2010 in History
January 1 A suicide bomber kills 95 people, injures over 100, and destroys 20 houses at a volleyball game in Lakki Marwat, Pakistan
January 2 A 28-year old Somali male is shot for breaking into Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoonist Jurt Westergaard's home and threatening his family with an axe
January 3 Australian researchers discover the first plane taken to Antarctica in 1912
January 4 Maylasia's Islamic morality police capture 52 unmarried couples in hotel rooms, charging them with sexual misconduct and possible imprisonment
January 5 The World Food Programme announces it will suspend operations in Somalia due to increased instability in the region
January 6 Extreme cold temperatures across Europe lead to 122 deaths in Poland, 7 die in Switzerland as the result of an avalanche
January 7 An employee at ABB Power building in St. Louis, Missouri, commits suicide after shooting eight people, 3 fatally
January 8 The parliament in Portugal approves a bill legalizing same-sex marriage
January 9 Over 700 former Tamil Tigers are released by the Sri Lankan army after completing a rehabilitation program
January 10 China surpasses Germany, becoming the. world's largest exporter
January 11 The theory that Egypt's pyramids were built by free workers, not slaves, is reinforced by the discovery of new tombs near the great pyramids
January 12 A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, devastating its capital city, Port-au-Prince, an estimated 150,000 were killed and buried later in mass graves
January 13 The People's Republic of China 2009 Mercedes-Benz sales rose 77%
January 14 A suicide bomber kills 20 people at a market in Afghanistan's Oruzgan Province
January 15 Muslim fundamentalists in northern Algeria kill an army colonel and a military commander of Bejaia
January 17 Ali Hassan al-Majid, former Iraqi minister, also known as Chemical Ali, is sentenced to death for the poison gas attack at Halabja
January 18 China begins text message surveillance, blocking customers from the country's two largest operators for lewd messages
January 19 United States Navy troops land near the Haitian presidential palace, bringing food, water, and equipment to aid victims of the earthquake
January 20 A week after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a 6.1 magnitude aftershock strikes Haiti
January 21 Toyota announces recalls for approximately 5.2 million vehicles for a pedal entrapment and floor mat problem
January 22 Thousands of Venezuelan protesters demonstrate for and against President Hugo Chavez' policies surrounding energy shortages and currency revaluation
January 23 Six Venezuelan cable television channels are taken off the air by the Venezuelan government after refusing to transmit government messages
January 25 One year after thousands of children became ill from melamine in milk, new traces of melamine in milk products is discovered in China
January 26 James Cameron's film, Avatar, surpasses his 1997 film Titanic, and becomes the highest grossing film of all time
January 27 Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, unveils a new invention, a tablet PC called the iPad, at a press conference in San Francisco
January 29 The Wittelsback-Graff Diamond, a 31.06-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond, once part of the Austrian and Bavarian Crown jewels, is placed on display at the Smithsonian
January 31 A 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Sichuan province, China, destroys at least 100 homes, injures 11 and kills one person
February 1 U.S. President Barack Obama proposes a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011 which projects a record-high budget deficit of $1.6 trillion in fiscal 2010
February 2 The World Food Programme reports that 4.3 million people suffer from hunger in Sudan, the number has quadrupled since 2009
February 3 Somali pirates seize a North-Korean flagged cargo ship south of Yemen
February 4 Yahoo! sells HotJobs to Monster.com for a reported $225 million
February 5 Danish special forces storm a ship captured by Somali pirates, freeing 25 crewmembers on board
February 6 The Taliban blow up a girls' school in Huwaid, Pakistan, no one is killed
February 7 Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, commands Iran's atomic agency to start enriching uranium at a higher level
February 8 U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavor launches from the Kennedy Space Center, successfully beginning a two-week mission to the International Space Station
February 9 Former Phillipine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and 196 others are charged with murder relating to the Maguindanao massacre, November 2009
February 10 Afghan officials remove 150 bodies of people killed by avalanches in the Salang Pass in the Hindu Kush mountains earlier in the week
February 11 A European Union summit discusses the possibility of bailing out Greece's economy
February 12 Houthi fighters and the Yemeni government declare a ceasefire in northern Yemen
February 13 Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili dies in a fatal crash during a training run for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, hours before the opening ceremonies
February 14 Viktor Yanukovych is declared the official winner of Ukraine's presidential election
February 15 Men's freestyle skiing moguls competitor, Alexandre Bilodeau, wins the first gold medal Canada has ever won on home soil at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
February 16 The Queen Mary 2 makes her first port call in China at the Port of Shanghai, since her maiden voyage in 2004
February 17 The declaration of Victor Yanukovych as President of Ukraine is suspended by the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine
February 18 Yvo de Boer, top climate change official at the United Nations and Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, resigns
February 19 The Vatican approves of Australian Mary MacKillop as their first saint for canonization
February 20 At least 32 people are dead and 68 injured from floods and mudslides on the island of Madeira, Portugal
February 21 The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced foreign direct investment into China has risen for the sixth consecutive month, up $8.3 billion year-on-year
February 22 Germany and the European Union deny planning a 20 - 25 billion euro financial aid plan for Greece
February 23 A car bomb explodes in a courthouse located in Newry, Northern Ireland. The area's last incidence of a car bombing was in the year 2000
February 24 Tengzhong's bid to purchase Hummer from General Motors is rejected by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
February 25 After being delayed by the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych is sworn in as the 4th President of Ukraine
February 26 Suicide bombers carry out a number of attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing at least 17 people
February 27 A tsunami warning went into effect for Chile and Peru after an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Conception, Chile
February 28 Egypt announces the discovery of a granite head from a statue of Tutankhamun's grandfather, Amenhotep III, buried at a temple in Luxor
March 1 Ejup Ganic, former President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is stopped while trying to escape war crime charges, at London Heathrow airport
March 2 The widow of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, Agathe Habyarimana, is arrested in France - accused of helping plan the 1994 genocide
March 3 At least 33 people are killed, more than 50 wounded, by multiple suicide bombers in Baquoba, Iraq
March 4 Taiwan is hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, twelve people are injured, communications and rail services are disrupted
March 5 Gordon Brown, United Kingdom's Prime Minister, gives evidence to the Iraq Inquiry
March 6 A drone strike in Pakistan reportedly kills Taliban commander, Faqir Mohammed
March 7 Iraqi voters take part in parliamentary elections and a referendum on the Status of Forces Agreement
