1959 in History
January 1 Castro leads Cuba to victory as Fulgencio Batista flees to Dom Rep
January 1 Chad becomes autonomous republic in French Community
January 1 Rohan Kanhai completes 256 vs. India at Calcutta
January 2 Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista flees
January 2 U.S.S.R. launches Mechta, Luna 1, for 1st lunar fly-by, 1st solar orbit
January 3 Alaska admitted as 49th U.S. state
January 4 Luna 1, Mechta, becomes 1st craft to leave Earth's gravity
January 5 "Bozo the Clown" live children's show premieres on TV
January 5 Buddy Holly releases his last record "It Doesn't Matter"
January 7 U.S. recognizes Fidel Castro's Cuban government
January 8 Charles de Gaulle inaugurated as President of France's 5th Republic
January 9 Dam across Tera River collapses after heavy winter rains, 135 die
January 9 Pat O'Connor beats Dick Hutton in St. Louis, to become NWA champ
January 9 "Rawhide" with Clint Eastwood premieres on CBS TV
January 11 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Theodore Roethke
January 11 Hanif Mohammad completes 499 for Karachi, then 1st class world record
January 11 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Mayfair Golf Open
January 11 NFL Pro Bowl: East beats West 28-21
January 12 KOED TV channel 11 in Tulsa, OK (PBS) begins broadcasting
January 13 De Gaulle grants amnesty to 130 to Algerian death row convicts
January 13 King Boudouin promises Belgian Congo independence
January 17 "Say, Darling" closes at ANTA Theater New York City after 332 performances
January 18 Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
January 20 Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' Moscow-Tsjerjomoesjki, premieres in Moscow
January 22 USAF concludes less than 1% of UFO's are unknown objects
January 24 Dmitri Shostakovich's comedy "Cheryomushk," premieres in Moscow
January 24 "Party with Comden and Green" closes at John Golden New York City after 38 performances
January 24 WHCT TV channel 18 in Hartford, CT (IND) begins broadcasting
January 25 1st transcontinental coml jet flight (American) (LA to New York for $301)
January 25 Pope John XXIII proclaims 2nd Vatican council
January 26 Italy government of Fanfani resigns
January 26 KOKH TV channel 25 in Oklahoma City, OK (IND/PBS) begins broadcasting
January 28 Soviet Union wins 62-37 for 1st international basketball loss by US
January 29 Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" released
January 30 Australia 1-200 1st day 4th Test vs. England, Adelaide Oval
January 30 Paul Hindemith's symphony "Pittsburgh," premieres
January 31 Joe Cronin signs 7 year pact to become head of AL
February 1 Swiss males vote against voting rights for women
February 1 Texas Instruments requests patent of IC (Integrated Circuit)
February 1 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Carol Heiss
February 1 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by David Jenkins
February 1 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Havana Golf Tournament
February 1 WVUE TV channel 8 in New Orleans, Louisiana (ABC) begins broadcasting
February 1 Zack Wheat unanimously elected to baseball Hall of Fame
February 2 Buddy Holly's last performance
February 2 Vince Lombardi signs a 5 year contract to coach Green Bay Packers
February 3 American Airlines Electra crashes in New York's East River, killing 65
February 4 Israel begins exporting copper ore
February 5 Australia regain the Ashes with a 10 wicket victory at Adelaide
February 5 "Redhead" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 455 performances
February 6 1st successful test-fire of Titan ICBM
February 6 Fidel Castro is interviewed by Edward R. Murrow
February 7 Castro proclaims new Cuban constitution
February 7 Cessna lands in Las Vegas after 65 d without landing (refuels in air)
February 7 Dorothy Rigney sells 54% of White Sox to Bill Veeck for a reported $27M
February 7 "Whoop-Up" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 56 performances
February 9 Coasters's "Charlie Brown" peaks at #2
February 10 Dutch Princess Wilhelmina publishes "Lonely, but not alone"
February 10 Tornado in St. Louis kills 19 and injures 265
February 11 Vinoo Mankad ends his final Test Cricket (v WI at Delhi)
February 13 Barbie doll goes on sale
February 13 Miro Cardon, premier of Cuba, resigns
February 14 $3.6 million heroin seizure in New York City
February 15 Antonio Segni forms Italian government
February 15 Louise Suggs wins LPGA St. Petersburg Golf Tournament
