleopatra, Beckett

1917 Birthday - Lena Horne, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress and singer, Stormy Weather, Wiz

1917 Birthday - Priscilla Lane, U.S., actress, Arsenic and Old Lace

1917 Birthday - Dorothy Sarnoff, U.S., actress

1917 Birthday - Danielle Darrieux, France, actress, Alexander the Great, Mayerling

1917 Birthday - Valerie Hobson, North Ireland, actress, Great Expectations

1917 Birthday - Patricia Burke, born in Milan, Italy, actress, Forbidden

1917 Birthday - Virginia Grey, born in Louisiana, actress, Another Thin Man, Idiot's Delight, Idaho

1917 Birthday - Tessie O'Shea, born in England, actress, Entertainers

1917 Birthday - Googie Withers, born in Karachi, India, actress, 1 of Our Aircraft is Missing

1917 Birthday - Virginia Christine, born in Stanton, Iowa, actress, Tales of Wells Fargo

1917 Birthday - Phyllis Calvert, London, actress, Man in Grey

1917 Birthday - Polly Rose, actress, Myrtle-Love That Jill

1917 Birthday - Zsa Zsa Gabor, born in Budapest, actress, Queen of Outer Space

1917 Birthday - Jane Wyman, born in Missouri, actress, film, television, Academy Award-winner, first wife of U.S. President Ronald Reagan

1916 Birthday - Suzy Delair, Paris, France, actress, Utopia, White Paws

1916 Birthday - Betty Grable, St. Louis, great legs/actress, Gay Divorcee

1916 Birthday - Cecilia P J "Cilly" Bach, Dutch/US/Spanish actress, In Pyama

1916 Birthday - Judy Canova, born in Jacksonville, Florida, comedienne/actress, Cannonball

1916 Birthday - June Havoc, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Willy, Panic, GE Theater

1916 Birthday - Andrea Checchi, Firenze Italy, actress, Attack and Retreat

1916 Birthday - Benson Fong, Sacramento California, actress, Charlie Chan, Purple Heart

1916 Birthday - Margaret Lockwood, Karachi India, actress, Lady Vanishes

1916 Birthday - Penny Santon, Greenwich Village, New York, actress, Roll Out, Matt Houston

1916 Birthday - Martha Raye, Margaret Reed, Butte Mont, actress, Martha Raye Show

1916 Birthday - Mary Ward, Myra Syrier, actress, Jenny Kissed Me, Playing for Keeps

1916 Birthday - Marie Wilson, Anaheim California, actress, My Friend Irma

1916 Birthday - Beatrice Straight, Old Westbury, New York, actress, Poltergeist, Nun's Story

1916 Birthday - Olivia de Havilland, born in Tokyo, Japan, actress, Adventures of Robin Hood

1916 Birthday - Ruth Warwick, born in St. Joseph, Missouri, actress, Citizen Kane, All My Children

1916 Birthday - Irene Worth, born in Nebraska, actress, Nicolas and Alexandra

1916 Birthday - Mary Wickes, character actress, Sister Act

1916 Birthday - Betty Furness, actress, journalist/consumer advisor, NYC, WNBC

1916 Birthday - Judy Campbell, actress, Convoy, Bonnie Prince Charlie

1916 Birthday - Thora Hird, actress, Nightcomers, Kind of Loving

1916 Birthday - Virginia Ginny Simms, actress and singer, Kay Kyser Band

1916 Birthday - Josephine van Gasteren, Dutch actress/director, Bluejackets

1916 Birthday - Rochelle Hudson, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actress, That's My Boy

1916 Birthday - Dinah Shore, American Actress

1916 Birthday - Osa Massen, Copenhagen Denmark, actress, Jack London, Rocketship XM

1916 Birthday - Betty Furness, New York City, actress/consumer activist, Studio 1

1915 Birthday - Mary Kornman, Idaho Falls ID, actress, Queen of the Jungle

1915 Birthday - Nora Dunfee, actress, Forrest Gump, Lorenzo's Oil

1915 Birthday - Anna van Beers, Graeve, actress, A Woman like Eve

1915 Birthday - Margaret Hayes, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Robert Montgomery Presents

1915 Birthday - Caro van Eyck, Gerarda JE Taytelbaum, Dutch actress, Medea

1915 Birthday - Ellen Drew, Terry Ray, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Isle of Dead

1915 Birthday - Ann Nagel, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Don Winslow of the Navy

1915 Birthday - Brenda Marshall, Philippines, actress, Sea Hawk, Paris After Dark

1915 Birthday - Athena Lorde, New York, actress, Fuzz, Skin Game, Firecreek

1915 Birthday - Ingrid Bergman, born in Stockholm, actress, Casablanca, Cactus Flower

1915 Birthday - Signe Hasso, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Johnny Angel, Double Life

1915 Birthday - Cass Daley, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actress, Red Garters

1915 Birthday - Iris Meredith, born in Sioux City, Iowa, actress, Son of Davy Crockett

1915 Birthday - William Goyen, born in Trinity, Texas, writer, storyteller, married actress Doris Roberts, wrote The House of Breath, The Fair Sister, Wonderful Plant