March 8 35 suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia are captured by the French Navy, the European Union's most successful mission
March 9 Alphalara itadori, a Japanese insect that combats invasive Japanese knotweed, is the first biocontrol agent approved by the European Union
March 10 Three men are detained in relation to the theft of former Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos' corpse, December 11, 2009
March 11 The second day of conflict between Somali government troops and opposition forces in Mogadishu results in more than 20 civilian deaths
March 12 Residents of Mogadishu are instructed to leave the war zone after more than 50 are killed in three days of violence
March 13 Six people are killed by a remotely operated bomb while travelling in southern Afghanistan in Tirin Kot, the capital of Afghanistan's Uruzgan province
March 14 No reports of damage or casualties are reported after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hits central Japan
March 15 According to Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the United States, relations between the U.S. and Israel are the worst in 35 years
March 16 Real blood is spilled at the gates of government by the Thai redshirts, in a third day of protests
March 17 Acting president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, dissolves the Nigeria's cabinet
March 18 After five years of research by the Dresden Historians' Commission, a report stated a reduced figure of 25,000 people died in the 1945 Dresden bombing
March 19 Hossein Marashi, former Vice-President of Iran, is put in jail after being accused of spreading propaganda
March 20 Nepal declares a national day of mourning in honor of Girija Prasad Koirala, the 'elder statesman of South Asia' who dies in Kathmandu at age 86
March 21 A suicide bomb attack in Geresh, Helmand Province, Afganistan kills ten people and injures 7
March 22 The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 is passed by the U.S. House of Representatives
March 23 In Washington, D.C, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tells a lobby group that 'Jerusalem is not a settlement' and Israel has a 'right' to build there
March 24 Denisova hominin - a previously unknown type of ancient human, is identified by scientists through DNA analysis from a finger discovered in a cave near Siberia, Russia
March 25 Somali troops demolish 500 homes near the airport in Mogdishu
March 26 Iran calls upon Muslims around the world to act in protest in response to Israel's plans to build in East Jerusalem
March 27 Thousands of 'red shirt' protesters demand fresh elections, causing Thai troops to retreat
March 28 The BBC finds evidence of a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo carried out by the Lord's Resistance Army last December, in which 321 people, including children, were killed
March 29 At least 38 are killed and 60 injured when two female suicide bombers carry out two separate terrorist attacks at Moscow Metro stations Lubyana and Park Kultury
March 30 8 Indian vessels are hijacked and 120 sailors are abducted by Somali pirates and off the cost of Kismayo
March 31 Tear gas is fired on more than 200 Palestinians and their allies protesting outside the gates of Ofer Prison over the recent detainment of colleagues
April 1 Northern Ireland's electricity is knocked out; nearly 25,000 homes remain powerless
April 2 Two men on motorcycles fatally shot Pedro Alcantara de Souza, a Brazilian land reform activist, five times in the head while he tried to ride his bicycle in Para
April 3 Rescuers in Shanxi, China, enter a flooded mine to help over 153 workers who have been trapped for over a week
April 4 Shen Neng 1, a Chinese coal ship, is reported to be leaking oil after running aground on the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland, Australia
April 5 60 countries are invited to participate in Iran's two-day nuclear disarmament conference in Tehran April 17 - 18; China says it will attend
April 6 Scientists announce the discovery of three new animal species that spent their entire lives without oxygen; the species are phylum Loricifera
April 7 The 2010 Kyrgyzstani riots continue as President Kurmanbek Bakiyev reportedly flees the country, the government steps down and protesters control the parliament building
April 8 Over 100 people die in the Krygyzstani riots; opposition leader Roza Otunbayeva says she will lead a temporary government for six months
April 9 Rescuers search for over 200 people believed to be buried in their homes by a landslide in Murro do Bumba near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
April 10 Bronislaw Komorowski becomes Acting President of Poland after a plane carrying President Lech Kaczynski and top Polish officials crashes, leaving no survivors
April 11 Tens of thousands of Poles line the streets to witness the procession of President Kaczynski, en route to the Presidential Palace, Warsaw, where he will lie in state
April 12 Hungary's parliamentary election results in 28 regional seats for the left-wing Hungarian Socialist Party, and 26 regional seats for the far-right Movement for a Better Hungary
April 13 President of the People's Republic of China, Hu Jintao, meets with President Barack Obama to discuss Iran's nuclear program during the Nuclear Security Summit
April 14 Ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano drifts towards Europe, causing air traffic to close over Northern Norway
April 15 Roza Otunbayeva says Kyrgyzstan's ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev must stand trial over riots; gunfire disrupts a rally in support of the former President in the city of Osh
April 16 Planes across the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia are grounded as a result of the volcanic ash coming from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano
April 17 Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, calls for the US to be expelled from the international nuclear system because religion prohibits the use of nuclear weapons
April 18 President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for 'alien troops' to leave and suggests that the regional nations be allowed to settle things themselves
April 19 Kyrgyzstan unrest continues as over 1,000 people in Jala-Abad gather in the towns main square denouncing Otunbayeva's interim government and chanting pro-Bakiev slogans
April 20 BP's Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico
April 20 Planes return to the air in Germany, France and Italy after being grounded by ash clouds from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano
April 21 Renewed tribal clashes in Sudan's South Darfur state result in 52 civilians killed and 55 others wounded
April 22 The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that exploded off the coast of Louisiana two days ago, sinks; the wreck is leading crude oil and diesel at an alarming rate
April 23 A series of bomb explosions in Baghdad, near Shia mosques, kill dozens of people and wound 100 others
April 24 Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva rejects demands by Thai protesters to dissolve Parliament in 30 days
April 25 At least 80 schoolgirls attending different Kunduz schools are poisoned this week; an inquiry is launched and the Taliban, opposed to female education, deny any involvement
April 26 Timothy Torlot, British ambassador to Yemen, survives an attempted suicide bombing
April 27 The U.S. Senate investigates Goldman Sachs, finding that they made billions of dollars at the expense of clients during the housing market collapse
April 28 John Holmes, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator announces Niger faces total crop failure worse than that of 2005
April 29 Economic losses mount and class action lawsuits are filed as the U.S. Coast Guard plans a controlled burn to remove spilled oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster
April 30 The Deepwater Horizon oil spill reaches the Louisiana Coast; weather is projected to impede cleanup efforts
May 1 A car bomb is discovered and deactivated in New York City's Times Square
May 2 The European Union and International Monetary Fund present Greece with 120 billion Euro bailout package to help rid them of their sovereign debt