February 16 Fidel Castro named himself Cuba's premier after overthrowing Batista
February 16 Leonard Spigelgass' "Majority of One," premieres in New York City
February 17 1st weather satellite launched, Vanguard 2, 9.8 kg
February 19 Britain, Turkey and Greece sign agreement granting Cyprus independence
February 19 Gabon adopts its constitution
February 19 USAF rocket-powered rail sled attains Mach 4.1 (4970 kph), New Mexico
February 22 1st Daytona 500 auto race-Lee Petty wins (135.521 MPH)
February 23 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Lake Worth Golf Open
February 23 KVIE TV channel 6 in Sacramento-Stockton, California (PBS) begins broadcasting
February 27 Boston Celtic Bob Cousy sets NBA record with 28 assists Boston Celtics score 173 points against Minneapolis Lakers
February 27 Chicago Cards trade running back Ollie Matson to Los Angeles Rams for 9 players
February 28 "Goldilocks" closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City after 161 performances
February 28 Ice Dance Championship at Colorado Springs USA won by Denny and Jones of GRB
February 28 Ice Pairs Championship at Colorado Springs won by Wagner and Paul of CAN
February 28 Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Colorado Springs won by Carol Heiss USA
February 28 Launch of Discoverer 1 (WTR)-1st polar orbit
February 28 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Colorado Springs won by David Jenkins USA
February 28 NFL trade, Chicago Cards trade Ollie Matson to Los Angeles Rams for 9 players
March 1 Archbishop Makarios returns to Cyprus after 3 years
March 1 Beverly Hanson wins LPGA Golden Triangle Festival Golf Tournament
March 3 1st U.S. probe to enter solar orbit, Pioneer 4, launched
March 3 British government arrests Hastings Banda of Nyasaland, ends emergency crisis
March 3 San Francisco Giant's rename their stadium Candlestick Park
March 4 U.S. Pioneer IV misses Moon and becomes 2nd (U.S. 1st) artificial planet
March 5 Iran and U.S. sign economic / military treaty
March 6 11st Emmy Awards: Playhouse 90, Jack Benny Show, Raymond Burr
March 6 Farthest radio signal heard (Pioneer IV, 400,000 miles)
March 7 1st aviator to fly a million miles (1.61 M km) in a jet (MC Garlow)
March 7 "Bells Are Ringing" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 925 performances
March 7 West Indies all out 76 vs. Pakistan at Dacca, Fazal Mahmood 6-34
March 8 Groucho, Chico and Harpo's final TV appearance together
March 8 KUAT TV channel 6 in Tucson, Arizona (PBS) begins broadcasting
March 8 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
March 8 Pro-Egyptian coup fails in Mosul Iraq
March 9 1st known radar contact is made with Venus
March 9 Barbie, the popular girls' doll, debuted, over 800 million sold
March 9 "Juno" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 16 performances
March 10 Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth," premieres in New York City
March 10 Uprising against Chinese occupation force in Lhasa Tibet
March 11 "Raisin in the Sun," 1st Broadway play by a black woman, opens
March 11 Teddy Scholten wins Eurovision Song festival with "A Little Bit"
March 12 Dutch Liberal Party wins 2nd parliamentary elections
March 12 U.S. House joins Senate approving Hawaii statehood
March 15 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
March 15 Richard Rogers' "No Strings" opens on Broadway
March 15 Robert Foster sets record by staying underwater 13 m 42.5 s
March 15 WILX TV channel 10 in Lansing, MI (NBC) begins broadcasting
March 16 Iraq and U.S.S.R. sign economic/technical treaty
March 17 Australia and U.S.S.R. restore diplomatic relations
March 17 Dalai Lama flees Tibet for India
March 18 Boston Celtic's Bill Sharman begins record of 56 straight free-throws
March 18 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs Hawaii statehood bill
March 19 "1st Impressions" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 84 performances
March 21 21st NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: California beats West Virginia 71-70
March 21 "Juno" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 16 performances
March 22 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Nehi Golf Tournament
March 24 Iraq withdraws from the Baghdad Pact
March 25 Bill White traded to St. Louis for pitchers Sam Jones and Don Choate
March 25 French President De Gaulle acknowledges Oder-Neisse boundary
March 26 Test debut for Mushtaq Mohammad vs. WI age 15 years 124 days