1915 Birthday - Lona Andre, actress, Case of Baby Sitter

1915 Birthday - Ann Sheridan, Denton Texas, actress, Dodge City, Another World

1915 Birthday - Anita Louise, New York City, actress, My Friend Flicka

1914 Birthday - Dorothy Hyson, actress, Ghoul, Spare a Copper, Sing as We Go

1914 Birthday - Dorothy Lamour, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actress 'Road to Bali'

1914 Birthday - Elise Hoomans, Dutch director/actress, Jane Eyre

1914 Birthday - Sarah Churchill, London, actress, All Over Town, Royal Wedding

1914 Birthday - Martha Scott, born in Jamesport, Missouri, actress, Dallas, Bionic Woman, Our Town

1914 Birthday - Frances Farmer, born in Seattle, Washington, actress, Son of Fury, Among the Living

1914 Birthday - Kay Medford, born in New York City, actress, Dean Martin Show, To Rome With Love

1914 Birthday - Julie Bishop, born in Denver, Colorado, actress, My Hero, Northern Pursuit, Threat

1914 Birthday - Anita Colby, Washington D.C., model/actress, Pepsi Cola Playhouse

1914 Birthday - Harriet Hilliard Nelson, born in Des Moines, singer and actress, Ozzie and Harriet

1914 Birthday - Lucille Benson, born in Scottsboro, Alabama, actress, Lilly-Bosom Buddies

1914 Birthday - Magda Gabor, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, People vs Zsa Zsa Gabor

1914 Birthday - Barbara Mullen, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Thunder Rock, Innocent Sinners

1914 Birthday - Rose Hill, singer and actress, Nicholas Nickleby, Shot in the Dark

1914 Birthday - Lilli Palmer, Peiser, Germany, actress, Gentle Sex, Lotte in Weimar

1914 Birthday - Maria Felix, Mexican Actress

1914 Birthday - Ewan Roberts, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, actress, Pvt Benjamin

1914 Birthday - Ruth White, born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, actress, Up the Down Staircase

1914 Birthday - Lilli Palmer, born in Posen, Germany, actress, Boys From Brazil, Sebastian

1914 Birthday - Patricia Morison, actress, Peyton Place, Dressed to Kill

1914 Birthday - Ida Lupino, born in London, England, actress, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

1914 Birthday - Polly Rowles, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actress, Aunt Laurie-Jamie

1914 Birthday - Gypsy Rose Lee, Rose Hovick, Seattle, burlesque actress, Gypsy

1913 Birthday - Lynn Bari, Roanoke, Virginia, actress, Connie-Detective Wife, Earthbound

1913 Birthday - Eve Lister, actress and singer, No Limit, Hyde Park

1913 Birthday - Mary Martin, Weatherford, Texas, actress, Peter Pan, Larry Hagman's mom

1913 Birthday - Rick Schagen, Dutch actress, Saartje-Swiebertje

1913 Birthday - Carmen Miranda, singer and actress, 4 Jills in a Jeep, Down Argentine Way

1913 Birthday - Hedy Lamarr, born in Vienna, Austria, actress, Ecstacy, Samson and Delilah

1913 Birthday - Patricia "Boots" Mallory, U.S. dancer/actress, Handle With Care

1913 Birthday - Alice Pearce, New York City, comedienne/actress, Gladys Kravitz-Bewitched

1913 Birthday - Dorothy Comingore, Linda Winters, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Citizen Kane

1913 Birthday - Diana Churchill, actress, Spider, Sally Bishop, Housemaster

1913 Birthday - Nelly Aenders, Petronella Meyer, Dutch actress, Spanish Fly

1913 Birthday - Coral Browne, born in Melbourne, Australia, actress, Margaret-Time Express

1913 Birthday - Edith Heerdegen, born in Dresden, Germany, actress, Serpent's Egg, Monpti

1913 Birthday - Molly Harris, actress/writer, Immortal

1913 Birthday - Iris Adrian, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Blue Hawaii, Bluebeard

1913 Birthday - Andrea C Bensddorp, Dutch/South African actress, Commensaal

1913 Birthday - Rosemary Lane, born in Indianola, Iowa, actress, 4 Mothers, Harvest Melody

1913 Birthday - Judith Evelyn, born in Seneca, South Dakota, actress, 13th Letter, Tingler, Rear Window

1913 Birthday - Ella Logan, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, 52nd Street, Goldwyn Follies

1913 Birthday - Marjorie Weaver, born in Crossville, Tennessee, actress, Young Mr. Lincoln

1913 Birthday - Josephine F "Fietje" van Anrooy, Dutch actress/director

1913 Birthday - Philippa Bevans, actress, Notorious Landlady, World of Henry Orient

1913 Birthday - Betty Field, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Kings Row, Bus Stop

1913 Birthday - Shirley Ross, born in Omaha, Nebraska, actress, Cafe Society, Prison Farm

1913 Birthday - Loretta Young, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, actress, Farmer's Daughter, Stranger

1912 Birthday - Geraldine Fitzgerald, Dublin Ire, actress, Pawnbroker, Easy Money

1912 Birthday - Eleanor Powell, Springfield Massachusetts, actress/tap dancer, Bdwy Melody

1912 Birthday - Natalie Schaeffer, Rumson, New Jersey, actress, Lovey Howell-Gilligan's Island

1912 Birthday - Emma "Nono" Batenburg, actress, Noah

1912 Birthday - Reta Shaw, South Paris Maine, actress, Ghost and Mrs. Muir

1912 Birthday - Wendy Hiller, England, actress, Major Barbara, David Copperfield

1912 Birthday - Rita Johnson, Worcester Massachusetts, actress, Honolulu, All Mine to Give

1912 Birthday - Jane Wyatt, Campgaw, New Jersey, actress, Father Knows Best, Star Trek

1912 Birthday - Jean Parker, Butte Mont, actress, Beyond Tomorrow, Little Women

1912 Birthday - Ann Dvorak, McKim, New York City, actress, G Men, Life of Her Own, Scarface

1912 Birthday - Audrey Christie, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Dorothy-Fair Exchange

1912 Birthday - Mary Wickes, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Dennis the Menace, Julia, Doc

1912 Birthday - Barbara Pepper, New York City, actress, Doris Ziffel-Green Acres, Rogue Tavern

1912 Birthday - Helen Craig, born in San Antonio, Texas, actress, Snake Pit, They Live by Night

1912 Birthday - Alice Faye, Ann Leppert, New York City, actress, Barricade, State Fair

1912 Birthday - Eve Arden, born in Mill Valley, California, actress, Connie-Our Miss Brooks

1912 Birthday - Nell Koppen, actress, Kniertje-Op Hoop van Zegen

1912 Birthday - Sonja Henie, born in Oslo, Norway, ice skater/actress, Gold Medals 1928, 1932, 1936 Olympics

1912 Birthday - Arline Judge, actress, Girls in Chains, Mad Wednesday, Age of Consent

1912 Birthday - Margaretta Scott, actress, Crescendo, Where's Charley, Counterblast

1912 Birthday - Jane Ross, Spokane, Washington actress, Audrey-Phyllis, Coed Fever

1912 Birthday - Ank van der Moer, actress, Verkade, Dutch Comedy

1912 Birthday - Anna Lee, Ightham England, actress, Scruples, Lila-General Hospital

1911 Birthday - Jeanette Nolan, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Richard Boone Show, Virginian

1911 Birthday - Eileen Way, actress, Les Miserables, Rainbow, Vikings, Assassin

1911 Birthday - Edith Atwater, Chic, actress, Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop

1911 Birthday - Lucille Ball, born in Jamestown, New York, comedienne/actress, I Love Lucy, Mame

1911 Birthday - Ann Doran, born in Amarillo, Texas, actress, Longstreet, Shirley

1911 Birthday - Gertrude Niesen, born in New York, actress, Start Cheering

1911 Birthday - Joan Perry Cohn Harvey, actress, Hands of a Stranger

1911 Birthday - Gail Patrick, Birmingham, Alabama, actress, My Man Godfrey, Love Crazy

1911 Birthday - Ellen Corby, born in Racine, Wisconsin, actress, Grandma Walton-Waltons

1911 Birthday - Paulette Goddard, Marion Levy, born in Switzerland, actress, Great Dictator

1911 Birthday - Gertrude Michael, AL, actress, Cleopatra, Menace, Club Havana

1911 Birthday - Maureen O'Sullivan, Boyle Ireland, actress, Tarzan, Pride and Prejudice

1911 Birthday - Margaret Sullavan, born in Norfolk, Virginia, actress, Back Street

1911 Birthday - Maxine Sullivan, Marietta Williams, U.S. singer and actress, Going Places

1911 Birthday - Simone Simon, born in France, actress, All Money Can Buy, Ladies in Love

1911 Birthday - Christine McIntyre, actress, 3 Stooges movies

1911 Birthday - Mieke Verstraete, Belgian/Dutch actress, Pleasantly Settled

1911 Birthday - Margot Grahame, born in Canterbury, England, born Margaret Clark, actress, compared to Jean Harlow, dubbed the 'Aluminum Blonde', performed with Bebe Daniels in The Fabulous Joe

1911 Birthday - Merle Oberon, Calcutta India, actress, Assignment Foreign Legion

1911 Birthday - Florence Rice, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Double Wedding, Riding on Air

1911 Birthday - Jean Muir Fullarton, actress

1911 Birthday - Benay Venuta, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Annie Get Your Gun, Call Me Mister

1911 Birthday - Butterfly McQueen, Thelma, born in Tampa, Florida, actress, 'Gone With the Wind'

1910 Birthday - Betty Ann Davies, born in London, England, actress, Tough Guy

1910 Birthday - Lillian Roth, Rutstein, singer and actress, Animal Crackers

1910 Birthday - Jill Summers, actress, Agatha Coronation Street

1910 Birthday - Rosemary DeCamp, Prescott, Arizona, actress, Love That Bob, That Girl

1910 Birthday - Sally O'Neil, Bayonne, New Jersey, actress, Beggar's Holiday, Moth

1910 Birthday - Virginia Bruce, actress, Action in Arabia

1910 Birthday - Fran Lee, New York City, actress, Ms Wong-Major Dell Conway

1910 Birthday - Eve March, California, actress, Curse of the Cat People

1910 Birthday - Margaret Lindsay, Dubuque Iowa, actress, Take a Guess

1910 Birthday - Gella Allaert, Flemish actress, La Round

1910 Birthday - Kitty Carlisle, born in Louisiana, American singer, spokeswoman for the arts, actress, 'To Tell The Truth' panelist

1910 Birthday - Signe Hasso, actress, QB VII, Taxi 13, Black Bird, Crisis

1910 Birthday - Sylvia Sidney, born in Bronx, New York, actress, WKRP, Sabotage, Beetlejuice, Demon

1910 Birthday - Gertruida EW "Truss" van Aalten, actress, Girl in Blue Hat

1910 Birthday - Irene Hervey, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Aunt Meg-Honey West

1910 Birthday - Gloria Stuart, actress, Rose-Titanic, founder, Screen Actors Guild

1910 Birthday - Ilona Massey, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress and singer, Ilona Massey Show

1910 Birthday - Rachel Kempson, actress, Captive Heart

1910 Birthday - Constance Cummings, Wash, actress, John and Julie, 7 Sinners, Glamour

1910 Birthday - Mady Alfredo, Maria M the Brieder, actress, Alicia

1910 Birthday - Anna Magnani, Italian actress, Awakening, Roma

1910 Birthday - Sharon Lynn, born in Weatherford, Texas, actress, Way Out West, Big Broadcast

1910 Birthday - [Marcelle] Georgette Hagedoorn, actress and chansonniere

1910 Birthday - Lale [Liselotte H] Anderson, German singer and actress, Der Pott

1910 Birthday - Joan Sterndale Bennett, born in New Jersey, actress, Elizabeth-Dark Shadows

1910 Birthday - Joan Bennett, Palasades, New Jersey, actress, Little Women, Disraeli

1910 Birthday - Joyce Grenfell, actress, Pickwick Papers, Americanization of Emily

1910 Birthday - Luise Rainer, Austria, actress, Escapade, Good Earth, Big City

1910 Birthday - Patsy Kelly, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Rosemary's Baby, North Ave Irregulars

1909 Birthday - Marguerite Churchill, actress, Dracula's Daughter, Big Trail

1909 Birthday - Mona Barrie, Smith, born in London, England, actress, Dawn on Great Divide

1909 Birthday - Karen Morley, American Actress

1909 Birthday - Astrid Allwyn, Manchester CT, actress, Charlie Chan's Secret

1909 Birthday - Josephine Hutchinson, born in Seattle, Washington, actress, Story of Louis Pasteur

1909 Birthday - Florida Friebus, actress, Dobie Gillis' mom, Bob Newhart Show

1909 Birthday - Carol Lombard, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, actress, My Man Godfrey, In Name Only