May 3 United and Continental air lines announce that the two American companies will merge, creating the world's largest airline
May 4 An auction at Christie's in New York sets a record for the most expensive work of art sold at auction when it sells Pablo Picasso's 'Nude, Green Leaves and Bust' for $106 million
May 5 After serving twenty-one terms, U.S. Representative, Democrat, and Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Dave Obey, announces he will not run for re-election
May 6 Ash from the Iceland volcano causes new flight restrictions at airports including Shannon Airport and Ireland West Airport Knock
May 7 Abdul Tejan-Cole, head of Sierra Leone's anti-Corruption Commission, resigns
May 8 Bolivian president Evo Morales Ayma and United National Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon discuss climate change
May 9 Somali pirates seize a German-owned tanker, MS Marida Marguerite, off the coast of Somalia
May 10 Solicitor General Elena Kagan is the youngest Justice and third woman nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States
May 11 The Gulf of Mexico oil spill threatens sensitive marshes and wildlife along the Gulf Coast; Admiral Thad Allan is appointed to lead the Federal response to the spill
May 12 After new allegations of torture, the International Committee of the Red Cross reports a second U.S. secret prison exists at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan
May 13 Pope Benedict XVI celebrates open-air Mass at Fatima, Portugal with over 500,000 pilgrims attending from 35 nations including Vietnam, China and India
May 14 Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda sign an agreement seeking more water from the Nile; Kenya issues support while Egypt and Sudan remain opposed
May 15 Over 150 members of the Justice and Equality Movement are killed by Sudanese forces in their effort to gain control of a rebel held area in Darfur
May 16 A 5.8 magnitude earthquake is felt on Puerto Rico
May 17 Iceland's volcano causes Britain's two busiest airports to close in addition to Dublin Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
May 18 Christina Figueres of Costa Rica is appointed by U.N. Secretary - General Ban Ki Moon to lead efforts to combat global warming and climate change
May 19 Buildings across Bangkok are set on fire by red shirt protesters after the military stormed a protest camp in the center of the city
May 20 Scientists at the Craig J. Venter Institute announce they have successfully created the world's first artificial lifeform by transplanting a synthesized genome into an existing cell
May 21 A food crisis in Niger causes Nigerians to flee across the border into Nigeria
May 22 Air India Express Flight 812 crashes near Mangalore International Airport; eight passengers survive and 158 perish
May 23 Film confirms Sarah, Duchess of York's involvement in a scandal showing she asked for a $40,000 handshake in cash and for 500,000 pounds to be paid in return for access to Prince Andrew
May 24 After South Korea's ROKS Cheonan ship is sunk by North Korea, South Korea cuts off trade with North Korea and announces North Korean ships will no longer be allowed to use South Korean waters
June 1 The transcript of the flight data recorders from the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash that killed 96 Polish officials and intellectuals is published
June 2 Foreign ministers of the Arab League meet in Cairo and agree to ask the U.N. Security Council to force Israel to end its blockade of Gaza
June 3 Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany nominates Christian Wulff for President
June 4 Joran van der Sloot is extradited from Chile to Peru to face charges of killing a Peruvian woman; he is suspected of killing Natalie Holloway in Aruba
June 5 The U.N. environment agency appoints actor Don Cheadle Goodwill Ambassador at a ceremony in Rwanda to mark World Environment Day
June 6 Fighting over the past three days in Darfur, Sudan's western region, has killed 41 people
June 7 German Chancellor Angela Merkel agrees to spread $80 million pounds in savings across four years with her coalition cabinet
June 8 The trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich begins today; Blagovich faces corruption charges regarding his alleged attempt to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat
June 9 President Obama meets with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, and promises Palestinians $400 million in U.S. assistance for the West Bank and Gaza
June 10 Russia announces its plan to sell Iran S-300 ground-to-air missiles, claiming that new U.N. sanctions do not cover stationary air defense weaponry
June 11 Flash floods on the Little Missouri River kill at least 20 people near a campground in the Ouachita Mountains, west of Little Rock, Arkansas
June 12 Chinese Buddhist monks and archaeologists reveal part of a skull believed to be Buddhism's founder, Siddartha Gautama
June 13 Ethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan's city of Osh and Jalal-Abad left more than 100 people dead and over 1,400 injured after three days of four days of fighting
June 14 China's Premier, Wen Jiabao visits migrant workers at a Beijing construction site and declares the need for better treatment of the country's migrant workers
June 15 The inquiry into Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, 1972, determined British paratroopers first the first shot without warning, and concocted lies to cover up their acts
June 16 In response to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, BP agrees to finance a $20 billion fund to compensate those whose livelihood has been damaged
June 17 BP CEO Tony Hayward testifies before the U.S. about the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster at the Deepwater Horizon rig that has caused the worst oil spill in U.S. history
June 18 Roza Otunbayeva, interim leader of Kyrgyzstan, estimates the death toll from the country's worst ethnic battle in decades could be as many as 2,000 people
June 19 Rival clashes between nomadic groups in the Darfur region of Sudan kills at least 48 people
June 20 Presidential elections take place in Poland after the death of President Lech Kaczynski in a plane crash April 10, 2010
June 21 Dhaka's University of Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh is shut down after a student rampage injures four people because of 2010 FIFA World Cup fever
June 22 Kurdish rebels claim responsibility for a bus bomb in Istanbul, Turkey; five people were killed and twelve people injured
June 23 At last count, 76 people are dead while hundreds have disappeared after a train crash in the Republic of Congo caused the train to fall into a ravine
June 24 Brazilian storms in Alagoas and Pernambuco states kill 46 people
June 25 Jean Leonard Rugambage, a Rwandan journalist, is shot dead in front of his home in Kigali; the exiled chief editor of Umuvugizi believes the government is responsible
June 26 Leaders of the twenty largest economies meet for the 2010 G-20 Summit in Toronto, Canada
June 27 The first democratic election in the history of Guinea is held
June 29 General Stanley McChrystal, leader of the U.S. war Afghanistan announces his retirement after making controversial statements in 'Rolling Stone' magazine
June 30 The 15th President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, is sworn in, as is the 15th Vice President of the Philippines, Jejomar Binay
July 1 In volume, BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill has overtaken Ixtoc I to become the worst oceanic oil spill in U.S. recorded history
July 2 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel states he will not apologize to Turkey for the Gaza flotilla clash, and that the injured will not receive any compensation
July 3 A fuel tanker overturns and explodes in South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing over 230 people and injuring
July 4 An Iranian woman convicted of adultery is sentenced to death by stoning; Iranian human rights activist Mina Ahadi tries to stop this barbaric act
July 5 Israel restricts a blacklist of weapons, construction materials and other items but drops all other restrictions on the free flow of consumer goods into the Gaza strip
