Red Events in History

2015 Event - A rare "blood moon" is visible tonight: the moon is in full moon phase and at its closest distance to Earth for the year, giving it a large 'supermoon' appearance; the concurrent lunar eclipse gives the large orb a red coloration

2014 Event - The NASA Mars rover Curiosity has returned images from the red planet's Gale Crater showing evidence of sediment deposits, suggesting that lakes and rivers potentially existed across the planet millions of years ago

2014 Event - Pahoa, a town of about 1,000 people on Hawaii's Big Island, must evacuate due to a stream of lava flowing at 20 yards per hour from the Kilauea volcano; Red Cross Hawaii is assisting residents with temporary shelter

2014 Event - Russia sends roughly 215 trucks of humanitarian supplies into Ukraine without permission from Kiev; the truck contents were inspected by neither Ukrainian officials nor Red Cross members as agreed to by Ukraine and Russia, but Kiev did not protest

2014 Event - Chinese auto manufacturer FAW Group begins taking orders for its luxury Red Flag L5 custom-made auto; the vehicle is priced similarly to a Ferrari at approximately $803,000

2013 Event - Amidst criticism for its lack of help in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, China's 'Peace Ark', a 14,000-ton navy hospital ship, is sent to the Philippines to help its relief efforts'; the country also sent an emergency medical team and a disaster relief team from the Chinese Red Cross

2013 Event - In Game 3 of the World Series baseball championships, the St. Louis Cardinals score a 2-1 series lead over the Boston Red Sox

2013 Event - Best-selling American author Tom Clancy dies at the age of 66; the author's debut book, 'The Hunt for Red October' has been cited as one of the greatest genre novels ever written

2013 Event - North Korea restores the Red Cross link used for government-to-government communications with South Korea

2012 Event - Australian daredevil Felix Baumgartner breaks the world record for human ascent by balloon by space diving 128,100 feet out of the Red Bull Stratos helium-filled balloon over Roswell, New Mexico

2012 Event - At the London Book Fair, Ma Jian, Chinese author of the banned novel 'Beijing Coma,' puts red paint over his face and calls Chinese publishers, 'the mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party'

2012 Event - A Harvard Medical School study claims that red meat increases the risk of death and has additional negative health implications

2011 Event - A large, rare, Andy Warhol self-portrait in red and white sells for $10.79 million pounds at Christie's auction house in London, England

2010 Event - Buildings across Bangkok are set on fire by red shirt protesters after the military stormed a protest camp in the center of the city

2010 Event - After new allegations of torture, the International Committee of the Red Cross reports a second U.S. secret prison exists at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

2010 Event - Thousands of 'red shirt' protesters demand fresh elections, causing Thai troops to retreat

2006 Event - Egyptian ferry, Al Salam Boccaccio, sinks killing over 1200 people in the Red Sea

2004 Event - World Series, Boston Red Sox beat Saint Louis Cardinals 4 games to 0

2004 Death - "Paul ""Red"" Adair", Oil well fire expert, Hellfighters, dies at 88

2002 Event - Stanley Cup Finals, Detroit Red Wings beat Carolina Hurricanes 4 games to 1

1998 Event - New York Islanders tie Detroit Red Wings 1-1, to end 10 game losing streak

1998 Event - Stanley Cup Finals, Detroit Red Wings beat Washington Capitals 4 games to 0

1997 Event - Red Sox sign Pedro Martinez to record 6 year $69 million contract

1997 Death - Sam Fuller, director/writer (Big Red One), dies at 86

1997 Event - Richard Gnida, Limo driver in Detroit Red Wings crash, pleads guilty

1997 Death - Red Skelton, comedian (Red Skelton Show), dies at 84

1997 Death - Red Skelton, comic, dies at 84

1997 Event - Boston Red Sox trade Mike Stanley back to the New York Yankees

1997 Event - Red Wings Vladimir Konstantinov and Slava Fetisov hurt in car crash

1997 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings sweep the Philadelphia Flyers

1996 Death - Muriel Monkhouse, Red Cross worker, dies at 86

1996 Event - Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens beats Yankees for his 200th win

1996 Event - Detroit Red Wings win NHL record 62 games

1996 Event - En route to NHL record 62 victories Detroit Red Wings win #61

1996 Event - Detroit Red Wings become 2nd NHL team to win 60 games in a season

1996 Event - Leeward Islands beat Trinidad by 73 runs to win Red Stripe Trophy

1995 Event - Stanley Cup: New Jersey Devils sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games

1995 Death - Leanoard "Red" Truss, R&B singer, dies at 47

1995 Death - Souphanouvong, Red Prince, president of Laos 1975 - 1987, dies at 85

1994 Death - Richard M Major, U.S. anti-terror specialist (CIA Red Book), dies at 72

1994 Death - Mark "Red" Mitchell, actor (John F. Kennedy, 8 Seconds, Want to Live), dies at 33

1994 Event - Cambodia's Red Khmer surprise attack on train, kills 13

1994 Event - Mariners play Red Sox as home team at Fenway, as Kingdome is repaired

1994 Death - Boris Alexandrov, conductor, Red Army Song/Dance Ensemble, dies at 88

1994 Death - Johnny Morey Downs, actor/singer (Algiers, Red Head), dies at 80

1994 Death - Red Rodney, Albino Red/The Red Arrow, bebop-trumpeter, dies at 66

1993 Event - "Red Shoes" closes at Gershwin Theater New York City after 5 performances

1993 Event - "Red Shoes" opens at Gershwin Theater New York City for 5 performances

1993 Death - Richard Jordan, U.S. actor (Hunt for Red October, Posse), dies at 55

1993 Event - Red Sox Roger Clemens pitches 2,000th strike out, Danny Tartabul - New York

1993 Event - Cincinnati Red pitcher Thomas Browning arrested for marijuana possession

1993 Event - New York Yankee Mark Hutton is 1st Australian to be a starting pitcher, He beats Angels 5-2; Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays 3 way tie for 1st

1993 Event - Red Tom Browning decides to watch his team play at Wrigley Field from the roof of a building across Sheffield Ave, he is fined $500

1993 Event - Texas Ranger Jose Canseco pitches 8th inning in 15-1 loss to Red Sox, he gives up 3 runs on 2 hits and 3 walks, he damages his arm

1993 Event - Seattle Mariner Chris Basio no-hits Boston Red Sox

1993 Death - Alfredo de Leon, leader (Philippines Red Scorpio Gang), killed

1993 Event - Cincinnati Red owner Marge Schott suspended for 1 year due to racist comments

1992 Event - Cincinnati Red owner Marge Schott apologizes for racist remarks

1992 Event - New Jersey Devils organization announces that it will change its colors to black, red, and white for the 1992-93 season

1992 Death - Hank Worden, actor (Red River), dies of natural causes at 91

1992 Death - Keith "Red" Mitchell, US/Swedish jazz bassist, dies

1992 Death - Red Barber, sportscaster (Dodgers, Yankees), dies at 84

1992 Death - Jenny Karezi, Greek actress (Red Lanterns), dies of cancer at 56

1992 Event - Red Sox Mark Reardon sets record of 342 saves (vs Yankees 1-0)

1992 Death - Mike Tyrell [Red Baron], British air acrobat, dies in an accident

1992 Event - Indians set team record for long game lose to Red Sox (19 inn - 6 hours)

1992 Death - Red Callender, U.S. jazz bassist (Unfinished dream), dies at 76

1992 Death - Jean R Yawkey, owner (Boston Red Sox), dies of a stroke at 83

1992 Event - Superbowl XXVI: Washington Red Skins beat Buffalo Bills, 37-24 in Minnesota Superbowl MVP: Mark Rypien, Washington, quarterback

1991 Event - Ferry boat Salem Express sinks in Red Sea, 476 killed

1991 Event - Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens wins AL Cy Young Award

1991 Event - Only 1,695 fans watch Boston Red Sox play Cleveland

1991 Event - Red Tom Browning vs Expo Dennis Martinez both perfect game pitcher

1991 Death - Shotzie, Cincinnati Red dog mascot, dies at 9

1991 Event - Red Sox Carlos Quintana is 11th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (3rd)

1991 Event - Red Sox and White Sox play then slowest 9 inning game (4:11)

1991 Event - St. Louis Blues becomes 8th NHL team in Play-off to come back from a 3-1 deficit as they beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2 in game 7

1991 Death - Wim van den Brink, Dutch actor (Turkish Fruit, Red Sien), dies

1991 Event - Roger Clemens signs record $5,380,250 per year Red Sox contract

1991 Death - Howard "Red" Grange, football's galloping ghost, dies at 87

1990 Event - Oakland A's sweep Red Sox in 4 games to win ALCS

1990 Death - Alberto Moravia, Italian writer (Woman in Red), dies at 82

1990 Event - Boston Red Sox set major league record with 12 doubles in a game

1990 Event - Cincinnati Red Pete Rose is sentence to 5 months for tax evasion

1990 Event - Minn Twins become 1st team to turn 2 triple plays in a game but lose to Boston Red Sox 1-0

1990 Event - Kris Monaghan wins LPGA Red Robin Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic

1990 Death - Capucine, actress (Lion, Red Sun, Fellini Satyricon), dies at 55

1990 Death - Tony Conigliaro, baseball player (Red Sox), dies of pneumonia at 45

1990 Event - Boston Red Sox hires Elaine Weddington as asstistant General Manager (highest-ranking black female in a major-league front office)