1909 Birthday - Wiesje Bouwmeester, Dutch actress, Doodzonde

1909 Birthday - Anne Seymour, born in England, actress, Gemini Affair, Empire, Tim Conway Show

1909 Birthday - Jane Baxter, Feodora Forde, Bremen Germany, actress, We Live Again

1909 Birthday - [Rose] Joan Blondell, New York City, actress, Real McCoys, Here Come the Brides

1909 Birthday - Miliza Korjus, Warsaw Poland, actress, Great Waltz

1909 Birthday - Gerardina I "Diny" van Amstel, Dutch actress, Dijntje and Trijntje

1909 Birthday - Harriet Hilliard Nelson, actress, Ozzie and Harriet

1909 Birthday - Lupe Velez, Guadelupe Velez de Villabos, actress, Joe Palooka

1909 Birthday - Isabel Jewell, born in Shoshone, Wyoming, actress, Ceiling Zero, Arousers

1909 Birthday - Suzanne G Charpentier, born in Paris, actress, Dinner at Ritz

1909 Birthday - Maria M. van de Berg, actress, It was April 1st

1909 Birthday - Jessica Tandy, London, actress, Birds, Cocoon, Batteries Not Included

1909 Birthday - Sandra Oh, Canadian Actress

1909 Birthday - Magda Schneider, actress, Eva, Going Gay, Be Mine Tonight

1909 Birthday - Eleanor Mondale, American Actress

1909 Death - Johanna "Lena" Bakker, Dutch actress/wife of Bruno Gerlach, dies at 34

1909 Birthday - Claire Trevor, Wemlinger, born in New York City, actress, Marjorie Morningstar

1909 Birthday - Carmen Miranda, born in Brazil, vocalist/actress, Copacabana, Date With Judy

1909 Birthday - Heather Angel, Oxford England, actress, Informer, Last of Mohicans

1909 Birthday - Helen Chandler, Charleston, South Carolina, actress, Christopher Strong, Dracula

1909 Birthday - Ann Todd, Hartford England, actress, Paradine Case, 7th Veil

1909 Birthday - Ann Sothern, Harriette Lake, ND, actress, Lady in a Cage

1908 Birthday - Claire Dodd, AR, actress, Ex-Lady, In the Navy

1908 Birthday - Helen Twelvetrees, actress, State's Attorney, Painted Desert

1908 Birthday - Celia Johnson, England, actress, Happy Breed, Brief encounter

1908 Birthday - Libertad Lamaraque, Agentina, actress, Madreselva, Puerta Cerrada

1908 Birthday - Carole Lombard, American Actress

1908 Birthday - Greer Garson, born in North Ireland, actress, Pride and Prejudice, Chips

1908 Birthday - Barbara Jo Allen, New York City, actress, Ice Capades Revue, Rosie the Riveter

1908 Birthday - Dolores del Rio, silent screen actress, Deseada, Bugambilia

1908 Birthday - Mildred Natwick, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

1908 Birthday - Rosalind Russell, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, actress, Mame, Take a Letter Darling

1908 Birthday - Adele Dixon, actress, Calling the Tune

1908 Birthday - Louise Chaplin, actress

1908 Birthday - Virginia Cherrill, actress, Lake Extra, Brat, City Lights, Delicious

1908 Birthday - Joan Crawford, born in Texas, actress, Mildred Pierce

1908 Birthday - Inez Courtney, born in New York City, actress, 13th Man, Crime Ring, Raven

1908 Birthday - Anna Magnani, born in Alexandria, Egypt, actress, Rose Tattoo, Miracle

1908 Birthday - Sophie Stewart, born in Scotland, actress, As You Like It, Under the Red Robe

1908 Birthday - Anita Garvin, actress, Swiss Miss, Blotto, Charlatan, Hats Off

1908 Birthday - Paula Wessely, Austrian actress/producer, Masquerade

1908 Birthday - Ethel Merman, stage and screen actress, Anything Goes, Call Me Madam

1908 Death - Anna S Barbiers, Dutch actress (Klaasje Zevenster), dies at 65

1908 Birthday - , Fearless, Mary Nadia Wadia, actress

1907 Birthday - Peggy Ashcroft, Croydon England, actress, Dear Brutus, Happy Days

1907 Birthday - Frances Dee, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Of Human Bondage

1907 Birthday - Fran Allison, LaPorte City Iowa, actress, Kukla, Fran and Ollie

1907 Birthday - Pert Kelton, Great Falls Mont, actress, Cavalcade of Stars

1907 Birthday - Tutta Rolf, Norway, actress, Whalers

1907 Birthday - Barbara Morrison, Weston-Super-Mare England, actress, Project Moonbase

1907 Birthday - Ida Turay, Budapest, actress, Deryne, Ida Regenye

1907 Birthday - Helen Vinson, born in Texas, actress, Transatlantic Tunnel, In Name Only

1907 Birthday - Joe Lederer, Austrian actress/writer, Drei Tage Liebe

1907 Birthday - Shirley Booth, actress, Hazel

1907 Birthday - Shirley Booth, Thelma Booth Ford, New York City, actress, Hazel

1907 Birthday - Mae Clarke, Klotz, Philadelphia, actress, Frankenstein, Waterloo Bridge

1907 Birthday - Adrienne Ames, Fort Worth, Texas, actress, Death Kiss, Panama Patrol

1907 Birthday - Irene Tedrow, born in Denver, Colorado, actress, Lucy-Dennis the Menace, Mr. Novak

1907 Birthday - Vivian Vance, born in Cherryvale, Kansas, actress, Ethel Mertz-I Love Lucy

1907 Birthday - Barbara Stanwyck, born in Brooklyn, actress, Dynasty II, Big Valley, Thorn Birds

1907 Birthday - Joan Davis, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, actress, I Married Joan

1907 Birthday - Valerie Cossart, born in London, actress, Hartmans

1907 Birthday - Katharine Hepburn, born in Hartford, Connecticut, actress, 'Adam's Rib', 'On Golden Pond'

1907 Birthday - Paula Trueman, New York City, actress, Gran-Billy

1907 Birthday - Beatrice Kay, born in New York City, singer/actress, Sister Sue-Calvin and Col

1907 Birthday - Lina Basquette, born in Mateo, California, actress, Paradise Park, Pleasure, Goldie

1907 Birthday - Phyllis Konstam, born in London, England, actress, Murder, Skin Game

1907 Birthday - Mary Treen, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Emily-Willy

1907 Birthday - Eleanor L "Betty" Compton, U.S. actress, Here Comes Trouble

1907 Birthday - Tamara Geva, born in Russia, dancer, actress, choreographer, married to George Balanchine

1907 Birthday - Jessie Matthews, born in London, England, actress, Gangway, First a Girl

1907 Birthday - Lois Moran, born in Pittsburgh, actress, Mom-Waterfront

1907 Birthday - Marie Dressler, actress, Anna Christie, Dinner at 8

1907 Birthday - Lillian Harvey, born in London, England, actress, Invitation to the Waltz

1907 Birthday - Anna May Wong, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Impact, Study in Scarlet

1906 Birthday - Agnes Moorehead, Clinton Massachusetts, actress, Endora-Bewitched

1906 Birthday - Andreina Pagnani, Rome, Italy, actress, Il Commandante

1906 Birthday - Lee Patrick, New York City, actress, Henrietta-Topper, Maltese Falcon

1906 Birthday - Betty Bronson, Trenton, New Jersey, actress, Evel Knievel, One Stolen Night

1906 Birthday - Hermione Baddeley, England, actress, Camp Runamuck, Maude, Good Life

1906 Death - [Georgette A] Helena Amelung, actress (Small Lord), dies at 55

1906 Birthday - Benita Hume, born in London, England, actress, Vicky-Halls of Ivy

1906 Birthday - Janet Gaynor, Philadelphia, actress, Sunrise, A Star Is Born

1906 Birthday - Penny Singleton, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, voice, Jane Jetsons, actress, Blondie