July 6 A bill to allow same-sex civil unions is vetoed by Linda Lingle, U.S. governor of Hawaii
July 7 A heat wave in the U.S. and Canada kills 9 people
July 8 At least 70 people are killed and 300 wounded in a series of bombings over the three-day Shia pilgrimage to the Musa Kadhim mausoleum in Iraq
July 9 Google's internet content provider license is renewed by China; the company is allowed to continue operating in the country
July 10 The largest manhunt in U.K. recent history ends when gunman Raoul Moat shoots and kills himself in a 6-hour standoff with police
July 11 Colton Harris-Moore, a 19-year-old fugitive known as the 'Barefoot Bandit' is captured by police in northern Eleuthera, The Bahamas
July 12 A new long-range unmanned plane named Taranis is unveiled by the U.K. Ministry of Defense
July 13 The European Union announces that on January 1, 2011, it will make Estonia the seventeenth member of the euro
July 14 Senior Rwandan opposition politician Andre Kagwa Rwisereka is found, after reported missing, with his head nearly severed off
July 15 Entire villages are burned to the ground and 40,000 people flee their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo
July 16 U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is placed on the U.S. 'terror blacklist'
July 17 South Korea develops a long-range cruise missile reportedly capable of striking North Korea, Japan, Russia and China
July 18 The U.K. will increase aid to poor nations, including a 40% increase in Afghanistan, while reducing aid to 'powerhouses' like Russia, China and other eastern European countries
July 19 A Tel Aviv judge orders safe deposit boxes at a Zurich bank opened; the boxes may contain drawings and manuscripts by writer Franz Kafka
July 20 U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague says British soldiers should be out of Afghanistan by 2014
July 21 The U.S. threatens to impose sanctions on North Korea, continuing its attempt to halt perceived nuclear weapons ambitions
July 22 The Stonehenge World Heritage Site announces the discovery of a possible new henge, the biggest discovery at a major monument in over 50 years
July 23 Venezuela severs diplomatic relations with Columbia after Columbia states that Venezuela is a 'haven for guerillas'
July 24 Rallies to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian woman facing execution for adultery, occur in Paris, New York City, Ottowa and elsewhere
July 25 U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner declares his interest in allowing the set of tax cuts in the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 to expire at the end of 2010
July 26 Over 92,000 classified documents detailing incidents related to the war in Afghanistan are released by Wikileaks; this is the largest leak in U.S military history
July 27 Photographic negatives purchased at a garage sale prove to be early works by American photographer Ansel Adams
July 28 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, responds to a fiscal state of emergency by requiring most state employees to take three days of unpaid leave per month
July 29 Monsoon rains delay salvage of the wreckage of Airblue Flight 202 which crashed in the Margalla Hills outside Islamabad, Pakistan, killing all 152 people onboard
July 30 Two U.S. embassy cars are set on fire in Kabul after a U.S. vehicle collides with a civilian vehicle
July 31 Floods in Pakistan kill over 900 people, and the death toll is expected to rise further
August 1 Hawaii's Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument and Sri Lanka's central highlands are added to the World Heritage List
August 1 The U.S. pledges $10 million in foreign aid money to help victims of the Pakistan floods
August 2 The Census of Marline Life 10-year study reports that 230,000 species of animal live in the world's oceans
August 2 The U.S. Government estimates the Deepwater Horizon oil spill dumped nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico
August 3 Convicted for transporting soldiers during the Rwandan Genocide, Dominique Ntawukuriryayo is sentenced to 25 years in prison
August 3 South Africa's top police officer, Jackie Selebi, former chief of Interpol, is sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption
August 4 Officials determine that over 28,000 people have died from Mexican drug violence since December 2006
August 4 The musician Wyclef Jean confirms his intention to run for the presidency in Haiti
August 5 A piano reportedly played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is found in Baden-Baden, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
August 5 Model Naomi Campbell confirms former President of Liberia Charles Taylor gave her diamonds she described as 'dirty looking stones'
August 5 Somali pirates seize a freighter from Syria with 24 crewmembers in the Gulf of Aden
August 6 NATO airstrikes on August 5 resulted in the deaths of at least 32 Afghan civilians
August 6 Russia's worst drought in history prompts Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to temporarily ban the export of flour and wheat
August 7 Large wildfires devastate Russia as pollution hits record levels
August 7 Saudi Arabia agrees to address security fears with Blackberry; the country determines it will not ban Blackberry instant messaging
August 8 Ongoing flooding and landslides in Gansu Province, China, kill 127 people and result in 2,000 missing
August 8 Sarah, Duchess of York, becomes the first Royal in history to suffer possible bankruptcy
August 9 Japan's Mayor Tomihisa Taue appeals to eliminate nuclear weapons at the 65th anniversary commemoration of the 1945 bombing of Nagasaki
August 9 South Korea states that North Korea fired over 100 rounds of artillery into the Sea of Japan, signaling tension along the Korean Peninsula
August 10 More than 5,000 people lose their homes and crops when the Niger River bursts its banks
August 10 The death toll from the Gansu province flooding and landslide disaster rises to 702 with 1,100 people missing
August 11 Muslims across the world begin the holy month of Ramadan where they must fast between sunrise and sunset
August 11 Two days after Rwanda's presidential election, Kigali, Rwanda reports that a grenade attack occurred during rush hour
August 12 Director of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, announces plans to release remaining Afghan War Diary documents from War in Afghanistan
August 12 Northern Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army is accused of abduction and forced recruitment of 697 people in the past year and a half
August 13 In Zhouqu, China, new landslides leave 29 people dead and 10,500 trapped
August 13 The German economy reports 2.2 percent quarterly growth, the fastest quarterly growth in over 20 years
August 14 A study suggests the 2010 Haiti Earthquake was caused by newly discovered fault line
August 14 Abd-al-Rahman Awad, the suspected leader of Fatah al-Islam, the radical Sunni Islamist group, is fatally shot and killed by Lebanon
August 15 China commemorates victims of the Zhouqu landslide with a day of mourning
August 15 Philip Markoff, accused Craigslist killer, commits suicide and is found dead in Nashua Street jail prison
August 16 U.S. military forces use an air strike to kill an al-Qaeda leader responsible for planning suicide bombings
August 16 United Nations officials believe 3.5 million children may contract waterborne diseases as a result of the floods in Pakistan
August 17 Afghan archeologists discover the remains of a Buddhist site located south of Kabul
August 18 Iceland lowers its interest rate to 7 percent
August 18 Santiago, Nuevo Leon's mayor, Edelmiro Cavazos is found dead, handcuffed and blindfolded after being abducted Sunday night
August 19 In Sichuan, China, massive flooding sweeps two passenger train carriages into the river
August 19 Jakarta launches female train carriages in an effort to reduce incidents of public sexual harassment
August 20 Game-maker NCsoft is sued by a man claiming he would not have played Lineage II if he knew it was addictive and render him unable to function