1989 Event - Red Khmer occupies Pailin in Cambodia

1989 Death - Cornel Wilde, actor (Saadia, Comic, Beach Red, Gargoyles), dies at 74

1989 Event - Boston Red Sox retire Carl Yastrezemski's #8

1989 Event - Red's Tom Browning is 3 outs away from his 2nd career perfect game when Phillie Dickie Thon doubles

1989 Event - Red Sox lead Blue Jays 10-0 in 7th, but lose 12-11 in 12 for Blue Jays 12th consecutive victory at Fenway

1989 Event - Cincinnati Red Eric Davis hits for cycle

1989 Event - Patti Rizzo wins LPGA Red Robin Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic

1989 Event - Red Schoendienst and Al Barlick elected to Hall of Fame

1989 Event - California court throws out most of Margo Adams's $12 million breach-of- contract suit against Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs

1989 Event - Roger Clemens, Red Sox pitcher signs $7.5M-3 year contract

1988 Event - Soviet Red Army Team edges New York Islanders, 3-2 at Nassau Coliseum

1988 Event - Oakland A's sweep Boston Red Sox in 4 games for AL pennant

1988 Event - Boston Red Sox win AL record 24 straight home games

1988 Event - Boston Red Sox set AL consecutive home victories at 23

1988 Event - Red Sox beat Tigers 9-4 for AL record 23rd consecutive win at home

1988 Event - Jennifer Levin's parents file $25M suit against Dorrian Red Hand Bar

1988 Event - Cincinnati Red pitcher John Franco sets a record of 13 saves in 1 month

1988 Event - Baltimore trades Mike Boddicker to the Red Sox for Brady Anderson and Curt Schilling

1988 Event - Red Sox replace manager John McNamara with Joe Morgan

1988 Event - Margo Adams alleges Red Sox Wade Bogg's had an affair with her

1988 Event - Red Sox begin AL record 23rd consecutive home win streak

1988 Event - Boston Red Sox Barrett steals home

1988 Event - Boston Red Sox are 10 games back in AL, and go on to win AL East

1988 Event - Margo Adams sues Red Sox 3rd baseman Wade Boggs for palimony

1988 Event - Red Sox retire Bobby Doerr's #1

1987 Event - Red Sox Wade Boggs ties AL record of 200 hits for 5 straight seasons

1987 Event - West German pilot Mathias Rust, who flew a private plane from Helsinki Finland, to Moscow's Red Square, forms trial in Russia

1987 Event - Cincinnati Red Eric Davis becomes 7th and earliest 30 home run - 30 steal man

1987 Event - Red Sox waive Bill Buckner, the goat of last years World Series

1987 Event - Losing 9-0 to Red Sox, Yankees score 11 in 3rd and win 12-11 in 10 inn

1987 Event - West German Mathias Rust lands airplane on Red Square

1987 Event - New York Met Darryl Strawberry charges Red Sox pitcher Al Nipper during spring training exhibition game, causes bench clearing brawl

1986 Event - New York Mets beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 83rd World Series

1986 Event - International Red Cross ousted from South Africa

1986 Event - California Angels within 1 pitch of pennant victory lose to Red Sox

1986 Event - Red Sox Spike Owens scores 6 runs in a 24-5 rout of Cleveland Indians

1986 Event - With 2 outs in 6th inning, Red Sox score 11 runs

1986 Event - Red Sox trade shortstop Rey Quinones and pitcher Mike Trujillo to Mariners for shortstop Spike Owen and outfielder Dave Henderson

1986 Event - Red Sox pitcher Tim Lollar gets a pinch-hit single

1986 Event - All star MVP: Roger Clemens of the Boston Red Sox

1986 Event - Nancy Reagan cuts red, white and blue ribbon; reopens Statue of Liberty

1986 Death - Dirk de Vroome, Red Giant, Limbourg activist, dies at 60

1986 Event - Boston Red Sox Roger Clemens strikes out 20 Seattle Mariners

1986 Event - Despite losing, Red Sox Wade Boggs gets largest arbitration ($1.35M)

1985 Death - Stanley G[rauman] Weinbaum, U.S., sci-fi author (Red Peri), dies at 85

1985 Death - Joseph "Smoky Joe" Wood, pitcher (Boston Red Sox), dies at 95

1985 Event - Marge Schott becomes CEO of Cincinnati Red

1985 Event - Boston Red Sox Fred Lynn gets 10 RBIs

1985 Event - Dave Concepcion becomes 4th Cincinnati Red teammate to get 2,000 hits, others include Pete Rose, Tony Perez and Cesar Cedeno

1984 Event - Red Sox Jim Rice grounds into record 33rd double play en route to 36

1984 Event - Boston Red Sox retires #9 (Ted Williams) and #4 (Joe Cronin)

1984 Event - Red Sox trade pitcher Dennis Eckersley to Cubs for Bill Buckner

1984 Event - Over 70 inches of snow falls on Red Lake Montana

1984 Event - Superbowl XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders beat Washington Red Skins, 38-9 in Tampa Superbowl MVP: Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders, RB

1983 Event - New Jersey Devils 1st shut-out, beating Minnesota Detroit Red Wings 6-0

1983 Event - Cincinnati Red Pete Rose ends consecutive games played streak at 745

1983 Event - New York Yankee Dave Righetti no-hits the Red Sox

1983 Event - Superbowl XVII: Washington Red Skins beat Miami Dolphins, 27-17 in Pasadena Superbowl MVP: John Riggins, Washington, RB

1982 Event - Funeral services held in Moscow's Red Square for Leonid I Brezhnev

1982 Event - 36" snow Red Lodge, Montana

1982 Event - Dutch Internal minister Mr. M Red assigns BVD to spy on communists

1982 Event - Twins rookie outfielder Jim Eisenreich, who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, removes himself, due to taunts from Red Sox bleacher fans

1982 Event - U.S. General Dozier freed from Red Brigade of Padua Italy

1982 Death - Red Smith, sportscaster (Pulitzer, Fight Talk), dies at 76

1981 Event - Members of Red Brigades kidnap Brigadier General James L Dozier

1981 Event - Red Sox rookie Bob Ojeda no-hits Yankees for 8 innings before Rick Cerone and Dave Winfield lead off 9th with back-to-back doubles

1981 Event - Longest game at Fenway Park completed in 20, Mariners-8, Red Sox-7

1981 Event - Seattle Mariners beat Boston Red Sox, 8-7, in 20 inn (started 9/3)

1981 Event - Longest game in Fenway Park, suspended in 19, Mariners-7, Red Sox-7

1981 Event - George Foster hits his 8th home run into red seats at Riverfront

1981 Death - Robert Peci, Italian brother of Red Brigade leader, murdered

1981 Death - Robert Emmett Keane, actor (Rookie Cop, Red Dragon), dies

1981 Event - Rochester Red Wings and Pawtucket Red Sox play to 2-2 tie in 32 innings, game suspended at 4:07 AM (Pawtucket later wins in 33rd)

1981 Event - Arbitrator Goetz declares Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk a free agent

1981 Event - Red Sox trade Fred Lynn to Angels for Frank Tanana and Joe Rudi

1981 Event - 40th Islander shut-out opponent-3-0 vs Red Wings-Billy Smith 15th

1980 Event - California Angels Freddie Patek, hits 3 home runs and double to beat Red Sox 20-2

1980 Event - Cincinnati Red Ray Knight hits 2 home runs in 5th inning vs New York Mets

1980 Event - Milwaukee beats Boston Red Sox, 18-1 (Cooper and Money hit grand slams)

1980 Death - Alfred Andersch, German writer (Red Head), dies at 66

1979 Event - Red Army beats New York Islanders 3-2 at Nassau Coliseum

1979 Event - Red Army beats New York Rangers 5-2 at MSG

1979 Event - Red Sox Bob Watson is 1st to hit for cycle in AL and NL (Astros)

1979 Event - Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski hits his 400th home run

1979 Death - Jan Arvan, actor (Red Skelton Show, Zorro), dies

1978 Event - Boston Red Sox Jim Rice wins AL MVP

1978 Event - Yankees win 3rd straight AL East beating Red Sox 5-4 in a playoff game. Guidry wins #25 aided by Dent's homer and Pinella's fielding