1906 Birthday - Lurene Tuttle, Pleasant Lake, Indiana, actress, Father of Bride, Julia

1906 Birthday - June Collyer, New York City, actress, Before Midnight, Charley's Aunt

1906 Birthday - Era Bell Thompson, Dakota Dick, U.S. actress, Ebony

1906 Birthday - Clancy Cooper, actress, Enchanted Forest, Girls in Chains

1906 Birthday - Margaret Rawlings, actress, Roman Holiday

1906 Birthday - Ursula Jeans, Simla India. actress, I Lived With You, Over the Moon

1906 Birthday - Mary Astor, Quincy, Illinois, actress, Maltese Falcon, Dinky

1906 Birthday - Lili Darvas, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, Szerelem, Cimmaron

1906 Birthday - Bea Benaderet, born in New York City, actress, Kate-Petticoat Junction

1906 Birthday - Brigitte Helm [Gisele Eve von Kuenheim], Berlin, actress, Gloria, Gold

1906 Birthday - Madeleine Carroll, England, actress, 39 Steps, Secret Agent

1906 Birthday - Greta Nissen, actress, Ambassador Bill

1906 Birthday - Diana Winyard, London, actress, Cavalcade

1905 Birthday - Irene Wicker, singer and actress, Singing Lady

1905 Birthday - Constance Bennett, New York City, actress, Easiest Way, Ladies in Love

1905 Birthday - Jean Arthur, New York City, actress, Shane, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

1905 Birthday - Jane Winton, Philadelphia, actress, Hell's Angel, Patsy, Don Juan

1905 Birthday - Betty Garde, Philadelphia, actress, Aggie-Real McCoys

1905 Birthday - Greta Garbo, born in Stockholm, actress, Ninotchka, Grand Hotel, Camille

1905 Birthday - Dolores Costello, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actress, Little Lord Fauntleroy

1905 Birthday - Dolores Del Rio, born in Durango, Mexico, actress, What Price Glory?

1905 Birthday - Myrna Loy, Helena, Montana, actress, Jazz Singer, Thin Man, Vanity Fair

1905 Birthday - Clara Bow, silent screen actress, Wings, "it" girl of 1920's films

1905 Birthday - Thelma Todd, Alison Loyd, Lawrence, Massachusetts, actress, Dangerous Female

1905 Birthday - Lila Lee, Union City, New Jersey, actress, Midnight Girl, Blood and Sand

1905 Birthday - Isa Miranda, Ines Sampietro, Italian model/actress, La ronde

1905 Birthday - Binnie Barnes, London, actress, Adv of Marco Polo, Diamond Jim

1905 Birthday - Leila Hyams, New York City, actress, Big House, Ruggles of Red Gap

1905 Birthday - Binnie Barnes, born in London, actress, Last of the Mohicans, 3 Musketeers

1905 Birthday - Thelma Ritter, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Miracle on 34th Street

1904 Birthday - Kay Johnson, Mount Vernon, New York, actress, Real Glory, Of Human Bondage

1904 Birthday - Jessie Royce Landis, Medbury, Chicago, actress, North by Northwest

1904 Birthday - Nancy Carroll, Ann V LaHiff, New York City, actress, Alice-Aldrich Family

1904 Birthday - Tilly Losch, Vienna Austria, actress, Garden of Allah

1904 Birthday - Gertrude Olmsted, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, The Monster

1904 Birthday - Selena Royale, New York City, actress, Date With Judy, Misleading Lady

1904 Birthday - Laura Laplante, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Cat and Canary

1904 Birthday - Anna Neagle, London England, actress, London Melody, Nurse Edith Cavell

1904 Birthday - Gladys George, Patten Maine, actress, Roaring Twenties

1904 Birthday - Vera Vague, Barbara Jo Allen, New York City, actress, Follow the Leader

1904 Birthday - Kay Campbell, Catherine Hibben, actress, All My Children

1904 Birthday - Angela Baddeley, born in London, England, actress, Ghost Train, Tom Jones

1904 Birthday - Glenda Farrell, born in Enid, Oklahoma, actress, Golddiggers of 1935

1904 Birthday - Lily Pons, opera singer and actress, That Girl From Paris

1904 Birthday - Catherine Lacey, born in London, England, actress, Sorcerors

1904 Birthday - Fifi D'Orsay, born in Montreal, actress, Life Jimmy Dolan, Girl from Calgary

1904 Birthday - Virginia Downing, actress, Gig, Butterfield 8

1904 Birthday - Patsy Ruth Miller, actress, Quebec, Wide Open, Sap, Twin Beds

1903 Birthday - Corry Lievens, Isabella MJ Adriaens, Flemish actress, Blue Bird

1903 Birthday - Fredi [Fredericka] Carolyn Washington, actress, Black and Tan

1903 Birthday - Hardie Albright, Pittsburgh, actress, Silver Streak, Scarlet Letter

1903 Birthday - Una Merkel, Covington, Kentucky, actress, 42nd Street, Abraham Lincoln

1903 Birthday - Mona Washbourne, England, actress, Stevie, Billie Liar, Driver's Seat

1903 Birthday - Irene Ryan, El Paso Texas, actress, Granny-Beverly Hillbillies

1903 Birthday - Patsy Moran, Pennsylvania, actress, Children of the Wild

1903 Birthday - Claudette Colbert, Lily Chauchoin, Paris, actress, Texas Lady

1903 Birthday - Muriel Kirkland, Yonkers, New York, actress, Fast Workers, Hold Your Man

1903 Birthday - Helen Kane, Schroeder, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Heads Up, Pointed Heels

1903 Birthday - Catherine Dale Owen, actress, Behind Office Doors, Louisville, Kentucky

1903 Birthday - Mary Philbin, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Phantom of the Opera

1903 Birthday - Beatrix Lehmann, born in England, actress, Candles at Nine, Staircase

1903 Birthday - Dorothy Stickney, Dickinson ND, actress, And So They Were Married

1903 Birthday - Helene Costello, dancer/actress, Love Toy

1903 Birthday - Anny Ondra, Czechoslovakia, actress, Blackmail, Manxman

1903 Birthday - Camilla Horn, actress, Rebus, Vertigine, Polterabend, Matinee Idol

1903 Birthday - Ilka Chase, born in New York City, actress, Masquerade Party, Trials of O'Brien

1903 Birthday - Madeleine Renaud, Paris, France, actress, Helene, Longest Day

1903 Death - Julie Verstraete-Lacquet, Flemish actress, dies at 69

1903 Birthday - Tallulah Bankhead, Huntsville Ala, actress, Lifeboat, Die Die Darling

1903 Birthday - Veronica Turleigh, County Donegal Ireland, actress, Promoter

1903 Birthday - Kay Francis, Katherine E Gibbs, Oklahoma City, actress, False Madonna

1903 Birthday - Barbara Hepworth, English abstract sculptor/actress, Rescued by Rover

1902 Birthday - Frances Beauvier, actress, Aunt Bea-Andy Griffith Show

1902 Birthday - Margaret Hamilton, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Wicked Witch in the 'Wizard of Oz'