March 28 11 days after Tibet uprising, China dissolves Tibet's government and installs Panchen Lama
March 29 "Some Like it Hot" with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon premieres
March 29 Wes Hall takes Pakistani cricket hat-trick at Lahore
March 30 WNED TV channel 17 in Buffalo, New York (PBS) begins broadcasting
March 31 Dalai Lama fled China and was granted political asylum in India
April 4 Federation of Mali, consisting of Senegal and French Sudan, dissolved 1960
April 5 23rd Golf Masters Championship: Art Wall, Jr. wins, shooting a 284
April 6 31st Academy Awards - "Gigi," Susan Hayward and David Niven win
April 7 Oklahoma ends prohibition, after 51 years
April 7 Radar 1st bounced off Sun from Stanford, California
April 9 13th NBA Championship: Bost Celtics sweep Minnesota Lakers in 4 games Boston Celtics wins 8th straight title
April 9 Baltimore Orioles pull their 2nd triple play (3-6-3 vs Washington Senators)
April 9 Bill Sharman hits a NBA record 56 consecutive foul shot
April 9 NASA names 1st 7 astronauts for Project Mercury
April 10 Japan's Crown Prince Akihito marries commoner Michiko Shoda
April 11 Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale hits his 2nd Opening Day home run
April 11 Dutch prince Bernhard visits Lockheed factory
April 11 "Jamaica" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 558 performances
April 12 13th Tony Awards: J B and Redhead win
April 12 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
April 12 France Observator reports torture practice by French army in Algeria
April 13 USAF launches Discoverer II into polar orbit
April 13 Vanguard SLV-5 launched for Earth orbit (failed)
April 13 Vatican edict forbids Roman Catholics for voting for communists
April 14 KDIN TV channel 11 in Des Moines, IA (PBS) begins broadcasting
April 15 Fidel Castro begins U.S. goodwill tour
April 15 U.S. Secretary of States John Foster Dulles resigns
April 16 Datu Abdul Rozak inaugurated as premier of Malaysia federation
April 16 New York Yankees unveil their 1st message scoreboard
April 16 "Party with Comden and Green" opens at John Golden New York City for 44 performances
April 16 Phils' Dave Philley gets a major league record 9th straight pinch hit
April 18 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 games to 1
April 19 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
April 19 Uprising in La Paz Bolivia, fails
April 20 63rd Boston Marathon won by Eino Oksanen of Finland in 2:22:42
April 21 1211-kg great white shark becomes largest fish ever caught on a rod
April 21 Alf Dean using a rod and reel hooks a 2,664lb, 16' 10" white shark
April 22 Chicago White Sox beat Kansas City Athletics 20-6, in 1 inning Sox score 11 runs on 1 hit, 10 walks, and 3 errors
April 22 Yankee Whitey Ford strikes-out 15, beating Senators, 1-0 in 14 innings
April 23 1st heliport in Britain opens in London
April 23 "Destry Rides Again" opens at Imperial Theater New York City for 472 performances
April 24 Netherlands Dance Theater opens (Rudi of Dantzig and Cut Flier)
April 24 WICD TV channel 15 in Champaign, IL (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
April 25 St. Lawrence Seaway linking Atlantic, Great Lakes opens to shipping
April 26 Cuba invades Panama
April 26 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Golf Open
April 27 Liu Sjau-chi elected president of China PR
April 27 "Today" show goes abroard 1st time (Paris France)
April 28 KLOE TV channel 10 in Goodland, KS (CBS) begins broadcasting
April 28 KPLR TV channel 11 in Saint Louis, MO (IND) begins broadcasting
May 1 Floyd Patterson KOs Brian London in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
May 1 West Germany introduces 5 day work week
May 1 White Sox Early Wynn beats Red Sox 1-0 on his own home run
May 2 85th Kentucky Derby: Bill Shoemaker aboard Tomy Lee wins in 2:02.2
May 3 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Land of the Sky Golf Tournament
May 3 Tiger's Charlie Maxwell hits 4 consecutive home runs in a doubleheader
May 4 1st Grammy Awards: Perry Como and Ella Fitzgerald win
May 4 Pulitzer prize awarded to Archibald Macleish
May 8 3-deck Nile excursion steamer springs a leak panicking passengers who capsized ship. 200 drown just yards from shore
May 9 Dorothy Rigney, husband John, and Hank Greenberg resign from White Sox
May 10 Giants Jim Hearn allows 2 runs against Pirates, game is suspended, Hearn is released and charged with loss 2 months after his retirement