1978 Event - Yankees lose 9-2 to Indians forcing a playoff game with Red Sox

1978 Event - Red Sox finally beat Yankees in Sept 1978, 7-3

1978 Event - Yankees beat Red Sox for 6th time in 2 weeks, 3-2

1978 Event - 4th game of Boston Massacre; Yankees beat Red Sox 7-4. This ties them for 1st place. Yankees out hit 'em 67-21; score 42-9

1978 Event - 3rd game of Boston Massacre; Yankees beat Red Sox 7-0

1978 Event - 2nd game of Boston Massacre; Yankees beat Red Sox 13-2

1978 Event - 1st game of Boston Massacre, Yankees beat Red Sox 15-3

1978 Event - Cincinnati Red Pete Rose sets NL record hitting in 38 consecutive games

1978 Event - Cincinnati Red Tom Seaver no-hits St. Louis Cardinals, 4-0

1978 Event - AL approves transfer of Red Sox to Jean Yawkey for $15M

1978 Event - Cincinnati Red Pete Rose becomes 14th player to get 3,000 hits

1978 Event - Red Rum wins 3rd consecutive Grand National and retires

1978 Event - Red Brigade kidnaps former premier Aldo Moro in Italy, 5 killed

1977 Event - Red Sox trade Fergie Jenkins to Rangers for John Poloni and cash

1977 Death - Leila Hyams, actress (Red Headed Woman, Freaks), dies at 72

1977 Event - Yankees leap frog over Red Soxs game in 1st place to stay

1977 Event - Red Sox wallop a major league-record 8 home runs beating Toronto 9-6

1977 Event - Red Sox set 3 game record of 16 home runs, all against Yankees

1977 Event - Red Sox (6) and Brewers (5) tie single game home run record of 11

1977 Event - Islanders allow Red Wings only 11 shots on goal

1976 Event - Egyptian SS Patria sinks in Red Sea, about 100 killed

1976 Event - Former Twins relief ace Bill Campbell is 1st free-agent to sign with a new team, joining the Red Sox for $1 million over 4 years

1976 Event - Bowie Kuhn voids A's sales, totaling $35 million, of Joe Rudi and Rollie Fingers to Red Sox, and Vida Blue to Yankees

1976 Death - Ulrike Meinhof, lead Germany Red Army Faction, dies

1975 Event - Red Army beats New York Rangers 7-3 at MSG

1975 Event - Red Sox's Fred Lynn is 1st rookie to win MVP (AL)

1975 Event - Ed Giacomin as a Red Wing returns to Mad Sq Garden beats Rangers 6-4

1975 Event - Cincinnati Reds beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 72nd World Series

1975 Event - Red Sox Carlton Fisk's 12th inning home run beats Reds 7-6 in game 6 of WS

1975 Birthday - Asia Argento, born in Rome, Italy, actress, director, films include, 'La Chiesa', 'Trauma', 'The Phantom of the Opera', 'Scarlet Diva', 'Red Siren'

1975 Event - Fred Lynn gets 10 RBIs in a Red Sox 15-1 victory over Tigers

1975 Death - Samuel Gonard, chairman (International Red Cross), dies at 78

1975 Event - Cambodian Red Khmer occupy Phnom Penh

1975 Event - Cambodia President Lon Nol flees for Red Khmer

1975 Death - Cass Daley, actress (Red Garters), dies at 59

1975 Death - Dagmar Godowsky, actress (Common Law, Red Lights), dies at 78

1975 Death - John Dierkes, actor (Red Badge of Courage), dies at 69

1974 Event - Detroit Red Wing Mickey Redmond scores 1st hat trick against Washington Caps

1974 Event - Nolan Ryan strikes out 19 and walks only 2 as Angels top Red Sox, 4-2

1974 Event - Angels' Nolan Ryan strikes out 19 Red Sox in 12 innings

1974 Event - Italian Red Brigade officer Mario Sossi freed

1974 Event - Red Brigade kidnaps Italian attorney general Mario Sossi

1973 Event - M. Medoff's "When you Comin' Back, Red Ryder?," premieres in New York City

1973 Death - Allan "Rocky" Lane, actor (voice of Mr. Ed, Red Ryder), dies at 72

1973 Event - U.S.S.R. launches Mars 4 for fly-by (2600 km) of red planet

1973 Event - Wings release "Red Rose Speedway" in UK

1973 Event - Paul McCartney releases "Red Rose Speedway" including "My Love"

1973 Birthday - Adrien Brody, born in Woodhaven, New York, actor, Academy-Award winning film, 'The Pianist', other films include 'The Thin Red Line', 'Splice', 'Predators'

1973 Event - Henry Boucha, Detroit Red Wings, scores 6 sec into a game vs Mont

1973 Event - Boston Red Sox sign Orlando Cepeda as 1st player signed as a DH

1973 Event - Superbowl VII: Miami Dolphins beat Washington Red Skins, 14-7 in LA

1972 Event - Red Sox Carlton Fisk wins AL Rookie of Year, Mets Jon Matlack wins NL

1972 Birthday - Vyacheslav Kozlov, Voskresensk, Russia, NHL forward, Detroit Red Wings

1972 Event - Yankees trade Danny Cater to the Red Sox for Sparky Lyle

1971 Death - Milton Rosmer, director (Murder in the Red Barn), dies at 90

1971 Death - Walter Sande, actor (Red Planet Mars), dies of heart attack at 65

1971 Event - U.N. votes to expel Taiwan and admit Red China

1971 Birthday - Troy Malave, Cumana Venezuela, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox

1971 Birthday - Rich Garces, Maracay Aragua Venezuela, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1971 Birthday - Cory Bailey, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1971 Birthday - Alexander Delgado, Palmerejo Venezuela, catcher for the Boston Red Sox

1970 Birthday - Joseph Hudson, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1970 Death - Allan Walker, actor and writer (Red Buttons Show), dies at 64

1970 Event - Tony Perez becomes 1st to hit a home run in red seats at Riverfront

1970 Event - All star MVP: Carl Yastremski (Boston Red Sox)

1970 Birthday - Aaron Sele, born in Golden Valley, Minnesota, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1970 Event - "Red Skelton Show," last airs on CBS-TV, moved to NBC-TV

1970 Event - Cincinnati Red Stockings loses 1st game after winning 130 straight

1970 Birthday - William Selby, born in Monroeville, Michigan, infielder for the Boston Red Sox

1970 Birthday - Carl Everett, born in Tampa, Florida, baseball player, outfielder, played for Florida Marlins, Major League Baseball team, played for New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Montreal Expos, 2005 World Series Champion

1970 Event - China launches its 1st satellite transmitting song "East is Red"

1970 Event - "Blood Red Roses" opens and closes at John Golden Theater New York City

1970 Birthday - Ghetty Chasun, Erie Penn, actress, Red Lips

1969 Event - Neil Simon's "Last of the Red Hot Lovers," premieres in New York City

1969 Birthday - Kris Wirtz, Red Deer Alberta, ice pairs, 1994 Skate Canada

1969 Event - Red Sox Rico Petrocelli hits shortstop record 40th home run of season

1969 Birthday - Nathan Minchey, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1969 Birthday - Edward Norton, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, appeared in films, 'Primal Fear', 'Rounder', 'Fight Club', 'Red Dragon', 'The Illusionist'

1969 Birthday - Lee O'Leary, born in Compton, California, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox

1969 Event - Cincinnati Red Lee May hits 4 home runs in a doubleheader

1969 Event - Oakland A's Reggie Jackson gets 10 RBIs to beat Red Sox 21-7

1969 Birthday - Vaughn Eshelman, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1969 Event - Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney 3rd no-hitter beats Houston Astros, 10-0

1969 Birthday - Jeff Tinsley, born in Shelbyville, Kentucky, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox

1969 Event - "Red, White, and Maddox" closes at Cort Theater New York City after 41 performances

1969 Birthday - Phil Plantier, Manchester, New Hampshire, outfielder, San Diego Padres, Red Sox, A's

1969 Event - "Red, White, and Maddox" opens at Cort Theater New York City for 41 performances

1969 Birthday - Brendan Shanahan, Mimico Ont, NHL left wing, Whalers, Red Wings

1968 Birthday - Adam Rich, New York City, actor, Nicholas-8 is Enough, Code Red, Gun Shy

1968 Birthday - Glen Wesley, Red Deer, NHL defenseman, Hartford Whalers

1968 Death - Red Foley, country singer (Mr Smith Goes to Washington), dies at 58

1968 Event - Cincinnati Red George Culver no hits Phillies, 6-1

1968 Birthday - Eric Wedge, U.S. baseball catcher for the Boston Red Sox

1967 Birthday - Mo Vaughn, Norwalk Conn, infielder, Boston Red Sox, MVP-1995

1967 Birthday - Tom Gordon, Sebring, Florida, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1967 Event - St. Louis Cardinals beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 64th World Series as Lou Brock steals a record 7 bases in 1 World Series

1967 Event - World Series record 3 consecutive home runs (Carl Yastremski, Reggie Smith, and Rico Petrocelli) by Red Sox

1967 Event - Yankees longest day, Red Sox take 1st game 2-1 in 9, Yankees win 2nd game in 20, 4-3 a total of 8 hours and 19 minutes