1902 Birthday - Elsa Lanchester, Lewisham London, actress, Bride of Frankenstien

1902 Birthday - Lillian Bronson, Lockport, New York, actress, Next Voice you Hear

1902 Birthday - Miriam Hopkins, Bainbridge Georgia, actress, Becky Sharp, These Three

1902 Birthday - Esther Ralston, Bar Harbor ME, American Venus/actress, Old Ironsides

1902 Birthday - Hermine Heijermans, Dutch actress/author

1902 Birthday - Leni Riefenstahl, Helene Bertha Amalie, Germany, actress, Tiefland

1902 Birthday - Nora Swinburne, born in England, actress, Quo Vardis, Dinner at Ritz, River

1902 Birthday - Madge Bellamy, born in Hillsboro, Texas, actress, White Zombie

1902 Birthday - Ellen Clara Pollock, actress, Wicked Lady, Horror Hospital

1902 Birthday - Erin O'Brien-Moore, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Peyton Place, Our Little Girl

1902 Birthday - Kitty Kelly, born in New York City, actress, Ladies of the Jury, Behind Office Doors

1902 Birthday - Gertrude Short, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Stella Dallas, Blonde Venus

1902 Birthday - Flora Robson, born in South Shields, England, actress, Dominique is Dead

1902 Birthday - Kitty Masters, actress

1902 Birthday - Zarah Leander, Swedish and German singer and actress, Gabriela

1902 Birthday - Ruby Dandridge, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress in Father of the Bride

1902 Birthday - Nydia Westman, New York City, actress, Going My Way, Young Mr. Bobbins

1902 Death - Wilhelmina JR Albregt-Engelman, Dutch actress, dies at 68

1902 Birthday - Stella Adler, New York, actress, My Girl Tisa

1902 Birthday - Tyra Ryman, Arboga Sweden, actress, Peter the Tramp

1902 Birthday - Elise Cavanna, actress, Pharmacist, Dentist, Barber Shop

1901 Birthday - Irene Handl, born in London, England, actress, Riding High, Morgan

1901 Birthday - Marlene Dietrich, Berlin Germany, singer and actress, Blue Angel

1901 Birthday - Genevieve Tobin, actress, Zaza, Great Gambini, Uncertain Lady

1901 Birthday - Mildred Harris, Cheyenne, Wyoming, actress, No No Nannette

1901 Birthday - Juanita Hall, Keyport, New Jersey, actress, Captain Billy

1901 Birthday - Carroll Nye, born in Canton, Ohio, actress, Lawless Woman

1901 Birthday - Lily Bouwmeester, Dutch actress/comedienne, Pygmalion

1901 Birthday - Florence Elridge, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Long Days Journey into the Night

1901 Birthday - Maria H "Marijke" van Tooren, cabaretiere/actress, Pisuisse

1901 Birthday - Frieda Inescort, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, actress, Pride and Prejudice

1901 Birthday - Jeanette MacDonald, born in Philadelphia, actress and singer, When I'm Calling You

1901 Birthday - Marion Gering, actress, Sarumba, Rumba, Ready for Love, 24 Hours

1901 Birthday - Carmel Myers, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Carmel Myers Show

1901 Birthday - Carmelita Geraghty, born in Rushville, Indiana, actress, My Best Girl, Texas Ranger

1901 Birthday - Mildred Davis, Pennsylvania, actress, Grandma's Boy

1901 Birthday - Connie Gilchrist, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Cry Havoc, Letter to 3 Wives

1901 Birthday - Bebe Daniels, Scotland, actress, 42nd Street, Lonesome Luke

1901 Birthday - Pauline Starke, Joplin, Missouri, actress, Dante's Inferno, Dance Magic

1900 Birthday - Helen Gahagan, American Actress

1900 Birthday - Alice Calhoun, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Silent film actress, Flowing Gold

1900 Birthday - Jobyna Ralston, South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, actress, For Heaven's Sake

1900 Birthday - Helen Hayes, Washington D.C., actress, Caesar and Cleopatra, Happy Birthday

1900 Birthday - Elizabeth Bergner, Vienna Austria, actress, Catherine the Great

1900 Birthday - Eileen Percy, Belfast Ireland, silent film actress, Let's Go

1900 Birthday - Colleen Moore, Port Huron, Michigan, actress, Scarlet Letter

1900 Birthday - Estelle Brody, New York City, actress, Safari, Kitty, Plaything

1900 Birthday - Norma Shearer, born in Montreal, Quebec, actress, Divorcee, Idiot's Delight

1900 Birthday - Helen Morgan, Riggins, U.S., singer and actress, Applause

1900 Birthday - Elsie Evelyn Laye, English singer and actress, Bitter Sweet, Merry Widow

1900 Birthday - June Walker, born in Illinois, actress, War Nurse, Unforgiven

1900 Birthday - Betsy van Es, Flemish actress, Sonna

1900 Birthday - Billie Dove, Lilian Bohny, New York City, actress, Black Pirate, Stolen Bride

1900 Birthday - Helene Weigel, Austria/German actress, Metropolis, Mutter Courage

1900 Birthday - Helen Morgan, singer and actress, Applause, Frankie and Johnny

1900 Birthday - Edna Best, born in Hove, England, actress starred in Key, Calendar, Escape, Intermezzo

1900 Birthday - Madeleine Renaud, French actress/theater director, Plaisir

1900 Birthday - Martita Hunt, Argentina, actress, Man in Grey, Becket

1900 Birthday - Mildred Dunnock, Balt, actress, Baby Doll, Nun's Story

1900 Birthday - Mary Philips, CT, actress, Farewell to Arms, Incendiary Blonde

1899 Birthday - Vera Reynolds, Richmond, Virginia, silent screen actress, Lawless Woman

1899 Death - [Maria] Catharina Beersmans, Belgian actress (Medea), dies at 55

1899 Birthday - Mimi Boesnach, Dutch actress, Wedding of Kloris and Roosje

1899 Birthday - Evelyn Brent, born in Tampa, Florida, actress, Panama Lady, Last Coomand

1899 Birthday - Gertrude Berg, Harlem New York City, actress, Molly Goldberg-Goldbergs

1899 Birthday - Nelly A "Nell" Knoop, Dutch actress, Driestuivers Opera

1899 Birthday - Olga Baclanova, born in Moscow, Russia, actress, Freaks, Docks of New York

1899 Birthday - Dorothy Devore, Ft. Worth, Texas, actress, Narrow Street, Senior Daredevil

1899 Birthday - Estelle Taylor, Delaware, actress, 8 Commandments

1899 Birthday - Aline MacMahon, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, actress, Backdoor to Heaven

1899 Birthday - Lucie Mannheim, born in Berlin, actress, East Meets West, 39 Steps

1899 Birthday - Natalie Talmadge, actress, Our Hospitality

1899 Birthday - Gloria Swanson, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Sadie Thomson, Queen Kelly

1899 Birthday - Gloria Swanson, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Sadie Thompson, Killer Bees

1899 Birthday - Gale Sondergard, Litchfield, Minnesota, actress, Cat and Canary, Road to Rio

1899 Birthday - Doris Speed, actress, Annie-Coronation Street

1899 Birthday - Phyllis Haver, Douglas, Kansas, silent screen actress, What Price Glory

1898 Birthday - Irene [Marie] Dunne, Louisville, actress, Show Boat, I Remember Mama

1898 Birthday - Renee Adoree, French/U.S. singer and actress, Tfolies-Bergere, Mr. Wu

1898 Birthday - Bessie Love, born in Midland, Texas, actress, Broadway Melody, Children of Damned

1898 Birthday - Queenie Smith, New York City, actress/dancer, Funny Side

1898 Birthday - Marilyn Miller, Renolds, U.S. actress, Sunny, wife of Jack Pickford

1898 Birthday - Enny de Leeuwe, Engelina, actress, Anatevka, wife of Pierre Mols

1898 Birthday - Francine Larrimore, Verdun France, actress, John Meade's Woman

1898 Birthday - Gertrude Lawrence, English actress, Mimi, Rembrandt

1898 Birthday - Eva J C Beck, actress, Resurrection

1898 Birthday - Virginia Valli, McSweeney, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Pleasure Garden

1898 Birthday - Molly Picon, New York City, Yiddish actress, Milk and Honey

1898 Birthday - Arlette-Leonie Arletty, Bathiat, Courbevoie France, actress, Maxime

1898 Birthday - Constance Talmadge, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedienne/actress, Intolerance

1898 Birthday - Nita Naldi, born in New York City, actress, Blood and Sand