August 20 Thousands of Kyrgyzstani's rally in response to rumors that Osh's mayor was fired by Kyrgyzstan's interim government
August 21 Russia's Federal Security Service assassinates Magomedali Vagabov, a militant leader reportedly responsible for the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings
August 21 The U.S. experiences a salmonella scare, with hundreds of people ill from bad eggs; eggs are recalled from stores throughout the nation
August 22 A U.S. federal investigation results in 47 foreign-born gang members arrested in New England, half are arrested in the state of Maine
August 22 International pledges to help Pakistan recover from devastating floods currently totals $800 million
August 23 2 tons of elephant ivory and five rhino horns are seized in Nairobi, Kenya, the items were disguised as avocados destined for Malaysia
August 23 Heavy winds knock down the Anne Frank tree in Amsterdam, breaking off approximately one meter above the ground
August 24 The U.S. Department of Justice plans to appeal the decision to block President Obama's executive order to expand embryonic stem cell research
August 25 Acting as a private citizen, former President Jimmy Carter travels to North Korea to negotiate the release of Aijalon Gomes, a U.S. citizen
August 25 Mexican Naval Infantry discover 72 corpses near the U.S. Texas border, believed to be migrants from Central America and South America murdered by a drug cartel
August 26 Israel requests that Germany arrest Klaas Carel Faber, a Nazi war criminal who killed 20 Jews at Westerbork concentration camp
August 26 Threatened by floods, Pakistan directs nearly half a million people to evacuate their homes
August 27 After a weeklong battle with 43 people killed, Somalia's al-Shabaab rebel group called for reinforcements to take over the capital Mogadishu
August 27 Mexico's lead investigator of the 72 corpses found near the U.S. Texas border at Tamaulipas, has been missing for two days
August 28 A crowd of 500,000 people attend a 'Restoring Honor' rally hosted by Glenn Beck at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
August 28 Microsoft cofounder, Paul Allen's company Interval Licensing LLC, files a patent infringement suit against Google, Apple, eBay, Facebook and others
August 29 In Hong Kong, 80,000 people rally in response to last week's fatal tourist coast hijacking hostage crisis in the Philippines
August 29 Sumatra's Sinabung volcano erupts for the first time in 400 years, killing one and causing Indonesia to evacuate thousands of people
August 30 In Chile, 33 miners trapped half a mile beneath the surface make contact with their families for the first time in three weeks since the incidentally
August 30 Sumatra's Sinaburg volcano continues to erupt, two people are killed and 21,000 are evacuated from the vicinity
August 31 Hurricane Earl shifts toward the east coast of the U.S., placing most of North Carolina's coast on hurricane watch
August 31 In Sudan, the People's Liberation Army announces it will demobilize its child soldiers by the end of 2010
September 1 After four Israeli settlers are shot at the Israeli settlement Beit Hagai, the Palestinian Authority arrested 250 members of Hamas
September 1 Major floods in Southern Sudan, near Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal leave 57,000 people homeless
September 2 BP claims that if the ban on offshore drilling permits continues, it may not be able to pay compensation for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
September 2 Twenty-five drug cartel gunmen are reported killed by the Mexican Army in a clash in Tamaulipas
September 3 At least 40 people are killed by a bomb blast at a solidarity rally with the Palestinian people in Quetta, Pakistan
September 3 The U.S. unemployment rate for August 2010 rises to 9.6%
September 4 Iran's Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, convicted of adultery and sentenced to death, faces the whip
September 4 The 2010 Canterbury earthquake leads the town of Christchurch, New Zealand, to declare a curfew and state of emergency
September 5 A funeral for 65 Shia Muslim suicide attack victims in Quetta, Pakistan attracts thousands
September 5 In Guatemala, heavy rains and landslides kill at least 18 people and a state of emergency is declared
September 6 China leads an investigation into its commercial pilots upon learning over 200 of them falsified their resumes
September 6 Twenty-three Shia Muslim activists are charged with terrorism and attempting to overthrow the government of Bahrain
September 7 India is crippled as trade unions declare a general strike to protest a hike in fuel prices
September 7 Wildfire concerns cause over 3,500 people to evacuate Boulder County, Colorado
September 8 At least 54 homes are destroyed and 8 people are missing after wildfires hit Boulder County, Colorado
September 8 Mexican marines arrest seven gunmen they believe were involved in the massacre of 72 migrants at Tamaulipas
September 9 In Bauchi, northern Nigeria, an Islamist militant group named Boko Haram raids a prison and frees 721 inmates
September 9 Pastor Terry Jones threatens to organize an international Burn a Koran Day in retaliation for plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero
September 10 Five Palestinians are wounded when Israel conducts four air raids in the Gaza Strip, a response to a fourth rocket attack in southern Israel from Gaza
September 10 In San Bruno, California, a fire begins with a massive explosion in a natural gas line, kills 4 people, destroys many homes, and continues burning
September 11 Pastor Terry Jones announces that the Dove Outreach Center will not burn the Koran, 'not now, not ever'
September 11 The Medal of Honor is awarded for the first time since the Vietnam War; U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta received the medal for his actions during the War in Afghanistan
September 12 After a series of delays, Iran agrees to release U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd, arrested in 2009; she is released on bail and permitted to leave the country
September 12 Rival political parties clash in Guinea ahead of a presidential run-off election; at least 24 people are injured
September 13 Raul Castro, head of the Cuban government, declares they will lay off half a million state workers to improve their economy by the middle of 2011
September 13 The United Nations appoints Russia diplomat, Yury Fedotov, to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
September 14 Pfizer sponsors a study of the smoking cessation drug Varenicline, suggest governments would be wise to fund smoking cessation treatments
September 14 Ukranian prosecutors claim that in 2000, former Interior Minister Yuriy Kravchenko ordered the murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze
September 15 Despite considerable opposition, Christine O'Donnell is elected as the Republican Party candidate for Delaware
September 15 Hurricane Julia becomes the fifth hurricane in the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season
September 16 Mexico celebrates its 200-year anniversary marking its independence from Spain
September 16 Poverty rates in the United States hit a 15-year high of 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million people
September 17 A drill reaches 33 Chilean miners who remain trapped underground after the 2010 Copiapo mining accident August 5, 2010
September 17 The world's biggest airline is created when United Airlines shareholders approve a deal to merge with Continental Airlines
September 18 Chileans celebrate the 200th anniversary of their independence
September 18 In New Zealand, 100,000 people are left without water after a large storm; the storm took the roof off of Stadium Southland in Invercargill
September 19 At least 47 people die in northern India from heavy monsoon rains and landslides in Uttrakhand state, Pitthoragarh, Chapawat and Uttarkashi regions
September 19 Plans are made for original, handwritten Harry Potter manuscripts to be displayed at Scotland's Wigtown Book Festival
September 20 In Parana, Brazil, a stadium collapses during a car race, injuring 110 people
September 20 The brightest object in the night sky next to the Moon is the planet Jupiter, as it makes its closest approach to Earth since 1963