1967 Event - Red Sox Tony Conigliaro is beaned by Angels Jack Hamilton

1967 Event - Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney retires 19 Pirates, then gets injured and leaves

1967 Event - Minnesota Twin Dean Chance perfect games Boston Red Sox, 2-0 in 5 innings

1967 Death - Cyril Ring, actor (Duffy's Tavern, Red Hot and Blue), dies at 74

1967 Event - Yankees take 5-3 lead in 11th and lose 6-5, in 2nd game Red Sox lead 3-2 in 9th and Yankees beat them 6-3

1967 Birthday - John Doherty, born in the Bronx, New York, John Harold Doherty, pitcher, played for Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball teams

1967 Birthday - Mike Stanton, born in Houston, Texas, pitcher, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

1967 Event - Red Sox rookie Billy Rohome comes within 1 strike of a no hitter at

1967 Birthday - John Valentin, Mineola, New York, infielder for the Boston Red Sox

1967 Event - Red Ruffing selected to Hall of Fame

1967 Birthday - Tim Naehring, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, infielder for the Boston Red Sox

1967 Birthday - Chris Nabholz, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1966 Birthday - C Thomas Howell, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Red Dawn, Tank, Soul Man

1966 Death - Hewlett Johnson, Red Deacon of Canterbury, dies

1966 Birthday - Jeff Frye, born in Oakland California, infielder for the Boston Red Sox

1966 Birthday - Tim Wakefield, Melbourne, Florida, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1966 Birthday - Irene Jacob, born in Suresnes, France, actress, famous for lead role in film 'The Double Life of Veronique', 'Three Colores: Red', considered one of the preeminent French actresses of her generation

1966 Birthday - Heathcliff Slocumb, born in Jamaica, New York, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1966 Event - Cincinnati Red Leo Cardenas hits 4 home runs in a doubleheader

1966 Birthday - Bill Haselman, Long Branch, New Jersey, catcher for the Boston Red Sox

1966 Birthday - Manon Kelley, Quebec City Canada, actress, Red Lips 2

1966 Birthday - Mark Tinordi, Red Deer, NHL defenseman for the Washington Capitals

1966 Event - Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 2

1966 Event - Arnold "Red" Auerbach retires as Boston Celtic's coach

1966 Birthday - Eric Gunderson, born in Portland, Oregon, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1966 Birthday - Stephen Mailer, born in New York City, actor, Red Meat, League of Their Own, War and Love

1966 Event - Red Auerbach wins his 1,000th game as coach of NBA Boston Celtics

1965 Birthday - Gong Li, born in Shenyang, China, actress, appeared in director Zhang Yimou's film, Ju Dhou, Red Sorghum, received Golden Rooster award

1965 Event - Boston Red Sox Dave Morehead no-hits Cleveland Indians, 2-0

1965 Event - Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney 2nd no-hitter of year beats Chicago Cubs, 1-0

1965 Event - "Flora, the Red Menace" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 87 performances

1965 Event - Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney no-hits New York Mets but loses in 11, 1-0

1965 Birthday - Roef-Ragas, Dutch actor, Missing Link, Red Rain, Juju, Mykosch

1965 Event - "Flora, the Red Menace" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 87 performances

1964 Event - Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe sets NHL record 627th career goal

1964 Birthday - Jose Canseco, born in Havana, Cuba, outfielder, Oak A's, Red Sox, 1988 AL MVP

1964 Birthday - Jeff Sellers, baseball pitcher, Red Sox

1964 Event - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3

1964 Event - Red Faber, Burleigh Grimes, Tim Keefe, Heinie Manush, John Montgomery Ward, and Miller Huggins are selected to Hall of Fame

1963 Birthday - Mike Stanley, born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, catcher, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

1963 Event - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 1

1963 Event - Maarten Schmidt discovers enormous red shifts in quasars

1963 Event - Jim Thorpe, Red Grange and George Halas elected to football hall of fame

1963 Death - Stark Young, U.S. writer (So Red the Rose), dies at 81

1962 Birthday - Jamie Moyer, Sellersville, Pennsylvania, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1962 Birthday - Anthony Kiedis, rock vocalist, Red Hot Chili Peppers

1962 Birthday - Flea, Michael Balzary, bassist, Red Hot Chili Peppers

1962 Birthday - Roger Clemens, born in Dayton, Ohio, pitcher for the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Cy Young, MVP

1962 Event - Boston Red Sox Bill Monboquette no-hits Chicago White Sox, 1-0

1962 Birthday - Brigitte Nielsen, born in Eisinore, Denmark, actress, Red Sonja, Rocky IV

1962 Event - Boston Red Sox Earl Wilson no-hits LA Angels, 2-0

1962 Event - Red Sox Bill Monbouquette no-hits White Sox 1-0

1962 Birthday - John Gruffith, rocker, Red Rockers

1962 Event - Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings) is 2nd NHLer to score 500 goals

1961 Event - Soviet Party Congress unanimously approves a resolution removing Stalin's body from Lenin's tomb in Red Square

1961 Birthday - Mark "Red" Mitchell, actor, John F. Kennedy, 8 Sceonds, I Want to Live

1961 Event - Ryne Duren sets AL record with 7 straight strikeouts against Red Sox

1961 Birthday - Paul Coffey, Weston Ontario, NHL forward, Oilers, Penguins, Red Wings

1961 Event - Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 2

1961 Birthday - Dan Stuart, U.S. singer and songwriter, Green on Red

1960 Birthday - Kris Monaghan, Spokane, Washington, golfer, 1990 Red Robin Kyocera Inamori

1960 Birthday - Steve Lyons, born in Tacoma, Washington, Stephen John Lyons, nicknamed 'Psycho', baseball player, outfielder, third baseman, television sportscaster, played with Boston Red Sox, Major League Baseball team, known for oddities, such as playing hangman and tic-tac-toe with his spikes

1960 Birthday - Tony Goldwyn, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Ghost, Kuffs, Traces of Red

1960 Birthday - Bono, born in Dublin, Ireland, born Paul David Hewson, Irish musician, activist, lead vocalist for rock band U2, 54th most successful songwriter in U.K. singles chart history, activism includes Product Red and the ONE campaign

1960 Birthday - Jim Reilly, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, second drummer for Stiff Little Fingers, a Northern Ireland punk band, played for U.S. bands Red Rockers and The Raindogs

1960 Event - Ford Frick voids Indians - Red Sox deal as Sam White retires

1960 Birthday - Kelly LeBrock, born in New York City, actress, Weird Science, Woman in Red

1959 Birthday - [Dennis Ray] "Oil Can" Boyd, baseball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

1959 Event - Cincinnati Red Frank Robinson hits 3 consecutive home runs

1959 Event - Red Sox are last team to use a black player (Pumpsie Green)

1959 Event - White Sox Early Wynn beats Red Sox 1-0 on his own home run

1959 Birthday - Ali Campbell, British reggae vocalist and guitarist, UB40-Red Red Wine

1959 Birthday - Joe Hesketh, U.S. baseball player for the Boston Red Sox

1959 Birthday - Earl Falconer, British reggae bassist, UB40-Red Red Wine

1959 Birthday - Otis Nixon, U.S. baseball outfielder, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers

1958 Event - Detroit Tiger Jim Bunning no-hits Boston Red Sox, 3-0

1958 Event - Game in Kansas City between A's and Red Sox delayed 29 minutes due to tornado

1958 Birthday - Wade Boggs, Nebraska, Red Sox/Yank 3rd baseman, AL bat champ 1985-88

1958 Birthday - Shelly West, born in Cleveland, Ohio, country singer, Red Hot, West by West

1958 Event - Ted Williams signs with Red Sox for $135,000, making him highest paid

1958 Death - Henry M Tomlinson, British writer (Under red ensign), dies at 84

1958 Birthday - Norman Lamont Hassan, British reggae musician, UB40-Red Red Wine

1957 Birthday - John Webster, rocker, Red Ryder-Light in the Tunnel

1957 Birthday - Chico Walker, born in Jackson, Mississippi, professional baseball player, second base, played for the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, California Angels, New York Mets

1957 Birthday - Jim Brown, rocker, UB40-Red Red Wine

1957 Birthday - James Brown, British reggae singer/drummer, UB40-Red Red Wine

1957 Birthday - Chris Joyce, born in Manchester, England, drummer, played with Simply Red, new wave, punk rock, alternative rock genres

1957 Event - Giants trade Minneapolis franchise to Red Sox for San Francisco Seals-franchises only, not the players

1957 Birthday - Ron Duguay, born in Canada, hockey player, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings

1957 Birthday - Astro, Terrence Wilson, England, rock vocalist, UB40-Red Red Wine

1957 Event - Red Sox set AL record by smashing 4 home runs in 6th inning in 11-0 win

1957 Event - NHL Players Association forms (New York City), Red Wings' Ted Lindsay elected president

1957 Birthday - Carney Lansford, born in San Jose, California, Major League Baseball player, third baseman, played for California Angels, Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics 1978 - 1992