May 10 Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Howard Johnson Golf Invitational
May 11 Elvis Presley's 1st entry on U.K. charts with "Heartbreak Hotel"
May 11 "Kookie, Kookie Lend Me Your Comb" by Byrnes and Connie Stevens hits #4
May 11 Rodgers and Barer's musical "Once upon a mattress," premieres in New York City
May 11 Yankee catcher Yogi Berra's errorless streak of 148 games ends
May 12 Liz Taylor's 4th marriage (Eddie Fisher)
May 12 "Nervous Set" opens at Henry Miller's Theater New York City for 23 performances
May 13 Kraft Music Hall with Milton Berle, last airs on NBC-TV
May 15 100th anniversary of 1st college baseball game, between Amherst and Williams Teams reenact the original contest
May 16 85th Preakness: William Harmatz aboard Royal Orbit wins in 1:57
May 16 WTOM TV channel 4 in Cheboygan, Michigan (NBC) begins broadcasting
May 17 Sam Snead sets PGA record for 36 holes at 122
May 18 "Castin' My Spell" by Johnny Otis Show hits #52
May 18 "Judy" by David Seville hits #86
May 18 "Russian Band Stand" by Spencer and Spencer hits #91
May 19 Jan de Quay becomes premier of Netherlands
May 20 Ford wins battle with Chrysler to call its new car "Falcon"
May 20 Japanese-Americans regain their citizenship
May 20 Shah of Persia visits Netherlands
May 20 Yankees sink to last place, 1st time since May 25, 1940
May 21 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Children's Petting Farm opens
May 21 "Gypsy" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 702 performances
May 22 Benjamin O Davis, Jr. becomes 1st black General-major in USAF
May 23 "Party with Comden and Green" closes at John Golden New York City after 44 performances
May 23 Presbyterian church accepts women preachers
May 24 1st house with built-in bomb shelter exhibited in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania
May 24 Empire Day renamed Commonwealth Day in England
May 25 Khrushchev visits Angola
May 25 Supreme court rules La prohibiting black-white boxing unconstitutional
May 26 Harvey Haddix pitches 12 perfect innings, loses in 13th
May 28 Congressional Committee of Astronautics meets Project 7 astronauts
May 28 Johnson and Bart's musical "Lock up your daughters," premieres in London
May 28 Monkeys Able and Baker zoom 300 mi (500 km) into space on Jupiter missile, became 1st animals retrieved from a space mission
May 29 Charles de Gaulle forms French government
May 30 "First Impressions" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 84 performances
May 30 Iraq terminates military assistance pact with U.S. due to neutrality
May 30 "Nervous Set" closes at Henry Miller's Theater New York City after 23 performances
May 30 President Somoza ends emergency crisis in Nicaragua
May 30 President Stroessner disbands Paraguay's parliament
May 30 World's 1st hovercraft (SR-N1) tested at Cowes England
May 31 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Cavalier Golf Open
June 1 2-time champ Monterrey Mexico barred from 1959 Little League competition for using players outside predetermined geographical area
June 1 Constitution of Tunisia promulgated (National Day)
June 2 Allen Ginsberg writes his poem "Lysergic Acid," San Francisco
June 3 1st class graduates from Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo
June 3 1st U.S. Air Force Academy graduation
June 3 Eisenhower routes Canadian premier Diefenbaker message off the Moon
June 3 Real Madrid wins 4th Europe Cup 1
June 3 Singapore adopts constitution
June 5 Bob Dylan graduates Hibbing HS in Minnesota
June 7 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Triangle Round Robin Golf Tournament
June 7 KLX-AM in Oakland California changes call letters to KEWB (now KNEW)
June 8 1st official "missile mail" lands, Jacksonville, Florida
June 8 X-15 makes 1st unpowered flight, from a B-52 at 11,500 m
June 9 1st ballistic missile sub launched, George Washington
June 10 Rocky Colovito hits 4 consecutive home runs in 1 game
June 11 Postmaster General bans D H Lawrence's book, Lady Chatterley's Lover (overruled by U.S. Court of Appeals in Mar 1960)
June 12 San Francisco Giants Mike McCormick no-hits Phillies, 3-0 in 5 inning game
June 13 59th U.S. Golf Open: Billy Casper shoots a 282 at Winged Foot Golf Club New York
June 13 91st Belmont: Bill Shoemaker aboard Sword Dancer wins in 2:28.6
June 13 "Sammy Kaye Show," last airs on ABC-TV
June 14 Beverly Hanson wins LPGA American Women's Golf Open
June 17 Eamon de Valera elected President of Ireland
June 18 1st telecast transmitted from England to U.S.