1898 Birthday - Joyce Carey, English actress, Black Windmill

1898 Birthday - Hazel Dawn, LaTout, Utah, actress, Niobe, Under Cover, Feud Girl

1898 Birthday - Josie Sedgwick, born in Texas, actress, Son of Oklahoma

1898 Birthday - Dorothy Gish, born in Massillon, Ohio, film actress, Orphans of the Storm

1898 Birthday - Louise Beavers, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Beulah-Beulah, Made for each other

1898 Birthday - Molly Picon, Yiddish actress, Milk and Honey

1898 Birthday - Katharine Cornell, actress, Barretts of Wimpole St

1898 Birthday - Judith Anderson, born in Adelaide, Australia, actress, Laura, Rebecca, Tycoon

1898 Birthday - Josephina J "Fien" de la Mar, Dutch actress, Theatre De la Mar

1898 Birthday - Helen Flint, Chicago, actress, Sea Devils, Married Before Breakfast

1898 Birthday - Vilma Banky, Budapest Hungary, silent screen actress, Eagle, Rebel

1898 Birthday - ZaSu Pitts, Parsons Kansas, actress, Life With Father, Dames

1897 Birthday - Hermione Gingold, born in London, England, actress, Gigi, Music Man

1897 Birthday - Sara Haden, Galveston, Texas, actress, A Family Affair

1897 Birthday - Hope Emerson, Hawarden Iowa, actress, I Married Joan, Peter Gunn

1897 Birthday - Lil Dagover, Marta-Maria Lillits, Pati Java, actress, Spiders

1897 Birthday - Wilhelmina J "Willy" Haak, Dutch actress/act teacher, Goethe/Brecht

1897 Birthday - Doris Kenyon, Syracuse, New York, silent screen actress, Alexander Hamilton

1897 Birthday - Luella Gear, New York City, actress, Joe and Mabel

1897 Birthday - Emmy Arbous, Emilia J Henke, Dutch actress, Little Rascal

1897 Birthday - Anna Luther, born in New Jersey, silent screen actress, Sinners in Silk

1897 Birthday - Viola Dana, born in Brooklyn, actress, Willow Tree, 40 Winks, Silent Lover

1897 Birthday - Margalo Gillmore, London, actress, Skirts Ahoy, High Society

1897 Birthday - Olga Chekova, born in Russia, actress, Italian Strawhat, Cry of the Children

1897 Birthday - Vivienne Segal, Philadelphia, Broadway actress, Pal Joey

1897 Birthday - Marian Jordan, actress, Molly-Fibber McGee and Molly

1897 Birthday - Betty Compson, Beaver, Utah, actress, Millionaire Kid, Mad Youth

1897 Birthday - Betty Compson, actress, Big City, Docks Of New York

1897 Birthday - Celia Lovsky, Vienna Aus, actress, Airport, Harlow, T'Pau-Star Trek

1897 Birthday - Mae Busch, Australian/US actress, Cowboy Socialist

1897 Birthday - Marion Davies, Marion Cecelia Douras, Brooklyn, actress, Operator 13

1897 Birthday - Pola Negri, Barbara A Chalupec, Polish/US actress, Madame Bovary

1896 Birthday - Margaret Bannerman, born in Toronto, Ontario, actress, Elopement

1896 Birthday - Lilia Skala, Vienna, actress, House of Games, Flashdance, Charly

1896 Birthday - Ruth Etting, U.S. dancer/singer/actress, Roman scandals

1896 Birthday - Ethel Waters, Chester, Pennsylvania, actress, Beulah, singer, Stormy Weather

1896 Birthday - Ruth Gordon, Massachusetts, actress, Rosemary's Baby, Harold and Maude

1896 Birthday - Lillian Gish, silent film/stage actress, Birth of a Nation

1896 Birthday - Denise Grey, Edouardine Verthuy, Turin Italy, actress, Julietta

1896 Birthday - Agnes Ayres, Hinkle, U.S., actress, Sheik, Souls at Sea

1896 Birthday - Blossom Rock, actress, Grandmamma-Addams Family

1896 Birthday - Evelyn Preer, U.S. actress, Homesteader, Spider's Webs

1896 Birthday - Doris Lloyd, actress, Bachelor Father, Charley's Aunt, Sarah and Son

1896 Birthday - Irene Browne, born in England, actress, All at Sea, Peg O' My Heart

1896 Birthday - Blanche Sweet, born in Chicago, actress, Home Sweet Home, Avenging Conscience

1896 Birthday - Aura Abranches, Lisbon Portugal, actress, Lisboa, O Primo Basilio

1896 Birthday - Enid Markey, born in Dillon, Colorado, actress, Aunt Violet-Bringing Up Buddy

1896 Birthday - Eva Le Gallienne, born in London, England, actress/director, Resurrection

1895 Birthday - Ina Claire, actress, Claudia, Ninotchka, Rebound

1895 Birthday - Mae Marsh, Madrid, New Mexico, silent film actress, Birth of a Nation

1895 Birthday - Vera Bondam, actress

1895 Birthday - Fay Holden, Birmingham England, actress, Mother-Andy Hardy films

1895 Birthday - Ruth McDevitt, Coldwater, Michigan, actress, Jo-All in the Family

1895 Birthday - Alice Lake, born in Brooklyn, New York, silent screen actress, Glamour, Wicked

1895 Birthday - Yvonne Printemps, born in Ermont, France, singer and actress, Le Duel

1895 Birthday - Florence Vidor, Arto, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Jack Knife Man

1895 Birthday - Marie Ney, born in London, England, actress, Brief Ecstasy, Simba, Witchcraft

1895 Birthday - Louise Fazenda, Lafayette, Indiana, actress/comedienne, Almost an actress

1895 Birthday - Mary Marquet, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, actress, Matter of Resistance

1895 Birthday - Juanita Hansen, born in Iowa, actress in Fast Company, Broadway Love

1895 Birthday - Anita Stewart, New York, actress, South of Hell Mountain

1895 Birthday - Eva A. Jessye, U.S. singer/actress/songwriter, Hallelujah

1894 Birthday - Pola Negri, Barbara A Chalupiec, Polish/U.S. actress, Madame Dubarry

1894 Birthday - Corinne Griffith, Texarkana, Texas, actress, 3 Hours, Lilies of Field

1894 Birthday - Seena Owen, Spokane, Washington, silent screen actress, Queen Kelly

1894 Birthday - Winifred Kingston, England, silent screen actress, David Garrick

1894 Birthday - Gladys Brockwell, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Long Pants, Oliver Twist

1894 Birthday - Fay Compton, Virginia Lillian Emeline Compton, actress, Haunting

1894 Birthday - Mary Clare, born in London, England, actress, Evil Mind, Young and Innocent

1894 Birthday - Lois Wilson, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actress, Alice-Aldrich Family

1894 Birthday - Jeanne Eagels, actress, Rain, Under False Colors

1894 Birthday - Beatrice Lillie, Toronto, comedian/actress, Around World in 80 Days

1894 Birthday - Cleo Ridgely, New York, silent screen actress, I Remember Mama

1893 Birthday - Ruth Chatterton, U.S. actress, Madame X, Sarah and Son

1893 Birthday - Ann O'Neal, Missouri, actress, Nana-Professional Father

1893 Birthday - Fern Andra, Watseka, Illinois, actress, Eyes of the World

1893 Birthday - Sara Allgood, Dublin Ireland, actress, Jane Eyre, Spiral Staircase

1893 Birthday - Julia Faye, Richmond, Virginia, actress, 10 Commandments, Samson and Delilah

1893 Birthday - Dorothy Dickson, actress/dancer, Paying the Piper, Danny Boy

1893 Birthday - Enid Bennett, Australia, silent film actress, Skippy, Hairpins

1893 Birthday - Charlotte Greenwood, born in Philadelphia, actress, Oklahoma, Moon over Miami

1893 Birthday - Norma Talmadge, New York, actress, Sign on Door, Camille

1893 Birthday - Grace Cunard, born in Columbus, Ohio, silent screen actress, Resurrection

1893 Birthday - Mary Pickford, actress, Poor Little Rich Girl

1893 Birthday - Cicely Courtneidge, born in Sydney, Australia, actress, Double Exposure

1893 Birthday - Isobel Elsom, actress, My Fair Lady, Love From a Stranger

1892 Birthday - Emory Parnell, St. Paul Minnesota, actress, Rocket Man, County Fair

1892 Birthday - Nora Nicholson, Leamington England, actress, Blue Lagoon, Crow Hollow

1892 Birthday - Lina Carstens, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, actress, Homeland, Broken Jug

1892 Birthday - Alice Brady, New York City, actress, My Man Godfrey, Gay Divorcee, Zenobia

1892 Birthday - Ina Claire, Fagan, Washington D.C., actress, Ninotchika

1892 Birthday - Ruth Stonehouse, born in Denver, Colorado, film director, silent era film actress, directed films 'The Winning Pair', 'Tacky Sue's Romance'