1957 Birthday - Mickael Virtue, rock keyboardist, UB40-Red Red Wine

1956 Event - Yankees set dubious record, stranding 20 men on base Mantle hits a 500' plus homer but Red Sox win 13-9 in Fenway

1956 Event - Cincinnati Red Frank Robinson ties rookie record with his 38th home run

1956 Event - Orioles trailing Red Sox 8-0 come back to win 11-10 in 9 innings

1956 Birthday - Terry Taylor, Paul Klause, wrestler, WCW/WWF/NWA, Red Rooster

1956 Event - Boston Red Sox fine Ted Williams $5,000 for spitting at Boston fans

1956 Event - Cincinnati Red pitcher Brooks Lawrence loses after 13 straight wins

1956 Event - Boston Red Sox Mel Parnell no-hits Chicago White Sox, 4-0

1956 Event - Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 1

1956 Event - Red Buttons debuts on TV in Studio One

1955 Event - Yankees clinch pennant by beating Red Sox, 3-2

1955 Event - Bauer and Berra homer in 9th beating Red Sox 5-4 taking over 1st

1955 Birthday - Dennis Haysbert, San Mateo California, actor, Code Red

1955 Event - Boston Red Sox Norm Zauchin gets 10 RBIs, beating Senators 16-0

1955 Event - Red Buttons Show, last airs on NBC-TV

1955 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat Montreal Canadiens, 4 games to 3

1955 Birthday - Charlie Puleo, born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, Major League Baseball player, pitcher, played for the New York Mets, Cincinnati Red and Atlanta Braves 1981 - 1989

1954 Birthday - Robin Campbell, British reggae vocalist and guitarist, UB40-Red Red Wine

1954 Event - Ted Kluszewski is 1st Cincinnati Red to hit 40 home runs en route to 49

1954 Event - International Amateur Athletic Federation recognizes Red China

1954 Birthday - Sam J Jones, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Chris-Code Red, The Highway Man

1954 Birthday - Ken Greer, rock guitarist, Red Rider

1954 Death - Red deer, in Milwaukee Zoo, oldest known deer, dies at 26

1954 Birthday - Rick Cerone, Newark, New Jersey, catcher, Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/Expos

1954 Birthday - Captain Sensible, born in Balham, London, rocker, musician, songwriter, bassist, member of Johnny Moped band, Oasis, co-founded punk rock band The Damned, wore signature red beret

1954 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat Montreal Canadiens, 4 games to 3

1954 Birthday - Chris Hughes, born in London, England, drummer, musician, record producer, played drums for Dalek I Love You, The Blitz Brothers, member, Adam and the Ants, produced Tears for Fears, The Hurting, Songs from the Big Chair, co-produced Peter Gabriel's 'Red Rain'

1953 Event - Red Sox trade M McDermott and Tom Umphlett for Wash's Jackie Jensen

1953 Event - Red Barber, resigns as Dodger sportscaster to join Yankees

1953 Event - John Patrick's "Teahouse of the Red Moon," premieres in New York City

1953 Event - Ike promises to fire as Red any federal worker taking 5th amendment

1953 Birthday - Jeff Jones, Red Rider, rock bassist/vocalist, Red Rider

1953 Event - Ted Williams returns to Red Sox from the military

1953 Event - Red Sox Ben Flowers sets then record of 8 consecutive games in relief

1953 Birthday - Tony Armas, born in Puerto Piritu, Venezuela, Antonio Rafael Armas Machado, baseball player, two-time All-Star, played with California Angels, Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, susceptible to injuries, on disabled list 12 times, missing 302 games

1953 Event - Eugene Stephens is 1st to get 3 hits and Red Sox score 17 runs in 1 Inning (7th) Red Sox beat Detroit 23-3

1953 Birthday - Tom Cochrane, born in Toronto, Canada, rock vocalist and guitarist, Red Rider

1953 Birthday - Ron Jackson, born in Birmingham, Alabama, professional baseball player, played Major League Baseball, hitting coach for Boston Red Sox, 2003 - 2006

1953 Birthday - Jim Rice, Boston Red Sox outfielder, AL MVP 1978

1953 Event - Passenger ships Willem Ruys and Orange collide in the Red Sea

1952 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings sweep Montreal Canadiens in 4 games

1952 Event - 4th Emmy Awards: Red Skelton, Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca wins

1951 Birthday - Judith Ivey, born in El Paso, Texas, actress, Lady in Red, Hello Again

1951 Event - Cleveland Indian Bobby Avila hits 3 home runs, double and single vs Red Sox

1950 Event - Red Sox sign shortstop Lou Boudreau as a player to 2-year contract

1950 Event - Boston Red Sox 1B Walt Dropo wins AL Rookie of Year

1950 Event - Walt Dropo of Boston Red Sox selected AL Rookie of Year

1950 Birthday - Chris De Burgh, Davidson, Argent/Irish rock vocalist, Lady in Red

1950 Event - Red Sox Dom DiMaggio leads AL with only 15 stolen bases

1950 Event - Boston Red Sox beat St. Louis Browns 29-4 (win by record 25 runs)

1950 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat New York Rangers, 4 games to 3

1950 Event - Yankees win 15-10 after trailing Red Sox 9-0 in 6th

1949 Birthday - Bill Buckner, born in California, 1st baseman, error cost Red Sox 1986 world series

1949 Event - Chinese Red army occupies Canton

1949 Event - Yankees and Red Sox, tied for 1st place, play final game of season. Yankees win 5-3 and clinch pennant #16

1949 Event - Despite 71 injuries, Yankees have been in 1st place all season until Red Sox move into a tie for 1st place

1949 Event - Cincinnati Red Walker Cooper gets 10 RBIs

1949 Event - "Red Barber's Clubhouse" sports show premieres on CBS (later NBC) TV

1949 Event - Chinese Red army occupies Shanghai

1949 Event - Chinese Red army conquerors Nanjing

1949 Event - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games

1949 Event - Mao's Red army conquers Ten-tsin

1948 Event - Mao's Red army conquerors Mukden, Manchuria

1948 Event - "Red Mill" opens at Ziegfeld Theater New York City for 831 performances

1948 Event - China's Red army occupies Chinchov

1948 Event - Indians beat Red Sox, 8-0, in 1st AL playoff game

1948 Event - Cleveland Indians tie AL record of 18 walks (beat Red Sox 13-4)

1948 Event - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games

1948 Event - Yankees and Red Sox tie at 2-2 in 17, spring training game

1948 Death - "Red" McKenzie, blues-jazz singer (played comb-with-tissue-paper), dies

1947 Birthday - Carlton Fisk, born in Vermont, all star catcher, Red Sox, White Sox

1947 Event - Former Yank manager Joe McCarthy signs to manage Red Sox

1947 Death - Harry Carey Sr, actor and director (Red River, Sundown), dies at 69

1947 Event - Yankees get 18 singles to beat Red Soxs 11-2

1947 Event - "Temptation (Tim-Tayshun) by Red Ingle with Jo Stafford hits #1

1947 Event - Cincinnati Red Ewell Blackwell no-hits Boston Braves, 6-0

1947 Event - 1st night game at Fenway Park (Red Sox 5, White Sox 3)

1947 Birthday - Marian G Klaren, Dutch mime/actress, Red Cabbage

1947 Event - "Red Mill" closes at Ziegfeld Theater New York City after 831 performances

1946 Event - Smallest World Series share since 1918 (Cards $3,748, Red Sox $2,140)

1946 Event - St. Louis Cardinals beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 43rd World Series

1946 Event - Boston Red Sox clinch AL pennant

1946 Death - Andrei Vlasov, Russian general (Red Army, Wehrmacht) executed at 45

1946 Event - Boston Red Sox Rudy York hits 2 grand slams in 1 game, gets 10 RBIs

1946 Event - Cleveland Lou Boudreau hits 4 doubles and a home run but Red Sox win 11-10 on Ted Williams 3 home runs with 8 RBIs