June 22 "Along Came Jones" by Coasters peaks at #9
June 22 "Class" by Chubby Checker peaks at #38
June 22 Eddie Lubanski bowls 2 consecutive perfect games
June 22 Most Phillies strike out in a game (16 by Sandy Koufax)
June 22 Shunryu Suzuki completes his historical Japan to San Francisco voyage
June 26 Ingemar Johansson TKOs Floyd Patterson in 3 for heavywgt boxing title
June 26 Queen Elizabeth and President Eisenhower open St. Lawrence Seaway
June 27 14th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Mickey Wright
June 27 Players vote Henry Aaron unanimously for the All-Star Game
June 27 "West Side Story" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 734 performances
June 28 Phils Wally Post is only outfielder to throw out 2 runners in an inning twice (Losing to Giants 6-0)
June 29 Pope John XXIII 1st encyclical "On truth, unity, and peace, in charity"
June 30 During a game in Wrigley Field, 2 balls were in play at same time
July 1 Heinrich Lubke elected President of West-Germany
July 1 Israeli Knesset agrees to weapon sales to West-Germany
July 1 World Refugee Year begins
July 1 WVTV TV channel 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (IND) begins broadcasting
July 2 "Plan 9 From Outer Space," one of the worse films ever, premieres
July 2 Prince Albert marries Princess Paola in Brussels
July 3 73rd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Alex Olmedo beats Rod Laver (64 63 64)
July 3 88th British Golf Open: Gary Player shoots a 284 at Muirfield Gullane
July 4 66th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Maria Fraser beats Darlene Hard (64 63)
July 4 America's new 49-star flag honoring Alaska statehood unfurled
July 4 Cayman Islands separated from Jamaica, made a crown colony
July 5 Ben-Gurion's Israeli government resigns
July 5 Indonesia restores constitution
July 5 Jack Gelber's "Connection," premieres in New York City
July 6 5th LPGA Championship won by Betsy Rawls
July 6 Saar becomes part of German Federal Republic
July 6 WENH TV channel 11 in Durham, New Hampshire (PBS) begins broadcasting
July 7 26th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 5-4 at Forbes Field, Pittsburgh
July 9 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Hoosier Golf Open
July 9 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Hoosier Celebrity Golf Tournament
July 12 NBC uses cameras to show catchers signals during ankee-Red Sox game
July 14 1st atomic powered cruiser, Long Beach, Quincy Massachusetts
July 17 2,000 ft long by 1,300 foot wide section of ridge falls into Madis
July 17 Dr. Leakey discovers oldest human skull (600,000 years old)
July 17 River Canyon extending man-made Lake Hebgen by 5 miles. (Montana)
July 17 Tibet abolishes serfdom
July 18 1st black to win a major golf tournament, William Wright
July 19 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Machine International Golf Open Alliance
July 21 1st nuclear powered merchant ship, NS Savannah, christened, Camden, New Jersey
July 21 Red Sox are last team to use a black player (Pumpsie Green)
July 22 Benjamin Britten's "Missa Brevis" in D, premieres
July 23 Vice President Richard Nixon begins visit on U.S.S.R.