1892 Birthday - Patricia Collinge, Dublin Ireland, actress, Tender Comrade

1892 Birthday - Claire DuBrey, Bonner's Ferry ID, actress, Lightnin' in the Forest

1892 Birthday - Mae West, Brooklyn, actress, Go Up and See Her Sometime, Klondike Annie

1892 Birthday - Lupino Lane, born in London, England, actress, Love Parade

1892 Birthday - Minna Gombell, Baltimore, actress, Bad Girl, Thin Man, Hello Sister

1892 Birthday - Sara Heyblom, Dutch actress, Pygmalion, Fietsen naar de Maan

1892 Birthday - Margaret Rutherford, England, actress, Murder Most Foul

1892 Birthday - Beulah Bondi, Chicago, actress, It's a Wonderful Life

1892 Birthday - Kathleen Harrison, actress, Fast Lady, Big Money, West 11

1892 Birthday - Peggy Wood, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, One Life to Live, Mama

1892 Birthday - Francesca Bertini, Florence Italy, actress, Odette, Assunta Spina

1891 Birthday - Fay Bainter, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Jezebel, Our Town, State Fair

1891 Birthday - Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress, The Two Orphans

1891 Birthday - Irene Rich, Luther, Buffalo, New York, actress, Beau Brummell, Champ

1891 Birthday - Gerda Bjorne, Varmland Sweden, actress, Familjen Bjork, Hemsoborna

1891 Birthday - Isabel Jeans, born in London, England, actress, Easy Virtue, Heavens Above

1891 Birthday - Germaine Loosveldt, Flemish actress, Kniertje in On hope

1891 Birthday - Helen Broderick, U.S., comedienne/actress/singer, Swing Time

1891 Birthday - Nell Craig, born in New Jersey, actress, Calling Dr. Kildare, Queen of Sheba

1891 Birthday - Belle Bennett, born in Milcoon Rapids, Iowa, actress, Stella Dallas, Iron Mask

1891 Birthday - Francoise Rosay, Paris, actress, Interlude, Women in Prison, Saraband

1891 Birthday - Dame Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Britian, actress, Cleopatra

1891 Birthday - Marjorie Gateson, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, One Man's Family

1890 Death - Johanne Luise Heiberg, Danish actress, dies at 77

1890 Birthday - Alice Joyce, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Song O' My Heart

1890 Birthday - Maria Matos, Lisbon Portugal, actress, Menina da Radio

1890 Birthday - Clara Kimball Young, born in Illinois, actress, Return of Chandu

1890 Birthday - J Patrick O'Malley, Forest City, Pennsylvania, actress, Courage of Black Beauty

1890 Birthday - Marie Lohr, born in Sydney, Australia, actress, Pygmalion, Small Hotel

1890 Birthday - Judith Lowry, born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, actress, Effect of Gamma Rays ...

1890 Birthday - Verna Felton, born in Salinas, California, actress, Hilda-December Bride

1890 Birthday - Gertrude McCoy, born in Sugar Valley, Georgia, silent screen actress, Blue Bird

1890 Birthday - Barbara Everest, born in London, England, actress, Fatal Witness, Inquest

1890 Birthday - Claire Whitney, New York, silent film actress, Blind Fools, Haunted Mine

1890 Birthday - Fie Carelsen, Dutch actress, Malle Gervallen

1890 Birthday - Marjorie Main, Tomlinson, Action, Indiana, actress, Another Thin Man

1890 Birthday - Florence Lawrence, Hamilton Ont, silent screen actress, Confidence

1889 Birthday - Isabel Randolph, Illinois, actress, Fuller Brush Girl, Our Miss Brooks

1889 Birthday - Marjorie Rambeau, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Primrose Path, Torch Song

1889 Birthday - Athene Seyler, London, actress, Make Mine Mink

1889 Birthday - Pearl White, Victoria, U.S. actress/stunt woman, Perils of Pauline

1888 Birthday - Gladys Cooper, Lewisham England, actress, My Fair Lady

1888 Birthday - Cathleen Nesbitt, Belfast Ireland, actress, Agatha-Farmer's Daughter

1888 Birthday - Nana Bryant, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Ladies of the Chorus

1888 Birthday - Frances Marion, born in San Francisco, California, screenwriter/actress, Pollyanna

1888 Birthday - Ariantje "Jeanne" Leg, actress, It Vijgeblaadje, It Hippie

1888 Birthday - Hugh Wakefield, Wanstead England, actress, Blithe Spirit

1888 Birthday - Clifford Heatherley, Preston England, actress, For Love or Money

1888 Birthday - Sophia J. W. "Sophie" Hermse, actress, Vorstenschool

1888 Birthday - Almira Sessions, Washington D.C., actress, Oklahoma Annie

1888 Birthday - Violet Farebrother, Grimsby England, actress, Downhill, Easy Virtue

1888 Birthday - Marion Lorne, Philadelphia, actress, Strangers on a Train, Girl Rush

1888 Birthday - Johanna E F G, Bachigaloupi, Tourniaire, actress, Saint Joan

1888 Birthday - Antoinette Perry, American Actress

1888 Birthday - Margarita Xirgu, born in Barcelona, Spain, actress, Bloody Wedding

1888 Birthday - Florence Bates, born in San Antonio, Texas, actress, Kismet, I Remember Mama

1888 Birthday - Anna Q. Nilsson, born in Sweden, actress, Shenandoah, Uncle Tom's Cabin

1888 Birthday - Gladys Cooper, England, actress, Margaret-Rogues

1888 Birthday - Henrietta P "Hetty" Beck, actress, Bouwmeester Award

1887 Birthday - Lynn Fontanne, born in Woodford, England, Bdwy actress, Dulcy, Arms and the Man

1887 Birthday - Gertrude Astor, Lakewood, Ohio, actress, Carnival Lady

1887 Birthday - Muriel Aked, Bingley England actress, Happiest Days of Your Life

1887 Birthday - Blanche Yurka, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, actress, Taxi, Tale of 2 Cities

1887 Birthday - Mabel Taliaferro, New York City, actress, Sentimental Tommy, My Love Come Back

1886 Birthday - Spring Byington, Colorado Springs, actress, Lily Ruskin-December Bride

1886 Birthday - Margaretha C E "Greta" Beekman, actress, Wrong Poes

1886 Birthday - Lillian Fontaine, Reading England, actress, Suddenly it's Spring

1886 Birthday - Josephine Hull, Newtonville, Massachusetts, Academy award actress, Harvey

1885 Birthday - Esther Dale, Beaufort, South Carolina, actress, Unfinished Business

1885 Birthday - Aaf Bouber-ten Hoope, Dutch actress, Jantjes, wife of Herman Bouber

1885 Death - Maria J Small-Gartmann, actress, dies at 60

1885 Birthday - Elsie Ferguson, New York, actress, Lie, Footlights, Scarlet Pages

1885 Birthday - Mary Nash, Troy, New York, actress, Philadelphia Story, Till the Clouds Roll By

1885 Birthday - Billie Burke, born in Washington D.C., actress, Glinda-Wizard of Oz

1885 Birthday - Theda Bara, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress 'Camille', 'Cleopatra', '2 Orphans', dies at 62

1885 Birthday - Mae Murray, Girl with bee-stung lips, Virginia, actress, High Stakes

1885 Birthday - Marie Benavente, Maria Wissink, actress, Scapegoat

1885 Birthday - Edith Evans, born in London, England, actress, Tom Jones, David Copperfield

1885 Birthday - A J Else Mauhs, German/Dutch actress, Eline Vere, L'aiglon

1884 Birthday - Ruth Draper, American Actress

1884 Birthday - Minerva Urecal, California, actress, Accent on Love, Crazy Knights

1884 Birthday - Maria "Mary" Beekman, actress, Genius against Violence

1884 Birthday - Magda Janssens, Flemish/Netherlands actress/acting teacher, Maria Stuart

1884 Birthday - Laurette Taylor, Helen LM Cooney, U.S. actress, Broadway

1883 Birthday - Mary Forbes, Hornsey England, actress, Terror by Night

1883 Birthday - Edna May Oliver, Nutter, Malden, Massachusetts, actress, Little Women

1883 Birthday - Ethel Clayton, Missouri, actress, Hotel Continental

1883 Birthday - Enny Vrede, Maria M Muller, Dutch actress/wife of Eduard Verkade

1883 Birthday - Asta Nielsen, Copenhagen Denmark, actress, Joyless Street

1883 Birthday - Leah Baird, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Lady Gangster

1883 Birthday - Colin Campbell, born in Falkirk, Scotland, actress, High Bright Sun, Leather Boys

1883 Birthday - Estelle Winwood, Goodwin, England, actress, Miracle on 34th Street

1883 Birthday - Florence Reed, Philadelphia, silent film actress, Dancing Girl

1882 Birthday - Sybil Thorndike, England, actress, Saint Joan

1882 Birthday - Georgine M "May" Basting, actress, Hostage Rights of Aemstel

1882 Birthday - Wallis Clark, born in Essex, England, actress, Postal Inspector

1882 Birthday - Ida Moore, born in Altoona, Kansas, actress, Mr. Music, Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki

1882 Birthday - Geraldine Farrar, U.S. soprano/actress, Story of American Singer

1881 Birthday - Margaret Wycherly, born in London, England, actress, Keeper of the Flame

1881 Birthday - Johanna "Annie" Bakker, Dutch revue-artist/singer/actress

1881 Birthday - Clara Blandick, actress, Huckleberry Finn, Romance, Tom Sawyer

1880 Event - Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, made U.S. debut at New York's Booth Theater

1880 Birthday - Una O'Connor, Belfast Ireland, actress, David Copperfield

1880 Birthday - Mary Boland, Philadelphia, U.S., comedienne/actress, Ruggles of Red Gap

1880 Birthday - Edie Martin, born in London, England, actress, Titfield Thunderbolt

1879 Birthday - Laura Hope Crews, U.S., actress, Camille, 'Gone with the Wind'

1879 Birthday - Eily Malyon, London, actress, Jane Eyre, I Married a Witch, Devotion

1879 Birthday - Jane Darwell, Patti Woodward, Palmyra, Missouri, actress, Huckleberry Finn

1879 Birthday - Sara Allgood, Dublin Ireland, actress, Blackmail, Storm in a Teacup

1879 Birthday - Ethel Barrymore, classic film and stage actress, Pinky, Moonrise

1879 Birthday - Ethel Barrymore, Philadelphia, actress, Constant Wife, Corn is Green

1879 Birthday - Lucile Watson, actress, Great Lie, Watch on the Rhine, Let's Dance

1878 Birthday - Louise Dresser, Kerlin, Evansville, Indiana, actress, Maid of Salem

1878 Birthday - Ethel Griffies, actress, Billy Liar, Birds, We Live Again

1878 Birthday - Constance Collier, Windsor England, actress/writer, Kitty, Whirlpool

1877 Birthday - Claire McDowell, New York City, actress, Big Parade

1877 Birthday - Rika H E Hopper, Dutch actress, Anastasia

1877 Birthday - Maria "Marie" Hens, Flemish actress, Jane Eyre

1877 Birthday - Betsy Ranucci-Beckmann, Theodora, Dutch author/actress, Dead Water

1876 Birthday - Dewi Angrenie, Martha CA Giese, Flemish/Dutch actress, Champagne

1876 Birthday - Johanna W "Mina" Bakker, Dutch actress, Boefje

1876 Birthday - Jacqueline Royaards-Sandberg, actress, Un Soir Un Train

1876 Birthday - Katherine Griffith, born in San Francisco, California, actress, Pollyanna, Fast Company

1876 Birthday - Maria Ouspenskaya, Tula Russia, actress, Waterloo Bridge

1876 Death - Charlotte Saunders Cushman, American Actress

1875 Birthday - Elizabeth Patterson, Savannah, Tennessee, actress, Climax, Tall Story

1875 Birthday - Maude Eburne, Canada, actress, Ladies They Talk About, Guardsman

1875 Birthday - Emma Dunn, actress, Dr. Monica, Dr. Kildare's Strange Case, Hideaway

1874 Birthday - Johanna HC Albregt, Dutch actress, Dumb August, wife of Henri Dons

1874 Birthday - Johanna M "Lena" Bakker, Dutch actress/wife of Bruno Gerlach

1874 Birthday - Mary Carr, born in Philadelphia, actress, Forbidden Trail, Pack Up Your Troubles

1873 Birthday - Sul-To-Wan, Nellie Conley, U.S. actress, Uncle Tom's Cabin

1873 Birthday - Alida J M Tartaud-Klein, actress/stage star, Rotterdam Stage

1873 Birthday - [Louise] Sophie de Vries, actress, On Hope of Blessing

1873 Birthday - Rose Melville, actress, Sis

1872 Birthday - Maude K Adams, U.S., actress, Baldwin's Theatre

1872 Birthday - Lena Ashwell, England, actress/theatrical manager, Kingsway

1872 Birthday - Henriette de Vreker-Verschuur, Dutch/Flemish actress, Rose Kate

1872 Birthday - Josephina "Frieda" Herberich, actress, Verdoold Sheep

1872 Birthday - [Rosalie] Julia Cuypers, Flemish actress/wife of Joseph of Lyre

1871 Birthday - Alma Kruger, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actress, Made For Each Other

1871 Birthday - Sara Amsel, Indonesian/Dutch actress

1871 Birthday - Betsy van den Arend, Dutch [Betje], actress, Miss Hobbs

1871 Birthday - Pauline Beersmans, PLJM van Cuyck, Flemish actress, Hofslachter

1869 Birthday - Marie Dressler, Leila M Koerber, Ontario, actress, Caught Short

1868 Birthday - Eugenie Besserer, Watertown, New York, actress, Jazz Singer

1867 Birthday - Philippine "Pine" Belder, Mary de Klerk, actress, Hope of Blessing

1865 Birthday - Minnie Maddern Fiske, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actress, Henrik Ibsen's plays

1865 Birthday - May Whitty, born in Liverpool, England, actress, Mrs Minerva, Suspicion

1865 Birthday - Patrick Campbell, England, actress, Pygmalion

1864 Birthday - Marie Tempest, Marie Susan Etherington, actress, Yellow Sands

1863 Birthday - Mina Dilis-Beersmans, Flemish actress/wife of John Dilis, Poppenhuis

1863 Birthday - Maria H "Mina" Beersmans, Flemish actress, Black Griet

1862 Birthday - Adeline De Walt Reynolds, Benton County, Iowa, actress, Son of Dracula

1861 Birthday - Lillian Russell, Helen Leonard, U.S., singer and actress, Great Mogul

1859 Birthday - Elenora Duse, Italy, actress, Hedda Gabler

1858 Birthday - Eleonora Duse, Italian Actress

1858 Birthday - Maria J "Marie" Bakker, Dutch actress

1858 Birthday - May Robson, Mary J Robison, born in Melbourne, Australia, actress, Apple Annie

1858 Death - Rachel, Elisabeth Rachel-Felix, French singer and actress (Muse), dies at 36

1857 Birthday - Fannie Farmer, actress, namesake of a candy company

1856 Birthday - Louise Hens, Flemish actress, Two Orphans

1853 Birthday - Lillie Langtry, Jersey Lily, vaudevillian actress, Lillie

1853 Birthday - Maria E "Beppie" Bakker, Dutch actress/wife of Piet Vink Sr

1853 Birthday - Esther de Boer-van Rijk, Dutch actress, Kniertje-Hope of Blessing

1853 Birthday - Marie Verstraete, actress, Louise-Frou Frou

1851 Birthday - [Georgette A] Helena Amelung, Dutch actress, Scapegoat

1850 Birthday - Christine [Elizabeth C] Poolman, Dutch actress, Stupid force

1850 Birthday - Theo Mann-Bouwmeester, Dutch actress, Pink Bernd, Hedda Gabler

1848 Birthday - Johanna C P Barbiers, actress, Voddenraper of Paris

1847 Birthday - Ellen Alice Terry, Coventry Engl, actress/director, Imperial Theatre

1847 Birthday - Ellen Terry, English Actress

1845 Birthday - Sarah Bernhardt, born in France, actress, Camille, Queen Elizabeth

1844 Birthday - [Maria] Catharina Beersmans, Belgian actress, Bad Herders

1843 Birthday - Belle Boyd, spy, Confederate, actress/lecturer

1842 Birthday - Anna S Barbiers, actress, Uncle Tom

1840 Birthday - Helena Modjeska, Poland, Shakespearian actress, Juliet, anti-Russian

1834 Birthday - Wilhelmina J R Albregt-Engelman, Dutch actress/daughter of Mimi Bia

1833 Event - Composer Hector Berlioz marries actress Harriet Smithson

1833 Birthday - Julie Verstraete-Lacquet, Flemish actress

1831 Death - Sarah Kemble Siddons, English actress (Lady Macbeth), dies at 75

1827 Death - Johanna C Wattier-Ziesenis, actress (Phaedra/Lady MacBeth), dies at 65

1821 Death - Elizabeth Inchbald (Simpson), actress/author (Lady Abbess), dies at 68

1818 Birthday - Maria J Small-Gartmann, actress

1816 Birthday - Charlotte Sanders Cushman, U.S., actress, Lady MacBeth

1816 Birthday - Charlotte Saunders Cushman, American Actress

1816 Death - Dorothea Jordan, French actress/mistress (William IV), dies at 65

1812 Birthday - Johanne Luise Heiberg, Copenhagen Denmark, actress, Romeo and Juliet

1809 Birthday - Frances Anne "Fanny" Kemble, England, Shakespearian actress, Juliet

1776 Birthday - Maria E J Versfelt, actress/mistress, General Moreau and Marshal Ney

1762 Birthday - Johanna C Wattier-Ziesenis, Dutch actress, Phaedra, Lady Macbeth

1761 Birthday - Dorothea Jordan, Ireland, French comedic actress

1760 Death - Friederike C Neuber, German actress/author (Schaferfest), dies at 63

1755 Birthday - Sarah Kemble Siddons, Brecon England, tragic actress, Fatal Marriage

1697 Birthday - Friederike C Neuber, German actress and author, Allerkostbarste Schatz

1655 Event - Adriana Nooseman-van de Bergh is 1st actress in Amsterdam theater

1650 Birthday - Nell [Eleanor] Gwyn, English actress/mistress, King Charles II