1946 Birthday - Elizabeth A. Lynn, U.S., sci-fi author, Watchtower, Red Hawk

1946 Event - Red Sox win 15th straight beat Yankees 5-4, DiMaggio hits Grand Slam

1946 Event - Red Sox Johnny Pesky scores 6 runs in 1 game

1945 Event - Red Sox Tom McBride is 3rd to get 6 RBIs in an inning (4th)

1945 Event - Victory celebration at Red Square

1945 Event - Red Army occupies Demmin

1945 Event - Red Army opens attack on German Reichstag building in Berlin

1945 Event - Red army completely surrounds Berlin

1945 Event - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3

1945 Death - Hannie Schaft, "Girl with red hair," executed

1945 Event - Red Army begins Battle of Berlin

1945 Event - Red Army occupy Wien (Vienna)

1945 Event - Russian Red Army crosses the river Oder

1945 Event - Red Army frees Crakow-Plaszow concentration camp

1945 Birthday - Christine Kaufmann, Austria, actress, Town Without Pity, Red Lips

1945 Birthday - Tony Conigliaro, Massachusetts, baseball outfielder for the Boston Red Sox

1944 Event - Red Cross wins Nobel peace prize

1944 Event - Braves Red Barrett throws only 58 pitches to shut out Cincinnati Reds 2-0

1944 Event - Cincinnati Red Clyde Shoun no-hits Boston Braves, 1-0

1944 Birthday - John Milius, writer, Red Dawn, 1941, Big Wednesday

1944 Event - Detroit Red Wings score 15 goals against New York Rangers and NHL record 37 points, also most consecutive goals and most lopsided game 15-0

1943 Birthday - Ferguson Jenkins, baseball pitcher, Red Sox

1943 Birthday - Judith Frost, British Columbia, artist, To Red, Dust Drawings

1943 Event - Red Army recaptures Brjansk

1943 Event - Red Army occupies Bachmatsj

1943 Event - Red Army under General Vatutin recaptures Achtyrka

1943 Event - Red army recaptures Charkow

1943 Event - Red army recaptures Spas-Demensk

1943 Event - Red Army recaptures Tchukujev, at Kharkov

1943 Event - Red Army recaptures Bogodukov

1943 Event - Player-manager Joe Cronin of Red Sox hits two 3-run pinch home runs

1943 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings sweep Boston Bruins in 4 games

1943 Event - Red Army evacuates Belgorod

1943 Event - Red Army evacuates Kharkov

1943 Death - Tully Marshall, actor (Let's Go, Red Dust), dies at 78

1943 Event - Red army conquers Kharkov

1943 Event - Red Army recaptures Kursk

1943 Event - Detroit Red Wings scores NHL record 8 goals in 1 period

1943 Event - Red Army recaptures Pitomnik airport at Stalingrad

1942 Event - Red army occupies German airports at Tasjinskaja and Morozowsk

1942 Event - German units go through Red October-factory in Stalingrad

1942 Event - Red Sox star Ted Williams enlists as a Navy aviator

1942 Event - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3

1941 Event - Yankees beat Red Sox 6-3 and clinch their 12th and earliest pennant

1941 Event - Red army evacuates Smolensk

1941 Event - Red Sox Lefty Grove becomes 12th to win 300 games (his last victory)

1941 Event - Red Sox Lefty Grove, 41, wins his 300th game

1941 Birthday - Robert Forster, born in Rochester, New York, actor, Lady in Red, Alligator

1941 Event - Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games

1941 Event - Joe Louis KOs Red Burman in 5 for heavyweight boxing title

1941 Birthday - Shima Iwashita, actress, Red Lion, Hara-Kiri, Double Suicide

1940 Birthday - Luis Tiant, Cuba, baseball pitcher, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees

1940 Birthday - Willie Tyler, Red Level Ala, ventriloquist, Lester

1940 Birthday - Dario Argento, director, Creepers, Deep Red, Tenebrae

1940 Event - Sicherheits police bans Free masons, Rotary and Red Cross

1940 Event - Red Sox left fielder Ted Williams pitches the last 2 innings in a 12-1 loss to Detroit Tigers, Williams allows 3 hits and 1 run

1939 Event - Yankees beat Red Sox 4-1 in 7, game called because of lightning

1939 Event - Yankees beat Red Sox on a forfeit, their 4th forfeit win

1939 Birthday - Carl Yastrzemski, born in New York, Boston Red Sox great, 1967 AL MVP, Hall of Fame

1939 Event - Red Sox Jim Tabor hits 2 grand slams in 1 game

1939 Event - Boston Red Sox Ted Williams hits his 1st home run

1939 Event - Ted Williams' 1st hit (off of Yankee Red Ruffing) a double

1938 Event - Cincinnati Red Lonny Frey hits 8 doubles in a doubleheader

1938 Event - St. Louis Browns walk Boston Red Sox Jimmy Foxx 6 times in a row

1938 Event - 1st night game at Brooklyn Ebbets Field (Reds 6, Dodgers 0) as Cincinnati Red Johnny Vander Meer hurls unprecedented 2nd consecutive no-hitter

1938 Event - Cincinnati Red Johnny Vander Meer no-hits Boston Braves, 3-0

1938 Event - Yankees sweep Red Sox 10-0 and 5-4 in front of 83,533 at Yankee Stadium

1938 Event - Paul-Henri Spak forms red coalition of Belgium

1938 Birthday - Ishmael Reed, U.S., author, Last Days of Louisiana Red

1937 Event - Red Sox acquire the contract of 19-year-old Ted Williams

1937 Event - Yankees lose 9-5 but clinch pennant when Red Sox beat Detroit

1937 Birthday - Al Geiberger, Red Bluff California, PGA golfer, 1962 Ontario Open

1937 Birthday - Red Grooms, American Artist

1937 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat New York Rangers, 3 games to 2

1936 Event - Red Sox turn a triple-play on Yankees

1936 Event - Red Sox Wes Ferrell, walks off mound when he feels he did no get good feilding, Sox suspend him

1936 Death - Kenneth Loach, TV director (Singing the Blues in Red), dies

1936 Event - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3 games to 1

1936 Event - Detroit Red Wings beat Montreal Maroons in NHL longest game (2h56m30s)

1936 Event - Red Wings beat Montreal Maroons in 16 minutes and 30 seconds of 6th period Stanley Cup game lasts 9 periods (176 minutes), ends 1-0

1936 Death - Peter H J "Piet" van Doorne, director BOVA Red Peppers, executed at 52

1936 Event - 1st ski jumping tournament, Red Wing, Minnesota

1935 Event - Italian bombers destroy Swedish Red Cross unit in Ethiopia

1935 Event - A's sell Jimmie Foxx to the Red Sox for $150,000

1935 Event - Cincinnati Red Ernie Lombardi doubles in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th beat Phils 15-4

1935 Birthday - Charles Grodin, actor, Woman in Red, Lonely Guy, Heartbreak Kid

1935 Birthday - Bobby Vinton, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, singer, Roses are Red, Blue on Blue

1935 Event - Amsterdam Hotel of the Red Lion gets sidewalk permit

1935 Birthday - Tony Campolo, born in America, pastor, speaker, author, promotes evangelical reform, leader, 'Red Letter Christian' movement, focusing on Christ's teachings, wrote, 'A Reasonable Faith', known for famous sermon, 'It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming!'

1934 Event - While Washington player-mgr Joe Cronin honeymoons with Mildred Robertson owner Clark Griffith's niece and adopted daughter, he is sold to Red Sox

1934 Event - Chinese Red leader under Mao Tse Tung begins Long March

1934 Birthday - Ulrike Meinhof, German Red Army member

1934 Event - Idle Detroit wins pennant, as Red Sox beat Yankees 5-0

1934 Event - Red Sox pitcher Wes Ferrell hits 2 home runs to beat White Sox 3-2 in 12

1934 Event - Red Sox score 12 runs in 4th inning including record 4 consecutive triples hit by Carl Reynolds, Moose Solters, Rick Ferrell, and B Walters

1934 Event - New Fenway Park opens, Washington Senators beat Red Sox 6-5

1934 Event - Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Detroit Red Wings, 3 games to 1

1933 Birthday - Jerry [Eugene] Pournelle, U.S., sci-fi author, Mercenary, Red Dragon

1933 Event - 1st time, brothers on opposite teams homer in the same game. Red Sox

1933 Event - Thomas Yawkey purchases Boston Red Sox

1932 Event - New York Yankees win World Series The winning pitcher is Babe Ruth beating Red Sox 9-3

1932 Event - Yankee pitcher Red Ruffing homers and wins game 1-0 in 10 tying

1932 Event - 1st Sunday game at Fenway Park, Yankees beat Red Sox 13-2

1932 Death - "Big Ed" Morris, pitcher (Boston Red Sox), dies

1931 Event - Red Sox Earl Webb sets record with 65 en route to 67 doubles

1931 Birthday - Boxcar Willie, born in Red Oak, Texas, born Lecil Travis Martin, guitarist, American hobo music singer, sang country, gospel music