July 24 500,000th Dutch TV set registered
July 24 Vice President Nixon argues with Khrushchev, known as "Kitchen Debate"
July 26 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Western Golf Open
July 27 Abbas Ali Baig scores 112 for India vs. England on debut
July 27 William Shea announces he plans to have a baseball team in New York City in 1961
July 28 Great Britain starts using postal codes
July 28 Hawaii's 1st U.S. election sends 1st Asian-Americans to Congress
July 30 In his major league debut, San Francisco Giant Willie McCovey goes 4-for-4
July 31 1st exhibit of bongos at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo opens
August 1 New Continental baseball league formed
August 1 Pope John XXIII publishes encyclical Sacerdotii nostri primordia
August 1 WAAY TV channel 31 in Huntsville, AL (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
August 2 41st PGA Championship: Bob Rosburg shoots a 277 at Minneapolis GC
August 2 Milwaukee Brave Bill Bruton hits 2 bases loaded triples
August 2 San Francisco Giants 1st baseman Willie McCovey hits 1st of his 521 home runs
August 3 27th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 5-3 at Memorial Coliseum, LA
August 3 50 killed in uprising in Guinea-Bissau
August 3 AL beats NL 5-3 in 27th All Star Game (Dodger Stadium)
August 4 "Billy Barnes Revue" opens at John Golden Theater New York City for 87 performances
August 5 42.4 cm rainfall in Decatur Co, Iowa (state record)
August 5 Chicago Cardinals (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 55-26 in Toronto
August 7 Explorer 6 transmits 1st TV photo of Earth from space
August 12 1st ship firing of a Polaris missile, Observation Island
August 12 Progressive Party under John Steytler forms in South Africa
August 13 Military satellite Discoverer 5 launched (into polar orbit)
August 14 26th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Baltimore 29, All-Stars 0 (70,000)
August 14 AFL organized with NY, Dallas, LA, Minneapolis, Denver and Houston
August 16 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Seattle Golf Open
August 16 U.S.S.R. introduces installment buying
August 17 7.1 quake strikes Yellowstone National Park
August 17 U.S.S.R. and Iraq signs contract for building Iraqi nuclear reactor
August 18 Branch Rickey resigns as Pirates' CEO to be President of Continental League
August 19 Doctor X beats Wilber Snyder in Omaha, to become NWA wrestling champ
August 19 Honolulu seeks a franchise in Continental League
August 19 Satellite Discoverer 6 launched into polar orbit
August 20 Belgium shortens conscription to 12 months
August 21 Hawaii becomes 50th U.S. state
August 22 Cincinnati Red Frank Robinson hits 3 consecutive home runs
August 23 Beverly Hanson wins LPGA Spokane Golf Open
August 24 England complete 5-0 series drubbing of India
August 24 Hiram Fong sworn in as 1st Chinese-American senator while Daniel K Inouye sworn in as 1st Japanese-American Rep (Both from Hawaii)
August 31 48th Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in New York (3-2)
August 31 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
August 31 Sandy Koufax breaks Dizzy Dean's NL mark of 18 strikeouts in a game
September 2 U.S. President Eisenhower arrives in Paris
September 5 Washington Senator Jim Lemon is 7th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (3rd)
September 6 Kathy Cornelius wins LPGA Cosmopolitan Golf Open
September 11 Congress passes a bill authorizing food stamps for poor Americans
September 11 "Duke" Ellington wins Springarn Medal for his musical achievements
September 11 Elroy Face's 22 game win streak ends as Dodgers beat Pirates 5-4
September 11 Oriole Jerry Walker pitches 16 inn beating White Sox 1-0
September 12 "Bonanza" premieres on NBC-TV
September 12 Janos Kadar becomes premier of Hungary
September 12 Luna 2 launched by U.S.S.R.; 1st spacecraft to impact on Moon
September 13 73rd U.S. Womens Tennis: Maria Fraser beats Christine Truman (61 64)
September 13 79th U.S. Mens Tennis: Neale Fraser beats Alejandro Olmedo (63 57 62 64)
September 13 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Memphis Golf Open
September 13 U.S.S.R.'s Luna 2 becomes 1st probe to contact another celestial body
September 14 Soviet Union's Luna-2 is 1st spacecraft to land on the Moon
September 14 WQEX TV channel 16 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 15 Soviet Premier Khrushchev arrives in U.S. to begin a 13-day visit
September 16 President De Gaulle recognizes Algerian right of self determination
September 17 59th U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Jack Nicklaus
September 17 Transit 1A, 1st navigational satellite launched; failed to orbit
September 17 Typhoon kills 2,000 in Japan and Korea
September 18 Vanguard 3 launched into Earth orbit