September 21 In the Atlantic Ocean, tropical storm Lisa forms off the Cape Verde Islands
September 21 President Obama's economic advisor Lawrence Summers announces he will leave his post as head of the U.S. Economic Council
September 22 In accordance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1929, Russia bans arms sales to Iran
September 23 FARC guerilla leader Victor Julio Suarez Rojas, known as 'Mono Jojoy' is killed in a Columbian Armed Forces military operation
September 23 Trade unions in France launch a round of strikes in response to President Sarkozy's plan to lift the pension age to 62
September 24 In a prolonged rally, gold prices reach a record-high price of $1,300/oz
September 24 Nigeria's government opens two swollen dams, displacing two million people in Jigawa State
September 25 Speaking at the U.N. General Assembly, Mahmoud Abbas communicates that Palestinians desire a 'comprehensive and just' peace agreement; he requests Israel cease its policy of building settlements in the West Bank
September 25 Uganda's Wildlife Authority announces that some animals in the country's national parks and game reserves have doubled in population since 1999
September 26 Georgia changes its second language to English; Russian was originally its second language
September 26 Thirty Kurds are killed when the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution crosses the border into Iraq
September 27 In one of Spain's biggest corruption trials, 95 people, including two former mayors and a planning chief, appear in court in Malaga
September 27 Responding to a U.N report accusing the Rwandan army of genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda threatens to remove its peacekeepers from Darfur
September 28 An 4.5 magnitude earthquake strikes offshore of Oleron, France; no casualties are reported
September 28 One of Al Qaeda's top commanders, Sheikh Mohammad Fateh al Masri, is killed in a recent drone strike in Pakistan's tribal region
September 29 For the first time in two years, South Korea and North Korea reach an agreement to hold working-level military talks
September 29 The U.S. House of Representatives imposes trade sanctions against China, which is believed to be undervaluing the yuan
September 30 American Actor Tony Curtis dies in Las Vegas, Nevada; Curtis appeared in over 100 films
September 30 Somali pirates seized Indian crewmen and the Panamanian-flagged ship they were sailing off the coast of Tanzania
October 1 Scientists announce the discovery of Inkayacu, an extinct genus of prehistoric penguin that lived in the Late Eocene period
October 1 The first dedicated 3D TV channel in Europe, Sky 3D, launches in the UK
October 2 Delegates from 120 nations worldwide arrive in China for the 60th Miss World 2010 pageant
October 2 In France, over 200 protests occur in as part of the 2010 strikes to fight against plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62
October 3 An audio recording by Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden says Muslim nations haven't done enough to support relief efforts in flood-hit Pakistan
October 3 Archaeologists at a site on the Egypt-Gaza border unearth parts of a possible hidden city believed to be over 2,000 years old
October 4 Scientists working near Kokoda, Papua New Guinea uncover world's oldest known high altitude human settlement, estimated to be 49,000 years old
October 4 The 2011 draft budget for Greece increases its austerity measures
October 5 A new, though threatened, language known as Koro, is discovered by a team of linguists on an expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, in northeastern India
October 6 In North Waziristan, Pakistan, 11 suspected militants are killed by a U.S. drone attack
October 6 Pusan, South Korea, celebrates the 15th annual Pusan International Film Festival
October 7 A Southampton University research fellow discovers a lost Antonio Vivaldi flute concerto at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh
October 7 Mario Vargas Llosa is announced the winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature
October 8 Japan's government approves a $60 billion economic stimulus package
October 9 The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins, progressing to Major League Baseball's 2010 American League Championship Series
October 9 Wild celebrations occur as a drill reaches an underground chamber with 33-trapped Chilean miners inside
October 10 Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, celebrates its 1,000-year birthday
October 10 The works of thirty celebrated Iranian artists go on sale at Bonhams auction house in Dubai
October 11 The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences is awarded to economists Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A. Pissarides
October 12 Florencio Avalos, the first of 33 miners trapped underground in the 2010 Copiapo mining accident is rescued from the mine
October 12 Kim Jong-nam, eldest son of Kim Jong-il, states his opposition to North Korea's succession plan to transfer power to his younger brother, Kim Jong-un
October 13 In China, 23 elder members of the Communist Party of China call for ending the country's restrictions on free speech
October 13 The Australian dollar reaches the highest level in 27 years against the U.S. dollar
October 14 Indonesian rights groups applaud the end of a Suharto-era law that bans books deemed 'offensive' or a 'threat to public order'
October 14 Known as Africa's female Mandela, Victoire Ingabire, Rwanda's opposition leader, is arrested on charges of forming a terrorist organization
October 15 China's largest fair, Canton Fair, opens and is closely watched as it is the barometer of the country's trade and economic development
October 15 In the Swiss Alps, final breakthrough occurs on the east bore of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, now the world's longest railway tunnel
October 16 Shanghai's Expo 2010 attracts over 64 million people, a record-breaking number of visitors in the history of World's Fairs
October 17 Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop, is canonized by Pope Benedict XVI at Saint Peter's Square
October 17 In a Potsdam speech, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, claims multiculturalism has 'failed' in Germany
October 18 The U.S. government determines China is helping Iran bypass U.N. sanctions and is helping them improve their missile technology and develop nuclear weapons
October 19 American Idol producer Simon Cowell signs a three-year deal with ITV for 'The X Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent'
October 19 Naheed Nenshi, the first Muslim in Canada's history is elected mayor of Calgary in Alberta, Canada
October 20 Astronomers discover the new galaxy UDFy-38135539, the most distant object observed from earth
October 21 The European Parliament awards Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought
October 21 Union of Myanmar changes its name to Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and changes the design of the national flag
October 22 In Uganda, 20 people die and 20,000 people are sickened by an outbreak of jiggers
October 22 The fourth named cyclone of the 2010 North Indian Ocean cyclone season, Cyclonic Storm Giri, lands in western Burma with winds of 144mph
October 23 If trends in diet and exercise continue, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention project estimate 1 in 3 adult Americans will have diabetes by 2050
October 23 The U.N. compound in Herat, western Afghanistan, is attacked by a suicide bomber
October 24 Over 250 people die as a result of the cholera outbreak in the 2010 Haitian cholera outbreak; cholera is detected for the first time in Port-au-Prince
October 24 The first black mayor of a town in the former Eastern Bloc of Europe, Peter Bossman, becomes Mayor of Piran, Slovenia
October 25 Sony takes its original cassette Walkman off the market
October 26 As a result of a potential fuel pump failure, BMW recalls 150,000 of its vehicles
October 26 Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest water control and utilization project, announces its water levels have reached full capacity