1931 Event - Cincinnati Red Tony Cuccinello goes 6 for 6

1931 Event - Washington Senator Bob Burke no-hits Boston Red Sox, 5-0

1930 Event - New York Yankee pitcher Red Ruffing hits 2 home runs to beat St. Louis Browns, 7-6

1930 Event - Lou Gehrig grand slams as Yankees beat Red Sox 14-13

1930 Event - 1st red and green traffic lights installed (Manhattan New York City)

1929 Event - Heinie Wagner replaces Bill Carrigan as Red Sox manager

1929 Birthday - Jimmy Piersall, baseball player, Red Sox, Senators, Indians

1929 Event - Red Sox announce they will play Sunday games at Braves Field

1928 Birthday - Phyllis Kirk, Syracuse, New York, actress, Thin Man, Red Button's Show

1927 Birthday - Red Robert Chudnick Rodney, jazz trumpeter

1927 Event - Red Sox beat New York Yankees 12-11 in 18 innings at Fenway Park

1927 Event - Red Sox beat Yankees 12-11 in 18 innings

1927 Birthday - Leonard Patrick "Red" Kelly, NHL hall of famer, Norris trophy

1927 Event - Lou Gehrig hits 3 home runs in 11-4 victory over Red Sox

1927 Birthday - Guy Mitchell, Al Cernick, born in Detroit, Michigan, rocker/actor, Red Garters

1926 Event - German Marx government falls due to cooperation with red army

1926 Event - Manchester Guardian (German Reichswehr/Red Army work together)

1926 Birthday - Julie Adams, Waterloo Iowa, actress, Yancy Derringer, Code Red

1926 Death - Charles Van de Banks, Flemish writer/poet (Red Horse), dies

1926 Event - NHL grants franchises to Chicago Black Hawks and Detroit Red Wings

1926 Event - Indian Emil Levsen pitches complete doubleheader victory (Red Sox)

1926 Event - White Sox Ted Lyons no hits Red Sox 6-0 in just 67 minutes at Fenway

1926 Event - Cincinnati Red Curt Walker ties record of 2 triples in an inning

1926 Birthday - Moira Shearer, Dunfermline Scotland, ballerina, Red Shoes

1925 Event - Red Grange signs with Chicago Bears directly out of college

1925 Event - Red Grange plays final University of Illinois game, signs with Chicago Bears

1925 Birthday - Malcolm X, Little, Detroit Red, Omaha NB, founder, Black Muslims

1925 Birthday - Guy Mitchell, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Red Garters, 3 Redheads from Seattle

1924 Event - Hamilton Tiger Red Green scores 5 goals to beat Tor Maple Leafs 10-5

1924 Event - Harold "Red" Grange, finest collegiate football game (4 long TD runs)

1924 Birthday - Bruce Norris, NHL owner, Detroit Red Wings

1924 Event - Lenin placed in Mausoleum in Red Square

1923 Event - Yankees slaughter Red Sox 24-4

1923 Event - Red Sox 1st baseman George Burns pulls off an unassisted triple play

1923 Event - After a single, Red Sox Howard Ehmke retires next 27 Yankees

1923 Event - Boston Red Sox Howard Ehmke no-hits Philadelphia A's, 4-0

1923 Event - Harry Frazee, sells Red Sox to Ohio businessmen for $1M

1923 Event - Cleveland Indians beat Boston Red Sox 27-3 with 13 runs in 6th inning

1923 Event - Lenin's last article in Pravda (about Red bureaucracy)

1923 Birthday - Al "Red" Schoendienst, baseball manager/2nd baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals

1922 Birthday - Royal Dano, New York City, actor, Red Badge of Courage, Cocaine Wars, House II

1921 Event - Red Army under Trotsky attack sailors of Kronstadt

1920 Birthday - Hannie Schaft, "Girl with red hair"

1920 Birthday - Sheila Quinn, adviser, British Red Cross

1920 Event - Red Sox-Indians game postponed in Boston to allow Indian players to attend Ray Chapman's funeral in Cleveland

1920 Birthday - William "Red" Holzman, NBA coach, New York Knickerbockers, 754 wins

1920 Event - Red Sox turn triple-play, but Ruth's 35th home run leads Yankees to 8-2 win

1920 Event - Washington Senator Walter Johnson no-hits Boston Red Sox, 1-0

1920 Event - General Wrangel opens offensive against red Army

1920 Event - Boston Red Sox sell Babe Ruth to New York Yankees

1920 Event - New York Yankees purchase Babe Ruth from Red Sox for $125,000

1919 Event - Red Sox owner Harry Frazee announces they will deal any player except Harry Hooper, Hooper is sent to the White Sox after 1920 season

1919 Event - Yankees and Red Sox reach agreement on transfer of Babe Ruth

1919 Event - Red Army captures Omsk, Siberia

1919 Event - Red Sox Babe Ruth hits 2 home runs in a game for his 1st of 72 times

1919 Birthday - Red Buttons, Aaron Chwatt, Bronx New York City, comedian/actor, Sayonara

1918 Event - Red Sox trade Dutch Leonard, Ernie Shore and Duffy Lewis to Yankees for Ray Caldwell and Slim Love, Frank Gilhooey, Al Walters and $15,000

1918 Birthday - Ted Williams, hitter, Red Sox, AL MVP '46, '49; Trip Crown '42, '47

1918 Event - Boston Red Sox beat Chicago Cubs, 4 games to 2 in 15th World Series

1918 Event - Boston Red Sox, win earliest AL pennent ever (season ended Sept 2)

1918 Birthday - Ted Williams, Baseball's last .400 hitter for the Boston Red Sox

1918 Event - Babe Ruth's blast over the fence in Fenway scores Amos Strunk, the Red Sox win 1-0 over Cleveland, prevailing rules reduce Babe's Hhome runR to a triple

1918 Death - Josephin Peladan, French writer/CEO (French Red Cross), dies

1918 Event - Boston Red Sox Dutch Leonard's 2nd no-hitter beats Tigers, 5-0

1918 Event - Yankees set record with 8 sacrifices, beat Red Sox's Babe Ruth 5-4

1918 Death - "Red Baron", Manfred von Richtofen, shot down in WW I at 25

1918 Event - American Red Magen David (Jewish Red Cross) forms

1918 Birthday - Dominic DiMaggio, baseball outfielder for the Boston Red Sox

1917 Event - 1st Infantry division "Big Red One" shoots 1st U.S. shot in WW I

1917 Birthday - Arnold "Red" Auerbach, NBA coach/GM, Boston Celtic

1917 Birthday - Red Auerbach, American Coach

1917 Event - Ernie Shore replaces Red Sox pitcher Babe Ruth with a runner on, he throws him out and retires all 26 he faces for a perfect game

1917 Event - Hawaiian Red Cross forms

1917 Event - Red Sox Babe Ruth beats Washington Senator Walter Johnson, 1-0

1917 Event - Yankee lefty George Mogridge no-hits Red Sox 2-1 at Fenway

1917 Event - Babe Ruth beats New York Yankees, pitching 3-hit 10-3 win for Red Sox

1917 Event - Red Sox sell Smokey Joe Wood, his arm dead at 26, to Cleveland for $15,000

1916 Event - Boston Red Sox beat Brooklyn Dodgers, 4 games to 1 in 13th World Series

1916 Birthday - Van Johnson, Newport, Rhode Island, actor, Brigadoon, always wore red socks

1916 Birthday - Robert Shaw, born in Red Bluff, California, chorale conductor, Robert Shaw Chorale

1916 Birthday - Stanley Kauffmann, born in New York City, playwright, Red Handkerchief Man

1915 Event - Boston Red Sox beat Philadelphia Phillies, 4 games to 1 in 12th World Series

1915 Event - Red Sox, 3-1, with an 8th inning 2 run rally

1915 Event - Red Sox clinch AL pennant by beating Detroit

1915 Event - Red Sox ask Braves for use of their larger park for World Series

1915 Birthday - Cass Daley, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actress, Red Garters

1915 Birthday - Red Adair, oilman, fought oil fires in Kuwait

1915 Event - Red Sox Babe Ruth pitching debut and 1st home run, loses to Yankees 4-3 in 15

1914 Birthday - Giuseppe Berto, Italian writer, Heaven Sees Red

1914 Event - Giants outfielder Red Murray is knocked unconscious by lightning after catching a flyball, ending 21 inning game, Giants win 3-1

1914 Event - Babe Ruth makes his baseball debut, pitches for Red Sox

1914 Event - Babe Ruth debuts as a pitcher for Boston Red Sox, he beats Cleveland 4-3

1914 Event - Boston Red Sox purchase Babe Ruth from Baltimore Orioles

1914 Birthday - Alfred Andersch, German writer, Red Head

1913 Birthday - Red Skelton, born in Vincennes, Indiana, comedian, Red Skelton Show

1913 Birthday - Les Tremayne, London, actor, Angry Red Planet, War of the Worlds

1912 Event - Red Sox Tris Speaker's makes only world series unassisted double play, from the outfield

1912 Event - Red Sox defeat A's 3-0 for then AL record 105th win

1912 Birthday - Michelangelo Antonioni, born in Ferrara, Italy, Italian modernist film director, 'Blow-up', 'Red Desert'

1912 Event - Red Sox pitcher Joe Wood ties then record of 16 straight wins

1912 Event - 1st homerun hit at Fenway Park (Hugh Bradley, Red Sox)

1912 Event - Fenway Park officially opens, Red Sox beat New York Highlanders 7-6 in 11

1912 Death - Clara Barton, organizer (American Red Cross), dies at 90

1912 Event - 1st exhibition baseball game at Fenway Park (Red Sox vs. Harvard)

1911 Event - Red Tuesday-20,000 protest for universal rights

1911 Event - Boston Red Sox Joe Wood no-hits St. Louis Browns, 5-0

1911 Event - Boston Red Sox Smokey Joe Wood no-hits St. Louis Browns, 5-0

1911 Event - Red Sox Joe Wood strikes out 3 pinch hitters in 9th for 5-4 win

1910 Death - J Henri Dunant, Swiss writer/founder (Red Cross, YMCA), dies

1910 Event - Nap Lajorie challenges Ty Cobb batting avg with 8 hits, 6 were bunts as Brown's 3rd baseman Red Corriden played deep, Cobb still won