September 19 Nikita Khrushchev is denied access to Disneyland
September 20 Beverly Hanson wins LPGA Links Golf Invitation Open
September 21 600 Indian Dutch emigrate to US
September 22 Chicago White Sox clinch AL pennant
September 25 Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley (37) and David Brown (43) wed
September 26 Japan hit by typhoon Vera; about 5,000 die
September 26 Milwaukee Braves Warren Spahn becomes winningest NL lefty
September 26 San Francisco Giants Sam Jones 2nd no-hitter, beats St. Louis Cardinals, 4-0
September 27 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Opie Turner Golf Open
September 27 Braves and Dodgers finish in a tie (86-68)
September 27 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev concludes his U.S. visit
September 28 Edward Franklin Albee's "zoo story," premieres in Berlin
September 28 Explorer VI reveals an intense radiation belt around Earth
September 28 "Hennesey," debuts on CBS-TV
September 29 Dodgers win game 2 of playoff, 6-5, and take NL pennant
September 29 Little Anthony and the Imperials record "Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop"
September 29 "Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis," debuts on CBS-TV
September 29 "Philip Marlowe," debuts on ABC-TV
September 29 Sultan of Brunei promulgates a constitution
October 1 1st World Series since 1948 not to feature a New York team (LA vs Chic)
October 2 Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" premieres on CBS-TV
October 3 13th NHL All-Star Game: Montreal beat All-Stars 6-1 at Montreal
October 4 1st World Series game played west of St. Louis (in LA)
October 4 Cleveland Browns' Jim Brown makes club record 37 rushing attempts
October 4 Dmitri Sjostakovitch 1st Cello concert premieres in Leningrad
October 4 Los Angeles Dodgers set World Series attendance record at 92,394
October 4 Netherlands beats Belgium 9-1
October 4 U.S.S.R. Luna 3 sent back 1st photos of Moon's far side
October 6 Single game World Series attendence record set (92,706 in LA)
October 6 Soviet Luna 3, 1st successful photographic spacecraft, impacts Moon
October 7 Far side of Moon seen for 1st time, compliments of U.S.S.R.'s Luna 3
October 7 "Happy Town" opens at 84th St. Theater New York City for 5 performances
October 8 "At the Drop of a Hat" opens at John Golden Theater New York City for 216 performances
October 8 Conservatives win British election
October 8 Los Angeles Dodgers beat Chicago White Sox, 4 games to 2 in 56th World Series
October 9 1st phone call between auto and plane
October 9 Lee Harvey Oswald arrives in Southampton
October 10 "Happy Town" closes at 84th St. Theater New York City after 5 performances
October 10 Lee Harvey Oswald signs guestbook in hotel Helsinki
October 10 Pan Am begins regular flights around World
October 11 KTHI TV channel 11 in Fargo-Grand Forks, ND (NBC) begins broadcasting
October 14 WMUB (now WPTO) TV channel 14 in Oxford, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 15 KNDO TV channel 23 in Yakima, WA (NBC) begins broadcasting
October 15 "Untouchables" premieres
October 17 "Billy Barnes Revue" closes at John Golden Theater New York City after 87 performances
October 17 Queen Elizabeth is fined $140 for withdrawing her race horse
October 17 Stinchcomb Memorial in Cleveland Metroparks' dedicated
October 19 Florence Henderson joins Today Show panel
October 19 William Gibson's "Miracle Worker," premieres in New York City
October 20 Clark Griffith of Senators says team will not move the franchise
October 20 WABG TV channel 6 in Greenwood-Greenville, MS (ABC) 1st broadcast
October 21 Contra revolutionaries bomb Havana
October 21 Guggenheim Museum, by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens in N.Y.C.
October 21 Players Association approves 2 All-Star Games in 1960, to be held in Kansas City and NY
October 22 Bob Merrill's musical "Take me Along," premieres in New York City
October 22 "Take Me Along" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 448 performances
October 23 Chinese troops move into India, 17 die
October 24 U.S. premier of D Sjostakovitch's 1st Cello concert
October 27 Rare Pacific hurricane kills 2,000 in Western Mexico
October 28 Buffalo Bills enter AFL
October 28 Jean Genet's "Les Nigres," premieres in Paris
October 29 10 nation soccer league to play all games on New York Randalls Is, announced
October 31 Lee Harvey Oswald announces in Moscow he will never return to US
October 31 U.S.S.R. and Egypt sign contracts for building Aswan Dam
November 1 1st NHL goalie to wear a hockey mask (Jacques Plante)
November 1 Jim Brown scores 5 TDs in Cleveland Browns 38-31 win over Balt
November 1 Patrice Lumumba arrested in Belgian Congo
November 1 WOV-AM in New York City changes call letters to WADO
November 2 Charles Van Doren confesses, TV quiz show-"21," was fixed