October 27 A free trade accord between India and Malaysia is announced; it would become effective July 2011
October 27 In a BBC interview, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said it was 'impossible' for coalition forces to secure victory in Afghanistan
October 28 A court settlement determines Verizon must pay $25 million to the U.S. Treasury for overcharging 15 million cell phone customers
October 28 In a dispute over the use of rare earth metals, China cancels a meeting with Japan and South Korea
October 29 A series of eight 3G wireless transmitters have been installed along the trail to base camps on Mount Everest, with coverage reaching the summit
October 29 Japan's Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission and the Tokyo Stock Exchange conduct an insider trading investigation of Japanese companies
October 30 Eastern Japan braces itself as Typhoon Chaba heads its way, carrying winds of up to 162 kilometers per hour near its center
October 30 The U.S. launches a search for the people behind an attempt to mail bombs to synagogues and places of worship in Chicago, Illinois
October 31 A substantially large oil field that is estimated to contain between 8 and 15 billion barrels, is discovered off the coast of Brazil
October 31 American Alexandria Mills, age 18, wins the 60th Miss World pageant in China
November 1 Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, visits the Kuril Islands, the subject of a dispute with Japan
November 1 The People's Republic of China announces it is taking its first census in ten years
November 2 According to Fudan University's survey results, 72.6% of Shanghai residents attended the Shanghai Expo; an average of 2.31 visits per resident
November 2 U.S. voters go to the polls; Republicans win control of the House of Representatives with the largest number of seats gained since 1894
November 3 A sophisticated tunnel used by drug smugglers between Tijuana, Mexico and Otay Mesa, California, is discovered by U.S. Border Patrol
November 3 In Italy, a package at the Bologna Airport, addressed to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi bursts into flames during an inspection by police
November 4 In Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, the government dismisses criticism from rights groups and opens a 'protest park'
November 4 The oldest type of stone axe in the world is dated at 35,500 years old; it was found in Australia's Northern Territory in the lands of the Jawoyn people
November 5 Spain protests against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI
November 5 U.S. television pundit, Keith Olbermann, is indefinitely suspended from MSNBC for making three political donations to Democratic Party candidates
November 6 Swiebodzin, Poland announces the world's biggest statue of Jesus, called Christ the King, is completed
November 6 U.S. President Barack Obama arrives in India on a tour to promote U.S. exports
November 7 Over 40,000 runners compete in the New York Marathon; Gebre Gebremariam wins the men's marathon and Edna Kiplagat wins the women's marathon
November 7 Queen Elizabeth II launches a page on Facebook; no one is allowed to 'poke' or 'befriend' her
November 8 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao releases pictures of the moon's Sinus Iridum, or Bay of Rainbows, taken during China's Chang e-2 lunar mission
November 8 U.S. talk show host Conan O'Brien returns to television on TBS after a ten-month absence
November 9 David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, embarks on an official visit aimed at building closer economic ties to the People's Republic of China
November 9 Qantas, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Air France and seven other carriers were fined millions of euros for fixing the price of air cargo between 1999 and 2006
November 10 The 2010 Country Music Awards are held in Nashville, Tennessee; American singer Brad Paisley wins Entertainer of the Year
November 10 Three Airbus A380 planes are grounded by Singapore Airlines in order to replace their Rolls Royce engines
November 11 A professor searching into medical records of playwright Bertolt Brecht discovers he may have died after contracting undiagnosed rheumatic fever as a child
November 11 Students in Britain plan a nationwide protest against a proposal to charge up to $9,000 pounds per year for tuition fees
November 12 The Mount Bulusan volcano in the Philippines erupts again, spreading an ash plume up to 700 meters above the volcano's crater
November 13 A Chinese ship with 29 crew is attacked by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea
November 13 According to China, a report submitted to the U.N. Security Council on violation of the Darfur weapons embargo is ridden with flaws and vaguely worded
November 14 The Paris Masters final is won by Sweden's Robin Soderling, a first major win for the player, now ranked fourth in the world of tennis
November 15 In Prague, scientists exhume the remains of 16th century astronomer Tycho Brahe, in an effort to solve the mystery of his sudden death
November 15 The U.S. announces it will provide an additional $500 million to aid Pakistan to help rebuilding efforts after major floods ravaged the country
November 16 In the U.S., Senators from the Republican Party adopt a bill to ban earmarks, a process of setting aside money in bills for specific purposes specified by legislators
November 16 Longtime U.S. Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel is found guilty of multiple violations of House rules, including failure to pay taxes
November 17 A construction site in London reveals a Roman settlement filled with ancient artifacts and human remains
November 17 Alaska's State Senator Lisa Murkowski becomes the first write-in candidate to successfully win an election since 1954
November 18 China announces its plan to use its own uranium resources to meet growing demands for nuclear power
November 18 HIP 13044 b, a planet that was formed in another galaxy, is discovered in the Helmi Stream
November 19 Many nations urge lower fishing rates on the Atlantic bluefin tuna; quota limits on the critically endangered fish are discussed by major fishing nations in Paris
November 19 The Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, says cultural genocide is happening as a result of the Chinese law requiring Mandarin as the language of instruction in Tibetan schools
November 20 NATO nations reach an agreement to begin handing over Afghanistan's security to the Afghanistan military by 2014
November 20 The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mahmoud Bahmani, resigns
November 21 Jimmy Johnson becomes the first driver ever to win five straight NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championships
November 21 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejects Iran's successful family planning program and urges young Iranian girls to marry at age 16
November 22 A stampede occurs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, during the Khmer Water Festival celebrations, killing at least 339 people
November 22 Germany holds its first pirate trial in 400 years, placing ten SomaliaŐs on trial for attacking a German ship
November 23 An additional 23 soldiers from the Bangladesh Rifles are sentenced to imprisonment for mutiny in February 2009
November 23 For the first time in ten years, Burmese pro-Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is reunited with her son
November 24 Ireland presents its 15 billion euro austerity package to secure a financial bailout from European Union and the International Monetary Fund
November 24 University students in England and Wales protest the government's plan to increase tuition fees and make higher education funding cuts
November 25 A new species of ancient crocodile, Khoratosuchus jintasakuli, is identified by a fossil in Thailand
November 25 An area in Alaska, twice the size of the United Kingdom, is protected by the U.S. Government; the area is considered a critical habitat for polar bears
November 26 Authorities searching two homes near Escondido, California, find the largest cache of homemade explosives ever discovered in the U.S.
November 26 Hezbollah members are indicted for killing LebanonŐs former prime minister, Rafiq Hariri, in a car bombing
November 27 Britain's Labor Party leader Ed Miliband launches a review of the British Labor Party, calling upon activists to help make it the 'People's Party' once again
November 27 Icelanders vote for the creators of a new constitution after functioning with an edited version of the Danish constitution since 1944
November 28 Turkey's historic Haydarpa a Terminal is damaged in a fire in Istanbul
November 28 Wikileaks releases 250,000 classified documents and sensitive national security information sent by U.S. embassies; the U.S. condemns the unauthorized disclosure
November 29 Indonesia's Mount Bromo spews ash, forcing the closure of a nearby airport
November 29 Pablo Picasso's electrician reveals 271 previously unknown works by the artist, claiming they were gifts
November 30 After facing heavy flooding and mudslides, the President of Venezuela declares a state of emergency in the state of Falcon
November 30 At an auction in Dublin, a handwritten poem written by Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney sells for 4,800 euro
December 1 Plans to build 625 more homes in close to the West Bank, adjacent to Arab East Jerusalem, were announced
December 1 Results from the Afghan parliamentary election are announced since September balloting
December 2 Booksellers object to plans for the UK and Ireland to make more than a million free books available March 5, 2011
December 2 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus claims innocence while being investigated for diverting millions of dollars of aid money from Grameen Bank
December 3 The Leaf, one of the first mass market electric cars is launched by Nissan
December 4 Political pressure and cyber-attacks directed against WikiLeaks are condemned by Reporters Without Borders
December 4 While world leaders back Africa's Alassane Ouattara as the Ivory Coast presidential election winner, a swearing-in ceremony is held for Laurent Gbagbo in Cote D'Ivoire
December 5 Experts believe three Russian satellites that failed to reach orbit after launching from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome have crashed into the Pacific Ocean
December 5 Floodwaters rise throughout New South Wales; they cause thousands to evacuate the Australian town of Wagga Wagga
December 6 International shark experts are called to investigate attacks on tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh that included one fatality
December 6 U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal a cable from Hillary Clinton accusing Saudi Arabia's rich of being the largest source of funding for Sunni terrorist groups
December 7 At auction, John James Audubon's 'Birds of America' sells for a record price of $10.3 million
December 7 Sri Lanka's floods maroon over 76,000 people
December 8 Large parts of the United Kingdom are treated to a rare sighting of a meteor fireball
December 8 Paris closes the Eiffel Tower due to snow
December 9 China creates a new 'Confucius peace prize' to honor its former Taiwanese Vice President, Lien Chan, who refused to collect it
December 9 Pakistani's media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India
December 10 An archive documenting the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda is revealed in the capital city of Kigali
December 10 The U.S. announces it has no clear record of ownership or records of access for over 119,000 private planes
December 11 China's inflation rate reaches 5.1%, a 28-month high
December 11 The 46-year old son of convicted fraud king Bernard Madoff kills himself in a Manhattan apartment
December 12 Rallies protesting constitutional abuses by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are held in Moscow, Russia
December 12 The outcome of Egypt's recent parliamentary elections spark protests in Cairo
December 13 In China, a 2,400 ear-old pot of soup is discovered near the country's ancient capital of Xi'an
December 13 Russ Mittermeier and colleagues in northeast Madagascar, confirm a new species of fork-marked lemur in Madagascar
December 14 Despite concern from the opposition, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declares he will pass laws by decree for the next six to eighteen months
December 14 WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is released on bail
December 15 A Japanese salmon subspecies, the black kokanee (Oncorhynchus nerka kawamurae) is discovered after being declared extinct in 1940
December 15 Ghana begins pumping oil after its discovery of an offshore oil field three years ago
December 16 A loan of 22.5bn euro to the Republic of Ireland is approved by the International Monetary Fund
December 16 Tibet's Galongla Tunnel, built at an altitude of 3,750 meters, is completed, linking Medog county to the outside world
December 17 The first ever HIV infection is announced in the Cook Islands
December 17 The United Kingdom gives prisoners serving less than four years the right to vote
December 18 Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad publicly declares Palestinians have changed; they are now fully committed to non-violence
December 18 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is granted temporary powers to pass laws by decree, negating any required review or support from the National Assembly
December 19 Dubai holds the closing ceremonies for its 7th International Film Festival
December 19 Hundreds of investors staged protests in Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, in response to the stock exchange's steepest daily fall
December 20 In Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko claims he won the presidential election with 79% of the vote; hundreds protesting the vote were arrested
December 20 The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology announces it has developed the first ever spherical robot with telescopic arms
December 21 The engagement of Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall, a Rugby Union player, is announced
December 22 An important peer-reviewed study of the spatial memory of bumblebees published the Biology Letters journal of the Royal Society is written by two eight year-olds
December 22 The World Bank officially ends financing Cote d'Ivoire
December 23 A male Algerian is fined by a court in Nice for insulting the French national flag; this was the first such penalty ever to be administered
December 23 Some Greeks in the Greek Parliament protest sweeping cuts approved in the budget
December 24 Heavy snowfall causes large-scale disruptions in Europe
December 24 In a new deal, France is contracted to build two warships for Russia
December 25 The first snowfall in the last 128 years occurs in the U.S. city of Atlanta, Georgia; 500 flights are affected
December 25 Vanuatu experiences a 7.3 magnitude earthquake; a tsunami warning is issued for the region and later cancelled after a minor tsunami occurred
December 26 China and South Korea plan to hold defense talks in February 2011 concerning growing regional tension on the Korean Peninsula
December 26 Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, will have a street named after him in Capetown
December 27 Bolivian President Alvaro Garcia Linera prompts bus drivers to strike after announcing an 83% increase in the price of gasoline and a 73% increase in the price of diesel fuel
December 27 Lawyers for Allen Stanford, a man charged with running a $7 billion ponzi scheme, seek to postpone his trial for two years
December 28 In Heuneburg, Germany, scientists discover a late Bronze Age grave of a Celtic princess, containing amber, gold, bronze and coal
December 28 Remains of a human that lived 400,000 years ago are discovered in Israel, challenging the theory that humans originated in Africa
December 29 In Beijing, the minimum wage is raised by 20%, the second time in six months
December 29 The last death row inmate in Cuba has his death sentence commuted; the nation is against capital punishment and has commuted many death sentences since 2008
December 30 In Thailand, 79 pro-government 'yellow shirt' protesters are jailed for storming a state-run television station in 2008
December 30 The internet population in China reaches 450 million
December 31 In Tunisia, a protester dies of injuries incurred during continued protests over unemployment and living conditions
December 31 Italy's plan to ban plastic bags goes into effect; the country was using 20 billion plastic bags a year - about 300 per person