1910 Event - Washington Red Killefer sacrifices record 4 times against Detroit

1910 Birthday - Red Foley, born in Blue Lick, Kentucky, country singer, Mr Smith Goes to Washington

1910 Birthday - David Rose, born in London, England, orchestra leader, Red Skelton Show, Stripper

1910 Birthday - Muriel Monkhouse, Red Cross worker

1909 Death - Red Cloud, Sioux indian chief, dies

1909 Birthday - Souphanouvong, Red Prince, president of Laos, 1975-87

1909 Event - New York Giant Red Ames 2nd no-hitter, loses in 13 on a 7 hitter to Dodgers

1909 Birthday - Emil "Dutch" Leonard, baseball pitcher, Boston Red Sox

1909 Event - Boston Red Sox trade Cy Young, at 41, to Cleveland Naps

1908 Birthday - Sophie Stewart, born in Scotland, actress, As You Like It, Under the Red Robe

1908 Birthday - Walter L "Red" Barber, Mississippi, sports announcer, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees

1907 Birthday - Robert A[nson] Heinlein, U.S., sci-fi author, 4 Hugos, Red Planet

1906 Birthday - Joe Cronin, baseball, Pirates, Red Sox, Senators, MVP 1930, AL President

1906 Event - V Herbert and H Blossom's musical "Red Mill," premieres in New York City

1906 Event - Cincinnati Red John Weimer no-hits Dodgers, 1-0 in 7 inning game

1906 Birthday - Allan Walker, actor and writer, Red Buttons Show

1905 Birthday - Michael Powell, English director/screen writer/producer, Red Shoes

1905 Birthday - Red Smith, Green Bay Wisconsin, sportscaster/columnist, Fight Talk

1905 Birthday - Boris Alexandrov, conductor, Red Army Song/Dance Ensemble

1905 Birthday - Edgar P. Snow, U.S. author/journalist: Red star over China

1905 Event - Philadelphia A's beat Boston Red Sox 4-2 in 20 inning game

1905 Birthday - Leila Hyams, New York City, actress, Big House, Ruggles of Red Gap

1904 Death - Justus van Maurik, cigar manufacturer/author/head of Red Guard, dies

1904 Event - Yankees 2 games out play 1st place Red Sox on final day doubleheader 41 game winner Chesbro loses 1st game and chance at pennant

1904 Birthday - [William] Count Basie, Red Bank, New Jersey, jazz musician, Blazing Saddles

1904 Event - Boston Herald tells of Red Sox trade "Dougherty as a Yankee," 1st known reference to New York club as Yankees (became Yankees in 1913)

1904 Birthday - Charles "Red" Ruffing, New York Yankee pitcher, hitter, 1930-46

1903 Event - 1st baseball World Series, Pittsburgh Pirates vs Americans Pilgrims (Red Sox)

1903 Event - New York Giant Red Ames no-hits St. Louis, 5-0 in a 5 inning game

1903 Birthday - Harold "Red" Grange, "Galloping Ghost" of football, Illinois Bears

1903 Birthday - Thomas Yawkey, baseball owner for the Boston Red Sox

1902 Birthday - Morris "Red" Badgro, Wash, NFL hall of famer, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers

1902 Event - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Red Circle"

1901 Birthday - Allan "Rocky" Lane, Mishawaka, Indiana, actor, voice of Mr. Ed, Red Ryder

1900 Birthday - Andrei Vlasov, Russian general, Red Army, Wehrmacht

1900 Death - Stephen Crane, author (Red Badge of Courage), dies at 28

1899 Birthday - Forrest "Red" DeBernardi, basketball hall of famer, elected 1961

1898 Birthday - Mervyn "Red" Dutton, Manitoba, 2nd NHL President, 1943-46

1898 Event - Phillies Red Donahue no-hits Boston Braves, 5-0

1898 Event - Cincinnati Red Theodore Breitenstein no-hits Pirates 11-0

1896 Birthday - Samuel Gonard, chairman, International Red Cross

1895 Birthday - Count Folke Bernadotte, Sweden, statesman, Red Cross, UN

1893 Birthday - Mao Tse-tung, of little red book fame, Prime Minister of China PR, 1949 - 1976

1892 Birthday - Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, Red Baron, German WW I ace

1891 Birthday - Chet "Red" Hoff, pitcher, New York Yankees 1911-15, lived to 103+

1890 Birthday - Chicago Mainbocher, uniform designer, Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Waves

1889 Birthday - Edwin Hubble, astronomer, discoverer of galaxies, red shift

1887 Birthday - Raymond Hatton, born in Red Oak, Iowa, actor, Girls in Prison, Lady Killer

1887 Event - Aurora Ski Club of Red Wing, Minnesota became the 1st U.S. ski club

1885 Birthday - Willem H. Winkel, Dutch physician/founder, Red Cross of Curacao

1884 Birthday - Sophie Tucker, Russia, singer/last of red hot mammas

1882 Event - U.S. Senate ratifies treaty establishing the Red Cross

1881 Birthday - Milton Rosmer, Southport England, director, Murder in the Red Barn

1881 Birthday - Stark Young, U.S. critic/writer, So Red the Rose

1881 Event - American Red Cross founded by Clara Barton

1880 Birthday - Mary Boland, Philadelphia, U.S., comedienne/actress, Ruggles of Red Gap

1879 Birthday - Victor Seastrom, Silbodal Sweden, director, Wind, Under the Red Robe

1876 Event - Philadelphia A's and Boston Red Caps play 1st NL game, in Phila

1874 Birthday - Hewlett Johnson, Red Dean of Canterbury, English bishop

1871 Birthday - Stephen Crane, U.S., novelist/poet, Red Badge of Courage

1871 Birthday - Leonid N Andrejev, Russian journalist and writer, Red Laugh

1870 Event - British Red Cross Society forms

1870 Event - All-pro Cincinnati Red Stockings suffer 1st loss in 130 games

1870 Event - Washington: President Grant meets with Sioux chief Red Cloud

1870 Event - Cincinnati Red Stockings, 1st pro BB team, begin 8-mo tour of Midwest and East

1869 Event - Suez Canal (Egypt) opens, links Mediterranean and Red seas

1869 Event - Cleveland's Forest City play their 1st game, vs Cincinnati Red Stockings

1869 Event - Cincinnati Red Stockings become the 1st pro baseball team

1869 Event - Cincinnati Red Stockings beat Antioch 41-7

1867 Event - Dutch Red Cross forms

1866 Event - Cincinnati Baseball club (Red Stockings) forms

1864 Event - International Red Cross forms

1864 Event - Red Cross forms in Geneva

1864 Event - Skirmish at Marksville (Avoyelles) (Red River Campaign)

1864 Event - Battle at Alexandria, Louisiana (Red River Campaign)

1864 Event - Battle of Cane River, Louisiana (Red River Expedition, Monett's Ferry)

1864 Event - Red River Campaign-Union forces reach Alexandria, Louisiana

1864 Event - Red River campaign LA

1863 Event - International Comm of Red Cross forms (Nobel 1917, 1944, 1963)

1863 Event - Worldwide Red Cross organized in Geneva

1862 Birthday - Eden Phillpotts, England, novelist/poet/playwright, Red Madymaynes

1862 Birthday - Jane Delano, U.S., nurse, teacher and founder, Red Cross

1859 Event - 1st steamboat sails, Red River

1846 Birthday - Emile C Wauters, Belgium, painter, Van der Goes in the Red Monastery

1835 Birthday - William Hicks "Red" Jackson, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1828 Birthday - Jean Henri Dunant, born in Switzerland, writer and founder, Red Cross, YMCA, Nobel 1901

1821 Birthday - Clara Harlowe Barton, Oxford Massachusetts, nurse/founder, American Red Cross

1818 Event - Congress decided U.S. flag is 13 red and white stripes and 20 stars

1803 Birthday - Augustus Zerega diZerega, Martinique, ship owner, Red Z Lane

1783 Event - Herschel reports seeing a red glow near lunar crater Aristarchus

983 Death - Otto II the Red, German king/emperor (973-83), dies at about 28

967 Event - John XIII crowned Otto II the Red German compassionate emperor

955 Death - Conrad the Red, Duke of Lotharingen, dies in battle