November 2 "Girls against the Boys" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 16 performances
November 3 Ben-Gurion's Mapai-party wins Israeli parliamentary election
November 4 Ernie Banks, Cubs shortstop, wins 2nd consecutive NL MVP
November 5 AFL announced with 8 teams
November 7 13th Ryder Cup: U.S. wins 8 -3 at Eldorado CC California
November 8 KJTV (now KGET) TV channel 17 in Bakersfield, California (NBC) 1st broadcast
November 8 Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba's Nes Destour party wins every chair
November 10 Corinne Rottschaeffer elected Miss World
November 11 1st episode of "Rocky and His Friends" airs
November 11 Seals Stadium in San Francisco, demolished
November 12 White Sox 2B Nellie Fox wins AL's MVP
November 14 "Girls against the Boys" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 16 performances
November 14 Kilauea's most spectacular eruption (in Hawaii)
November 15 Cleveland Browns' halfback Bobby Mitchell sets club record for longest run from scrimmage (90-yards), beat Washington 31-17
November 16 "Sound of Music" opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City for 1443 performances
November 17 De Beers firm of South Africa announces synthetic diamond
November 17 Giants slugger Willie McCovey wins NL Rookie of Year
November 17 William Shea shows proposed New York City stadium with transparent roof
November 18 Washington Senator Bob Allison wins AL Rookie of Year
November 19 Ford cancels Edsel
November 19 "Rocky and His Friends" debuts on ABC
November 20 U.N. adopts Universal Declaration of Children's Rights
November 20 WABC fires Alan Freed over payola scandal
November 21 Jack Benny (violin) and Richard Nixon (piano) play their famed duet
November 22 AFL's 1st draft - New York Titans choice George Izo, quarterback, Notre Dame
November 22 Boston Patriots enters AFL
November 23 "Fiorello!" opens at Broadhurst Theater New York City for 796 performances
November 25 "Once Upon a Mattress" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 460 performances
November 28 47th CFL Grey Cup: Winn Blue Bombers defeats Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 21-7
November 28 KOMC (now KSNK) TV channel 8 in McCook - Oberlin, NB (NBC) begins
November 28 Pope John XXIII publishes encyclical Princeps Pastorum
November 30 Joe Foss named 1st commissioner of AFL
December 1 12 nations sign treaty for scientific peaceful use of Antarctica
December 1 1st color photograph of Earth from outer space
December 1 25th Heisman Trophy Award: Billy Cannon, LSU (HB)
December 1 The 1st color photograph of Earth received from outer space
December 2 Malpasset dam collapses destroying French Riviera town of Frejus
December 3 State of emergency on Cyprus ends
December 5 Intikhab Alam bowls Colin McDonald with 1st ball in Tests
December 7 "Saratoga" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 80 performances
December 8 Dom Mintoff demands independence for Malta
December 8 President Eisenhower watches Pakistan vs. Australia Test Cricket at Karachi
December 11 Yankees trade Marv Thronberry, Don Larsen, Hank Bauer and Norm Seibern for Roger Maris, Kent Hadley and Joe Deaestri
December 12 U.N. Committee on Peaceful Use of Outer Space is established
December 13 Archbishop Makarios elected 1st president of Cyprus
December 14 Archbishop Makarios proclaimed president of Cyprus
December 14 J B Jordan in F-104C sets world altitude record, 31,513m
December 14 USAF Captain Joe B. Jordan reaches 103,395 feet in F-104 jet fighter
December 15 Everly Brothers record "Let It Be Me"
December 16 Snow falling in Lowarai Pass West Pakistan kills 48
December 17 1st movie opening simultaneously in major cities (On The Beach)
December 17 "On The Beach," is 1st film to premiere on both sides of Iron Curtain
December 18 Sammy Baugh named 1st coach of New York Titans (AFL)
December 19 1st Liberty Bowl game-Penn State beats Alabama 7-0
December 20 Jasu Patel takes 9-69, India vs. Australia at Kanpur
December 21 10th largest snowfall in New York City history (13.7")
December 21 Citizens of Deerfield, Illinois block building of interracial housing
December 21 Shah of Persia marries Farah Diba
December 21 Tom Landry accepts coaching job with Dallas Cowboys (stays until 1988)
December 22 Continental League awards its last franchise to Dallas-Ft. Worth
December 22 NY Ranger goalie Marcel Paille wears a customized mask
December 25 A synagogue in Cologne Germany desecrated with swatstikas
December 25 Richard Starkey receives his 1st drum set
December 25 Sony brings transistor TV 8-301 to the market
December 27 Baltimore Colts beat New York Giants 31-16 in NFL championship game
December 29 Saul Levitt's "Andersonville Trial," premieres in New York City
December 30 George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned